Days Transcript Thursday 11/3/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/3/16


Episode #12955 ~ Theresa realizes she has a difficult decision to make; Nicole calls Chloe, wanting answers; Justin is angry when he finds out about Jennifer & Adrienne's latest business venture; after talking with Brady, Philip realizes he wants to be with Chloe.

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Jennifer: Adrienne. Oh, you're back so soon. I thought that-- oh. The negotiation didn't go as well as we thought? I'm so sorry. Come on in. Oh, Adrienne, listen, look. Look, we had a dream. We wanted to buy "the spectator" and revive it and make it great again, and-- and we gave it a shot, and it just didn't p out. That's all. It's okay.

Adrienne: Do you know what he did right off the bat?

Jennifer: Did he insult you? Why do they always have to start a negotiation with an insult? Why?

Adrienne: It was stunning. I mean, first he rattled off ten reasons why newspapers were dying, why the only thing an investor should do is run the other way...

Jennifer: Right, yeah.

Adrienne: [Sighs] And then he sold it to us for a song. We are the owners of "the spectator"!

Jennifer: What?

[Both shrieking]

Adrienne: [Laughing]

Jennifer: You did it?

Adrienne: Seriously. [Laughs] Oh, baby!

Philip: The test Chloe took wasn't doctored. It was real.

Nicole: But I thought y--

Philip: You thought wrong. Deimos is not the father.

Nicole: Not the f-- well, then who the hell is?

Philip: Not a clue.

Nicole: And Chloe didn't give you even a little hint?

Philip: She claimed she didn't know who the father was. It really ticked me off at the time. I wasn't very supportive, to say the least. [Clears throat] I regret that now.

Nicole: Then who the hell is the father?

Chloe: [Sighs] Everything's pretty crazy right now, isn't it, baby? It's just you and me, no one to lean on, no one to talk to. And it's all because of a very bad man named Deimos. He's the reason that no one can know our secret.

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: Well, I have a life now. I mean, do you honestly expect me to just pack up and leave everything behind and just go with you to Mexico?

Mateo: That's exactly what I want.

Theresa: Or what?

Mateo: Oh, please. No "or."

[Tense music]

[Phone ringing]

Theresa: Hello?

Mateo: You're really living the life here, aren't you, muneca?

Theresa: [Gasps] Mateo?

Mateo: You know that little boy of yours is so cute. And that nursery of his, more like a palace, huh? [Inhales sharply] Oh, don't worry, bonita. Your niņo's not in his room.

Theresa: What?

Mateo: Neither am I.

Theresa: What? What have you done to my baby? Where are you?

[Door bangs]

Victor: Any luck in new York?

Deimos: No. No luck at all. Even Chloe's mother doesn't know where the hell she is. She's carrying my child, damn it. She should be here.

Victor: Well, good luck. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Deimos: Thanks.

Maggie: Back so soon?

Deimos: Yes, I am. Maggie, would you close the door for a minute? I--there's something I'd like to discuss with you.

[Tense music]

Philip: If you do get in touch with Chloe or she reaches out to you, please tell her I'm sorry I wasn't a better friend and that I would still like to help, if she'll let me.

Nicole: Yes, of course. I will.

Philip: See you.

Nicole: Yeah. [Sighs]

[Phone line rings]

Chloe: Hey, this is Chloe. You know what to do.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

[Voicemail beeps]

Nicole: Hi. Chloe, it's Nicole. Yeah, I know you're avoiding me, but I'm gonna keep calling until you talk to me. Look, Philip just told me that the paternity tests were never switched and Deimos really isn't the father of your baby, so you tell me what the hell is going on. And why did you lie to me? Call me. Please.

[Phone rings]

Nicole: Oh, my gosh. Chloe. Hi, thank God.

Chloe: How are you?

Nicole: Forget about me. How are you?

Chloe: Oh, well, I'm big. I'm getting bigger. Other than that...

Nicole: Well, good. I mean, I-I-I'm glad everything's fine. But I have a question for you, a big one, okay? Why didn't you tell me Deimos isn't the father of your baby?

Theresa: Oh, God. [Breathing heavily] Mateo, answer me. Look, I just checked the nursery. Where is Tate? Oh, god. Okay, he was with Brady. Oh, my God. What have you done to Brady? Where is my baby?

Mateo: Pretty cool, eh? Delivering that package right to your bedroom? Nobody even knew I was there.

Theresa: You tell me what you've done.

Mateo: I taught you a lesson.

Theresa: What? What lesson?

Mateo: Never walk away from me again.

Theresa: Mateo, where are you? Please, just tell me what you've done to Brady. Tell me, where is my baby? I'll do whatever you want.

Brady: There's your ma. Hey, mommy, mom. Hey.

Theresa: Hi.

Brady: Who you talking to?

Theresa: Oh, my God. What--where were you?

Brady: I took Tate for a walk in the park. What--hey, hey. What is wrong with you? kind of shameless. I started off talking about jack, how my brother once sat where he sat, proud owner of a great newspaper. I even got a little teary.

Jennifer: Adrienne!

Adrienne: I wasn't acting. You know I miss my brother every single day. But do you know what really got to him? When I told him that you would be editor-in-chief. He knew your work, of course, and he said he hated it, the way the newspaper'd gone downhill over the years.

Jennifer: Yeah, did he say what happened?

Adrienne: Well, it's the same thing that's happened to all the publications, you know? Advertising shifted to internet and social media. Subscriptions dried up. It's all about eyeballs and clicks now, you know?

Jennifer: Oh, no. I mean, now I don't know if we can pull this off. I mean, I was so excited about the idea, but all these logistics, I--

Adrienne: Okay, relax.

Jennifer: That's so different--

Adrienne: Buh-buh! You take care of the journalism. I'll take care of the biz.

Jennifer: Adrienne, this is a really big investment, and... considering everything that has happened lately and--and the person that I have been lately, thank you for having so much faith in me.

Adrienne: Of course I have faith in you. Why wouldn't I? You learned from the best, remember?

Brady: I don't understand. Why would you be worried?

Theresa: Um, you know, it's a really chilly day, and I just--I wasn't sure Tate had his jacket, but I see that he does, and-- [Chuckles nervously]

Brady: Wow, that was-- that's why you were worried?

Theresa: Yeah, yeah, I know. Classically overprotective mom, so...

Brady: Honey, honey. Look at me. Are you okay?

Theresa: Yeah, I just-- I, uh-- you know, I'm still a little shaken from those maniacs, but...

Brady: Okay.

Theresa: I'll be fine.

Brady: I need to remind you those maniacs are gone, okay, and everything's fine.

Theresa: Yeah.

Brady: Okay? It's better than fine; everything's great. Everything is wonderful, isn't it? Yes, it is.

Theresa: So good!

Brady: I'm gonna go hang this up upstairs, okay?

Theresa: Okay. Hey, hi.

[Unsettled music]

Hi, baby.

Oh, God, are you still there?

Mateo: You and Brady sound like such a cute couple. Muy aburrida, pero linda.

Theresa: Oh, my God, Mateo, you scared me half to death.

Mateo: Good. You learned another lesson: That I can reach Brady and that little one anytime, anywhere. So now it's time for you to do what I want, mi amor. I never had to use coercion on a woman before. It's quite exciting. Get ready for Mexico. We'll be leaving soon.

Theresa: Mateo, do you honestly expect me to just--

Brady: Hey.

Theresa: Oh, hey, hey!

Brady: Who wants nap? It's time for some naptime, isn't it? Oh, my gosh, you should have seen how many dogs were in the park. It was incredible. He was like, "there's a dog. There's a dog." 6,000 of 'em.

[Tense music]

Maggie: I know Chloe's pregnant. Nicole told me. She said you're the father.

Deimos: Yes, I am. I'm curious. Um, when was the last time you spoke with parker?

Maggie: [Chuckles] The answer's no, Deimos. I am not gonna pump my grandson so that you can find out where his mother is.

Deimos: No, no, I'm not asking you to do that.

Maggie: Well, good. Okay. So what's the favor?

Deimos: I'm hoping you will call him and just talk with him.

Maggie: Hmm! Keep him on the phone for a while so you can trace the call. It's the same answer, Deimos. No.

Deimos: I'm assuming you miss parker. Am I right?

Maggie: I do.

Deimos: Okay, good. Then what if Chloe stays away forever? What if you never get a chance to see your grandson again? Maggie, I know you fully understand what it means to miss out on a chance to raise your own child. Well, that's what could be about to happen to me. Now, I--I know that you don't owe me anything, but please try to understand. I just--I just want to be a part of my child's life. That's all I'm asking for here.

Maggie: I understand what you're saying. But I am not going to use my grandson to help you.

Deimos: All right. Okay, fine. I tried. I won't keep on you about this.

Maggie: Thank you. Now... let's talk about Nicole.

Chloe: So you talked to Philip.

Nicole: By chance, yes. Look, Chloe, for weeks now, I've been feeling like a total liar, keeping this from Deimos because you told me he was the father of your baby. And then when I did break down and told him what I had been hiding, I mean, it turned into a hell of a mess. Let me tell you that. And now Deimos thinks he's the father again.

Chloe: I'm sorry about lying. I just-- [Sighs] I was ashamed.

Nicole: Why? Chloe, talk to me.

Chloe: There was this guy at the club that I met where I was singing, and we had a one-night stand. And when Philip made me feel like I was some kind of a whore, I don't know. I just--I guess I couldn't take it.

Nicole: Honey, you're not a whore, okay? You just weren't being careful. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Incidentally, Philip is really sorry for acting like a jerk. Where are you?

Chloe: In hiding. I mean, when you said that Deimos was looking for me, I just grabbed parker and ran, and I just--I couldn't deal with Deimos right now, and I still have things to get sorted out.

Nicole: But if Deimos isn't the father, then what's the problem? Honey, come home. Stay with me.

Chloe: Hey, you know, I have to go. I'm sorry. Thanks for calling.

Nicole: No, don't hang up on me, Chloe! [Sighs]

Chloe: So what do you think, little one? Think she bought the whole thing about the one-night stand? Oh, Lord, I hope so.

Theresa: How did Tate get this in his pocket?

Brady: I don't know. He picked it up. He picks a lot of things up. You should see what the other kids in the park were picking up off the ground.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Brady: Listen, I have to go meet with Philip right now, but it's his naptime. Emma's here if you need to leave. So I'll see you later?

Theresa: Yes.

Brady: You sure? Okay. Bye.

Theresa: Oh!

Maggie: Deimos, are you listening? Nicole was devastated.

Deimos: Yeah, I suppose she was. But it looks like victor was right about her all along. I mean, she can't be trusted. I opened my heart to her, Maggie, and what did she do? She betrayed me.

Maggie: And I assume you know the saying about people who live in glass houses?

Deimos: Ah, yes. After everything that I've done to people like you, victor, you're right; I don't have any right to be judgmental.

Maggie: Well, that's good to hear.

Deimos: Yeah, but I learned something from the pain that I caused. I learned that family matters more than anything. That's why I want my child to be with me. And Nicole may have ruined any chance I ever have to make that happen.

Maggie: Do you know how long Nicole and Chloe have known each other? How much they've been through together?

Deimos: Yes, I know. I know.

Maggie: It's decades, whereas she's just getting to know you. Keeping the truth from you, that must have been tearing her up inside. Otherwise, she would never have confessed. She didn't have to, you know.

Deimos: So you're saying I should give her another chance.

[Soft music]

Maggie: I'm saying, do yourself a favor. Look at it from her side. Or don't you ever want her back in your life?

Chloe: [Sighs] Your momma's life turned into a real mess. Let me see. Who could be a ring bearer?

Parker: I will!

Daniel: Ooh, that's my boy right here.

Nicole: Yeah, parker, you are going to be the best ring bearer in the world, that's if we even set a date.

Daniel: Hey, tomorrow I have an opening between 2:00 and, say, 3:30.

Nicole: Okay, will you stop that? He's always doing that.

Daniel: 'Cause I'm always right. Like I'm ready to play with my son. All right, I'll race you to the swings.

Chloe: Go on. Go, go, go, go!

Nicole: Go, go, go!

Chloe: [Laughs]

Nicole: Oh, he is the best dad. Now every time I see him with parker...

Chloe: What's wrong?

Nicole: Nothing. It's silly.

Chloe: You can tell me.

Nicole: As you know, I can't carry a baby to term, but I'm always dreaming about it. And parker is such a sweetheart, and I love being his stepmom, but you're his real mom.

Chloe: And you want that with Daniel too.

Nicole: I do.

Chloe: Well, you know, it's not impossible. There--there are other options.

Nicole: Please. Like what? No surrogate would even talk to me. I mean, I'm a convicted kidnapper.

Chloe: Well, what if-- what if I did it? I mean, hear me out. You and Daniel do the in vitro part, and the embryo gets implanted in me, and then that's it. You'll get your own personal miracle.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Chloe: If only it could have been that simple. Pampers.

[Pounding at door]

[Pounding resumes]

Justin: What the hell were you thinking?

[Dramatic music]

Victor: Odd place to be having a meeting, wouldn't you say? So why did you summon me?

Theresa: I figured this was the only place where we could talk without being watched.

Victor: Aren't you forgetting the good lord?

Theresa: This isn't a joke, victor. Brady and Tate's lives are in danger, and... it's my fault.

Deimos: Honestly, Maggie, I don't know if we even have a future. For instance, I've told Nicole numerous times that I love her. She's never reciprocated, not once.

Maggie: Didn't you hear what I said? Look at things from her side. Shouldn't she be cautious? Not just because you're... [Sighs] You're a complicated man but because she's still trying to recover from the death of my son, Daniel.

Deimos: True.

Maggie: So you might think about showing some patience, Deimos, if you can, and some compassion. [Sighs] That is, if you think she's still worth it.

Chloe: Being their surrogate mommy wasn't exactly an easy sell to Daniel.

Daniel: Look, Chloe, it's very generous of you, but I--

Nicole: Don't say no, please?

Daniel: I'm just saying that it--I mean, it would be too...just uncomfortable. We have a history. I mean, we're co-parenting--

Chloe: Okay, well, we could work on that. Listen, you guys, if you can't adopt and you can't use a regular surrogate, then what are you gonna do?

Nicole: And with my police record...

Daniel: I know.

Chloe: Hey, it'll be your egg, and I'll just be the oven.

Daniel: Just the egg and the--look. Are you really comfortable with this?

Nicole: Yes. I am. And, honey, Chloe's the only one who could do this for us. It's her, or it's no one. Please. Chloe-- Chloe's gift is unbelievable. I mean, think about this. Our baby? Half you, half me? Nothing would make me happier. Hey.

Daniel: Hey. Well, I never saw myself making that particular kind of deposit in this particular kind of bank.

Chloe: [Laughs]

Nicole: Don't. Daniel...

Daniel: I'm sorry. I just thought I was sort of--

Chloe: It's just the hormone shots. She'll be fine in a few days.

I'm sorry for the delay. Dr. Lee is dealing with a disruptive gentleman who seems to have had too much to drink.

Nicole: Yeah, I could really use a drink right now.

Chloe: Well, the good news is, you can have as much as you want to drink now that your eggs have been harvested.

Okay, Daniel, your specimen has been labeled and stored.

Nicole: So, uh, how long will it take?

About three weeks.

Nicole: Three weeks.

I'm so sorry. Chloe's test came back negative. The embryo did not transfer positively.

[Solemn music]

Chloe: As if things couldn't get worse, Daniel died, and so did Nicole's dream.

Victor: All right, tell me what you did.

Theresa: It's not about now. It's about who I used to be.

Victor: When you first came to Salem, when you were that lying little she-devil? Nah, never mind. Just tell me who you were when.

Theresa: Okay. Look, years ago, when I was 19, I met this guy, Mateo, and I--I thought-- you know, I really did love him, but, I mean, I was 19, so what did I know, right? This guy was way too much for me. I mean, for one thing, his father was the head of a drug cartel, and... well, anyway, after Mateo and I split up, he took his father's place, okay? And they have all these nicknames for each other. They call him el fideo. And--and-- [Sighs] Anyway, apparently, he hasn't forgotten about me, and he found out where I was, and he came to Salem, and he tracked me down, and... well... he wants me back. Like, now. So... he insists that I leave Brady and Tate and go to him, go with him to Mexico really soon.

Victor: He just expects you to leave everything? Well, you must have some idea why.

Theresa: I-- because I left him? It's a pride thing? I-- [Sighs] I don't know. I don't know why, okay? I don't know. But it doesn't matter why, victor. The point is, if I say no to him, then he's going to kill Brady and Tate.

Victor: Brady doesn't know about this.

Theresa: No, no, no, no, you can't tell him. Please, please. Victor, seriously, you cannot warn Brady, okay? If you warn him or I warn him, you know exactly what he'll do. He'll go straight to Mateo, and he'll wind up dead. So... listen, I-- I know you have connections, people who will... do things. But I also know you hate me. But, victor, you're the only person that I can turn to, so please, will you help me? For Brady and Tate's sake, please.

[Dramatic music]

Justin: I knew it. I knew exactly where you'd be. How many bottles of champagne have the two of you put away? The proud new owners of "the spectator." Adrienne, how could you do this to me?

Adrienne: Well, I don't know why you're taking this so personally.

Justin: Really?

Adrienne: Really.

Justin: Why shouldn't I take it personally after that talk we had in the hospital about how you wanted to remain friends and then you just went in for the kill?

Adrienne: By buying "the spectator"?

Justin: Right out from under us. You knew; it was in the press. Titan industries wanted to buy the paper. You do read the paper you just bought, don't you?

Adrienne: Hey, hey! Could you please stop being so aggressive? Jennifer and I put in a bid. It was accepted. Everything was aboveboard.

Justin: Because we had not made our offer yet.

Adrienne: "Us," "we," and "our." Does that mean you're back working at titan, the job you were so thrilled to get away from?

Justin: That's not your concern.

Adrienne: Seriously, Justin, I know it was difficult having to let go of being the district attorney, but really? Fighting for scraps again, just one of the Kiriakis heirs? But no, you're right. It's none of my concern. This is about "the spectator." The newspaper that my brother, Jennifer's husband, put his whole heart and soul into is ours. So you accept it, Justin. We won. You lost. Not that I knew it was a contest, all right? So stop attacking me!

Jennifer: Is everything okay?

[Tense music]

Chloe: Thanks, Maggie. Now, listen to your grandmother, Parker. Have fun.

[Soft music]

Chloe: Hey, how are you?

Nicole: Uh, I--I'm okay. I'm not okay, actually. Uh... Daniel's been gone over a month now, and I still feel so numb. And--and--and some days are okay, and then I have days like today.

Chloe: What happened?

Nicole: Well, I got this letter from Dr. Lee's fertility clinic this morning, asking me what I want to do with my unused, frozen embryos. I mean, I can donate them to medical research or another infertile couple.

Chloe: Oh, honey. I know it must be so hard. I'm--I'm sorry that it never worked.

Nicole: You know what? I-- I think I'm gonna tell them to wait. You know, give me some time to decide when it's not so fresh. Or maybe, um...

Chloe: What?

Nicole: You know what? I wouldn't ask you to try again. I mean, 'cause if it failed again, then I would be just-- you know what? No, no. It's fine. It's over. It's over.

[Soft music]

Chloe: She was so devastated. I knew the only thing that would make her happy would be to have another try... without telling her. So guess what, little one? I went back to that clinic, and I had a talk with Dr. Lee.

Theresa: Look, I know that it's asking a lot. But can you take care of this for me? Please.

Victor: No.

Theresa: What? You bastard! God, why don't you-- we're talking about Brady and Tate, your grandson and your great-grandson. I mean, I--I know that you hate me, but this is disgusting! Victor, do you think that it was easy for me to come here and beg you like this?

Victor: Would you just shut up and listen? I didn't say I won't help you. I can't help you.

Theresa: What?

Victor: El fideo is too powerful.

Theresa: More powerful than you?

Victor: Infinitely. Best thing you can do is send this information to your father.

Theresa: What? No.

Victor: Shane has--

Theresa: No, all my dad wants me to do is run, okay? No contact with Tate, no contact with Brady ever. Just run until Mateo's dead. And you would--you would love that, wouldn't you? You'd be--I'd be gone forever, and good riddance.

Victor: No, I would not love that. First of all, it would break Brady's heart. And Tate would be motherless. But I have to admit I don't see any other option for you.

[Melancholy music]

Theresa: Well, I can't-- can't run. And even if I took Tate with me, especially if I took Tate with me, Mateo would kill Brady in a heartbeat. And I--I can't stay here, because if I do nothing, he'll kill someone else that I love just to warn me. Oh, God. I've got to go to Mexico with him and do whatever he wants.

Victor: I agree with you that you can't tell Brady. He'd be face-to-face with him within the hour. But if you don't tell Brady, how are you gonna explain why you're leaving?

Theresa: [Cries] I don't know. Thank God Tate's too young to understand. God, you know, I was--finally had everything I ever wanted: Happiness and joy and-- [Crying]

Jennifer: Uh, Justin, I am really sorry if you're upset, but we bought "the spectator" fair and square.

Adrienne: She's right. It had nothing to do with trying to best you or titan. It was about reviving a great newspaper.

Justin: Mm, a great newspaper.

Adrienne: Mm-hmm.

Justin: You don't know the first thing about running a paper.

[Phone ringing]

Jennifer: Excuse me. Sorry.

Adrienne: That's why Jennifer and I will make such a great team. She's gonna teach me everything she knows. Thanks for stopping by, though. You can show yourself to the door.

Justin: You used my divorce settlement--

Adrienne: No, I used my money. It doesn't matter where it came from. It was mine to spend. I don't know; what was it you used to say? Oh, yes, "it's not personal. It's business."

Justin: Ha! Throwing my words in my face. Spending the money I gave you. Okay, I think we're done here.

We all need a hug in the morning of the day That we should maybe commission a survey on the idea of the Saturday edition being--

Adrienne: How dare he come over here and accuse me like that? "You don't know the first thing about running a newspaper." [Scoffs]

Jennifer: I--Adrienne, I mean, you're divorced. What does it matter what he says? Who cares--

Adrienne: Look, I don't care what he says or thinks. I just think it was weird that he was so upset.

Jennifer: Well, you-- you seem pretty upset too. It looks like he got to you.

Adrienne: Me? [Scoffs] No way. Ha! I couldn't care less.

[Soft guitar music]

Brady: Hey.

Theresa: Hey. Hey, Brady. I'm glad you're back.

Brady: I'm glad I'm back too.

Theresa: Make love to me, Brady. Please.

[Phone ringing]

Nicole: Deimos. If you're calling to tell me again that I'm a liar and stabbed you in the back and I betrayed you and I ruined your life--

Deimos: No, no. Nicole, I'm calling to say I'm sorry.

Nicole: "I'm sorry"? What?

Deimos: Yeah. Um... I just spoke with someone who helped me to see things differently, more clearly, and helped me to realize that I really had no right to be so critical of you, especially after everything I've been asking, for everyone else to forgive me for my wrongs. So-- so what do you think? We-- you think maybe we can try again? Nicole?

Chloe: The thing is, Dr. Lee understood right away, and he explained that all the paperwork that we'd signed gave me permission to try as many times as I wanted to without technically telling anyone. But when that next test came back negative, I was happy I didn't tell Nicole... until that paternity test said that Deimos wasn't the father. I knew there was only one other possibility. The fertility clinic had it wrong, 'cause you, my little love, you are Nicole and Daniel's baby.

[Dramatic music]

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