Days Transcript Friday 11/4/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 11/4/16


Episode #12956 ~ Ciara is driven to seek out Hope for answers; Eduardo & Dario cut a business deal with Deimos; Kimberly & Shane try to talk Theresa into making the right decision; Chloe is unhappy when she feels Nicole betrayed her.

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[dramatic music]

Theresa: WeirdÖ Grandma? Grandma. You said you wanted to talk to me? Itís me, Theresa. Oh my God. Mateo must have sent that message to get me here alone. [screams] Oh my God mom, you scared me to death!

Kimberly: Iím sorry. Iím sorry. Shh. Calm down.

Theresa: Youíre as bad as Dad, sneaking around.

Kimberly: Shh. Calm down. Hush. Hush. You are safe. For now, anyway. But that could change. You donít think this situation through, it could change drastically. Ok? Now...your father offered a way to protect you and you turned him down. Thatís why weíre gonna spend a little time together, alright? Jeannie, you need to change your mind.

[dramatic music]

Rafe: Here. Sorry itís not gourmet. Cop slop.

Hope: Thanks. You look like you could use a cup yourself.

Rafe: Probably. Sleepís overrated though, right? How you doing?

Hope: Scared. Worried sick about Ciara. I left her a message right after the arrest. She...may never. Just found out her motherís a murderer.

Dario: When did he say heíd be here?

Eduardo: Soon.

Dario: You know Iím not so sure we should go with the Kiriakisí. There are rumors of infighting, confusion.

Eduardo: So what? We go with the DiMerasí now? It was just announced that Stefano was a murder victim.

Dario: So what do we do? Wanna toss a coin? Which family do we go with?

Eduardo:We go with whatever family has the greatest weakness. Something that our family can exploit.

Deimos: This is on the level, Nicole. Itís not a game. Iíd just like to talk to you and see, well...if we still have a chance.

Nicole: A chance? Interesting.

Deimos: Look I have an appointment that I canít miss right now. But afterwards, I can text you and we can meet, I donít know, in the Square or something? Nicole?

Nicole: Yes, Deimos. I would like that very much.

Chloe: I love you too, Parker. Now please make sure you tell Taylorís mom, thank you for having you over there. Yeah, Iíll pick you up later tonight. I love you, bye.

Chloe: Whatís wrong?

Nicole: No surrogate would even talk to me. I mean Iím a convicted kidnapper.

Chloe: Well what if I did it. I mean hear me out. You and Daniel, do the in vitro part, and the embryo gets implanted in me and...then thatís it, youíll get your own personal miracle.

Chloe: Iím not going to keep the truth from Nicole forever. I just needed some time to think. So what do you think, baby? Should I tell Nicole that you are her and Danielís little boy?

male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the ďDays of our Lives.Ē

[soft orchestration]

Eduardo: The main thing is that everything will be in sealed containers and we would prefer that those containers not go through customs. Your company would simply unload and deliver.

Deimos: Sounds doable.

Dario: At what price?

Deimos: Well naturally, it all goes by weight. Our rates are pretty standard. Here you go.
Dario: This is nowhere near standard. This is what you call a rip-off. DiMeras will do a helluva lot better, let's go.

Deimos: Alright fine, hey. You guys want to go with the new kids on the block then by all means go ahead. Go with the DiMeras. But if you want to companies with ties to custom inspectors, those same ones who will look the other way, you might want to consider going with us.

Eduardo: Yeah, we might. Why don't you give us your bottom line, Deimos?

Deimos: I'll tell you what. Business is about relationships, right? So in that spirit, what do you say I give you 20% off the standard rate?

Eduardo: Done.

Deimos: Good.

Rafe: Ciara just needs time to process what's happened. She's going to come around.

Hope: eah sure. I hope you're right.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: ĎCause the the look on her face when she heard the recording of me admitting to the murder...Totally betrayed.

Rafe: In the moment, maybe. But... She loves you. Trust in that.

Hope: She lost her father almost a year ago. Now ...she's gonna lose her mother.

Rafe: Hope, come on. Hey look. Listen. I know you're in a dark place right now, but you still have a chance. You do. Roman, Justin and I are all fighting to get you out of here. You know that, don't you?

Hope: Rafe --

Rafe: We are.

Hope: Itís not just the murder charge, thatís just the beginning. Theyíre also coming after me for obstruction and falsifying evidence.

Theresa: I canít believe you set me up like this. Fake text messages from Grandma. Closing the restaurant in the middle of the day --

Kimberly: I know, I know it's because we know that Mateo is having you watched. See this way you just stopped by for a little visit with Grandma. I slipped in the back way, Shane's out making arrangements to help you and he'll slip in the back way too.

Theresa: Look I hate to disappoint you, Mom. I know I've disappointed you a lot, but Dad's plan sucks. I can't just vanish. Not by myself. Not with Brady or Tate.

Kimberly: No no no. It's the only way, and Brady will understand.

Theresa: No, Mom, he will not understand. Because the minute I tell him about Mateo, he's gonna get right up in his face and he'll be dead by the end of the day okay? I know him, Mom. He never backs down.

Kimberly: I know, he does tend to get in people's faces. Dear God, that means you'd have to go away alone?

Theresa: No, I can't do that either because if I do that he'd kill Brady and Tate, or both, just to force me out of hiding.

Kimberly: No, Theresa. You can't just stay here. Think honey think. You have to do something.

Theresa: I know. I will, ok? I have a plan.

Rafe: Hey come on. Donít do that. I know youíre in a really dark place right now, but try not to think like that. Ok? Iím here for you. Listen to me. Iím here, Iím fighting for you. Donít you know that? I love you.

Hope: I love you. I just -- Sometimes love isnít enough --

Rafe: Not sometimes. No. Always. You want me to go to the pub? Iíll get you a cheeseburger or something, huh?

Hope: [laughs] You canít keep breaking the rules for me.

Rafe: Breaking the rules for you, Iím breaking them for me. Iím real selfish, you know that. Hey Ciara. Hey, come on in.

Hope: So happy to see you. I was so afraid might not come.

Ciara: Iíve gotta admit. I wasnít going to. I wasnít gonna come, but then Theo made me. He misses his grandpa. He loved him.

Hope: I know.

Ciara: He wanted answers. But I didnít have any. And at first I did not want to hear an explanation. But now youíre gonna tell me everything. No matter how horrible.

Nicole: [sighs] Come on Deimos. [phone rings] Chloe, hi. You hung up so fast earlier. I thought maybe I said something I shouldnít have. How are you?

Chloe: Fine. Listen. Iím staying in a hotel right outside of Chicago. Do you think you could meet me at Cafe Leo, you know, off Highway 57. That place where we used to take Parker to get ice cream?

Nicole: Well yeah, sure. I mean Iím in the middle of something right now. But I can meet you later this afternoon.

Chloe: I really need to see you as soon as possible.

Nicole: Is the baby ok?

Chloe: Yeah, fine. I just really need to see you in private. Thereís something you need to know.

Nicole: Well, alright. Sure. Iíll leave as soon as I can. Iíll see you soon. Bye.

Deimos: Are you going to meet Chloe? Have you been in contact with her all this time?

Nicole: No, Deimos. She literally just got back to me.

Deimos: And you didnít think to bother to tell me, when you knew how desperate Iíve been to find her? Nicole, sheís carrying my child. I do have rights as a father.

Nicole: Deimos, listen to me, ok? Youíre not the father.

[dramatic music]

Deimos: What is this? Some kind of a game? Why the hell would you say something like that? Is Chloe putting you up to this?

Nicole: Ok, first. Please just calm down, Deimos, and catch your breath. No, Chloe didnít put me up to anything. I ran into Philip a little while ago and he told me that the test results are accurate.

Deimos: They were rigged. You told me that yourself.

Nicole: Ok, I know. But I was wrong. Kate promised Philip and Chloe that she would switch the results. But she got there later or something, and it turns out that the results are accurate.

Deimos: [laughing] Come on! Nicole! You of all people should know a lie when you hear one. So what? Philip, now I'm assuming, is saying that he's the father again? Is that it?

Nicole: No. No he's not. He doesn't know who the father is. Chloe wouldn't tell him.

Deimos: What? That doesn't make any sense, dammit.

Nicole: Deimos. [whispering] I'm sorry. I know... Being a father meant so much to you have to go through this disappointment all over again...

Deimos: No no no. I am not going through this disappointment again. Not yet. Because I don't believe Philip and I certainly don't believe Chloe.

Nicole: Philip doesn't have any reason to lie to me.

Deimos: Really? Then why the hell wouldn't he tell me?

Nicole: I don't know, Deimos. Maybe because you haven't earned his respect yet.

Deimos: [sighs] You know what? That's it. I'm done. Alright? I'm not accepting this. I'm gonna find out for sure. I want another test and I want it done today.

Nicole: Deimos, don't.

Deimos: You said that you're leaving to go see Chloe, right?

Nicole: Yes, at a little cafe.

Deimos: Alright, Nicole. If you ever cared about me, take me with you, alright?

Nicole: This isn't going to end well, Deimos. But I can see that you will not give up. Ok, let's go.

Deimos: Alright.

Shane: So good to see you again darling. Listen Iím sorry about all the fun and games getting you here. But we have to assume Mateo has eyes and ears everywhere. Now your motherís already talked to you.

Kimberly: Jeannieís not going to do what you want her to do.

Shane: Iím sorry, why? What?

Theresa: Look, I really appreciate both of you coming here and trying to protect me.

Shane: Well of course we want to protect you, sweetheart. We love you. Weíre here to help. I have the resources.

Theresa: I canít do it, Dad. Okay? I canít take that chance. Mateoís already reached out to me and this morning he got to Tate. He literally left his calling card in his pocket.

Kimberly: No, how could he get that close?

Theresa: Because heís El Fideo.

Shane: Did he hurt Tate?

Theresa: No. But his message came through loud and clear. I have to do what he wants orÖ

Shane: The bastard. What did he want when he approached you?

Theresa: Well, he wants...No, he insists that I go back to Mexico with him.

Kimberly: No! No. Youíre not going to do that.

Theresa: What can I say? He still has the hots for me. It doesnít even matter that I canít stand to be near him. To him itís all a game, you know? Itís about his pride because I left him in the first place.

Kimberly: Honey, listen to me. What are you going to do?

Theresa: Iím sorry, Mom. Iím gonna to give him what he wants.

Rafe: Hey Ciara. Donít have to be so hard on your mom. Sheís dealing with a lot right now, ok? Not to mention, you probably only know like 10% of what Stefano did to your family.

Ciara: He didnít deserve to die. Not like that.

Rafe: Ok. Well then maybe you should look at it this way. The man was evil. I mean he was evil through and through. If he were alive today, heíd probably just be torturing another family. Iíll let you guys talk. Hang in there.

Hope: Sorry about Rafe. He canít help himself. His defending me. [sniffles] Thatís no excuse for what I did. Thereís none. Zero. What I did was wrong.

Ciara: [crying] You are such a hypocrite. My whole life you have been telling me do the right thing. Donít lie. Donít steal. Donít do bad things. Even the night that you got arrested. You were going on this speech of how I shouldnít take Grandpa Victorís money. ďOh itís dirty money. Itís tainted. He did bad things.Ē And youíre a murderer. Fine. Yes. I get it. Stefano was a cruel man. He was a gangster, a thief. Probably a killer. But that did not give you the right to murder him.

Hope: I absolutely agree with you. I had no right Ciara. There is no excuse for what I did.

Ciara: Then why?

Hope: Because I was a mess. [exhales] Terribly dark place after your dad died. I knew heíd been kidnapped and tortured and then I thought evidence that pointed to Stefano -- That he was responsible for what happened to your dad. And then you were kidnapped and I thought ďOh my god, itís happening again.Ē

Ciara: Stefano was behind that?

Hope: I thought so. I did. Ciara, I swear with my heart, I really did. I confronted him and he laughed at me. And he said terrible things about your dad. And he kept going on and on. I donít remember pulling the trigger. I donít, but I did. I did. I pulled the trigger Ciara.

Kimberly: No, you canít just go to Mexico...

Theresa: Itíll work, Mom. Itíll work. Ok heíll buy it. Heíll wallow in it. My return will be proof of his power. I mean, not that he needs proof anyway. But once Iím there, Iíll get close to him and--

Shane: No! No, absolutely not. If Mateo ever finds out -

Theresa: Look, he wonít. Youíre a spy. You raised me. I lived most of my life living a lie -

Kimberly: Honey, no. No, Shane. Please talk to her --

Theresa: You canít talk me out of this. Listen. Just believe me, Dad. I havenít stopped thinking about this and...He told me that I was back on Mateoís radar and Iíve gone over it. Over and over and over again. Itíll work. Ok? Iíll make it work.

Shane: But how do you propose to do that.

Theresa: [sighs] Well first [crying] Iíll leave Brady and Tate. And then I will convince everyone that Iím ďold TheresaĒ again. Selfish to the core. Drinking and boozing and...then Iíll just..Iíll go back to Mexico.

Kimberly: No. No, this is insane. No, please donít.

Theresa: Once I am living with him, Iíll be able to get enough information that can take him and his cartel down.

Shane: No, Iíve already said no, Jeannie. For God sakes. This isnít some Hollywood movie, sweetheart, with a happy ending. This is real life. People get killed.

Theresa: I know that, but what choice do I have? If I run, then heíll kill Brady and Tate. Maybe you and Mom, just to punish me.

Kimberly: Oh, dear God.

Theresa: And Iíll have to keep running the rest of my life, or his. So this way, if I can just get enough information on him and his cartel, then I have a chance to come home to my family. Case closed.

Hope: Baby, Iím not asking anyoneís forgiveness. Because I'm never going to forgive myself. It's good that the truth came out, it needed to. Keeping it all buried inside, it wasÖThe guilt, it was eating me alive.

Ciara: That makes so much sense. I mean since, the way that you've been since it happened. I mean, the sadness, I just -- I saw in your eyes. And the way that you just curl up on the couch. And now you just stare out into nothing. It was like your world was so empty.

Hope: It felt empty, baby. But you know what the worst part is? What scares me the most? Not prison. What scares me is what this could do to you. My baby. Ciara, I'm sorry. God, I'm sorry, baby. I'm so sorry, baby.

Ciara: Mom, it's ok. I'm gonna be ok. And I'm never gonna stop loving you. We're gonna get through this, ok? We will.

Hope: Come here. Come here, baby.

Chloe: Hey Nicole. Oh, thanks for meeting me.

Nicole: Yeah, of course.

Chloe: Wha--No, seriously? Whatíre you two joined at the hip these days? I said I wanted to meet you in private.

Deimos: Yeah, well guess what? People donít always get what they want. And this little game of hide and seek has gone on long enough.

Chloe: Youíve harassed me. Youíve harassed my family and now youíre --

Nicole: Ok, whoa, whoa, can we just be civil here please.

Chloe: You mean like heís been?

Nicole: Deimos is here because he heard that the paternity test you guys took in Brookville was actually accurate.

Chloe: Then great. Leave. Youíre not the father, thereís nothing to talk about.

Deimos: Iím not going anywhere until I get another paternity test. Which I am going to witness--

Chloe: [groans] Seriously?

Nicole: Chloe, you havenít exactly been truthful about the result to anyone. And thereís a little life involved, a baby. And you know how I feel about--

Chloe: I know how you feel about babies. I really know. Remember? Thatís actually why I asked you to come here today, and I really resent that you would bring him.

Deimos: Letís cut to the chase, Chloe. Are you going to give me another paternity test? Or do I have to pull strings again to get a judge to issue a court order? [dramatic music]

Chloe: Fine. And when you learn that youíve not the father again, and when you learn that you have no right to come near this baby, maybe youíll finally leave me alone. Letís go.

Shane: Oh sweetheart, you have no idea how dangerous a thing like--

Theresa: Of course I do. Dad I know him, he's a psychopath. Has no conscience whatsoever. And if I screw up... I won't live to explain. But see... I gotta face the facts because I brought this on myself. And no matter what you guys said, no matter how many times you warned me, I didn't listen. The people I hung out with and the way I lived and the risks I took and all the horrible things I did. Well...I guess they came full circle. And now I have to pay.

Ciara: Canít you just like plead like, temporary insanity or something? I mean Aiden, or his lookalike or whatever. He tried to kill you.

Hope: I know, baby.

Ciara: And then Dad came back and he saved you. And then he died. I got kidnapped, Mom. Your life has been like a living nightmare.

Hope: Baby, I know that. Letís just leave it to Justin, ok? Heíll give me the best defense possible. But youíve gotta remember that I did confess on tape.

Ciara: And then Andre DiMera played it.

Hope: Listen. Even though that tape is inadmissible, I still need to take responsibility for what I did. But you know what the hardest part it? Is knowing that Iím gonna have toÖ

Ciara: No. No way, Mom. No, ok? You donít have to worry about me. We have a huge family. Iím gonna be fine. But you gotta come back. You have to try to come back, so I can have my mom again.

Theresa: So whatís it going to be, Dad? Will you help me? Or do I have to go this alone?

Shane: Sweetheart, you have to understand. An operation like this can take years--

Theresa: Not if Iím good. Will you help me? Please.

Kimberly: We have to. We have to, hon. Come on.

Shane: Dammit, alright.

Theresa: [cries] Okay.

Shane: Alright, listen. I can do this. I can talk to some people, I wonít use your name, and see if the ISA can maybe come up with some kind of support.

Theresa: Ok.

Kimberly: Thatís it.

Shane: Iíll be right back.

Kimberly: Thank you. Ok, Jeannie. I want you to tell me how you plan on breaking things off with Brady.

Theresa: [cries]

Kimberly: As much as you adore that man. do you plan on just walking away from your little boy, hmm? Tell me.

Theresa: Well...Iíll do it by reminding myself what happens if I donít. And Iím not gonna lie, Mom, Iím gonna miss every single minute with Brady and Tate. But--

Kimberly: Alright honey. Ok. itís ok. Now another thing. Explain to me, because Iím afraid you havenít thought about this, you may...have to become intimate with that monster.

Theresa: Maybe not. Maybe not, ok? He has a stable full of women and...Look. Even if I do, Iíll handle it. Iím not proud to admit this, but Iíve used my body before. And you know what? Iím never gonna stop loving Brady. And I would sell my soul to protect my baby.

Kimberly: Al right, this is insane. Iím not gonna let this happen.

Theresa: You canít stop me. Mom, I know that you slept with Victor to save Daddy. So...You donít have a moral high ground to stand on here. This is going to happen. No matter what.

Deimos: I donít like this.

Chloe: Oh, what now?

Deimos: The doctor walks us in here, and then just leaves?

Nicole: Well he went to the lab to run the test. I mean, you insisted that he do it right away, remember?

Deimos: Yeah, but why canít we be there? Make sure no one screws up?

Nicole: Well, Deimos-- Honey what do you want to do? You want to look over this technicianís shoulder?

Deimos: Why not? You know, Iím gonna go in there. Make sure no one tampers with the samples.

Nicole: Deimos, wait. Come on-- [sigh]

Chloe: How dare you. You knew I was hiding from that bastard and you brought him right to me?

Nicole: Chloe, think about this for a second though. Once Deimos finds out the truth? Heís not the babyís father--

Chloe: Then what? ďEverythingís gonna be fine?Ē Is that it? Oh, my God. Youíre so in love with him, you canít even see what heís really like. How dare you desecrate Danielís memory with that man? [dramatic music]

Kimberly: Come here, baby. You know I had my doubts about you and Brady in the very beginning.

Theresa: [laughs] Yeah. You and everybody else.

Kimberly: Right. And so now everybody knows how much you really adore that man. And they know how much you adore your little boy. So what Iím afraid of. Nobody's gonna believe you when you say you just donít care anymore.

Theresa: Well, then Iíll have to sell it. But donít worry. Iím still working out the details. And uh, I have a plan. The first thing I have to do is break Bradyís heart.

Eduardo: I feel like we made the right move going with the Kiriakis.

Dario: I think so too. What if Rafe smells something?

Eduardo: He wonít, Ďcause we're both gonna make sure of that right? Gabby doesn't find out. Rafe doesnít find out. End of story. [dramatic music]

Hope: Ciara is an amazing daughter. I mean she is so strong-- so much stronger than I could ever be.

Rafe: I know.

Hope: She forgave me. This day is lot better than it started out to be.

Rafe: Well, thatís good. See, isnít that just great? Hey, and donít worry about her, at all, because Iím gonna be looking out for her.

Hope: Yeah. I know you are.

Rafe: Yeah. So what about you? Is there anything you need? Anything I can do for you?

Hope: Yes. I need a meeting with Andre DiMera. [dramatic music]

[soft music]

Ciara: I talked to my mom. We talked about what happened. If you wanna know I can tell you--

Theo: Ciara it-- It wonít matter. Iíll probably never be able to forgive her for what she did to my family.

Ciara: Ok. Donít. Donít stop, ok? Just say it. Just say it right out loud.

Theo: Youíre my friend. Please, I donít want that to change.

Ciara: Me neither.

Nicole: Donít ever school me about Danielís memory. Got it?

Chloe: I thought nothing could ruin our friendship. But you being with that man?

Nicole: What are you talking about, Chloe?

Chloe: He bullied me into having that paternity test and when that wasnít good enough for him heís bullying me into another one, thanks to you.

Nicole: Ok, well heís had to deal with some lies, ok? He feels manipulated.

Chloe: Heís not the victim here. Come on. He has a temper. Youíre the one who called to warn me about him.

Nicole: I know but once he finds out the result you--

Chloe: This is not about him. This is about you. And how I don't know you anymore.

Nicole: So fine. Iíll leave. But you said thereís something I need to know. Is it about the baby?

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