Days Transcript Tuesday 1/31/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/31/17


Episode #13014 ~ Hope becomes delusional from her fever and puts her life in danger; Eric runs into a familiar face while secretly running an errand in Salem; Marlena and the others come up with a way to lure Stefano out of hiding; Shawn & Ciara get upsetting news.

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Rafe: You hang in there. We're getting close. As soon as we find Stefano, you'll be free. We'll be together again.

Eric: Hey. Welcome back. You feeling any better?

Hope: Not really.

Eric: Well, your fever was down for a bit.

Hope: Was? Past tense?

Eric: The antibiotics helped, but it seems like there's something that's making it spike all over again.

Hope: What?

Eric: If I had my guess, I'd say it's septic shock.

Ciara: Oh...

[Knocking at door]

Ciara: Shawn, thank God you're here!

Shawn: I got your message. I was gonna come by anyway. What--what's wrong with you? Why are you shaking?

Ciara: I just heard that the police are authorized to use excessive force to catch mom. Shawn, how can they do that? I mean, she's one of their own. The officers ordered to do that are her friends.

Shawn: I know. Ciara, listen to me, all right? Look at me, all right? Mom is tough, and besides we already know that she's safe from the email that she sent me, all right?

Ciara: Yeah, but that was then. I mean, what if something happened after?

Shawn: Okay, but we're forgetting--we're forgetting how great of a cop she is and how smart she is. She's smart enough to lie low until this whole entire thing blows over.

Ciara: But what if she can't? What if she gets trapped and she gets in the line of fire?

Shawn: No, listen, that is-- that is not gonna happen. Listen, I guarantee you that mom has found a place to lie low until Steve and Rafe find Stefano.

Marlena: We have got to find a way to force Stefano out into the open. I still think my suggestion is the most viable.

Kayla: Well, since we don't have anything better...

Steve: Can't argue with you there.

Paul: But, Marlena, putting yourself out there front and center, waiting to get snatched up again by that madman--

Marlena: It's the only option we have. We've got to capture Stefano and save hope. So I've got to be the bait.

[Dramatic music]

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, I'm not sure what time I'll be in the office. I have to interview Seth burns for the "read to your babies" campaign. Oh, receipts for Adrienne? Yeah, why don't you send someone over here and I'll sign the forms. All right, that'll be great. Thank you.

Julie: Jennifer Rose. What in hell were you thinking?

[Tense music]

Eric: Listen, in the meantime I want you to take it easy, okay? I have to run out for a bit, but I won't be long.

Hope: Where are you going?

Eric: Well, the antibiotics I've been giving you, I'm almost out. I need to get some more.

Hope: How are you gonna do that without a prescription?

Eric: You let me worry about that. In the meantime, I just want you to try and get some rest. I also have to see my dad.

Hope: Eric. I thought you didn't want anyone in Salem to know... you're out of prison.

Eric: I'll be discreet.

Paul: Marlena, for you to take this kind of risk...

Marlena: It is the only chance we have right now. We've got to take advantage of Stefano's obsession with me. Not to mention his megalomania. Let him believe that he has destroyed hope's life and that he's got an opportunity to destroy my life as well.

Steve: And he slips up, we move in for the kill.

Kayla: What if he doesn't slip up? And God forbid he gets you alone and--

Marlena: I know the dangers here. I understand them. It isn't just hope's life at risk here. It's all of us. If we don't stop this monster now, we will never be rid of him.

Rafe: Marlena's right. We need to finish what that bastard started. Beat him at his own game.

Marlena: Okay. Then we all agree? Let the games begin. Beyond is a natural pet food

Claire: Hi, Ciara.

Ciara: Hey.

Claire: Hey, I was just gonna call you. I heard about grandma hope. She okay? Has she tried to contact you at all?

Ciara: You watch the news, too?

Claire: Well, no, I don't watch the news, but one of my fans sent me a message, and get this, he wanted to know if I'd be playing me in the TV movie about my grandma outlaw. Isn't that wild?

Ciara: A movie? Are you kidding me? Claire, this is serious.

Claire: I know, I know. I'm sorry. Which is why, you know, I thought that they should hire someone close to the situation to make it more authentic.

Ciara: Oh, my God. Claire, how dense are you? My mom's life is in danger. Cops... people that are her friends have been ordered to shoot to kill. And you're worried about a movie.

Claire: I know. I'm sorry. My mouth should have a Ziploc on it or something. I'm really sorry. The truth is I'm really scared about grandma, too. I am, I've just always kind of seen her in a different way. I've always pictured her as this amazingly strong woman who would do anything that she has to to stay alive.

Ciara: Well, I see her that way, too. She's the strongest person I know. But you don't get it. She's the only person I have left. You have your mom and your dad. I only have her. And she's out there alone, and, yeah, she's strong, but things happen. Things that strong people can't control. My dad was strong. Look what happened. I can't lose my mom. I just can't.

Chloe: Hey, come on, you won't. I promise, we will not let that happen. Come here.

Jennifer: Julie, I don't understand. Why are you so upset?

Julie: Did it occur to you to consult with hope's family before you launched into this op-ed piece about her in "the spectator"?

Jennifer: No, wait, I don't know what the problem is. This article is 100% pro-hope. All I was trying to do is--

Julie: You were trying to remind the public about what a wonderful person she is, about the wonderful things that she's done for Salem. I get it, I get it.

Jennifer: Yes. So I don't understand what the issue is, because really before this piece no one was discussing the substandard safety conditions at the prison, which is why hope had to run for her life, and if she hadn't she would have been murdered.

Julie: I know all that, Jennifer. I know your heart is in the right place, darling. I'm just so concerned about Doug. He read this article of yours like it was an obituary.

Jennifer: Oh, no.

Julie: Jennifer, he's half out of his mind right now. Doug has not slept through the night once since she was put in that horrible prison, and now that hope is a fugitive, he's afraid he's never going to see his daughter again. And when I think about her out there alone, on the run, I--well, I'm not sleeping very well either.

Jennifer: I'm so sorry.

Julie: If only we knew where she was.

Jennifer: I'm sorry, I didn't-- I didn't mean--

Paul: So Stefano thinks of you as his queen. Still. Could he be so delusional that he thinks he can actually make you his--his partner, for want of a better word?

Marlena: I think now perhaps he just wants to destroy me.

Steve: And, Paul, it's not just about Marlena. She's just another one of many pieces on the board. Stefano has spent the last 30 years manipulating and using the people of Salem and then tossing them away like garbage.

Paul: Like he did with my dad.

Steve: That's right. At one time, your dad was his pawn.

Marlena: And at least john was able to get out from under Stefano's influence.

Steve: Stefano never regained power over him after that.

Rafe: And we're gonna do the same thing for hope.

Kate: But how, now that Anna has spooked him into seclusion?

Rafe: Well, however we do it, we're gonna do it in a controlled environment. We're gonna stick together, we're gonna be on point, and we're gonna be on guard every step of the way.

Marlena: All right, thank you for your concern. And I know that you will do your damndest to make sure that you apprehend Stefano before he can hurt me at all. Now if it's any comfort to you, I have experience at dealing with Stefano. I think I can take care of myself.

Paul: And if you can't? What then? Look, I know that you all think that this is risky, but am I the only one who's totally against this? Who thinks that this is a catastrophe waiting to happen? I understand that hope's life is dependent on this plan, but I can't in good faith let you go through with this without my father knowing about it first. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to call dad.

[Tense music]

And now, I help people find discounts,

Shawn: Hey, I'm glad I found you guys.

Jennifer: What's going on?

Julie: What's wrong?

Jennifer: Is it hope?

Shawn: It's not good.

Julie: What?

Shawn: Lieutenant Raines, he ordered to make extreme measures in the apprehension of my mother.

Julie: Extreme measures?

Jennifer: That means shoot to kill.

Julie: What?

Jennifer: Shawn, she's not even armed.

Julie: My God, how does that make any sense? If she was in prison, she'd be dead right now, and because she was afraid for her safety now--now she's public enemy number one?

Jennifer: You know something. You've heard from her, haven't you?

Shawn: Yeah. Yes, I--I got an encrypted email from her just reassuring me that she was okay.

Julie: Well, thank God. And where is she?

Shawn: Look, that I-- I don't know. All she said was not to worry and to trust her, and that is what we're gonna do. 'Cause that's what my dad would want.

Julie: May I see that email? I mean, may Doug see it? Darling, it would mean the world and all to your grandfather just to know that his daughter is okay.

Ciara: Mom, please, I need you. Mom, where are you?

Hope: Ciara? Ciara. Baby?

[Tense music]

Eric: Excuse me, miss. Can you tell me where I could find the gift shop?

Certainly, it's down that corridor to the left. Excuse me.

Eric: Thank you.

[Suspenseful music]

Kayla: Thank you.

Marlena: Oh, no.

Paul: I have to do it, Marlena. If you insist on going through with this plan, then I'm going to call my father and get him here ASAP.

Rafe: We don't have time for that. If we want to save hope, we act now.

Steve: Listen, Paul, I understand your concerns. But maybe you don't know this, but like your dad, I've dealt with Stefano for decades.

Paul: But you can't give me any kind of assurances. Can you?

Marlena: Uh, why don't we just talk privately for a second, shall we?

Kayla: Paul's right, we can't give him any assurances because we don't know that it's gonna work. We don't know what, where, how-- Stefano even is anywhere. We're just another piece on his chess board. It puts us at a serious disadvantage.

Steve: It does. Which is why where the bait is placed has to be as irresistible to Stefano as Marlena is.

Kayla: Well, now you're talking.

Steve: Okay?

Kayla: But what draws him to this city? We're in Prague. I mean, what does he love about this city so much?

Steve: That's right. So if the controlled environment, aka the trap, is someplace that Stefano really loves...

Kayla: Then he'll let his defenses down.

Steve: Then it's a slam dunk.

Rafe: Wait a minute. I think I know exactly where that place might be. I'll be back.

[Tense music]

It's the Phillips' lady!

[Gentle music]

Ciara: Oh, hi, Theo. I didn't know you were home.

Theo: Yeah, I just got back from the gym.

Ciara: I can see that.

Theo: Sorry, I should have put on some clothes. I didn't think anyone was here.

Ciara: No, it's okay. I'm just--I'm just gonna do some studying. Are you all right?

Theo: That's what I was gonna ask you. I heard the cops are gonna use force to track down your mom.

Ciara: Yeah, yeah.

Theo: Well, I called my dad and asked if he'll help. You know, I told him he needed to make the pd stand down. He promised he'll see what he could do.

Ciara: Thank you, Theo. Really.

Theo: Hey, you know, if I had to bet, I know your mom will hang tough. All right, she's gonna make it through this.

Ciara: I'm not so sure, especially if the cops get to her first.

Julie: Thank you, Shawn-Douglas, for showing me the email. I feel a bit better, and Doug's going to be very relieved.

Shawn: You know what, I'm just gonna forward it to you so you could show it to him in person, how's that?

Julie: Thank you. I just pray that hope can stay out of sight, at least until Rafe and Steve can get their hands on Stefano.

Jennifer: You know, when I wrote this op-ed piece I just wanted everyone in Salem to know that hope was their neighbor, their friend, this very brave and courageous police officer, and I just wanted them to know that she was in danger and rally support around her, and now if she's spotted the total--

Shawn: I know, Jenn, Jenn. Listen, for what it's worth, I--look, I was moved by the piece, and I'm sure that my mom would be, too. All right, but there's no way that you would have anticipated that Raines was gonna turn up the heat like that because of it.

Jennifer: But why did he?

Shawn: Because he thinks-- he thinks that the department looks incompetent 'cause they haven't captured her.

Julie: Oh!

[Phone rings]

Julie: Hold on, excuse me. Yeah, Brady here. Damn. Okay, listen, all right, I'm on my way, all right.

Jennifer: What? What's going on?

Shawn: Look, Raines is out on country road A. Apparently he got some sort of a tip or something, I don't know, but listen, I gotta--I gotta get up there.

Julie: Oh, be safe, be safe, darling. Look, I'm gonna call Doug right now, give him the news.

Jennifer: Yeah, right. Oh, my God. Eric? What in the world are you doing here?

Hope: [Panting]

Ciara: Mom, where are you? I need you.

Hope: Ciara, baby? I'm coming. Ciara. Baby.

Raines: You go that way. I think I saw something over here.

[Tense music]

Jennifer: Eric. Oh, gosh, please tell me you didn't escape from prison, too.

Eric: No. I was given a pardon by the governor.

Jennifer: What? Oh, my gosh, that's amazing. When did that happen?

Eric: Recently. And it was kept quiet, obviously. So I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't say anything.

Jennifer: Yeah, I mean, if you don't want me to say anything, I won't. But I don't get it. You're here? I mean, are you staying here in Salem?

Eric: Yeah, I just came to see my dad, and then I gotta take off.

Jennifer: For where? Oh, you told me not to ask any questions. I'm sorry.

Eric: Don't be. It's the journalist in you.

Jennifer: No, it's the friend in me.

Eric: It's good to see you. I have to get going.

Jennifer: Am I gonna see you again?

Eric: I don't think so. Good-bye, Jenn.

Anne: Oh, hey, Jennifer. You look lovely as always.

Jennifer: I'm in a rush. Excuse me.

Anne: Oh. Oh, that's just too bad, you know, 'cause I was hoping maybe you and I could talk.

Jennifer: Talk? Why would I want to talk to you, Anne?

Anne: Well, these--these are the papers. You know, from the paper, "the spectator." Yeah, they just--they require your signature so that Adrienne can, you know, start paying the freelancers.

Jennifer: Are you-- are you joking me? You mean to tell me--

Anne: Yes, yes, you and I, we're gonna be working together again. Isn't that the best, jenny? It's gonna be like old times.

Jennifer: No, no. This is not happening.

Anne: Yes, it's happening.

Jennifer: No.

Anne: Yes.

Marlena: Paul. I appreciate you being so protective, I really do. The thing is that if you call john--

Paul: He's going to totally disagree with the plan that you've come up with, and see, that's a good thing. Because if anything were to happen to you on my watch, I would never forgive myself, and you could be damn sure dad wouldn't forgive me either.

Marlena: Well, we do agree on that. But the thing is, if you tell john, he will put the brakes on this plan to bring down Stefano, and not for the reasons you think.

Paul: What do you mean?

Marlena: It's because he would want to be here. He would want to make sure that--that he and I bring down Stefano together.

Paul: But that's the whole point. He's not here, so he can't protect you all the way from new Orleans.

Marlena: I don't need protection. And if I do... the person standing before me can take very good care of me. That would be you. Listen, please understand, we have to bring Stefano down. This isn't just about saving hope and bringing her home. This is--this is for the greater good of every human being in Salem. So please...

Paul: All right, but I am not letting you out of my sight.

Marlena: Okay.

Ciara: Thanks for being so supportive. It really means a lot.

Theo: Yeah, I mean, you don't have to thank me. You're a friend.

Ciara: Well, I'm gonna go study.

Theo: Yeah.

Ciara: I'll talk to you later.

Theo: Yeah.

Hope: I'm coming. Ciara.

Shawn: Look, lieutenant.

Raines: What are you doing here, Brady?

Shawn: I heard you were closing on my mom. Thought maybe I could, uh-- maybe I could help out.

Raines: You thought wrong. You have no business being here.

Shawn: Look, with all due respect, lieutenant, okay, what the hell were you thinking when you ordered the force to take extreme measures to apprehend my mom? All right, these are her friends, these are her colleagues.

Raines: Not anymore, they're not. She's an escaped convict from Statesville prison. She should be considered extremely dangerous. Now move it along.

Shawn: Please... please, sir. Sir, please.

Hope: Shawn?

[Muffled talking]

[Tense music]

Jennifer: How in the world did this happen? I thought it was my newspaper. I thought I made personnel decisions.

Anne: Oh, gee, I'm sorry. Are you not pleased about this?

Jennifer: Oh, yes, I'm thrilled that the woman who has been so hateful and ugly to me is now back in my life and working for me again. How lucky can I get?

Anne: Come on, jenny. I mean, what about letting go? Letting go of past resentments and disappointments, living in the present, looking toward the future?

Jennifer: I don't do that. And when it comes to you, I do hold grudges and I focus solely on the past. Finally!

Anne: Okay, okay, wait, Jenn. Just wait, wait. Listen, I understand you have some issues with me, okay?

Jennifer: [Chuckles]

Anne: But your brother obviously believes in me. He thinks I'd be an asset to your paper, otherwise he wouldn't have talked me up so much to Adrienne.

Jennifer: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Lucas got Adrienne to hire you?

Anne: Lucas--as office manager, yes.

Jennifer: What? How do you even know my brother?

Anne: Oh, we've run into each other a few times. Connected like cray-cray on so many levels. He's, like, a really good guy, by the way. Very smart, very sweet.

Jennifer: And very gullible if he believed even one word out of your mouth.

Anne: Okay, listen, Jenn, your very charming brother, he may have pitched the idea of me working for you, right, and yes, I may have done a little bit of my own self-promotion, but at the end of the day I'd like to think that my credentials earned me this gig.

Jennifer: Really? When did lying, cheating and backstabbing become credentials?

Anne: Okay, listen, here I thought the two of us, we were gonna, you know, have some kind of dignity or something.

Jennifer: Hmm.

Anne: You know, like the mature, accomplished women we are.

Jennifer: I cannot even believe this is happening.

Anne: I happen to have excellent references.

Jennifer: And who did they call for those references, Satan?

[Line ringing]

Jennifer: Come on, Adrienne, answer this phone. Adrienne, how could you do this to me? How?

Julie: Darling?

Jennifer: Hmm?

Julie: Calm down. Everybody can hear you.

Jennifer: I am sorry, but that woman right there, in all the time that we have worked together her goal was to make me completely miserable. So I need to get on the phone with Adrienne and--and rescind her offer to work at the newspaper immediately.

Julie: Wait, wait, but, darling, are you sure you want to do that?

Theo: Hey there.

Claire: Hey. Didn't know you were home.

Theo: Yeah, I got back a little while ago. I hit the gym after class. Ciara's here, too.

Claire: Oh, really?

Theo: Mm-hmm.

Claire: Wow, you two are so quiet. Thought I was all by my lonesome.

Theo: You know, maybe you should go check on her. I know this whole thing with her mom is really tearing her apart. And I tried talking to her earlier, but I'm not sure how much good I did.

Claire: Okay, well, I'm sure you did just fine. Well, I mean, it's just that, like, I tried to talk to her earlier, too, and she seemed pretty inconsolable. And I completely understand why, like, I do, but, you know, she's not the only one under emotional stress. I'm scared to death for my grandmother, too. I love her so much, and she is out there being hunted down like some animal. You know, I'm just, like, really afraid of what the cops are gonna do when they find her.

Theo: It's okay.

Eric: Shh. Don't say a word. The cops are right over there.

Hope: Shawn's here. So is Ciara.

[Suspenseful music]

Shawn: Come on, Mom, where are you? I need to find you before Raines and the cops do.

Steve: Really glad you're on board, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, well, I just wish I were as confident in this plan as you are.

Steve: Listen, I know you'd feel a whole lot better if your dad was here, but don't forget you are his son. Okay, with you on the team, the phoenix doesn't stand a chance.

Rafe: Nope, he doesn't.

Steve: What's going on? What'd you get?

Rafe: Just the perfect way to grab the old man. There's no way he could resist this.

Jennifer: Are you sure that I don't want this back-biting, lying woman to work at my newspaper? How can you even say that?

Julie: I don't even know the woman, darling.

Jennifer: Glad, be glad.

Julie: Look, if Lucas and Adrienne hired her, there must be a good reason for it. So why don't you talk to them and find out what the story is first.

Jennifer: Oh, I can't even imagine what the story is, but I promise you there is nothing that she can do to make anything easier for anyone.

Julie: Unless she can, for Adrienne. You know how much Adrienne has been going through now. If she hired her, perhaps she thinks that she can take the pressure off all of you at work. I mean, is she smart? Is she efficient? Or does she just have naturally curly hair?

Jennifer: No, she is really smart and she's very efficient, but she has a mean streak a mile long.

Julie: Jennifer, darling, remember, people do change. Maybe--maybe she was in therapy. Maybe she got sober. Whatever, listen, you really, honey, should talk to Adrienne first.

Jennifer: You know what, it's--it's--I don't need to talk to Adrienne. If Lucas and Adrienne hired her to run the office, then that's fine. I'm gonna go with it. I'm gonna take the high road. I'm gonna let her shoot herself in the foot because I have other things to think about right now.

Julie: Oh, you mean hope?

Jennifer: Yeah. And I--I just ran into someone, and I thought we had a place in each other's life and--and I just thought if he was here that he-- never mind, it's-- I can't really talk about it.

[Upbeat vocalizing]

Anne: Thanks.

Theo: Of course, you're upset. But I told Ciara and I'm telling you, your grandmother is tough, okay? She's very strong. She's gonna make it through this. How about if I take you to get some hot chocolate?

Claire: Oh, yeah, I'd like that a lot.

Theo: All right, let's go.

[Gentle music]

Claire: Thank you.

Ciara: Hey, Theo, are you still here?

[Phone rings]

Ciara: Shawn, anything on Mom?

Shawn: No, I tried to talk to Raines, but he's not backing down.

Ciara: God, I hate this.

Shawn: I know, me too. But at least we know she's safe.

Ciara: Until she's not. Shawn, I just want this nightmare to be over.

Eric: Come on, one more. One more, come on, hope. All right, and you need to promise me that you're gonna stay put until this situation works itself out. Will you promise me to do that? Hey.

Rafe: Now this, this is an advertisement for a very exclusive music festival that's happening here in Prague, which culminates tomorrow with an invitation-only masquerade ball. I heard people talking about it yesterday, and suddenly it hit me--

Kayla: This is exactly the kind of event that Stefano would be drawn to.

Rafe: That's exactly right. So I contacted the ISA to see if I could get a hold of the guest list. Who's on it? None other than Rudolpho Meradi, one of Stefano's aliases. So the problem is the invitations have already gone out. The ISA says they don't have enough time to come up with fake aliases for us, so we may have a little trouble getting in.

Paul: We'll get in. I'll just make a call.

Steve: In the meantime, I'll check with hotel staff and see if they can pull any strings.

Rafe: Perfect.

Kayla: Great.

Marlena: Well, all right, then we should get on your computer and see if we can find some costume stores.

Paul: Yeah, I'm on it.

[Phone rings]

Rafe: Hey, Shawn.

Shawn: Look, please tell me you have good news.

Rafe: Why, is there a problem?

Shawn: Raines has ordered the officers to use excessive force to apprehend my mom.

[Dramatic music]

Here is your invitation to the masquerade ball, Mr. Meradi.

Marlena: You can do this. You have to.

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