Days Transcript Wednesday 1/18/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/18/17


Episode #13006 ~ Hope is forced to hide from the police; Chad calls an important meeting with Sonny & Dario; Jennifer's interest is piqued when she learns JJ is investigating the docks; Abigail & Gabi separately start to catch on that something big is going down.

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Abigail: [Gasps] Oh!

Sonny: Oh--Abigail!

Abigail: Oh! Sonny!

Sonny: Oh, my God!

Abigail: Oh! It is so good to see you!

Sonny: You too! I heard you were back. I've been meaning to drop by. I just didn't know if you wanted visitors.

Abigail: Oh, my gosh, you're not a visitor, you're family.

Sonny: That is so true. Oh, here, let you with all that stuff--sorry.

Abigail: And it's all for Thomas--I'm just making up for lost time.

Sonny: Well, why don't you make up for lost time with your cousin? Pick a date and a time, and I will make it work.

Abigail: Well, what about right now?

Jennifer: [Sighs] Ohh... I am so glad that we are finally catching up.

JJ: I know. I was surprised you could take a break.

Jennifer: I know, I've been consumed with getting "the spectator" up to speed. I'm sorry that I missed your commendation ceremony.

JJ: No, don't sweat it, mom.

Jennifer: But I do. I want you to know how proud I am of you... detective Devereaux.

[Both chuckle]

Jennifer: I wish your dad were here to see it.

JJ: Me too.

Jennifer: But I-I do feel like all the ups and downs of the past few years--I feel like this dark cloud is lifting, you know? I mean, we have Abigail back, and she and Chad are working things out and... I don't know, it--it's... it's good. It's almost like she was never gone.

JJ: Yeah. Almost.

Jennifer: And maybe now that Chad is so focused on reconnecting with Abigail, that could give you and Gabi a chance to do the same.

JJ: Well, I hate to break it to you, mom, but, um, Chad or no Chad...I'm pretty sure what Gabi and I had is over. For good this time.

[Soft music]

Gabi: How long you been standing there?

Chad: [Clears throat] Not long. Thanks for the warning.

Gabi: Yeah. No problem. Just hope you didn't come here to tell me you were too late to stop Deimos and André from ripping each other's heads off.

Chad: No. Thanks to you, I got there, uh, I got there just in time. Which is why I wanted to meet you in person to tell you thank you for...sparing my brother from Deimos' wrath.

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah. I just thought that the bad blood between the families was in the past.

Chad: What you saw was a battle of the egos.

Gabi: Chad, what I saw and what I heard is more than that, okay? I'm just--I'm sorry, I'm a little scared. Because if something happened, someone could get hurt. Like you.

[Knocking on door]

Hope: The police?

Eric: I guess he's part of the manhunt looking for you.

[Dramatic music]

Eric: This cop keeps looking around the yard. He's not gonna go away. I'm gonna have to figure something else out.

Hope: I don't want you to get in trouble because of me. Unless you already are. How did you get out of prison?

Eric: A story for another time.

Hope: Eric.

Eric: [Murmurs] We're gonna have to hide you, but I just-- where?

[Pounding on door resumes]

Eric: Here's what we're gonna do.

Jennifer: JJ, I cannot believe that.

JJ: I know. I was blown away by it myself. At least it explained why Lani kept freezing me out every time I saw her.

Jennifer: Honey, she thought you were pretending that it never happened.

JJ: She didn't realize I was too drunk to even remember.

Jennifer: I hope you explained all of this to her.

JJ: I did. She got it. She knew how wrecked I was about abs. Gabi's a different story.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, a drunken night...with a random stranger's hard enough to get past.

JJ: Yeah. Sleeping with your ex-partner on the force who's also a friend of yours and your girlfriend... not gonna fly.

Jennifer: Well, I can't say that I blame her.

JJ: I don't either. I just wish... I still didn't love Gabi so much.

Jennifer: Well, hey, maybe... maybe this promotion came at the perfect time.

JJ: Well, that's what I keep telling myself. Just focus on the work. My first assignment is so intense, I wouldn't have had time for Gabi anyway.

Jennifer: Wow, it sounds like a big case--what is it?

JJ: Just some business down by the docks.

Jennifer: What kind of business?

JJ: I can't talk about it, mom. I need to get back to work.

Jennifer: Love you.

JJ: Love you too.

Jennifer: Thank you for lunch, detective.

JJ: You're welcome.

[Eduardo sighs]

[Knock on door]

[Edgy music]

Dario: What's wrong with you?

Eduardo: Nothing's wrong with me--what do you want?

Dario: I have some information...about the person who stole the hard drive.

Eduardo: You can say her name, man--Kate. Kate. Kate stole the drive.

Dario: No, it wasn't Kate. It was Deimos Kiriakis.

Eduardo: No--what? Wait a minute. Are you sure?

Dario: I'm positive. Eduardo: Everything pointed to Kate.

Dario: Yeah, well, everything was wrong.

Eduardo: Oh, my god.

Chad: Gabi, nobody's gonna get hurt... least of all me, all right? It's just business, and I can handle myself.

Gabi: Well, not everyone involved is as level-headed as you are.

Chad: Yeah, I understand that, which is why I told André to let me handle Deimos from now on.

Gabi: Who's gonna handle my family? Because, you know, we're involved too.

Chad: No. This has nothing to do with you.

Gabi: Dario and my dad--

Chad: Are involved in a business situation with DiMera and Titan. And you're right--that could get ugly. Which is why I'm gonna beg you to please...stay as far away from it as possible.

Gabi: So it is gonna get worse.

Chad: This isn't your fight. It's gonna be fine.

[Edgy music]

Abigail: I mean, Chad is a pretty reasonable guy but, you know, after what I did, pretending to be dead and letting him grieve for all of those months even though I was alive pushed him to the limit, so... and then, you know, outside forces don't really help either.

Sonny: Outside forces? Oh, you mean, um...

Abigail: You were gonna say Gabi, weren't you? It's okay. I figured that you probably knew about her and Chad, being that you're so close to both of them. You probably have been told how they feel about each other... maybe even how they still feel?

Sonny: You know that you can talk to me, too, Abigail. I'll keep it in the strictest confidence.

Abigail: In other words, you're not gonna spill.

Sonny: No, I'm not. But I mean it when I say it-- I'm here for you.

Abigail: Okay. Okay, enough about me. What about you? Chad told me you took on some more responsibility at Titan. You liking it?

Sonny: I am. When it's not totally stressing me out.

Abigail: [Laughs] But I mean, you do have time for a personal life, don't you?

Sonny: Yeah, of course. I mean, I go to the gym like once or twice a week.

Abigail: I'm not talking about going to the gym. Come on. Is there somebody special in your life right now?

Rafe: Yeah, well, I've made flight arrangements to Salem and cancelled them three times in the last six hours. I need to be two places at once. I need to come back there and help search for hope?

Shawn: Listen, stay where you are and find Stefano, all right? I've got things covered here.

Rafe: All right. Okay, just, uh...keep me apprised. Of everything. What's up?

Paul: I got some information on that key you found--the one we think might've been dropped by Stefano.

Rafe: Were they able to lift prints off of it?

Paul: No. But did find out that it definitely opens a safe deposit box...and I traced it back to the bank holding that particular box.

Rafe: Okay. And if Stefano did drop that key and it opens that box...

Paul: There might be something inside that can lead us right to him.

Rafe: And we'll finally be able to save hope. Let's go!

[Edgy music]

Eric: I told you I was here all alone.

Eric Brady. Just a few weeks out of prison yourself. Paroled. Rented this place from a woman named...Irene Shaw. I say if you're a jailbird, you must be sympathetic to other jailbirds, eh?

Eric: Yeah, I'm out. But I'm on probation. I make one mistake, and I go back for a long one. I wouldn't risk that for anyone.

Not just anyone. Your aunt. Hope Brady.

Eric: Wait a minute. Hope's out of prison too? I had no idea you were looking for my aunt. That's a lot different. Look around all you want.

[Edgy music]

Rafe: Good thing Shane was able to get us clearance to open this box. Who knows how long we would've been here otherwise?

I'll be outside if you need anything.

Paul: Ah, before you go, you...recognize this man?

He is the owner of this box.

Rafe: Anything else you can tell us would be greatly appreciated.

I'm afraid we only have the owner's name.

Paul: Which is...

Serge anatol.

Rafe: Thank you.

Paul: I read that serge anatol was...

Rafe: Yeah. One of Stefano's many aliases. Let's see what good old serge... has in his box.

[Suspenseful music]

Hope: [Panting]

Eric: Trying to undo my handiwork? Come on.

[Hope groans]

Hope: Oh, careful!

Eric: Easy, easy...

Hope: I heard the cop's car drive off. I knew it was safe.

Eric: Yeah, he's gone. Those loose boards in the dining room turned out to be a good hiding place.

Hope: Yeah. I heard the... I heard the good news. You're out on parole. That's wonderful. What happened? Why didn't you go home?

Eric: Cops ask too many questions.

Hope: Yeah, well, you're related to a few of us. Too bad. Tell me--what happened?

Eric: Why don't you just lay back and relax? You promise to stop pulling out those stitches, and I'll talk. Is that a deal?

Hope: Deal.

[Dramatic musical flourish]

Eduardo: Man, I know for a fact that Kate...was in here. She was right--right here. She was fishing around this desk.

Dario: Yeah, well, she may have been fishing, but...she didn't reel anything in.

Eduardo: I accused her... of meeting me here just so she could steal. She denied it, but I didn't-- I didn't... [Sighs] Listen. I told her that she was not the woman she was pretending to be.

Dario: Look, I'm sorry that this...this nightmare really messed up things between you two but...this war with our family-- Kiriakises and DiMeras--this is getting out of hand.

Eduardo: Yeah, but what-- what did you ex--

[Tense music]

Can we help you?

JJ: Eduardo, Dario.

Eduardo: You know, I'm not sure you should be flashing that badge when you're not on duty, JJ.

JJ: I'm out of uniform because I was just promoted to detective. I'm here to look into allegations that GDR has been bribing customs officials to look the other way on some recent shipments.

Dario: Who made these allegations?

Eduardo: Let me--let me speak to the new detective if you will, D. Alone.

[Tense music]

Abigail: Okay, so... are you avoiding answering my question about a personal life, or what?

Sonny: Well, despite my all-consuming work, I did manage to have a moment.

Abigail: Oh, a moment. I mean, it's not a life, but it's a start, so I'll take it.

Sonny: It was a significant moment. New years eve...

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: At midnight. With Paul.

Abigail: Wait, y--you mean--

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, we rang in the new year with A...with a kiss.

[Abigail gasps, laughs] It's--people kiss on new years. It's really not that big of a deal.

Abigail: No! I think that's so significant!

Sonny: Even if Paul's in Europe right now?

Abigail: I predict that an old flame will be rekindled.

Sonny: I don't know. I don't know.

Abigail: Come on, sonny. Come on, it's written all over-- you're beaming, seriously. Come on! I couldn't be happier.

Rafe: So far I got nothing but gaudy jewelry and bank statements.

Paul: Sounds like another bauble.

Rafe: [Softly] Ha. Yeah. Stefano often referred to Marlena as his "queen of the night." It's his whole M.O., You know. We're all chess pieces he can manipulate in his game.

Paul: Sick bastard.

Rafe: Yeah, he's sick. Sick and calculating. Maybe that's what this all is... like he's left bread crumbs for us from beyond the grave, or maybe he's alive and he's toying with us.

Paul: If that's true, what can we do?

Rafe: Well, since this is all we got... we just play along. This is interesting. It's a property deed. It's right around here.

Paul: Here's another--here's another one. It's another property. Although the name isn't serge anatol--

Rafe: Look at that. Rudolpho Meradi. Ha.

Paul: What is that? Is that another alias to Stefano?

Rafe: Yeah, it is.

Paul: Do you think that Stefano planted that key... so that we'd come here, open the box? Do you think that these deeds are just another setup?

Rafe: I don't know. It's what we got. And it's what we're gonna work with.

Eric: I sent Shawn an email. Telling the family you're okay. Don't worry. I used a program to keep it untraceable.

Hope: Did you tell him I was with you?

Eric: No. I said you were safe. Signed, "love, mom."

Hope: Thank you. I really appreciate that. How...did you end up at this farm?

Eric: I guess it was about a month ago. I was doing my time... you know, volunteering, leading meetings... offering some counseling. All that kinda stuff.

Hope: Very noble.

Eric: No. It was selfish. I was only looking for some sort of redemption which always seems to be out of reach. Then one day... I got a call from the warden's office that I had a visitor.

Carp: Eric Brady?

Eric: Yes.

Carp: I'm detective carp of the mason city P.D.

Eric: What can I do for you, detective?

Carp: We got an urgent matter up in mason.

Eric: Mason, just north of here?

Carp: That's right. There's a young woman, about 20. She was admitted into a mental facility 24 hours ago on a 5150.

Eric: Is she at risk of doing harm to herself or anyone else?

Carp: Turns out just to herself. She was in restraints but somehow got out, made her way to the ledge outside her window, is threatening to jump. According to her doctors, she is very suicidal. She doesn't trust anyone. The only way our crisis counselors could stall her was to get her to tell them the name of someone she might trust and might actually listen to.

Eric: And?

Carp: And that person is her priest from a few years back. Which would be you.

Hope: You went?

Eric: Yeah. It wasn't pretty. I use what's already inside me to reach my goals.

[Soft music]

Eric: So they take me to the hospital... and I go the 39th floor.

[Somber music]

So anyway...

Alana: I want everyone to leave. Please. I don't want to hurt anyone. Please just go.

Eric: Even me?

[Soft, tense music]

Alana, it's me, Eric.

Alana: Father Eric? You came?

Eric: Of course I did.

Alana: Why are you wearing those weird clothes?

Eric: Never mind about me. [Breathing hard] I'm here to help you. Just... please tell me what you want me to do...okay?

Alana: You remember me?

Eric: Yeah.

[Alana sobs]

Eric: I spent about six months... as a youth guest... speaker at your church. Your daddy's a politician, right? The city council?

Alana: No. I don't wanna talk about him! I hate him! He's the one that put me in here.

Eric: And why did he do that?

Alana: I get...emotional. I get confused.

Eric: Sometimes you hurt yourself.

Alana: It's just a little bit of cutting. It's no biggie. It's--it's something a lot of girls do.

Eric: Sounds like a cry for help. I'm not judging you. I'm just here to help. Why don't we go inside, and we can talk.

Alana: I'm not going in. That's final.

Eric: Okay. We don't have to go inside. We can just stay right here, okay?

[Haunting music]

Alana: I hate looking down and seeing all those people-- the ambulance, the lights. Please, just make them all go away.

Eric: Alana, they're not going anywhere. They're doing their job. Just try to ignore them. That's right, just look at me.

Alana, look at me. Please, just focus. I'm only here because I wanna help.


Alana: Okay.

Hope: [Whispers] Amazing. You are an amazing human being. Eric... your family has to be so proud of you.

Eric: Haven't finished the whole story. You might change your mind.

Abigail: Oh! Ha ha. Hi. Where have you been?

Chad: I, um, you know I told you earlier about the--the situation with André and Deimos?

Abigail: Yeah. It was a business dispute between DiMera and Titan. You went over there to break it up when Gabi called you.

Chad: Yeah, and, uh, I mean, it's a good thing she called, 'cause if she hadn't, you know, I don't think André would have made it out alive.

Abigail: Huh.

Chad: So I just--I wanted to thank her in person. So that's where I was--I was with her. I just went to, um... I should have told you where I was.

Abigail: No. No, it's okay. You don't have to ask my permission to see Gabi.

Chad: Um...I have to--I have to make a business call. Real quick. I'll be right back, okay?

Gabi: [Sighs] I'm glad I ran into you.

Dario: You look worried.

Gabi: I am, I just-- you know, the tension of the three families are scaring me, and I'm just worried. I don't want things to get worse than they already are, Dario, okay? If you're doing something that could put you or papi or even Chad in danger, please--

Dario: Dad and I will handle it.

Gabi: Yeah. You think you can, but listen, you're playing with the big boys now, okay?

Dario: Hey, hey, just as big as they are. Maybe not in terms of money. That'll come.

Gabi: I'm sorry, I didn't... I didn't mean to insult you. I'm just scared. And I wanna help somehow.

Dario: You wanna help? Get your boyfriend, Detective Devereaux, to stop trying to dig up dirt on our family.

Eduardo: GDR uses Titan ships, but we conduct our business in full compliance with all the applicable laws.

JJ: With all due respect, sir, there are rumors to the contrary.

Eduardo: So you're calling me a liar to my face? I appreciate your candor, but I don't really need a lecture on honesty from a guy who has lied to and hurt not one but two... of my daughters.

JJ: I'm the first to admit I've made mistakes in my own personal life. And hurting Gabi and Paige is at the top of that list. But this isn't personal. It's business. Now, if you don't wanna answer my questions, fine. But you should know I'm going to be keeping a very close eye on GDR and its practices down by the docks from now on.

[Tense music]

Eduardo: No, that's where you're wrong, kid. For some of us, it's always personal.

Paul: Well, this is a bust.

Rafe: Yeah.

Paul: The house I checked out appeared to be abandoned.

Rafe: Yeah. Mine too. [Groans] Ugh. I was so damn mad at hope when I heard she'd escaped from jail-- 'cause I thought we were so close to finding Stefano--that it ruined her chances to clear her name, but now... now I feel like she did the right thing--getting out of that hell hole, like that was her one chance to get out of there alive.

Eric: So there I was...

[Soft music]

Standing on the ledge of the 39th floor.

I know you feel like there's no hope... so why even bother with life?

Alana: I screwed up so bad!

Eric: [Exhales] Hey, hey...I get it. I get it.

Alana: But you're a priest.

Eric: I'm a man. I've made terrible mistakes. [Small laugh] Guilt hurts, doesn't it?

Alana: You get that?

Eric: You wake up one day, and you don't see the point. But, Alana, this is... this is what's important. The important part is it's called love. It's god's love. And you've seen that. You saw that on the lake in the beauty of the sunset.

Alana: That was a long time ago!

What about now, you and me, right here together on this... this ledge? See, that's a miracle. Kinda a shame to ignore miracles, don't you think?

[Soft, somber music]

Alana: I guess. I'm not sure.

Eric: Alana, look at me. It's called trust. Just take my hand... and you and me can go back inside together. [Sighs]

Gabi: JJ and I are not together anymore, and even if we were, I would never tell him how to do his job or, worse, not to do his job.

Dario: Together or not, it's obvious that the guy still cares about you. Maybe if you just asked him--

Gabi: No, Dario, I'm not asking him anything, okay? He takes his job as a cop very seriously. And asking him to turn a blind eye would...would be like telling him to compromise himself.

Dario: He didn't have a problem compromising himself when he cheated on you, so...

Gabi: If you or papi or GDR are doing something that is wrong, you're the ones who need to stop, okay, before someone gets hurt.

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm just trying to confirm rumors about GDR corporation paying off customs officials for their compliance. Yeah, you can reach me at this number. Thanks, I appreciate it.

Chad: Well, I hate that the situation has gotten to this point, too, sonny. Which is exactly why I think you, Dario, and I need to--we need--we need to meet. We need to sit down before any blood is spilled. Andre, Deimos, and Eduardo are too trigger-happy to be behave rationally. Yes. Which is why the three of us need to be the voices of reason. Okay. I'll call Dario and see if he can meet.

[Line ringing]

[Phone rings]

Dario: It's Chad. And it's business. What can I do for you, Chad?

Chad: Do you have time to meet? We need to sit down with sonny Kiriakis.

Dario: Sure. I was just heading over to TBD. I could close it up so we can have the privacy we need to settle our differences.

Chad: That'd be perfect.

Dario: I gotta be someplace. I said it before, and I mean it. You stay out of this, Gabi.

[Tense music]

Jennifer: JJ--

JJ: I heard you, Mom.

Jennifer: I wouldn't be a responsible journalist if I at least didn't look into it.

JJ: I asked you to leave it alone.

Jennifer: If there's something illegal going on, the public has a right to know.

JJ: I asked you the first time--now I'm telling you. Let me and the Salem police department deal with this. It's too dangerous. I don't want you anywhere near it.

[Tense music]

Jennifer: Yeah. Let me know, uh, what you can find out about GDR corporation and their business dealings down on the docks.

Chad: So? It's no mystery why we're all here.

Dario: The location technology.

Chad: That's right.

Sonny: And determining who has the rights to sell it.

Chad: Well, look, it's something that we need to figure out...before somebody gets seriously hurt.

Sonny: Well, I think there's a way that we can resolve this conflict...that is fair to all parties involved.

Chad: That's not too much to ask.

Dario: That depends on your definition of fair.

Chad: Meaning?

Dario: I don't want GDR getting lost in the shuffle simply because we're not as big as DiMera or Titan.

Chad: That's not gonna happen.

Dario: Can I get that in writing?

[Suspenseful music]

[Footsteps approach]

[Both gasp]

Abigail: What are you doing here?

Gabi: What--what are you doing here?

Paul: So what was Shane's take on the two abandoned properties?

Rafe: It was hopeful. The ISA's gonna surround both houses with men and surveillance equipment, hoping to either catch a glimpse of Stefano or capture him.

Paul: That's great.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, it's great, except for one thing. They're only giving it 24 hours. If there's no definitive proof that Stefano's around, they're gonna take the men and the equipment, and we're on our own.

Paul: Which means we need to wrap up our search efforts in case these two properties don't turn any results.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, we do. Especially now that hope is on the run and considered armed and dangerous. I got a feeling that the cops might just...shoot first and ask questions later.

[Phone beeps]

Shawn: What the hell? Unidentified email address? "Shawn, don't worry about me. I'm safe." Mom. Oh, god, thank god. Where the hell are you?

Hope: My god.

Eric: I didn't know her dad had gone from councilman to governor of the whole state. He pardoned me for saving his daughter's life.

Hope: You didn't go home?

Eric: I was too ashamed.

Hope: Why? What you did was a miracle.

Eric: No. It was a sham. All those lines I fed her about love and stuff--I didn't believe it. I didn't believe one word. I'm not going home. I'm never going home.

Hope: Eric, your family... your parents....

Eric: Hope, my dad knows that I'm...I'm here. My mom... I hear she's out of the country.

Hope: She's in Europe. With Rafe and Steve. They're trying to prove that Stefano's alive.

Eric: I heard.

Hope: You know that your mom... would love for you to come home.

Eric: Just stop, hope. Please just stop talking about me, my situation... or anything you think I should do!

[Somber music]

We're low on supplies. I'm going to town. Just rest.

[Dramatic musical flourish]

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