Days Transcript Friday 10/28/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/28/16


Episode #12951 ~ Townsfolk gather for a Halloween fund-raiser, which ends with a surprising announcement; Hope & Ciara argue over Victor's proposed trust fund for Ciara; a magician's show at the hospital takes a dark turn; Theo remains at odds with Valerie.

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Kayla: Am I the only one that thinks that finding a dead body that's been removed from our morgue should be a top priority? Oh. Oh. Oh, you think? [Scoffs] Yeah. Oh--oh, you don't want me being sarcastic? Well, I don't really appreciate the challenge of keeping track of dead bodies that are leaving our morgue. Thank you. Our head of security thinks that maybe somebody took the body. Or he had the gall to say to me that maybe it was just a zombie and it walked out on its own.

Steve: Oh, well, that sounds reasonable.

Kayla: [Groans] That body better turn up before Seth burns finds out about this. I-I'm just gonna-- I'm just gonna hope that it's a bureaucratic mix-up.

Steve: Well, maybe not. Gotta remember it is Halloween.

Kayla: You're saying you think maybe it's a prank?

Steve: Well, when we were kids, we used to egg cars and TP houses, but that might be too tame for kids these days.

Kayla: If this were kids... they're in big trouble.

Valerie: I am happy to say you have come through the surgery with flying colors, Abe. There shouldn't be anymore complications.

Theo: What makes you so sure?

Valerie: Because the surgery went so very well.

Theo: Yeah, but you said that the first time, so how can you be sure this time?

Abe: Theo...

Valerie: No--no, it's a valid question. Before the first surgery I didn't know your father had a preexisting condition. This time I had an accurate, thorough diagnosis. I knew what I was looking for and how to deal with it.

Theo: Right.

Valerie: No, honey, I have done this surgery exactly like this hundreds of times. Your father's gonna be fine.

Theo: Don't call me "honey."

Abe: Theo... Theo, I'm the one who's at fault. If I had had regular check ups, than this would've been avoided. But now that faulty valve is fixed and it's no longer a ticking time bomb. And we have dr. Grant to thank for that.

Theo: I don't.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: I hate paperwork.

Hope: That sets you apart.

Rafe: It's like they're punishing us for doing our jobs.

Hope: Waa. [Laughs]

Rafe: Really?

Hope: Come on. We're almost done. Besides we'd be done already if we didn't play hooky last night.

Rafe: Oh, so it's my fault?

Hope: Mm-hmm. I loved playing hooky last night. I love spending time alone with you.

Rafe: Even if it was at that crummy park? Not exactly the Sahara desert.

Hope: But someday, right?

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Hope: You know, if I kind of actually enjoy working my way through a pile of police reports with you, imagine how much I'm gonna to love it when we go to Egypt.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Or on a real camping trip. Or watching you throw out that first ball at Wrigley field.

Rafe: Now you're talking.

Hope: Yeah, doing all the things that we talked about last night.

Rafe: Yes.

Hope: It's gonna happen, right?

Roman: What are you two still doing here?

Rafe: Uh, working?

Hope: Yeah, we're working.

Roman: Well, you need to get down to that Halloween festival. You two are the guests of honor.

Hope: What? I thought that it was a fund raiser for aplastic anemia research in memory of Abigail?

Roman: Well, it started out that way, but after the, uh, last month of craziness, the DiMeras decided they wanted to honor the first responders. So leave all that for later. I'll see you then.

Rafe: Don't have to ask me twice. All right, I'm gonna go home, get a shower and then I'll meet you there.

Hope: Not so fast, Hernandez.

Rafe: What? What? What--what's this?

Hope: It's your costume.

Rafe: Uh... no.

Hope: Yeah, it is.

Rafe: Uh, no, because I don't wear costumes. Ergo, it is not my costume. I'm too virile to wear a costume.

Hope: Oh.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: You didn't really mean it when you said you'd do anything to make me happy?

Rafe: Are you-- you're not really using that to get what you want, are you? You going to that?

Hope: Yeah. I am.

Rafe: It's been a day.

Hope: And I'm using it once. You're right. You're right.

Rafe: What?

Hope: Oh, no, it's already done. It's not fair. What I just did... totally not fair. But what about this?

John: Boy, oh, boy. Chad sure spent the big-bucks fixing up the square.

Marlena: Yeah, and better than that, he is matching any donations made to aplastic anemia.

John: That's pretty generous. Are you sure he's a DiMera?

Marlena: Well, I think it's a new breed of DiMera. Roman said that he's created a tribute for the police first responders.

John: Wow. A DiMera honoring the Salem pd. I'm sure old man Stefano is rolling over in his grave right about now.

André: I'm sure he is.

John: I'm sorry, I didn't know you were there.

André: Oh, no need to apologize. As much as I miss my father, I've not forgotten who he was. Certainly wasn't a fan of law enforcement officials.

Marlena: By the way, um... the square looks fabulous.

André: Hm. Thank you.

Marlena: Well, we have to go.

John: Yeah.

André: Oh, you're leaving? You're not gonna stay for the festivities? Oh, you have to. It's gonna be so memorable.

Marlena: Well, I've gotta get to the hospital. There's a, um--a party for the pediatric patients...

John: The kids.

Marlena: That can't go trick-or-treating.

André: Ah, poor kids.

Marlena: Yeah. There's even gonna be a magician there.

André: Well, you have fun, but hurry back, please.

[Somber music]

Marlena: What you and your family are doing is wonderful.

André: Well, I'd like to see the DiMera name stand for decency.

Marlena: I'm beginning to think you mean that.

[Dramatic music]

André: Oh, if they only knew.

Ciara: So your dad's gonna be all right?

Theo: I mean, that's what she says.

Ciara: You still don't trust her?

Theo: Dr. Grant. She said he was gonna be fine before.

Ciara: Wow, you really like her, don't you?

Theo: I mean, she just thinks she's so smart. So does Dad. I don't.

Ciara: But she did help him get better.

Theo: Yeah. I got mad and left his room. Maybe I should go back and hang out with him?

Ciara: I think what your dad needs right now is to get some sleep. And what you need is to get out of this stupid hospital. Why don't you come with me to the Halloween festival?

Theo: I don't know.

Ciara: I do, that's why I got you this. It's your costume. I got it specially customized just for you.

Theo: Wow.

Ciara: You get it? It's a super T.

Theo: Yeah, t, I see, yeah.

Ciara: Able to jump over tall buildings and, uh... a lot of other stuff.

Theo: Yeah, that's a stretch.

Ciara: No, it's not. You're the coolest friend I've ever had. Okay? Don't forget that. So put that on and meet me at the square.

Theo: All right, but what are you gonna wear?

Ciara: Uh...just gonna have to find out.

Rafe: Okay. Okay. But I don't--I just-- I don't think you should be using kisses to get what you want.

Hope: But did it work? Hm? Did it work, Hernandez?

Rafe: Why don't I just-- I'll go as a cop.

Hope: A cop?

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: No, that's not original.

Rafe: Come on.

Hope: Come on. This goes with the costume that I'm wearing. I'll give you a hint. It's a couple.

Rafe: A couple of what?

Hope: Famous people. That's all I'm gonna say. It's just--it's still hasn't sunk in that... you and I are just... us. A couple. A couple without a sword hanging over our heads.

Rafe: Okay. I love it.

Hope: Yeah?

Rafe: Yes, we can just be a couple without a sword hanging over our heads and we can go-- we can go in jeans or a shirt--

Hope: Please? Please?

Rafe: You can wear that jacket. It'll be great.

Hope: Rafe? Rafael...

Rafe: Oh, boy.

Hope: Please? For me? Do this? It'll be fun. And we need to have some fun.

Rafe: For you? All right.

Hope: You're such a nice guy. I love that about you.

Rafe: Don't--don't blow it. Okay?

Hope: Okay, more than a nice guy.

Rafe: No, don't do it.

Hope: But you are a nice guy.

[Romantic music]

Marlena: I am so glad you decided to come back here. You know, cardiac surgeons can go anywhere they choose.

Valerie: Well, my memories of Salem are mostly positive.

John: Well, we're glad you're here. Especially since you just prolonged this tough guy's life.

[All laugh]

Abe: Hey, I hear there's gonna be a tribute to the police first responders tonight. I wish I could be there to hand out the commendations. You know, I-I feel pretty good.

Marlena: That's great, Abe, but no, you can't go.

[Valerie laughs]

Marlena: I don't want to step on your toes, but you have to watch this one. He's not very good at the R&R part.

John: He doesn't want to be replaced as mayor, even temporarily.

Valerie: Well, don't you worry. I will not let him get out of here until he's 100% ready to go back to work.

John: There you go.

Marlena: Wonderful. Thank you. John and I are headed up to the children's party. So if you need anything at all, please text me. Okay?

Abe: Thank you. Thank you for stopping by.

Marlena: I'll come by tomorrow and so good to see you again.

Valerie: Thank you.

John: Good job.

Valerie: All right, Abe, you try to get some sleep and I will talk to you later.

Abe: [Whispers] Thank you. Hey, uh, Valerie, can I talk to you now for a minute?

Valerie: Yeah.

Abe: About my son, Theo. Um... he can be... very direct... and, uh, if he seems out of line sometimes--

Valerie: Abe, Abe, listen. You don't get to be cardiac surgeon and have thin skin. And I don't believe a young man, a son, being fierce about his dad's care is "out of line."

Abe: I'm glad.

Valerie: Now, can I ask you something?

Abe: Sure.

Valerie: Just now, you were gonna say he was out of line because of his autism, weren't you?

Abe: What I was going to say was that people who don't know him sometimes misread him.

Valerie: Yes, well, I'm not so sure his autism is the real factor here. I just think he doesn't like me.

André: Now, you're certain that Ciara's going to-- to be here? She promised, right?

Theo: Why do you care so much about Ciara? You don't even like her. You said it.

André: No, no-- no, that's what I meant, no. What I wanted to say to you is that... it's not easy for the DiMera's and the Kiriakis' to be friends.

Theo: Well, it's easy for me.

André: No, forget what I said. I just want Ciara here because they're gonna honor her mother later on and I want to make sure that she's here to share in the moment.

Theo: Oh, yeah, she's gonna change into her costume and meet me here.

André: Oh, excellent. That's great. Good. Good. What?

Theo: It's just a little weird you're getting this excited for a Halloween party.

André: Oh, Theo. It's going to be so much more than that.

[Julie laughing]

Doug: You gotta admit it was original.

Julie: Well, I just worry about an eight-year-old boy trick-or-treating as john McCain. I mean, I wonder if he's having much fun in his life.

Doug: [Laughs] Whatever happened to dressing up like a--like a ghost?

Ciara: Step away from the candy... and put your hands on your head.

Julie: Oh, Ciara, you look fantastic.

Doug: You look just like your mom.

Julie: Yeah.

Hope: Wow. [Laughs] You look better in that uniform than I have ever looked-- or I ever looked, I should say.

[All laugh]

Turn around. Let me see you. Oh, my--you look... perfect fit.

Doug: And you look fabulous.

Julie: He's right. Isn't there a law against you being as beautiful as you are?

Hope: Too much makeup?

Julie: No!

Hope: You sure?

Julie: No, perfect. Perfect. Now, we're a little bit late, so we'll be right down in five minutes. Okay?

Hope: You two look amazing.

Julie: Thank you, darling.

Ciara: You really do look beautiful, mom.

Hope: Baby, you look beautiful. You look stunning.

Ciara: I hope you don't mind, I went through your closet looking for this. Um, I didn't want to bother you with everything going on.

Hope: By "everything" meaning Aiden? Honey, he's gone. For good. And so is chase. I'm just so happy that you wanted to wear this outfit. It's just...

Ciara: I wore it because I'm proud of you.

Hope: Right back at you. Your dad would be proud of you, too.

Ciara: Oh, I hope so.

Hope: Honey, there's something I wanna talk to you about. Okay?

Ciara: [Groans] What now?

Hope: Well, I was talking to your grandpa and he made me aware that he offered you a trust fund when you turn 21.

Ciara: Yeah.

Hope: A rather large trust fund.

Ciara: Yeah, grandpa doesn't do things half way.

Hope: He never has. I'd like you to think about turning it down.

Ciara: What? Why?

Hope: Because your dad always felt that a portion of the Kiriakis money was blood money. Baby, your dad would not want you to have that. Or have anything to do with it.

Ciara: I'm kinda caught off guard. Sorry.

Hope: I know. I'm sorry, baby.

Ciara: You didn't even let me tell you about it myself. And now you're telling me that Dad would want me to turn down a lifetime of financial security?

Hope: Honey, like I said, okay? Your dad just always felt that at least some of the Kiriakis money was blood money. Aside from all of that, I don't think that it's best for you to be handed that amount of money that you haven't earned, Ciara, at the age of 21. And you know what? If your dad were still here, I know that he'd agree with me.

Ciara: I mean, what? You think I'm gonna become some kind of slacker?

Hope: No! No, not at all. That's not what this is about, baby. Take the DiMeras, or even the Kiriakises, money can't buy happiness.

Ciara: Yeah, but I'm not like them.

Hope: I know that, but aside from all that, the most important thing here, Ciara Alice, you accepting that money... it's a moral issue because then your security would be based on illegal dealings that hurt people.

Ciara: Yeah, a long time ago.

Hope: Ciara-- officer, there is no statute of limitations on blood money. Please hear me. Your grandfather tried to use that same argument with your father and they fought about it. They fought a lot. Your dad would not want you to have this money.

Ciara: So they had, like, fights about it?

Hope: More like wars. But it never changed your dad's opinion or how he felt about the money.

Ciara: But what if grandpa's giving me this money to, like, make up for the war that he had with Dad? And he's not stealing anything now. He's taking care of Maggie, trying to keep his family together... and I don't care what he did in the past, I love grandpa.

Hope: I know, baby. I love Grandpa, too. And your dad-- your dad loved him with all his heart.

Ciara: God, I wish I was part of a normal family.

Hope: Hm. No, you don't.

[Both laugh]

Hope: I don't think they even exist. Let's go to the Halloween party. And you know what? You just turned 18, you have three years to think about it.

Ciara: Yeah. Okay, mom. Oh, wait.

Hope: What?

Ciara: Next time we talk, can you please be dressed like a normal person because it is really weird talking about morality with the queen of the Nile. [Laughs]

Hope: I'll think about it. [Laughs]

Ciara: Okay.

Hope: Come here. My baby. You're such a good girl.

Ciara: I love you, mom.

Hope: I love you, honey.

[Carnival music]

Marlena: Well, I find it reassuring that after everything that Orpheus has put us through, we are still able to celebrate Halloween.

Steve: Yeah, we don't have to worry about him anymore. But what a coward, huh? Taking the easy way out?

[John scoffs]

Marlena: Oh, I'm not sure I would say taking poison is the "easy way out."

Steve: Well, maybe I'm just mad because he killed himself before I could do the job.

Marlena: Another lighthearted conversation, huh?

John: Is Kayla all right? Looks a little stressed.

Steve: Yeah, well, you're not gonna believe this, but, um, somebody took a body from the morgue.

[John laughs]

Marlena: What?

Steve: Yeah, she's trying to run interference right now before Seth burns finds out and has a meltdown.

John: It's Halloween.

Marlena: Oh, my goodness. Okay.

[Children screaming]

[Air hissing, boom]

Do not be afraid, my friends. I've come to thrill you with feats of magic and mystery. Likes which you have never seen nor will ever forget. Let the show begin!

[Light applause]

[Indistinct chatter]

Ciara: Put your hands up. You're under arrest.

[Theo laughs]

Ciara: Aw, it's so good to hear you laugh.

Theo: Yeah, I mean, you were right. It is nice to get out of the hospital.

Claire: Perfect costume for a future rock star, don't you think?

[All chuckle]

Claire: Who are you supposed to be? "Paul Blart, mall cop"?

Ciara: Hm, I'm laughing on the inside. And I can tell who you are. Mega-star, famous for your crossover country songs?

Claire: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I love your costume, Theo, it's perfect.

Theo: Oh, thanks, Ciara got it for me.

Claire: Oh, did she? Oh, it's so cute. Here, I am actually starving. So, let's go get something to eat.

Theo: Yeah.

Ciara: Aren't you supposed to get an ego after you're a rock star?

Joey: What is up with you two? I thought you guys were best friends.

Ciara: Yeah, until she decided she was god's gift to Salem.

Jade: Joey! Hey! Joey, I was hoping I'd see you.

Joey: Hey, jade. Oh, hey.

Jade: Hey.

Joey: Hey, uh, how's your grandma?

Jade: Um, she's doing much better. Uh, hi, Ciara.

Ciara: Hi, welcome back.

Jade: Thanks.

Ciara: I'll let you two catch up.

Joey: Hey...

Roman: Wow, okay, you look great, kid. Plan on joining the force, or what?

Ciara: Well, Mom's getting a commendation tonight. So I wanted to wear this to make her happy.

Roman: Ah, that's nice. Where is she?

Doug: I think her barge got stuck in traffic.

[Julie laughs]

Roman: Her what?

Ciara: Oh, Mom's dressed up as Cleopatra.

Doug: And she is stunning.

Julie: Every man in this square is gonna want to grab her...asp.

[Roman laughs]

[Doug mimics rim shot]

[Royal trumpet music]

Rafe: Really? Where the hell are you?

[Gentle music]

Rafe: Drafty.

Hope: Ooh. Looking good from behind.

Rafe: This is not funny.

[Hope laughs]

Rafe: It's not. Look at me.

Hope: I am looking at you.

Rafe: I look ridiculous.

Hope: No, you don't. You look like marc Antony, Cleopatra's love.

Rafe: Oh, is that who I look like?

Hope: Exactly.

Rafe: Yeah, well, didn't end so well for them now, did it?

Hope: Oh, come on, let's not be gloomy. Glass half full. Look at all the bullets we've dodged. The city isn't blowing up, Aiden is gone, it's Halloween, and here we are. So, please-- can we please just... have some fun tonight?

Rafe: Okay, but I'm just wondering...honestly...

Hope: Yeah?

Rafe: What made you think that I was gonna have fun wearing a dress?

Hope: You're kinda grouchy.

Rafe: And you're lucky you are so damned beautiful. You are.

Hope: I really feel like the nightmare's over. I really do.

[Dark dramatic music]

Julie: Theo, darling, how is your father doing?

Theo: Well, his doctor says he'll be fine, but that's what she said after the first surgery.

Ciara: Theo, Aunt Kayla said that Dr. Grant's a really good doctor. He's gonna be fine.

Hope: Theo.

Theo: Hi.

Hope: I'm sorry, am I interrupting? You look fantastic.

Theo: Thank you. How's your dad?

Theo: Um, they said he'll be fine.

Hope: Oh, honey, it's so good to see you away from the hospital. I love that costume.

[All chuckle]

Claire: Well, you look amazing!

Hope: Well, thank you, sweetheart, so do you. Stunning as usual.

Claire: Thank you. Yeah, well, your daughter actually decided to not go all glamorous, but instead just to make a statement that I thought was very brave.

Theo: I'm gonna go check out the carnival games.

Claire: Oh, wait up, I'll go with you.

Hope: Honey...

Ciara: Hm?

Hope: There something I should know about?

Ciara: Ugh, no. Everyone's still just freaked out from the whole ordeal.

Hope: Okay. Love you.

Julie: Hope?

Hope: Hm?

Julie: Do you know who Abe's doctor is? Valerie grant.

Hope: You know, I heard she was back in town. But what makes me think that you're not too happy about it?

Julie: Oh, I have no issues with Valerie. I'm just so grateful that she saved Abe's life.

Hope: Then what's bothering you?

Julie: Well, when I ran into her at the hospital, it was awkward. I just had this feeling that she... wasn't happy to see me.

Hope: I mean, you could've been imagining it. Oh! Or maybe is it because... of the history she has with David?

Julie: [Sighs] That was so long ago, darling. I probably was imagining it.

Hope: Maybe. Right, Daddy?

Doug: Yeah.

Julie: The important thing is Abe is going to be fine. Thank God.

Doug: Especially for Theo's sake.

Julie: Yeah.

Abe: I hope you don't take Theo's behavior personally. When I got shot, he-- he didn't handle it well.

Valerie: Well, how exactly are you supposed to handle someone trying to kill your father?

Abe: He-- he tried to go after the man who shot me. And I don't even wanna think what would've happened if roman hadn't found him first.

Valerie: Well, you can understand the impulse. I mean, you were shot and he... wanted to defend you. Fight back.

Abe: And he lost his mother. He was devastated. And then his grandfather. So the idea of losing me, I just don't think he could've handled that.

Abe: And so when I said you had to have another surgery, after I had already said the surgery went fine, he couldn't take that?

Abe: Yeah, like I said, I-- I hope you didn't take it personally.

Valerie: Like I said, I got pretty thick skin. And it's understandable. Theo's been through so much-- too much.

Abe: Well, you know... one thing he has great friends. Ciara Brady texted me that she talked him into going to--to the festival in the square to take his mind off things.

Valerie: Oh, that's great. I hope he has a wonderful time.

Abe: You know what? You should think about going there yourself. Theo's not the only one who's spent too much time here at this hospital.

Valerie: No, no, no. I'm not that into social things. Plus, I have so much paperwork to get caught up on.

Abe: I'm gonna warn you. When I get up and about, I'm gonna tell all of your old friends that you're back and then I'm gonna introduce you to a whole slew of new ones. New people. I want this to be-- it'll feel like home as soon as possible.

Valerie: Thank you, Abe.

[Gentle music]

Roman: [Laughs] Damn. You look so cute in that skirt.

Rafe: It's a toga.

Roman: Greater love hath no man than to put on a dress for his girlfriend.

Rafe: It's a toga.

Roman: And those strappy, little sandals-- oh, my God. My God, they pull that entire look together.

Hope: And I couldn't agree more.

Roman: Just, well done.

Hope: I think he looks amazing. You do look amazing.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Hope: And, Roman... he's very secure with his masculinity.

Rafe: He does have a point, though.

Hope: What?

Rafe: Well...

Hope: Come on, you look fantastic. I love this on you.

André: Detective Brady. "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety."

Hope: André.

André: No, Shakespeare. I hope you know I was paying you a compliment just then. I wasn't talking about your age, I was talking about your beauty. Oh, look hoe fabulous you two look tonight. I must say I appreciate that you took the time to be involved in this evening. Good fun for a good cause. [Laughs] And also to thank the Salem pd for doing such a great job in taking good care of all of us.

Roman: Laying this on a little thick, aren't ya, André?

André: Oh, no. I don't see it that way. The way I see it is... we're about to turn a new page. And I'm sorry about the paper cups, safety measure issue now. Are you all gonna have champagne? Huh? No? No? Oh, well, we should have a bit of bubbly. There's so much to celebrate I understand. For example, that our esteemed mayor is going to be back in the saddle soon and that we're going to be looking for a new district attorney. You know, I was never comfortable with Aiden Jennings in the office. He always made me feel like he was about to cut corners. Now the way I see it, on November 1st, mornings will be back in Salem. [Chuckles] Yes, I know what you're thinking. "Has he forgotten our history?" [Laughs] And all that blood that passed under the bridge. What's a trumped up prison sentence among friends? Mm. To letting bygones be bygones.

[Dramatic music]


Hope: That was creepy.

Rafe: Yeah.

Roman: Oh, yeah. Yeah, but I think it was his last gasp. With Jennings gone, and Chad trying to clean up the DiMera family name, he's pretty much got nothing.

Rafe: Yeah, he's nothing but a bag of hot wind.

Doug: Rafe! You want me to lend you an ear?

Julie: [Laughs] Cleopatra, you don't look very happy.

Hope: No, I'm fine. I'm fine. André just-- he dra--he wanted to make a toast with us.

Julie: Oh, if you'd drunk with André, you would've choked.

Doug: Yes, uh, André came dressed as himself for Halloween.

[Doug and Julie laugh]

[Rafe snorts]

Hope: Can we just change the subject, please?

Doug: Of course. Oh, and-- you saw--I know you saw Ciara dressed in hope's uniform. It was a time warp for me. It was just--she just looked-- a spittin' image of you. It was so beautiful.

Julie: And Claire. Claire looks adorable today.


Joey: Ladies and gentlemen of the academy, thank you for this honor.

Whoo! Yes!

Joey: It's been my dream ever since I was a kid to win the Salem Jack-o'-lantern carving award.

Roman: Too bad Steve and Kayla aren't here.

Julie: Oh, yeah, they're going to the-- to the party at the hospital.

Roman: Oh, they're not coming tonight?

Julie: Not tonight. No, they're at the hospital. They've hired an awesome magician act.

[Crowd exclaims]

Marlena: Hey, where did you find him? He's terrific.

Kayla: I don't-- I heard he volunteered.

[Eerie music]

Hope: Okay, here we go.

Ciara: Mom...

Hope: Yeah? Yeah?

Ciara: Mom, I need to tell you something.

Hope: Okay. What? I'm sorry.

Ciara: Okay. I've been thinking a lot about what you said.

Hope: Yes?

Ciara: About Dad not liking grandpa's money. Well, it's not gonna take me three years to think about it. I'm not gonna take it. I wanna be a kid that Dad could be proud of.

Hope: He already is... and so am I. Good choice.

Ciara: I love you, Mom. And it's so good to see you happy.

Hope: Yeah. It feels great to be happy. I love you.

Ciara: Well, I love you, too, Mom.

[Gentle music]

Claire: Hey.

Theo: Hey.

Claire: Not having the best time, are you?

Theo: I didn't even want to come here. I wanted to stay at the hospital with my dad. You know, and then when Ciara got me this costume and I didn't know how to say "no" to her.

Claire: Yeah, well, you're not the only one who has trouble saying "no" to Ciara. She's just so sure that she's right about everything always. If you wanted to go back to the hospital, I would definitely go with you.

Theo: Really?

Claire: Yeah. Yeah. We don't even have to say good-bye to anyone. Just go out this way.

Theo: Well, I mean, what if Ciara gets mad?

Claire: Come on, it's okay, I'll handle her.

[Monitors beeping]

[Gentle music]

[Indistinct chatter]

André: Ah, deputy mayor. I just heard from my brother. He's going to be delayed, but he said that we should start the ceremony without him.

Of course. Of course.

André: Great. Thank you.

Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. Could I have your attention, please? As you all know, the DiMera family is sponsoring this event to raise money for aplastic anemia. Every donation is also a tribute to Abigail Deveraux DiMera. So please, give generously. This evening we're also here to honor the first responders who went above and beyond the call of duty to protect us during the recent crisis. The first award goes to JJ Deveraux who was shot in the line of duty.


Accepting on his behalf is police commissioner Roman Brady. Commissioner Brady?

[Cheers and applause]

Hope: Roman!


[All chuckling]

And now, for my final trick I shall require two volunteers. Let's see... what about the two lovely, blonde ladies there... at the desk? Would you be so kind, ladies?

[Cheers and applause]


Thank you. Thank you. Won't you come join us, please? Please. Here. Please stand here. Thank you very much. Now, if I can kindly ask you to--would you please enter the box? Thank you. Thank you.

Steve: See ya!

[John laughs]

Nicely. And, madam, the second box.

Marlena: Let me guess, me too?


Marlena: Thank you.

Thank you very much. Lovely. Lovely. Now, this is a very difficult trick and it shall require utter and complete silence... and concentration. And whatever you do, do not take your eyes off these boxes.

[Steve chuckles]

Now, remember, you must keep your eyes fixed on these two boxes.

[Children gasp]

What happened?

What happened?


Where are they?

John: Hey, somebody hit the lights.

[Dramatic music]

When Dr. Brady's done, can you give this to her?

Steve: Sure.

The missing body was Orpheus.

John: For God's sakes. Excuse me, kids.

Where are they?

[Children exclaiming]

They're gone.


[Cheers and applause]

And now I'd like to ask Detective Hope Brady to join us.

[Cheers and applause]

I'd also like to take a moment to go over some incredible things this amazing, fine officer has done.

Hope: [On recording] I killed Stefano. I killed Stefano. I killed Stefano. I killed Stefano.

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