Days Transcript Friday 10/21/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/21/16


Episode #12946 ~ Nicole tells Deimos that Chloe's carrying his child; Jennifer hears JJ murmuring in his sleep; Chad tells Adrienne & Lucas he's ready to take care of Thomas on his own; Sonny tries to talk to Paul about the moment they shared, but they're interrupted.

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Lucas: Is he sleeping?

Chad: Oh, yeah, yeah. He's out. Probably makin' up for the last couple weeks. Adrienne's excited. She gets to take a shower finally.

Chad: I ran into Harold. He said that he had to call Anne Milbauer a cab this morning.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, that was kind of 'cause of me.

Chad: Why?

Lucas: Well, she showed up out of nowhere, and she said she was out of gas or something and she was stranded, so I let her use a guest room. I was gonna kick her out, you know, but I thought with everything going on, it might be a bad idea.

Chad: No, no, that's fine. Look, I appreciate everything that you have done for Thomas and for myself.

Lucas: But you're sick of us. You want us to hit the road.

Chad: No. No, it's--no. It's nothing like that.

Lucas: It's fine.

Chad: No, it's not. It's--honest, I just--I--man, I feel like I'm in a-- I'm in a pretty good place now. You know, better than that, I think that I would--I want to try to take care of my son alone. I think I'm ready to take care of him.

Lucas: I think you are too.

Sonny: You're gonna be okay. You're really gonna be okay. [Exhales] Thank God. Good, you're still here.

Paul: My doctor didn't sign my release order till just now. I got a couple more signatures, and I am out of here.

Sonny: You want me to give you a ride home?

Paul: You don't have to do that.

Sonny: Paul, I meant what I said. I want to be a better friend.

Paul: I appreciate that, but I feel fine and, actually, I'm not going home. I'm gonna meet a friend at the Brady pub.

Sonny: Okay. Can I buy you a cup of coffee and keep you company until your friend shows up?

Paul: Sure. Why not?

[Soft music]

Deimos: What are you talking about? What secret have you been keeping from me?

Nicole: I don't know if I'd use the word "secret," exactly, I--

Deimos: All right. Don't play with me, Nicole. We both agreed that there would be no secrets between us.

Nicole: And there haven't been since we decided that, more or less. But there are some things that... predate that agreement.

Deimos: Just tell me.

Nicole: I overheard you and Philip talking.

Deimos: So you were eavesdropping?

Nicole: No. I got here, and I heard you two talking, and I didn't want to interrupt.

Deimos: All right, all right. What does that have to do with this secret that you've been keeping?

Nicole: It has to do with you wanting to be a father, and I agree with Philip. I think you would be a great father--I mean, a little intense, but still... a great father.

Deimos: Well, unfortunately, for now, it's not in the cards. I was hopeful for a while, but--

Nicole: Chloe lied to you.

Deimos: What?

Nicole: The baby she's carrying. It's yours.

[Dramatic music]

Deimos: I can't be the father of Chloe's baby, Nicole. I insisted on a paternity test. You know that. We were both there when Chloe got the results. It's not me.

Nicole: Yes, it is.

Deimos: What?

Nicole: Chloe got the doctor... she convinced him that you were a danger to her and the baby. She got him to somehow falsify the test.

Deimos: Are you absolutely sure? I'm gonna be a father.

Nicole: Yeah.

Deimos: I'm gonna have a child?

Nicole: Yeah.

[Both laugh]

Chad: That was a lot easier than I-I thought it would be.

Lucas: Oh, don't worry about it--you just needed some time to recover, that's all. Pretty clear you're ready now, right?

Chad: I--yeah, I hope Jennifer feels the same.

Lucas: You didn't tell her?

Chad: Not with JJ in a coma, no.

Lucas: Yeah, I know, but you still gotta tell her--come on.

Chad: Yeah, I--yeah, I mean, I will, but, you know, she felt pretty strongly about me not being ready, and... I hope she's changed her mind.

Lucas: Thomas is your son. You have final say, right?

Chad: Yeah. I don't want to get into a custody battle with Jennifer again, though.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. I know that. You know, she's the one who told us to stay here. It was her idea. So once I tell her that you've turned your life around, the way you protected Thomas against Clyde...she'll see the light, she'll come around. I know my sister. But maybe, you know, for now, we can act like it's not a done deal just yet, even though it is, pretty much.

Chad: Oh, no, no, no.

Lucas: She's going through such an awful time right now.

Chad: Yeah, no, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna be--I'm gonna be really smart about the way I bring it up and, for the record, you and Adrienne don't have to, like, clear out of here immediately. You guys are welcome to stay as long as you want.

Lucas: Thank you. Thank you very much. But I am looking forward to a little alone time with my fiancée.

Chad: Well, I heard that.

Lucas: It's overdue.

Chad: Yes, um...

Lucas: I feel bad, though, 'cause I am gonna miss this guy.

Chad: You're welcome to see him whenever you want.

Lucas: He's too cute. You know what? Maybe we'll just take him to the park one last time, a little slide... swing or something. Take Arianna with us--I think Adrienne would love it.

Chad: Well, yeah, I was actually gonna bring Arianna to the hospital with me to see Gabi.

Lucas: No, that's a great idea. I'm sure that's just the thing Gabi needs right now, a little visit from her daughter.

Jennifer: Thank you so much for coming.

Julie: Of course, darling, of course. Any change with JJ?

Jennifer: No, he's still in a coma.

Julie: Well, he's young. He's strong. He's gonna pull through, sweetie.

Jennifer: That's what I'm praying for. Gabi's in with him right now. She's been here all night.

[Machine hissing rhythmically]

JJ: Drop the gun right now!


Gabi: [Whispers] JJ... please, please, just wake up. Please JJ, just come back to me.

Sonny: It's kind of nice that the pub's back to normal.

Paul: Well, as normal as it can be in Salem.

Sonny: Yeah, no kidding. I never really stopped to think how much I appreciate electricity.

Paul: Or how addicted I am to my tablet.

Sonny: Yeah, I know. I went a week without spider solitaire. It was torture. So it looks like, uh... your friend's running late.

Paul: Looks like. Do you remember when all we had were gameboys?

Sonny: Oh, my God. Yes. I played so much tetris--like, so much that, when I'd go to bed at night, I would see the blocks just coming down in my sleep.

Paul: Well, don't admit that to anybody. Kinda dates you.

Sonny: Oh, thanks a lot.

Paul: I didn't mean that as a put-down--well, not the day after you saved my life.

Sonny: I didn't save your life.

Paul: Are you kidding? You found me. You got my heart going. You got me to the hospital. That counts as saving my life. I mean, if you hadn't found me when you did... I--I can't remember if I already asked, but why did you find me?

Sonny: Something told me to go look for you. I don't...I don't know if you would mind, but I would like to talk about what happened last night.

Paul: We just did.

Sonny: Not all of it. I want to talk about what happened between us.

[Nicole laughs]

Deimos: I can't thank you enough for telling me this.

Nicole: I-I just couldn't keep it to myself any longer, and I feel so guilty doing this to Chloe, but I-I knew it was wrong, and just seeing your face now, I'm so happy for you.

Deimos: Wait a minute. Wh--what do you mean, you felt guilty doing this to Chloe?

Nicole: Well, I... she confided in me a-and made me promise that I, uh... I would never tell you.

Deimos: Okay. So when did she tell you, today?


Deimos: Wait a minute. What--um... how long have you known that Chloe was carrying my child?

Nicole: Actually, she, uh, told me back in august.

Deimos: Two months ago?

Nicole: Chloe was scared of you, and she didn't think you were a good person, and I--and I-- I wanted to tell you. I begged her to let me.

Deimos: But you didn't tell me.

Nicole: You and I were just getting together, and Chloe kept warning me that I didn't know the real you.

Deimos: And you believed her?

Nicole: Chloe was scared that you were-- that you were gonna take the baby from her, and I--and I know what that feels like, because EJ...EJ DiMera treated me like my baby was his, and I was just a flowerpot that held the seed.

Deimos: What the hell does that have to do with me?

Nicole: I feel terrible!

Deimos: That's him. I'm me.

Nicole: I know that! I'm sorry. I feel terrible that I kept it from you, but Chloe, she's--Chloe's also one of my dearest, oldest friends, and I made her a promise, and then I got to know you better, and I couldn't keep that promise anymore.

Deimos: You've been walking around with this all this time, saying nothing, knowing it and--while I've been baring my soul to you?

Nicole: But now you know. I mean, isn't... isn't that all that matters?

Deimos: No, absolutely not! Truth matters! Trust matters! How can I ever trust you now?

[Dramatic music]

Paul: Sonny, I thought I was a dead man. I would've shared a moment with anybody who showed up.

Sonny: Paul, this was different.

Paul: Look, I know where you're going with this. I came to, and I saw how worried you looked, and it got to me. But you made it very clear that all you ever want to be is friends, and now I have decided I agree with you. So if you got any kind of... different vibe from me last night... I was out of it. I'm sorry.

Sonny: You don't have to be sorry.

Paul: Okay, well, um... it won't happen again.

Sonny: Okay. And I--and I'm okay with that. I'm not--I'm not worried about it, you know? I just--I just really wanted to talk about it, so...

Paul: Well, great, because I just--I'll tell you the truth. I just want to put yesterday behind me.

Sonny: Great, great.

Gabi: I made you this playlist. It was supposed to be a present. I tried to remember every single guitarist that you ever made me listen to. There's Hendrix and Clapton and...buddy guy... B.B. King, Wes Montgomery, and even bonnie Raitt's on there because I didn't--I didn't want it to be all dudes, you know?

[Somber music]

I just can't forget your face when you're playing guitar or...listening to that music. It was just--I don't know. I just want to be able to see that look on your face again. Here I was trying to decide on doing this or, uh... or making you listen to my favorite kind of music, 'cause I thought that maybe Selena Gomez might make you wake up just to--just to make me shut it off. Please, I will do anything. Please, please, just be okay. Please, just wake up.

[Elevator bell dings]

Chad: Hey. Hi. Hi, Jennifer. How's, uh, how's JJ doing?

Jennifer: The same.

Chad: I'm sorry. Julie, how are you?

Julie: Good to see you. This must be Arianna. Ooh, you're growing up so much, I almost didn't recognize you. She really looks like will, doesn't she?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Gabi: Hi there. Oh, I missed you so much. Hi.

Chad: She missed you too.

Gabi: Thank you. Oh, hi. Hello, Julie.

Julie: How's JJ doing?

Gabi: He hasn't woken up yet, but I was playing his favorite music. I think--I definitely think it helps.

Chad: Hey, you know what? I think you could use a break.

Jennifer: Yeah, she could use a break. She's been here all night.

Chad: Yeah. It's nice outside. Let's take Arianna for a walk, grab some lunch.

Gabi: I should stay with JJ.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no. You go. Go be with your little girl, and I will call you if anything changes, okay?

Gabi: All right. Okay. I don't--I don't want to be too far away from JJ, because I want to be here when he wakes up, 'cause he's gonna wake up very soon. Okay.

Chad: Okay.

Gabi: See you.

Nicole: I got caught between you and Chloe, and I made a terrible choice.

Deimos: Yeah, yeah. You chose to keep me away from my own child.

Nicole: Chloe was so scared, and you have all this power and money.

Deimos: [Laughing] And you were so sweet after I got those paternity test results, and all the while you knew damn well that they were a lie. You know, I gotta tell you, you are one fine little actress, honey.

Nicole: Excuse me, but I was not acting.

Deimos: You knew my heart was breaking! You knew how much I wanted that child to be mine! You knew and you said nothing, even while we made love. So what was that really about, huh? Was that you covering up everything with sex?

Nicole: Hey, we don't exactly have a storybook romance here, and I couldn't swear to Chloe that you wouldn't do exactly what she's afraid of, and I couldn't do that right now.

Deimos: No, no! Don't you dare turn this around on me. What you did to me was wrong!

Nicole: Oh, right, and you're the poster child for doing the right thing. Is that it? You, who poisoned Maggie and held back the antidote until Victor signed everything he owned over to you. You tell me, how many times have you lied to me?

Deimos: No, no. I would never lie to you about something like this.

Nicole: Oh, I see. So there's bad lies and there's okay lies?

Deimos: This is my child we're talking about--my future.

Nicole: "My child, my future"! What about him?

Deimos: No, don't turn this around. Don't turn this around! This is about what you did, and what you did was unforgiveable!

[Dramatic music]

Can't see it. Can't taste it.

Gabi: How are those chicken tenders?

Arianna: Good.

Gabi: Thank you...for, uh, inviting us out for lunch. It's been a while.

Chad: How's your salad?

Gabi: Oh, it's very good. Much better than the hospital's cafeteria. I'm really glad they're opening up all the stores. Janet's boutique-- that's my friend's. I'm glad everything's going back to normal.

Chad: Yeah. When we were driving in, Ari was actually pointing out the window. She said, "Chad, lookit. People are outside, walking." She wasn't quite that detailed about it, but she said it as if something was weird.

Gabi: Yeah. Everybody's happy that it's over, but it's not over for JJ. It's not-- it's not--it's just not fair. He should be here with us, and it's just--I'm sorry. I'll be fine.

Chad: No. You know what? You know what? I'm so glad the two of you are here with me today. Want to know why? 'Cause you probably don't know this, but I am a fantastic storyteller, and usually I only get to tell stories to Thomas, my little son. So I am glad that you are here today, because he doesn't think they're funny. So I'm gonna practice on you, okay, Arianna? Can I tell you a story? Yeah? Are you gonna listen? Excellent. Okay, now, this story is about a giraffe--a giraffe named Marty, and he's a very special kind of giraffe, because he's an accountant giraffe. And all of the other animals, they want him to do their taxes, especially the hyenas. Because everybody knows hyenas are the worst with money.

Gabi: What are taxes? Ask him, "what are taxes?"

Chad: You don't even get it. That's it. This is mine. Yep.

Gabi: What? He ate your chicken tender.

Chad: You don't understand. And this is mine too.

Gabi: No, no.

Chad: Okay.

Sonny: What do you think about this for Ari on Halloween? Think I can talk Gabi into it?

Paul: Sonny, that's a nun.

Sonny: I know. It's great.

Paul: You want your four-year-old to go out for Halloween dressed as a nun?

Sonny: Yes, because all the other four-year-olds are gonna be fairy princesses and ballerinas. Ari is gonna stand out.

Paul: Like you did at the comic book convention?

Sonny: You just had to go there.

Paul: It's not my fault. I warned you that those tights weren't long enough.

Sonny: It was the last pair of green tights at the store, and the viper always wears green tights. To be honest, I killed it at that convention. I was a hit.

Paul: Yes, yes. You were. Yes, you were. Everybody wanted to take your picture, and every time they did, you did the viper crouch.

Sonny: Perfectly-- I did it perfectly.

Paul: Until your tights ripped and everybody found out that the viper wears tighty-whities.

Sonny: Oh, man.

Paul: It's a good thing that I bought that poster so you could hold it in front of yourself until we got home.

Sonny: Thank you for enjoying the most humiliating day of my life.

Paul: But you stood out.

Sonny: Yeah, well, at least I was wearing a mask. Hey, you're the one that brought it up.

Paul: Yeah. I was just thinking that, in those days, I was always wearing a mask. You were the only person who really knew who I was.

Sonny: Paul, I know what I said before, but--

Nicole: Could you please just calm down?

Deimos: I don't want to calm down.

Nicole: Now I know why I didn't tell you about the baby. This is exactly what Chloe was afraid of, and if I were in her shoes, I'd be afraid of you too.

Deimos: Are you honestly saying that I don't have a right to be angry?

Nicole: I didn't love keeping this from you. I didn't set out to hurt you, but now I told you. I told you. Don't I get a little credit for this?

Deimos: Really? Really? For lying to my face for months?

Nicole: If Chloe told me today that the baby she's carrying is yours, I would've refused to keep it from you.

Deimos: Oh, oh, so I'm supposed to feel that that's okay, then, everything that you've done--is that it?

Nicole: Please, you have to understand. Chloe and I--we go way back. We've seen each other through some really tough times. So when she told me about the baby, I was... I was just starting to think that maybe you actually liked me for me and not because I reminded you of your dead fiancée. But I didn't know you then like I know you now. You're not a ruthless businessman. You actually have a very big heart that you don't want people to see. That is the real reason why I told you this today, because I believe that you will be fair and kind to Chloe because she is your son's mother. And I think you... deserve a chance to be a good father to your son. Please tell me I haven't misjudged you. Please tell me I haven't made a horrible mistake. Before fibromyalgia,

Derrick: It's good to see you again, Sonny. I didn't know you were back in Salem.

Sonny: I didn't know you were back either. Paul said he was gonna hang out with a friend, but he didn't mention that friend was you.

Paul: I guess I should've.

Derrick: Well, we just ran into each other at the hospital last night. I just got a job there.

Sonny: Oh. They have bellhops there now?

Derrick: No. Actually, I'm an administrative assistant. Hopefully my bellhopping days are behind me. It was...nice to run into a familiar face.

Paul: Yeah, and I suggested that we should get together today, catch up, maybe watch a movie.

Sonny: Sounds like a date.

Paul: No, just hanging out. You know, the movie's gonna start soon. We should probably get going.

Derrick: Yeah, sure.

Paul: Hey, thanks for the ride and for the coffee.

Sonny: You're welcome.

Adrienne: Hi, guys.

Lucas: Hey, little one. How are you doing?

Chad: Hi.

Adrienne: Hi.

Chad: Arianna and I, we talked Gabi into having lunch with us--get her away from the hospital for a bit.

Gabi: Yeah, but I think I'm gonna start heading back now.

Lucas: How's our nephew doing?

Gabi: Well, I thought I was gonna hear from Jennifer while I was out, but I didn't, so I'm assuming he's the same.

Lucas: Yeah.

Adrienne: Hey, you know what? Chad, why don't you stay with Gabi? I can take Arianna and Thomas back to the house.

Chad: Okay. Yeah, that--thank you.

Gabi: Yeah, thank you.

Adrienne: Okay, great. Come here, baby girl. Ooh! Hello.

Gabi: See you in a bit.

Lucas: Do you think you can handle everything alone? I just wanted to go see Jenn for just a bit.

Adrienne: Oh, of course, honey, give her my love. Give her my love.

Lucas: Okay, I will.

Adrienne: You know what? I'll start packing for us both after I get the kids settled.

Lucas: Okay.

Chad: Whoa. You guys-- you guys found a place already?

Lucas: Not quite. Not quite. We're staying at the Salem inn, but it's fine, it's fine. Don't worry about it.

Gabi: Hey, are you gonna be okay on your own with Thomas?

Chad: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. With the--with the nanny and the staff and Harold-- are you kidding me? It's gonna be--it's gonna be a real hardship.

Adrienne: Thomas is gonna get a lot of love, but most of it's gonna be coming from his daddy.

Chad: That's true.

Gabi: Well, that's good. I'm happy to hear that.

Chad: I'm happy too. Yeah, it's--after everything that's happened this past year, I'm looking forward to start living my life again.

Jennifer: He's so quiet.

Julie: Is it true what I heard? Orpheus just shot him point-blank?

Jennifer: Yeah. And Marlena told me that he was just right there in the square with a--with a hole in his chest.

Julie: Darling--

Jennifer: And Chad had to keep pressure on him so he wouldn't just bleed out right there.

Julie: Poor darling.

Jennifer: I can't lose him, Julie.

Julie: Well, you're not going to. He's young and strong. He had a good surgeon. He's gonna pull through.

Jennifer: Yeah. He has to. I can't--I can't bear the thought of outliving both of my children.

Julie: No, it's unthinkable.

Jennifer: Why did he-- why did he want to be a cop? He was barely out of high school.

Julie: I think he wanted to make a difference--to turn his life around--and he did. You know, when Doug and I were running the B&B, every night that he was on duty, he'd come by, make sure everything was all right.

Jennifer: Really?

Julie: Yeah, really. I know he's had problems. Darling, you raised one of the good guys.

Jennifer: He is a good guy. Thank you--but I can't--I cannot go through another funeral. After jack and Abigail, I just--I can't, Julie.

Julie: You're not going to.

Jennifer: And I just can't --I can't lose my family this way. I know that there are people who just seem to be put together, you know, to handle tragedy, and I'm not one of them. I can't--I can't do it. I can't take any more.

Deimos: Oh, you made a mistake, all right. Your mistake was keeping this from me.

Nicole: But I told you.

Deimos: I don't care what you told me. I should've known about this the moment Chloe told you. I don't know why I'm so surprised about this. A woman who would steal another woman's baby, let her believe that her own baby was dead--I mean, why should I be surprised that a woman like that would do anything like that? You know, for someone who goes on and on about how much you love children, you really have an odd way of showing it. You know, in fact, I have to wonder if any child would even want you for a mother in the first place.

Nicole: How dare you say that to me when you know I miscarried two babies? How dare you?

Deimos: I really thought that you, more than anyone, understood me. I really believed that we were soul mates. How in god's name could I have been so wrong?

Derrick: Thought you said the movie was starting soon.

Paul: Yeah. I guess I got the time wrong.

Derrick: Should we have invited Sonny?

Paul: No. It's okay.

Derrick: You sure? He seemed pretty upset that we had plans together.

Paul: Yeah, yeah. He's been going through a lot lately. It wasn't about us hanging out.

Derrick: I think you're kidding yourself.

Paul: Why?

Derrick: I saw the way he was looking at you.

Paul: Sonny's still grieving will. He says he doesn't want to get involved with anybody.

Derrick: People say a lot of things that they don't mean.

Paul: But even if you were right, it would never work out. Will, what happened-- it would always come between us.

Derrick: Why? You didn't know that will was Sonny's husband, and will didn't know that you were Sonny's ex.

Paul: But now will's dead. There's no way to work it out.

Derrick: But you and Sonny have a lot of history together.

Paul: I've been through all this too many times. Sonny needs to be with somebody who doesn't remind him of will and who's not gonna make him feel guilty for moving on with his life. I'm not that guy.

Sonny: So you and Lucas are staying at the Salem inn?

Adrienne: Yeah, until we--until we find a place of our own, sure.

Sonny: So you can finally make the wedding plans.

Adrienne: Well, as soon as we know that JJ's okay, yeah.

Sonny: Right, right.

Adrienne: Will you give me away?

Sonny: Mm, don't push it.

Adrienne: Honey, I know you're not happy about your father and me.

Sonny: No. I mean, I've accepted it.

Adrienne: That's not what's giving you the blues? 'Cause I can tell that you have them.

Sonny: Really?

Adrienne: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: I thought I was covering so well.

Adrienne: Mm-mm. Talk to me, babe.

Sonny: I just thought there might be something between Paul and me again, but apparently I just misread the entire situation.

Adrienne: I see. That upsets you?

Sonny: I'll survive. It's what's best.

Jennifer: Lucas, thank you. Thank you so much for being here.

Lucas: It's all right. It's all right. I saw Gabi in the square and she said JJ was still in a coma. You know what? He's gonna be fine. He's young, and he's strong. He'll make it.

Jennifer: I now. That's what everybody keeps telling me.

Lucas: What can I do? Anything--just tell me.

Jennifer: You can bring him back to me.

Lucas: I would love to do that--I would do that in a heartbeat--you know I would.

Jennifer: I know. Me too.

Lucas: You know, there's a meeting that starts in ten minutes downstairs if you want to go.

Jennifer: No. I can't leave him right now, Lucas. I can't.

Lucas: Jenn, what you can't do is even admit the possibility that he's not gonna make it. Now, you need to stay strong and stay sober. You need to be there for him when he gets out and help him recover. He's gonna need you.

Jennifer: No, that's good. That's good. That's exactly the right thing that you need to say to me.

Lucas: It'll help. I promise. Come on, let's go.

Jennifer: Okay.

Gabi: Hey, thanks for taking me out of the hospital for a little while.

Chad: Yeah. Hopefully you get some good news.

Gabi: I don't even want to start to think what Jennifer will do if something happens to JJ.

Chad: Stop. Nothing's gonna happen, and, listen, if he--if he needs, like, anything--a fancy specialist, a private flight to some far-off hospital, or a back rub--you tell Jennifer that I am--I am here.

Gabi: Thank you. That's really wonderful.

Chad: It's Abby's brother. He means a lot to you, so I'll do anything for him.

Gabi: I feel bad, because I'm always yelling at you.

Chad: Well, yeah, you are, but I kind of needed it, right? I mean, you got me to finally start thinking and looking at what's important in my life.

Gabi: Yeah. Thomas.

Chad: Thomas.

Gabi: [Laughs] Well, wherever Abigail is, I'm sure that she'd be very happy to hear you say that. I'm gonna head back.

Chad: Okay. Should I come with you? Yeah?

Gabi: That'd be great.

Chad: Okay.

Lucas: How are you doing?

Jennifer: Better--thank you. Oh, my goodness.

JJ: Gabi--

Jennifer: Lucas, go tell the nurses, quick!

Lucas: Absolutely!

Jennifer: JJ? JJ, it's mom. Can you hear me?

JJ: Gabi? I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: What?

JJ: Forgive me.

Jennifer: Wait, JJ. JJ, it's Mom.

JJ: Gabi--

Jennifer: JJ, can you hear me?

JJ: I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: What?

JJ: Sorry.

Deimos: There's an airplane ticket in there with the cash you asked for and an address in new York city. It's an apartment belonging to a couple named Craig and Nancy Wesley.

What do I do when I find it?

Deimos: It's Nancy's daughter I'm interested in. Her name is Chloe--Chloe lane. Go easy on her. She's pregnant. She's carrying my baby. Now, don't come back to Salem until you have her with you.

Nicole: Chloe, come on. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. Voicemail--damn it, Chloe, where are you? I need to talk to you. I really--I really screwed up. I did. I told Deimos about the baby. I'm sorry. I thought he was gonna be decent and understanding, but he was--he wasn't. I was wrong. I was wrong. Now he's furious at both of us. So you need to do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself and the baby, because I don't know what Deimos is gonna do next.

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