Days Transcript Tuesday 1/24/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/24/17


Episode #13009 ~ Nicole receives shocking news; Gabi & Chad share an awkward moment in the square; Claire, Theo, Ciara, Jade, & Joey begin a new adventure together; Belle returns to visit Claire.

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Gabi: Chad? Hey.

Chad: Hi.

Gabi: What-- you're supposed to be--what are you doing? You're supposed to be with Abigail and Thomas.

Chad: Dinner with a client. What's your excuse? What are you doing out so late?

Gabi: She woke up, and she couldn't get back to sleep, so I wanted to calm her down, so I came for a walk.

Chad: Oh, well, I'd say it's working. [Softly] Hey. Whoa!

Gabi: Oh!

Chad: Okay.

[Instrumental music]

Joey: What are you doing?

Claire: Oh, I'm just making a video for my YouTube page. You're fine, just keep going.

Theo: So we're gonna do all the work?

Ciara: Yeah, while you play film director? Why don't you put your phone down and pick up a box?

Claire: Hey, come on. Ciara, the auteur holds the mirror to life... as someone must.

Ciara: Oh, give me a break.

Claire: Come on, everybody knows that if something doesn't happen on social media, it's like it never happened at all.

Ciara: Well, all I know is that there's ten more boxes of your crap in the van, and I'm not bringing them up the stairs, so put that on your YouTube page. Oh!

Theo: Hey!

Ciara: [Chuckles]

Theo: You okay?

Ciara: Yeah, I'm great.

Theo: Well, you should've let me take that one for you.

Ciara: Thanks.

Claire: Yeah, well, actually, the dishes that my parents gave us are in that box, so if she dropped it, we would've been, like, eating off of paper plates forever, but you know.

Ciara: And that would have been, like, the end of the freaking world.

Claire: Sorry.

Jade: Are they always like this?

Joey: I don't know. I'm related to them, but I've never lived with them. Hey, Theo, you want to go down and grab another load?

Theo: Yeah.

Jade: I'm going with you guys.

Nicole: What are you talking about, Brady? "Stay calm for my baby"? You know more than anyone I don't ha-- have a baby.

Brady: Yeah, you do.

Nicole: Okay, what-- what is going on?

Brady: I think Chloe should be the one to, uh-- to answer that. And this time, for the sake of novelty, why don't you make it the truth this time?

[Dramatic music]

Ciara: Hey, why don't we, uh, unpack the kitchen?

Claire: Oh, I was actually gonna unpack my clothes.

Ciara: That can wait.

Claire: Uh, why should it?

Ciara: Well, we're gonna have to eat before we need to change clothes.

Claire: [Laughs] Who made you the moving sheriff?

Ciara: Who made you such a princess?

Claire: Wow. Okay. Look, I know you're going through a very rough time right now, but would you step off?

[Knocking at door]

Claire: Oh, is it okay if I get that, or would you like me to do something else?

Ciara: Yeah, go for it.

Claire: Are you sure?

Ciara: I'll just unpack the kitchen.

Claire: Okay.

Belle: There's my girl!

Claire: Mom!

[Both laughing]

Belle: It's so good to see you! Oh.

Claire: I missed you.

Belle: Hi, Ciara.

Ciara: Hey.

Belle: Hey.

Ciara: I didn't know you were coming back.

Belle: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I know how worried you must be.

Ciara: Yeah, I am, but it's okay. It's good that we heard from her. I mean, she's as okay as she can be after she escaped prison.

Belle: I know, honey. This whole thing has been a nightmare. She has to appeal her case.

Shawn: And Justin is working hard that right now.

Belle: Good. Okay, so what can I do to help?

Ciara: Well, I was gonna unpack the kitchen.

Belle: Ugh. Oh, that's awful. All right, well, let's get to it.

Ciara: Well, we should get some more boxes from the car.

Belle: Okay.

Ciara: I've never unpacked a kitchen before.

Belle: Oh, I've done it, like, a million times.

[Door closes]

Shawn: Do I, um, sense a little bit of tension between you two?

Claire: No, I mean-- okay, look. I know Ciara is really scared for her mom, and I'm scared about grandmother too. But I just wish she wouldn't always act like I'm this brat and she's the adult, you know?

Shawn: Maybe you should try and cut her some slack.

Claire: No, I am trying so hard. But it's just really difficult when they call you "princess" and when Theo takes her side.

Shawn: Well, maybe this is-- maybe this is a case of too many roommates. You ever thought of that?

Claire: No, no, I think it'll be okay.

Shawn: Really?

Claire: Yeah.

Shawn: Honey, do you really think that this is a good idea?

Nicole: Chloe? You're not saying anything.

Brady: No, stop, stop, stop.

Chloe: Just let me go.

Brady: No, Chloe, come on. It's gone on long enough. Sit down and talk.

Chloe: I'm sure you're figuring it out. Holly... she's--she's your baby.

Brady: You are her mother.

Gabi: I tried. I tried to soothe her with that spell that you came up with, the magic one, to drive the bad dreams away, but she didn't buy it from me. [Laughs]

Chad: What, are we having-- are we having bad dreams? Huh? You know? Are you lying? You fibbin'?

Gabi: [Laughs] She's having--

Chad: Well, lucky for you, you came to the right place, because I happen to be the bad dream banisher. What do you think of that? Hmm? Let's do this. Shh. See this? It's a magic wand. Now, I hereby banish all of the monsters, hooligans, bad things, ghosts, anything else that might be keeping you awake at night, and I hereby invite all of the puppies, kittens, um...

Gabi: Cupcakes.

Chad: Cupcakes, fairy princesses, snow days, and anything else that is gonna give you the sweetest dreams.

Gabi: You're so good with her.

Chad: Feel better, sweetheart? Hmm? Well. [Exhales]

Gabi: She's right. You-- you know magic.

Chad: Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

Gabi: Um...we don't want to keep you from whatever it is you were gonna do, so...

Chad: No, it's fine. I told you, whatever you need, whenever. Whatever.

[Soft music]

Bonk. Gabi: [Laughing] No.

Shawn: Look, I really don't want these living arrangements to come between you and Ciara.

Claire: Well, I know, but everything would be completely fine if she'd stop acting like she owns Theo.

Shawn: They've been friends since they were little kids.

Claire: Well, that's the thing. We are not little kids anymore. She's still treating him like he's on the autism spectrum.

Shawn: Which he is--

Claire: Well, okay, he's also a guy, and that is how I treat him, and I can't help it if that makes Ciara mad.

Shawn: Wait, what do you-- what do you mean, you treat him like a guy?

Claire: Oh, my--no, I did not mean it like that.

Shawn: Okay, well, then how did you mean it?

Claire: Okay, we have not had sex, if that's what you're asking. Well, actually, the one you should be worried about is Ciara.

Shawn: Why?

Claire: You know how she was always getting into trouble in high school. And now her mom's not around to keep her in line. I don't know, do you think that she would be better off just staying at Jennifer's?

Shawn: Okay, hold on. Let me ask you this. Are you--are you actually worried about her? Or are you just trying to keep her away from Theo?

Claire: No, I am worried about her. She's going through a really difficult time right now. Don't you think that she might be better off with some sort of adult supervision?

Shawn: Look, I'll--I'll talk to her, all right? I'll talk to her, and I'll see how she's feeling.

Claire: Thank you. Thank you.

Shawn: Mm-hmm.

Claire: Could you just not tell her that I brought it up?

Shawn: Don't worry.

Claire: Okay. Thank you. I'm gonna go unpack my clothes.

Shawn: All right. Hey. Which ones are heavy?

Belle: Oh, yep. Thanks.

Shawn: That's a-- yep, that's a good one. Dishes.

Ciara: Where's Claire?

Shawn: She went to go unpack her clothes.

Ciara: Right. Hey, I'm a little worried about her and Theo living here together.

Shawn: Why, uh--why is that?

Ciara: Well, you know, they're going out now, and they're living in the same place, know.

Shawn: Honey, would you-- would you please take over on this one for me?

Belle: [Sighs] Great, thanks. Um, well, yes, I was--I was surprised when Shawn told me that Claire and Theo were seeing each other. I really just didn't know she thought of him that way.

Ciara: Well, I mean, that's the first girl that Theo's ever been with like that.

Belle: Oh.

Shawn: Do you think that-- that she's not good for him?

Belle: You know, I actually think he's great for her.

Ciara: Well, I mean, do you think that they should actually take their relationship to the next level?

Belle: No. I mean, um--I mean, not if it's just a fling. You know, she's 19. That's young. But I--I guess it's not too young to build something lasting. Shawn and I did. It was a lot of drama, but it was true love.

Ciara: Ew. Um, just forget it. It's none of my business, anyway.

Belle: No, listen, you care about both of them. There's nothing wrong with that.

Shawn: Look, we're gonna keep the lines of communication open, all right? That's for sure.

Belle: Shawn's right. Communication is key. We just hope that Claire will keep us in the loop on all of her big life decisions.

Nicole: I don't understand.

Chloe: Biologically, she's yours.

Nicole: But that's--that's-- that's not possible.

Brady: Tell her all of it.

Chloe: Do we have to do this now?

Brady: Yes, we have to do it now. Tell her.

Chloe: [Sighs] Okay. I felt so bad for you and Daniel when the in vitro didn't work, and I was ready to try again. I really was.

Nicole: I know. I know you were.

Chloe: Then Daniel was killed.

Nicole: [Stammering] Which is why I don't understand what you're talking about.

Chloe: You were so sad and so alone, and I wanted to do something for you, so... I called Dr. Lee at the clinic, and I made another appointment.

Nicole: Wait, you--you had another in vitro? And--and you kept it secret?

Chloe: I didn't want to get your hopes up. You were hurting so much already.

Nicole: This doesn't make any sense. I'm sorry.

Brady: I know. I know it sounds crazy, Nicole. It's true.

Nicole: But you said that Deimos was the father.

Chloe: I thought he was.

Nicole: Okay, and now you're saying what--

Chloe: So when I went in for the second in vitro at the clinic, they gave me another test, and they said it was negative, that it hadn't worked again. So I was so happy at that point I hadn't said anything to you, because I knew you wouldn't survive that disappointment. Then I stupidly slept with Deimos, and after I found out I was pregnant, I assumed that he was the father. I mean, of course, why wouldn't I, the way that it timed out? Nicole, I swear, I thought he was the baby's father.

Brady: Until he forced her to take a paternity test. Turned out Deimos was not the father.

Nicole: What about the one night stand guy?

Chloe: There wasn't a one night stand.

Nicole: You made him up?

Chloe: I--I panicked, so I lied. The truth is--is that Holly... is your child.

[Dramatic music]

Chad: So Thomas wanted me to invite Arianna over to the house for poker night on Friday.

Gabi: Oh, did you hear that? He just turned one, and he already knows how to play poker.

Chad: Yep, and don't tell him I said this, but he's not very good yet, all right? He's always trying to draw the inside straight, so you can take a bundle from him.

Gabi: Has Abigail started to play with you guys?

Chad: [Stammering] She said that she, uh, wants to brush up on her skills.

Gabi: She seems better, stronger, to me.

Chad: Yeah, uh, have you seen her?

Gabi: Yeah. She and I are kind of working on this little project together, so...

Chad: What project? She didn't say anything to me about that.

Gabi: Yeah, I mean, it's still kind of awkward, but we were really good friends, and we miss it, so...

Chad: That's great.

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: What's the project?

Gabi: It's a secret.

Chad: [Chuckles] From me?

Gabi: Yeah. Actually, you know what? It's getting kind of late, so you and I--we should-- we should get going. Come on.

Arianna: No!

Both: What?

Gabi: What do you mean, no?

Chad: No.

[Both laughing]

Gabi: Oh, no. I'm in trouble.

Abe: Hey, Claire.

Claire: Abe, hi.

Abe: How's it going, huh?

Claire: Good, how are you?

Abe: Oh, good, good, good.

Theo: Hey, dad. I thought I heard your voice.

Abe: Yeah, look, I brought you a housewarming gift.

Theo: Perfect, we totally-- totally forgot about this stuff. Yeah, it looks like all the parents are checking in on us tonight.

Claire: Yeah, I know. My mom flew in here all the way from Hong Kong to see this place. She and my dad are actually helping Ciara unpack her room.

Abe: Oh, well, I was--I was thinking maybe I could take you both to dinner.

Claire: Oh, thank you. I mean, I think we were just gonna order some pizza when Joey and jade get back.

Theo: Yeah.

Abe: Ah. Well, how long will they be gone?

Theo: I don't know. I think they just took the truck back to roman's.

Abe: Oh, all right. Well, then maybe we can talk here, huh? Why don't we have a seat?

Theo: Yeah.

Abe: All right?

Theo: So, dad, what do you want to talk about?

Abe: [Chuckles] Well, I know it's important to you to be living away from home. But how you do in college is important to me.

Theo: Oh, no, we're not gonna blow off school.

Claire: Absolutely not. Nope.

Abe: Well, a lot of kids get away from home for the first time when they go to college and then they start doing all the things their parents wouldn't let them do.

Theo: You mean like drugs, right?

Abe: Alcohol, parties that get out of hand. You know, the police department deals with it every year, as does the ER, and I don't want to hear about any of that happening here.

Theo: Dad, you--you won't.

Claire: No, we promise.

Abe: Well, good. I know that the two of you intend to make good on that promise, but I just found out from Kayla that jade is living here, and, um... I'm not sure she feels the same way.

Claire: We did not really want her living here.

Theo: No, she was totally Joey's idea. You know, he feels bad for her.

Claire: But it's not like we're actually gonna do anything that she says.

Theo: No.

Abe: Well, good. Good.

Claire: The rest of us actually wanted to live together because we're such good friends.

Theo: Yeah, and we're gonna back each other up.

Claire: Right, so if jade wants to sit around and get wasted all day, then we can just get rid of her.

Abe: [Laughs] Oh. You know, I know this is a big step for you. I hope you're happy.

Theo: I really am.

Abe: Oh, good. I--look. I don't expect you to study all the time. I want you--I want you to have fun too. But remember, my eyes are on you.

[Both laugh]

Abe: You may not be living in my house, but I'm still your dad.

Theo: Hey, look, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Brady: Nicole? You're not saying anything.

Nicole: Those were my eggs... from my body, and nobody told me?

Chloe: I was just trying to protect your feelings, I swear. Especially after I thought the pregnancy didn't take.

Brady: But it did. It did take. Nicole, you--you can go over all the details, or you can start taking in the fact that Holly's your daughter.

[Soft music]

Nicole: My daughter. [Crying] Oh, my God. [Sobs] I thought I'd never be able to say that. My--my child.

Brady: She's right across the table from you.

Nicole: [Crying] I--I can't believe this. This--this can't be true. It can't. I...oh, God, Brady, all these-- all these years. All this time. All my pain and my loss and my desperation.

Brady: Nic, Nic. She's your baby.

Nicole: [Whispering] My baby.

Brady: With Daniel.

Nicole: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh--oh, my God. Give her to me. Chloe.

Chloe: Sorry, I can't do that.

Nicole: What? No. Give her to me, Chloe, please. [Sobbing] nodded off. I don't think she would've let you leave.

Chad: Got a big day tomorrow.

Gabi: Oh, yeah?

Chad: Yeah, I have-- I have this major presentation. Tonight, I was actually having dinner with the CFO.

Gabi: How did that go?

Chad: [Chuckles] Well, I think she bought everything I was saying about the business, but she, um... what'd she say? She said that she hoped that my business acumen is not reflected by my sense of style, and then she followed that with something about color blocking.

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: Yeah, you know what color blocking is?

Gabi: Yes. It's when you put two or three different colors-- complementary colors-- in one outfit. I mean, this lady must know about fashion.

Chad: No, all she talked about was coding and firewalls and corporate security.

Gabi: Trust me. If she's talking about color blocking and that you need to use it, then yes, she probably has a trunk full of fashion magazines somewhere.

Chad: Okay, so what you're saying is, I'm gonna give a better presentation tomorrow if I'm color-blocked?

Gabi: I mean, I always told you, you needed to incorporate color into your wardrobe.

Chad: I have color.

Gabi: Earth tones don't count.

Chad: Well, I--it doesn't-- I--I have nothing-- I can't do anything. I'm not gonna be able to put anything together by tomorrow morning, anyways.

Gabi: Do you want me to help you?

Chad: Well, yeah. Since you left me without an image consultant, yes. Yes, please.

Gabi: I mean, come on. After everything you've done tonight? How could I say no?

Chloe: If she cries at all, please come and get me.


Nicole: What are you doing?

Brady: Please.

Nicole: What are you doing? That's my baby. Bring my baby back. Where are you going? What--you can't let her do that.

Brady: Stop. Stop, Nicole.

Nicole: You can't let her-- why'd you let her take her?

Brady: Nicole, hey. Look at me! You remember when I told you you had to get it together for your baby's sake? Remember that?

Nicole: Yes.

Chloe: Nicole, you are in police headquarters because you stabbed someone. Is this how you want your daughter to meet you for the first time?

Nicole: I don't give a damn. She needs me, and I need her.

Brady: No, no, no, no, no. Hey, she's fine. She's fine. She's in good hands. She's fine. Look.

Nicole: Yeah. Okay, yeah. Okay, she's not-- she's not crying. I can see her.

[Baby murmurs]

Nicole: I can see her.

Brady: All right.

Nicole: She's okay for now, but she needs me, Brady.

Brady: She's right there. Look at me. Take it easy. Look at me. Look at me. See me?

Nicole: Yes. I'm looking at you. How long have you known about this?

Brady: A few weeks. Not long.

Nicole: Did she tell you?

Brady: Today. But I had suspected before.

Nicole: Why?

Brady: Deimos... he overheard Philip talking to Chloe's mom... and--and that's when--

Nicole: Your mom knows? Your mother knows, really? Of course she does. That's why she wouldn't let me see the baby. And Deimos knows, and Philip knows.

Brady: They--they know.

Chloe: I had to tell Philip. He was pretending to be her father.

[Dramatic music]

Brady: That's when we did some investigating. We didn't get very far, but-- but Chloe confirmed it with me, and that's when I knew it was absolutely true.

Nicole: How long?

Brady: A few weeks.

Nicole: Why didn't you tell me?

Brady: Because I thought it sounded crazy.

Nicole: Yeah, but it's the truth, isn't it, Brady?

Brady: I didn't believe it for a minute. No, Nicole, I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to-- I needed to know for sure. I--I didn't want to tell you and it be wrong. Could you have handled that? I--I didn't know how many times someone can have their heart ripped out of their--their-- their chest, Nic.

Nicole: I remember the paternity test. Deimos wasn't the father. But you knew. You--you-- you knew she was mine all along. Our plan, Chloe. [Crying] You were gonna carry Daniel and my baby. You were-- [Sobs] We talked about this. She was growing inside of you. I was gonna call you every day while she was growing inside of you, and I was gonna talk to her so she could hear the sound of my voice. That was our plan. That was our plan, Chloe! What happened to our plan? Oh, my God. [Weeping] Oh, my God, what have you done to me? [Sobbing]

Gabi: You ready?

Is? How?

Gabi: Janet's light was on. And she was doing inventory, so she let me shop for this. What do you think? I thought you could pair it with that tweed sport coat that I found for you and maybe the green slacks.

Chad: At the same time?

Gabi: Yeah, that's the idea. I mean, you want to make a good impression on that CFO tomorrow? You can't wear solids, okay? It's not edgy enough.

Chad: Well, André will be there, and he's gonna be edgy enough for everyone, so...

Gabi: I'm talking about fashion, okay? You know what? If you want to wear the brown jacket with the brown tie and the brown pants, do it.

Chad: Okay, yeah-- this isn't--listen. Okay, so what you're saying is, if--if I wear this, then I am gonna be, like, the most color-blocked?

Gabi: Conservatively color-blocked, yes. I was thinking maybe a pocket square could add something to that.

Chad: Say that one more time, and I'm gonna wake up your child.

Gabi: [Whispering] Okay. Yeah, we won't do that. We will not do that, then. But I do know that this is gonna look amazing on you. See?

[Soft music]

Ciara: Oh, my God, I'm starving.

Theo: Thank you.

Shawn: Here.

Claire: Yes.

Shawn: Plates. Napkins, here you go.

Claire: Napkins, thanks.

Abe: Oh, yeah.

Shawn: All this over there. Oh, man. Well, I think our job is done here. What do you say, honey?

Belle: Yeah, right. Okay.

Abe: All right.

Shawn: Let's do it, guys.

Belle: You guys, we're leaving. Be good.

Claire: We will, but not too good.

Abe: All right, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Belle: No. Hey.

Theo: Good night.


Claire: Bye.

Abe: Take care.

Claire: Bye, losers.

Belle: Aww.

[Indistinct conversation]

Joey: There's pizza?

Ciara: Nope. It's just a mirage.

Joey: Funny.

Jade: Are there mushrooms?

Joey: Right here.

Claire: Hey, guys, I think we should have, like, a toast, okay?

Theo: Okay.

Claire: To our first night in our new place. We're free!

[All cheering]

Joey: Yeah.

Ciara: Freedom.

Claire: [Laughing] Yeah. It's so good.

Theo: Mm-hmm. So good.

Chloe: I kept the baby from you out of love.

Nicole: Love? You want to talk about love now?

Chloe: I wanted to tell you. I really did.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, you wanted to tell me something, and you kept changing your mind. You were supposed to be my friend.

Chloe: I am your friend! I promised I would do anything to help you and Daniel have a child.

Nicole: Yeah, well, if Brady hadn't forced the issue, you never would have told me.

Chloe: I--I was--I was going to, but every time I tried, I would just think of Deimos and how evil he is, and I couldn't do it.

Nicole: That is not your choice to make!

Chloe: You are in here because of Deimos.

Nicole: I stopped someone from killing Deimos!

Chloe: Oh, 'cause that's how he lives his life, Nicole. He get people to want to kill him. And you are paying for it now with your freedom. Is that what you want for Holly in the future?

Nicole: You don't know Deimos like I do.

Chloe: Oh, my God. Please stop. You keep saying that. Now, I can't stop you from marrying the guy, but I know that if you do, you are doomed. Now, Holly may not be my child biologically, but I carried her for nine months. I gave birth to her, and I'm not gonna let you doom her too.

Nicole: You are crazy, you know that? First you tell me you want me to name her, and I'm your dearest friend, and then you take away the very child that I have worked so hard in my life to have. Deimos is not the monster, Chloe. You are the monster. Now give me my child!

[Dramatic music]

Chad: Psst.

Gabi: Oh.

Chad: Here, this should make the walk home a little bit warmer.

Gabi: Thanks. I'm freezing.

Chad: Hey, and thanks for-- for picking out all the clothes for me. I really appreciate that.

Gabi: Yeah, let's just hope they do the trick.

Chad: They will, and if I need another image consultant, I'll go ahead and I'll ask Kate. Or, uh, Abigail. No, not Abigail. I can't do that.

Gabi: Well, not Kate, because you could end up wearing leopard print.

Chad: Right, but Abby has enough to worry about besides dressing me.

Gabi: Don't sell her short, though. She--she wants to be involved in your life, and I think she'd really love it if you asked her opinion on how to dress. Yeah.

Chad: Thank you for saying that.

Gabi: Well, I got to-- I got to get going. What--I--

Chad: [Laughs]

Gabi: She--I thought you were--I thought she was sleeping.

Chad: Nope.

Gabi: What are you doing? [Laughs]

Claire: I will tell you what I am not gonna miss about living at home. So I love my grandparents so much, and they're really cool, but every night, they would watch this stupid English murder mystery series, and it never stops.

Theo: The one in the country, and the cop's got, like, this spaced-out wife?

Claire: Oh, my God, your dad watches it too?

Theo: Yeah, they've made, like, hundreds of seasons of that show.

Ciara: Oh, that's the one where the cops, like, go to the small towns where people are, like, cutting grass and chopping each others' heads off? Yeah, Jennifer watches that too.

Claire: Okay, why do they all like it so much?

Joey: Maybe 'cause they like solving crimes?

Claire: Huh. Well, never thought of that.

Jade: My folks watched cable news every night and yelled at the TV. Sorry.

Joey: So here we are. No parents... no rules. Starting classes. What do you think it's gonna be like?

Theo: Well, I think it's gonna be great. You know, I never really thought that I was gonna-- or I mean, I always wanted to have, like--

Ciara: A lot of friends? I know.

Theo: Yeah. And now I do.

Ciara: Well, we're more than that. We've been through a lot of stuff together.

Joey: You got that right.

Ciara: And we have each other's backs. Forever. No matter what.

Joey: We should put that on a sign somewhere and hang it up.


Joey: "No matter what."

Theo: Or we could get, like, t-shirts.

Ciara: "No matter what" t-shirts.

Theo: That'd be cool.

Claire: No matter what. Aww.

Theo: Yeah.

Claire: Works for me.

[Soft music]

Belle: Do you think it's totally hypocritical that I just lectured my daughter about drinking, and all I could think about on the way over here was this martini?


Shawn: Oh, you kept it together in front of the kids. I--I think that we all did.

Abe: You have to. They smell fear, you're toast.

Belle: I just wonder how this is all gonna go for them.

Shawn: You and I, we did it. We--we lived with our friends across the hall from each other in the lofts, and I think that we survived.

Belle: Mm, but that was us.

Shawn: True.

Abe: Well, I tell you, I just hope Theo doesn't drown in a sea of half-finished water bottles. I feel like all I do is carry recycling out to the curb.

Belle: Well, you don't have to do that anymore.

Abe: Yeah.

Shawn: You should see Claire's room. She's a slob. I mean, she's got piles of clothes all over the place, and sometimes you'll--you'll find a half-eaten sandwich under one of 'em. It's--ugh.

Abe: They could get roaches.

Belle: They could get pregnant.

Shawn: Well, that could happen at home too. Look at Joey and jade.

Abe: You know, I remember when--when Theo was first diagnosed. Lexie and I wondered if he would ever go to college or live on his own or have a girlfriend.

Shawn: And now he's doing all of those things.

Abe: Yeah. I tell myself that Lexie's part of Theo, just like hope is part of Ciara, and that is going to help them not screw this up.

Shawn: And we have to count on that, right?

Abe: Mm.

Shawn: We've done our best to--to show them the way, and now we have to let them have at it.

[Both chuckle]

Belle: Well, I'm happy that Claire has Theo.

Shawn: Me too. Theo's strong, and he's steady.

Belle: I hope she doesn't change that about him. Sorry.

[Both laugh]

Abe: You know, Ciara has been Theo's friend since he was a little boy. If he veers off course, she'll let him know.

Shawn: You know, I'm glad. I'm glad that my baby sister-- that she's--she's got her friends around her right now.

Belle: And Joey seems to have grown up quite a bit since jade lost their baby.

Abe: And I hope she has too.

Shawn: Kayla thinks that-- that Claire and Ciara have no use for her.

Belle: Well, they don't seem to be getting along too well right now either.

Shawn: And you saw that?

Belle: Uh, you can learn a lot by unpacking with someone.

Shawn: [Chuckles]

Abe: That sounds like a lot of drama in the making.

Belle: I know. I hope I survive it.

[All laugh]

Belle: It just all goes so fast. Sometimes I wish I could just read "Goodnight Moon" to her one more time.

Shawn: Yeah. You know, I think the next chapter in our kids' lives is gonna be much harder on us than it is them.

Abe: Well, we are going to find that out.

[Glasses clink]

Brady: Where are you going?

Nicole: To get Holly, where do you think?

Brady: No, no, Nic--

Nicole: I want my baby.

Brady: It's not a good idea.

Nicole: Let go of me!

The DA's office called. They're charging you with attempted murder. You're not going anywhere but to lockup.

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: You--no. [Crying]

Claire: [Sighs] Okay, who wants the last piece?

Ciara: Not me, I'm stuffed.

Theo: Mm.

Claire: Theo?

Theo: No, it's got mushrooms on it.

Claire: Yeah, you could just pick them off.

Ciara: Theo doesn't eat mushrooms. He doesn't even touch anything that a mushroom's touched.

Theo: Mushrooms just feel so weird.

Claire: Okay, well, I'll try and remember that.

Joey: Hey, Theo, that's a pretty sweet gaming setup you moved to our room.

Theo: Yeah, you want to play?

Joey: Nah, it's getting kind of late.

Theo: Okay, old man. I didn't know you had a bedtime.

Claire: [Laughs]

Joey: Fine, bring it on. I'll kick your ass.

Theo: All right, you ever play "aegis of earth"?

Joey: That's been released?

Theo: Yeah, last year. You didn't know?

Joey: Let's go.

Claire: Hey, babe, can I have a kiss good night?

Ciara: Word of advice? Don't come in between a man and his Playstation.

Claire: Okay, would you knock it off?

Ciara: Knock what off?

Claire: Um, babying Theo and explaining him to me and translating for him. You are not the Theo whisperer, you know.

Ciara: Okay, God, I'm sorry. I won't do it anymore.

Claire: Hey, come on, there's pizza boxes to clean up.

Jade: I'll do it.

Claire: Sorry, what?

Jade: I said I'll clean up.

Claire: Okay, I just-- I forgot you were even there. Uh, thank you.

[Dramatic music]

Jade: "No matter what"? This should be interesting.

Chad: She's still asleep. So I'm gonna go ahead, and I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, so she's not waking up.

Gabi: Okay. You know, when we were all staying at your house... that was--that was the first time she'd been in kind of a family setting since she lost Will, and she loved it. She always talks about you and Thomas.

Chad: Well, you know, if she ever wants to come over and hang out with Thomas, or if either of you need anything--

Gabi: She's got two doting grandfathers, two uncles that think she hung the moon, and Sonny. She calls him Daddy.

Chad: Of course. It was just an offer.

Gabi: Thank you. She's got the family, and... you know, you've got yours. Thank you. And good night. All right.

Nicole: That's my baby. I just found out. Please, that's my baby.

Sorry, lady, I got orders to book you.

Nicole: No.

Chloe: I can't let you have her.

Nicole: Let me go. Please, Holly!

Brady: Now, you don't have to manhandle her. Come on.

Stay out of this.

Brady: Give her--

Nicole: That's my baby! That's my baby! [Crying] Give me my baby. That's my baby.

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