Days Transcript Thursday 12/29/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 12/29/16


Episode #12993 ~ Jennifer's thrilled Chad knows the truth about Abigail and appeals to him to be understanding; Kate & Eduardo make romantic New Year's Eve plans; Justin & Lucas both show up at the hospital to be there for Adrienne; Kate learns some upsetting news.

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Adrienne: Oh, my gosh. Lucas. You didn't have to be here.

Lucas: That doesn't mean I don't want to be here.

[Phone ringing]

Lucas: Ah, wait a minute. Ah, I got to get this.

Adrienne: Oh.

Lucas: Give me a sec.

Adrienne: Yeah, sure.

Lucas: One sec.

Adrienne: No, it's okay.

Lucas: Hello?

Adrienne: Hey. I'm back. [Laughs] I enjoyed that first round of chemo so much, I couldn't stay away.


Hey, Adrienne.

Adrienne: Hey. I think my friend dropped off my cold cap this morning.

Uh, yes.

Adrienne: Oh, good.

It's all set to go. Oh. Looks like you have a visitor.

[Dramatic music]

Jennifer: Abigail didn't leave.

JJ: No, she's at Chad's. He's seen her. He knows she's alive.

Jennifer: Oh, that's great. So everything's gonna be okay now. Oh, this is great. This is great. They're back together. And Abigail has her family back.

Dario: What do you mean you didn't tell Chad that Abigail was alive?

Gabi: He, uh, already knew. She was there. In his house.

Dario: Really?

Gabi: Yeah, Thomas woke up fussing, so Chad went to go check up in him, and Abigail was holding him. This was Christmas eve. She's still there.

Dario: So they're together.

Gabi: I don't know. I--I don't know what they've decided.

Abigail: I was--I was putting Thomas down for his nap and, um, I turned on some music.

Chad: He loves that.

Abigail: Yeah, I remember. But I forgot that I-- I had made a playlist of all of our favorite songs.

[Soft acoustic music]

For once in my life I feel a little

Abigail: Do you remember how happy we were the last time we danced to this?

Looking in your eyes

Abigail: Will you dance with me?

I only want to love you

Justin: I didn't know you'd be here.

Lucas: Yeah, vice versa. Great minds, I guess. Justin.

Justin: Lucas.

Adrienne, since you're using the cold cap today, it's really important that you stay warm.

Lucas: Oh, actually, I remembered that from last time, and I made sure to bring you a blanket. Here you go.

That's great. Guys, I'm sorry, but the treatment room is crowded today. There's only room for one visitor.

Justin: Just tell me what you want me to do--

Lucas: Yeah, I'll do whatever you want.

Adrienne: Uh... I--I don't know. I don't know. I don't...

JJ: Mom, I don't want you to get your hopes too high.

Jennifer: Now, I-- what do you mean?

JJ: It means it's great that abs didn't run away, but I don't know if she and Chad are like they were before. You've got to know, it was a huge shock for him.

Jennifer: Yeah. I mean, of course, but he has to be thrilled that she's alive.

JJ: But there's more to it than that. I saw them, and... it seemed pretty tense. I--I get it. He doesn't understand why she did what she did. And he found out how long she was here without telling him. I mean, she didn't even tell him. It was an accident. He just found her, holding Thomas.

Jennifer: Yeah, but it's Chad. I mean, he's gonna understand. He--he has to.

JJ: I'm not sure it's gonna be so easy.

Jennifer: No, but--but-- I believe that God brought Abigail back to us, to Chad and Thomas, at Christmas, and he's gonna help Chad understand that, and it is gonna be the best year ever.

JJ: Mom, you know that's what I want more than--

Jennifer: No, really. It is. There's not gonna be any more secrets, and there's not gonna be any more lies. It's done. I'm gonna go see her.

Dario: Abigail's been there since Christmas eve, but you think there's a problem?

Gabi: I mean, I don't know. I--I don't know anything, but... I just have this strong feeling that underneath, Chad is very, very angry.

Dario: Yeah, that's--that's what she was scared of.

Gabi: What?

Dario: Abigail was scared to go to him, to let him know that she was alive, because she knew he'd be mad.

Gabi: Wait, she talked to you about this?

Dario: Yeah. At first, she didn't know what to do. And then when she saw him set up that shrine to her--

Gabi: A mem--a memorial.

Dario: Yeah, and bury his ring, and say, you know, that he was moving on, she thought she shouldn't do it. That it wasn't fair.

Gabi: So, wait a minute, it was fair for him to find her like that, holding the baby on Christmas eve, like she's the Madonna or something?

Dario: You're mad at her. Aren't you?

Gabi: No. No, I'm-- yeah, I don't... I don't know, okay? Abigail was my best friend. But I also saw what she put Chad through--I saw up close and personal what she did to him.

Dario: Yeah, and she saw up close and personal you trying to comfort him.

Gabi: Dario... we both thought that she was dead. She made sure everyone thought she was dead, okay? I did nothing wrong. We did nothing wrong!

Dario: No, no, no. You didn't do anything wrong... because you both thought that she was dead. But now that you both know that she's alive, what are you gonna do now?

[Song continues]

Abigail: You remember. I can see it in your eyes.

Hold me tight

Abigail: That was the happiest that I had been in...forever. Thomas had just been born. We thought that we were finally free of Ben. Free to be together. Chad, we can get back everything that we lost.

Lucky, oh, am I

Abigail: Come on.

To get a little heaven in my life

Abigail: Come on.

Loving each day spinning in orbit and I say lucky, oh, am I because you're mine

Abigail: It was the day that you asked me to marry you. It was the day that...

Holding you tight dripping and alive

Chad: I'm sorry, I can't. I can't.

Eduardo: Contemplating our new year's eve resolutions, are we?

Kate: Don't sneak up on me like that, okay? And no, because resolutions are for people with low self-esteem.

Eduardo: And would not, therefore, apply to you. So I guess we're not in a great mood.

Kate: I'm not in the best of moods, no. But I am sorry for snapping.

Eduardo: Sorry I made you snap. I am looking forward to later tonight, though. Been, uh, imagining you, uh, in a funny hat.

Kate: [Laughs] I'm not sure I'm in a funny hat sort of place, actually. I--I'm not even sure I'm gonna be much fun.

Eduardo: You want to tell me what's bothering you?

Kate: I think that I'm angry with myself for overreacting. You know, as--as many times as Stefano has come back to life, I--you would think I would just take it in stride.

Adrienne: This is kind of weird, you know? A girl might want two guys to fight over her to ask her to the prom, but not about chemotherapy.

Lucas: We could flip a coin.

Justin: This isn't funny.

Lucas: No, it isn't. Nor is it fair to Adrienne to put her on the spot like this when she's about to have another treatment. Like I said before, I will do whatever you want.

Gabi: What--what do you mean what am I gonna do now?

Dario: I'm asking if you're still going after Chad.

Gabi: Okay, one, I'm not going after him. Two, Chad is married, Dario. So no, I'm not gonna do anything.

Dario: Well, that's a good thing that he's married, for your sake. You know, I never know what you saw in him in the first place.

Gabi: I love talking about my personal life with you. Fun.

Dario: Was it the money?

Gabi: Wow. Smooth, Dario. Yeah, that's-- God. "Was it the money?" You really have a low opinion of me.

Dario: No, no, no, I have a low opinion of him.

Gabi: No, well, that's wrong. It's wrong because he is a decent guy. And actually, he comes from a family that is more screwed up than ours, and he's trying to be a good guy. And then the woman that he loves makes everyone think she's dead? And he keep going on for his son's sake?

Dario: You know, you should contact the pope. Put him up for sainthood.

Gabi: I'm just gonna leave.

Dario: Well, let me ask you this: Did--did he get you that necklace? Did he come on to you for his son's sake?

Gabi: You are a jerk.

Dario: Gabi, quick review: Will, the gay father of your kid. Nick, your sociopathic husband. And JJ "can't keep it in his pants" Deveraux. Am I really out of line questioning your vetting process when it comes to men?

Gabi: [Sighs] Yes, Dario, I've made mistakes. But Chad--

Dario: Let's cut to the chase, okay? The fact that Abigail is still in the picture, the fact that Chad is still married, doesn't mean anything 'cause you're still hung up on him. And the question is, is he still hung up on you?

Abigail: I'm sorry, I...

Chad: No, listen, I'm sorry.

Abigail: No, Chad, it's okay. I get it. Music, it, um...

[Song stops]

Abigail: It brings back memories. And I know that I still get tripped up a little bit when it's something happy. I think I've just had so much weird, negative stuff going on in my head for so long that something happy's pretty powerful. So I pushed too hard, and I-- I'm sorry, I won't let it happen again. But I--I do think that it's really important for us to try to get back to normal. And so, I um, I got online, and I was--I was looking up stuff for new year's. And...well, guess what? You can get just about anything delivered, from champagne to party hats.


Chad: Is that what--cham-- champagne and--and party hats isn't gonna fix what happened to us.

Abigail: Why not? I mean, why can we not just at least try?

Chad: Because it isn't that simple, Abby. I told you--do you remember? I told you last night. I don't want any more running, hiding, or lying.

Abigail: Is that seriously what you think I'm--

Chad: Well, if you can't accept that things have changed, if you just want to snap your fingers and have everything go back to the way that they were, then yes, you are lying. You're lying to yourself. Things can change.

Abigail: Okay. I have been lying to myself. You're right. But I think--I think that I've just been doing it for so long now that it's--it's, like, hard for me to stop. I... but Chad, you're right. I--it's time--it's way past time for me to start being open and completely honest about everything. Ok, let me explain.

Eduardo: Did you just say that Stefano is not dead?

Kate: Uh, yes. Apparently so. Though he's not back in Salem, thank God, but he is among the living. That man pretends to be dead like other men pretend to care what women think. Although, it does make sense. It makes sense, in a sick sort of way, if he really is still alive.

Eduardo: So... you're not sure?

Kate: No, though, given his track record, I should be sure. He certainly could be the one behind all the trouble we're having at DiMera.

Eduardo: DiMera enterprises is having trouble?

Kate: Yeah, but I shouldn't have told you that. I mean, I said that to you only as a friend.

Eduardo: I know. I know. I want you to tell me when something is bothering you. Are you afraid of him?

Kate: No. No. Believe me, I would be glad if the son of a bitch was still alive. It makes life so much more interesting. [Sighing] Look, I--I have to get going. I need to get to the hospital, so--

Eduardo: Oh, right, yeah. Yeah, just found out your ex-husband is back from the dead, and have to go help the woman who stood up your son at the altar. Just another average day in the life of Kate. For the record, I do care what you think. Especially about the important stuff.

Gabi: Chad is not hung up on me, okay? We're friends, and I helped him through a bad time. Let me ask you: If you were so horrified that Chad and I might get together, why didn't you just tell me she was alive?

Dario: Look, uh... I know you're not gonna believe me, but I was actually trying to do the right thing. Okay, Abigail was having these crazy panic attacks. I saw one, and it was-- it was bad.

Gabi: Okay, so don't you think she needed help?

Dario: She begged me to keep my mouth shut.

Gabi: Okay, so a woman that has a history of mental illness, and she's having scary panic attacks? You just go along with whatever she says?

Dario: Okay, okay, maybe-- maybe I screwed up, and maybe I'm a jerk, and I keep saying the wrong thing over and over, but the fact of the matter is the one person who I've been worried about in this, and I'm still worried about, is you. I love you, okay? And I'm sick and tired of seeing you get hurt by men who don't deserve you.

Abigail: You asked if I remembered what you said last night. Yes. Of course I remembered what you said. My gosh, I stayed up all night thinking about it. You said that you didn't know how long it was gonna take you to get over being mad at me. You did not say you didn't know if you could get over it. So I say to myself, "it'll happen." It's gonna happen, so I'm just gonna sit here, I'm gonna take care of Thomas, and I'm gonna wait.

Chad: Abby--

Abigail: No. No. Listen to me. And the most important thing that you said was that there can be no more lying. And I have been. I--I completely own that. I have been lying to myself. Gosh, if you knew how many times I had said to my mom, to my brother, to--to Thomas, standing over his crib, saying good-bye to him, that I thought--I truly thought that the two of you would be better off if you thought that I was dead. And--and then I found--I found myself saying, "Abby, just-- just go. Abby, go and leave them alone. They'll be so much happier." But now... now, I--I know that that was--that was a lie. I was just afraid.

Chad: Of what? Me?

Abigail: I was afraid of loving you more than you loved me.

Chad: [Chuckles]

Abigail: And I was afraid that... I was afraid that you weren't gonna want me back. I was afraid that I wasn't good enough for you. I was afraid of being hurt. But Chad, my gosh, I believe in my soul, like in everything that I have, that it was fate that made you walk into that room that night, find me in Thomas' room, I believe that. I do, and then when you said-- you said that I could stay, you said it yourself, and I... I felt, yes, that's fate. That's fate saying, like, "you are supposed to be here. You're supposed to be here. You're supposed to be here with Chad, and with Thomas," and the more that I have spent time with you, that I've seen you, and I've loved you, and I've held you, my gosh, I never want to go anywhere again.

[Dramatic music]

Know what I want.

Kate: She wants you to leave her the hell alone. The doctors have said ad nauseam she needs to avoid stress. I don't know what you don't understand about the two of you playing frick and frack, because that defines stress.

Lucas: How do you really feel, mom?

Kate: Lucas--

We're ready for you.

Adrienne: Okay.

Kate: You want to go?

Adrienne: Yes.

Kate: Have your cold cap?

Adrienne: Yes. It's in place. Thank you.

Lucas: Well, we can't keep doing this--

Justin: Okay, you and I need to talk--

Lucas: To her. Buy you a cup of coffee?

JJ: Hey.

Gabi: Hi.

JJ: You have a minute?

Gabi: I mean, I just, I don't know what else there is to say.

JJ: Really? Look, I--I know that this is all pretty tense. Most of that is my fault. But I think you and I should be able to have a normal conversation. Abigail's still my sister. She's still your friend. Chad, um...

Gabi: What about Chad?

JJ: I think even if it takes time, he and Abigail are gonna work things out.

Gabi: JJ, why do you feel the need to tell me that?

JJ: Because. I hope you can let go of how you feel about him.

Chad: I--I just--I f--

Abigail: No, no, no. You don't have to say anything. I know, gosh, you've got to-- you feel trapped.

Chad: No--

Abigail: No, you do. You do. You have to, because you're having to deal with a wife who's--got to handle 'cause you're afraid she's gonna flip out again. You've got a--got a son that-- got to make decisions for. But at the same time, you have to be completely honest, because then otherwise, this is never gonna work out.

Chad: No, honestly, what I feel--

Abigail: You feel trapped.

Chad: No, I feel--no, I don't, I feel overwhelmed. Look, I told you. I don't know when I'm gonna get over being mad at you, and-- and I can say the same thing about the trust. Look, I didn't--I didn't have to go through what you did, but-- is overwhelming how many people have lied to me about how many different things. And if there's one thing that I've learned, as a DiMera, and as a man, it is--it is once that trust is broken, it is nearly impossible. And it's like you want me to forget the last six months--

Abigail: No!

Chad: Ever happened. And I don't--and I don't think that's possible.

Abigail: No, I don't either. I don't--that's not what I'm asking you. No, I... but I do need you to know I didn't do this to hurt you. I was truly, honestly crazy. Out of my mind. Unable to make decisions. And all I can do now is just be patient. And wait. Just wait for you to trust that I'm not like that anymore. I'm not. I'm here, and I'm back. I'm on my way back to you, to my--my family.

Chad: I don't know what you want me to say. I don't know... what I'm gonna feel or when I'm gonna feel it.

Abigail: Can you tell me how you feel right now? Do you think that it--it could have anything to do with Gabi? Do you still love her?

[Machinery buzzing]

Adrienne: Thanks for being here. I know it can't be fun.

Kate: You kidding me? I wouldn't pass up a chance to read six-month-old magazines.


Adrienne: You know, it's funny, I read everything I could about Angelina Jolie. I mean, she was so matter-of-fact and sure of herself. Maybe I'm just vain and stupid.

Kate: You're not vain, nor are you stupid. You're just exploring your options. If you don't want to get a mastectomy, you don't have to.

Adrienne: It is vain, Kate. I don't want to be disfigured. That's how I see it, and I know, I'm sorry, I--I shouldn't look at it that way. I'm--I'm not even supposed to use the word. I'm supposed to be positive about it.

Kate: Who the hell are these word police? You can use any word you want to with me, okay? You don't have to be a poster child.

Adrienne: Thanks. Kate?

Kate: Yeah?

Adrienne: I hate the way they look at me.

Kate: Justin and Lucas? Yeah. They don't have to be here. It's like bringing two puppies along with you to chemo, isn't it?

Adrienne: [Laughs]

Kate: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I have a big mouth.

Adrienne: No. [Laughs] You're the only person I know who could make me laugh at chemo, seriously, Kate.


Adrienne: And you're right, they are like puppies. They are exactly like puppies.

Kate: I know, right? We have to get you a rolled-up newspaper.


Dario: So, now that Myron has that last microchip--

Eduardo: Finally has the last microchip.

Dario: He's making some progress.

Eduardo: So he says. That screw-up with the stupid purse cost us time we couldn't afford to lose. I'm sure the DiMeras have been using it to play catch-up. Although, they may be a little distracted right now. Seems that Stefano is back from the dead.

Dario: You won't believe what I thought you just said.

Eduardo: [Laughs] It's true. Apparently the guy is a serial faker of his own death.

Dario: I guess that's a hard habit to break.

Eduardo: So we've got to keep Myron's feet to the fire. 'Cause once the DiMeras regroup, they'll be hell-bent on getting all their toys back.

Dario: How do you think Kate's gonna react to that?

Eduardo: Kate loves a fight. She'll come roaring back. She's not gonna hold this against me. I mean, given the circumstances, she'd have done exactly the same thing.

Dario: She's gotten to you, hasn't she?

Eduardo: More than anyone I've ever met.

Justin: We, um, really need to find a way to stop jousting with each other.

Lucas: Well, you could pack up and move. Just a joke.

Justin: Wasn't funny. New rule: We don't fight in front of her.

Lucas: How about we don't fight at all? Not even in private. The most important thing is for Adrienne to get through this. I think we both are on the same page about that.

Justin: I know you only want what's best for her.

Lucas: And I know you still love her.

Justin: And I know you love her too. And I really hate being a grown-up, but for her sake?

Lucas: Yeah. For Adrienne's sake.

Gabi: What--what part of, "none of this is your business" don't you understand?

JJ: Don't pull that with me. My sister is still hanging on by a thread. Anything that concerns her is my business.

Gabi: I get it. I get that. Abigail's my best friend, and I get what she's been through, but I'm not gonna feel guilty about trying to help Chad get over her death.

JJ: I know.

Gabi: You said it yourself. Abigail is hanging on by a thread. I love her. I want her to get better, but if she can't, she's gonna hurt Chad all over again.

JJ: You don't want to see Chad get hurt. I get that. Do you get I don't want to see you get hurt either? Because I know how much I hurt you. And I don't expect anything, but I want you to know... I still love you.

Jennifer: Abigail. Oh, honey, I'm so glad-- I'm so glad you're here, and that you didn't run away. She was, um... she was just scared, you know? Scared to come forward and face you, but I'm-- I am so grateful that she did.

Chad: That's not exactly how it happened.

Abigail: He's right, ma. I came in to check on Thomas. I was gonna say good-bye to him, and Chad came in. So I didn't really come forward.

Jennifer: But does that really matter? I mean, what matters is you're-- you're here, and you're gonna be a family again.

Chad: I don't think we can get ahead of ourselves. We have a lot to work out, talk.

Abigail: Yeah, you know, I think we've probably talked about enough for right now. So I just feel like I need some air.

Jennifer: Okay. I'll come with you--

Abigail: No. Mom. No. I just--I'm fine, I-- I just need to be alone, okay?

Jennifer: Can you tell me why you're pushing her away? More "doing chores for mom" per roll

Kate: I have to say, I'm so glad that I seem to have underestimated my son and your ex. Looks like they finally realized they need to grow up.

Adrienne: [Chuckles] You were great today. And you know, as I'm thinking about it, I don't think you need to come with me to chemo all the time. In fact, I think I'm gonna alternate Justin and Lucas.

Kate: [Gasps] Ooh. I think that's a great idea.

Adrienne: But when it comes time to have the surgery...

Kate: I'm gonna be there. You can count on me.

Adrienne: Thank you. Oh, thank you. [Sighs]

Anne: Hey.

Lucas: Hey.

Anne: You remember me?

Lucas: Of course. Yeah.

Anne: Oh, well I hope I'm not--hope I'm not being too pushy.

Lucas: You, pushy? No, not at all, Anne. Have a seat.

Anne: Oh. You do remember me.

Lucas: Yeah.

Anne: I was thinking maybe I could ask you a favor.

Lucas: Well, you can ask.

Anne: Okay. So, uh, I have had a little bit of a hard time finding a job since DJ wear went bust, and, well, there is a marketing position out there right now that is so perfect for me. But it's at "the spectator."

Lucas: Oh.

Anne: Yes, so it's my dream job.

Lucas: Sure.

Anne: Except that your sister Jennifer happens to own it, and also happens to hate me.

Lucas: Think she's overreacting? You've gone out of your way to make her life miserable, Anne. Haven't you? That was you, right?

Anne: Yes, it was a terrible thing I did, and I deeply regret it.

Lucas: Do you? Do you regret it because you know it was wrong, or because you want something from her?

Anne: Is that a trick question? I'm kid--I'm kidding. Lucas, I'm kidding. Come on, I--I will do a really good job. I will, and I will treat her with respect and courtesy, and so I'm asking if you could just put in a good word with her. Will you?

Lucas: I don't think that's such a good idea.

Anne: It would mean-- it would mean the world to me.

Lucas: All right, I will think about it.

Anne: Thank you.

Lucas: Yeah.

Chad: Look, I'm not trying to push her away. I just can't turn off how I feel.

Jennifer: Don't--don't you feel grateful that she's alive?

Chad: Yes, I do, and I feel angry, and doubt. She broke my trust, Jennifer.

Jennifer: She was ill.

Chad: Yeah, you weren't. JJ wasn't. You knew she was alive, and you just sat there, and you watched me grieve?

Jennifer: Yes, you're right, but don't you remember what she was like after what Ben had done to her mind? So yes, I kept a secret, and I made JJ promise to keep the secret, and I believe that I was right. We had to play it her way. Don't you see? Because if her whole world came crashing down, she could have just snapped, and I could have lost her forever.

Chad: Yeah, and I'm scared that that's still gonna be a possibility. We're gonna have to be completely honest, and I'm afraid that--that I... what if I make a promise I can't deliver? That might be more than she can take.

[Dramatic music]

Chad: I don't know when I'm gonna stop being mad at you, Abby. I don't--I don't-- I don't know if I can trust that you're not gonna run away every time something gets tough again.

Abigail: [Sobbing] [Panicked breathing]

Both: Cheers.

[Phone ringing]

Kate: Oh. Oh, no. I'm sorry. I just have to take this.

Eduardo: Okay.

Kate: Hello? So, did you find out who stole the microchips from André DiMera? Eduardo Hernandez? That can't be true. Revise that. It can be true, I guess I just don't want it to be. Actually, it makes all the sense in the world.

Jennifer: Chad, I understand what--what Abigail did was misguided. But she did it out of love, and once you get past this bitterness and resentment, you'll see that's true.

Chad: Yeah, well, no, I know that's true. But we can't just--we can't just--just pick up and-- and go on like nothing happened to us.

Jennifer: Right. I know. I know Abigail needs time alone. Please let me know how she's doing.

Chad: Yes, of course. Of course.

Jennifer: I'm gonna be praying for both of you.

[Delicate music]

Gabi: What? Okay, yeah.

Chad: Huh? See?

Gabi: Yeah, no, I see. We are definitely on the same wavelength.

Chad: I knew your favorite color was purple.

Gabi: It's beautiful.

Abigail: [Panicked breathing]

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: [Panicked breathing] Mm. [Hyperventilating] Oh. Oh. [Panicked breathing] [Gasping] [Hyperventilating]

Gabi: Abigail, are you okay? Come here. Are you--are you okay? Are you okay?

Abigail: Oh, God. [Hyperventilating]

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