Days Transcript Monday 1/16/17

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 1/16/17


Episode #13004 ~ Nicole & Chloe are appalled when they overhear Deimos making a deadly threat; Sonny tries to reign in Deimos; Valerie offers advice when Claire & Theo have to deal with online troubles; Justin helps Adrienne through a tough time.

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Theo: Hey.

Claire: [Laughs] Hi, hold on one second. Let me just post this.

Theo: All right, do what you gotta do.

Claire: All right. Guess who is having lunch over there.

Theo: The one with the purse?

Claire: Mm-hmm. Valerie's in the ladies' room. She came walking in here a couple minutes ago and asked for a quiet spot for two.

Theo: Is my dad with her?

Claire: Well, I don't know. Maybe we can meet that mystery guy of hers. But I'll snag a picture of them together so you can show your dad what's going on.

Theo: Yeah, I'm not sure about that.

Claire: You know, or--or not. Whatever you want is fine.

Theo: Yeah, I mean, Ciara is right. I need to move on.

Claire: Ciara?

Theo: Yeah, no, she said this whole thing about Valerie is a waste of my time. She's really smart about this kind of stuff.

Claire: Oh, she is?

Theo: Yeah.

Claire: That's funny, because she's not your girlfriend. I am.

[Smooth instrumental music]

Adrienne: "Titan freighter down off shore."

[Solemn music]

Adrienne: Take that, chemo.


Adrienne: [Sighs] Justin.

Justin: I was in the neighborhood, and I thought I would just drop by and say hey.

Adrienne: [Laughs] You're checking on me.

Justin: Only because, whenever I text, you always say you're fine.

Adrienne: I am fine.

Justin: Now I think "fine" stands for "forget it, I'm not explaining." And you look a little green. Not that that color doesn't suit you, but I do know that Kate took you to chemo yesterday. Have you eaten?

Adrienne: Do crackers count?

Justin: No, they don't, which is why I took it upon myself to bring you lunch.

Adrienne: No, that's okay. Really, I don't know what I can keep down, and my taste buds are all screwy, I just--

Justin: I knew you were gonna say that, which is why I brought you some choices.

[Soothing guitar music]

Deimos: Andre DiMera has no idea what it means to cross me. What do I want? I want to kill him myself!

Sonny: Hey, calm down.

Deimos: Are you kidding me? The man attacked us. What should we do, just let him get away with it?

Sonny: You've gone too far. This is going way too far--

Deimos: I'm going too far? DiMera, he started this. I'm gonna be the one who finishes it.

Nicole: What are you doing?

Deimos: Nicole...

Nicole: What the hell was that?

Deimos: Business.

Chloe: Your business is killing people?

[Dramatic music]

Claire: [Chuckles] There certainly are a lot of choices here. Oh, my gosh, there's a good chance one of these things is gonna make me hurl though.

Justin: I won't be offended. Now, they also say that your taste buds get a little dulled from chemo, so I brought some hot sauce to spice things up.

Adrienne: Well, you were always good at spicing things up.

Justin: Look who's talking.

Adrienne: Okay, tell me what you got.

Justin: Well, everything is organic, unprocessed, and there is not a lick of sugar, because I know that's basically toxic for your system right now.

Adrienne: Yeah. Wow, this looks amazing. Ooh, no, no, can't do seafood, ooh.

Justin: Got it, no fish.

Adrienne: Mm-mm.

Justin: Okay, um, how about some grilled chicken?

Adrienne: Okay.

Justin: All right.

Adrienne: That may work. Whew.

Justin: Okay, sit down.

Adrienne: Just for a minute there, I was like, ooh.

Justin: Sorry about that.

Adrienne: That's okay. It's okay. You didn't know.

Justin: Have some chicken.

Adrienne: All right, all right, I'll try, I'll try. Hmm, tastes like a big piece of cardboard, ooh.

Justin: Cardboard? Okay, maybe we should have some hot sauce.

Adrienne: I think so. Come on, bring the heat, baby.

Justin: Mm-hmm, just pour it all over--ooh!

Adrienne: Ooh, gosh. Oh, Justin...

Justin: Oh, God, I'm so sorry.

Adrienne: Oh, my God, no, no, no, I got it.

Justin: Here, you take that.

Adrienne: Wait, no, I'll hold this--no! Oh, no, not the eye!

Justin: Oh!

Adrienne: Oh, Justin, oh, God!

Justin: Oh, my God, oh, my God, it really burns. It really burns. It's hurting.

Adrienne: No, no, no, no, just--I know-- hot sauce in the eye burns? Really?

Justin: Do you have a--

Adrienne: No, I've got it.

Justin: Do you have a napkin or something?

No, sit down, here, really. See, I got you, I got you.

Justin: Fingered.

Adrienne: [Laughs] I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Justin: Is this really funny? 'Cause it really hurts.

Adrienne: No, it-- well, just a little bit.

Justin: Oh, my God.

Adrienne: Wait, just lay your head back. Hold on, hold on, okay, I'm just gonna wash--

Justin: I can't believe I did that.

Adrienne: Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.

Justin: How stupid was that?

Adrienne: Ooh, ooh, ooh!

Justin: Okay, okay.

Adrienne: Ooh, okay, I got you, I got you.

Justin: Hey, wait, hold on a second--I thought I was supposed to be taking care of you.

Adrienne: Believe me. You are. Oh.


Theo: Okay, don't you think we have enough selfies?

Claire: Oh, no, just one more. My eyes looked really weird in the last one.


Claire: You know, I'm gonna tag Ciara. Let's see if we get a like from her.

Theo: Are you mad at Ciara or something?

Claire: No, no, I love Ciara. I just don't think that she always knows what's best for you.

Theo: And you do?

Claire: Listen, Theo, you got a bad feeling from Valerie, right? You were just trying to protect your dad. So what if you're right about her? Okay, don't turn around.

Theo: Why? What's back there?

Claire: She is.

Theo: Valerie? What's she doing?

Claire: She's sitting back down.

Theo: Did she see us?

Claire: I don't think so, no, but my phone is locked and loaded, ready to take a picture of her and her date. I mean, you can use it, or you don't have to. It's your call, but at least you'll have a choice. Oh, epic fail.

Valerie: Hey, Theo.

Theo: [Laughs]

Deimos: Chloe, you're awake.

Chloe: You noticed.

Sonny: When did you get out of the hospital?

Chloe: Just now.

Nicole: She came here to see me.

Deimos: Oh, well, then I guess the two of you have a lot to talk about.

Chloe: Are you just gonna stand there and pretend like we didn't all just hear you threatening to murder someone? And there's children in the house. Sonny, you can't be okay with this.

Deimos: Sonny understands what's going on, all right? And you have no right coming into my home, lecturing me about how to behave.

Nicole: Don't talk to her like that.

Deimos: No, no, I'm sorry, sweetie, but she is the last person who should be throwing stones.

Sonny: All right, let's just--let's just calm down. It's time to calm down.

Nicole: You know what, Chloe? You look like you could use a glass of water from the kitchen.

Deimos: What? No, no, no, hold on. Hold on for a second. Chloe came here to say something, so maybe we should all hear it. Go ahead, Chloe. You seem to be the expert on how to behave around children, which I find kind of ironic considering what you've done.

[Dramatic music]

Ahh, sir?

Kayla: We just wanted to come over and say hi.

Valerie: I told her you probably didn't want to be bothered.

Theo: Yeah, no, we thought you were meeting someone else.

Kayla: Well, I'm trying to persuade Valerie to take a permanent job at university hospital.

Claire: Oh.

Theo: So you're staying in Salem?

Valerie: Well, nothing's been decided just yet. Kayla, let's-- we've taken up enough of their time, so let's let them enjoy their lunch.

Kayla: Okay, say hi to your dad.

Theo: I will.

Kayla: Okay.

Claire: Whew, that was awkward.

Theo: Yeah. You know I don't like it when you ignore me and read your phone.

Claire: Well, I'm sorry, but we have 127 likes already. Here, check out these comments.

Theo: Is that all you care about? Likes and comments from strangers?

Claire: Look, I'm sorry, everybody thinks you're hot, and there's nothing wrong with that. Or do you just think that I'm being shallow?

Theo: You know, sometimes I do.

Claire: You know, I cannot believe that that's how you feel after everything that we've been through.

Theo: Claire, I'm just being honest.

Claire: Okay, well, sometimes your idea of honesty is just plain mean.

Nicole: Why are you going after Chloe?

Deimos: Oh, she knows why. And then she has the nerve to come in here, attacking me.

Chloe: Because you threatened to kill someone.

Nicole: Sonny, could you wait out there, please, with Chloe?

Sonny: I think I need to stay here.

Nicole: I need to speak with my fiancé alone. Chloe, please? I'll be right there.

Sonny: Let's just give them a few minutes.

Chloe: Good luck.

Deimos: Pleasure as always, Chloe. Glad to see you back on your feet.

Nicole: What are you doing? She just got out of a coma.

Deimos: Well, then maybe she should be in the hospital, not here attacking me.

Nicole: Okay, so what was that phone call all about?

Deimos: Andre DiMera. I outsmarted him on a business deal, so he had his men sink one of titan's ships.

Nicole: Was anyone killed?

Deimos: No, no, we were lucky, but I can't just let that happen.

Nicole: Well, so now what? You destroy something of his? When does it end?

Deimos: When it's finished.

Nicole: Okay, do you even hear what you sound like?

Deimos: All right, look, you walked in. I was venting during a private business call, okay? I had no idea that you would show up here with her.

Nicole: Don't say it like that. And what did you mean, "after what Chloe's done"? What has she done?

Deimos: Why don't you ask her?

Brady: Oh, my God, come here. You're awake. You're up. What are you doing here? What are you doing up? You should be at the hospital being monitored. What's going on?

Sonny: We should bring her back. This is not the place for her to be right now.

Brady: What's happening?

Chloe: What's happening is I walked in on Deimos threatening to kill André DiMera. And--and there's children in the house.

Brady: All right, where is Deimos right now?

Chloe: He's with Nicole. I can't believe that she's gonna marry that man.

Sonny: I'm getting Arianna out of here.

Brady: The doctors say that you could be released so soon?

Chloe: He said that I've made an amazing recovery.

Brady: Obviously, but that's--that's not an answer. Chloe, we almost lost you, for god's sake.

Chloe: Thank you for your concern. My mom said that you came to visit me.

Brady: I did come to visit you until she took away my visiting rights. I'd like to know why you're here.

Chloe: I'm--I'm here to talk to Nicole.

Brady: About what?

Chloe: I don't want to get into it with you.

Brady: Is it about holly?

[Dramatic music]

Theo: I should go. I ruined lunch.

Claire: No, please, stay. I'm sorry. I want you to stay.

Theo: All right, well, what's the point? You're just gonna be on your phone with your followers and your fake friends.

Claire: Okay, look, I'm gonna turn my phone off right now. Watch.

Theo: Really?

Claire: Yes, really.

Theo: So my speech actually worked?


Theo: What? What?

Claire: This comment under our photo. It says, "it makes me sick when people date out of their race. This is everything wrong with our country these days."

Theo: Someone wrote that to you?

Claire: This is really scary.

Theo: No, we can't let them get away with that. No, we need to let them know that it's not okay to be a hater like that, all right? Give me your phone. I'll write it.

Valerie: Theo, wait. Don't do that.

[Dramatic music]


Sonny: Wow, what did I miss?

Justin: Um...

Adrienne: Um... my two babies.

Justin: Don't say anything. It's humiliating.

Adrienne: Come here baby one. Oh, hello, baby two. Uh-oh, whoa, baby.

Sonny: She could use a treat. It's been a little tense at the mansion. For both of us.

Adrienne: Well, how about I take her down to the vending machine and get a cookie? Yeah, does that sound good?

Sonny: Yeah, great.

Adrienne: Oh, great. All right, sweetie. Let me impart to you some wisdom about hot sauce and eyes, shall we? [Laughing] Come on, baby, come on.

Sonny: Dad, have you been crying?

Justin: No, I have not been crying. I--I was-- came over to feed your mother and--nevermind. So tell me what happened at the mansion. What's going on?

[Phone ringing]

Sonny: It's Lucas.

Justin: Oh, let me get that.

Sonny: You think that's a good idea?

Justin: It's okay. Yeah, Lucas. Well, I brought over some lunch for Adrienne. Well, she's better now that Sonny and Ari are here. Yeah, so, you are gonna be taking her to the next chemo session, right? Okay, good. All right, I'll tell her that you called.

Sonny: Well, that was weird.

Justin: What, me being civil?

Sonny: To mom's boyfriend or fiancé or whatever the heck he is these days? It was a little weird, dad.

Justin: Lucas and I realized that there's nothing more important than getting your mother healthy again. Everything else can wait.

Sonny: Well, doesn't look like you're waiting.

Justin: I love your mother. And that means no more tension with Lucas. It only hurts her. So I'm not looking to fight anyone anymore.

Sonny: Me neither. But, thanks to Deimos, a fight just found us.

Nicole: You are out of control, Deimos. Threatening violence, going after my friends--

Deimos: What do you want me to do, Nicole, roll over? People like DiMera respond to strength.

Nicole: This isn't strength. This is rage.

Deimos: Before I asked you to marry me, I made it very clear who I was. You said that you were okay with that.

Nicole: [Sighs] I'm okay with you breaking some rules. You're not an angel, neither am I, but murder? That is too far, Deimos, too far.

Deimos: I didn't kill anyone.

Nicole: Well, we all heard you on that phone.

Deimos: All right, I was angry. I lost my temper. It's not like I really meant it.

Nicole: So you're not going to try to kill André?

Deimos: I'm not a murderer, Nicole.

Nicole: Good luck convincing Chloe of that.

Deimos: Well, you know what? I don't care what Chloe thinks.

Nicole: Well, I do. She's my best friend. And if she decides to keep parker and holly away from me, Deimos--

Deimos: I not gonna let that happen, all right? I know what those kids mean to you, and you deserve to be with holly.

Nicole: Okay, but if Chloe decides that--

Deimos: You're the one I care about, Nicole, all right? I don't care about anybody else. And when I marry you, I'm gonna give you everything that you've ever wanted, the life that you've wanted. I'm gonna give you the family that you've always longed for.

Nicole: That's not gonna happen unless you promise not to hurt André. I have lost too many people that I love. I cannot have any more violence in my life. Promise me.

Deimos: All right. Anything for you, okay? I promise. Come here.

Chloe: I did come here to talk to Nicole about holly and thank her for delivering her and naming her and being there for her when I couldn't be.

Brady: You woke up and snuck out of the hospital to say thanks?

Chloe: I never admitted to sneaking out.

Brady: Yeah, but you did. And now you're here, and it's dangerous for you to be here. I know you're not on a social call. Why don't you tell me what's so damned important, Chloe?

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: I should go check on Chloe.

Deimos: Did she even tell you why she came directly here from the hospital?

Nicole: No. We walked in and saw you, and she didn't get a chance.

Deimos: I can't believe you walked in at that moment. Look, I'm not proud of losing control like that, all right?

Nicole: I just wish Chloe didn't see it. It's gonna be hard enough getting her to accept you.

Deimos: Did it ever occur to you that maybe Chloe isn't the best friend you think she is?

Brady: I think we both know there's something you're not saying.

Chloe: Why are you pushing me? This is why my mother didn't want you to visit me anymore.

Brady: Chloe, Chloe--

Chloe: She said that you were harassing me--

Brady: No--

Chloe: And that you wouldn't stop, you and Deimos.

Brady: Hold on, hold on, hey, I'm not Deimos. I'm your ex-husband. I just wanna do what's right for you, for the baby, and for Nicole, okay? I'm gonna help you.

Chloe: I don't need your help.

Brady: Yes, you do, Chloe. I'm gonna help you. I think you do.

Chloe: I just--I can't if you--if you...

Brady: What's up, Chloe? Chloe!

Nicole: Oh, my God. What happened? To her. She just passed out.

Nicole: I knew it was crazy for her to leave the hospital.

Brady: Okay, I'm calling Kayla.

Nicole: Deimos, please, can you get a wet towel? Chloe, honey? Chloe, can you hear me? Chloe?

Valerie: I know this is none of my business, but I have some experience with this kind of thing.

Claire: Internet trolls?

Valerie: No. No, I was in an interracial relationship a long time ago. And things have changed, come a long way, but not everyone has.

Theo: I mean, our friends are totally cool with it. You know, I don't even think about it.

Valerie: Yeah, but there are people out there with a lot of hate and anger in their hearts.

Claire: Right, and with social media you can write this horrible stuff and nobody knows who you are.

Valerie: Exactly. And what I want you two to know is that whatever it is they're saying, it's got nothing to do with the two of you. It's about them. And sometimes the best response to ignorance is no response at all.

Theo: But if we don't say anything, they'll think they can write whatever they want. And I'm not gonna let them do that to Claire. I want them to know what she means to me.

Valerie: I understand wanting to retaliate. I do. But if you write something back, I want you to take some time and come up with something together.

Claire: Yeah, you know, I like that idea.

Valerie: Yeah. You two look like a sweet couple and really good team. And if I've learned anything, then what I know for sure is that nothing knocks down hate better than love.

Kayla: Chloe, it's Kayla. Can you understand me?

Chloe: Yeah.

Nicole: Is she gonna be okay?

Kayla: Well, her heart rate is a little fast and her blood pressure is elevated. Was she discharged from the hospital?

Brady: I think she left on her own.

Kayla: Chloe, there is a reason that you're supposed to wait for a doctor to give you permission to leave. I can't imagine what's so pressing that you had to come right away.

Chloe: Listen, I'm feeling better. Can I stand up?

Kayla: You know, I don't care how you're feeling. I'm going to take you back to the hospital.

Brady: I can--I can drive her.

Kayla: Well, there's an ambulance coming, so you don't need to.

Nicole: Can I ride with her?

Kayla: I don't think that's a good idea.

Nicole: Please?

Kayla: No, listen, the minute I walked in the room, I felt the tension. I don't know what's going on.

Nicole: Well, we're working on it.

Kayla: Well, while you do that, I'll take you back to the hospital, and I'm not gonna let you out of my sight this time, you understand?

Chloe: I understand.

Kayla: Good, well, if anybody needs to say anything else, say it now. Okay, time's up, then.

Nicole: All right, well, Chloe, I'll talk to you later. You take care of yourself, and hug that sweet baby girl of yours for me.

[Dramatic music]

how Eduardo Hernandez fits into this whole mess.

Sonny: Well, the technology started with the DiMeras, and it was stolen by Eduardo and Dario Hernandez.

Justin: So it's not just the DiMeras that we have to worry about.

Sonny: No, no, I mean, it's pretty much every dangerous person in town.

Justin: Fantastic.

Sonny: Not to mention Ari's grandfather and great-grandmother.

Justin: If all these families are out to get this technology, this whole town could come apart at the seams.

Adrienne: There you go, baby. Go wash your hands. That's it, go on. Okay, I know that quiet. That's a "there's something wrong, and you don't want Adrienne to know" quiet.

Justin: There's nothing for you to worry about.

Adrienne: Justin, for a lawyer, you're a really bad liar. I just heard you say "this whole town could come apart at the seams." Now, does this have anything to do with that titan tanker that mysteriously sank at sea?

Sonny: Mom, we can't tell you anything about this.

Adrienne: Because you think I can't handle it?

Justin: Because you run a newspaper, and you're not supposed to have any stress in your life right now.

Adrienne: What's stressful is the two of you keeping secrets from me, come on.

Justin: Adrienne, let it go. Let it go.

Sonny: Yes, dad's right. You need to focus on you. I'm gonna go see how Ari's doing.

Justin: I should go too.

Adrienne: Justin, hold on a second. Actually, I was thinking. Kayla keeps telling me how I'm supposed to really be paying attention to my nutrition, and there are a lot of food choices here I haven't tried, so I was thinking that maybe we could do this again after my next chemo. I'll pour the hot sauce.

Justin: Lucas is actually taking you to your next chemo.

Adrienne: Oh, right, I forgot. The time after next, maybe?

Justin: Okay. Time after next.

Adrienne: Thank you. Thanks for everything. Sacrificing that eye. [Laughter] But mostly, thank you-- thank you for taking my mind off being sick.

Justin: My pleasure.

Adrienne: [Laughs]

[Wistful music]

Nicole: Why would Chloe come all the way here? She could've just called me.

Deimos: Oh, I don't know. Brady, why do you think Chloe came all the way here?

Brady: Because when Chloe makes a decision she doesn't listen to anybody else, even when her health is at risk.

Nicole: Well, was she upset before she collapsed?

Brady: Yeah, she was upset because she walked in on your fiancé threatening to kill André DiMera.

Deimos: Oh, so now Chloe collapsing is my fault? Really, Brady? Hey, why not? I guess she thinks everything else is my fault, right?

Nicole: Okay, wait, stop, please. Let's not take this out on each other. Kayla is looking out for Chloe. She's gonna be okay, right?

Brady: She is going to be okay. She'll be fine.

Nicole: She has to be because parker and holly need her, and I just--I can't believe she hasn't seen her little girl all this time.

Deimos: Well, maybe now that she's awake, Nancy will allow you to be with holly again.

Nicole: That will be up to Chloe, but I better get to the hospital. As soon as Kayla says she can have visitors, I want to tell Chloe that I--I support her and the baby in any way she needs.

Deimos: I'm sure she'll appreciate that.

Nicole: Hopefully, she'll tell me what she came here to say to me.

Deimos: Hopefully she will.

Brady: I'll take you to the hospital.

Nicole: Okay. You've pulled it together, right? I don't have to worry about you doing something crazy?

Deimos: No, I'm good. All right? Go be with your friend.

Nicole: Okay.

Deimos: Okay.

Nicole: See you later.

Justin: Yeah.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: I'm gonna go check your test results. You look like you have some catching up to do anyway.

Nancy: Don't worry, I'll take good care of her.

Kayla: All right, make sure she doesn't do too much.

[Baby fussing]

Nancy: Do you have any idea how angry I am at you for sneaking out?

Chloe: I know, but I just had to see Nicole. I had to tell her.

Nancy: You told her about holly?

Chloe: No, I couldn't, and now I don't know if I ever can. I use what's already inside me to reach my goals.

Claire: So do you believe what Dr. Grant said, that love can fight the haters?

Theo: Um, love. I'm not sure, I don't know--

Valerie: You guys okay?

Claire: Yeah, yeah, we're great. And listen, I'm really sorry that we haven't treated you so well lately. I guess we're kind of haters too.

Valerie: No worries, as long as we're all cool now.

Claire: Yes, we're super cool. All right, ready to go, Theo?

Theo: You know what? You go ahead. I wanted to stay and talk to Dr. Grant alone, if that's okay with her.

Valerie: Of course.

[Delicate music]

Nicole: Chloe is my best friend, and Deimos is the man I love. Thank you. I'm not gonna choose between them.

Brady: What if Chloe makes you choose, hmm?

Nicole: I'm gonna marry Deimos, and I need Chloe in my life. Parker is my connection to Daniel, and holly, I can't even explain how I feel when I'm around her. I have a connection to her, too.

Brady: Nicole, it's gonna be a very hard sell for Chloe to let holly near Deimos. You understand that?

Nicole: I'll just have to work hard at it. No matter how long it takes, I'll show her why I love him. Are you sure you don't have any idea why it was so urgent for Chloe to get to me?

Brady: You know Chloe, you know Chloe. I mean, when she has an idea in her head...

Nicole: What? Wait, what idea? Did she say something to you? Brady, please tell me.

Kayla: Sorry, excuse me.

Nicole; hi, how is she?

Kayla: Well, she's far too weak to leave the hospital, but I don't see any residual damage. She just needs her rest.

Brady: Can we-- can we see her?

Kayla: Well, Nancy's in with the baby right now, so I need to limit it to just one of you.

Nicole: Okay.

Kayla: Okay.

Nicole: Thank you.

Kayla: Mm-hmm.

Brady: You go. She needs you. Tell her I love her, okay?

Nicole: I will. Thank you.

Brady: Nic-- I hope you find the answers that you want in there.

Nicole: Thank you.

[Suspenseful music]

Nancy: You're not supposed to be in here. They're sleeping.

Nicole: Okay--

Chloe: No, mom, it's okay. I'd like to talk to Nicole alone.

Nancy: Do not get her worked up.

Nicole: I promise. How are you feeling?

Chloe: Tired.

Nicole: Sorry. I can't stop staring. She's a miracle.

Chloe: Yeah, she is.

Nicole: Chloe, why were you so desperate to leave the hospital? What is it you needed to say to me?

[Dramatic music]

Adrienne: I want you to pursue the titan tanker story. Ships don't mysteriously sink at sea, you know. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I have to call you back. Okay. [Sighs] Oh, God.

[Wistful music]

Justin: Oh.

Adrienne: No, I'm not asleep.

Justin: Well, you should be asleep. I'm sorry for waking you up.

Adrienne: No, no, I've got too much work to do.

Justin: No, no, the work will be here when you wake up. So you need to rest.

Adrienne: Will you be here?

Justin: Would you like me to be here?

Adrienne: If you could stay just a little bit maybe? Thanks.

Justin: Sure. Now lay down. Here, let me get you some pillows.

Adrienne: Okay, thank you. Oh.

Justin: There you go.

Adrienne: Ooh, nice. Thank you.

Justin: Let me take your shoes off.

Adrienne: Oh, thank you. I feel so helpless.

Justin: Lay down.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Justin: You rest.

Adrienne: I appreciate it.

Justin: Of course. Close your eyes.

Adrienne: Okay, I'm closing them.

[Wistful music]

Theo: Thank you for your advice, and for not telling my dad that I put bug in your purse.

Valerie: I told you I wouldn't, and I won't. I don't go back on my promises.

Theo: Good, me neither.

Valerie: That's good. But listen, Theo, I gotta get going.

Theo: Oh, okay. You know what, Dr. Grant, just one more thing.

Valerie: Yeah?

Theo: Kayla said she wanted you to stay in Salem?

Valerie: That's right.

Theo: I know it doesn't really matter what I think, but I'm not against it.

Valerie: Really? Thank you, Theo. That means a lot to me.

Nicole: Thank you for letting me hold her. I'll give her right back to you, I promise.

Chloe: Okay.

Nicole: All right, look at you now, pretty girl, huh? Now maybe your mommy will tell me why she ran out of the hospital to see me, huh? What do you think?

Chloe: Nicole, I--

[Phone beeps]

Chloe: Oh, um, I'm sorry. It's Deimos, texting you to apologize.

Nicole: Yeah, I'll call him later, okay?

Chloe: So, the reason I came to see you was to thank you for helping to bring this beautiful baby girl into this world, for naming her, and taking care of her when I was sick.

Nicole: Oh, please, you don't have to thank me. You really do look like parker, don't you? Yes.

Chloe: I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

Nicole: For what? Chloe, come on, your mother was just doing what she thought was right while you were unconscious, hey, but you're better now, and I'm here.

Chloe: Yeah, I really love having my friend here, and if things with you and Deimos don't--

Nicole: Okay, I don't want to talk about him right now, okay? I really don't. Besides, I believe eventually you will accept my marriage because you'll see how happy he makes me. And you wanna know what else makes me happy? Talking to my best friend, and holding the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world. Yeah, I think she's ready to walk. [Laughs] Yeah.

Brady: Don't worry. I'm not here to harass Chloe, okay?

Nancy: Good. Now you listen to me, Brady. Deimos Kiriakis is a threat to my daughter, and if you can't keep him away from her, then I'm gonna have no choice but to treat you like a threat, too.

[Dramatic music]

Sonny: You'll be happy to know Arianna didn't hear anything of your phone call.

Deimos: Well, then maybe you should keep her away because I have a lot more to say that's not for suited to young ears.

Sonny: Deimos, I think it's time for you to just cool off.

Deimos: No, I'm plenty cool. In fact, I'm ice cold. It's the way you need to be in business.

Sonny: This isn't business. It's retaliation.

Deimos: [Laughs] Oh, man. Your generation really cracks me up, you know that? You may be ambitious, but, when push comes to shove, you're all afraid to get your hands dirty.

Sonny: It doesn't make sense to strike back against André. Not in the way that you want to. Vendettas can get ugly fast. Innocent people will get hurt.

Deimos: Andre DiMera, innocent? Really?

Sonny: I'm talking about our family. What about Abigail?

Deimos: I don't operate in half measures, Sonny. This isn't a negotiation. It's a war, and if this family is gonna survive every one of us is gonna have to join the fight.

[Dramatic music]

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