Days Transcript Wednesday 12/28/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 12/28/16


Episode #12992 ~ Brady & Deimos suspect that Nancy knows the truth; André & Kate are stunned by Rafe's request; Marlena, Steve, & Kayla take a trip down memory lane; Joey & Jade start to look forward to being parents.

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Nancy: I'm here, baby. I'm here, Chloe.

Brady: I, uh... I didn't know you'd be here so quickly. The flights have been booked for days.

Nancy: Ah, fortunately, I got a sympathetic ticket agent. Oh, there she is. Just look at you. Perfect little angel. I'm your grandma Nancy. We're gonna be spending a lot of time together.

Brady: She's a cutie. She's got a set of lungs on her, too.

Nancy: [Laughs] I wish the hell you would get out of here.

Deimos: She's not the only one with a set of lungs.

Nancy: [Sighs] You are the last person that Chloe would want to see.

Nicole: You know, the nurse's said that-- Nancy. Hi.

Nancy: Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, I'm so sorry about Chloe.

Nancy: I know, I know. Thank you for being here. This is Estelle, the social worker.

Nicole: Social worker?

Nancy: Yeah, she's helping me with a temporary custody situation. I'm taking the baby home with me today.

[Ominous music]

André: I don't think I heard you correctly, it sounded like you said--

Rafe: Oh, you heard right. We need to exhume Stefano's body.

André: Absolutely not. What would prompt you to make such a macabre request?

Rafe: Well, we have reason to believe that Stefano's still alive.

Brady: Nancy, are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, taking the baby to new York?

Nancy: Oh, honey, I didn't mean home home. The Salem inn, I'm staying there until Chloe recovers.

Nicole: They're letting her leave the hospital? She's just so little.

Nancy: Nicole, I talked to the doctor, she's perfectly healthy. Um... besides, hospitals are a breeding ground for germs.

Deimos: And why should you be granted temporary custody? I mean, isn't that rather presumptuous of you?

Nancy: I think it's rather presumptuous of you to insert yourself into a conversation that's none of your business.

Deimos: I'm just looking out for Chloe.

Nancy: Well, now that I'm here, I'll handle that.

Estelle: It's a standard protocol, that in the absence of any express wishes by the mother, the child goes to its closest relative. In this case, that would be Nancy.

Nancy: Did you get all that, Deimos?

Nicole: I just... wish I could've spent more time with her.

Brady: Nic, it's not like she's leaving town.

Nicole: I know, I'm just--I'm gonna miss her so much. No, I know it sounds silly, but, I mean, I've only know holly for, like, what, two seconds?

Nancy: Holly? Holly. Oh, Nicole, that's beautiful, it's perfect. She's our Christmas miracle.

Nicole: I'm glad you like it. Chloe asked me to name her, and at first, I wasn't sure if I should.

Nancy: You named the baby?

Nicole: I mean, I--I think it's because she was so grateful that I was there to help with the birth and, you know, it's probably her way of acknowledging that.

Nancy: Of course. You've always been such a good friend.

Deimos: Yes, she has.

Nicole: Nancy, I would really love to help out in any way I can. I mean, if you need someone to babysit while you're here with Chloe...

Nancy: I don't think that'll be necessary. But thank you for offering.

Brady: Nancy, you did say that you didn't want holly to spend too much time at the hospital. I mean, if you're here with Chloe, you might need an extra hand.

Nicole: Please, Nancy. Please let me help.

André: A surveillance photo? You must be joking.

Rafe: Afraid not.

André: Well, that doesn't prove that my father's alive. I was with my father moments before that building collapsed. I saw his hand, I removed his ring.

Rafe: But you never saw his face. Two weeks passed between Stefano's alleged death and the time that you found his body.

André: Alleged? Perhaps you'd like to refresh our memories, detective Hernandez. Just how many bullets did hope Brady pump into my father's chest?

Kate: It does sound a bit far-fetched, even for Stefano.

Rafe: We cannot rule out the possibility that Stefano's still alive and that the body that was found was not his.

André: A body that has the exact DNA as my father. I'm sorry, but that's not plausible.

Steve: Well, we already talked to Shawn about that.

Rafe: Yeah, and he said that the DNA was not in his possession the entire time. He gave it to his techs, and then he merely read the statement.

Steve: Which means it could've been tampered with.

André: Oh, for god's sake!

Steve: You know your father always had moles inside the department, you know that.

Marlena: And knowing Stefano, this wouldn't be the first time this has happened, or the second or the third.

Rafe: If you just give us the permission to exhume his body, we will simply re-test the DNA.

André: I know my father. If he were still alive, he would have contacted me.

Kayla: We understand this is a lot to comprehend--

André: No, it's absolutely ridiculous, is what it is. People put me behind bars so that your precious hope could escape punishment for the murder of my father. And now that the tables have turned... you're coming to me for help? Not on your bloody life. Got your veggies, your protein, your whole grain. Everything you and the baby need.

Jade: So sweet of you.

Joey: Want to know what's even sweeter? Sweet potatoes. My grandma's secret recipe.

Jade: Ooh. You didn't have to go through all of this trouble.

Joey: It was no biggie, I just did a quick search on what pregnant women should eat, and this was all on the list. Might've taken some liberty on the sweet potatoes. Try 'em.

Jade: Mmm. Is that maple syrup?

Joey: And vanilla bean.

Jade: [Laughs] These are legit.

Joey: Right? That was, like, my favorite thing when I would stay home sick from school. Even though most of the time I wasn't really sick, I was just hungry. No matter how busy my mom was, she would always find the time to whip me up a batch.

Jade: Must've been nice. I was lucky if I got cold cereal and milk.

Joey: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you...

Jade: It's okay. I wasn't looking for sympathy, I just... mood swings. One of the many perks of being pregnant.

Joey: You know, if I could be the one going through all this, I would.

Jade: No you wouldn't. But I'll remember that when I'm pushing a ten-pound baby out of my body.

Joey: Ten pounds?

Jade: Well, if you keep feeding me these sweet potatoes.

Joey: [Laughs]

Jade: You know, it's funny--they say pregnant women glow. Not this one, I look like a corpse.

Joey: I think you look beautiful.

Nancy: Nicole, you are so sweet to offer, but, you know, hang out with my little granddaughter, it's gonna be a welcome distraction. It will help me keep strong for Chloe.

Nicole: Okay. But if you change your mind...

Nancy: Honey, you will be the first person I call. Now, I'm gonna go check on my girls. Estelle, I won't be long.

Deimos: Nicole... I'm sorry. I know how much you bonded with that little girl.

Nicole: You know, maybe it's for the best. Maybe it's my conscience telling me not to attach myself to another child.

Brady: Nic, you're over-thinking these things. Don't do that.

Nicole: You're probably right. It's just--I just felt this connection between us. You know, when I held her in my arms for the first time, it was so magical, like I was supposed to be there. Oh, my god, does that sound weird?

Deimos: No. No, not at all.

Nicole: You know, when I look at that little girl, she looks so much like parker did when he was a baby. It's funny, I used to think parker was all Daniel, but... I guess he's a lot more like Chloe than I realized. Would you excuse me, please? I must look like a mess.

Deimos: If holly resembles parker... that suggests to me that Daniel is the father.

Brady: It's looking more and more like this baby belongs to Nicole.

Kayla: André, I think that you should reconsider.

André: I think I've considered this ridiculous notion long enough, so if you'll excuse me--

Marlena: You know what? You're right. It is ridiculous. And I can see how you would be skeptical. Um, I just--I'm not sure what it's about. Is this maybe about...

André: You know, I cannot believe the lengths that you people will go to protect your own. And you think the DiMeras are corrupt?

Marlena: Is it hope? Is that what it's about? I mean, do you want to see her in prison whether she's innocent or guilty?

André: Hope Brady was proven guilty by a court of law. There's no debating that.

Kate: If Stefano is alive, it would explain the discrepancies.

Steve: What discrepancies?

Kate: I found some unusual transactions in our European accounts. The only one who would be able to authorize those would be André, unless...

Steve: Unless it was Stefano.

Rafe: We want access to all those records. Everything. This could be huge.

André: Neither of us has that authority. Chad is the CEO, you'll have to contact him.

Steve: Well, we already tried that. He's not returning our calls.

Kate: I haven't been able to get in touch with him, either.

Rafe: Look. We all know that Chad is gonna agree to the exhumation, so this stonewalling, it's just--it's not gonna get you anywhere. Now, if you were to agree, maybe you'd get a few points with the Salem pd. Might come in handy one day.

André: [Chuckles] Are we negotiating now, are we?

Rafe: Do we have your permission?

André: Let me get this straight. You have imprisoned, thus far, a few people, including myself, for a crime that you're now trying to say might not have occurred. Is that correct? Well, if the Salem pd wants to say of its wrongdoing for the fourth time, who am I to stand in its way?

Rafe: So you're saying we're playing ball?

André: What I'm saying is... I'd be more than happy to prove you wrong, once again. So go ahead, exhume the body. Test the DNA so I can finally lay my father to rest once and for all.

Rafe: Thank you.

Joey: Okay. You want anything else, maybe some "healthy" dessert?

Jade: Ugh, no, I think if I eat anything else, I might explode.

Joey: Mm, don't want that to happen. At least not on my shift.

Hal: So, this is where you've been hiding. Look your father in the eyes, damn it.

Joey: You kicked her out. She doesn't have to talk to you.

Hal: She tell you what she did? Your little girlfriend's quite the thief.

Joey: I think you should leave.

Hal: You sneak back into my house, you stole my money. I want it back, you ungrateful little bitch.

Deimos: Is it just me, or did you think that Nancy was acting strange earlier?

Brady: When Nicole offered to watch holly?

Deimos: Yeah.

Brady: Yeah, I picked up on that.

Deimos: It was as if she didn't want Nicole anywhere near the baby.

Brady: I'm wondering if Chloe confided in her at some point.

Deimos: My guess would be a definite yes. That woman knows something.

Brady: But if it is Nicole's baby, why would she keep it from her? I've known Nancy a long time, I mean, she's had her moments, but she's a decent person.

Deimos: No, one thing we can be certain of is how she feels about me.

Brady: No, she doesn't like you very much, does she?

Deimos: No.

Brady: She and I have always been pretty close. If that baby is Nicole's and that's the truth, I'll find out.

Nancy: Chloe? I'm not sure if you can hear me... but honey, I don't know what to do. Nicole is holly's mother. She deserves to know that she has a child, and that a part of Daniel lives on. She already loves that little girl so much. I feel horrible lying to her. But what do I do? Sweetheart, I need a sign. Okay? If you can hear me, squeeze my hand. Please squeeze my hand. Please wake up. Please wake up.

Deimos: Hey.

Nicole: [Clears throat]

Deimos: You all right?

Nicole: Yeah, I'm all better. Nothing a little lipstick can't fix.

Deimos: Come on, Nicole, we both know that's not true.

Nicole: I don't know why this has gotten to me so much. I mean, I was actually preparing myself to be holly's godmother. I mean, can you believe that? That's where my mind was going. I mean, I just assumed that I would watch holly while Chloe recovered, or at least helped out. Oh, I sound like a crazy person.

Deimos: No, you sound like a friend. A good friend who would drop everything to be there for someone in need.

Nicole: I think it's more selfishly motivated than that. I mean, you are talking to a woman who kidnapped another woman's baby because she wanted to raise her on her own.

Deimos: That's not who you are anymore. And that's not what this is about.

Nicole: No. Then why do I feel so sad? And why does my heart hurt so much?


Nancy: Yeah, hold on.

Brady: Oh, I can come back.

Nancy: I will. Yes. [Chuckles] Okay. I love you, too. Bye.

Brady: Was that Craig? It's a shame he can't be here.

Nancy: Oh, he has his hands full with parker. I didn't want him to see his mom this way.

Brady: Of course. I get that.

Nancy: Brady, I can't thank you enough. I mean, if you hadn't gotten to Chloe when you did, she...

Brady: No, it's okay. It's okay--look, I can't take all the credit, I mean, it was Deimos that arranged the helicopter.

Nancy: I do not want to hear that man's name. And I do not want him anywhere near this hospital room--

Brady: I understand. I get it. I didn't think it would be a problem. I am sorry.

Nancy: No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be so hard on you, Brady. It's just that, you know how protective I am of Chloe. Especially when it comes to men.

Brady: With good reason.

Nancy: And speaking of which, has anyone contacted Phillip? I'm sure he'd want to know what's going on.

Brady: Phillip is, uh... he's AWOL, I mean, he quit his job, he left town. Nobody really knows where he is.

Nancy: She broke his heart again, didn't she, Brady? I don't know what she's afraid of, why she pushes people away. If I just had one wish for her, it would be that she's happy and healthy and, well, that she'd find a nice young man to settle down with. Someone that loves her unconditionally.

Brady: I want that for her, too. I do. I don't suppose holly's father would be a candidate. The nurse's were asking, Nancy. They want some information for the birth certificate, and... of course, it would be good to know holly's heredity. If you know who the father is, I think we should probably contact him. Do you know who he is?

Nancy: Unfortunately, I don't. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to spend some time alone with my daughter.

Brady: Okay.

Jade: What money, dad? What're you talking--

Hal: Just stop it! Don't play that game with me, kid. It's gone, all of it.

Joey: Anyone could have taken your money.

Hal: Really? I guess then Jade wouldn't mind me looking in her backpack.

Jade: No, it's mine!

Hal: Oh, uh-oh. Whoo. What do we have here? Mm.

Jade: I was gonna pay you back. I promise.

Hal: Thief and a liar.

Joey: Don't talk to her like that.

Hal: You know what? I knew you'd never amount to nothing. You're just a deadbeat freeloader.

Joey: I said don't talk to her like that!

Kayla: I wish Rafe would call with an update.

Steve: I'm sure they're moving as fast as they can, sweetness.

Kayla: You know, I don't know what to hope for. Because if Stefano is alive, then hope walks free.

Marlena: Ah, yes. But if he's dead, we never have to worry about him again.

Steve: So look at that. It's a win-win.

Kayla: Or lose-lose. Then we wad it up to make it nice and soft.

Brady: Hey, thanks for coming. Uh, do you want to go to your office or the cafeteria? We can get a bite to eat--

Marlena: You know, thank you, I just don't have that kind of time. I've got to get back to the police station.

Brady: Is everything okay?

Marlena: Yeah, we can discuss that later. What do you want to talk about, you sounded a bit upset on the phone.

Brady: I need some advice. But everything I tell you has to be kept confidential.

Marlena: It always is.

Brady: It's about Chloe. Without going into too much detail... I believe that the baby Chloe gave birth to is actually Nicole and Daniel's.

Marlena: She was their surrogate?

Brady: Exactly. But she didn't tell Nicole. And now Chloe's in a coma and she can't tell her.

Marlena: So your question is, should you tell her?

Brady: Right. Here's the problem: I'm not 100% sure that Nicole is the baby's mother. And if she's not, I don't want to risk telling her, but at the same time, if Nicole is the baby's mother, she deserves to know, right? So I don't know what to do. What do I do?

Marlena: You want my professional advice?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Um, well, since you're not sure, I think you should wait. Because if you tell Nicole, and you're wrong... there's only so much heartbreak a person can take in their lifetime. And I think she has hit her limit.

Brady: Agreed. It's good advice. I'll do what I can to find the truth and... I'll take it from there.

Joey: Take your stupid money and go.

Hal: I don't think so. Not until I get an apology from klepto.

Joey: You don't have to say anything, Jade. You're the one who should be apologizing. She's your daughter.

Hal: Unfortunately.

Joey: What's wrong with you? Look at her! Look how upset she is. She's pregnant with your grandchild. You think all this stress is good for the baby?

Hal: There shouldn't even be a baby and you know it and I know it. Father doesn't like to say things like this about his daughter, but you know what? Jade's just a straight up slut.

Joey: Go to hell.

Hal: [Laughs] You know what? You two like a reality show, you know that? Babies having babies. You're too young and you're too selfish. The diapers, screaming, everything else, you think you're gonna be able to deal with that?

Joey: I'm not gonna abandon my child or the mother of my child. Jade and I are in this together. She's gonna be a great mother.

Hal: [Laughs] Good luck with that. She couldn't even take care of her pet hermit crab. You remember that, Jade? Two weeks--eh.

Joey: Look, you got what you wanted. Why don't you just go?

Hal: Still waiting for my apology.

Joey: In case you didn't read the sign, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. So unless you want me to call my uncle at the police station, I suggest you leave. Now.

Hal: You can keep that. Doesn't mean nothing to me.

André: Ugh. You know, I don't know about you... but sipping bad coffee at the Salem pd was not exactly on my agenda today. Tastes like petrol. [Sighs]

Kate: Is there something you're not telling me?

André: I beg your pardon?

Kate: You were so insistent that Stefano was dead. Which seems very peculiar to me, after all the stunts that Stefano's pulled.

André: If you had heard what I said, paying attention... if my father were alive, he would've contacted me by now.

Kate: Really? Because he shared everything with you? Including the fact that he was dying of cancer? I'm sorry that I said that. I know that you and Stefano were close, but I thought I was close with him, as well. And I found out that I was mistaken. Perhaps you're mistaken, as well.

Nancy: Yeah, we're all ready to go. Yeah, say bye-bye, everyone. Say bye-bye.

Nicole: Nancy? Can I, um...

Nancy: There you go.

Nicole: It's your auntie Nicole, yes. Hi, baby. Oh, honey. Auntie Nicole is gonna miss you so much. But you and your grandma Nancy are gonna have all kinds of fun, okay?

Nancy: Nicole, you can visit anytime, we're not that far away.

Nicole: I'm gonna take you up on that. Yeah. Oh, oh. You be a good girl, okay? I'm gonna miss you.

Nancy: Come on. It's okay, honey.

[Baby fusses]

Nicole: I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me.

Brady: It's all right. It's been a long couple of days. You, um, let us know if you need anything, okay?

Nancy: I will.

Deimos: Nancy, wait.

Jade: God, I'm so embarrassed.

Joey: For what? From your dad? I feel bad you didn't think you could come to me.

Jade: I didn't want to be a burden. It's not exactly like you're making bank waiting tables.

Joey: A burden? Really? I might not be making bank, but we still have options. In fact, I was kind of thinking about reconsidering the whole school thing. I know the second semester starts in a couple weeks, but... I was thinking about taking a break, working here full time for a while.

Jade: No, no, no, no, no. See, that is exactly what I was afraid you were gonna say. Joey, you cannot drop out of school. Not after all of the things that your mom did to help with tuition and everything. You promised her.

Joey: Yeah, I guess. She would be pretty bummed.

Jade: Besides, I'm gonna get a job. As soon as I stop puking every ten minutes.

Joey: Well, we still haven't agreed on that.

Jade: Well, of course, I'm gonna have to quit once the baby's born. You know, I'm actually kind of grateful that childcare is so expensive. Because it gives me a really good excuse to be a stay-at-home mom.

Joey: You're really excited about this, aren't you?

Jade: I used to babysit all the time when I was younger. And I wasn't one of those talk on the phone, watch TV kind of babysitters, either. No, I had those kids doing dance routines and drawing and playing legos. I was the real deal.

Joey: I bet those kids loved you.

Jade: Pretty much, yeah. So did you mean what you said earlier? You really think I'll be a good mom?

Joey: Uh... I think the word I used was "great." And yeah. I do.

Jade: Well, I think you're gonna make a fantastic dad.

Kate: What about Chad?

André: What about him?

Kate: Well, if Stefano is alive, do you think he reached out to him?

André: No, I don't.

Kate: Or is that wishful thinking? Because I know this has been difficult for you, I know that you had expectations, and then your father handed over the company to Chad. He let you down, André.

André: Yes. But I'm sure my father would have been unhappy, had he learned that Chad had brought you into the company.

Kate: [Laughs] Well, that goes without saying.

André: Yes, so let's both pray... that father is dead once and for all.

Kate: I don't give a damn if he's alive or dead. I don't care if he comes back reincarnated as a pit viper.

André: [Laughs] Oh, I wouldn't put that past him.

Kate: We have butted heads with Stefano countless times. And look who's still standing.

Deimos: Nancy, I... I know you and Chloe may have unpleasant feelings about me.

Nancy: I can think of more accurate words to use than that.

Deimos: But I truly do care what happens to your daughter.

Nancy: Good.

Deimos: And I will do anything in my power to assist in her recovery.

Nancy: Hey, it's okay, yes. Good, then you'll keep your distance. From all of us.

Deimos: I mean it, Nancy. I will pull whatever strings necessary to get the best specialists here.

Nancy: Deimos, my husband was chief of staff at this hospital. Top specialists? They're personal friends of ours. We will not be needing your help. Not now, not ever.

Nicole: Deimos...o help Chloe, it really means a lot to me.

Deimos: I just wish there was something more I could do.

Nicole: You've done plenty. I'm gonna go check on Chloe.

Deimos: All right. This is tearing her apart, Brady.

Brady: I'm aware of that. But we just can't tell her. Not yet.

Deimos: Yeah, well, I'm beginning to question that decision.

Brady: Don't question it, because I talked to Marlena earlier.

Deimos: Uh, wait a minute, what? Marlena knows?

Brady: As--I talked to her as a therapist, okay? She's not gonna say anything. I just needed a professional opinion on this.

Deimos: All right. So what was her professional opinion?

Brady: We're doing it. She thinks we should wait until we have proof that Nicole is the baby's mother. We need to get that DNA test.

Deimos: Right. Right, and how the hell are we gonna accomplish that now that Nancy has the baby?

Joey: You know, when I was growing up, I pretty much didn't have a dad. He was never around. I spent so much time hating him. And rebelling. Because I didn't get it. I didn't understand that he wanted to be there. But he couldn't. And now he has regrets. A lot of them. And I feel like I do, too.

Jade: Regrets about what?

Joey: About what a jerk I was to you when you told me you were pregnant. I did not handle that well.

Jade: Who could blame you? You thought I was on the pill. It's my fault, Joey. So don't--please don't go feeling guilty.

Joey: Look, I have to be honest with you. When I decided to step up and do the right thing for you and the baby... at first, it was because I felt obligated to you. Now, I feel like I really want it. Like I have a purpose. And a plan. I actually can't wait to be a dad.

Kayla: Hey, he's back.

Steve: Hey, how'd it go? Did you get the DNA?

Rafe: Yeah, we got the sample. Shawn took it to the lab.

Steve: Let's hope he didn't let it out of his sight this time.

Kate: How long does it take to get the results?

Rafe: We don't have to wait for the results. First test was conclusive.

Marlena: Conclusive?

Rafe: There was no match. The body in that grave is not Stefano DiMera.

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