Days Transcript Thursday 11/10/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/10/16


Episode #12960 ~ Brady & Theresa have a huge confrontation; Gabi arranges a welcome-home party for JJ with Sonny, Paul, & Chad; a mysterious woman arrives in Salem; Theo hears Valerie lie on the phone, making him determined to find out what's going on.

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Theresa: [Crying]

[Somber music]

Brady: Theresa?

Theresa: Okay. Oh, my God.

Brady: Saw your car outside.

Theresa: What are you looking at?

Brady: I was hoping we, uh-- we could talk, Theresa.

Theresa: [Moans] Do we have to? Right now, I just want to sleep.

Are you just gonna stand there judging me?

Brady: Where were you last night? Where were you?

Theresa: "Where wasn't I?" Was a better question.

Brady: Hey...

Theresa: I was out with friends, hitting every bar within a ten-mile radius.

Brady: This isn't like you, all right? I don't know what's going on. But this is not like you. I don't get it.

Theresa: What's there to get, Brady? I just--I need sleep.

Brady: You n--you need--you need to straighten up. Baby?

Theresa: "Straighten up"? Okay, grandpa.

Brady: Listen to me, why don't we, uh-- why don't we go on a trip, huh? Why don't we get out of here? Why don't we take Tate on a vacation? We could go to Australia. We could go to... Hawaii, Bora Bora. You pick, you pick.

Theresa: Just whatever-- whatever.

Brady: Where are you going? I want to talk to you.

Theresa: I'm going to shower and try not to throw up.

André: All right, stop panicking. We will find Abigail. It doesn't matter how. I have my ways. It's none of your business. Would you leave me alone?

Chad: Hey.

[Baby crying]

Chad: Hey, hey, hey, hey. None of that now, all right? We're gonna go-- hey, we're gonna go party. Yeah? Gabi's gonna be there. You like Gabi. Huh? Okay, that's better.

[Foreboding music]

Jennifer: Sweetie, you didn't even touch your lunch.

JJ: I'm not hungry.

Jennifer: But you need to get your strength back.

JJ: Mom, I told you, I'm not hungry.

Jennifer: Right.

JJ: Mom, I--I'm sorry, it's just--I'm in a terrible mood, and I shouldn't take it out on you. Sorry.

Jennifer: Well, I can take it. And I understand that you feel cooped up, but you really do just need to rest, honey.

JJ: What I hate is what I did to Gabi.

Jennifer: I know that. I know.

JJ: And I know you think I should come clean, but I-- I can't. And after what I did to Paige...

Jennifer: Honey, you had just found out about your sister.

JJ: And went classic JJ. Bad news? I--I get drunk and... I hate myself. I hate myself right now.

Jennifer: JJ, you have to stop this. You have to stop beating yourself up like this. You need--you need to get well, and--and you need to rest.

JJ: I'm not resting! I'm going crazy here.

Jennifer: I understand that, but if you talk to Gabi-- if you just share the circumstances with her, maybe she'll forgive you. I--I know she'll forgive you.

JJ: For sleeping with someone I can't even remember? I don't forgive myself. You know, I just need to get some air-- take a walk around the block.

Jennifer: JJ...

Gabi: Surprise!

JJ: [Exhales]

Theresa: Well, the, uh, drinking gods are with me. I didn't throw up.

[Solemn music]

Honey, would you, uh-- would you be an angel and-- and get me a coffee? I, uh--maybe some dry toast?

Brady: We need to talk.

Theresa: What, we can't talk while I'm drinking coffee?

Damn it.

Brady: What are you looking for? These?

Kayla: Hey, baby. You here to pick up your dad?

Theo: Right.

Kayla: I bet you are so excited to get him home.

Theo: Yeah, is he ready?

Kayla: Just about.

Theo: And you're sure that he'll be all right?

Kayla: Well, Dr. Grant signed off on his release, so...

Theo: Yeah, but I'm asking you. Do you think that he'll be all right?

Kayla: Yes, I do. But if you have any questions, she's in with him right now.

[Dramatic music]

Abe: You know, everyone here has just been great. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I cannot wait to get out of this place.

Valerie: Oh, I bet you can't.

[Both chuckling]

Abe: Like I said, everybody here has been--just been great, but you have been incredible. Thank you so much.

Valerie: You're welcome. I'm just doing my job. And part of my job is reminding you that in addition to monitoring your heart, we're gonna need you to have regular, yearly checkups.

Abe: I've learned my lesson.

Valerie: Good, because your kids really need you-- especially Theo.

Theresa: Give me that. I need that!

Brady: What-- what do you need? What do you need? Why do you need it? What do you got here, huh?

Theresa: It's vitamin C. Come on, Brady. You know what that is. You've done it yourself: Molly, ecstasy...

Brady: So you weren't just drinking last night. You were doing this stuff.

Theresa: I was having some damn fun! You know, something I haven't had in a really long time.

Brady: God.

Theresa: Oh, don't get all holier than thou on me. You know, we used to have fun. We could have fun again.

Brady: Yeah, I remember having that fun. It almost killed us. You remember that?

Theresa: Yeah.

Brady: This is coming out of nowhere.

Theresa: Oh, nowhere? Nowhere, Brady? Someone tried to kill me! I am living in camp Kiriakis. You don't think I have room to just be a little stressed out?

Brady: I--yes, of c--I know. Baby, you've handled the stress wonderfully--you have, but it's not just the two of us anymore. We have a son in there. And this-- this is crossing a line!

Then we wad it up to make it nice and soft. Your release papers, I

Valerie: So before I sign your release papers, I'm gonna need you to have one final echocardiogram.

Abe: That's fine, that's fine. You know, we haven't had a chance to catch up, so I want to remind you I'm taking you out to dinner before you head back to D.C. It's the least I can do for the person that saved my life. So what do you say?

Valerie: I say I'd love to. [Laughs]

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: Wait a minute, where-- where are you going? The doctor said you had to rest.

JJ: Yeah, I was just gonna walk around the block real quick.

Gabi: Well, you can't walk out on your own party.

JJ: Party?

Sonny: Yeah, you're house-bound, so we brought the celebration...

Gabi: To you.

Sonny: To you.

JJ: [Laughs] Okay, um, what are we celebrating?

Gabi: You getting out of the hospital. You're gonna be fine. You get to go back to work. Come on, don't be such a grump. Put--here, put this on.

JJ: I'll look stupid if I wear this.

Gabi: No--

Sonny: That is the point. You put on the hat, and hilarity ensues.

Jennifer: Gabi, Sonny, hi. This is so nice of you. Come on in.

JJ: Thank you, guys.

Gabi: [Sighs] He seems, um, really depressed.

Jennifer: Honestly, I think he's going stir crazy.

Sonny: Well, that's why we're here.

Jennifer: Excellent, thank you. Come in. Come on.

Sonny: JJ, my man. Listen, if you got the impression that we're here because you were shot, you were wrong. We're here because I want a rematch.

JJ: Oh, my God. [Laughter] Where'd you get this?

Gabi: What is that?

Jennifer: That is a game box, and JJ and Abigail were addicted to this.

JJ: This is great.

Jennifer: Yeah, I think it was your sixth birthday. I mean, this was your entertainment.

JJ: Let's do it.

Sonny: All right, not until you put on the hat.

JJ: I'm not wearing the hat.

Sonny: You're gonna wear the hat, or I will put this back in the box, and I will take off.

Gabi: Oh, gosh, what are you guys, like, six?

[Doorbell chimes]

Gabi: Oh, uh, Sonny, would you go get that?

Sonny: Gabi, I'm in the middle of a hat negotiation right now.

Jennifer: Oh, I'll get it.

Gabi: It's okay. Sonny, would you please get it?

Sonny: Okay, I will get it. Hook this up, but don't start playing it till you put on the hat.

[Upbeat music]

Sonny: Hey, cha-- oh, you're not Chad.

Paul: No, I'm, uh-- [Laughs] I'm Paul.

Sonny: I knew that, yes. I know--I know you're Paul. You did this, didn't you?

Gabi: Did what?

Sonny: Come on in.

Paul: Hey, Mrs. Horton.

Jennifer: Oh, hi. Jennifer, please.

Paul: Jennifer, hey.

Jennifer: How are you?

Paul: Hey, JJ, how are you?

JJ: Hey.

Paul: Oh, my God, where did you guys find these?

Gabi: What, another six year old?

Jennifer: Yes, I'm gonna go get juice boxes for all of you.

Sonny: Sounds great.

JJ: Do you want me to put on the hat?

Gabi: More than anything.

JJ: [Laughs]

Gabi: Yay! Okay. Oh, it looks great. Come here. Oh.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Gabi: Love it.

[Doorbell chimes]

Gabi: Oh, I'll get it. I'll get it, guys.

Sonny: All right, and I get to play first, because it's my game box.

JJ: It's my party.

Paul: I challenge the winner.

Gabi: Oh, hey, Chad--Thomas.

Chad: Hope we're not too late.

Gabi: No, actually, you're right on time. Now that you're here, the party can get started. Hi, cutie. Are you ready to have some fun?

[Reflective music]

Theresa: I crossed a line? Are you kidding me?

Brady: No, I'm not kidding.

Theresa: [Laughs] You need to wake up, Brady. Do you think that I just transformed into some domestic goddess? No, I did what I had to. You know, you have some-- some romantic notion of what a mom is. [Laughs nervously] Probably because you grew up without yours.

Brady: It's not you talking. This is not you t--

Theresa: Oh, it damned well is!

Brady: No, it's not. It's the booze; it's the liquor. You--the way you are with your son--that is who you are.

Theresa: Guess what. Not only am I the original good-time girl, I am also one hell of an actress, especially when my audience ain't that bright.

Brady: You cannot fake the way that you've been with our son. No way.

Theresa: Okay. Yeah. I played mommy for a little while. But you know what they don't tell you, Brady? It gets old. It gets boring.

Brady: Boring?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Brady: So boring that you called me the first time that our son grabbed his foot? You called me? You remember that?

Theresa: God, do you hear yourself? That is definition of boring. "He grabbed his foot."

Brady: You cried about it. You cried.

Theresa: Yeah, well, guess I get a little weepy after a few belts. Oh, I'm sorry, did--did you think I did all of that sober?

Brady: When did the pills start, too?

Theresa: When he got kidnapped, okay? I needed them.

Brady: No, you didn't need these.

Theresa: Why? Why, why, why?

Brady: What are you talking about?

Theresa: 'Cause I had you, Brady? 'Cause I had you? God, you're so stressed out all the time. I mean, look at you. You got your shoulders up around your neck, and you grit your teeth, and... you know what? This would--this would go a lot better if you would just take one of those, and then--and then we could do something else to calm down. Hmm, what do you say? What do you say?

Brady: I really--I really was hoping that this was one of your schemes, Theresa.

Theresa: Yeah. [Laughs]

Brady: But it... for the life of me, I can't understand why you would do this.

Theresa: Yeah, 'cause it's not.

Brady: I guess it's not.

[Melancholy music]

Theresa: [Weeping] Ugh. Well, he believed it.

Okay, okay, okay, okay. you all set to take your d

Valerie: I won, though.

Theo: Hi, dad.

Abe: Hey, son.

Valerie: Hi, Theo. You all set to take your dad home?

Theo: Yeah.

Abe: Well, this would be a good time for you to thank Dr. Grant.

Theo: For almost killing you?

Abe: Theo, we talked about this before. She had no idea I had a pre-existing condition. I think you owe Dr. Grant an apology.

Valerie: No, no, he doesn't. Theo's just being honest. I did say that I could make you better.

Abe: And you did.

Valerie: The second time around. But I think Theo has every right to be upset that my initial examination wasn't thorough enough. And if it means anything to you, Theo... [Stammering] I don't ever plan to make a mistake like that again.

Theo: I'm gonna call Claire and let her know you're being released.

Abe: Ah, Valerie, look, um, I'm sorry. I thought he would come around before you left.

Valerie: Well, I haven't left yet. Give me another chance to, um, make things right with him.

Andre: Abigail asked me to fake her death so she wouldn't be a burden to Chad and the baby, so if there's anything else... Laura, Abigail flew the coop on your watch, so that's not my problem. Listen, I don't want to talk about this any further. Thank you.

[Dramatic music]

I've got find her before she does something stupid.

Gabi: That Mrs. Bush, she's quite an operator, isn't she?

Chad: Yeah, that's a nice way to put it. JJ, what's going on, man? Cool hat. Oh, my God, what is this? Is this what I think it is?

Paul: Now that he's here, we're gonna play teams.

Chad: What?

Paul: Yup.

Sonny: Only if he wears a hat.

JJ: What about Gabi?

Gabi: I can--I can watch with Thomas over here.

Jennifer: Oh, look at my little sweetheart. Hi, buddy.

Chad: Oh, yup, I should have known as I got here he was gonna get hungry.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no, please. Let me feed him, seriously.

Chad: Well, you sure?

Jennifer: Yes, I am positive. He is my favorite little lunch date. 'Scuse me. Hey, buddy, what do you want for lunch today, huh?

Sonny: Hey, how'd your, uh, date with derrick go?

Paul: It was fine.

Sonny: Oh, that's great. That's great.

JJ: Okay, how about teams? Chad and me versus the two of you.

Chad: Ooh, once again a DiMera faces off against a Kiriakis.

Sonny: Oh, yeah, that always works out. And just FYI, JJ, we're not just gonna let you win because you were shot saving lives, okay? Because this matters.

Chad: Gentlemen...

[No audible dialogue]

Chad: Prepare to be destroyed.


Sonny: All right, let's do this.

Paul: You went-- you went there.

Chad: Whoo!

Paul: It's hard to take you serious with that little hat on.

Chad: Let's get it going, boys.

Brady: They're gone.

Theresa: Yeah, well, great thing about being rich--you can always buy more.

Brady: I get that you're trying to push my buttons right now, Theresa, and God knows you're in no condition to think rationally--

Theresa: Ahh, pffff. Thinking's overrated, Brady.

Brady: Why do you feel the need to lash out at me?

Theresa: You know what? If you want to talk about feelings, why don't you go to a meeting and talk to your pathetic losers?

Brady: I don't know what's going on here. I don't understand.

Theresa: What is going on is that I need some relief, and you just flushed it down the toilet. But lucky for me, I--I bought in bulk.

Brady: No, give me that-- give me that.

Theresa: No, you get your hands off of there, Brady.

Brady: Get off. What is this? I don't recognize it. What is this? Who gave this to you? Who gave this to you? Tell me now! Gogo? I'd like to give you a gift.

Theresa: Nobody gave it to me. I bought it.

Brady: With what?

Theresa: Money from DJ wear. I skimmed a little off the top, because I just thought I deserved a reward, you know, for all my hard work, so...

Brady: Take it back.

Theresa: I don't want to. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go.

Brady: No. I'm sorry, Theresa.

Theresa: What?

Brady: I made vows to you in this room. I intend to keep them, for better or for worse. I am not bailing out on you because you are acting this way. I refuse. You're in trouble, and I'm going to help you. You are my wife. You are the mother of my son. We are a family, and I need you to tell me what you need me to do for you.

Theresa: God, you poor son of a bitch. "I made vows to you? Right here in this room"? Guess what. So did I.

Brady: I know.

Theresa: Oh, well, then, tell me, sweetheart, how do vows count if you're stoned out of your mind when you made them? Oh, yeah, that's right. When you went to the garden to go get those stupid flowers, I was in there having a bridal-- bridal party all to myself-- just the bride and a few close chemical friends. [Laughing] Oh, honey, you should see your face right now.

Brady: Baby, you need help.

Theresa: No, you know what? I need to get the hell out of here. Just leave me alone.

[Sad music]

Valerie: Just wanted to make sure you had all my paperwork before I got out of here.

Kayla: Yeah, it all seems to be here. Listen, I just want you to know that I really am so impressed and grateful for everything that you did for Abe. You basically saved his life. I am sorry to see you go, though, and, um, I do happen to have an opening in cardiology, and I could spend months trying to recruit somebody who wouldn't be quite as qualified as you.

Valerie: I'm flattered, but my life is in D.C.

Kayla: Yeah, but Salem is so less hectic than D.C.

Valerie: Right, you say Salem, and unbidden, the word "serene" pops into mind. This whole town was under siege. People were blowing up electrical plants. You were trapped in a coffin on Halloween. Need I say more?

Kayla: No, point taken.

Valerie: Right. Salem gives Beirut a run for the money.

Kayla: Okay, you're right. I--I take it back. Let's change the subject.

Valerie: I've been dying to. So--so can I deduce from this lovely ring that you and Steve are back together?

Kayla: Yeah, that's the one good thing that came out of all this.

Valerie: I--I wish you both all the best.

Kayla: Thank you. And listen, if you change your mind, please let me know, and I will find a place for you here.

Valerie: Thank you. But while I have wonderful memories of Salem, I prefer not to live in the past.

[Indistinct chatter]

JJ: You ain't gonna get to the next level, come on.

Chad: We are, we're so close.

[Overlapping speech]

Gabi: It's nice to see JJ happy.

JJ: Sonny! Sonny, help!

[Electronic beeping]

Jennifer: Though he's never gonna be the same.

JJ: [Laughing]

Gabi: After losing your sister?

JJ: Come on!

Gabi: Just, I--I'm so sorry. I, uh, can't even imagine what you're going through.

Jennifer: It's just one day at a time.

[All yelling]

Sonny: Yes!

JJ: Cheat. We want a rematch.

Chad: I want to switch partners.

Gabi: No, no, no. Sonny and Paul are a very good team.

Sonny: Yeah, I think that's why he wants to switch, so that he can win.

Jennifer: Okay, well--well, listen, before round two, we have doughnuts.

Chad: I thought you would never ask.

Jennifer: Famous doughnuts, I'll have you know.

Sonny: You know, I--I know what you're doing, and I wish you would stop, because Paul is seeing somebody.

Gabi: I don't know what you're talking about.

Sonny: Yes, you do. You're playing this little matchmaker.

Gabi: I would never interfere in somebody else's life.

[Calm music]

JJ: I just want you to know that you are the best girlfriend.

Gabi: Mmm, and we are well-matched, because you are the best boyfriend.

Jennifer: Gabi makes him really happy. And I hope that one day you find someone who makes you happy again, too.

Theo: The thing is, it's just been me and my dad for a really long time, and I don't really like when things change.

Claire: Yeah, yeah, I know. But see, you and your dad wouldn't change. You'd stay just like you are, even if he found another woman.

Theo: And he will someday, but... there's just something about Dr. Grant that I don't like or trust.

Claire: Yeah, no, I get that. I do. You're just looking out for your dad. When my mom got back together with Philip, I immediately just called my dad and begged him to come home.

Theo: Yeah, and they got back together again. But, I mean, my mom's dead. And I don't want that woman taking her place.

Claire: Okay. Well... you know, if you don't want Dr. Grant in your dad's life, then you have to do something about it to make sure that it doesn't happen.

Theo: No, I don't--I don't think that's such a good idea.

Claire: Come on, do you want her gone, or not?

Kayla: And, you know, just because you come back to Salem, it doesn't mean that you would be living in your past. I mean, I think that you could have a really great future here that might include some people from your past.

Valerie: You're talking about Abe.

Kayla: Sure I am. I sensed a connection there, more than just medical. I mean, the two of you did used to date.

Valerie: We are friends, nothing more.

Kayla: Yeah, but if you move back here, you know--

Valerie: Kayla, Kayla, stop. Abe is a great guy. But that is never going to happen. I'm going home to D.C.

Gabi: Yay!

Sonny: And the winner is Gabi!

JJ: Okay, a little rule of thumb here, when a man offers to show a woman how to play a game she's never heard of, and he's, like, king of it, she shouldn't proceed to trounce him the first time out.

Gabi: [Chuckles] All right, tell me you let me win.

JJ: I didn't.

Gabi: I know.

Chad: Hey, uh, sorry to interrupt, but Gabi, I could use your help again.

Gabi: Oh, did Mr. Bush call? Okay.

JJ: Who's Mr. Bush? What's going on?

Gabi: Well, the guy that he was trying to do business with last night, Mr. Bush--see, what he doesn't know is that Mrs. Bush, she is always on the prowl, and she was all up on Chad and, like, her hands were all over him and she was--

Chad: Uh, Gabi defended my virtue, though, by pretending that we were an item.

Sonny: Oh, how did that work out?

Chad: Great. Yeah, after, uh--after the wife's approval, he invested in DiMera. But now he wants to meet us at the cafe in the square.

Gabi: Um... hey, is it all right if I go?

JJ: Sure. Sounds like Chad needs you to run interference.

Chad: Yeah. Um, if I can bring Thomas home to the nanny--

Jennifer: No, no, no, please. Please, I would love to keep him here.

Chad: Got it.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Chad: JJ, thank you. You ready?

Gabi: Yeah. Bye, guys.

[Ominous music]

Theresa: Hey... mommy has to do something really terrible. Okay, but it's the only way to keep you and daddy safe. Now I'm not sure that I'm gonna be able to do it. 'Cause I don't want to have to say good-bye. But you know what? If daddy really cared about you, then he wouldn't be shipping mommy off to rehab. No. Because Mommy was just trying to blow off a little steam, that's all. Just a little steam. [Exhales]

Brady: You're excusing doing drugs to your baby. That doesn't tell you that you need help?

Theresa: What I need is to get the hell away from you. Move!

[Door slams]

Theo: Hey, um, so you ready?

Valerie: Hey. I--I was trying to catch you in the hallway. You dad is down in radiology for one final test.

Theo: So then you're not sure he's okay.

Valerie: No, I'm sure. Hospitals have lots of rules and regulations. And I couldn't let him get out of here without one final echocardiogram.

Theo: All right, well, I'll wait outside.

Valerie: Theo. Before you go, I... I wanted to, um, talk to you. Listen. Medicine is science. But healing? Healing, it's not scientific. It's emotional. And I also happen to believe it's spiritual. And the way you love your father, the way his eyes light up when he sees you, well, that's stronger medicine than I could ever offer him. See, you're--you're part of the reason I'm sure he's gonna be fine.

Theo: Um... thanks.

Valerie: Yeah, you know, I think he has every reason to be so very, very proud of you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Valerie: Oh, I'm sorry, I got to take this. Hey.

Brad: You were so right about that pie last night. It's nice to meet another connoisseur. So I had my driver go into Chicago this morning to our favorite bakery. Hope you enjoy.

Gabi: Oh, wow, you-- thank you. You didn't have to do this.

Vicky: That's what I said.

Brad: Uh, that's also something of a bribe. I need to go over a few things with Chad, here. Not too long, just some boring talk about numbers.

Gabi: Oh, please, take your time. I'm sure we'll be fine, right, Vicky?

Vicky: You're really enjoying this, aren't you? Well, I'm not. I don't appreciate being blackmailed into talking my husband into this deal.

Gabi: Okay, you know what? I think you need to lose the attitude. I've been in prison, and I know that all you've got is attitude. And you wouldn't have been blackmailed if you weren't coming onto my man with your man in the next room.

Vicky: Prison. So Chad likes it rough, huh?

Gabi: Listen. You're gonna treat me like one of your junior league friends, or, I don't know, I might just go all crazy eyes and for the fun of it, tell your husband that you're sticking your tongue down the throats of all of his potential business partners. You got it? Oh, look, the boys are coming. Let's play nice.

Chad: Deal's done. Everything's signed.

Gabi: Awesome. That's great news, right, Vicky?

Brad: Oh, so let's, uh, all head over to the bar for a toast.

Vicky: Right.

Brad: Sun's over the yardarm somewhere.

[All chuckling]

Chad: We did it. I mean, thanks to you.

Gabi: Awesome.

Chad: Right. I mean...

Gabi: Let's go get a toast. [Laughs]

Paul: Aw, damn it!

JJ: I just beat a cy young contender. I am a happy man. You guys want some more beer?

Paul: Sure.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Paul: He's a great guy. [Chuckles]

Sonny: You let him win.

Paul: I did not.

Sonny: You are the most competitive guy on this planet. You have the hand-eye coordination of, like, a 99.999999 percentile. And--

Paul: And?

Sonny: And if he had won fair and square, you would have immediately demanded a rematch. Because you hate losing and you never give up.

Paul: That's right. I'm not giving up.

Theresa: So when he found the pills I planted... mom, I could hardly look at him. He knows I... so awful. I mean, more than anything, he just--he just didn't want it to be true, so I had to make him believe it. I mean, mommy... you could just see his heart breaking, and I had to stand there, and I had to keep stabbing him.

Kimberly: Okay, honey, okay. Okay, baby, it's okay. Then tell him you lied--tell him you lied and tell him why you lied. See, honey, I'm not just afraid of what's gonna happen to you if you go through with this--

Theresa: No, no, I have to!

Kimberly: No, your father can handle this. Baby, listen to me, Shane can handle Mateo.

Theresa: Stop it, mom.

Kimberly: You and Brady and Tate, you'll find a safe place to hide--

Theresa: There is no safe place, mother! There's no safe place. You don't know what Mateo is like. I have to do this, okay? I don't have a choice.

Kimberly: Well, I do.

Valerie: Don't worry, I'll be home soon. Yeah, everything here in new York is great. I walked through central park today; the leaves were just beautiful.

[Dramatic music]

Theo: She's lying. She just told someone on the phone she was in new York.

Claire: Well, why would she do that?

Theo: I don't know. But I'm gonna find out.

Paul: You know, what I meant was, uh... I am not giving up until I beat JJ or gamers everywhere. I'm not gonna stop until I'm world champion shellcreeper killer.

Sonny: You're a man on a mission.

Paul: That's right.

JJ: Here you guys go. Uh, Sonny, dude, check this out. Look what my mom found. It's when you, abs, and will took me to that, uh, karaoke bar down over in little Korea. Right when I got out of boarding school. I'll never forget you and will singing that duet.

Sonny: "I will always love you." That was the moment I knew I was in love.

JJ: Actually, I have it recorded on my phone. Check this out, let me find it.

Sonny: Okay.

Paul: Hey, you know what, guys, I, uh... it's a great party, but I got to run. Take care of yourself.

Andre: I have been able to find others. But what makes this different? Okay, do what you have to do. But I need to know Abigail's location.

Chad: All right, see you soon. Kate is thrilled that bush is on board. And he is on board because of you.

Gabi: Aw.

Chad: Thank you.

Gabi: No, thank you.

[Tense music]

Theresa: No, you're wrong, mom. I have to protect my family. And that means Brady can never find out about Mateo.

[Cell phone ringing]

Kimberly: Yes?

Brady: Kimberly, it's, uh, Brady. I need to talk to you.

Kimberly: Okay.

Brady: It's Theresa, she's, um... she's fallen off the wagon. Uh, drinking, drugs, the whole thing, and, um... I need your help.

Kimberly: Brady, what I think you need to know is the truth.

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