Days Transcript Tuesday 1/17/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/17/17


Episode #13005 ~ Carrie & Austin try to locate an escaped and crazed Anna; Hope finds herself in the care of a familiar face; Rafe, Steve & Paul prepare to ambush Stefano; Kayla gets an alarming call about Steve, so she decides to head to Prague.

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Kayla: You know, Joey, I...I just don't think this is a good idea.

Joey: I know--you've been very clear about that.

Kayla: Look, I know that you are trying to help jade, but really...

Joey: And I know you don't like her.

Kayla: That is not true.

Joey: I think after everything she's been through, she deserves a new start, don't you?

Kayla: I agree with you. I do. But you deserve a new start, too, and this is a new page in your life, and--

Joey: Hey.

Kayla: Hi.

Jade: Sorry I'm late.

Joey: You okay?

Jade: I had another fight with Polly.

Kayla: Who?

Jade: A girl I'm staying with.

Joey: Really?

Jade: Yeah. She wants me out of her apartment. And I get it--it's her place. But she could have at least given me some warning.

Joey: Jade.

Jade: And I don't see what the big deal is about my keeping a couple boxes there till I find someplace else.

Joey: Jade. We have a surprise for you. And...I think it's going to fix everything. Come on.

[Mellow background music]

Kayla: Out of the frying pan.

Austin: That's right, an urn. Like something you keep ashes in. Ashes. Like when you cremate someone.

Carrie: Mom, you can't keep ignoring my calls. You have to get back to the hotel.

Austin: No, no, no! I'm--I'm--I'm not trying to be funny--this woman is crazy, and we have to find her--

Carrie: Hey! Don't call my mom crazy.

Austin: Would "sanity challenged" be okay? This woman is armed. She already shot a gun in a crowded cafe. Hello?

Carrie: Please call, mom.

Austin: Hello?

Carrie: Just call.

Austin: [Exhales] He hung up on me. You don't think he thought I was crazy. How could he? I was only trying to track down a middle-aged woman with a gun and her husband's ashes who has a vendetta against a man who's recently come back from the dead!

Carrie: This isn't funny. If we can't find her... or if she fires that gun again, she could get thrown in a Czech jail or...Stefano could have her killed.

[Phone clatters on table]

Carrie: Oh, God.

Austin: Okay. Okay. It's all good.

Steve: God! I still can't believe Austin and Carrie let that woman out of their sight.

Marlena: You know, when Anna sets her mind to something, it's hard to control her.

Steve: Oh, yeah? How 'bout a big, fat dose of tranquilizers, huh? The kind they give a charging rhinoceros--that'd work. How 'bout that?

Marlena: I think you need to calm yourself down, Steve.

Steve: You want me to calm down?

Marlena: Yeah.

Steve: We're trying to save hope's life here... and to do that, we need to get our hands on Stefano. Which was supposed to be a covert operation...but thanks to that armed and dangerous crazy woman, Stefano knows we're after him! The cops know we're after him! Half the population of the Czech republic knows we're after him!

Marlena: And now half the lobby knows we're after him too.

[Edgy music]

Steve: Well... I can't sit around here waiting.

Marlena: Ah, ah, ah! Look, we're not waiting. We're not waiting. What we are doing... is giving it a moment until Stefano makes contact with the ISA mole, and then we will nab him.

Steve: Yeah. If nothing goes wrong. But with Anna out there on the loose, a whole lot could go wrong.

[Both exhale]

Steve: Not knowing where hope is makes all this even worse.

Marlena: I know.

Steve: That's what's really gettin' to me.

Marlena: Yeah.

It's getting to him too.

Rafe: You have no idea where she might be hiding.

Shawn: No, look, Ciara and I--we've been looking all night. We tried to check every place between here and Statesville that she'd be familiar with.

Rafe: Did you check the Horton cabin?

Shawn: Yeah, but she's too smart to go there. She knows the cops are gonna look for her.

Rafe: Oh, my God. This is not good. You know, I spoke to lieutenant Raines.

Shawn: You mean Attila?

Rafe: Yeah, and if Salem pd finds her before you do, they might use excessive force.

Shawn: Well, I just hope that...I hope that if I can't find her, then he can't.

Rafe: Oh, God, you know, I hate being stuck here. Maybe I should just come back.

Shawn: No. No, Rafe, it is important that you find Stefano as it is me finding my mom. There's nothing that you can do here that uncle roman and I can't.

Rafe: Okay.

Shawn: You know what bothers me? Is that my mom would risk almost anything to let Ciara know that she's safe.

Rafe: Unless...

Shawn: Unless she can't.

[Tense music]

Hope: Where am I?

[Water trickling]

Eric: Stay calm. Try not to move.

[Water trickling]

Hope: But where...

Eric: Are you? My house. You're safe. I found you. Actually, someone in your family found you. How's that for good fortune?

Hope: Family? Who are you?

[Dramatic musical sting]

Eric: Aunt Hope, it's me, Eric.

[Intense musical buildup]

Shawn: So...there's nothing new.

Ciara: I guess that's good. The cops haven't found her either.

Shawn: Look, I'm probably supposed to tell you not to be worried, but, uh... that--that'd be stupid because, I mean, we're both worried.

Ciara: That's what happens when your mom breaks out of prison and disappears. Hey, Shawn?

Shawn: Yeah.

Ciara: Do you think we can get some coffee or something or are you, like, too busy?

Shawn: Yeah, I mean, I-I can meet you at the pub.

Ciara: I'm scared.

Shawn: Look, I know you are. Look, so am I.

Ciara: Mom should be in the hospital instead of wherever the hell she is.

Hope: Eric? Am I having some kind of weird dream?

Eric: It may seem weird, but it's not a dream.

Hope: I thought you were in prison.

Eric: I thought you were too.

Hope: I can't remember. I can't remember. Where'd you find me?

Eric: [Sighs] You were laying on a road. I was going back into town... and I saw a body just lying there, not moving. Imagine how surprised I was when I realized it was you.

Hope: How'd I get there?

Eric: No idea.

Hope: Wait. I do remember something.

[Suspenseful music]

[Hope grunts]


Chet: Why did you do that?

Hope: Why'd you put me in a dumpster and smuggle me out of prison?

Chet: I was trying to help out a friend!

Hope: Sheila and coco. Oh, my God. They brought you to finish what they started.

Chet: No, no, no--it wasn't them, it was--

Hope: I don't care who put you up to it! You're not getting away with it. Stay--ah! [Groaning, panting] You son of a bitch. [Panting] You're not gonna kill a cop! Ah!

Chet: Put that thing down!

Hope: Stay back. [Murmurs] [Groans]

Chet: You don't get it!

Hope: Ohh... I was in a dumpster. And there was a man. He scared me. We fought.

Eric: By the looks of it, you lost. Beat you up pretty good.

Hope: I guess I did get beat up pretty good. Why'd you bring me here... not the ER?

Eric: If I'd done that, they would have had to report you to the cops. You would have ended up back in prison.

Rafe: Still at large.

Austin: No word on Anna either.

[Knock on door]

Austin: What's up?

Paul: I have some news. So you know the guy in the trench coat, the one that Marlena and I saw fit the description of Stefano?

Austin: The one my mother- in-law took a pot shot at?

Paul: Yeah. Well, the cops have him.

Rafe: And?

Paul: It wasn't Stefano.

Marlena: Ohh...

Steve: Well...we wouldn't want it to be easy.

Paul: Yeah, he's just some local guy.

Carrie: Then why did he run?

Austin: Good question. Why would anyone run from a crazy woman shooting up a crowded cafe?

Carrie: Austin, could you please give it a break?

Paul: looks like Stefano is still out there.

Steve: Well, that could be good news for us. If that wasn't's possible he still doesn't know we're after him.

Rafe: Or maybe he does. And instead of him walking into our trap...we're walking into his.

[Dramatic music]

Jade: You're kidding, right?

Joey: Nope.

Jade: We're living here?

Joey: Yeah. It's pretty great, right? We can walk to school from here.

Jade: God, look at this place--I've never seen anything so cool. Think of the parties, Joey. We could put a bar over there--

Kayla: No, how 'bout you put a couple of desks over there... where you could study and do well in school? I mean, that is the whole point, right?

Jade: Right.

Kayla: Have you registered for classes?

Jade: I got late enrollment, so I got into a couple classes.

Kayla: Well, the only reason I feel comfortable even asking you about classes or laying the law down is... because Steve and I are gonna pay your rent here if you want to stay.

Jade: Of course I want to stay.

Kayla: But it's not a handout. It's gonna come with strings attached. And that goes for you, too, mister. We will pay your rent and your living expenses... and you'll live modestly. And you'll do well in school. And since the two of you have been less than reliable in the past, I'm gonna need proof of those grades, and if there is a fail or even a d, you will be out on your butts.

Joey: Mom...we wanna do this.

Kayla: "This" meaning what-- living here or doing well in school?

Joey: Both. I'm really serious this time. I even checked out the tutoring center. If I start falling behind, I can get help. What? What are you thinking?

Kayla: I just have a lot of reservations about this whole thing. I mean, having your own place is...a lot of freedom, but it's not much supervision, and... the two of you have been a couple who were sexually active in the past. And I'm sorry to be so blunt, but that is a recipe for trouble. And I just need you to show me that you can handle this.

Joey: I get it. Thank you.

Jade: Yeah. Thank you.

Joey: Mom. We won't let you down.

Jade: Can we go look at my bedroom now? Is it--

Ciara: Hey, guys.

Jade: What are you doing here?

Ciara: I live here?

Steve: Well... 'bout time for us to shove off.

Rafe: Finally. Look, I'll see you in the lobby in a sec.

Steve: Don't be long.

Rafe: Hey, I just want you to know that we're gonna do everything we can to find your mom and bring her home safe.

Carrie: I know that. Thanks.

Austin: You worry about finding Stefano. We'll find Anna.

Rafe: Just trying to help.

Austin: I'm telling you we don't need your help.

Carrie: Um...please, can we not do this now?

Marlena: Why don't we all take a step back and remember we are all on the same side, okay?

Rafe: Yeah.

Marlena: Uh...I'll stay here with Carrie and Austin. Good luck with your meeting. Hopefully, Stefano turns up and this nightmare will end once and for all.

[Edgy music]

Hope: And you know... that going back to prison would be...the wrong move for me?

Eric: You wouldn't have escaped that life if it was treating you that well.

Hope: I didn't escape, Eric. I was in the exercise yard... and then suddenly, everything went dark and the next thing I knew, I... I was in a dumpster... and that guy attacked me.

Eric: Okay.

Hope: You sound like you don't believe me.

Eric: It sounds far-fetched.

Hope: If I was going to lie, don't you think I'd come up with something a lot more believable.

Eric: Sure.

[Soft music]

Hope: It's so good to see a familiar face.

Eric: Back at ya.

[Edgy music]

Hope: I told you what I know of my story... as implausible as it is. What about you? What happened? How'd you get out of prison? Eric, why don't you go home?

Eric: For a woman with a huge gash in her head...and about 19 pulled stitches, you ask a lot of questions.

Hope: I don't feel so good. I don't... I don't think...

[Dramatic music]

Jade: You don't live here. I live here...with Joey.

Ciara: And me and Claire and Theo.

Jade: And sleepy and dopey? Joey, I thought it was just gonna be us.

Ciara: You didn't tell her?

Joey: I was just going to.

Kayla: Um, Ciara, what are you doing here? I thought you were gonna be out with your brother.

Ciara: Oh, we split up. We ran out of places to look.

Kayla: I'm sorry. Any news?

Jade: News about what? Oh, right. The fugitive.

Ciara: You know what? This whole arrangement would work a lot better if you just keep your stupid mouth shut. Wow, you really know how to pick them.

Jade: I'm sorry, okay?

Ciara: Whatever. Anyway, I checked out the room. It's kinda small, so you're gonna have to sleep in the loft.

Jade: You're trying to kick me out.

Ciara: No, I'm just saying you have to stay upstairs in the loft.

Joey: Ciara, come on.

Ciara: Fine. I'll sleep there. You can room with Claire. And her microphone and her keyboard...

Jade: I'll take the loft.

Ciara: I thought so.

Kayla: Joey, why don't you show jade the space?

Joey: [Softly] All right, come on.

Kayla: Sweetie, I know how worried you are about your mom. And if living in this communal space is too stressful for you, then you can stay with us.

Ciara: Thank you, but I can handle it. I can handle her.

Kayla: You wouldn't be a Brady, would you?

[Both laugh]

Kayla: All right, well, it's a standing offer, all right?

Ciara: Yeah.

Kayla: Okay, beauty.

Ciara: My mom's gonna be fine--I know it.

Steve: Okay, Resnik's on the inside waiting. Check the feed pull?

Paul: I have audio and visuals.

Steve: Okay... soon as we can get a positive id that that dealer is actually Stefano, we can move in for the arrest. Could be here any minute.

Rafe: Hey, do me a favor. Check the rooftop, just to be sure. This turns out to be Stefano, I wanna grab this bastard once and for all.

Steve: All right.

[Suspenseful music]

Hope: What happened?

Eric: You passed out again.

Hope: That can't be good.

Eric: Just don't move. [Sighs] Bleeding again.

Hope: Yeah, I can see that. Not too bad, though.

Eric: Now, let me be the judge of that. up.

Hope: What is--

Eric: Take that.

Hope: Mm. What is it?

Eric: It's for the pain. I'm sorry, but I don't have anything stronger around here.

Hope: Oh, God, that hurts.

Eric: I know. Dressing your wound, it opened up again last night, and I cleaned it up. It's gonna take more than that. So I want you to rest, okay?

Hope: Where're you going? What're you gonna do, Eric?

Eric: I'm gonna keep you from dying.

[Tense music]

Hope: You gonna call an ambulance?

Eric: No.

Hope: You can't call the family. Anyone who helps us will be an accomplice.

Eric: That's how I understand it. So let me figure out how to get you better... and then we can make a plan.

Hope: Okay.

Ciara: I gotta go. I'm meeting Shawn at the pub.

Kayla: Well, listen, if there's anything I can do, let me know, all right?

Ciara: Ha. Convince jade to go to the university of somewhere else?

Kayla: [Chuckles] Very funny. All right, it's gonna be okay.

Ciara: All right, bye.

Kayla: Bye. Ah...

Joey: Jade really is sorry. She pops off without thinking.

Kayla: She does a lot of things without thinking, doesn't she?

Joey: I know you don't like this idea.

Kayla: Just on so many levels, Joey. Look, I-I know that jade has been through a lot. But for a person who's been through a lot, she doesn't seem to give a damn that Ciara has lost her dad and has no idea where her mother is, and maybe she's going through a lot too.

Joey: She gets really nervous around you guys, around my family.

Kayla: Well, that's great. She's moving in with you, your cousins, and your oldest friend.

Joey: Mom, this wasn't her idea--it was mine.

Kayla: I know that. But can't you see that you're giving her mixed messages? I mean, it's gonna be hard for her to believe that you're not interested in her when you've asked her to move in with you. It's--

Joey: We're staying in separate rooms.

Kayla: Yeah, like that ever really works.

Joey: I know you don't want this to be true, but...I feel like I owe her something. Her family sucks. She doesn't know if she's gonna make it through college. Other than me, she doesn't have any friends.

Kayla: Oh, so you're telling me that she's a needy person who acts without thinking. [Stammers] That just makes my fears subside.

Joey: Mom, I'm just gonna help her get started...that's all. Once she starts school, starts meeting other people... I'm just gonna be someone she used to know.

Rafe: All right, man. Keep me posted. No movement on his end. He's gonna check the perimeter. I gotta tell you, I don't like this, man. DiMera should have been here by now.

Paul: Yeah, well, maybe he's being super...cautious. Rafe, look.

Rafe: Whoa. That's some tricked-out limo, huh?

Paul: Look at the tires.

Rafe: Yeah. Steel-reinforced frame, bulletproof glass. Whoever's in there isn't messing around.

Paul: Somebody's getting out. Is it DiMera?

Rafe: Can't tell. Son of a bitch--someone's rushing the car!

Paul: Is it Steve?

Rafe: No, it's Anna! She's gonna screw everything up. Come on! Damn it!


Kayla: Joey, you know, part of me is proud of what you wanna do, but--

Joey: [Whispers] Shh!

Jade: So I was thinking I'd go to that deli on the corner, get some stuff for lunch.

Joey: Okay.

Jade: I'm not much of a cook, but I can make a sandwich. Maybe you could stay for lunch? My treat? I'd like to do something to say thank you.

Kayla: Um, that'd be nice.

Jade: Great. Everybody like turkey?

Joey: Yeah.

Kayla: Love it.

Joey: See? She isn't all that bad, right?

Kayla: I know that, Joey. And I-I do feel for her, I do. But just think about what's happening here. You are moving into your own place, you are about to start college. You--you wanna change your life. And this whole morning has been about jade. Not about you, but about jade.

Joey: I'm moving into my own place, starting college because I have you and dad. That doesn't make me any better than jade. In fact, I might be worse. She hasn't killed anyone.

Kayla: Joey...

Joey: I know you don't want me to talk about it except with the shrink. But I think about it all the time. I mean, look at this! It's like...I don't know. It's like I'm getting A...a free pass 'cause I'm your kid. Well, I don't think I'd like myself very much if after we lost our baby I said, "hey, jade...sorry. It was nice knowing you, but I have stuff to do now."

Kayla: You drive me crazy.

[Small laugh]

Joey: The one thing I'm good at.

Kayla: Look, I am proud of you and I'm proud that you want to help jade. But just don't let your...guilt about her dictate what you do that's right for you.

Joey: I'll try my best.

Kayla: I'll try and keep my mouth shut.

Joey: Oh, like that'll happen.

Kayla: [Laughs] Very funny. Ohh! Very funny.

[Pounding on door]

Austin: No!

[Pounding continues]

Austin: Whoa! What in the--

Marlena: Oh, my gosh! What happened?

Steve: Okay, it's all right, it's all right.

Rafe: What happened? What happened--she happened!

Anna: Hey!

Rafe: She shot him!

Steve: It's just a flesh wound.

Marlena: Let me take a look.

Austin: Where's Paul? Did she shoot him too?

Rafe: No. Paul's down in the lobby making sure that the cops didn't follow us, because they tend to have a dim view of crazy [Shouting] Women who shoot innocent people!

Anna: He's scaring me!

Carrie: Good! Good.

Rafe: Don't let her move an inch.

Austin: So I'm assuming you didn't get Stefano.

Rafe: No. Because of her. She screwed everything up. An armored limo was pulling up. It was like he was walking right into our trap. Here you go, Steve.

Steve: Oh, thanks, dude.

Rafe: And then this nut job comes running down the street, guns a-blazing...

Anna: I only had one gun!

Rafe: Don't! [Quietly] Don't speak. She's really getting on my nerves.

Carrie: Yeah. That happens.

Anna: Honey... look, I didn't mean to shoot Steve. It was an accident. I...I didn't wanna put tony down, and it was kinda hard to aim at the same time.

Carrie: Mom, you should have put tony in a locker somewhere so you could use both hands. My God! I'm giving my mom advice on how to shoot people.

Rafe: How you doing in there?

Marlena: He'll be okay. It's only a flesh wound. Just a lot of blood.

Steve: I could use another scotch.

Austin: So could we all.

Anna: Could I have a little splash of soda in mine? And are there any cashews?

[Light, edgy music]

Carrie: Mom, I don't think you should say anything else.

Anna: Because they can and will use anything against me.

Carrie: No. Because I think they might strangle you.

Eric: Hope, I'm sorry. I can't call a doctor. I can't risk you...going back to prison. So I'm gonna have to sew you up myself.

[Edgy music]

[Intense musical buildup]

Austin: Okay.

[Lightly edgy music]

Like that--I said I was sorry!

Austin: You say you're sorry when you step on someone's toe. Shooting them is a little more serious than that.

Anna: Don't you get snide with me, Austin reed! This is all I have left of the man I adore... and I will avenge his death.

Austin: Well, the next time you try, can you try aiming for Stefano? Because so far, you are batting zero.

Carrie: Okay, would you two please stop it? Mom, tony is gone. There's nothing you can do to bring him back.

Anna: Oh, honey... I'm not crazy. I know I can't bring him back. But Stefano DiMera, more or less, murdered his own son and got away with it--until now.

Austin: He's still getting away with it! But you didn't shoot Stefano. You shot Steve! What you did was you let Stefano know he's being watched.

Anna: Please stop yelling at me.

Austin: [Yelling] Then stop shooting people!

Anna: Well, I can't shoot anybody now, can I? That Rafe person took my gun. I don't understand how you could ever have fallen for that one.

Carrie: [Laughs] Thanks for bringing that up, mom.

Austin: You know what I think. I think it is time for us to put an end to our little Czechoslovakian adventure. We are getting her out of here.

Anna: Don't talk about me like I'm not here.

Austin: Okay. I'm getting you out of here. Tomorrow morning, we're taking you back with us to Switzerland.

Anna: Tomorrow morning? Great. Well, then, we can all get a good night's sleep. I'll see if there's a room here.

Austin: No, no, no, no, mother DiMera. What we're gonna do is we're gonna have a sleepover. Carrie and I are gonna sleep in shifts so we can keep an eye on you so you can't pull any more fast ones.

Anna: You don't trust me?

Austin: [Whispers] 'Cause I'm not crazy. I wonder if room service has handcuffs.

Rafe: I'm going back to the scene and see if there's any sign of Stefano.

Steve: I'm going with you.

Marlena: No, you're not. If you're going anywhere, it's to the hospital.

Steve: I'm not going to the hospital--what am I gonna do, tell them I cut myself shaving?

Marlena: If you don't go to the hospital, I'll call an ambulance. When was your last tetanus shot?

Steve: Yesterday.

Marlena: Oh--

Paul: No sign of the cops.

Rafe: Okay, well, thank God for small favors, huh?

Marlena: Are you sure it was Stefano you saw?

Rafe: No, I'm not sure it was Stefano, but if it was, it looks like we lost him for good.

Shawn: Hey.

Ciara: Hey.

Shawn: did the move go?

Ciara: It was okay, I guess. Joey and jade are moving in. Man, she is a lot to handle.

Shawn: Yeah, well, you won't have to see very much of her once school starts.

Ciara: Right.

Shawn: What?

Ciara: I just--I've been thinking about it. The timing is all wrong.

Shawn: What do--what do you mean, I mean, the semester's just starting.

Ciara: Shawn, mom is on the run. We don't know where she is and if she's okay. You really think I'm gonna get anything out of early American lit?

Shawn: No, listen, I think that you're doing something. Doing something, you know, instead of just brooding about it is gonna be good for you.

Ciara: I'm not brooding.

Shawn: Okay, I didn't... I didn't mean that. I just really think that mom would not want you to quit school.

Ciara: Well, mom's not here. And until I know where she is and how she is, school can wait.

[Suspenseful music]

Hope: What happened?

Eric: You passed out. And the pain made you pass out again. Sewed you up.

Hope: You sewed me up? Last I knew, no nephews of mine were doctors.

Eric: I'm not either. But when I was a priest, I lived in a third world country, and there weren't a lot of doctors. So I had to make do.

Hope: You at least make those tiny little stitches?

Eric: Yeah, they're all right. You don't look like Frankenstein or anything.

Hope: Don't make me laugh. Eric... it's not wise to hide me.

Eric: Never said I was wise.

Hope: But I don't--

Eric: Listen, right now... you need rest. I'm gonna go ahead and get you something to eat, okay?

[Somber music]

[Crowd noise]

Shawn: I mean, you think I don't know how bad this sucks? This is supposed to be an exciting, fun time in your life sure as hell isn't.

Ciara: It's too much like when... like when...

Shawn: When we didn't know where dad was.

Ciara: Yeah.

Shawn: I know. Tell me about it. But you remember how mom handled it? You know, and she--she kept going...all right? She went to work. She took care of you.

Ciara: She got engaged to a psychopath.

Shawn: She made a mistake. We all make mistakes. All right? But... I just think that...I know that I sound like I'm, you know, spouting the party line, stay in school and all, but I really think that if you stop school... that you're gonna feel even worse than you do now.

Ciara: Early American lit as therapy?

Shawn: One foot in front of the therapy. That's what I'm doing. Or at least... [Sighs] At least that's what I'm trying to do. All right, how--how 'bout this? You tell me what you think. How 'bout we just get the rest of your stuff moved in? You know, I'll stock your refrigerator, I'll put your posters up on your wall, and we'll do everything that we have to do today and... then we'll talk about the whole quitting thing tomorrow.

Ciara: I think I can hang in there one more day.

Shawn: Yeah. Well... what choice do we have?

Eric: Here. I want you to try some of this.

[Loud knocking]

[Tense music]

Hope: You expecting someone?

Eric: No. Not at all. It's the police.

[Dramatic musical sting]

Kayla: You're sure. And Marlena said he's gonna be okay. Yeah. All right, well, thanks for calling me, Paul. Okay. Oh.

Joey: Dad got hurt.

Kayla: Uh, well, apparently it's not serious, and Marlena's there to threat him, but... he was shot.

Joey: Shot? So you have to go to Prague?

Kayla: I don't wanna leave you here to handle all this alone.

Joey: But you have to see for yourself that he's okay, right? Mom, don't worry about me, okay? I know that might be hard after...all the crap I've been through, but...just worry about dad. Not me.

Kayla: I'll try.

Joey: Call me when you get there. And tell dad I love him. And you. All right?

Kayla: All right.

Steve: Why the hell'd you call Kayla? She can't do anything but worry.

Marlena: Okay, Steve, let's go, and please try to stay calm this time, hmm?

Rafe: Good. You're still here. Look what I found on the street near where that limo stopped.

Paul: What is that, a safety deposit key?

Rafe: It must have fallen out of the car. Looks like Stefano might have just made his first mistake.

[Dramatic music]

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