Days Transcript Thursday 12/1/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 12/1/16


Episode #12973 ~ Adrienne is rushed to the hospital; Justin's & Lucas' tempers flare; Jennifer is furious when she realizes Laura knew about Abigail; JJ worries that Gabi & Chad are more than friends.

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Lucas: She's breathing. I don't know what's going on.

Justin: This'll help. Here, this'll help.

Lucas: Give it to me!

Justin: I got it.

Lucas: I got it! I got it!

Sonny: Hi, yes. We need an ambulance at the Salem Inn, room 2116. My mom, she passed out, and we can't get her to wake up. Yes, no, she is breathing. Okay, but she's not responding at all, so please hurry up.

Lucas: Adrienne. Adrienne, come on. Can you hear me? Come on. She's waking up.

Sonny: She's waking up. She's waking up. Hey, Mom. Hi. Hey, there--hey.

Adrienne: I was...

Lucas: No, stop, stop.

Justin: The ambulance is coming.

Lucas: Rest now. Help's on the way, okay?

Adrienne: It's about time.

Kayla: This is nice.

Steve: Sure is.

Kayla: Thank God we found our way back to each other.

Steve: We had to, baby. It's been too many years. Too much love. Yeah.

Kayla: I keep thinking about Adrienne; what a mess. Poor her.

Steve: Last I heard she was still locked in that room trying to decide between Lucas and Justin. Can you imagine that?

Kayla: No, I can't.

[Phone ringing]

Kayla: Oh, sorry.

Steve: You have to get that?

Kayla: Yes, I do.

Steve: [Groans]

Kayla: Hey, Sonny, what's up? What? Yeah. No, Steve and I will be right there.

Steve: What's going on?

Kayla: It's Adrienne. She collapsed and they took her to the hospital.

Steve: You have the keys?

Kayla: I'll grab them.

JJ, what they heck you doing here so late?

JJ: Lieutenant's been on my case about my DARS. I'm way behind. Says if I don't log them in by tonight, I'm toast.

Raines can be a real hardass sometimes.

JJ: Yeah, tell me about it. Sure as hell don't need this tonight. Not tonight. Why can't you tell Chad? He still loves you so much. He would be over the moon to find out that you're all right.

Abigail: No. He would not be over the moon, JJ.

JJ: You're wrong about that.

Abigail: No, I'm not. I'm not wrong, okay? 'Cause he's moved on. With Gabi.

JJ: I've gotta get out of here. Gotta find her.

Gabi: Wow, the lights this year have been amazing. The ones in front of Heffernan's with the display, with the animals and the Santa moving-- isn't that-- wasn't it super cool? Loved it, yes.

Chad: Yes, loved it. This little guy slept through most of it, I think, but.

Gabi: Oh. All right, lemme just close this up a little 'cause it's getting cold and I don't want you to get sick okay? Oh--oh, man.

Chad: What?

Gabi: Sorry. I got the zipper stuck on the scarf.

Chad: Oh, yes, I-- I actually--I do that all the time. Here, let me see if I can warm these guys up.

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: Here, sometimes--

Gabi: I wasn't even paying attention.

Chad: You just gotta pull on the scarf while you just ease-- [Stammering]

[Both laugh]

Chad: Zipper.

Gabi: Mm-hmm.

JJ: Done. Hey, Gabi. I finally finished all that paperwork. I'm leaving now. I'll meet up with you and we can go check out the Christmas lights with Ari. After that, I've got a surprise for you.

Gabi: Oka y, well, now we freed the zipper.

Chad: Right.

Gabi: Yeah, oh. Thank you so much.

Chad: Yep. Mm-hmm. I'm gonna-- I gotta change Thomas.

Jennifer: That's a great shot, isn't it?

Abigail: Yeah. Yeah. You know, it's probably not great for me to think about all the time I've missed with Thomas, but I just... I do.

Jennifer: Well, hey. You don't have to just look at an occasional photo because right here on my tablet, I have a whole album of Thomas. And you can just swipe to the right... there you go. They're in chronological order.

Abigail: Oh, my goodness. [Sighs] Mom, this is so great. Oh, thank you.

Jennifer: Welcome. I love you so much, baby.

Abigail: I love you. This really helps. You know, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna go get something to drink. Do you want anything? Any tea or water, anything?

Jennifer: No, I'm good.

Abigail: Okay. I'll be right back.

Jennifer: Okay. Okay, now this entry has to be posted by midnight...

[Doorbell rings]

Laura: Evening, darling.

Jennifer: Hi. What are you doing here?

Laura: Mind if I come in?

Jennifer: Yeah--no. [Stammers] Yeah. Come on in.

Laura: Hi, sweetheart.

Jennifer: Um... what's going on?

Abigail: Hi, grandma.

Laura: Hi, sweetheart. How are you feeling, my love?

Abigail: I'm okay.

Jennifer: What--what? What's going on? You knew Abigail was alive? You knew? Tell me what is going on.

Abigail: Mom, please just don't be mad, okay?

Laura: Jennifer, sweetheart, just try to stay calm. I mean, it's easily explained.

Jennifer: Oh, okay! How did you know this? When did she find out?

Abigail: Mom, I was--

Laura: It's all right, sweetheart. Let me answer. So after I reviewed Abigail's charts at shady hills, I came directly here and I told you that I thought she'd been misdiagnosed. Do you remember that?

Jennifer: Yes, of course I remember that. That was not my question.

Laura: Well, it wasn't long after that that she showed up at my door. And she was--she was in terrible shape, honey. I mean, the drugs that they had been feeding her caused significant psychological problems. So I decided to let her stay with me and--and sweetie, I just treated her privately. So yes, I knew some time ago.

Abigail: Mom. Mom, you have to understand. I was so lost.

Jennifer: No--no-- I understand how fragile you were at that time, but you? You kept this a secret? Controlling this in your own private little world? Playing God?

Laura: No--

Jennifer: My God! I was going through hell! I thought my daughter was missing! I was thinking she was--she was dead and you said nothing!

Laura: Honey--

Jennifer: I was in agony! Did you think about my pain or JJ's or Chad's?

Laura: Jennifer, I realize that you see--

Jennifer: You don't realize anything. Don't you say another word. I don't wanna hear one more word out of your mouth!

Laura: It's okay. It's okay, baby. It's okay. It's okay, sweetheart.

Abigail: I'm sorry.

Laura: No, baby, it's all right. It's okay. It's all right.

Gabi: You know, we definitely have to come back during Christmas. I think there are gonna be more displays, especially in a couple weeks.

Chad: Yeah, that... that'd be really nice. The kids will love it. See you soon. I should get back.

Gabi: Yeah, yeah, us too. We should... we should do this again.

Chad: Yeah.

JJ: Hey, guys.

Chad: Hey.

JJ: How's it going?

Chad: Hey.

Abigail: What I did was so cruel.

Laura: No, sweetheart. You were ill. Your life was completely out of control. And you never intended to hurt your mom.

Abigail: But I did.

Laura: No.

Abigail: I did hurt her.

Laura: No, sweetheart. I did. She's angry with me. And you know what? She'll get over it.

[Both laugh]

Abigail: It's strange. Back then, I just felt like the only way was just to stay dead.

Laura: I know. And your mom understands that too. Listen, she's angry with me, with my deception.

Abigail: I'm sorry.

Laura: Honey, don't be. I love you. I have no regrets. And, besides, doesn't take much to get your mom angry with me. Okay, something from the past, okay?

Abigail: You know, everything that you and André did for me just meant... [Sighs] So much.

Laura: We were glad to do it.

JJ: I-I called, but your phone must be off.

Gabi: Oh, uh... yeah, I guess, um... yeah, well. We connected anyway, right?

JJ: Hey. I got a surprise for you later.

Gabi: Oh, yeah? What?

JJ: First, I have to get out of this uniform, then it's just you and me, okay?

Gabi: Okay, um... I have to take Arianna to Sonny's and...yeah. Where do you want to meet?

JJ: Open it later. Secret stuff inside. Self-explanatory.

Gabi: Okay.

JJ: Turn your phone on.

Gabi: [Laughs]

JJ: See you later, Chad.

Chad: Later, JJ.

[Knock at door]

Kayla: How are you feeling?

Adrienne: Okay... Kayla, before you go making this into a big deal, I'm fine--really. [Stammering] I just haven't had very much to eat in the last few weeks, making sure that I was gonna fit into that gown. And then the stress level just kept going up and up and up and I was planning for my wedding, which was going really good, you know, and then, of course, Justin showed up and then it completely went off the rails. And I haven't had anything to drink since this morning, so boom, I just-- I went down. I-I'm-- but I'm fine, really. I mean-- in fact, just order me up one of those delicious hot meals the hospital serves up, I'll drink a gallon of water, and I'll be fine. Just send me home.

Kayla: That sounds good. When was your last mammogram?

Adrienne: What? Seriously, don't go there. All I need's a good night's sleep in my own bed. Kayla, I have followed Dr. Jeffries's instructions to the letter. I've gone to exactly the right time every single screening. I'm fine.

Kayla: Well, that's good to know. But, you know, it won't hurt to check. So your blood work is down in the lab and when I get that back, I'll review your chart, and then we'll take it from--

Adrienne: Kayla, I fainted. That was it. I just fainted.

Kayla: I know. And it happens. Let's check it out. Oh!

Adrienne: It's ruined. I slept in it.

Kayla: No, it's gorgeous.

Adrienne: Could have been a beautiful wedding.

Kayla: You were a beautiful bride.

Adrienne: Thanks. I'm really okay, you know.

Kayla: Well, good. Because there are a slew of guys out there who are worried sick about you.

Steve: Man, this is not how I saw this day coming to a close.

Sonny: I thought I'd done something really smart, that Mom would thank me. Thought it was a brilliant idea. Instead, I--

Lucas: Kayla, how is she?

Justin: Is she gonna be all right?

Sonny: Is it something serious?

Kayla: Easy, guys. I've ordered a blood workup. I'll do an assessment later today when I get a chance to review her chart. You know, she might have just done too much and she's been under a lot of stress.

Sonny: Yeah, well, it was my fault--

Justin: No, no, no, no. Honey, it's okay. I mean, the stress that she's been under wasn't just one thing.

Kayla: That's right. Your dad's right. I mean, think of all the things that she's been doing lately.

Steve: Way too much, if you ask me.

Lucas: Can I see her now?

Kayla: Well, I don't think that you should all go in there at once. So Steve, why don't you go first?

Steve: Sounds good to me.

Kayla: As for who's next...

Lucas: Sonny should probably go.

Justin: Yeah, yeah. You go next. We'll wait. And just give Steve a few minutes, and then see how she's doing.

Adrienne: I probably just got run down, you know? Doing too much.

Steve: Have you been eating right?

Adrienne: Of course not. What bride does that right before her wedding? Seriously. That was a joke, me being funny. You're supposed to laugh.

Steve: [Sighs] Sorry. It's just whenever anything goes wrong with you, I worry that--

Adrienne: Steve, no. Don't go down the cancer road. Please. Please don't.

Steve: Have you been having any dizzy spells or anything?

Adrienne: No! Please, stop playing doctor. Both of you--come on.

Sonny: Mom, I was in the room when you collapsed. Do you remember? You scared me.

Adrienne: Honey, I'm sorry, okay, but think about everything that's been happening. Come on, the town was under siege. Allying myself with André, of all people. Hope got sentenced. I planned a wedding. I bought a newspaper. I mean, come on. There's just a million things here. All right, and then I was imprisoned with two crazy men.

Sonny: I am so sorry I did that, okay? I honestly thought it would help you make your decision.

Adrienne: Honey, I know you did it out of love. It's okay. Your heart was in the right place... even though I wasn't sure where mine should be. Don't be sorry.

Lucas: Adrienne's gonna be okay. She's gonna be okay. She's strong.

Justin: Of course she is. She's been through tougher times than this. She built a home for five men, always kept us in line.

Lucas: Yeah, I'm sure it was perfect till you screwed up.

Justin: Sonny. How's she doing?

Sonny: Mom wants to see... one of you.

[Knock at door]

Adrienne: Come in. My belly pain and constipation?

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Lucas: About what?

Sonny: I know you wish Mom would have asked to see you first.

Lucas: No, that's fine. It's her call, you know? She is gonna be okay. You know that, right?

Sonny: Yeah. She was in there-- she was joking around.

Lucas: Of course she was. It's what she does, man.

Sonny: She told me it wasn't my fault-- locking her in the room. She's blaming it on all these other things, but she was just trying to make me feel better.

Lucas: Your mom wouldn't let anyone make her do something she doesn't want to do. Don't blame yourself, okay? She's gonna be fine. Just try not to worry so much.

Adrienne: Justin, I don't mean to be mean, but you look worse than I feel.

Justin: Maybe it's the guilt. None of this would have happened if I hadn't crashed your wedding.

Adrienne: But you wouldn't have been following your heart. I mean, yeah, I was mad. In fact, I was so mad I could have kicked you in know. But it was very romantic. Marriage is more about the day to day stuff, Justin, not the big romantic gestures. What I'm trying to tell you--

Excuse me. I have to check Mrs. Kiriakis. Would you step out, please?

Justin: Of course. Adrienne, I'll be right outside if you need anything-- anything at all.

Thank you.

Chad: You really didn't have to carry him all the way in here. And don't you have to-- you gotta go meet JJ.

Gabi: That's okay. Thomas was a little unsettled. He needed the comfort. I think it's 'cause of all the lights.

Chad: Yeah, well, he changed the minute that you picked him up. You got A... way with him.

Gabi: I love holding him. I missed a lot of that time with Arianna. I just hope that, um... it won't affect her later in life or anything like that.

Chad: Well, you're here now. And any kid would be thrilled to have you as a mother.

[Phone beeps]

Gabi: Okay, well, I gotta go take Arianna to Sonny's. Then I have to go meet up with JJ. You know, I still haven't even opened that envelope he gave me. That whole secret thing, so...

Chad: What-- what?

Gabi: Sonny just sent me a message. His mom collapsed and she has to be taken to the hospital.

Chad: Hold on--what?

Gabi: Yeah. "Hope everything is okay. I'm so sorry." Yeah, I'm not gonna be able to take Arianna-- let me just tell JJ that I can't go over there. Maybe can come over--

Chad: No, no, no. You don't wanna ruin his surprise, all right? You need to be with him tonight. Go.

Laura: Feeling better?

Jennifer: You mean do I still feel like screaming at you?

Laura: That would be a start.

Jennifer: A simple phone call, mother. That's all.

Laura: I know. But I made a promise to Abigail. And her very existence-- do you hear me? Her very existence demanded that I keep it. Sweetheart, I couldn't have helped her if she didn't trust me.

Jennifer: So you thought that it would be okay to keep me, her mother, in the dark. And JJ. And Chad.

Laura: You were all part of the problem. She needed to be sheltered from the people in her life who loved her because that love brought about an overwhelming pressure on her.

Jennifer: What do you mean? She couldn't handle our love for her?

Laura: Sweetheart, no. Not our love. Not your love. It was more... the expectations, sweetheart, that go with it. Honey... she wanted to disappear.

Jennifer: I understand that. Was that because of the drugs? Is that why?

Laura: Party. Mostly.

Jennifer: Were you part of her faking her death?

Laura: What? No, of course not. I was as surprised about that as you were. And Jennifer, sweetheart, I've never discussed that with her. And I really think that you should let is slide too. You have no idea what a terrible place she was in.

Jennifer: I do. I do--I know that. And I have had time to think about it, and... and I appreciate what you've done.

Laura: Thank you. No more yelling?

Jennifer: No. I'm sorry.

Laura: Sweetheart--

Jennifer: I just want-- I want Abigail to open up again. I want her to-- to reclaim her life. For us, for JJ, for Chad, for everyone.

Laura: I agree. But it's a matter of when. Let Abigail do this on her timetable. Please, sweetheart, hear me: Don't push her. Because if she starts feeling too pressured, my concern is that she'll spin out of control and end up where she started. Do you understand?

[Tense music]

[Door opens]

Jennifer: Hey.

Abigail: Hi.

Jennifer: Did you enjoy those photos?

Abigail: Oh, yeah. Yeah, no. Pretty much made my day. Thank you. How are you and grandma?

Jennifer: Oh, we're good. You know, she did what she had to do. I really wish she had done it differently, but... the important thing is... is that you're fine. And you're here. For now. Whatever you decide.

Abigail: Yeah, um... yeah, it's hard.

Jennifer: Yeah, I know. I just think everyone would be so pleased. Never mind, no. I'm gonna let that be your call. Because whatever you decide, JJ and I are gonna go along with it. We will.

Abigail: I mean, the things is, I'm dead, Mom, which, you know, is usually kinda permanent, so... I mean, people are either glad that I'm gone or they've already mourned. So if I show up and I say, "hey, surprise"... if they didn't think I was crazy before, then they're definitely gonna think I'm crazy now.

Jennifer: No, no, baby. They are not gonna think that. They're gonna be overjoyed. They're gonna be so...thrilled. They're gonna be so happy, like I am right now. They're not gonna think you're crazy. Please.

Abigail: Okay. [Clears throat] Here's what I'm gonna do. There are an awful lot of people here in Salem that I love. So I'm gonna think long and hard about staying. Maybe. And coming out of hiding. Maybe.

Gabi: Chad, I can't take Arianna to this thing that JJ's got planned, the surprise or whatever she needs a solid night's sleep.

Chad: Yeah, which is why you're gonna leave her here with me. She can have the room next to Thomas's.

[Arianna giggles]

Gabi: No, no. That is way too much for you to handle, no.

Chad: They're gonna be sleeping. What's there for me to do?

Gabi: Are you sure?

Chad: Absolutely. And then in the morning, I'm gonna teach Arianna how to make some chocolate chip pancakes.

Gabi: You spoil my daughter every chance you get.

Chad: Go, go. Go meet JJ.

Gabi: Wow. Thanks. Thank you.

Chad: You got it. All right, let's get these kids...

Gabi: Yeah, okay.

Chad: Settled.

Gabi: Hey, sweetie.

Adrienne: You okay? I mean, you didn't go at with Justin 'cause I called him in first?

Lucas: You mean did I feel a modest pang of jealousy? No, of course not. I love that man like a brother.

Adrienne: Let me guess: You're Cain, he's Abel?

Lucas: Yeah, that's right. There you go. Can't believe he broke up our wedding and put you in the hospital like this.

Adrienne: I'll be fine. I'm just sorry that things happened the way they did.

Lucas: Listen, you were put in a terrible situation. But I have to tell you this now. As much I would hate it and as much as I would fight every second of it... if you gave me the word, I would leave you alone-- I would back off, you know? You don't have to deal with this.

Adrienne: Stop right there. You are good for me, Lucas Horton. You make me feel safe. Happy and loved. Every minute I'm with you, I absolutely love my life. And I wanna live it to the fullest. You are amazing.

Lucas: You just took, like 100 pounds off my shoulders.

Adrienne: I'm just sorry I let Justin get in my head like that.

Lucas: No, it's okay. No apologies, okay? Let's just go back to what we had. And we'll just take it from there, all right? Go nice and slow. One day at a time, that's all.

Adrienne: I love you.

Kayla: Hey, hey, hey! You two! Stop spreading germs. You know, this is a hospital.

Lucas: Sorry about that.

Adrienne: What's the word? Do I get to go home?

Kayla: Well, um, I'd like to go over some things with you, so maybe Lucas--

Lucas: No, no, I got it. I can take a hint. It's loud and clear.

Kayla: Great.

Lucas: I'll see you later.

Kayla: Let me help you out.

Adrienne: Oh, thank you. Wow. Looks serious.

Steve: So... I heard the Kiriakis boys made peace.

Justin: We did. Time to rebuild titan, so we're working together.

Steve: And you're their go-to guy again?

Justin: Call me consigliere. Answerable to don Deimos. Believe, I have no illusions about where that road could lead. My main concern making sure Sonny finds his way.

Steve: Right. Well, I'm not judging, you understand, but if it turns out my sister chooses you? You'd better make damn sure you don't drag her into that world.

Kayla: Well, this says that your last mammogram was negative, but it was eight months ago. And you have had any blood work done since.

Adrienne: Well, I guess I got a little behind.

Kayla: Well, I called the doctor's office. They said that you did have an appointment scheduled at the six-month mark, but you cancelled it and you never rescheduled it.

Adrienne: Well, come on? Doing the same tests over and over six months? You know, come on, it comes out normal every time. Kayla, I told you, I had a lot on my plate. I mean, come on. The town was under siege, the hospital was on lock-- I was planning a wedding.

Kayla: Should I put those excuses in your chart?

Adrienne: Don't start with me, okay? I kinda had it up to here with people giving me grief about the choices I make and my decisions-- you know, I make mistakes sometimes too!

Kayla: I'm sorry. I know you're tired and I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry.

Adrienne: I'm sorry.

Kayla: No, listen, I'm glad that you-- you blew up, that you were well enough to do that, I--

Adrienne: You know what? I just want to go home, okay? I haven't had a shower in I don't know when. I mean, come on. Look at my hair.

Kayla: You know what? You always are taking care of everybody else. So why don't you just let me take care of you now? Okay? Let me see what that blood work says, and then we'll talk about a shower, okay?

Adrienne: [Sobs]

Kayla: Hey, Leon. I was wondering if you had the blood word ready for Adrienne Kiriakis. Oh--oh, really? Uh, let me check. Yeah--oh, yeah, yeah. Um...I'm gonna need you to run those again, all right?

Sonny: Why is this taking so long?

Lucas: I don't know. I have no idea. Look, why don't you go back to the hotel and get your mom some fresh clothes. That way, when she's ready to leave, she doesn't have to leave in her bridal gown.

Justin: No, forget about it. I'll get her clothes tomorrow. She's not going anywhere. She has to rest and just stay here until they figure out what's wrong with her.

Lucas: Tell you exactly what's wrong with her. She made it perfectly clear that she wanted to move on, but you didn't listen. You barged in. You stressed her out!

Justin: Lucas, you have to stop talking--

Lucas: Why don't you grow up? Why don't you grow up? Just move on, man.

Justin: Move on?

Lucas: Let go! Let go!

Justin: Let go! Let go! You know what I'm not gonna let go of?

Lucas: What?

Justin: The fact that you sucker punched me, Lucas.

Lucas: Sucker punch you! I care about Adrienne!

Sonny: Guys! Guys!

Lucas: You wanna go a couple rounds? Let's go right now!

Sonny: We're in a hospital.

[All shouting over each other]

Sonny: Dad! Dad! We're in a hospital.

Abigail: Hey.

JJ: Mom's humming away down there-- sometimes singing. It's kinda nice.

Abigail: JJ, all I said is maybe.

JJ: I know. But she's walking on air. Abigail: Look, I can't promise... Never mind. Why are you so snazzy?

JJ: I'm meeting up with Gabi. We're gonna have a good night.

Abigail: All night?

JJ: All night. Abs, listen to me, okay? You've got to stop worrying about Chad. He's just friends with Gabi. I ran into them a little while ago at the square, and it's obvious. She's with me. Only me.

Gabi: Thanks.

Chad: Welcome. I, uh... hope you two have a great night.

Gabi: Seriously, thank you so much.

Chad: Be good to her, JJ. You better make her happy.

[Tender music]

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