Days Transcript Friday 12/30/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 12/30/16


Episode #12994 ~ Gabi helps Abigail through her panic attack; JJ receives a huge shock; as the New Year arrives, some relationships will be altered forever; Chad blasts André for keeping Abigail's "resurrection" a secret.

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Sonny: I thought you guys would be out celebrating.

JJ: No, I'm here.

Sonny: Just you? Where's Abigail? My mom just gave me the most incredible news. Can't wait to give that girl a hug.

JJ: Yeah, she's at the DiMeras.

Sonny: Right, of course. Ringing in 2017 with her husband, her little boy. Chad must be so happy she's back.

JJ: I think you'd have to ask Chad about that.

[Upbeat country music]

André: Ah...well. I'm so glad that you invited me to join you for the new year. Although I would've preferred a much more upscale venue.

Chad: It's been a hell of a year... for the DiMera family... losing father and Abigail.

André: It has been most difficult. But I really feel that in 2017, that you and I will restore our family back to its former glory. So shall we toast?

Chad: Eh, maybe I'll hold off. See, I'm still trying to decide whether or not I'm gonna kill you for making me believe my wife was dead.

André: Oh.

Gabi: I want you to sit down. Relax. You're okay. You're okay. Just breathe, okay? Listen to me. You're having a panic attack.

Abigail: My heart--

Gabi: It's okay, it's okay. You're gonna get through this. Breathe. Just relax. Just breathe. Hold on, listen to me. We're gonna get through this. We're gonna get through it together, okay? Relax, take a breath. I got you, I got you, okay? Okay? I'm here. Okay? Breathe, relax.

Abigail: Thank you.

Gabi: Listen, listen. Just sit right here.

Abigail: Thank you.

Gabi: Just breathe, and I'm gonna help you. I'm gonna do everything. Don't worry about it. I'm gonna fix this.

Abigail: What are you doing?

Gabi: I'm gonna call Chad.

Abigail: No, no! You can't. I don't--I don't need Chad's help. I'm so tired of being taken care of.

Gabi: Abby, I'm tired of the secrets. You're living in Chad's house. He needs to know what's going on with you.

Abigail: Nothing is going on.

Gabi: You had a panic attack. Okay, and I don't want it to spiral into something that you fear so much that you run away again.

Abigail: I'm not g--I'm not. I'm not going to, I swear.

Gabi: And how do you know that? You need to deal with whatever is causing all of these symptoms.

Abigail: I will. I--I am. Look, I'm talking to my grandma, I'm taking medication, but I'm not gonna have Chad feel like he's got to walk around on eggshells in front of me. I need him to know that I am strong, and I'm healthy. I'm not someone who's just gonna fall apart when things get tough.

[Tense music]

Gabi: What--what triggered this tonight? Did something happen tonight?

Abigail: Before I came here, Chad told me he didn't know if he could ever forgive me. I was just walking, and I was thinking about that-- how I may have wrecked my marriage forever.

You know, I had a life with Chad. And I walked away from him, and I pushed him right into your arms.

Sonny: So you're just sitting there? Staring into space?

JJ: Yeah--yeah, exactly.

Sonny: Oh, wait, I get it. You're having a pity party.

JJ: It's a "I have nothing better to do on New Year's Eve" party.

Sonny: Well, neither do I. So let's be losers together.

JJ: How are you always in such a good mood?

Sonny: I mean, I'm not. I'm-- it's just--it's almost 2017. Abigail's alive and well. How could it get better than that?

JJ: Maybe you should give that speech to Chad.

Sonny: I mean, how is he not happy that she's back?

JJ: I don't know, maybe 'cause he'd already moved on with someone else.

Sonny: Yeah, they weren't serious yet.

JJ: "They"--what do you mean "they"?

Sonny: Just--I mean who--the person he was moving on with.

JJ: You know about Chad and Gabi?

Sonny: Chad and Gabi?

JJ: Don't even try to play that with me. I can see it on your face. You knew Chad was trying to take away my girlfriend.

[Tense music]

André: So Abigail sold me out after all.

Chad: You faked my wife's death.

André: It was her idea. I just went along with the logistics.

Chad: She was sick. She was in no shape to make those decisions.

André: She was strong enough to know what she wanted. And she was trying to protect you. So was I.

Chad: No, you should have called me. You let me think my wife was dead. My son spent months without his mother.

André: It was a very difficult decision. It wasn't easy watching you suffer.

Chad: Oh, I'm sorry that watching me mourn my wife was so hard on you. And what--what did you even get out of this?

André: Nothing. I was just trying to help my sister-in-law in a time of need.

Chad: You wanted me weakened. You wanted me distracted so you could take over DiMera.

André: That was not my intent.

Chad: You swore I could trust you--that there would be no more secrets. You lied to me about my business. You lied to me about my family. You didn't tell me about your little microchip program, and then you took advantage of my unstable wife.

André: In both cases, I had your best interests at heart.

Chad: Why the hell should I ever believe you again?

André: Because something's happened that can change everything for our family.

Chad: Yeah, what's that?

André: Father. It's possible he's still alive.

Kate: I'm trying to get confirmation. I heard from my other source that Eduardo Hernandez is the one who stole the microchips from DiMera. Yes, I know him. At least I thought I did.

Derrick: Happy New Year! You look amazing.

Paul: Hey, you too.

Derrick: I'm excited to check out the new TBD. Supposed to be a killer party tonight.

Paul: Yup.

Derrick: Unless you want to do something else.

Paul: It's fine.

Derrick: Seriously, we could just grab dinner or stay home and watch the ball drop.

Paul: Whatever you want.

Derrick: Or hey, we could get loaded on grain alcohol, ride our hover boards down to the tattoo parlor, and get matching Justin Biebers on our backs.

Paul: What's wrong?

Derrick: Would you rather be going someplace different?

Paul: No, I said club TBD is fine.

Derrick: Maybe you'd just rather be with a different guy.

Sonny: Chad is my best friend. And I share a daughter with Gabi. So I can't say what one may or may not have told me about the other.

JJ: That's helpful.

[Somber music]

JJ: I'm not even mad at Chad. I understand why he'd fall for Gabi. I mean, the guy was alone. And she is incredible. We both know that. But he needs to leave her alone and focus on his wife.

Sonny: So what are you gonna do?

JJ: I'm gonna win Gabi back.

Sonny: Okay, how?

JJ: I haven't figured that out yet.

Abigail: How did it happen with you and Chad?

Gabi: Abigail, I--

Abigail: I need to know, because he keeps--he keeps pushing me away. I need to move forward with him. How did the two of you get together?

Gabi: We didn't--it wasn't-- it wasn't like that.

Abigail: Okay, so what was it like?

Gabi: We really have to talk about this right now?

Abigail: Yes.

Gabi: What does it matter?

Abigail: Bec--it matters because he's my husband. And I'm trying to fix a marriage that broke when I left, and he keeps pushing me away, so I don't know what to do. So yeah, I need to know what happened while I was gone, please, Gabi.

[Soft dramatic music]

Gabi: Um, Chad offered me a job as his image consultant, and...and we started working together, so we were spending time together. And I was helping him with clients and big investors, and it worked out really well, so he gave me more responsibility. You have to, um--you have to understand that during this time, we all thought you were dead. He was really lost. And he was just going through the motions of living. And when we were working together, it just felt like he started to come around, like he was--started to live again.

Abigail: And you helped him do that.

Gabi: Yes, and he helped me. You know, Arianna loved spending time with him and Thomas. Listen, if you're not okay to talk about this--

Abigail: So, um--so when-- when did things change between you two? When did you start being more than friends?

Gabi: Why do we have to talk about this?

Abigail: But when--I just feel like I need to know when you started having feelings for each other.

Gabi: I don't know. [Stammering] I don't know, Abby. It just happened. I mean, I started working together. We got closer, and I guess I started to feel different. I had a business dinner with him, and I helped him with his investor's crazy wife. And there was a connection. There was a spark. And he made me laugh. And he looked at me like I was smart and capable, and...

and I found out what JJ did. And he was there; he didn't lie to me. He made me feel like I deserved better.

I just kind of found myself-- yeah, well, that--that doesn't matter right now, so--

Abigail: Yeah, it does.

Gabi: I don't know why I'm talking about it.

Abigail: It does matter, because it's obvious that you still have feelings for him. Gabi, you love him.

Chad: How many glasses of champagne did you have before I got here?

André: I'm stone cold sober.

Chad: Father's dead.

André: Not according to Shane Donovan.

Chad: The hell are you talking about?

André: Well, the ISA is claiming that there's a possibility that father's alive and that he's building a power base in eastern Europe.

Chad: Shane's seen him?

André: Not personally, but there are rumors-- strong possibility.

Chad: Possibility?

André: Yeah, well, you know father. Anything's possible.

Chad: Did you have something to do with this?

André: Not at all. But you should know... [Sighs] That Rafe Hernandez and the Bradys have exhumed father's grave.

Chad: They dug up his body?

André: A body. Whoever that poor soul was who's buried in father's grave was not Stefano DiMera.

Kate: You don't tell another living soul what you just told me. And if you're wrong, there'll be dire consequences.

[Soft ambient music]

Eduardo: Bad news?

Kate: Well, it's business, you know.

Eduardo: On New Year's Eve? Must be important business.

Kate: Could be.

Eduardo: Well, aren't you gonna finish your drink and tell me about it?

Kate: It's kind of a time-sensitive situation, so--

Eduardo: Oh, now, surely you're not gonna ditch me on New Year's Eve. Who am I gonna watch the fireworks with?

Kate: Well, I'm gonna be blowing up a few things on my own, so...

Eduardo: They say it's a bad omen for a couple to start the new year apart.

Kate: We're doing pretty good, right? We're solid.

Paul: Just one last work call of the night, I promise.

Derrick: You couldn't take tonight off?

Paul: We're monitoring one of titan's clients who may be shipping some illegal stuff through the docks.

Derrick: Titan--owned by the Kiriakis family.

Paul: That's right.

Derrick: Sonny on the phone?

Paul: Now, why do you bring up sonny every time we're together?

Derrick: Because I know you still have feelings for him. And if you want to be with him--

Paul: I am here with you.

Derrick: But are you really?

Paul: Yes. I'm sorry. I've been distracted lately. I'm a real jerk.

Derrick: You're not a jerk.

Paul: Okay, well, I've been a terrible date.

Derrick: I can't argue with that.

Paul: Okay, look, hey, let's start over. Go over there. Hi!

Derrick: Hi.

Paul: Hi. Wow, you look great.

Derrick: You said that already. I believe you this time.

Paul: Good, because it's true. So what are we doing standing around? It's almost midnight. We got a party to get to.

Derrick: Let's do it.

Paul: Let's do it.

Sonny: I love this-- a romantic mission on New Year's Eve. You need a plan. And lucky for you, I'm here to help.

JJ: Okay, I'll take it.

Sonny: But first, I need to know what's keeping you and Gabi apart. It's not just Chad, is it?

JJ: Gabi didn't tell you? I--I screwed up. Big time.

Sonny: [Sighs] JJ, not again.

JJ: This time was different. I was in Miami looking for Abigail. I was in a bad place-- got drunk. And I ended up in bed with some woman.

Sonny: Some woman?

JJ: I don't even remember it. I woke up the next morning and realized what I'd done.

Sonny: Gabi found out?

JJ: I told her. I had to be honest with her. And we almost got past it, but then she found out that I knew Abigail was alive, and I didn't tell her.

Sonny: So it was just one too many secrets.

JJ: Yeah.

Sonny: But we agree, moving forward, you're gonna be completely honest.

JJ: Completely.

Sonny: Because, uh, I might have a little intel.

JJ: About Gabi?

Sonny: She texted me earlier, and she's gonna be at club TBD by midnight.

JJ: Midnight. And why are you telling me this now? Let's go. Why are we sitting around here? Come on. Let's get moving.

[Noisemakers honking]

Chad: So if father wasn't in the grave, then who the hell was?

André: Your guess is as good as mine.

Chad: You helped him do it, didn't you? Just like you helped Abigail fake her death.

André: The phoenix does not need my help to help him rise from the ashes.

Chad: I'm so sick of this. I have worked too hard to make this family legitimate and respectable again. All the secrets and the lies keep bringing us down.

André: Well, the police are looking for him. I'll keep you updated.

Chad: Leave me out of it. I have enough going on at home.

André: What--what are you saying? That your reunion with Abigail is not going smoothly?

Chad: It's none of your business.

André: I have a stake in this. I've grown to care about Abigail in the time she was gone. And hey, you're in shock-- angry, confused. But you do have your wife back, and you're starting the new year with your family intact. So get over your anger, count your blessings, and move on with your life.

Chad: Who the hell are you to give me advice on my marriage?

[Dramatic music]

André: Listen, I don't blame you for not trusting what I'm saying to you, believe me.

I care about you both. So let her back in; forgive her. Because if father is alive, you and Thomas are going to need her more than ever.

Gabi: What--what do you want me to say? You want me to talk about my feelings for Chad so you can hate me even more than you already do?

Abigail: I don't hate you. God, I could never hate you.

Gabi: You saw me kissing your husband.

Abigail: Did--did the two of you ever, um--

Gabi: No.

Abigail: Well, whatever happened between the two of you, it was my fault. Chad's right, I--you never would have even been together if I hadn't made you think that I was dead. And I--I wanted him to move on. I did.

Gabi: Just not with your best friend.

Abigail: That was really hard to see, yeah. I mean, the whole time I was watching you, it was all I could do not to just scream for him to stop.

Gabi: What do you--what do you mean, the whole time you were watching?

Abigail: I was in town for a little while before I said anything.

Gabi: You were watching the whole time?

Abigail: I didn't know what I was gonna do, I... [Sighs] I had heard that JJ had been shot, and so I came to check on him, and then I was saying goodbye to Thomas one last time before I took off forever.

Gabi: But you stayed.

Abigail: And then fate stepped in, and Chad found me. That's how I know--I know that we are supposed to be together, and I'll wait as long as I have to.

Gabi: Abby, what if the-- what if the panic attacks keep-- keep happening? Are you gonna tell him?

Abigail: I'm not gonna have to. I'm getting stronger. Gabi, I'm getting healthier every singe day, I am. And I believe in Chad and me. I'm gonna have my family back again. I'm gonna have my husband back. Are you gonna stand in the way of that? Hi, I'm Paul

Lani: Hey, guys. Happy New Year.

Paul: Happy New Year to you too. Uh, Lani, this is derrick. Derrick, Lani.

Derrick: Hi, nice to meet you.

Lani: Same.

Paul: So you here with someone tonight?

Lani: Nope, flying solo. You mind if I hang with you guys for a bit?

Paul: Not at all. Pull up a chair.

Lani: Cool, I'll buy the next round.

Derrick: All right.

Paul: So how's Miami?

Lani: Can't beat the beach. But, ah, I miss Theo and my dad. There's nothing like being in Salem for the holidays.

Paul: Must be nice to see some good friends.

Lani: Good to see some of them-- others not so much.

André: Hmm. Do you know that on New Year's Eve, the Chinese hide all the knives in the house? Do you know why? Because if someone cuts himself, it cuts the luck of the entire family for the coming year.

Kate: I know who stole the microchips.

[Suspenseful music]

André: Then it is indeed a Happy New Year. Who is our thief?

Kate: Eduardo Hernandez, or at least his company.

André: Well, that puts a wrench in your budding romance, doesn't it?

Kate: It has nothing to do with my relationship with Eduardo.

André: If you say so. Oh, please, let me. Is he aware that you know?

Kate: No.

André: Excellent. Then Eduardo will be none the wiser when you reclaim that which he stole.

Eduardo: When I found out my friends couldn't have dinner with me, I thought it was gonna be a bad night, but it's not a bad night. It's a good night, because I get to spend it with you. Yeah. I just hope that we can both stay awake until the fireworks start, because, you know, I love--I love fireworks, specially the big ones-- the big ones that light up the whole sky. Those are the best. When I was a little boy, you know, we didn't have a lot of stuff. We didn't have too many toys or much fun, but we always had fireworks on New Year's Eve-- on this night. Big fireworks--light up the whole sky. It was magic. We all need some magic, you know? We need magic to have a good life. I want us to have good lives. That's why I've been working really hard. We need to make really smart choices right now so that we can be successful--the whole-- the whole family be successful. You know, I want us to be proud to be Hernandez. La familia--all of us, we have a part in it. I want you to grow up knowing that you're special, you know? 'Cause you are...special. Beautiful and smart, and you're loved. Never forget that, Ari. You're loved.

[Tender music]

Gabi: Abby, whatever was going on between me and Chad, it could never compare to what you guys have.

Abigail: I'm sorry, Gabi. I really am. I--I love you so much, and I just want you to be happy. Do you think that you could ever forgive JJ and give him a second chance?

Gabi: It's not that easy.

Abigail: I'm the reason that the two of you broke up.

Gabi: No, you're not.

Abigail: No, I am. He thought that I was dead, and that's why he made that mistake. [Sighs] Gabi, he loves you so much. It's New Year's Eve. It's almost midnight. It's a fresh start, come on. What is holding you back?

[Cell phone ringing]

Abigail: It's Chad, isn't it?

Gabi: Yeah.


Kate: You expect me to personally retrieve the microchips?

André: He's your boyfriend, isn't he?

Kate: I keep my business and my personal life separate, André.

André: Since when?

Kate: Oh, really? Would you like me to seduce him and go through his pants pockets?

André: You're a resourceful woman; I'm sure you could figure that one out.

Kate: I won't be doing that.

André: Do I need to remind you that those chips are key to the worldwide tracking application I've developed? With them, our company stands to make billions. Without them, we go under.

Kate: There are other ways to retrieve the microchips.

André: Well, I'm sure there are. And if you think it's distasteful trying to retrieve those from Eduardo, you should see my methods for dealing with a thief.

[Foreboding music]

Abigail: You could have answered. What if it was something important?

Gabi: I mean, he just probably wanted to say Happy New Year. He'll leave a message.

[Cell phone ringing]

Abigail: [Laughs] I know Chad. If he wants to talk to you, then he's not gonna stop until you answer.

Gabi: Okay.

Abigail: Just please don't--don't tell him about the panic attack.

Gabi: Hello?

Chad: Gabi, hey.

Gabi: Hey, what's going on?

Chad: [Stammering] I just-- I need to talk to you.

Gabi: Yeah, well, uh, it's, uh--it's almost midnight, and, uh, you know, New Year's Eve. So I'm supposed to be headed over to the TBD.

Chad: Yeah, uh, I know. I know there's, um... there's a lot for us to discuss. Things--things are so messed up right now, and I just--you're the only one I can talk to about it.

Gabi: Chad, I--I can't really do this right now.

Chad: Where are you?

Gabi: I got to go. Happy New Year.

[Somber music]

Chad: [Whispering] Happy New Year.

Sonny: You sure we won't be in the way?

JJ: Yeah, we can go hang out at the bar, 'cause Gabi's gonna be here pretty soon.

Paul: No, no, no. We'd--we'd love you to stay.

JJ: Great. Well, Lani, I'm surprised you don't have a date tonight. You're usually knocking them away with your nightstick.

Lani: What's that supposed to mean? That I'm with a lot of guys?

JJ: No, I didn't-- I didn't say that.

Lani: 'Cause that's what it sounded like to me.

JJ: I was just trying to pay you a compliment.

Lani: You know what? Don't bother.

[Soft ambient music]

JJ: Did I do something wrong?

Sonny: No, I mean, it didn't seem that bad to me. You definitely pissed her off somehow.

JJ: We got along when we were partners. But that's the second or third time she's been cold to me.

Sonny: Why don't you go over there and just ask her what you did? Go on, you have enough drama in your life.

JJ: Hey. Did I do something to hurt you?

Lani: Are you seriously asking me that question?

JJ: I don't understand.

Lani: You don't understand? After what happened in Miami, you think that I don't have a right to be mad at you?

JJ: Miami?

Lani: Don't play stupid.

JJ: Wh-wh-wh-what are you talking about?

Lani: Or did you just conveniently forget that we slept together? Un-stop right there!

[Tender music]

Eduardo: So I don't know. What's the holdup with the fireworks? Are you ready for the fireworks, for the sky to light up?

Gabi: Not yet? [Cooing] Oh, hey there, Ari. Can I get one last Ari hug before 2017? Oh, thank you. Happy New Year.

Arianna: Happy New Year, mommy.

Gabi: You know how happy I am to see you? Do you know that you are my favorite person in this whole entire world? You know that? You know that?

Arianna: Are you sad, mommy?

Gabi: No, no, I'm not sad. I'm not sad, because I have you, okay?

Eduardo: Thought you were going to the club tonight.

Gabi: I was, but I--I drove by, and I saw you guys. And I wanted to stop by.

Eduardo: Hey.

Kate: Sorry I'm late. I hope I didn't miss any fireworks.

[Tense music]

JJ: No, this-- this is a mistake. It--it wasn't--it wasn't you. It couldn't have been.

Lani: You want to keep playing this game? Fine, I'll show you.

Paul: [Laughs]

Derrick: Your best New Year's Eve ever: Go.

Paul: What?

Derrick: Tell me about your best New Year's Eve ever. Mine was third grade. It was the first time my parents let me stay up until midnight.

Paul: Keep going.

Derrick: Nah, I'm over this.

Paul: What are you doing?

Derrick: What I should have done as soon as he showed up. Sonny?

Sonny: What's this?

Derrick: This is me being sick of being your third wheel. Paul, if you're not gonna say something, I will. Sonny, he still has feelings for you.

Paul: Derrick--

Derrick: And if the way that you've been looking at him since you walked in is any indication, you still have feelings for him too. And I'm done fighting against this. Maybe you two shouldn't either. Happy New Year.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: I couldn't imagine starting the new year without you.

[Warm music]

Eduardo: So I thought you had a work crisis.

Kate: I had a conversation, and, um, I decided you were my priority.

Eduardo: That is a lovely development.

Gabi: Hey, um, you know what? Maybe I'm just gonna skip the club and take Ari home so I can let the two of you ring in the new year.

Eduardo: No, no, no. She's already asleep. You go on ahead.

Gabi: You sure?

Eduardo: Yeah.

Gabi: Thank you. Happy New Year, Kate and Papi. Thank you for watching her.

Eduardo: It's a pleasure always.

Gabi: I'll see you all in 2017.

Kate: Yes, have fun tonight.

Gabi: Thanks.

[Warm music]

Eduardo: Well, I'm glad you, uh, came. What made you change your mind?

Kate: It's like you said-- we don't want to risk bad luck by not being together on the stroke of midnight. How long till midnight?

Eduardo: I think we, uh, have a few minutes.

Kate: I've never been that good at waiting.

Paul: Ah, well, this is awkward. You know, Derrick, he, uh-- he got jealous, and he had a couple of drinks.

Sonny: Is it true? What he said about you?

Paul: Yes. I still have feelings for you. It never stopped.

Sonny: The day that I picked you up from the hospital, you told me that you just wanted to be friends.

Paul: I didn't want to put you in a tough spot.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Paul: I know that will is still an issue for us. And if you and I ever got together, you'd feel guilty. And so would I.

Sonny: So you don't really just want to be friends?

Sonny: No. I want to be more than that.

Paul: Well, since we're being honest... I have feelings for you too.

JJ: No, I--I didn't see you in Miami. I would have remembered.

Lani: Fine, you're making me do this.

JJ: Do what?

Lani: Is that enough proof for you, partner? You and me between the sheets.

All: Five, four, three...

[Cork pops]


Lani: You're a cop. What does that tell you?

JJ: It was you.

Lani: Does that trigger your memory?

Gabi: Oh, my god. She was the woman you had sex with?

[Somber music]

Abigail: Look, I know that I can't pretend that things are back to normal between us. I have a lot of work to gain your trust back, I do, after the way that I hurt you.

Chad: Abby--

Abigail: But--I know--but right now, I'm just--I'm so grateful to get to be here with you and to be starting 2017 with my family.

Chad: And I'm grateful for that too.

Abigail: You know, last New Year's Eve, I told you Thomas was our son.

Chad: I was lost. And yes, that moment changed my life.

Abigail: That's all we really have, isn't it? Just moments--good and bad, happy, tragic. But each moment is an opportunity for us to fix our mistakes and try to get it right.

Chad: Whatever "right" means.

Abigail: I think-- I think that this feels right.

[Tender music]

To this moment... starting a new year with you.

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