Days Transcript Monday 11/28/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/28/16


Episode #12970 ~ Chad celebrates Thanksgiving & Thomas' birthday with the Horton family; JJ makes a stunning discovery in the attic; Kayla, Kimberly, & Roman visit Bo's grave; Theo is disappointed when Abe brings Valerie for Thanksgiving; some visitors cheer up Hope.

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Kayla: Who are the other flowers from?

Roman: From ma. She brought them out earlier.

Kayla: Well, she shouldn't even be out of bed, not with that cough.

Roman: Hey, come on. You know ma. She won't take no for an answer. She insisted I bring her to out here visit her son on this first year anniversary.

Kayla: I can't believe it's been a year already.

Roman: I know. Amazing. You know what I try to focus on, was just how lucky we were that we had him back for a while, even though it was... way too briefly.

Kimberly: Thank God he had that time with his family, huh? That you all were here for him when he really needed you.

Kayla: Yeah. There wasn't a moment of self pity, was there?

Roman: Nope.

Kayla: No. He was so stoic. He just cared about the people that he loved and... what they were going through.

Roman: Well... you know what? Best way to honor him is looking out after his family.

Kayla: And hope.

Kimberly: Now that's what our brother would want more than anything.

Roman: Well, I will guarantee you this. We're gonna make that happen. Shawn, Rafe, and I, we are gonna bring hope back home.

Hope: I know you're both worried about me, but I'm fine. Really, I am. I'm good.

Shawn: Mom, come on. You don't have to pretend with us.

Ciara: We know today's already bad enough, 'cause... 'cause of dad.

Shawn: It was a year ago we lost him.

Hope: Yeah. Seems like yesterday sometimes.

Ciara: Oh. We brought you this. From the tree you and dad planted before he died.

Hope: Wanted to leave something... for you to remember him by.

Ciara: We don't need a tree for that.

Hope: It's true.

Shawn: But one of his dying wishes was to make sure that his kids, grandchildren, they all get to play under that tree, so we're gonna make sure that that happens.

Ciara: And we just want you to be there when that happens.

Hope: Yeah.

Claire: Okay, so who here is gonna help Theo finish peeling the potatoes?

Steve: Hey! This dude. Let's go.

Claire: Okay.

Jade: Hi! Happy Thanksgiving!

Claire: Jade. Hi. The pub is actually closed for, like, a family function.

Jade: Yeah, that's why I'm here.

Claire: Okay, you clearly can't take a hint, so I guess I'll be, like, really in your face about it and tell you what I already told you, but you obviously chose not to hear. See, my cousin, Joey, he's just, like, not that into you. You know, got it?

Joey: Claire, Claire, stop.

Claire: Is she dense or just in major denial?

Jade: I guess Joey didn't share the good news.

Claire: Good news about what?

Jade: About the two of us having a baby.

Jennifer: Abigail? Abby? Honey? Oh, hi.

Abigail: Hi.

Jennifer: I brought you a turkey dinner, just as I promised. Sit down, baby. And, um... I also brought you this.

Abigail: Oh. I just miss him so much.

Jennifer: Sweetie, you don't have to. You don't have to. Chad and Thomas are coming over today--we're gonna have Thanksgiving, we're gonna celebrate his birthday. It would be the greatest gift and the most wonderful Thanksgiving if you would just come downstairs, please.

Abigail: You have no idea how much I want to. I mean, I just-- I saw them in the square yesterday, it was... it was all I could do not to just run to them.

Jennifer: Why didn't you, honey?

Abigail: Gabi... Gabi showed up.

Chad: Hey!

JJ: Hey!

Chad: Hope we're not too early.

JJ: No, you're right on time. Hey, birthday boy! Ready to celebrate?

Chad: Yes! And I was gonna stop and get a cake, but the bakery was closed.

JJ: No, don't worry about it. Mom decided to make one from scratch using grandma Alice's recipe. She was really happy you said you'd come.

Chad: Well, thanks for including us.

JJ: Of course. Once you're a Horton, you can't claw your way out.

Chad: Well, um, is it okay if I put this little guy down before the celebration starts?

JJ: Oh, let me do it.

Chad: Yeah?

JJ: Yeah.

Chad: Okay.

JJ: Let uncle JJ do the honors. Come here, bud.

Chad: There you go. Got him?

JJ: Yeah, I got him.

Chad: Bye!

[Doorbell rings]

Chad: I got it. Hey. I didn't expect you'd be here.

Gabi: Are we allowed to come in?

Chad: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Gabi: Okay.

Chad: I thought that you were gonna be with your family today.

Gabi: Oh, yes. Normally I would be, but Rafe went to go see hope and Dario and papi are having Thanksgiving at a restaurant. Anyway, when JJ mentioned that you were gonna be here, we were really excited, right? Because we wanted to give Thomas his birthday present.

Chad: Oh, yeah? Well, unfortunately, I don't think he will really know what's going on but it was very nice of you to give him a gift. He'll be as happy to see you as I am. I missed you.

Arianna: Missed you too.

Chad: I missed you more!


Hope: Hey, I am just so grateful to be able to see both of you today. And thank you for this. I'm gonna keep it in my journal.

Ciara: Oh, wait. I almost forgot. I got you this. So you can always have us with you.

Hope: I love it. And I love both of you so much. Thank you.

Shawn: Love you too.

[Alarm rings]

Cell check. Let's go.

Hope: What? But we're not done yet! Wait! Just let me take my picture!

Shawn: What's--

Hope: Let me take my picture!

Ciara: We love you, mom!

Shawn: Happy Thanksgiving.

Ciara: We didn't even get to say good bye.

Shawn: Let's go see what's going on.

Claire: Oh, my God. See, I knew you were, like, crazy needy and obsessive, but I didn't think you'd try to trap someone by lying that you were pregnant!

Joey: Claire, she's not lying.

Claire, Joey, come on. You were about to break up with her. You don't think that she said she was having a baby to try and hold on to you?

Jade: Claire: I wouldn't do--

Claire: Oh, like I believe anything you say. Come on, Joey. You don't have to stay with her just because she's preggers.

Steve: Hey, Claire. Your cousin's a stand-up dude, okay? But until we know for sure, I think we need to keep the baby news to ourselves?

Jade: I won't be shamed into denying my child. Your grandchild.

Kayla: And we don't deny it either and we'll be there for both of you, if there really is a baby.

Jade: Once you see that I'm telling the truth, will you at least try to be a little nice to me? Like I said, this will be your grandchild. Which will make us family.

Kayla: Oh.

Kimberly: Smelled it all the way from here.

Steve: Hey, hey!

Kayla: Hi! Welcome, welcome.

Valerie: Thank you for having me. I brought wine instead of a side dish. You'll find I'm not much of a cook.

Kayla: But you are a great cardiologist, which is the other reason I asked you to come today. Little bribery, maybe.

Valerie: Oh, Kayla, we have gone over this.

Kayla: I know we have. I know you don't wanna do a long-term gig, but you know, maybe just a month or so while we look for a viable candidate. We have not had any luck.

Valerie: Okay, okay. I will think about it.

Theo: All right, so there's a lot more potatoes if anyone else wants to... what are you doing here?

Abe: Theo--

Valerie: Kayla invited me. I can help with the potatoes.

Abe: Yeah, you know what? I'll help too.

Valerie: Where's the kitchen?

Abe: This way.

Chad: Is it a sailboat?

Arianna: No!

Chad: No, okay. One more... here, you try shaking it. I know! It's a bicycle.

Arianna: No!

Chad: No? Come on!

Gabi: He's so silly!

JJ: Thomas is out like a light.

Gabi: Hi.

JJ: Hey! You're here!

Gabi: Yeah. Hey. Look who's here!

JJ: Come here, beautiful. You look...beautiful.

Chad: I'm gonna go see if your mom needs help--

JJ: No, it's okay. Everything's done. She's just up in the attic looking for the gravy boat. Let me get you guys something to drink while we wait. And you, young lady, can be my helper.

Chad: He loves Arianna.

Gabi: Yeah, she's-- she's crazy about him too. So, no dinner at the mansion today? Not that I'm sorry you're here. I know what it means to Jennifer for Abigail.

Chad: Yeah, no, um... André prefers martinis at the Salem inn to turkey and stuffing with the family. Unfortunately. And I was gonna invite Sonny, but he's playing referee with Adrienne and Lucas and Justin, that whole...

Gabi: I heard that the wedding was called off.

Chad: Oh, Justin pulled a "graduate" movie and now Adrienne is sitting around waiting to decide who she loves more.

Gabi: Wow, that sounds... that sounds crazy. I mean, I'd hate having to pick between two men who both wanted me. I-I'm sorry. That kind of sounded like I was talking about me or us or something...

Chad: It's fine. No, stop, listen. It's not--

Gabi: Yeah, it's fine.

Chad: It's not a big deal.

Gabi: It's not. It's not a big deal, you're right. Yeah, and... like you said, if we-- we did feel something that was a spark, it was because we'd been spending a lot of time together.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Gabi: Working. So yeah, totally agree.

Chad: Yeah. It's good, good. It's good. If you didn't agree, or if I didn't agree, then it would--it would make it really... make it really awkward when--when you decided to go back to JJ.

Gabi: Yeah, no, I mean, it wasn't an easy decision.

Chad: 'Cause you obviously have feelings for him.

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: Be a shame to throw that away.

Gabi: Right. I know, bottom line, that JJ loves me.

Chad: That's all that matters.

Gabi: Yeah. Absolutely. Totally agree.

Julie: Chad! I'm surprised to see you here.

Chad: Yes, um... Jennifer was kind enough to invite the DiMera boys over.

Gabi: Happy Thanksgiving, Julie.

Julie: You too.

Gabi: I heard there's a lot of food in there. So I hope you guys brought your appetite.

Julie: Actually, I think I just lost mine.

Kimberly: So you haven't had any contact with Theresa now she's back in Mexico? Oh, no, no. I mean, I was hoping because of the holiday that you may have heard something.

Roman: Uh... dinner's almost ready.

Kimberly: Oh, okay. All right, I have to go. If she calls, just let me know. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I was saying hi to Shane on Thanksgiving.

Roman: How's he doing?

Kimberly: He's doing good. He's doing good, things--

Shawn: Hey.

Kimberly: Hi, guys. That was a really short visit. How's your mom?

Ciara: As okay as can be expected. Not only is she missing Thanksgiving, but... our dad died a year ago.

Roman: Yeah. Well, everybody's missing your dad today-- most of all, your mom.

Hope: Thank God it's still here.

Rafe: Hey.

No physical contact allowed.

Rafe: Relax. We're good.

Hope: I wasn't expecting to see you today.

Rafe: I came as soon as I got clearance.

Hope: It's Thanksgiving. You should be with your family.

Rafe: No. I should be here.

Hope: Rafe--

Rafe: With you, like I am. I made a promise to Bo. Do you remember that? To be here for you. Even if you're in prison.

Hope: I might be here for a while. Rafe, this is a mistake.

Rafe: Hope, no, stop.

Hope: Listen, just listen to me. You need to move on. You need to let me go.

Gabi: Think I'm gonna go help JJ with the drinks.

Julie: I wouldn't swallow anything that girl poured.

Chad: Will you stop? Enough.

Julie: I beg your pardon?

Chad: JJ invited her here because he loves her, so for his sake, will you try to show some respect?

Julie: Oh, I'm sorry if I'm remembering what seems to have slipped everyone else's mind. That girl shot and killed my cousin.

Chad: Hope killed my father.

Julie: And you made sure she went to prison for it, didn't you, with your statement to the court.

Chad: She confessed to a crime that she committed.

Julie: And she was Stefano's victim for decades. He goaded her into it. What Gabi did to nick was completely different!

Chad: She served her time. So leave it alone!

Doug: Okay, okay. You two, cool it. It's Thanksgiving. Not only that, it's Thomas's birthday, so we're gonna put aside differences for a few hours and we are gonna try to enjoy together this very special day.

JJ: Courtesy of me and my helper. There you go.

Chad: Ooh, thank you.

JJ: What can I get you two?

Julie: I'll wait till dinner.

JJ: Okay, everything's ready. I think mom's still up in the attic looking for gram's gravy boat. I'm gonna go tell her we'll have to do without it.

Chad: You know what? I'll go. You've been taking care of everybody else. You've hardly had enough time to hang out with Gabi.

JJ: You sure?

Chad: Yes.

Roman: Excuse me. If I could have your attention for a bit... I was just thinking that maybe it would be a good idea if we all took a moment and just said how thankful we are for things this year that have been good. And if it's okay, I'll go first.


Steve: Go, man.

Kayla: Eldest, you know.

Roman: On a day when I am missing my little brother...a lot, I always want to acknowledge all the blessings I have. And that includes having two of the most incredible sisters a guy could have. Speaking of which, here's one of 'em. Kim, you're next.

Kimberly: Thanks, Roman. I'm thankful for family too. Very, very thankful. Even though part of mine has gone missing... my precious daughter... I believe that whatever she's going through, it's only gonna make her stronger.

Kayla: Well... I too am thankful for family. Thank you. And my precious son. And our beautiful daughter, who's not here today. And all of my friends who are closer than family. And to this man right here. For not giving up on us even though I kept telling him to.

Steve: Well, I'm thankful I had sense enough not to listen to her.


Steve: And I'm thankful for the love that you kept alive even when I gave you reason not to. And I'm thankful I get to make you my wife one more time.

Kayla: [Laughs]

Steve: And for our children. Stephanie...Joe. Such good kids. Such good hearts. How 'bout you, Abraham? You go next?

Abe: Well, I am thankful more than anything for my son, who's been through so much. But he's such a strong person that I know he's going to have a full and productive life. His mother would be so proud of him. And I am thankful for this second chance at life I've been given. And for the person who made it possible. Valerie?

Valerie: Well, I am thankful also for family and for opportunities to work with old friends a little longer.

Kayla: What? You're kidding.

Valerie: Just until you find someone else.

Abe: I am glad that you are staying.

Valerie: Me too.

Claire: Aren't you gonna say what you're thankful for? Like, me, maybe?

Jade: And...I... am thankful for the life that's growing inside of me. And for Joey. Who's gonna make an amazing daddy.

Abigail: Do you know how much I hate missing Thomas's first birthday? It's his first birthday. Especially since I've missed so many other firsts. I just... you know, in my head, I'd always imagined him having parties like you used to throw for me. With musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey.

[Both laugh]

Abigail: Cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles.

Jennifer: Ooh, yeah. Grandma Alice showed me how to make those from scratch. Oh, I miss those days.

Abigail: Me too. And there was always one present that stood out.

Jennifer: Hmm.

Abigail: Hold on.

Jennifer: What? What did you find up here? Oh, my goodness.

Abigail: Do you remember this?

Jennifer: [Gasps] Lulu!

Abigail: I can't believe you remember her name.

Jennifer: Sweet Lulu! Are you kidding me? Your dad and I gave you this for your first birthday. Wow. And wherever you went, Lulu went.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. Do you remember when I was five? We went on that vacation...

Jennifer: How could I forget?

Abigail: I left her at the hotel.

Jennifer: Yes, I think dad drove about 100 miles back to get Lulu. He didn't mind. Anything to make his little girl happy.

Abigail: Yeah. You know, I think Thomas... I think Thomas would really like Lulu. Would you give it to him? Tell him his mommy would want him to have it?

Jennifer: Are you sure that you don't want to bring this to him?

Abigail: Um... I'll think about it. I just... I don't really know if it's the best thing right now.

Chad: Jennifer! You there?

Abigail: Um...

Chad: Food's ready. Do you want some help bringing it down?

Jade: Is there any pumpkin pie left?

Claire: Oh, wow. That would be your third piece, jade.

Jade: Well, I am eating for two now.

Kayla: I thought that we were gonna keep the news about the baby a secret until the test results.

Jade: Um... well, I guess the family holiday vibe just got to me. I couldn't help myself.

Steve: Hey, jade. You know, Theo and Claire are gonna do some dishes. Why don't you finish your pie and go in there and help 'em?

Jade: Well, normally, you know, I'd be jumping in to help out. But these days, I'm just so wiped out. I hear it's totally normal when you're with child.

Kimberly: Okay, okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. So...I get it. I get it. You're not a fan of Joey's girlfriend?

Kayla: She's not his girlfriend. And if she really is pregnant... Kimberly: I know, okay. If she is, what then? What then?

Kayla: He's gonna have to step up. And I'll be a grandmother.

Kimberly: Okay, I know it's not under the best of circumstances, but believe me. There's nothing like it. Honey.

Kayla: I can't imagine how this is for you with Theresa gone. I'm sorry.

Kimberly: Yeah. Me too.

Kayla: Yeah?

Kimberly: Yeah.

Kayla: What is it Mom always said?

[Together] You're only as happy as your least happy child.

Kayla: Brother.

Kimberly: Come here.

Kayla: Isn't that the truth?

Kimberly: That's the truth. Come here.

Kayla: Torture.

Kimberly: Torture.

Chad: So you were up there all this time and you still didn't find it?

Jennifer: I couldn't remember which one of the hundred boxes it was in. But I did find this.

Chad: Oh.

Jennifer: Jack and I gave this to Abigail for her first birthday. I am positive she would want Thomas to have this.

Chad: Well, he'll love it. Thank you.

Jennifer: Okay, come on. Sorry it took me longer than I thought, but dinner is ready. Gabi! Oh, my goodness, hi. I didn't know you were gonna come. It's so good to see you. I'm glad you did.

Gabi: Yeah.

Jennifer: Yeah. I'm missing something.

JJ: Gabi decided to give me a second chance.

Jennifer: That's great. I knew that it was all gonna work out.

JJ: Didn't look that way at first.

Jennifer: Well, Gabi loves you. And she loves you enough to forgive you, so. That makes me very happy. Okay, let's go. Let's go stuff ourselves. You ready?

Gabi: Yeah.

Jennifer: Come on.

Julie: First... I need to apologize. In the spirit of the day, I would like to apologize for my...behavior and my attitude earlier. I was not at my best. And before we sit down, I would like to give thanks. I have gratitude for all the wonderful things in our life. Including each other. For the people who love us, the people who care for us. And for all the people who can't be here. And in recalling them, we feel so much gratitude for the time we did spend together. Especially, our precious hope, whom we love unconditionally. And whose safety we pray for.

Rafe: Stop it. Don't even go there. I'm not gonna hear that, okay? I couldn't stop loving you even if I tried.

Hope: I'm here a long time, Rafe.

Rafe: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Hope: I know that you and roman probably think you've missed some loophole--

Rafe: Would you let us worry about the damn loopholes? Now talk to me. Tell me what's happening. How was your visit with Ciara and Shawn? It's gonna be okay.

Hope: It was good.

Rafe: Yeah? All right.

Hope: Oh, they, um, they brought a picture of the three of us.

Rafe: Oh, cool.

Hope: I wanna show it to you.

Rafe: I'm gonna talk--

Hope: You're not gonna say anything--shh! If it gets out that I reported it, whoever did this will make things even worse. I'll deal with it. It'll be okay.

Rafe: Justin, he's working on that appeal. He is--we are gonna get you out of here. I promise you that. We're gonna get this damn thing overturned, okay? Until then, just... watch your back. Even if your mother isn't thrilled about the baby, at least your dad didn't kick you out like my parents did.

Joey: Are you okay? What's wrong?

Jade: Morning sickness. I'll be back.

Ciara: So... if she's pregnant, you're not gonna marry her, are you?

Claire: Oh, God, Joey. Please do not put a ring on that.

Joey: Guys, both of you. Stop, okay, there's nothing I can do about it. So I'm just gonna have to... deal with the consequences. [Exhales]

Steve: Joe.

Joey: Come out here to tell me how stupid I am?

Steve: No. I came out to tell you how proud I am of you.

Joey: Why? For getting some girl pregnant?

Steve: I'm proud of you because you're willing to step up and do the right thing. Give me a hug. It's cold out here. You're a good man, Joe Johnson.

Abigail: I miss you so much. You and your daddy.

[Arianna babbling]

Arianna: Can Thomas open ours first?

Chad: What?

Gabi: Is that okay if he opens ours first?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah!

Chad: Yes, of course. Here we go, Thomas.

Doug: What is it?

Julie: What is it, what is it?

Chad: Ooh, we got a shirt!

Julie: Very good.

Chad: And...what's that?

Doug: A soccer ball!

Julie: Really? He doesn't even walk yet.

Chad: Oh, he will any day now. And when he does, he's gonna love this soccer ball.

Gabi: Thanks. Well, I just-- I remembered how much he loved watching those kids play at the park. His eyes were just so big.

Julie: I'm gonna get the cake.

Doug: I'm gonna help you.

Julie: Okay.

Chad: Thank you. Um...yours? You ready for your gift?

Jennifer: Oh, yes, right. I'm sorry. My gift, um... I didn't have time to wrap it.

Chad: No, it's fine. Look at that!

Jennifer: That's Lulu. I gave it to Abigail for her first birthday, and I'm just sure that she would want Thomas to have it.

Julie: Who's ready for birthday cake?

Gabi: Yay!

Julie: Cake!

JJ: Me! Me!

[All] Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Thomas happy birthday to you

Gabi: Aww!

Julie: And many more!

[Tense music]

Theo: So Valerie's staying now.

Ciara: Just for the month. Kayla said.

Abe: All rightie. You know what? It is getting late and you have to work tonight, right?

Valerie: Yeah, I do.

Abe: Well, you ready to go?

Valerie: Whenever you are.

Abe" well, good, good. Theo, do you wanna come with us or stay here with your friends?

Theo: Oh, no, no, I'll go with you guys.

Abe: Oh, great, great. Why don't we say thank you to Kayla and roman.

Claire: So I thought that we were gonna hang out, and maybe catch a movie or something.

Theo: I can't leave him alone with her! Are you kidding?

Claire: Yeah, just come talk to me, okay?

Abe: You know, I am very sorry again for the way Theo acted earlier.

Valerie: You know, maybe you should go home alone with him. I'll get a cab to the hospital.

Abe: Are you sure?

Valerie: Yeah, I am.

Abe: All right. We'll take a rain check?

Valerie: You bet. Definitely.

[Both laugh]

Abe: Okay, I'll go get Theo.

Valerie: Okay.

Abe: Good night.

Valerie: Take care. Happy Thanksgiving, sweetheart. How's my favorite son? Well, I know you're my only son but you're still my favorite. Today? I had a lovely turkey dinner... with some good friends.

Jennifer: Hey. You want some cake? I made it from scratch.

Chad: Yeah, sure.

Jennifer: What's going on? What's wrong?

Chad: Nothing, is somebody-- I just got some weird feeling that somebody was watching me. Or someone was here.

Jennifer: No, that's crazy. Everyone is here in the living room. Come on. Come have some cake.

Julie: Jennifer, darling, we need forks for the cake!

Jennifer: Oh, of course.

JJ: I'm glad you came.

Gabi: Me too.

JJ: As much as I like having you here with my family, I want to take you on a real date soon. I'll have my mom watch Ari and it'll be just the two of us.

Gabi: I'd like that. You know, I kinda feel bad for Ari--I think she's a little jealous 'cause Thomas got all these presents and toys.

JJ: I'll bet there are a lot more toys where my mom found Abigail's stuffed elephant. Want me to go get some?

Gabi: Yeah, yeah, if you don't mind.

JJ: For you, anything.

Kayla: Joey. You're not leaving too, are you?

Joey: I have to take jade to her friend's house.

Jade: Since my parents kicked me out, I'm couch-surfing now.

Steve: Kayla. You might want to take this.

Kayla: Oh, it's from the lab. They sent a screen shot of your test. She's definitely pregnant.

Jade: I wouldn't lie to the father of my baby. I just hope that whatever's in turkey that makes you, you know, tired kicks in tonight. Trypto-something, right? Anyway, I haven't been getting much sleep on my friend's couch. Can't be picky in my situation anyway.

Kayla: I'm sure you'll find a way to get comfortable.

Joey: Well, maybe she would if she stayed somewhere else. Like our house?

Jade I don't want to impose. I'll be fine on my friend's couch.

Joey: No. You need to sleep. You weren't feeling well before.

Jade: It was just a little nausea. It's passed now.

Kayla: Jade... come stay with us. In the guest room.

Shawn: I can't believe they tore that picture up.

Rafe: Well, this time it was the picture. Next time, it could be a hell of a lot worse. Now hope's not safe in there. We've got to get her out before something else happens.

Hope: You wouldn't happen to have a list of the prisoners who were in this room the last hour, would you?

I mind my own business. You'd be smart to do the same thing.

Hope: Okay.

Gabi: Ari's helping Jennifer wash dishes.

Chad: I should get Thomas.

Gabi: No, no, don't. He's in his highchair and he's actually having a blast watching Jennifer and Ari make dance moves while they wash and dry, so. He's good.

Chad: Even though he'll never really get to know his mother, I'm really glad that he's gonna be able to be a part of the family still.

Gabi: Yeah. You miss her a lot.

Chad: Yeah. Every day,

Abigail: I should never have left. Now I'm afraid I can never go back.

JJ: Abs?

Abigail: JJ?

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