Days Transcript Monday 11/7/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/7/16


Episode #12957 ~ Chloe confesses her secret to Philip; Jennifer confronts JJ about what he said in his sleep at the hospital; Chad finds himself in a compromising situation; Kate voices her disapproval over Lucas & Adrienne's upcoming wedding.

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Jennifer: Let get you a different pillow.

Gabi: Yeah, and the wool blanket is warmer.

JJ: Stop!

Jennifer: I think so, too.

JJ: Both of you. Everything is fine just the way it is. I'm just grateful to be home and out of the hospital.

Jennifer: Well, I am grateful that you are home. But I'm still getting you another pillow.

Gabi: And I'm grateful that my boyfriend is still alive and that he's on his way to full recovery.

JJ: Come here.

Julie: Lying on top of him like that could send him right back to the ICU.

Gabi: I, uh... I probably should let you have some time with your family.

JJ: Don't go. Don't go.

Gabi: I have to go take some things to Chad anyway, so I think I'm gonna do that. And I'll be back. Just... yeah.

JJ: Come here.

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: [Chuckles]

Kate: I thought of you as soon as I heard about hope's confession.

Chad: Yeah, I know. Um, when father was killed, André actually told me it was hope that did it, and I chose not to believe him.

Kate: Well, of course you chose not to believe him. She's a police officer. She's supposed to uphold the law. [Sighs] Roman and Rafe must be beside themselves.

Chad: Yeah, doing everything they can to get hope off the hook.

Kate: She needs to be held accountable.

Chad: And she will be. I'm gonna make sure of it.

Kate: I think you should let André handle that.

Chad: Ugh!

Kate: You know, the best way that you can honor your father's legacy is by focusing on the empire that he built.

Chad: Yeah, that's what I'm doing! Sorry, I'm doing that. I'm actually entertaining a potential investor tonight with his wife.

Kate: Oh.

Chad: You probably know them, actually--Vicky and brad bush?

Kate: [Laughing] Oh, yes. Yes, they are Salem's elite, with boatloads of money ready to invest.

Chad: Yeah, I wouldn't suffer through a symphony otherwise.

Kate: Well, you can't do it over dinner?

Chad: Well, the bushes are big donors of the philharmonic, so I figured I would take them there and try to win them over.

Kate: [Sighs] Well, believe me, there are a lot worse things you could suffer through for a lucrative business deal.

Chad: I'm not so sure. Brad is--is unscrupulous and wily, and I'd rather be hanging out with the thugs down at the waterfront.

Kate: No. No, you don't want to do that if you want to make DiMera legit. You're the CEO of a company, and you want to clean up its image, all right? Going out for an evening with the bushes is par for the course. Not all deals are done in a boardroom.

Chad: So I'm learning.

Kate: Mm. If you want to play the game, you want to play it to win. But please remember, if you're bored, hide it. And who knows? Maybe you'll have the time of your life.

[Soft dramatic music]

Chad: Well, just because I have to play the game doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.

Gabi: Oh, sorry. Should I come back later?

Chad: Hi.

Gabi: Hi.

Kate: Hi!

Chad: No, come--come in. Even if the symphony isn't my thing, at least I'll look the part thanks to my image consultant.

Kate: What? Gabi's dressing you now? Well, I thought I noticed a change in style.

Gabi: Oh, you mean that in a good way, right?

Chad: Yes, she does. Everybody can see that my game has been raised.

Gabi: [Chuckles]

Kate: [Sighs] I heard about JJ. How's he doing?

Gabi: Uh, he's better. He just got home from the hospital today, so...

Chad: And you're here helping me. I'm sorry.

Gabi: It's okay. JJ's got a lot of family keeping him company-- some, like Julie, who would rather I not be there anyway.

Kate: Well, I'm sure Jennifer adores you.

Gabi: Yeah, she's great. She's wonderful. And I'm sure she would appreciate some alone time with her son. So you ready to get all slicked up for your night out?

Chad: Yes, show me what you got.

Gabi: What about something like this bad boy?

Kate: Ooh.

Chad: I like that.

Kate: It's...

Gabi: Yeah?

Kate: It's fabulous, but it's a little edgy for the bushes.

Gabi: Okay.

Chad: Wait, so I got to dress for them now too?

Kate: You need to make them feel comfortable. They're not international jet-setters. They're more conservative blue bloods.

Gabi: All right. What do you think?

Kate: Ooh, perfect.

Gabi: Yeah?

Kate: Perfect.

Gabi: And you want to make sure to keep your phone away, because, you know, with this kind of crowd, even checking it occasionally is a faux pas.

Chad: How would you know about that crowd?

Gabi: I mean, all those photo shoots we did in those big mansions? I mean, I soaked up more than just the sun.

Chad: And I was too busy striking a pose.

Gabi: That's right, we did call you "GQ-square." I remember.

Kate: [Chuckles] Chad, maybe you should take Gabi with you.

Chad: I like that idea.

Gabi: No, absolutely-- no, I wouldn't want to bother the-- sorry, no.

Chad: No, you wouldn't. Are you kidding me? I need a date, and you'd make the night more bearable. What do you say?

Gabi: Uh...

Julie: Just clam chowder? You're sure that's it?

JJ: It heals Bradys and Hortons alike.

[Jennifer and Julie laugh]

Julie: Jenn?

Jennifer: Oh, no, I'm good. Thanks, Julie.

Julie: Yeah, you are now.

Jennifer: You know, Julie's right. I am so relieved now that you are just home.

JJ: As relieved as I am to be home, I wish I was well enough to be back on patrol.

Jennifer: Well, I don't-- I don't wish that at all. I think it's really too soon for you to just go right back into the line of fire.

JJ: Now you sound like Gabi. She doesn't even like it when I mention going back to work. But she knows I'm committed to being a cop. She's accepted it.

Jennifer: Yeah, because she loves you.

JJ: I felt that when I was in the coma... both of you.

Jennifer: She never left your side, you know. She even made a mix of your favorite music, and she put the earbud in your ear and one in hers and just shared the music together.

JJ: I was out of it most of the time, but... I kind of remember.

Jennifer: Yeah, it was really sweet.

JJ: Gabi's the best.

Jennifer: You really do love her, don't you?

JJ: Yeah. I do.

Jennifer: And I believe you. Which is why what I heard just-- it doesn't make any sense.

JJ: What are you talking about?

Jennifer: Well, when you were in and out of consciousness, you were--you were talking, and you were saying things about Gabi that I just-- I didn't understand.

JJ: What did I say, mom?

Jennifer: Well, I mean, you were saying that you were sorry and that you hope that she forgives you and... what did that mean? Forgive you for what, honey?

Chloe: Could we please just take it down a notch?

[Door opens]

Deimos: [Sighs] I don't believe this. The lab technician threw me out, told me to wait in here.

Chloe: Well, maybe you could wait outside.

Deimos: Oh, I'm sure you would love that, right? Give you a chance to get inside Nicole's head, turn her against me?

Chloe: Ugh, I'm pretty sure she knows her own mind.

Deimos: Yeah, she does. And she knows that all I want is the truth.

Chloe: Truth is, you're not the father, and the test is gonna prove that--again.

Deimos: You better not be lying to me this time, Chloe.

Chloe: Do you hear him threatening me?

Nicole: Chloe, I think he has the right to be angry after everything you put him through.

Chloe: You're so blind.

Nicole: Why? Because I want things to be fair for everyone involved?

Chloe: You just don't get it. And by the time you do find out, then I hope, for your sake, it's not too late.

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: Actually, uh, I don't-- I don't think it'd be appropriate for me to tag along.

Chad: Wait, that's not what you'd be doing. If anything, you'd be helping me keep the conversation flowing.

Gabi: Uh, yeah, but I told JJ I'd be back later.

Kate: Yeah, but didn't you just say he got home from the hospital, right?

Gabi: Well, yeah, but--

Kate: Well, I'm sure that Jennifer would be more than happy to run, fetch ice chips for him, and meanwhile you can go to the symphony.

Gabi: Yeah, I did-- I did want JJ to spend time with his mom.

Chad: Look, you can-- you know, instead of keeping him awake, you can keep me from dozing off-- which I'm gonna do.

Gabi: [Laughs]

Chad: I'm gonna do it.

Gabi: That sounds like a real blast.

Kate: You know, I think what Chad's really trying to say is that it'd be a lot easier for him to charm potential investors if he had backup, which means a beautiful, intelligent woman on his arm.

Gabi: That's flattering. Thank you. But, um... yeah, I don't know. It's late, and I don't really have anything to wear.

Chad: No. Come on, you're a professional stylist. Really. Here. I want you to take this, and I want you to call those, you know, hookups you got, and I want you to find something. I don't care what it costs. I want it to be beautiful, fabulous, wonderful. Doesn't--I don't care what-- oh, and that's an order from your boss. Take it. Take it. Take it. Take it.

Gabi: Fine. Fine. Okay, fine. [Giggles] Oh, I'm gonna-- I'll be back. I'm gonna go text JJ and let him know. And I'll be back when I find something fabulous. Thank you.

[Soft dramatic music]

JJ: What you heard... was probably just the meds, mom, messing with my head.

Jennifer: No, I thought about that. It's just, you were so agitated. And when you said you were sorry, it was so intense that I got the feeling you felt guilty about something.

JJ: Okay, well, it's not like I don't have plenty to feel guilty about when it comes to Gabi. We don't spend enough time together. And she's always worried and doesn't get any sleep when I'm on patrol. Then there's me getting shot and putting her even more on edge about my job. What I said, it could've been any one of those things.

Jennifer: Yeah, right.

JJ: Mom, it's not a big deal, okay? Just forget about it.

Jennifer: Well, I wish I could.

JJ: You didn't tell Gabi about this, did you?

Jennifer: No, I didn't, but I talked to Kayla about it--

JJ: What? Why would you tell her?

Jennifer: Because she's your doctor. And she did tell me that agitation was normal when you suffered trauma like that, yes.

JJ: Okay, mom, please, don't tell anyone else. I'm begging you.

Jennifer: You're begging me? Honey, I know you. I can tell by the way you're reacting that--that you are not being honest with me.

JJ: I told you it was nothing!

Jennifer: Okay. I'm not trying to cause trouble between you and Gabi. But if you are hiding something, you need to deal with it. Okay, I'm gonna stop now. But I want you to think about what I said, JJ.

JJ: Mom. I can't lie to you. I cheated on Gabi.

We all need a hug in the morning

Chad: Yeah, but that's the package I'm offering and not a single share more, so either he accepts it, or he's out.

[Knock at door]

Chad: So, um... no, I'm--no, yeah, I'm here. He has till, um, tomorrow to decide. Okay. [Exhales forcefully]

Gabi: [Giggles]

Chad: What?

Gabi: Is it too much? I don't know. I've never been to the symphony.

Chad: You know, it's-- well, eh, it's all right.

Gabi: You like it? The guy, when he gave me the garment bag, I felt like Cinderella. I mean, I've modeled a lot of amazing dresses but never owned one, so... oh, wait, I don't own one. This is yours, so--

Chad: No, that's--

Gabi: You paid for this. This belongs to you, so...

Chad: Well, it's not really my size.

Gabi: [Laughing] Right. Yeah.

Chad: No, but I mean, yeah, uh... keep it, you know? Consider it, um-- you know, um, for helping me tonight.

Gabi: [Laughs] Should we head-- we should get going, right? Like...

Chad: We're--

Gabi: We should head over.

Chad: We're going.

Gabi: Okay.

Chad: Okay, let's-- shall we? Okay.

Jennifer: JJ, you cheated on Gabi? Why? When did this happen?

JJ: A few months ago. I was in Miami, looking for Abigail. The day they called off the search, officially declared that there were no survivors from the plane crash, that's when it hit me that my big sister, the one who I always looked up to and who always looked out for me, was gone. One of the worst days of my life.

Jennifer: It was mine too, baby.

JJ: In a way, 'cause I was alone, it... it didn't seem real. Then that pain would come back again.

Jennifer: I wish that I was there for you, because if I had gone with you, maybe I could've helped you--

JJ: It wasn't your fault, mom. It was nobody's fault but mine. I'm the one who went down to the bar 'cause I couldn't stand being alone in my hotel room. I ordered a drink... and I kept on ordering until I couldn't feel anything. I must've blacked out, because the next thing I remembered was waking up in my hotel room with a monster hangover, and... I didn't have any clothes on, and there was an empty bottle of tequila on the floor.

Jennifer: Oh, JJ.

JJ: There was a napkin on the nightstand with kiss marks on it and a message that said, "thanks for an amazing night. Call me."

Jennifer: Did you even know her name, JJ?

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: All right, could you just calm down, please?

Deimos: I can't, not until I get those results.

Nicole: Well, it's been a while. I'm sure they're in.

Deimos: Yeah.

Nicole: So... was the big news about the baby's father?

Chloe: Father?

Nicole: The one-night stand that got you pregnant?

Chloe: I thought you were washing your hands of me.

Nicole: Well, because you won't give anyone the straight story, Chloe.

Chloe: I can't believe you. I can't believe that you would bring him here and let him put me through that paternity test nightmare all over again.

Nicole: Well, he wanted a child. And when that first test said that he wasn't the father, he was devastated. How can I not feel for him? I knew exactly what he felt. And it's a terrible disappointment.

Chloe: I know.

Nicole: Chloe, I swear, Deimos is not a monster. And yes, he's done some stuff in his past that he's not proud of. He suffered in his childhood, but he is striving to be a better man. He doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore. He really does have a good heart.

Chloe: Do you love him?

Nicole: I don't know. I don't know if you could call it love, not yet. But there is something about him--

[Door opens]

Nicole: Well? Did you get the results?

Deimos: I'm not the father of Chloe's child. But I got to tell you, whoever it is... I got to feel sorry for him. Because either you'll deny him the right to ever see his kid, or you'll make his life a living hell when he does.

[Soft dramatic music]

Nicole? You coming?

Nicole: Yeah. We're done here.

Chloe: Hey, it's me. Yeah, I'm sorry. I need to see you. No, right away. The roses are blooming in herbal essences

Jennifer: JJ, you don't even remember her name or meeting her? How drunk were you?

JJ: Drunk enough to stop the pain.

Jennifer: Right. No, I-- right. And I'm the last person to judge you. I just--I wish that I--

JJ: That it didn't happen? You're not alone on that.

Jennifer: But listen, it's-- it's how you move forward from here, okay?

JJ: You think I should come clean with Gabi.

Jennifer: Don't you?

JJ: When I first got back from Miami, I wanted to. I wanted to clear my head and get it out of my conscience. There never seemed to be a good time.

Jennifer: And now?

JJ: It seems selfish. Even if it would make me feel less like a lying creep, how about how she would feel? Is it worth breaking her heart over a mistake I made one time with a stranger who I'll never see again? I don't think so. I love her way too much to want to hurt her like that.

[Jazzy music]

Chad: [Clears throat] Would, uh--would you like another?

Brad: Uh, does a chicken have lips?


Vicky: I'm good for now, thanks.

Chad: Okay.

Brad: Ah, the symphony... such an uplifting experience, isn't it? And as a nonmusician myself, I'm just blown away by the strength and bravery of the soloists.

Chad: Same here, yeah.

Gabi: Yeah, definitely.

Brad: And the solo versus orchestra interplay absolutely draws me in.

Chad: Me too.

Gabi: Yeah, absolutely.

Vicky: Bradley and I heard the Cleveland orchestra play Beethoven last summer, and we were absolutely on cloud nine. A glimpse of a better world.

Chad: I, um-- I know the feeling, as did my father. He was a-- he was a huge fan of the opera, orchestra.

Vicky: How lovely.

Chad: Yeah. You and he, uh, shared a very similar passion with music.

Gabi: Yeah, that and a razor-sharp business mind, I've been told by Chad.


Vicky: What an astute young man. And how nice it would be for you and Bradley to do business together.

Brad: Let's leave the ladies to their small talk, and let's go discuss that proposal, hmm?

Chad: Absolutely.

Vicky: I can't imagine Chad needs an image consultant. He seems so confident... and very charming, I might add.

Gabi: Yeah, he is. Yeah.

Vicky: My husband might benefit from some guidance.

Gabi: Oh, I've only been working for Chad for a very little, short time. And your husband's-- he's very handsome and very well-dressed also.

Vicky: Well, I've certainly tried to instill a certain sense of style over the years. But enough about brad. I couldn't help noticing that Chad wears a wedding band. Was his wife unable to come this evening?

Gabi: Um, unfortunately, his wife died in a plane accident several months ago.

Vicky: Oh, the poor man.

Gabi: Yeah, it's actually a really tragic thing. They have a child together, so Chad's raising Thomas on his own.

Vicky: With help, I assume?

Gabi: Yeah, he has, of course, a lot of people that love him and care about him and are willing to help whenever he needs it.

Vicky: Who wouldn't want to help a man like that? Still, even with all he has, he must be so lonely.

[Soft music]

Nicole: I still don't know why Chloe called me to meet up with her. I mean, first I thought it was because she was actually gonna tell me who the father was, and then she saw you, and she lashed out. Some things were said, and it got ugly.

Deimos: You chose me-- your loyalty to me over your friendship with her. When I asked you if you were coming, you didn't even hesitate-- just like you didn't hesitate bringing me with you.

Nicole: I wasn't gonna keep you in the dark again.

Deimos: [Sighs] Then that tells me, more than anything, not only do you still care. There's still a chance for us.

[Soft music]

Chloe: Hey. I wasn't sure that you'd come.

Philip: Why wouldn't I come? You know how relieved I was to get your call?

Chloe: You're not still mad at me?

Philip: I thought you were mad at me.

Chloe: Well, I was but not anymore. I know you were just trying to help me, and I was making it impossible.

Philip: Is that why you called--to apologize?

Chloe: Actually, I need your advice.

Philip: Don't you usually go to your BFF Nicole for that? You should know she's been just as concerned as I've been about finding you, making sure you and the baby are okay.

Chloe: She's the last person I can talk to about this.

Philip: Because she's still involved with Deimos?

Chloe: That's one reason.

Philip: There's another?

Chloe: Yeah. See, this baby that I'm carrying, the mother is Nicole.

[Dramatic music]

From the first moment you met

Jennifer: Baby, I get you wanting to spare Gabi's feelings. But you know better than anyone that keeping something from someone that you love is not gonna make it go away. It's always gonna be there between you and Gabi unless you just get it out. What are you thinking?

JJ: That I wish that I wasn't this type of guy.

Jennifer: What type of guy?

JJ: A cheater. I've done it twice now.

Jennifer: No, you listen to me. You stop this. I am not gonna let you beat yourself up, okay? You need to focus on getting well right now, and once-- once you are well, I know that you and Gabi are gonna work this out. You're gonna figure it out.

JJ: Maybe there's nothing to work out.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

JJ: Just that... maybe I just don't deserve someone as great as Gabi.

Chad: All right. For you.

Gabi: Thank you.

Chad: Um... to new friends.

Vicky: Cheers.

Gabi: Cheers.

Brad: Why don't you two come and spend the weekend at the cape with us sometime soon?

Chad: Yeah, we, um-- we would love that. And we can celebrate you coming on board as a new investor in DiMera enterprises.

Brad: About that. I've been mulling over the figures we discussed earlier, and I'm just not sure that the numbers add up.

Chad: It's a huge deal. I understand you being a little cautious.

Gabi: Oh, just so you know, Chad is the most cautious guy I know, especially when it comes to business.

Vicky: Wow. An image consultant and a cheerleader.

Brad: I'm not saying it won't happen.

Chad: My father taught me early on that nothing worthwhile comes easy. Now, I'm confident the deal I'm proposing will yield a very strong return.

Brad: I need more time to look over the figures.

Chad: Okay, I completely understand that, but... I have offered this package to other investors, so I just-- I wouldn't want you to miss out on the opportunity because you've taken too much time.

[Thomas crying over monitor]

Gabi: Oh, sorry. Excuse me.

Chad: No, it's--it's fine. Eleanor's with him.

Gabi: Yeah, um, I think I'm just gonna pop my head in. Excuse me.

Vicky: So devoted-- to you and your son.

Chad: Yes, I'm a lucky man.

Vicky: Yes, you are.

Brad: From what I understand, your father wasn't so lucky. I heard a detective on the Salem police force was recently arrested for his murder. That must've been rather unsettling for you and your family.

Chad: It was a shock. But we're dealing with it.

Vicky: Brad, darling, could you get my shawl from the car? I suddenly feel a chill.

Brad: I'm not cold. Stand over by the fire.

Vicky: You know my blood runs colder than yours. It's on the backseat.

Chad: Let me...

Vicky: Oh, thank you.

Chad: Take those for you.

Vicky: Come. Let's have a little talk.

Chad: All right, um... I hope I'm not putting too much, uh, pressure on your husband.

Vicky: Well, pressure can sometimes be a good thing. Regardless, I know that Bradley likes you very much.

Chad: Well, I look forward to doing business with him.

Vicky: I like you too, Chad. A lot.

Chad: Oh. [Chuckles nervously]

Deimos: I never had a woman in my adult life I can trust. And I want that, Nicole. I do. And I believe I can have it with you.

Nicole: Since I've proven myself, you mean?

Deimos: I'm not gonna deny that what you did today helped gain my trust. But even before that, I knew. I knew how lucky I was to find someone so beautiful, so kind, loyal, strong... and independent.

Nicole: Maybe too independent?

Deimos: I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm sorry, Nicole. I'm sorry for anything I said, anything that I did that may have hurt you. I believe that we were meant for each other. And if you would just give me the chance, I will prove it to you.

Chloe: Well, do you remember, before Deimos, when Nicole was with Daniel, how much she wanted to have a baby?

Philip: I remember. But there was a problem.

Chloe: Yeah, she can't carry to term. And it just killed me to see how heartbroken she and Daniel were over that, and so I offered to be a surrogate.

Philip: And carry the baby for them.

Chloe: Yeah, except it wasn't that simple. When we went to the fertility clinic, the IVF didn't work the first time, and before we had a chance to try again, Daniel died, and Nicole just fell apart. And I thought that maybe if she could have a piece of Daniel that he left behind that it would give her a reason to live, and so I tried again.

Philip: I'm surprised she let you.

Chloe: Well, she didn't know. I didn't want to tell her again in case it didn't work. I didn't want her to be heartbroken, so I just tried again on my own. I had all legal clearance. But then the fertility clinic said it didn't work again, and I just accepted that.

Philip: Only now you're saying the doctor was wrong? No wonder you freaked out the day we got the results that showed Deimos wasn't the father.

Chloe: Yeah, I finally realized that the only possible explanation was that this baby was Nicole and Daniel's. And I've so wanted to tell her, but everything's been so horrible between us, and... I don't know. I used to think that she'd be a wonderful mother, but now I don't know.

Philip: Well, you're not seriously thinking of keeping this from Nicole because of him?

Chloe: I don't want to. But I feel like I have to. I love this baby. I have a responsibility.

Philip: A responsibility? Nicole's the mother. End of story.

[Dramatic music]

[Soft dramatic music]

Nicole: I can't say that I wasn't warned. And Chloe told me several times that if I stay with you, I'll regret it.

Deimos: Okay, can we finally just forget about Chloe? All right? This is about you and me.

Nicole: God knows I have tried more than once to walk away from whatever this is between us. And every time, it didn't work. Because even when I'm not with you, I think about you.

Deimos: You need to trust what's in your heart, Nicole. Just give me the chance to prove that I'm worthy of you, and you will never regret it.

Chloe: If only Nicole wasn't so blind to Deimos.

Philip: Blind or not, it's still her baby, Chloe.

Chloe: Biologically, yes. But it's also Daniel's son and parker's brother. So I feel even more obligated to do what's best for this baby.

Philip: I hear everything you're saying. But think about how you'd feel if you were Nicole. Wouldn't you want to know?

Chloe: I'm not saying that I'm never gonna tell her. But as long as she's with Deimos, I can't risk it. It's not safe. Which is why this has to stay a secret. Please, please tell me you can keep it.

Philip: Do you even have to ask?

Chloe: Thank you.

Philip: Do you want to know why I'm agreeing to something I think is wrong?

Chloe: I'm assuming because you agree that it's a horrible idea for Deimos to raise this baby.

Philip: It's got nothing to do with Deimos... and everything to do with you and me.

Chloe: I don't know what you mean.

Philip: When we were pretending to be a couple, at some point, it stopped being pretend for me. That's when I realized, after everything that's happened between us, good and bad... I love you, Chloe.

Chloe: I didn't expect this--

Philip: You don't have to say that you love me too or even that you don't. I just needed to get it out there, and you need to let it sink in and... just know that whatever happens, I got your back.

Chad: Um, sorry. I think--I think you've had too much champagne.

Vicky: Just high on you.

Chad: I'm so-- mm, oh, that's-- [Clears throat] Okay. [Chuckles nervously] Wow. Um... I'm sorry. You're, um--you're a very beautiful, uh, woman, Vicky. But you're married, and you're married to a man that I want to do business with, so...

Vicky: You're wise to remember that.

Chad: I'm sorry?

Vicky: Well, if you want to seal the deal with Bradley, you need to do the same with me.

Chad: I'm not sure I follow what you're saying.

Vicky: Then let me make it crystal clear. Either you and I get to know each other better, or you find another investor.

Gabi: Get off of him! Sorry, Vicky. Chad belongs to me.

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