Days Transcript Friday 11/18/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/18/16


Episode #12966 ~ Theresa spends her last day in Salem; Lucas & Adrienne's wedding day arrives; Sonny gives Justin advice; Joey, reeling, tells Steve troubling news about Jade.

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Lucas: No, I get it. I do, I get it. You don't have to apologize. [Chuckles] You don't even have to tell me what the emergency's about. Just tell me that you're going to be okay. Perfect. That's all I wanna hear.  All right. Well, then, I'll just call you-- call you later. I gotta go right now.

Kate: Oh, rea-- really, you're not even gonna talk to me?

Lucas: Why bother? I know what you're gonna say.

Kate: Well, honey, for a man who's about to marry the woman of his dreams, you don't look very happy. Don't tell me there's trouble in paradise.

Lucas: No, no. Everything's fine.

Kate: Hmm?

Lucas: Sorry to disappoint you. Adrienne and I are great. If I have a look on my face right now, it's 'cause Jennifer just called me and said that she and JJ can't make it to the wedding.

Kate: Oh, no. What happened?

Lucas: It's JJ's first day back at work and he doesn't feel like he can take the time off, and Jennifer has an emergency she has to deal with.

Kate: Did she tell you what it was?

Lucas: No, mom, she couldn't say.

Kate: Hm. Not gonna be very many family members at the wedding reception, Lucas.

Lucas: No, there isn't, but we'll manage. We'll be fine.

Kate: I didn't expect that Austin and Billy would be there. And God forbid your father should make an appearance. But, I mean, Jennifer can't trek across town? I mean, she's related to you and Adrienne. I mean, Lucas, really, I hope it's not a sign.

Lucas: A sign of what? Too much inbreeding in Salem?

Kate: No. That maybe this wedding shouldn't be taking place today.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: Wait, wait.

Adrienne: I couldn't believe that judge. The maximum sentence and no possibility of parole?

Kayla: I mean, hope was clearly not in her right mind that day.

Adrienne: Oh, and the victim was clearly not St. Francis of Assisi. Oh, God, poor Justin. He was so sure he'd get her off. And I know him. Right now, he's sitting there thinking this is all his fault.

Kayla: Well, you know what? We are all devastated by the news and we are gonna do everything we can to help hope. But today is your day. It's your day. It's your wedding day. We have to focus on how happy you and Lucas are gonna be together. You are the bright spot in all of our lives today.

[Both laugh]

Sonny: Dad.

Justin: Sonny, what are you doing here?

Sonny: I was over at the courthouse and I wanted to stop by and see if JJ was in the squad room.

Justin: Uh, haven't seen him. What were you doing at the courthouse?

Sonny: Well, mom asked me to stop and get the, uh, marriage license.

Justin: Oh, that's right.

Sonny: How you doing?

Justin: I've had better days.

Sonny: Yeah, I bet.

Justin: I let hope down.

Sonny: You did everything you could.

Justin: I wasn't good enough. I blew it.

Sonny: Dad, is hope the only thing that has you down today?

Philip: Brady, you okay?

Brady: What are you doing here?

Philip: I was just on my way to the parking lot. What do you get two people that have everything? [Chuckles] Oh, maybe that's why I put it off till the last minute. You can't even look me in the eye anymore.

Brady: What?

Philip: I know you're sucking up to Deimos because you're hoping one day he makes you CEO instead of me.

Brady: Oh. I couldn't care less about titan right now, okay?

Philip: Oh, come on. I know how much you wanna take over the company someday. I know how much you miss being the favorite son, despite not even being Victor's son.

Brady: Philip, Philip, walk. Just go, go that way, please. Do it.

Philip: Do you know how sick I am of being dismissed by members of my family? My brother didn't even ask me to be the best man at his wedding.

Brady: What do I have to do? Shut up! Shut up.

[Intense music]

Shane: How you doing?

Theresa: Oh, I'm just dandy.

Kimberly: Doo, doo, doo

Theresa: Oh, Tate! Hi! I'm so happy to see you!

Shane: There he is! How did you manage this?

Kimberly: I just went over to the house and I told Brady I wanna see my grandson.

Theresa: Oh, God. I am so happy. Oh, my gosh, Brady would be going crazy right now if he knew I was with him.

Kimberly: Oh, honey.

Theresa: Which I guess is exactly what I wanted.

Shane: Hm, hm, hm. Hey, you know what? Your mommy loves you so very much!

Theresa: Yeah.

Kimberly: And so do we, baby.

Theresa: Yes, I do. Oh, God, I know that I'm not only doing this to Brady and Tate, but I'm doing it to you guys as well. I mean, Tate's your grandson and I don't think you're gonna be able to see him very much.

Kimberly: Oh, honey, we're gonna get to see him plenty. I'm afraid we're gonna lose you, though.

Theresa: I'll be fine.

Kimberly: You think you're so tough, don't you? How are you gonna bring down this el fideo guy all alone?

Shane: Hey, not alone. Trust me, Kim, I'm on this. With any luck, I'm hoping this whole operation will be over in a month.

Kimberly: Well, that's the only thing that brings me peace of mind.

Theresa: Ah, my buddy. I love you so much. Mom, you, uh, better get him back. Brady will start to worry. I guess this is good-bye, mom.

[Dramatic music]

Kimberly: For now, baby. Only for now.

Adrienne: Oh, shoot! [Grunts]

Kayla: What, what, what?

Adrienne: Oh, my engagement ring just put a hole in these things.

Kayla: You know what? I'll run out and get you some.

Adrienne: Oh, thank you. Oh, my!

Kayla: Hey, handsome!

Steve: Hi there, I was just about to knock.

Kayla: You were?

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: Gotcha.

Steve: You look beautiful.

Kayla: Thank you.

Adrienne: Hi.

Steve: Oh, look who's--

Adrienne: Hey.

Steve: Hey, you're not dressed yet.

Adrienne: No.

Steve: Listen, uh, I just spoke to mama.

Adrienne: She can't make it?

Steve: No, she just had her last radiation treatment. She's pretty wiped out.

Adrienne: I thought that would probably happen. Oh, it's gonna be an intimate ceremony. [Laughs]

Kayla: You know, I just got off the phone with Jen, she said she and JJ can't make it, sorry.

Adrienne: [Laughs] But the mother-in-law from hell wouldn't miss it for the world. This, after she initially told Lucas and me that she wouldn't dream of coming to our wedding.

Kayla: Too bad she wouldn't stick to that initial plan, huh?

Adrienne: Too bad is right.

Steve: Put you and Kate in a dark alley, my money'd be on you.

Kayla: [Laughs] Absolutely.

Adrienne: [Laughs] Oh, what do I care what the ceremony is like? Right? I mean, Justin and I had that big, fat Greek wedding and we didn't last. It's just, Lucas and I, we were so sure that hope would be there to celebrate with us, and-- you know, I feel like calling Lucas right now, saying, "forget the church wedding, let's just elope."

Lucas: Well, I gotta give it to you, you are very consistent, aren't you? But you should give up, really. I'm gonna marry Adrienne soon, and she's gonna become my wife.

Kate: I'm gonna be here for you when she runs back to Justin.

Lucas: She would never do that, she's the sweetest person ever.

Kate: [Sighs] Well she wasn't so sweet to will when Sonny got involved with him, now was she?

Lucas: No, not at first. She wasn't. But she grieved for will, and you know that. And who the hell are you to call out anybody about not being sweet enough?

Kate: I love my children, and that's never gonna change.

Lucas: Well, if you love me, you'll be good at my wedding, okay?

Kate: Believe me, I am going to be a model mother of the groom.

Lucas: Better be.

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: Oh, dad. It's going to be so hard for me to leave.

Shane: Oh, my sweet baby girl. I just wish there was more I could do to help.

Theresa: No. No, you know what? I created this mess. And so you and Brady and anyone else-- it's not your job to fix it, it's mine, okay? I am 100% sure of that. So now I just have one more hurdle: Go back to the house, pack up my stuff and get a few things to help me hold onto Brady and Tate.

Oh, God, please give me strength.

[Somber music]

Brady: Sorry to interrupt your wallowing, all right? But you couldn't be more wrong.

[Dramatic music]

Philip: What does that mean?

Brady: What does it mean? It means I couldn't care less about work. Okay, I got bigger problems right now.

Philip: I feel for you, man. Gorgeous fiancé, phew, cute little son. Come on, you got it made.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, I thought so. Until it all went to hell.

Now there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

Theresa: Hey. Is Brady here?

Victor: No, he went out.

Theresa: Oh, thank God. I don't think I could face him again.

Victor: What are you doing here?

Theresa: I--I just came to pack a few things, and uh, and say one--one last good-bye to Tate.

Victor: The nanny put him down in your bedroom. I'll see to it that you're not interrupted.

Theresa: Thank you. And Victor? Please help Brady get through this, what I'm doing to him.

Victor: I'll do my best.

Theresa: You know, I had to do it. I had to hurt him this badly, otherwise he'd come after me and--and if he did...

[Somber music]

Well... you wouldn't have a grandson. So... listen, you and Maggie, please-- please, please see to it that he stays sober now.

Victor: I'm sure he'll want to for Tate's sake.

Theresa: Right. Right, and tell him that. You know? That if he starts using again...

Tate won't have anybody.

Victor: Well, I hope you can get enough on el fideo to put him behind bars.

Theresa: Me too.

It's the only way I'll be able to come back to my family. Not that you care. Sorry.

Victor: Actually... I'm very proud of what you're doing.

Theresa: Uhh, okay. Who are you and what have you done to Victor Kiriakis?

Victor: No, I mean it. Brady would feel the same way if he knew what you were doing for your family.

Theresa: No, he can't know.

Victor: You've come a long way, Jeannie Theresa.

And I want you to know no matter what happens, we'll always consider you a part of the Kiriakis family.

Theresa: [Sobs]

Victor: Gyrna píso se mas.

That means, "come back to us."

Jade: My God, where have you been?

Joey: I'm here now.

Jade: You can't just turn your back on me like that. I'm knocked up and it's your kid.

Joey: I needed time to think.

Jade: About yourself, right? Forget me, forget how I'm feeling.

[Dramatic music]

Joey: I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you're really pregnant.

Steve: No, no, no. You cannot elope.

Adrienne: Says who?

Steve: Says me. Besides, this whole ordeal with hope is not over yet. She's got a lot of friends in high places who are not giving up until she's set free.

Adrienne: Okay.

Steve: So forget about eloping.

Adrienne: And what--you're not the boss of me.

Steve: No. No, but I'm the only harp player you know.

[Harmonica music]


Kayla: Doo, doo, doo.

Adrienne: Well, that's awesome, but what does that have to do with my wedding?

Steve: That's the blues, baby. You know, something blue.

Adrienne: Oh, no, no, no. No, I'm not doing all that.

Steve: Oh!

Kayla: You are absolutely doing that. Wait, wait, wait, look, look. Jen gave me this to give to you. Said that you had loaned it to her for Abigail's wedding and she wanted you to have it back.

Steve: Wow.

Adrienne: Oh, my God. Mom and jack's pictures are in here.

Kayla: Right. Right, so it's like they are here with you. Come on, now. Look, you have something blue. Um, you have something borrowed. You have--the dress is new. All you need is something old, and--

Steve: You got me for that.

Adrienne: [Laughs] Well, at least you didn't say me.

Steve: Come on, baby. Listen, listen. You put all this work into this. You can't go to a justice of the peace now. And besides, we spent all those years apart. Let your big brother be there for one of the most important moments of your life. Okay? Please?

Kayla: Come on.

Adrienne: You drive me nuts.

Kayla: [Laughs]

Steve: It's my job.

Adrienne: But I'm so glad you guys are here.

Kayla: Oh, you.

Adrienne: I love you.

Steve: Aw, baby.

Kayla: We love you, too.

Steve: It's gonna be good. It's gonna be great.

Kayla: You're the cutest, really.

Adrienne: Oh, no, you are. Look at you.

[Both laugh]

Justin: Sonny, I had the chance to change judge Fitzpatrick's mind about hope. I gave her a million reasons to dispense mercy, and she didn't. So believe me, I don't need anything else in order to feel this upset.

Sonny: So you're okay with mom marrying Lucas tonight?

Justin: Wait, wait. Didn't we go through this yesterday?

Sonny: Yes, but, just answer me this one last question. If you're so over mom, why the hell did you repel down the side of the hospital to see her when you thought she was hurt?

Justin: I didn't repel anywhere, I climbed through the window. Wait, how did you know about that? Your mother told you, of course.

Sonny: She wouldn't admit it, but it got to her.

[Light instrumental music]

Justin: Really?

Sonny: Look, I like Lucas. I do. And I feel rotten saying this, 'cause I'm his best man, but Lucas and mom? Really?

Justin: Really. I was a bastard to your mother. She deserves to be happy now.

Sonny: You know, that's the first time you ever admitted that.

Justin: That's a part of being a bastard, kid.

Sonny: But you're not a bastard anymore, dad. I mean, you're okay with this? This doesn't bother you at all?

Justin: My level of comfort in this situation is immaterial.

Sonny: That sounds like lawyer talk for "I still love mom."

Justin: Lucas was there when I wasn't. And your mother has moved on.

Sonny: I don't know if I would call it moving on.

Justin: Really? What would you call it?

Sonny: Getting back at you.

Justin: No. Your mother would not do that to Lucas.

Sonny: Maybe she doesn't know what she's doing, dad.

Justin: Sonny, there's nothing--there-- there's nothing I can do.

Sonny: Do you remember when my brothers and I were kids and we would tell you there was something we couldn't do? You used to say, "there's always something you can do."

Kate: Ah. It's so good after all.

Kayla: There you go, no, I think you got it. All right, listen, I'm gonna go.

Steve: There it is.

Kayla: I'm gonna go scour Salem for the best, sheerest pantyhose I can find, okay?

Adrienne: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Kayla: Okay, I'll see you.

Adrienne: Bye. I think I should start getting dressed.

Steve: Hey, wait. I just wanna talk to you for a minute.

Adrienne: What?

Steve: I, uh, I really don't want you to elope. But if you wanted to postpone this wedding, I would support that.

Adrienne: Because of hope.

Steve: Well that and... [Sighs] Adrienne, are you absolutely sure you're ready to marry Lucas?

Adrienne: Of course I am. I love Lucas. And he really loves me.

[Light instrumental music]

Steve: As much as Justin does?

Adrienne: Ask his girlfriend.

Steve: Come on, you know that's over with.

Adrienne: Not to me.

Steve: Listen, Justin made a stupid mistake, but are you really gonna give up on the dude who's always been the one? You got four great kids together.

Adrienne: Yes, I know that, Steve. That's why we're working really hard to be friends. And let me tell you, some days are rockier than others.

Steve: All right. I'm not trying to get in your business. I just want you to be happy.

Adrienne: I am. Happier than I've ever been.

Kate: I wanna know why you're jumping all over me, anyway. It's Adrienne's family you have to worry about.

Lucas: Really? Why?

Kate: Two words: Steve Johnson. Do you think he's gonna show up on his motorcycle?

Lucas: I don't know, mom. I hope so.

Kate: Hey, you know, if you're lucky, maybe he'll bring his harmonica for "here comes the bride."

Lucas: Did you marry Stefano DiMera because of his lovely family? Is that what happened?

Kate: He had his faults, sure.

Lucas: Okay, his faults? You call his mortal sins faults? Really?

Kate: But he had style. And he had flair.

Lucas: I was married to Sami Brady and Nicole walker and Chloe lane. I think I've had enough flair and drama.

Kate: Yeah, well, you certainly won't be getting any of that with Adrienne.

Lucas: Eh. And that's exactly why I love her.

Brady: I was hoping that Theresa wasn't reverting. I know that she was just reacting to things that have been going on in her life, but, uh, I tell you what, man, when I saw her in that hotel room with that guy, high as a kite, I knew that this was not some temporary reaction.

Philip: Man.

Brady: You know, she told me she's been faking her relationship with me and her son? Faking it the whole time. That's what she said.

Philip: If she was faking it, she had me convinced.

Brady: Me too, man.

[Dramatic music]

Philip: I'm really sorry. What I said before was... rotten. I had no idea what you were dealing with. You and Theresa, you just-- [Sighs] You seemed so happy.

Brady: Yeah, well, um, we were. Yeah, it's like someone just flipped a switch.

Philip: It just--it just seems so weird.

Brady: And she's in no mood to explain it to me. But I'll tell you what, I still feel like there is something--there's something that I'm not seeing.

Theresa: Mommy had to see you again.

[Somber music]

Theresa: And I had to hold you one more time. Having you is the joy of my life. And I just--I wanted to say a couple things, okay? First of all... I put your, uh, "happy peanut" book over by the crib so daddy remembers that it's your favorite. And I bought you a new red puppy sweatshirt because you're about to outgrow the one you have. And I know that's your favorite. And um... if Emma--if Emma tries to make you eat squash, you don't have-- you don't have to. Oh, there are so many things that I want to say to you, but... I have to go now. And hey, you-- you're gonna do so many amazing things over the next few months. And you're gonna say so many new words. Mommy is so proud of you. You are so amazing. Yes, you are. I love you so much. And I promise you-- I promise you, I am going to try to find my way back to you. And maybe-- maybe when I do, please-- please find it in your heart to forgive me. Please forgive me. [Sobs] Forever, this time.

Adrienne: [Sighing]

[Swelling music]


[Dramatic music]

Lucas: Hey, uh, is Adrienne here?

Steve: Oh, she's already in the bride's room.

[Phone beeps]

Steve: Oh, gotta get outside and meet the florist. Good luck.

Lucas: Thanks. You got the rings, right?

Sonny: Right here.

Lucas: Oh, good.

Sonny: Anything else I can do for you?

Lucas: No, no. Um, as long as Adrienne's here, I'm here, the rings are here, everything should go smoothly.

Sonny: Good.

Lucas: You're, uh, thinking about Will, aren't you? When you guys got married.

[Somber music]

Lucas: I mean, it was a beautiful day.

Sonny: It was. It was the happiest day of my life.

Lucas: You know, he'd be my best man if he were here. So words can't describe how grateful I am that you were willing to stand in for him.

Sonny: I'm glad to do it. Really.

Lucas: All right. Guess we should go in.

Steve: Sweetness, isn't the florist supposed to be here by now?

Kayla: He's not?

Steve: No.

Kayla: Oh, the photographer just called, said he got a flat tire--

Adrienne: No, what else could go wrong here?

Kayla: No, don't worry. We're gonna take care of everything, aren't we?

Steve: Don't worry.

Adrienne: Okay, okay, you're right, you're right. Nothing to worry about. It's all gonna work out fine. I mean it's-- [Laughs] Not like this wedding is jinxed or anything, right? [Laughs]

Steve: No.

[Dramatic music]

Brady: You're leaving?

Theresa: You put that all together by yourself?

Brady: You weren't even gonna say good-bye.

Has it really come to this, Theresa?

Theresa: Looks like.

Brady: A few days ago, we were planning our future together.

Theresa: No. You were planning our future. I had other ideas.

Brady: There's something you're not telling me. What is it?

Theresa: Well, I mean, I-- if that's what you wanna believe.

Brady: I don't believe you. I've asked you every way I know possible to confide in me and trust in me, but it looks like that's just not gonna happen, is it? One thing I took away from that program is that, what? You can't force anyone, especially an addict, to do something that they don't wanna do. It's just insane. Well, do me a favor before you go. Just look me in the eye right now and tell me again... tell me that you don't love me. Do it.

Theresa: You know what? I'm not sure I ever did. Not really.

Brady: I don't believe you. I don't believe you. No matter what you say, I love you. Baby, stay here. Stay here, work this out with me. Please don't go.

[Violin music]

[Phone beeps]

Steve: [Sighs]

Adrienne: [Sighs] Okay. So am I put together? Everything?

Kayla: Oh, my gosh, you are more than put together, you're beautiful. You look beautiful. Oh, oh there's my cue.

Adrienne: Oh!

Kayla: Oh, there's my cue. I'm so excited for you, okay?

Adrienne: See you on the main stage.

Kayla: Okay. Oh, my gosh, all right. You're good, you look fabulous.

Adrienne: [Sighs]

[Pleasant orchestra music]

Philip: Are you playing "Candy Crush"? Put that away!

["Bridal Chorus" playing]

Joey: Dad.

Steve: Where the hell have you been?

Joey: Dad, there's something I have to tell you.

Kimberly: It seems like yesterday I was braiding Jeannie's hair and I was cutting off the crust of her egg salad sandwiches. And then our sweet, little girl turned 13.

[Both laugh]

Shane: And she hated the both of us.

Kimberly: Oh. Oh.

Shane: Yeah. I wondered where my sweet, winsome little girl had gone.

Kimberly: I know. Shane, I felt like we'd finally gotten her back, and now-- why did all this have to happen?

[Dramatic music]

Shane: I don't know. But I promise you this: I'm gonna do everything I can to neutralize Mateo and bring her home.

One thing we can be sure of about Theresa is she has an iron will.

Kimberly: Yeah.

Shane: Just like her mom.

Kimberly: [Laughs] Now, that got us both in a lot of trouble, you know.

Shane: I have faith in her.

Just as I have faith in you.

Kimberly: [Laughs]

Theresa: Here. I don't need this where I'm going.

[Somber music]

Brady: You know, I guess I can wrap my head around you leaving me. But leaving your son?

Theresa: You know what, Brady? Here, let me help you wrap your head around it. Your crazy ex-girlfriend paid somebody to rip him out of me and she carried him to term. So I didn't carry him. And I didn't give birth to him. I tried the whole mommy thing, but, I don't know, that bond, it just wasn't there.

Brady: It is for him.

Theresa: Well, too bad. You know what? I wasn't put on this earth to be a nanny. And he's just at a weight that I can't handle and I'm trying to travel light now. Brady, cheer up. You know, he has you. And all of your money.

Brady: Where are you gonna go?

Theresa: Wherever the wind takes me.

Brady: How long? I mean--

Theresa: Let me spell it out for you, Brady. Don't leave the light on.

Brady: Theresa, no.

Theresa: Ciao, baby.

Brady: Don't do this.

Theresa: It's been fun. [Sobbing]

Joey: Dad--

Steve: Listen, whatever it is, okay, it can wait. This is not the time.

Joey: We have to talk about it right now. Jade says she's pregnant and the baby's mine.

["Bridal Chorus" playing]

Justin: Adrienne!

[Music stops]

Justin: You can't do this!

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: Well, you got what you wanted. Let the fun adventure begin.

Mateo: I know you're sad about what you're leaving behind, babe. But we are going to have fun. I promise. It will be as great as it was before. Even better. You'll see.

Theresa: Yeah. Let's just get out of here, okay?

Mateo: Sure.

Theresa: Vamanos.

Shane: All right. They're on the move.

[Somber music]

Brady: [Sighs] [Yells] [Crying]

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