Days Transcript Monday 1/23/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/23/17


Episode #13008 ~ Chloe finally admits the truth to Brady; Nicole realizes Deimos' life is in danger; Eric tends to Hope as she battles for her life; Kayla arrives in Europe to check on Steve.

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Carrie: That bad, huh?

Rafe: It was supposed to get my mind off of things. Total failure. Sit.

Carrie: Couldn't sleep. Decided to take a walk.

Rafe: Yeah, I thought I'd get a little caffeine myself.

Carrie: [Chuckles] Whatever works.

Rafe: Hmm.

Carrie: So the book failed to get your mind off of...

Rafe: How the hell we're gonna find Stefano. How to save hope. Assuming we're not already too late.

Eric: Hey, hope! Hey, I got-- hope? Hope? Hope? Hey, hey, hey. Oh, my God, you're burning up. Hey--oh, my God. Hope, you hear me? Hope? Hope, you hang in there. You listen to me, don't you die on me. Hope! Hope, don't die on me.

Nicole: Deimos would want me-- Deimos, call me back the second you get this message.

Dario: Deimos is dangerous. And when you're that dangerous, bad things happen. Stay away from Deimos.

[Phone beeps]

Nicole: Okay, what is going on?

Dario: Make other plans tonight. Stay away from Deimos.

Nicole: Where are you, Deimos?

Deimos: I'm doing great. Actually, couldn't be better. Listen, I'm gonna need you to sell some euro bonds for me once London opens. Hmm, about a half million, U.S. And then I'm gonna want you to set up a wire transfer. Can you handle that for me?

[Tense music]

[Line rings]

[Phone rings]

Dario: Well?

Yeah, I got him in sight.

Dario: Good. Do it fast. Do it smart and do it simple. No weapons. Snap his neck and walk away.

You got it.

[Tense music]

Deimos: [Laughs] Yeah, you do that.

Brady: It's a yes or no question. Is holly's biological mother actually Nicole?

Chloe: Where in the world did this come from?

Brady: Chloe, answer me. Is holly really Nicole and Daniel's baby? Yes or no?

[Door opens]

[Tense music]

Steve: Don't move!

Kayla: Ahh! Don't shoot!

[Both panting] Surprise.

Steve: Oh, my God, sweetness? [Sighs]

Chloe: Brady, it's no secret that I was trying to be a surrogate for Nicole and Daniel, but everyone knows it failed.

Brady: Deimos and I think that you tried a second time, and you didn't tell Nicole, and it worked.

Chloe: Deimos?

Brady: Yeah.

Chloe: Dei--so now you're listening to that guy? Oh, my God, he's evil. You know that. Everyone knows that.

Brady: Chloe, we've done our homework on this. I know the answer. I know it. I want you to have the respect to look me in the face and tell me the truth. 'Cause I guarantee if you do that, you're gonna save you and Nicole a hell of a lot of heartache.

Nicole: Deimos?

[Tense music]

Nicole: Oh, Juliet, it's Nicole. Please tell me where your boss is. You're Deimos' secretary. Tell me where he is. A meeting? Where? Mandalay Cafe, Horton Town Square. Thank you very much.

Deimos: The number in there is to your new Swiss bank account. Enjoy your vacation. I really appreciate how quickly you were able to get me information on the key. If it's delivered as promised, you will see a massive increase in that account by next week.

That is good to know. Thank you.

Deimos: Sure.

Justin: Deimos, we need to talk right now.

Deimos: You seem awfully intense.

Justin: You are leading this family into a war. A war that is totally unnecessary. You have to stop whatever it is you're doing right now.

[Suspenseful music]

Rafe: Half of me says go home, find hope, keep her alive, and then the other half says stay here, find Stefano. He's your best shot.

Carrie: For what it's worth, I think you and Steve are going to find Stefano.

Rafe: Yeah. But the thing is, if we do not get Stefano tomorrow... the cops are bearing down on hope, it's-- everything could change in a heartbeat.

Carrie: It's just--I'm still so amazed. I mean, breaking out of Statesville? Who does that?

Rafe: It's not like she had a choice. She was already stabbed once. I just wish I knew if she was all right.

Carrie: Rafe, I know hope. When she broke out, I'm sure she had everything planned down to the last detail. And my guess is she is executing that plan to a T.

Eric: What is going on? What is going on with that wound? What's going on with you? Oh, my God, that infection's gotten worse. Oh, my God. Hope, can you hear me? If you can hear me, open your eyes. Hope. Hope, just listen to me, it's Eric. I need you to stay conscious, okay? Just stay conscious with me. Just stay with me, stay with me. What am I gonna do? Oh, my God, what am I gonna do? Am I gonna call an ambulance? They'll send her back to that hellhole. Okay. Hope. I want you to stay in this bed and don't move. I'm gonna go get us some more supplies, all right? Okay.

Chloe: Brady, whatever you think you know, you're wrong. Holly is my baby.

Brady: Of course she is. In one sense, Chloe. If you'll let me explain, Deimos and I, we both--

Chloe: Deimos and-- Deimos and I? What, are you two best friends now?

Brady: No no. Can I talk, please? We did our homework on this, okay? It all started when Philip contacted your mom and said that he wanted to keep everything secret from Nicole. Then he drugged Philip, kidnapped him and he was trying to get the truth--

Chloe: Oh, I heard, I heard what Deimos did to him. So you've teamed up with a man who's capable of kidnapping and drugging his own nephew? Brady, you're an addict. Do you honestly think it was okay for Deimos to do that to him?

Brady: No. Not any more than I think it's okay for you to keep Nicole's baby from her.

Deimos: All right, Justin, here's the bottom line. This piece of technology that everyone wants so badly, it's ours, and it's gonna make us billions, if we're able to make it work. Which is why I just spent a sizeable amount to make sure titan has the tools to do exactly that.

Justin: Deimos, I understand sometimes businesses cut corners, use unconventional tactics to gain an advantage. But when death threats start flying, ships are sunk, it means it's time to rethink what you're doing!

Deimos: No, no, no. It's time for you to relax, Justin, okay? I can handle anything that comes our way.

Justin: Really?

Deimos: Yeah.

Justin: That might be hard to do if you're dead.

[Tense music]

Steve: Did you really just fly 3,000 miles to see if I was okay?

Kayla: I had to. You were shot. I love you, remember?

Steve: I remember.

Kayla: There, now it's better. Everywhere you go, there's gunshots.

Steve: Yeah. Well, I learned something this time. Never get between Stefano and Anna DiMera.

Kayla: Yeah, she's had a sad life. Everything kinda fell apart after tony died.

Steve: Yeah, well, Tony's a lot closer than you might think. She carries his ashes around in an urn everywhere she goes. Pretty crazy, huh?

Kayla: I don't think it sounds crazy. I'd do that with you.

Steve: Really?

Kayla: No. But it sounds romantic.

Steve: I'll tell you what's romantic. My sweetness dropped everything and came all the way to Prague just to nurse my wounds, make sure I was okay. Reminds me of Stockholm.

[Gentle music]

Wait a minute. What about Joe? Was it okay to leave him there by himself now?

Kayla: He's still heartbroken, but he was adamant that I come. He knew I needed to be here with you.

Steve: Here you are. Boy, I sure can get lucky sometimes, can't I?

Kayla: Yeah, you can.

Steve: Oh.

Kayla: Let me just ease you over here to the recovery room.

Steve: Oh.

[Both chuckle]

[Door opens]

[Gentle music]

Hope: Rafe.

Rafe: Hope.

Hope: I'm sorry. I'm so--I'm so weak. Thank God you found me.

Rafe: I did more than that. We found Stefano. We found him, we brought him back to Salem, we put him in front of a judge, and he confessed to everything. You're free to go. I'm taking you home.

Come on. Hope, come on. You can do it. Just grab my hand. Take it, come on.

Hope: [Groans]

Rafe: Come on.

Hope: Rafe.

Brady: Chloe, come on, we know. We know. Philip finally answered one of the questions that Deimos asked him while he was drugged. You know what word slipped out of his mouth, Chloe? Embryo.

Chloe: Like that means anything.

Brady: Deimos went back to the fertility clinic, and he saw the records that you had gone back in may. You didn't tell Nicole. You didn't want to get her hopes up. You didn't want to upset her. She was still grieving. And guess what, the second time, it took, didn't it?

Chloe: Now you're just making things up.

Brady: And you carried the baby to term, and now she's sleeping right here.

Justin: People die in wars, Deimos. You can't just shrug this off.

Deimos: All right, let me put it this way. If ever there was a war, it's over. We have acquired an extremely promising technological innovation. Now the Hernandez family, the DiMeras, they may have had access to it at one time, but they couldn't perfect it. Titan now has the means to do that.

[Phone rings]

Justin: I have to take this call. Don't go anywhere. Yeah?

[Tense music]


Deimos: Nicole, what are you doing? Why did you do that? What's the matter with you?

[Intense music]

[Gentle music]

Eric: Hope? Hey. Glad you stayed put. Wouldn't want you running off on me.

Hope: Rafe.

Eric: No, I'm not Rafe. You imagined him. Listen, you got a terrible fever. Save your energy. Listen, a woman next door, she's a nurse. Her mother suffered from chronic pneumonia. There's a bunch of antibiotics laying around that I kinda helped myself to. The ends justify the means, right?

Rafe: Well, hope's on my mind every minute. Believe me. All right, Shawn, well listen, if you hear anything else give me a call, okay? Or anything at all. At least text me 'cause I'm really on edge here, okay? All right, thanks a lot, buddy.

Carrie: Any leads?

Rafe: Well, no, we still don't know where she's hiding, but Shawn did get an email saying hope was okay, so...

Carrie: Really? Well, that's great. I mean, if she was able to send an email, things are obviously working in her favor.

Rafe: Well, yeah, but the email it was--it was anonymous, so...

Carrie: Oh.

Rafe: We don't know if she sent it.

Carrie: Well, thinking that someone is impersonating hope in an email is a stretch, right?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, maybe you're right. She's--she's probably okay.

Carrie: Rafe, I think you just--you need to trust her. She's out there, she's doing what she has to do, and you're over here doing what you have to do, and together everything's gonna be okay.

Rafe: Hope to God you're right.

Deimos: Sweetheart. Sweetheart, why did you--

Justin: He's still alive.

Deimos: What's going on here?

Justin: Hold on.

Deimos: Do you know this man? Did he hurt you? Did he attack you?

Justin: Yeah, there's been a stabbing at Horton town square.

Deimos: Sweetheart, are you all right?

Justin: Yeah, send an ambulance.

Deimos: Darling, talk to me. Look at me, right here. What happened? Tell me what happened.

Justin: Uh, we need a-- a towel, please. He's bleeding badly.

Nicole: He--he--he-- he was gonna kill you. He had his--he had his hands up.

Deimos: What?

Nicole: He was--he was coming behind you, and he was gonna strangle you or break your neck or hurt you or kill you, and I had--had to stop him.

Deimos: All right, fine. Okay, all right.

Nicole: And the knife, it was--it was right there, and I just grabbed it, and I had to do something before it was too late.

Deimos: Okay, all right, okay, I believe you. I believe you. Just--just try to stay calm. Help is on its way, okay?

Nicole: I know what I saw. I know what I saw, Deimos, and he was gonna kill you.

Deimos: Okay, shh, shh, shh. Come on, come here.

Dario: Come on, come on, come on. What the hell's going on?

[Distant sirens]

Dario: All right then. Mission accomplished.

Chloe: You know, for you to just come in here and browbeat me, how dare--

Excuse me, Miss Lane, I have your paperwork you need to sign.

Chloe: Uh, no, it's okay. I can sign it out there. I need you to show me where to sign, so let's--

Oh, no, no, no, no. I've marked everything for you, 'cause once you sign, you're good to go.

Chloe: [Sighs] Great.

Brady: You know, denying it is not gonna change anything.

Chloe: You know what, Brady? Why the hell are you in here bothering me if you don't believe me? Just go listen to Deimos.

Brady: Come on, Chloe, stop. Come on, come on. We've been through too much together for you to do this. After everything, we are still friends and we're still good, so level with me, all right? This is--this is Nicole and Daniel's baby. Isn't it?

Chloe: You don't know that.

Brady: No, I don't. And I can't prove it. Or I could have the nurse come back in here and draw a blood sample. That would be more preferable than a judge forcing it, wouldn't it? I don't want to go there, but I will. You know that I can make it happen. Come on.

Chloe: Okay, fine. I'll tell you. (Vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,

Eric: How's my favorite aunt?

Hope: Who are you? No, I'm kidding. Better.

Eric: Your fever must have broke. Antibiotics must be working.

Hope: How did you get-- what--a doctor? How?

Eric: No, just taking care of you is a refresher course in third-world ministry. Giving vaccines to kids in Africa, shooting up antibiotics, same thing.

Hope: Looks like you saved my life twice so far.

Eric: Yeah, well, that's what we Bradys do for each other, right?

Hope: Eric, sit down. I may be better, a little. But be honest... really, how am I doing?

Eric: Honestly, I don't know. I thought about, you know, calling an ambulance, but--

Hope: I trust you. I think my friend Hattie had me smuggled out of prison to save my life. She was right. They would have killed me. My life is in your hands, Eric. You can save me. I know it.

Chloe: I just felt so bad for Nicole. I mean, I tried to carry her baby. I did everything the fertility clinic told me to do, but it just didn't work. Daniel was really supportive, but Nicole was hurting, and they gave me permission to try as much as I needed to anytime I felt ready, and I was gonna try again the next year, but then...

Brady: Daniel died.

Chloe: Yeah. And I went to see Nicole in may. She just looked so sad and alone, so I decided to try again, but I didn't want to tell her because I didn't want to get her hopes up in case it didn't work, and when I went in for my checkup at the clinic, they said that it didn't work again.

Brady: False negative.

Chloe: Yeah, apparently. And then when I found out I was pregnant, I assumed it was Deimos' baby until he had that paternity test run, and it showed he wasn't the father. Then I realized that that was the only logical explanation.

Brady: Oh, God. Why didn't you just tell Nicole? She deserved to know, Chloe.

Chloe: I know, I know, and I tried over and over again, but every time I'd go to tell her, she would just go on and on about Deimos and-- I couldn't betray Daniel by letting that man raise holly.

Brady: You didn't have any right. You had no right. Think about it, you think Nicole is gonna let any harm come to that little girl? Come on.

Chloe: What if she doesn't have a choice?

Brady: It doesn't-- the important thing is here that you're not gonna lie anymore to the mother of this little baby. You're not gonna lie to Nicole anymore. There's no more playing God. Do you hear me? You're gonna tell Nicole the truth. And damn it, Chloe, you're gonna do it today.

[Radio chatter]

[Tense music]

Justin: I don't know what else to tell you. It happened very fast. No one had a chance to react.

Six-four-two-one baker, requesting Salem-delta-two-twelve.

Justin: Hey, Nicole, this is what's gonna happen next. The officer is gonna take you down to the station for questioning.

Nicole: He can question me all he wants. I'm gonna tell him the same thing I told you. That guy was going to kill Deimos. I had no choice.

Deimos: All right, sweetie, look, it's not that I don't believe you, okay? But we did a quick check on the man, and--and there was no weapon.

Nicole: He was gonna use his hands. He was wearing gloves.

Justin: Nicole, it's winter. People wear gloves.

Nicole: Yeah, well, you weren't the one coming up behind Deimos.

Deimos: All right, so because he was coming up behind me, you thought that he was gonna kill me. Darling, again, it's not that I don't believe you, okay? But that does seem a bit odd to assume.

Nicole: I wasn't assuming. I knew.

Deimos: What made you so certain? I don't get it.

Nicole: Dario.

Deimos: Dario? What does Dario Hernandez have to do with this?

Nicole: I ran into him at the pub earlier, and he said something--he said something that scared me to death, and he--he warned me not to be with you tonight. He said it would be dangerous.

Justin: Why would he do that? A planned retaliation perhaps?

Nicole: Yeah.

Deimos: The man is a thug. All he understands is violence. Trust me, I'll handle Hernandez.

Nicole: Wait a minute, wait. Wait, what are you gonna do?

Miss walker, you need to come with me to the station and give your statement, please.

Nicole: Okay.

Deimos: It's okay, it's okay.

Justin: Let's go, I'll be right behind you as your lawyer. Let's go.

Deimos: Thank you, Justin. I'll be right there. Brady, answer your damn phone. It's me. Listen to me, I need you to get to the police station ASAP. Don't call and ask why. Just get there.

[Tense music]

Steve: [Laughs] Okay. Okay! Uncle, uncle. All right, if you wanna join the search, you can join the search.

Kayla: I do.

Steve: Okay. [Sighs] I gotta warn you though, I think we're running out of time.

Kayla: Why do you say that?

Steve: Because in 24 hours the ISA is pulling the plug on their support.

Kayla: What? What do you mean?

Steve: Yeah, they're ready to shut down the whole DiMera thing.

Kayla: Why?

Steve: Well, they're just done with it.

Kayla: Well, then we need to get out here. What are we doing?

Steve: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Baby, it's the middle of the night. Okay? I'll tell you what we do. We get a good night's sleep, and then we get a fresh start in the morning.

Kayla: I'm not sleepy.

Steve: Well, I can take care of that.

[Both chuckle]

Kayla: Oh, you can.

Steve: Oh, I can, can't I?

[Gentle music]

Rafe: Well, it's nice to know that you're doing well in Switzerland and things are good with Austin.

Carrie: Things work out the way they're supposed to. I'm with Austin, and you're with hope.

Rafe: And you have a son.

Carrie: Noah's one good little boy.

Rafe: Yeah.

Carrie: Hey, how did you and hope end up together?

Rafe: Well, we were partners, and she went through this rough patch with-- well, enough about him, but-- then Bo came back.

Carrie: And died.

Rafe: Yeah. I was there for her, and... you know, we realized that we had a really good thing, and, uh... and then things, they... they just got really bad really fast.

Eric: Hope, I'm not anyone's savior.

Hope: I know you feel like you've crossed a line, but the truth is you never stopped being a good person, Eric. You just-- why'd you start drinking?

Eric: Why does anyone? Broken heart. Okay, let's just change the subject. I don't remember if-- but I told you that I was able to disguise a signal to send Shawn an email. To let him know you were safe.

Hope: When this is all over, everyone's gonna know what a fine person you are. Even Nicole.

Nicole: No, I have never seen that man before, but I knew what he was gonna do. Otherwise I wouldn't have stabbed him. Dario is the one you need to be talking to. That guy was obviously some kind of hired hit man.

Justin: Careful, Nicole. That's something that will be very hard to prove.

I need to take this to a detective right now.

Justin: Of course, and just remember from now on everything else goes through me.

Deimos: You know what, I'm gonna call the hospital, all right? I want to see if that man went into surgery yet. I'll be right outside. You gonna be okay?

Nicole: Yeah, I'm fine 'cause I didn't do anything wrong. I saved your life, Deimos.

Deimos: I know, I know, sweetie. And I appreciate that, I do. I'll be back, okay?

Nicole: Yeah.

Justin: I'm gonna go talk with the desk sergeant and at least try to find out the man's name and if--and with any luck, he'll have a criminal record. You gonna be okay?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Justin: Be right back.

[Phone rings]

Nicole: Ugh. Dario.

Dario: Nicole, you okay? I heard you stabbed some guy in the square.

Nicole: Yes, I did. And you know why. Because you sent someone there to kill Deimos.

Dario: Nicole, you need to calm down.

Nicole: Bastard!

Brady: Nic, what the hell is going--did--did you--

Nicole: Stab someone? Yes, I did.

Brady: Hang on.

Nicole: Oh--[Sighs]

Brady: Shut the door. Do you want to tell me what the hell happened?

Nicole: Well, it's very simple. I stabbed someone who was going to kill Deimos.

Chloe: Seriously?

Brady: How did you know he was gonna kill Deimos? Did--did he have a gun or--

Nicole: No, I just knew, okay? With all the hostility going on, especially with the Hernandez family-- Brady, I found out that someone was going to try to kill Deimos tonight. And when I saw that hit man coming toward him, I--I just-- I had to react. And I--I knew that he was going to attack Deimos from behind, and I saw a knife and I grabbed it, and I--

Chloe: And you what? You just stabbed some random guy?

Nicole: He was going to attack Deimos.

Chloe: Nicole, oh, my God. Do you hear yourself? What, so Deimos now just drags you into his world of violence and chaos? What is wrong with you?

Brady: Chloe, Chloe--

Chloe: No, Brady, I'm sorry. I can't do what you want me to do, not anymore. There's no way I'm gonna put holly in danger.

Brady: No. Chloe. Chloe, hold on, wait. her, Carrie. Look after her. Those were his last words to me. [Sighs] I should have stopped her from going to Stefano's, and then to make matters worse I-- I led her into doing things that she had no business doing.

Carrie: Wow. You're gonna beat yourself up. Don't you think you should be concentrating on the present and the future? You're over here, you're doing everything you can to help hope. And as far as I'm concerned, that's the best that anyone can do.

Rafe: What if it's not enough?

Hope: Sorry. I dozed off on you.

Eric: Sleep's the best thing.

Hope: I need you to promise me something, okay?

Eric: What?

Hope: That you'll think about what I said, about all the people that love you. Your mom and dad, Sami.

Eric: No, we're not gonna talk about them.

Hope: But why--

Eric: Stop asking me to open up and share my feelings and just get well.

Hope: Eric, I just want--

Eric: We're not talking about my parents or Nicole or anyone else for that matter. You understand me?

Deimos: So I was able to gather from the hospital that the man was in surgery. The good news is they were able to stop the bleeding. So that's very hopeful.

Nicole: Thank you.

Justin: Well, he'd better make it, otherwise we're facing a murder charge.

Deimos: Look, I'm gonna go to the hospital, all right? I can get better information while I'm there, okay? You hang tight. You call me if you need me, all right?

Nicole: Okay.

Deimos: Okay, baby, come here. It's gonna be all right. It's gonna be all right. Okay.

Justin: The police are treating the man as a victim, so they're not releasing any information.

[Phone beeps]

Justin: Oh, great. The da has agreed to talk to me. I'll be right back.

Nicole: Okay.

[Tense music]

Brady: Hey.

Nicole: Justin said I might be facing murder charges.

Brady: I know, I know. Hold on, that's a big "what if." It's a big "what if," all right? So don't--don't freak out. Don't--you have to be strong, okay, for your sake and for your baby's, okay?

Nicole: What do you mean, my baby?

[Dramatic music]

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