Days Transcript Wednesday 10/26/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/26/16


Episode #12949 ~ Kayla & Valerie work to save Abe's life; Ciara helps Theo sneak into his dad's room so he can speak to him; Rafe surprises Hope with an impromptu camping trip; Victor calls a family meeting & stuns everyone with his announcement.

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[Soft music]

Hope: [Sighs]

Rafe: You're here late.

Hope: Hey. Yeah. Well, since I... can't focus nor concentrate, I may be here all night.

Rafe: What are you worrying about, hmm? You don't have Aiden to blackmail you anymore. Clyde, Orpheus, and Xander, they're no longer a threat.

Hope: Well, you know, maybe that's the problem. Maybe I've forgotten how to relax. You know, it'd be really nice to go away for a while, someplace peaceful where I could just breathe.

Rafe: Yeah, I dream about stuff like that too. You're always there.

[Dramatic music]

[Cell phone beeps]

Brady: Let me deal with this before we go in. Hold on.

Justin: Seems odd that uncle Vic wants us to meet this late, doesn't it?

Philip: Oh, looks like everyone got the call to come home ASAP. Even the wannabes.

Brady: Really, Philip? It's all right. You guys go ahead. Go in.

Philip: Why, you got some secret message you need to send?

Brady: [Scoffs]

Sonny: What is this? We were all summoned to be home at the same time?

Justin: Yeah, apparently uncle Vic wants a family powwow.

Sonny: Yeah, well, I'm getting really sick and tired of his command performances. Excuse me.

Maggie: Oh! I thought I heard voices out here.

Justin: Hey, Maggie.

Maggie: Hi.

Sonny: Maggie, do you know what this, uh-- what this is about? What's this meeting about?

Maggie: I do, yes.

Deimos: All I'm asking for is a little more time. I have a tail on Philip, on Chloe's parents. Their phones are tapped. Her phones are tapped.

Victor: What is your point, exactly?

Deimos: Just don't tell Philip that I found out that Chloe's baby is actually mine, at least not until I can locate her. Will you do that for me?

Kayla: The surgery went well, very well.

Ciara: Oh, thank God.

Theo: So dad's gonna be okay?

Kayla: Dr. Grant did a wonderful job.

Theo: When can I see him?

Kayla: As soon as Dr. Grant gives the all-clear. He won't be awake anyway.

Theo: No, I don't care. I just want to see him.

Kayla: All right, we can look through here.

[Monitor beeping]

[Soft music]

[Sustained beep]

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: Bring that.

Theo: Dad?

Kayla: What happened?

Valerie: I don't have a clue. Everything was normal. Then his heart went through the roof. Then he coded. Clear!

Theo: Oh, my God! Dad! Wait, wait, wait, dad!

Ciara: Theo, don't go in there!

Theo: No, no, he's dying! He's dying!

Ciara: Let them do their work!

Theo: No, no, no, dad! Dad!

Ciara: It's gonna be fine!

Theo: The hell it is!

Kayla: Okay, one milligram epi going in.

Valerie: Come on, Abe. Come on. Come on.

Rafe: So let's do it. Come on, let's do it. We'll get away for the weekend, huh? We'll go for Halloween. No kids. Huh?

Hope: Sounds amazing. But the timing's not good. I don't want to leave Ciara.

Rafe: Yeah. Okay, well, technically, she's not alone. The two of you are still staying with Jennifer, right?

Hope: Right, right, but that's only while we're having our roof repaired, and the job could be finished in a day or two. Aside from that, I really don't want to be too far away so I can check on JJ and Abe at the hospital.

Rafe: By the way, I hear they're doing great.

Hope: I know. That's great news, isn't it?

Rafe: Yeah, yeah.

Hope: Hey.

Rafe: Hmm?

Hope: Let's grab a bite later.

Rafe: Yeah, definitely.

Hope: Okay.

Rafe: I'll text you.

Hope: And I'll be waiting.

Rafe: Okay.

[Soft music]

Hey, Jennifer, it's me, Rafe. Oh, good, thanks. Uh, great, actually. Listen, I need to ask you a favor.

Maggie: Will all of you grab a glass?

Victor: Well, I'm glad you could all could make it.

Justin: You made it sound very important.

Maggie: Thank you very much.

Victor: It is. It's about this family. We've all been through quite a bit in the last few weeks. We got through it, didn't we? And that's because we all pulled together as a family. And there's a lesson in that. So we all have our glasses? Good. You all know, of course, that I'm going to be retiring.

Brady: [Laughs] Yeah, we've, uh-- we've heard that before.

Victor: Well, this time, I mean it. And the reason is right here. I am going to spend all my time with this lady.

Brady: Oh, hell, that sounds like a plan.

Sonny: To Maggie-- on her feet again.

Brady: On her feet.

Justin: On her feet.

Victor: To Maggie and to the future.

Maggie: Thank you.

[Glasses clinking]

Philip: So this is why you called us together? An impromptu retirement party?

Victor: No, I thought it was time that we dealt with titan.

[Dramatic music]

Maggie: I... I think I'll step out and you all talk.

Justin: Okay, what kind of future are we talking about?

Kayla: Yes, to answer your question, your dad's heart did stop, but he's stable now, and we're very hopeful.

Theo: All right, so why did it stop?

Kayla: Well, we don't know that right now. But the important thing is that we got it restarted and, like I said, he is stable.

Theo: Okay, so is it gonna stay that way, or is it gonna stop again?

Kayla: Theo, I don't want to lie to you. Right now, we don't know. But we have run some tests, and we're gonna try to find out. In fact, I need to go check on those tests now. But listen, I--listen. I know it's not what you wanted to hear. But I can promise you this: I will do everything in my power to take care of your dad, okay? So don't worry. I'll be back.

Ciara: She's right. I mean, I know it's easy to say, "don't be scared," but I mean--

Theo: What'd you do? What did you do? You're supposed to be the best. You're the top surgeon. And you told me everything was fine, and you lied.

Valerie: Theo--

Theo: No, no, no, you're supposed to be his friend! How could you let this happen? He almost died!

Valerie: Theo, I am so terribly sorry about what just happened--

Theo: Oh, yeah, well, sorry's not good enough.

Ciara: Theo, let her talk.

Valerie: Thankfully, we were able to get your father's heart rate back to normal sinus rhythm. But it shouldn't have stopped in the first place.

Theo: No.

Valerie: Believe me, I'm going to do everything I can to figure out why this happened and to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Theo: No, that's just more promises and more lies. I'm gonna go see my dad.

Valerie: No, Theo, I'm sorry. I wish you could, but we can't allow any visitors just yet. His condition is very critical, and we can't let you come in yet. I'll let you know when.

Theo: That's my dad!

Valerie: I know.

Theo: That's my dad, so I can go see him. That's my dad!

Ciara: Okay, that's enough. You're not doing your dad any good, and you're not doing yourself any good. Take a deep breath, Theo. Breathe.

Theo: [Exhales deeply]

Ciara: Everything's gonna be fine, Theo, okay? I'm right here. Everything's gonna be okay.

[Crickets chirping]

[Playful music]

Hope: [Giggles] Hello?

Rafe: Hey.

Hope: [Laughing] Oh, my God.

Rafe: What? What?

Hope: Careful. [Laughs]

Rafe: It's me. Surprise.

Hope: What have you done?

Rafe: Well, you said it was a bad time to go out of town, so I figured, you know, we could pretend we're in the country.

Hope: Uh-huh.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Well, how? This is a public place.

Rafe: Yes, it is. And I am a cop, so...

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: This police tape...

Hope: I noticed.

Rafe: It works wonders for privacy.

Hope: I bet it does.

Rafe: You got to try it sometime.

Hope: I love it.

Rafe: Cool.

Hope: It's great.

Rafe: Thanks.

Hope: Is this the campfire?

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: Careful, it's roaring.

Hope: Mm.

Rafe: And, uh--

Hope: Yeah, I'm sure it's roaring.

Rafe: It is. So don't get too close. I'm not kidding. And we have s'mores.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: And there are stars.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: And most importantly...

Hope: Yeah?

Rafe: It's peaceful.

Hope: And... very romantic.

Rafe: Aw. You do like it?

Hope: I love it.


Rafe: Yay!

Hope: Oh!

Rafe: [Laughs]

Victor: As you recall, a couple of weeks ago, I gave Deimos the right to speak for the company. Tonight I signed papers granting Deimos total control of titan.

Philip: What?

Victor: You will report to him just as you reported to me.

Sonny: After everything he's done?

Victor: We all know that Deimos has done things that would have got him into hell on a good day.

Brady: No kidding. Not only to you and Maggie but also your own son. Yes, I know about that.

Victor: Yes, and so do I. Deimos didn't even know who Bo was. He was coerced into that whole thing by a madman. I don't hold my brother responsible, and neither should you.

Deimos: All right, listen. I've already shared this with my brother, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I would feel a hell of a lot better if each of you were on board with this decision.

Philip: Oh, you would, huh?

Victor: Brady, Sonny, and you too, Philip, you'll have different divisions with different responsibilities. It's all explained in here.

[Dramatic music]

Now, you will report to Deimos. Justin, you'll be the family counsel, both corporate and personal.

Justin: From district attorney to consigliere. Wow.

Victor: If the shoe fits.

Philip: Oh, for god's sakes, are we done with this yet? If you think this is gonna be some kind of, uh, passing the baton-- we all sing "Kumbaya"-- think again. I've worked my ass off for titan. I know it inside and out. Now Brady's back. Sonny's in--an equal, no less? I'm not even consulted?

Victor: I wasn't aware I had to do that.

Philip: Oh, no? Really? Who blew it when they sent our men into that warehouse, guns blazing? Brady and Sonny. You can't forgive me for working for Deimos but it's okay for you to forget the past and give him complete control?

Deimos: Philip, why don't you take a look at the contract--

Philip: Shut the hell up. I'm done listening to your speeches. So humble, so sincere. The real you is the one who crippled Maggie, stole everything my father had, stalked Chloe.

Victor: Philip, damn it.

Philip: And you-- oh, my God. You and that little talk we had-- opening up about Maggie. None of that was true, was it? Whoo! Well, you know what you can do with this?

Victor: Philip. Philip!

Philip: [Sighs]

Victor: Listen, I'm sorry. I know I could have handled things better in there. As usual, I just issued a bunch of orders and then to hell with anybody's feelings. It's what I do, why I'm not very good at being a father. But if you just let me explain. What I did and what I want to do is for the best long-term survival of the company... and our family-- the whole family, and that includes you. I am so tired of these endless battles. I don't want-- I can't go on arguing with you, Philip, about Deimos, about Chloe, about titan, about Brady.

Philip: What, you think this is me just having a temper tantrum?

Victor: No, I realized that what I said came as a shock to you. Your feelings were hurt. You felt--

Philip: I feel like crap because my father betrayed me in there.

Victor: And of course you never betrayed anyone. Look, I know I haven't been much of a parent. And as cold and heartless as your mother is, at least Kate doesn't step on your pride.

Philip: Yes, she does.

Victor: Yeah, I suppose you're right. You know, the nice thing about my not working is, I can spend more time doing things right for a change, concentrating on what's important-- Maggie, you-- not just the bottom line.

Philip: So a three-way split? With Deimos at the top? I'm your son. Not your lying brother, your grandson, your nephew-- your son.

Victor: And I do love you. I've realized I set the bar too high for you as a son-- from day one-- and I was totally unforgiving. But I love you, and I need you with me, especially now. Please, give it a try. You don't have to give me an answer right now. But if you were to say yes, I can't tell you what it would mean to me.

Deimos: Well, that wasn't much of a surprise. I never expected Philip to be overjoyed with any of this.

Sonny: He's not the only one.

Deimos: Why don't you take a look at your contract first, Sonny, before you decide? All right? You know what? Maybe we should all remember what Brady said when you all moved in here. We're family first.

Brady: Circumstances were different. We were in danger, Deimos. We are no longer in danger.

Deimos: All right, that may be true. But the fact remains the same. The Kiriakis dynasty is important to each and every one of us. Now, you may not like me. You may not trust me. But do not reject your birthright.

Justin: Did you catch him?

Victor: We spoke.

Deimos: And?

Victor: I don't know what Philip is going to do. He's a very emotional young man. Whole thing was a big letdown for him. He had no warning, so... just have to wait and see what--

[Dramatic music]

We all need a hug in the morning

[Dramatic music]

Maggie: Well, would it be safe to say things went well?

Victor: Well, I think my son just told me he's willing to give it a try.

Maggie: Wonderful.

Victor: Yes, and I'm very grateful. But, uh, before you all agree or don't or sign on the dotted line or not, I have one more request.

Justin: What's that, uncle Vic?

Victor: Well, you all moved into this house and pulled together. I think that was terribly important.

Maggie: Victor and I loved having you here. And as you all know, this is an extremely large house.

Deimos: That it is. And I know that I would be very happy if you all continued to live here.

Victor: You don't have to decide right now. Justin, can I see you outside?

Justin: Of course.

Victor: The rest of you talk amongst yourselves. I hope you'll decide to pull together and make me just as happy as my son just did.

Rafe: Lots of stars out tonight, huh?

Hope: Mm. Hmm, mm. Well, sort of. We can't really see them because of the city lights.

Rafe: No, I said there are lots of stars out tonight-- out here in the wilderness.

Hope: Oh, yes.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: In the wilderness. Yes, there is-- oh, wait a second.

Rafe: What?

Hope: Is that the big dipper over there? You see it?

Rafe: No, that's the aurora borealis, I believe. It's a very common mistake, though, so don't feel bad.

Hope: I stand corrected.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, I think I'm done with the stargazing.

Hope: Okay.

Rafe: Yeah, especially because sitting right in front of me is what I love gazing at more than anything in the world.

Hope: [Laughs] Stop it. Oh, my God.

Rafe: That's right. I said it.

Hope: Where's Rafe? [Laughs]

Rafe: It's true, though. It is. Hey--

Hope: This is great.

Rafe: Is it?

Hope: Yeah. It really is.

Rafe: Can I ask you something?

Hope: Thank you so much.

Rafe: You're welcome. Can I see your phone?

Hope: We're having a moment and you want to see my phone?

Rafe: I know. Can I just-- let me see your phone, please.

Hope: Okay.

Rafe: All right. Oh, yeah, see? Look at that. Just as I suspected. You don't have a signal. Can't call anybody. Can't text. I mean, we are way out here in the wilderness, so...

Hope: This is just what I needed... to get far, far away.

Rafe: I know you did. I know. I saw. I saw the woman I love, how she was all stressed out, and I thought, "we do. We need to get far, far away. We're gonna have s'mores and a roaring fire, and, you know, I bet all that stuff is just... maybe it's even becoming a distant memory."

Hope: It already is.

Valerie: So that was it.

Kayla: It had to be. Aortic valve stenosis led to v-fib. His heart then just seized.

Valerie: I can't believe there was no indication of that in his records.

Kayla: That's because he hardly has any records. I don't think he's been to the hospital and seen a doctor in years.

Valerie: He's got to be smarter than that.

Kayla: So what's the next step?

Valerie: I hate to say this, but we've got to open him back up.

[Somber music]

Abe: [Moans]

Theo: Hey. Hey.

Abe: Oh, hey.

Theo: Can you talk?

Abe: Yeah, for a little while. I... Theo, um, listen. Please don't worry. I'M... I'm not gonna leave you. You know that, right?

Theo: I'm not gonna leave you either.

Brady: Right. I love you too.

Deimos: What did Theresa say?

Brady: That it's my call. Whatever I do, she will do.

Deimos: All right, then say yes. I can't do this without you, Brady. You have the experience I need, desperately. Now, I know that we've had our differences, and--

Brady: Differences? Deimos, you crippled Maggie. Crippled her. That being said, if Victor can forgive you and Maggie can forgive you... hell, I've buried people alive.

Deimos: Really?

Brady: Really.

Deimos: Well, then you have me there. All right, look, I'm gonna be frank. With Victor out of the picture, I'm not sure I can convince the other family members to go along with my decisions. But you can. I've seen how persuasive you can be, Brady.

Justin: This is quite generous.

Victor: Well, you deserve it. You know, I know I did the right thing in there. Corporation's like a snake. All it wants is a big meal. So Deimos will be perfect for the CEO slot-- totally amoral.

Justin: I have a feeling Sonny could be a hard sell. He doesn't have that history with titan. How do you think Brady is going to react?

Victor: Well... even if they both sign on, there's going to be infighting. Philip will certainly take a shot. They all will. That's where you come in. You see things for what they really are. You have that wisdom. They'll respect that. And you also know the meaning of family.

Justin: I do indeed. Thank you for trusting me with all this.

Hope: [Laughs]

Rafe: Okay, so we've got scuba diving the great barrier reef...

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Riding a bike through the Napa valley.

Hope: Mastering Gran's doughnut recipe.

Rafe: Okay, good luck with that.

Hope: What?

Rafe: I'm just saying.

Hope: No faith?

Rafe: Well, a little bit. But there was one more thing, which was, uh, tracing your family tree.

Hope: Okay, but I want to add one more thing to the list, and that is being able to make at least one meal without burning it.

Rafe: Wow.

Hope: That's it for my list right now.

Rafe: Okay, so we're talking the possible and obviously the impossible.

Hope: I guess so. What about you?

Rafe: Me?

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: Um, well... we're talking the impossible, I want to throw out the opening pitch at the cubs game and then they're gonna go on. They're gonna sweep the world series.

Hope: That's also impossible.

Rafe: What? How could you even say that right now, seriously?

Hope: Oh, come on! Whatever are you talking about?

Rafe: The cubbies--no.

Hope: Okay, stop. Hold. Please hold. What about you? What's on your dream list?

Rafe: Well, I mean...

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: Okay, I'd like to travel.

Hope: To where?

Rafe: Europe, Asia... Egypt. Actually, Egypt. I want to go to Egypt. I want to go down the Nile river, and I want to ride a camel by the pyramids and...

Hope: Wow.

Rafe: And go through the valley of the kings.

Hope: This is a whole other side of you.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: And FYI, I... I would really love to see Egypt with you. I would.

Rafe: Oh, you're in.

Hope: Okay.

Rafe: You are so in.

Hope: What else?

Rafe: What else?

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: Okay, there is one more thing, but it's not really-- it's not a bucket list thing. It's just something that, you know....

Hope: Just tell me. Come on, we're being honest with each other.

Rafe: Okay, all right. Um... well, I always thought I would be a father, you know, that I would have kids. I mean, I get it, that it's probably-- [Clears throat] You know, it's not gonna happen, but, um, I love kids. I do.

Hope: Well, you know what? You're great with kids.

Rafe: Thanks.

Hope: You've always been wonderful with Ciara, always there for her ever since she was a little girl, and you've taught her a lot. You taught her how to skate backward without falling.

Rafe: That was not easy.

Hope: And falling, if she should, how to fall safely. Throw out a curveball. Umpiring. You taught her a lot.

Rafe: Yeah. She's, like, a woman now.

Hope: Well, almost.

Rafe: Yeah. I just want to see her happy.

Hope: I know you do.

Rafe: You know?

Hope: Yeah. You're such a nice guy.

Rafe: I'm a nice guy?

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: A nice guy?

Hope: [Laughs]

Rafe: I'm a great guy, okay? Hasn't anyone ever told you that? Great guy.

Hope: They don't need to tell me that. Because I already know that. [Gasps]

Rafe: What? What's wrong? What?

Hope: Did you hear that?

Rafe: No, I didn't.

Hope: I think it's a bear.

[Playful music]

Rafe: Uh-oh. I'll protect you.

Hope: Better.

Theo: I'm not hungry.

Ciara: Come on, you'll feel better if you eat.

Theo: There you go trying to be my mom.

Ciara: I'm just trying to be a friend. Come on, eat. And I got one more thing I'd like to tell you.

Theo: And you're gonna tell me anyway, so...

Ciara: It's a good thing.

Theo: All right.

Ciara: Okay, look, I know that when you try to tell people what you're thinking but sometimes you have problems sorting it out so you start second-guessing yourself and you tell yourself that you don't get it, so you'll just be quiet. But you're very strong. You instinctively know what's going on. So that's why I trust you.

Theo: Thanks.

Ciara: So if it seems like I'm coming off condescending or like a nag, it's just 'cause I care. And no matter how long it takes or whatever goes wrong, I'm gonna go through it with you, okay?

[Soft music]

[Dramatic music]


[Monitor beeping]

Abe: [Moans]

Valerie: Hey.

Abe: Oh, hey. Hey yourself.

Valerie: Hey yourself.

Abe: [Chuckles] I understand that my, uh... my heart stopped-- stopped cooperating there for a while.

Valerie: Yeah, it did. And now I need you to sign this consent form so we can go back in and fix what we missed.

Abe: Yeah.

Theo: No, dad, don't sign that. Look at me. Look, I know--

Abe: What's wrong, son?

Valerie: Theo, I made it clear your dad is not allowed visitors yet.

Theo: Yeah, right. Can't have me here 'cause I might tell him the truth, that you almost killed him.

Abe: Theo, please--

Theo: No, no, I don't want you anywhere near my dad again.

Ciara: Theo, come on.

Theo: No, no, you're supposed to be his friend. You're supposed to be so good at your job, and look what you did.

Ciara: Theo! Your dad's trying to talk. Listen to him.

Abe: Son... look at me. Look at me. Look, I know-- I know you're upset. And it's all right-- it's all right to be afraid. But I have--I have complete faith in Dr. Grant.

Theo: Dad, she--

Abe: [Shushing] That first operation, she did everything right. And then when my heart stopped, she did everything right again. She's an amazing doctor. And what happened... that was not her fault. It was mine. I worked so hard to be a good mayor and a good father--

Theo: You are.

Abe: Ah, ah, ah. But what happened was, I ignored my health. And my heart hadn't-- hadn't been working right for a while. One of the--one of the valves doesn't work the way it should. And Dr. Grant's going to fix that. So the next time you see me come out of the operating room, I'm gonna be better than ever.

Theo: Dad, we need a different doctor, okay? We need to get a better one.

Abe: Son, she's who I want. No one else. Because she's the best. Now, you may not trust her, but I do. So trust me, will you?

Valerie: It's gonna be okay. Your dad's gonna be fine. Your dad's gonna be fine.

Theo: [Crying]

[Somber music]

Justin: Look, we're all aware of what Deimos has done-- to Maggie, to Victor. If they are willing to move past it, so am I. Brady, I know how eloquent you were when you talked about this family. You know titan. You made your mark there. And Victor hopes it will continue. Sonny...

Sonny: I'm still thinking about it, dad.

Justin: Good. Good. You were very successful in Paris working at titan. And I hope it's just the beginning. And so does Victor.

Deimos: And so do I. Sonny, look, I know that I'm the odd man out here, but I'd really like to say this. Victor has done done a lot for you. Now, would it really hurt you to give him this time with Maggie, worry-free? Now, for all of this to work, we really have to work together as a family, all right, as a team. I need you. Victor needs you.

Justin: Brady? Sonny? What do you say?

[Dramatic music]

[Soft music]

Maggie: Excuse me. Aren't you retired?

Victor: You're right, as usual.

Maggie: [Chuckles]

Victor: I just hope that they'll all pull together. But if they don't, my focus is still going to be on you.

Maggie: I love you. Mm.

[Dramatic music]

Justin: Sonny.


Philip: [Sighs]

[Phone rings]

Kayla: Dr. Brady.

Lazlo: Excuse me, nurse, I-- it's been a very difficult day for me. Could you please tell me how to get to the morgue?

[Tender music]

Hope: I think that...

Rafe: I know. I know. You're thinking that you need to get to Ciara.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Right?

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: I get it.

Hope: I do.

Rafe: You're right. You're right. When you're right, you're right. I need to... I need to stop thinking about a guy who is always thinking about what I want and more about what you need.

Hope: Thank you.

Rafe: Yeah. You have been through hell, so... we'll just take our time, okay?

Hope: Okay.

Rafe: And we'll... learn to trust each other more.

Hope: If that's even possible.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah. Oh, and I'm-- I am gonna help you work on that bucket list. It's gonna be like, done, done, and done. So, yeah, make sure you work on the doughnuts.

Hope: Ah! [Laughs]

Rafe: Let's do it.

Hope: Come here.

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