Days Transcript Wednesday 11/23/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 11/23/16


Episode #12969 ~ Gabi reveals her decision to Chad; Abigail attempts to reach out to Chad; Paul & Steve investigate the Hernandez family shipments; Theo tells Abe that Valerie is a liar.

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Claire: Hey.

Ciara: Hey. Where you been?

Claire: Just taking some specimens down to the lab.

Ciara: What kind of specimens?

Claire: I don't know. I was afraid to ask.

Ciara: Well, I've been reading to a sweet old lady.

Claire: Oh, lucky you.

Ciara: Luckier than you think--she wanted me to read her "fifty shades of grey."

Claire: Ahh! Ew.

Ciara: Yeah.

Claire: [Groans] So you're liking this candy-striping gig?

Ciara: Yeah, I mean, keeps me from thinking about my mom all the time.

Claire: Have you-- have you been to seen her?

Ciara: No. The prison only allows inmates, like, four hours of visiting a month.

Claire: I'm so sorry. Well, when you do go see her, I don't know, could I maybe go with you?

Ciara: Yeah, totally.

Abe: Oh, hey, hey. Perfect timing.

Valerie: Ah.

Abe: These are for you.

Valerie: Ah! How did you know these are my favorite?

Abe: I guess I just got lucky.

Valerie: Well, there's an empty vase in my office and these will really brighten up the place.

Abe: Oh, wonderful. Are you off duty?

Valerie: I just need to return one more call, and then we can go.

Ciara: Who are you calling?

Claire: Theo.

Ciara: Why?

Claire: Hey, Theo. You gotta get over here ASAP. Your dad is about to go out with you-know-who.

Paul: Hi.

Sonny: Hey. Thanks for meeting me here.

Paul: First time I've taken a meeting in a hotel hallway. What's going on?

Sonny: Well, you know how my mom was supposed to marry will's dad tonight? My dad shows up and stops the wedding.

Paul: He didn't.

Sonny: He did. My mom doesn't know what she wants. Lucas wanted to kill my father. So I sort of suggested that, you know, they all figure out what they want.

Paul: They being...

Sonny: All three of them.

Paul: You didn't lock them in there together, did you?

Sonny: Well, I wouldn't say I locked 'em in.

Paul: But you're sitting in this chair so they can't get out.

Sony: Exactly. Here, pull up a chair. Why'd you wanna meet me?

Paul: Well, I wanted to tell you in person that... the Hernandez family business is getting their first shipment on a titan cargo ship tonight.

Sonny: You're gonna be there?

Paul: Yeah, Steve and I will both be there. Hopefully, we'll find out what it is they're shipping.

Sonny: And if it's legal.

JJ: I swear to you. That girl meant nothing to me. I was out of my head, drunk. Gabi, I don't want to lose you. Please give me another chance.

Gabi: It's not that I don't want that. But JJ, I don't... I don't want to get hurt again.

JJ: I swear to you. You won't.

Gabi: How can you swear that? How can you say that? I get--I get that you did not intend for it to happen the first time. I understand, but... doesn't mean that it won't ever happen again.

JJ: I deserve that. Trust has to be rebuilt. Put me on probation. That's all I ask. If you give me another shot, I will treat you better than any guy has ever treated any woman. Ever. I'll never lie to you. And I will never hide things from you again.

Gabi: I know you want that to be true.

JJ: It is true! You heard what I said to Rafe. I will never give up on us. And if you let me, I'll spend the rest of my life making you happy.

Chad: You know... I know you're--you're too little and too young to understand what I'm about to say. You know, but I'm just gonna go ahead--I'm gonna say it anyway. See, I think I'm starting to have feelings for Gabi. [Stammers] Feelings, like more than just a friend. You like her, right? I mean, I see the way that you look at her. You love Arianna. What if--what if it just ended up being, like, the four of us? You know, that'd be pretty cool. I don't think Abby would want us going through life alone. Thanks, you're a lot of help.

[Dramatic music]

Valerie: I'm ready to go.

Abe: Oh!

Valerie: So where are we having dinner?

Abe: Well, I will take you anywhere you want. [Chuckles] The restaurant scene here is a lot more cosmopolitan than it used to be.

Valerie: You know what I'm feeling like? Home cooking.

Abe: Uh, uh... well, Theo likes my cooking, but I don't know if--

Valerie: I'm talking about the Brady pub.

Abe: [Laughs]

Valerie: Kayla says that's what's on the menu there and I've never been, so.

Abe: That's right. The Bradys didn't have the pub when you were in Salem before.

Valerie: It was quite a while.

Abe; yeah, it was. I hadn't even made detective yet.

Valerie: Look at you now, Mr. Mayor.

Abe: [Laughs] Well, you know, we've both done all right. Shall we go?

Valerie: Lets.

Abe: All right. All right. Hey, Theo.

Theo: You're about to make the biggest mistake of your life!

Abe: What are you talking about?

Theo: Her.

JJ: Come on. Me making every day of your life the best day you ever had? That's not all too bad, right? I love you, Gabriella Adriana Josefina Hernandez.

Gabi: How do you know my confirmation name?

JJ: I asked your mom because I want to know everything about you. Gabi, we're so good together. What we have is special. If I hadn't been so messed up about my sister, this whole incident would never have taken place. Can we please... please try again?

Gabi: Okay. Yeah, let's try again.

JJ: You're never gonna regret this. I promise you.

Abigail: I can't.

Andre: What are you doing? Go to Chad.

Abigail: I can't. I can never go back to him.

Ciara: That looks serious. What's Theo got on her?

Claire: Shh, just listen.

Abe: Theo, I think you had better explain yourself.

Valerie: No, Abe, it's okay.

Theo: No, I heard you on the phone. You lied. You told someone that you were walking in central park.

Valerie: Oh.

Theo: No, no, no. Central park's in new York city.

Abe: Theo, you shouldn't have been eavesdropping.

Theo: Dad, I wasn't eavesdropping; I just heard it.

Abe: I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation.

Valerie: Well, I'm not so sure how reasonable it is. I was talking to my department head in D.C. And, um... I hate to admit this, but Theo's right. I was lying to him. I was supposed to be delivering a lecture in new York, and--and I canceled so that I could stay here in Salem. I just couldn't leave you without knowing for sure that you weren't in danger anymore.

Abe: I'm sorry that I got you into an awkward situation.

Valerie: Oh, no, I was doing exactly what I wanted to do. It was my decision to let my boss think that I had delivered the lecture.

Theo: Wait, wait, wait. Okay, so why didn't you tell him the truth?

Abe: Theo.

Valerie: I was trying not to stir up any trouble. And here I am causing it.

Theo: Yeah, you are.

Abe: Look, would you mind waiting for us at the elevator just for a minute.

Valerie: Of course.

Abe: Whatever Valerie lied about, it is her business. It has nothing to do with us.

Theo: But dad, come on--

Abe: No, no. Drop this now. Now Valerie and I are going to dinner. We're old friends. We have a lot to catch up on. And if and when you ever see her again, I want you to apologize to her and be nicer. Do you understand?

Theo: I'll see you at home.

Paul: So I'm guessing your uncle Deimos doesn't know that you hired me.

Sonny: That's true. Yeah, he would hate that we're going behind his back. You know how he's like Mr. Macho Kiriakis.

Paul: He drives you crazy.

Sonny: You don't know the half of it. I'm telling you. So you and Steve, when you check out the shipment, make sure he doesn't find out.

Paul: Yeah. We'll take care of it.

Sonny: Hey, I'm sorry that I'm having you work so late.

Paul: It's not a problem.

Sonny: And derrick, he's gonna be okay with it?

Paul: Yeah, you know, he knows I'm a private investigator and that we work weird hours.

Sonny: Good. Sorry, I just didn't want to cause problems between the two of you.

Paul: You know, derrick's boss at the hospital always asks him to work late all the time, so we're used to making adjustments.

Sonny: That's good. And thank you for taking this job. I really appreciate it.

Paul: Yeah, anything for an old friend.

Abigail: Just a short time ago, I was willing to live an entire life away from my family. I mean, what if I have another breakdown?

Andre: Abigail, I know that you're still fragile. And that you were suffering from PTSD, but that's in your past now. And your grandmother, she diagnosed you correctly. Don't you want Chad to know that you're alive and in recovery?

Abigail: I'm hiding in the attic of my mother's house! Does that sound like recovery to you? Just stop pressuring me.

Andre: No, no, no, no. It's just that... Chad is alone with your son. I know my brother. I know the kind of pain he's in. And there's a void in his life, and you're the only one who could fill that void. Don't you want to go over to my brother and show him that you are better now? Your life... is right over there. All you have to do is reach out and take it back.

Abigail: I think maybe you're right.

Chad: Hey. I'm glad I got your text.

Gabi: I have to talk to you.

Chad: Okay, here, sit. I actually have to talk to you too.

Sonny: [Laughs] What are you doing with that stuff?

Paul: Well, I thought that you might be here all night, so I went to housekeeping and I grabbed you this.

Sonny: That is so nice of you. Thank you.

Paul: Well, I hope this plan of yours works out the way you want it to.

Sonny: Me too. Wait--what-- what do you have in the bag?

Paul: In here? Oh, uh, snacks.

Sonny: Yeah? What kind of snacks?

Paul: Chips, some jelly beans, chocolate chip cookies. You know, the basic food groups.

Sonny: You don't happen to have any milk in there, do you?

Paul: Oh, it's in there. And a cup for the... the dipping of the cookies.

Sonny: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Paul: Yeah, well, I think giving your parents and Lucas an opportunity to work things out is really great. I mean, it's weird, but it's pretty great. Well, I-I gotta get to work. But I'll stay in touch.

Abigail: [Panting] Oh, my god.

Andre: What happened?

Abigail: You're asking me what happened? You saw his face when Gabi walked in there. You saw how happy he was to see her!

Andre: Yeah, but she works for him; they're friends.

Abigail: I know Chad. And they are more than just friends. He is falling in love with her.

Andre: You're wrong. I told you before. I know my brother. The only woman he loves is you.

Gabi: Are you and Thomas having a boys' night? Am I interrupting something?

Chad: No. No, no, no. Absolutely not. So what'd you want to talk about?

Gabi: Well, I wanted to talk about us.

Chad: Me too. That's why I was--

Gabi: I was gonna tell you--

Chad: Again, okay. You go.

Gabi: I wanted to say thank you.

Chad: For what?

Gabi: Well, for, uh... keeping an eye on what's really important. Which is that we're friends now. You know, and... just happy that... we didn't, you know, make a mistake that could ruin this potentially. Listen, I just got back-- I was just talking with JJ and he wants another chance. So I think I'm gonna give it to him.

Chad: Great. That's great.

Abe: So tell me about your life in dc. Apartment near DuPont circle?

Valerie: [Laughs] I have a very nice little place I share with the ficus tree I'm trying to keep alive.

Abe: [Laughs] So that's it? Just you and your ficus tree?

Valerie: I would like a dog. I'm crazy about pugs. But with my schedule, it just wouldn't be fair.

Abe: You work a lot of hours?

Valerie: Yes, but it's very rewarding work.

Abe: You know, you mentioned the head of your department. Do the two of you have a good relationship?

Valerie: I'm so tired of talking about me. I want to hear about you. How'd you get to be the mayor?

Abe: Well, I was commissioner of police and I was approached about running. So I went for it. It's actually round two for me.

Valerie: Wow.

Abe: I just wish the job didn't take so much of my time. I feel like I'm not there for Theo as much as I should be. I apologize for the way he acted tonight.

Valerie: Oh, listen. He's very protective of you. I get it; I think it's sweet.

Abe: I think I told you that he's on the spectrum. He's very high functioning, but his thinking can be pretty concrete.

Valerie: That aside, any kid in his situation would have his guard up about me. My son would probably act the same way.

Abe: You told me you have a ficus tree and you never told me you have a son?

Valerie: Well, I wasn't trying to keep it from you. It just never came up.

Abe: You're not with his father?

Valerie: Well, he hasn't been in the picture for a lot of years.

Abe: You know, after Lexie died, I found out how hard it is being a single parent. It's not impossible. And it is so worth the effort.

Valerie: I'll drink to that.

Steve: There you are.

Paul: Hey. Thanks for meeting me out tonight. I really didn't want to investigate Eduardo Hernandez by myself.

Steve: No thanks necessary.

Paul: And I didn't want my in on it. He and Eduardo, they go way back.

Steve: Yeah, they do. I'd imagine it'd be hard for your dad to be objective about him. Now I don't know what Hernandez is into these days, but anything's gotta be better than killing people for a living.

Paul: Yeah, but that doesn't mean that he's squeaky clean. I mean, it's kind of interesting that he's not telling Deimos Kiriakis what he's shipping.

Steve: Definitely a red flag.

Paul: Or maybe prove that he's on the up and up.

Steve: Either way, we got a job to do.

Pau: What's in the bag?

Steve: A surprise. Let's do it.

Gabi: Hey, sleepy buddy. That's decaf, right?

Chad: So what-- what made you change your mind?

Gabi: Well, I, uh... I went over to the police station. And I heard JJ tell Rafe how bad he feels about everything and how much he loves me and how he's not gonna give up on us. I don't know. It got to me. And then Rafe left us alone and JJ, he begged me that he's gonna do whatever it takes to make it up to me, and that he's never gonna make me feel this way again. I don't know.

Chad: Sure. You believe him? 'Cause if he does it again, then he's gonna have to deal with...with me. So if that's is what you want...

Gabi: I do. I mean, you know, you were the one that said, why...why ruin a great friendship?

Chad: [Indistinct]

Gabi: I know Abigail's the only person you'll ever really love.

Chad: You don't have to--

Gabi: That kiss was...

Chad: Let's just... not overanalyze it.

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: We're good.

Gabi: Yeah, we're still friends?

Chad: Yeah, sure.

Gabi: Good. Glad we're both on the same page.

Abigail: Chad doesn't love me anymore. He wants Gabi now.

Andre: But that's not true.

Abigail: I made his life hell for months. And then I let him believe that I was dead, but you-- you want me to walk up to him tonight and say, "hey, guess what?" You know what that would do? It would ruin him for the second time. You know, maybe... maybe if he hadn't found someone else...

Andre: I keep telling you., You don't know that.

Abigail: I have loved that man for years. I know him. And I saw the way he looked when Gabi walked in. It's too late. You know, maybe-- maybe if he had been alone or something, there could have been a chance for us, but not now.

Andre: You don't have to make a decision tonight. You know, even... if Chad was attracted to Gabi, that's because he thinks you're dead. You're the love of his life. I know that for a fact. And how about Thomas? Even if it didn't work out between you and Chad, doesn't Thomas have a right to grow up with his mother by his side to guide him? Isn't he... isn't he worth reclaiming your life?

Claire: There you are. We've been looking all over for you.

Theo: Well, I went for a walk. I needed to think. All right, look, that Valerie, she's playing my dad.

Ciara: When she explained why she told the guy that she was in new York, it sounded like the truth.

Claire: No, no, Theo's right. She's definitely up to something.

Ciara: Why do you think that?

Claire: Well, why would she have to lie to her boss about skipping some dumb lecture to help take care of Theo's dad? You know, what boss is gonna be mad about that?

Theo: That's exactly what I think.

Claire: Yeah, she probably wasn't even talking to her boss.

Theo: Right.

Claire: Really wish I knew who was on the other end of that phone call.

Theo: I mean, I bet we can find out.

Ciara: Theo, you heard your dad. He wants you to leave Valerie alone.

Claire: Hey, no. He can be nice to Valerie, and we can still get the goods on her. My grandfather and my uncle Paul would know exactly how to do it.

Ciara: Theo, if you get caught, you could really screw things up with your dad. Valerie's an old friend. And besides, he's not the kind of guy that gets conned by people. He was a cop. He's the freaking mayor.

Claire: Hey, Ciara, even really smart dudes can be total morons about women. You know what I think that we should do first? I think that we should go online and find out everything we can about the good doctor.

Theo: You're right.

Claire: Yeah. And then if we find enough dirt on shady Val, your dad will have to believe us.

Shawn: What are you talking about, Claire?

Abigail: You're right. I have to do-- I have to do what's best for Thomas. No matter what.

Andre: What's best for Thomas is you.

Abigail: I have to go. I think my mom is probably really worried about me.

Andre: Yes, go home. You get some rest. Oh, and I have something for you. This phone is not traceable. You call me--whatever it may be. You call me if you change your action, yes?

Abigail: Why are you being so nice to me?

Andre: You're the only family I have left. Are you gonna stay in Salem?

Abigail: [Stammering] For my mother's sake. Yeah, I think I have to. Just for now, anyway.

Gabi: You know, uh, if I hadn't grabbed you and kissed you in front of Mrs. Vicky bush to, you know, throw her off track, it wouldn't even have occurred to either one of us that-- that we were more than friends.

Chad: Sure. So are you gonna, um, you gonna continue to work for me?

Gabi: I'd like to. Now that everything's all cleared up. [Laughs] I, uh, I should-- I should head out, 'cause have to go pick up Arianna from the babysitter and still get milk on the way home.

Chad: Better get going.

Gabi: Yeah. Thanks for the coffee. Bye, sweet boy. Thank you for being really understanding and happy thanksgiving.

Chad: Happy thanksgiving.

Ciara: So you're gonna go see mom tomorrow?

Shawn: Yeah. I told the guy at Statesville that I'm not leaving there until I've seen her and I have spoken to her.

Ciara: Oh, good. She must be really scared.

Shawn: Hey. Don't worry, kid. She's strong. She knows how to handle herself. And Rafe and I are gonna do everything that we can to make sure she gets out of there soon. Listen, do you guys mind, Theo, if I have a word alone with Claire?

Theo: Yeah, yeah, no problem.

Shawn: Thanks.

Claire: It's really great that you get to see grandma.

Shawn: So are you gonna tell me what I walked in on here? You trying to dig up dirt on somebody?

Claire: No, no, I'm not. Theo's just getting a really bad vibe off of the woman that Abe is having dinner with tonight.

Shawn: A bad vibe?

Claire: Yes! He's already caught her in a huge lie. He's sure that she's up to something.

Shawn: Listen, Claire, I know you want to help, but you need to stay out of Abe's personal life. I thought you were raised better than that.

Claire: Hey, dad, I'm sorry--

Shawn: Listen, if Theo wants to get involved in his dad's business, then that is his problem. I mean it, Claire. Stay out of it.

Ciara: Can I say something?

Theo: I know what you're gonna say.

Ciara: Valerie has a career in dc. She's not gonna be here long enough to hurt your dad. And you could really screw things up with him.

Okay, I'll stop talking to him about Valerie.

Ciara: She saved his life. And she seems like a nice lady.

Theo: Well, Claire doesn't think so.

Ciara: Claire doesn't have a clue. Okay, I love her, but this is just, like fun and games to her. It's your life. And look. I know that you got really freaked out when your dad was hurt, but don't let that make you do something else that you wish you hadn't done.

Theo: Something else?

Ciara: Like when you took your dad's gun and went after Clyde Weston? I'm just saying. Don't let Claire talk you into anything.

Theo: She's not--I mean, I can make up my own mind!

Sonny: There wouldn't be a sandwich in that bag, would there?

Chad: There would.

Sonny: You're a life saver. Thank you.

Chad: Why don't you shoot it to me straight and tell me why you're camped outside in the hallway of the Salem inn at this time of night?

Sonny: Just keep your voice down, hand over the sandwich.

Chad: Okay, well, why don't you tell me or I'm gonna throw it in the dumpster!

Sonny: Shh! Okay, all right. For Lucas's sake, I told my parents to stop playing games and figure out what they really want.

Chad: How do you think that's gonna work out?

Sonny: To be honest, I haven't heard anything for a while, so they're either sleeping or someone jumped out the window.

Chad: Okay.

Sonny: How's everything in your life?

Chad: [Sighs] Tonight? Not so good.

Sonny: Oh, okay. So that's why you were willing to bring me beer and food and sit in the hallway in the middle of the night. Let's hear it.

Steve: No, no, no. A little help? Hey! How 'bout a little help? No? Yo, buddy. Little help for a vet? [Laughs] Right. What do you want?

Steve: Spare change. You know, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters. Whatever you got. How 'bout it. Help out a brother. Come on. I'm a vet. I served our country. I'm not asking for much.

Yeah, just enough for a bottle of night train, right?

Steve: No, no, no.

Get your filthy paws off of me!

Steve: I just wanna eat! Can you get me something--

This is a restricted area. Get moving before I call security.

Steve: Thanks a lot. Maybe some day, you'll be in my position.

Ciara: I'm gonna go home.

Theo: No, wait, wait, wait. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You have a lot more to be worrying about. I shouldn't have yelled at you. I'm sorry, I...

Claire: Hey, guys.

Theo: Hey. What did your dad want?

Claire: Oh, he just wants me to call my mom. Why don't we... just, like, forget about the whole Valerie thing tonight. Maybe we can go see a movie or something?

Theo: Yeah. Do you wanna come?

Ciara: No, I'm just gonna go home. I'm pretty tired.

Claire: Are you sure?

Ciara: Yeah, you guys have fun, though.

Claire: Okay. Steve: Got your clothes, dude.

Paul: Oh, hey, thanks. I was afraid I was gonna get picked up. Looking like this and carrying a shipping crate around. Hey, you did a great job with that guy, by the way.

Steve: Couldn't get that box open yet?

Paul: No. Not without a crowbar.

Steve: Well, I just happen to have a crowbar.

Paul: Oh, good. Don't even know what's inside that thing. I kept checking to see if it was ticking on the way over here.

Steve: Ticking? No. No. I don't think this is gonna blow up. Not unless... this beautiful baby is packed with dynamite. So, uh... Eduardo didn't want sonny's uncle to know he was shipping designer handbags, huh?

Paul: This is a knockoff.

Steve: What?

Paul: This is a counterfeit designer handbag.

Steve: How can you tell?

Paul: I used to be in the fashion industry. I mean, from afar, this looks good, but this leather's cheap, the stitching is sloppy. Is it even illegal to sell on the market?

Steve: Unless you're claiming it's the real thing, and charging accordingly, I don't think anybody'd prosecute.

Paul: Then why would Eduardo keep this such a big secret?

Steve: Beats the hell outta me.

Paul: You think the other crates are filled with the same purses?

Steve: Well, that's a good question. This is what we got. I'm not turning Eduardo in for a bunch of cheap purses. That's sonny's call. And I'll bet he'll be happy to find out this is all it is.

Sonny: I can't believe it. You and Gabi?

Chad: Yeah, well... you don't have to believe it. Because nothing's gonna happen. She went back to JJ.

Sonny: And when she told you that, you didn't tell her how you feel?

Chad: Well, she said that she loves him. And, uh... it's Abby's brother. You know, he and I, we went through the worst of it with her. So what am I gonna do besides just sit back and support them being together?

Sonny: Well, I think you made the right decision. Being alone is not fun, but...

Chad: What about you and Paul? You guys were getting along at JJ's party.

Sonny: We were. We were, yeah. And I told him when he got to town that I just wanted to be friends, and now he wants the same thing.

Chad: You changed your mind?

Sonny: Doesn't matter. He's seeing someone.

Chad: Well... we're in the same boat. Life sucks.

Gabi: [Laughs] So silly.

Chad: [Indistinct]

Gabi: Yes.

JJ: Gabi?

Gabi: Oh, hey.

JJ: Hey, what are you doing here?

Gabi: Just on my way to the car. I'm gonna go pick up Arianna.

JJ: I didn't think I was gonna see you again tonight.

Gabi: Here I am.

JJ: I, uh... I was wondering if you and Arianna wanted to come to my house for thanksgiving.

Gabi: Oh, wow, that sounds-- that sounds great. I'd love to.

JJ: It's Thomas's birthday. He's a year old.

Gabi: Oh, so Chad's gonna be there?

JJ: Yeah, is that a problem?

Gabi: No, not at all. Sounds like fun.

JJ: Want me to walk you to your car?

Gabi: Great.

[Melancholy music]

Abigail: Maybe André's right. Maybe I do need to be with Thomas.

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