Days Transcript Monday 10/24/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/24/16


Episode #12947 ~ Aiden blackmails Hope into going on a date with him; Kayla sets up a romantic surprise for Steve; Rafe & Roman come up with a plan to help Hope; Eduardo & John make a pact.

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Marlena: After all we've been through, with our emotionals careening all over the place, suddenly, being, you know, happy and joyous-- I don't think we should feel guilty about that.

John: That would be like Orpheus still having control over us. Which he doesn't. That son of a bitch is dead.

Steve: Hope he burns in hell.

Kayla: It's like we were all in a war zone. Amazing how we all pulled together.

Marlena: It has brought people together.

[Light instrumental music]

Kate: To surviving Clyde Weston.

André: And continued DiMera prosperity.

Kate: Chad told me that you were very impressive as the DiMera family Judas.

André: Hmm. Well, I want to thank you, though. For convincing Chad to let me be part of this operation. I think it was a good first step to being a family again.

Kate: You know, when you're at your best, you remind me so much of tony.

André: How subtle of you to just drop in his name in the conversation.

Kate: Well, you know, if you want us to continue working together like this, and if you want Chad to trust you, I think you would be smart to channel tony.

André: Tony. Everybody loved him best.

Kate: Maybe you should ask yourself why.

[Dramatic music]

Aiden: Back in the desk, huh? Hope that doesn't mean you don't like my gift. The gift I gave you to show you how much I care.

John: All righty. Got some more good news.

Steve: Yeah?

John: My people recovered the $20 million I wired into Orpheus' Swiss bank account.

Kayla: Well, that's great. Now there won't be any budget constraints on your wedding plans. I would really love to see a little decadence. I would. I'm sorry.

Steve: Hey, hey, guys, when is the big day?

Kayla: Please tell me it's soon. I think we need a celebration.

Marlena: Well, you'll be the first to know. There's a lot to do. Decisions have to be made. You know.

John: I'm leaving it all up to her. All I need to know is where to be, when to be there, what to wear.

Marlena: You don't want to help make decisions about things like the pew bows? And the calligrapher? Really?

John: As much as I would love to, the thing is, my partner and I, we've got to be out on the street looking for...

Kayla: New office space for black patch. Oh, it's okay, john. I know all about it. In fact, I told Steve that I thought it was a great idea that you guys are gonna work together again.

John: Well, I like the sound of that, because partner, I made a couple of appointments, and... want to get rolling?

Kayla: Well, get going, both of you. And I hope you find what you're looking for.

Steve: You know what I think we need, john?

John: What's that?

Steve: We need a hard-boiled secretary who cracks wise.

John: I like the way you think. [Laughs]

Marlena: It's great to see Steve so happy.

Kayla: Yeah. You know, he was being a bartender just to please me. You know, a nice, safe, predictable job. All hell broke loose anyway. I think that I just need to let him be him like he has always let me be me.

Marlena: Yeah, well, that's the way it's meant to work.

Kayla: Yeah. You know, I think that Steve and I deserve a little getaway, a little private getaway, and I was wondering if maybe you could help me do something.

Marlena: Oh. Nothing would make me happier than that.

Aiden: Okay, well, I think you're going to love that dress, and this is what's gonna happen. You're gonna make sure you take it out of that desk, you're gonna put it on, and you're gonna meet me in my hotel room later for lunch.

Hope: I don't have time for lunch. I'm covering for officer Deveraux, who was shot in the line of duty, and I am trying my best to work my way through this mountain of paperwork.

Aiden: Mm-hmm. You know what's funny? Rafe tried to bury me under a mountain of paperwork. It looks like you're trying to hide behind one. Didn't work for him. It's not gonna work for you. All the bad guys are either dead or in jail. There's no more excuses. Hope. I miss you. Been thinking about you. About us.

Hope: There's no us.

Aiden: There will be if you just give it a chance.

Hope: A chance.

Aiden: Yes.

Hope: With a man who's blackmailing me?

Aiden: Okay, you better be careful about what you say and how you say it. You're gonna be meeting me in my hotel room, okay, and we're gonna have a fantastic time, because if you are not there, you're gonna leave me no other choice. I will take your confession... and I will make sure that you are sitting in a prison cell 25 years to life. Not to mention what's gonna happen to roman and Rafe. Okay?

Rafe: What? Why?

Aiden: Hmm?

Rafe: I said why do we keep having the same conversation? Did I not tell you to stay the hell away from her?

Kate: This is on me.

André: Why, thank you. You know, if we were talking business, this could be a valid DiMera business expense.

Kate: That is so sweet of you. You mean you'd be willing to discuss business so I could get a reimbursement. You are so selfless.

André: I know!

Kate: So, just what is it about said business that you would like to know?

André: The numbers generated from the revenue stream the DiMeras poaching the Kiriakis shipping business.

Kate: Well, you see, I don't see it as poaching. I see it as seizing the moment. But this really isn't a business lunch, now, is it? It's a lunch to thank you for helping capture Clyde.

André: Well, and to assuage your guilty conscience.

Kate: Guilty conscience? Me? What would I feel guilty about?

André: For putting me in harm's way. Bringing down your enemy while you were at home, sitting there, safe and sound. Knitting, probably.

Kate: Well, I don't think I would've been any help in that little charade. Every time Clyde was talking to me, he always ended up waving a gun around. I think he had issues with me.

André: Also, I think it's about you not wanting to put your butt on the line.

Kate: I always think that that's what men are for.

André: Well, if you are taking me to lunch--

Kate: I said I was.

André: Then I'd like another martini. [Snaps fingers]

John: Here you go, partner.

Steve: Hey. Thanks.

John: Yep.

Steve: You know, I think that place could work. I think we should've put a deposit down.

John: Nah, we're not gonna lose it. Office space isn't flying out the door. I guess having a city under siege for a month isn't an incentive for new businesses.

Steve: I know, but I don't want to wait too long. I want to get started working.

John: Yeah, I hear on you that.

[Phone beeps]

Steve: It's Kayla. "I need your help. Meet me on pier 16."

What the hell is she doing down there?

John: Sound like trouble?

Steve: I don't know. We'll find out. I'll call you.

John: Yeah, yeah.

Rafe: I am so sick of your crap. You know, she didn't love you.

Aiden: No?

Rafe: She doesn't, no. She loves me. And no matter what you think you have on her, what you can do, that's not gonna change--

Hope: Rafe. Please. This is none of your business.

Rafe: Actually, I believe it is. You shove someone around that I love, I'm gonna take you out.

Aiden: Let me tell you something. This, right here, this is an empty threat. Okay?

Rafe: All right.

Aiden: Yeah, well.

Rafe: Yeah.

Aiden: You already assaulted me once. Hotel room. Now you're getting in my face about this? Are you kidding me? Maybe I should contact your superiors, and of course, by superiors, I'm not talking about commissioner Brady. No. Because we all know who his favorites are on the force, hmm? It's not beneath him to overlook certain derelictions of duty, obstructions of justice, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Hope: No. Excuse me. Aiden?

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: You don't have time for that call. You have that lunch meeting.

Aiden: Yeah. Yes, I do. Don't want to miss that. Okay.

Rafe: [Sighs] I don't know what he has planned for you, but it's not gonna happen. It's not.

Marlena: André. I've been looking for you.

André: What have I done now?

Marlena: You helped put Clyde Weston behind bars. So I wanted to thank you and congratulate you.

André: I didn't see that one coming. But tell me, Marlena, the truth. How did you feel when Kate approached about me being part of the plan?

Marlena: Well, when she first suggested your name, I had my concerns, but I think she's made a very wise decision.

Kate: I'm a pretty shrewd judge of character.

André: Really? Is that why you hit the sheets with Clyde-boy Weston?

Steve: Kayla!

[Light instrumental music]

Steve: [Sighs] Sweetness. Where are you?

Kayla: You don't like it?

Steve: I love it, baby, but you scared the hell out of me. You sent that text and said you needed help.

Kayla: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen. Will you forgive me?

Steve: Yeah, looking like that, I can forgive you. My lady in red. You remember our song?

Kayla: I could never forget.

Steve: So, well, you look beautiful, but I feel a little underdressed.

Kayla: No. I love the way you look.

Steve: You're sweet. So what's this all about?

Kayla: New beginnings.

Rafe: I know about the dress, by the way. No, it's cute. Is he dressing you now? Huh? What are you, his doll? Just when I thought the guy couldn't get any creepier.

Hope: Rafe, please stop. I understand that you're upset. I know you're trying to protect me, but please, it's only making things worse.

Rafe: I'm upset? You think I'm upset? I'm gonna kill the guy. You don't deserve this.

Hope: Maybe I do.

Rafe: Hope, stop it. I understand you don't want to leave Ciara alone. I get it, okay? But if you're seeing the guy, the way he is acting... there's no question about it. He's sick. We need to stop him. We will stop him. Together. Okay? Just a yes. Just tell me how he found out about Stefano, and then we'll make a plan.

Hope: No.

Rafe: That's it.

Hope: No, not we. Not we, Rafe.

Rafe: Yes, we.

Hope: No. I have to handle this my own way.

Rafe: Oh, my god.

Roman: Rafe.

Rafe: Yeah.

Roman: We need to talk.

Rafe: Yeah, just give me a sec.

Roman: No, Rafe. Now. Raines has got smoke coming out of his ears. Wants you in his office ASAP.

Rafe: Raines? Okay. Do not do anything till I get back. Don't.

I was in shock when my dentist was explaining

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: Sit down. Here you go, babe. How's that?

Kayla: Perfect. Do you remember we used to spend a lot of time down here when we were first getting together.

Steve: Oh, yeah, well, I practically lived down here, didn't I? That's 'cause I was a real classy guy.

Kayla: Well, I remember this as a really nice place, and I liked that classy guy, and it just seemed like the right place to start over.

Steve: Yeah. It's a good place. But I am a little surprised 'cause it's kind of fast, wasn't it? I mean, I'm not complaining or anything. I've been campaigning pretty hard for this, as you know. But you did say you wanted to take things slow. This isn't exactly slow.

Kayla: I know that. But it's just, all the things that have gone on these past few weeks, I just think going slow is presuming that we will have all the time in the world to go slow, and I know that anything can happen. And I want to spend my time with you.

Steve: I feel the same way about you, sweetness. We make a good team, don't we? I lost sight of that for a while. But I'll never do that again.

Aiden: I knew that dress was gonna look good on you, but my goodness, you look amazing. Here. Come on.

[Romantic music]

Aiden: So I tracked down that bottle of sauvignon blanc that I know you like.

Hope: Don't you have to go back to work this afternoon? I do.

Aiden: Well, I've already taken care of that. You, my lovely lady, are in a conference with the DA. We have all the time in the world.

So I ordered the cold salmon, but if you'd prefer--

Hope: I'm not hungry.

Aiden: Sorry to hear that. Maybe later. As I said, we have all the time in the world. So how would you like to start the process?

Hope: Let's just get this over with.

Aiden: Okay.

[Suspenseful music]

Roman: What a colossal waste of time that was.

Rafe: Hope?

Damn it.

Roman: What? What the hell is going on?

Rafe: It was all a setup. Raines didn't want me to go over any reports. He just wanted me out of there.

Roman: Oh, come on, Rafe. Isn't that just a little bit paranoid?

Rafe: No, actually, it's not. That's because of Jennings. Raines was just following his orders.

Roman: You need to explain this.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I guess you haven't heard that hope dumped me for Aiden.

Roman: Wait a minute. Whoa. She loves you. She hates him. Why in the hell would she do something like that?

Rafe: Well, it's quite simple, really. Because our new district attorney, Aiden Jennings, is blackmailing her. He knows about Stefano.

André: Okay. Did I hit a nerve? Sometimes I can be indiscreet.

Marlena: Mm. It didn't feel indiscreet to me. It felt like a deliberate put-down.

André: Ah. This is a tough room.

[Phone ringing]

André: Oh, I'm sorry, I have to take this. Interviewer from "Sonix." They want to do a profile on courage.

Kate: Why don't we do this again sometime? How about never? Does never work for you?

Marlena: You two are bickering like an old married couple. It seems like you're getting mighty close.

Kate: Can't get close to a snake, because they keep slithering away.

Marlena: I know you think you've got his number, so you think you can predict what he might do. I'd be very careful here. While his bravery is commendable, it does not mean you can trust him.

Aiden: Just enough for a toast.

[Romantic music]

Aiden: To new beginnings. Mmm. I better be careful. Sometimes I have a little trouble holding the liquor. Remember that time I had a little too much to drink? Ran into you at the lake? You looked so beautiful that night. That was the night we first kissed. You remember?

Hope: Yeah, I do remember. I also remember that everything after that night was a lie.

Aiden: That's not true. I fell for you, hope. And I know that you fell for me.

Hope: There isn't enough wine in the world to make me forget what a fool I was to fall for you, Aiden.

Aiden: Okay. Look, hope. I'm gonna make it up to you. I am. I love you. And that is the god's honest truth.

Hope: Truth?

Aiden: Yes.

Hope: You wouldn't know the truth if it hit you in the face. This isn't love. You don't love me, Aiden. You forced me here. You made me wear this dress. That's not love. It's anything but.

[Dramatic music]

Roman: So when Jennings said he was closing Stefano's case, that was a lie.

Rafe: Yeah. He just wanted us to let down our guard until he could find something that he could blackmail hope with.

Roman: So what did he find?

Rafe: I don't know the specifics, and she won't tell me. All I know is that that slime's got her doing whatever the hell he wants, and she's with him right now. I know it.

Roman: You know what? Off the top of my head, why don't you and I go find him, beat the crap out of him?

Rafe: Roman. The only reason that she's doing whatever the hell he wants is because he knows that you and I covered for her.

Roman: Well, now I really, really want to beat the crap out of him.

Rafe: Yeah.

Roman: I can only imagine what you'd like to do.

Rafe: What I'd like to do-- I'm just racking my brain. I'm just trying to figure out a way...

Roman: What?

Rafe: Well, that's it. The minute I confess to Stefano's murder, it wipes out everything that he has against hope.

Introducing caught you. I've been wondering how you were making out after your accident.

Kate: I'm okay.

Eduardo: Good.

Kate: How about you?

Eduardo: I've been having some dark dreams, actually, but I suppose it's just wrestling with the sense of responsibility for the stuff that happened. I know how badly I felt when Dario was hurt. Can't imagine what JJ's mom is going through. Abe's son.

Kate: Yeah. Well, as a person who has intentionally done some terrible things, I think you should stop beating yourself up. Because the only thing that you intended to do is to protect your family. And god knows stuff happens in Salem.

[Instrumental music]

Eduardo: Don't be making me smile. It's not appropriate when we're talking about stuff like this.

Kate: Okay, then, I'm gonna change the subject. Are you... planning on staying on in Salem?

Eduardo: I am.

Kate: I'm glad.

Eduardo: You are?

Kate: Yeah, I think it would be nice for us to have a chance to get to know each other.

Eduardo: That's excellent. I have been thinking the same thing.

Steve: Oh, this is nice. Sitting here. Quiet.

Kayla: Yeah, it is.

Steve: You know, I don't like talking so much.

[Waves lapping]

Kayla: Yeah, I know. And I think I probably talk too much. I just go on and on, and... you know, maybe we're gonna just do it your way and... we just won't talk so much.

Steve: Nah.

Kayla: I'll just button it up--no, we'll do--

Steve: No, you don't have to button it up. I should probably talk a little more. Hey, I am gonna keep going to therapy.

Kayla: You don't have to do that.

Steve: I know I don't have to, but I think it'll help. It'll help to keep me from screwing this up again. You're not forcing me to go. I'm choosing to go.

Kayla: Good. Well, then, I have a little treat for you.

Steve: Yeah?

Kayla: I ordered the premium cable package. You can watch the bulls games, the home games, away games, all the games in the comfort of your own living room.

Steve: My own living room?

Kayla: Our living room.

[Romantic music]

Steve: Wow. I have a feeling it's gonna be a great season.

We're gonna be a family again, sweetness.

Kayla: We were always a family. But maybe now we can be happy.

Steve: I remember when I first met you. All I could think... was, "this woman is so out of my league." Still true.

Kayla: No, it's not. I was never out of your league. And I certainly am not now. You want to dance with me, patch man?

Bright lights and big city I miss the simple things that make life worth living and you you feel like home this hustle it gets so crazy I want to go back where memories take me and you you feel like home

Roman: Let me get this straight. You are gonna say you killed Stefano.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, I am. That would clear hope completely.

Roman: Yeah, and send you to prison for life.

Rafe: Well, I'll claim self-defense, roman.

Roman: Oh, come on. Self-defense?

Rafe: Yeah.

Roman: Really? Think anybody's gonna buy that? Hell, he was in a wheelchair. He was a million years old. And by the way, it was almost nine months ago. You were on the force when another man was convicted and sent to prison for the very same crime. You show up now, and admit to this killing, Jennings won't stop short of murder one.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Doesn't matter what happens to me.

Roman: Rafe, if he knows hope killed him, he'll know you're lying. He's a creep, but he's a smart creep. He'll find a way to turn this against you and against hope.

Rafe: Damn it, roman. There's no way he's gonna get away with this. He can't. I don't give a damn. I'm gonna stop him one way or another.

Aiden: Hope, we're gonna work this out. You're right, I lied to you, and I hate myself for that.

Hope: That makes two of us.

Aiden: The past is the past. I am never gonna lie to you again, okay? We just need to get past all of that, okay?

Hope: No. Aiden, no. There are a list-- a plethora of reasons why we can't move past it all. Look at me. The fact that you lied to me, repeatedly, about so, so many things. You worked... you worked with Stefano DiMera, and you were willing to do whatever he asked, and you know what you almost did?

Aiden: No.

Hope: Yeah, let's not forget. You tried to steal my children's future. That's just some of the things on the list. And the reason why I will never believe or trust you, no matter what comes out of your mouth.

[Instrumental music]

Aiden: You hear this song? Hmm? You recognize that? That's the song we danced to at the gala. Remember? Oh, that was... dance with me.

Hope: No.

Aiden: Okay. Didn't want to have to do this, but maybe you need a... reality check.

Rafe: Hope, take it easy. Take it easy. You know what he's got? Nothing. Nothing.

Hope: Everything I did that night was wrong. I lost it. I snapped. I shot Stefano, and I dragged you into the cover-up.

Rafe: No, you did not drag me into anything. And frankly, we both know that Stefano goaded you--

Hope: Turn it off.

Aiden: Of course.

Hope: I'm still guilty of murder.


We all need a hug in the morning...

Feel like home you

Kayla: This is heaven.

Steve: Mm.

[Phone beeps] You want, I should make that phone sleep with the fishes?

Kayla: Yes.

Steve: Yes?

Kayla: But I can't because I'm on call, and they wouldn't call me unless it's important. Oh.

Steve: Okay. Go. Heal the sick.

[Romantic music]

I love you.

Kayla: I love you.

Kate: You're still in danger.

Eduardo: Probably.

Kate: And that's never going to change, is it?

Eduardo: Probably not.

[Dramatic music]

Roman: I hate to say this, but I guarantee you Jennings will do everything he can to bring us all down.

Rafe: Not hope. He could've done that already. I think in his own sick and twisted way he really does care for her.

Roman: So you're saying he won't send her to prison.

Rafe: Well, no, but he's never gonna give up his hold on her, which is a prison.

Roman: You know what? I don't think you admitting to the killing of Stefano would be enough. You need someone to back you up. Hope will never do that. But I can.

Rafe: What?

Roman: I can say you came to me, and I covered it up.

Rafe: Yeah, right. And what? Throw away your life? Your career?

Roman: Rafe, you love her. She's family to me. We both need to do whatever it takes to help her.

[Orchestral music]

Hope: I can't do this.

Aiden: What? Wait, I'm sorry, but you have no choice.

Hope: Oh, my god. Now I know where chase got it.

Aiden: What?

Hope: You honestly think that you can force a woman to do whatever you want. Whether they're willing or not. You are so determined to have it your way, aren't you? It's not happening this time, Jennings.

[Intense music]

Hope: You will not do to me what your son did to my daughter. It is not happening!

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