Days Transcript Monday 10/17/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/17/16


Episode #12942 ~ Deimos arrives with surprising news about Xander; Hope remains wrecked over her guilt & the situation with Aiden; Orpheus reveals his dangerous plan to John; while JJ is out dealing with the unrest, Gabi & Chad bond.

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Gabi: You're a little angel. It's amazing that you can sleep through all this...craziness. I just hope that Arianna's sleeping too. I know that she's fine with Blanca, but I just... I worry. It's bad enough that you're uncle JJ's out there patrolling the streets, but now your Papi's out there too. And after everything that happened with Clyde--

Chad: Look who I found.

Gabi: Hi. Oh, my gosh, hey there, baby girl.

Chad: Couldn't leave your beautiful girl stuck at the hospital all night.

Gabi: Thank you.

Hope: Hey. Marlena, how's it going?

Marlena: Well, nothing life-threatening so far, thank God. We've had some people able to go home, and we have some people still staying upstairs.

Hope: Well, you've got yourself an extra set of hands. With the looting still going on, Rafe sent me over until he could spare another officer to watch the place.

Marlena: Good. I'm glad for the help. And I'm glad for the company. You know, Salem's been through so many terrible things, but this? Attempted assassination... bombing threats. So much is happening, I don't know when it's all going to end.

Hope: Well, it's gonna end as soon as we can figure out how to stop Orpheus and Xander.

John: Good news. Weston's in custody. He walked right into the trap at the DiMera mansion.

Theresa: Oh, thank God.

Brady: All right, then now it's our turn to neutralize Xander.

John: That's a fact.

Deimos: Well, that's not a problem. After our last talk with Marlena, I already put our plan into motion.

Nicole: With me. I-I was part of the plan.

Deimos: Absolutely. With Nicole's invaluable help. So if all goes well, in no time at all, Xander will be out of our lives for good.

[Phone beeps]

Xander: Sorry, Orpheus. Nice explosions, dude, but it's every man for himself.

Orpheus: My hot-tempered young friend hasn't responded to my texts. With Clyde being foolish enough to get himself caught, looks like it's all on me. That's okay. If you want something done right, you do it yourself.

Lazlo: Mm-hmm.

Orpheus: Are you clear on the mission?

Lazlo: I am.

Orpheus: Good. I'm weary of the game. The end is oh so close.

Deimos: Your plan went off without a hitch. After Nicole left Brady pub, she went to Daniel's grave. Just as predicted, Xander got word and that's when he made his move.

John: Grateful for your bravery, Nicole.

Xander: Don't cry, Nicole. You're going to be joining your precious Daniel very, very soon.

Nicole: Just hearing his voice took me back to that night when he was stalking Eric and me.

Brady: Well, Nicole, I'm grateful for your bravery as well, but don't you think it was awfully risky to put her in the line of fire that way?

Deimos: Yeah, it was. Was I reluctant to involve Nicole, you're damn straight I was.

Nicole: Okay, let's not blame Deimos, okay? He didn't have a choice. I told him I wanted to find a way to put that monster behind bars, and it was worth the risk. Even if there was just a small chance that I never had to look over my shoulder again. And, let's not forget, my trusty pepper spray, ha.

Theresa: Oh, I so would have wanted to use that on him.

Nicole: You know, if that sicko would have touched me, I would have blasted him with this.

John: So once he had you hostage....

Nicole: That's when I convinced Xander to call Deimos.

Deimos: Yeah, and I got to tell you, that psych report that Marlena worked up was spot-on. Xander is a narcissist. He desperately needs approval.

John: All right, so that's how you worked him?

Nicole: Did he ever. Xander's so dense, he didn't even feel the hammer dropping.

Deimos: Yeah, well, he's also so desperate to be a part of this family so, believe me, I had a lot to work with.

John: Let me guess, you, um... you made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Deimos: Let's just say I preyed upon his many flaws, his weaknesses. And now, I have my nephew right where I want him.

We all need a hug in the morning...

Chad: [Sighs]

Gabi: Yeah, I think she's a little tired. We were--we were talking about a game, but I don't think so. She just wants to rest.

Chad: Yeah?

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: Yeah, well, that's, uh, that's probably for the best. My, uh, my game collection is pretty sparse, lots of chess sets, but from what the kids are telling me, chess does not compete with candy land.

Gabi: Oh, no...

Chad: Can I take these off?

Gabi: Probably not. Right? It's boring.

Chad: She's such a beautiful girl.

Gabi: Thank you. She looks just like her dad.

Chad: Yeah? Looks like you too. Those big, beautiful eyes.

Gabi: Thanks, well, the shape, anyway. Hey, thank you for picking her up over at the hospital.

Chad: What, yeah, you kidding me? After--after how you took care of Thomas with the whole Clyde situation, it's the least I can do; besides, we can't-- we can't have you waking up in the middle of the night without your mommy, can we?

Gabi: No, we can't. I know Blanca is great with her, but she's-- she's got her hands full with all bunch of stuff that's going on. You know, and you're right, she should be with me. I just-- I just wish...

Chad: What? JJ was here?

Gabi: Yeah, it's this whole cop thing, you know? I-I worry like crazy about my brother, and now, just my luck, I'm dating somebody that's out there, risking their life too. God, I just-- you know, I asked Rafe to keep an eye on him, but I know that he can't be watching his back, especially on a night like this when all hell's breaking loose. He's got to watch his own back.

Chad: Right.

Gabi: Every time I hear a siren or an alarm, I just... I hate that I-- I think what if--

Chad: No, don't. Don't play the "what if" game. All right? JJ was trained to do these kinds of things, all right? This is his passion. He's a cop. He's good at it. He's gonna be fine.

[Siren wailing]

[Baby crying]

Chad: It's okay.

[Siren wailing]

[Baby crying]

Chad: [Softly] Hey. It's okay.

[Baby crying]

Chad: Hey.

[Siren wailing]

Hope: The good news is, Clyde's in custody. It's only a matter of time before we nail the other two.

[Siren wailing distantly]

Marlena: Do you know how proud Bo would be of you right now? There's so much going on, and you have really held it together here.

Hope: I'd like to believe that, only I'm not so sure.

Marlena: Why do you say that?

Hope: Nothing. Just, uh, I'm just tired.

Marlena: Is that all it is? Look, we've all been through a terribly rough time lately. But I don't know, something-- something going on with you seems...different. Maybe something personal. I think you know that I'm here to help you. You can talk any time you like.

John: So just what kind of a promise did you make to Xander?

Deimos: Well, after he brought Nicole to the Salem inn, unharmed, that's when we got down to business.

Xander: Now that I've got this, why don't I just shoot you and take her as insurance?

Deimos: Well, for one thing, if I don't communicate with certain people every step of your odyssey, they're gonna blow your worthless brains out.

Xander: With this much money, I can chart my own odyssey.

Deimos: That may be true, but there is one thing that you really want, one thing that I can give you: Theresa Donovan. Theresa was key.

Theresa: Well, I wasn't as gung ho to help as Nicole was.

Brady: But she's the one who came up with the idea.

Deimos: Yeah? Well, it was a good one. Believe me. What Xander wants more than anything is revenge.

Nicole: He obviously wants to kill you more than me.

Deimos: Well, it was the only way that the plan would be effective. You know, I had to prove to Xander that I could be just as ruthless as he is.

John: So not only does he think that you're helping him get out of the country, he also thinks you're throwing in Theresa as a parting gift?

Deimos: Mm-hmm. My nephew's gonna be in for quite a shock once he realizes what's really in store for him.

John: All right. Then so far so good. Now all we have to do is wrap this whole thing up here without anybody getting hurt.

Xander: Time to rock and roll.

Hope: Marlena, I'm fine. Okay, I'm not fine. I'm under a lot of stress, obviously, but then again, who isn't, right? With everything that's going on. You're right. It's personal. I'm just not ready to talk about it right now. Okay?

Marlena: Well, that I can understand. And when you do feel ready to talk, you know that I'm here.

Hope: I do.

Marlena: Good.

Hope: And I appreciate that. Thank you. Oh. I see Jennifer coming, I'm gonna go help her un-- unload some of those boxes, all right? Excuse me. Hey. Hi--wow. Looks like the food drive was a huge success.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness, yes--this isn't even the half of it. Father Louis said the donations are coming in left and right to St. Luke's. Food, clothes, everything.

Hope: People are really opening up their hearts.

Jennifer: Yeah, they really are. How you holding up?

Hope: I'm good. I'm fine. Trying to stay focused, you know, doing everything I can to keep people safe.

Jennifer: Yeah. That sounds really good, but I'm not buying it. It makes me so angry that Aiden is blackmailing you. I mean, hasn't he put you through enough already? Not to mention his son.

Hope: I guess he doesn't see it that way. The man has no conscience.

Jennifer: Really, does he not have a memory?

Hope: Oh, no, he does.

Jennifer: Has he managed to somehow mentally block this out?

Hope: He remembers, he remembers everything. In his mind, it was all justified, every horrible thing he did. What his son did. Jenn, thank you for being so supportive. Thank you.

Jennifer: What do you mean? You're my cousin, I love you. I--I'm worried about you. You are under so much stress.

Hope: And so are you.

Jennifer: We are not talking about me right now.

Hope: But you know what? Right now, we are talking about you, cuz. Honestly, how are you? How are you doing? I so admire your strength. You've been through the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent.

Jennifer: I'm okay.

Hope: No...

Jennifer: Yes. I mean, I'm not--I'm not okay. Who is okay in the middle of this whole nightmare? And we both have been through the worst thing that a parent could ever go through. And now my only living child is in the line of fire. But I have to be strong. We know how to be strong for--for JJ, for Thomas,

Hope: Right.

Jennifer: I need to be strong for you. Cuz, I'm gonna be grateful. And we have a lot to live for.

Hope: Yes, we do. And a lot to be grateful for. I know Rafe is keeping a close eye on JJ.

Jennifer: And I appreciate you saying that, but I feel like we are just sitting ducks, waiting for Orpheus to make his next move.

[Dramatic music]

Deimos: Xander's meeting me at Pier 17. I told him that there would be a freighter waiting for him to take him back to Greece, with Theresa down below deck, bound and gagged. After he arrives, roman will be there with the rest of the Salem pd waiting to grab him.

Theresa: Oh, now that I'd like to see. On, like, closed circuit TV.

John: All right. Sounds like a plan.

Nicole: That is, if Xander doesn't get tipped off.

Theresa: Because then if he is, he's coming straight for us, wanting his sick revenge more than ever.

Deimos: Well, that's not gonna happen, Theresa. He's not coming after any of us.

[Phone ringing]

Deimos: I assure you. [Clears throat] I'm sorry. I have to take this.

Brady: Hey. I'm never gonna leave your side for a second, okay? If Xander gets anywhere near you or our son, he's a dead man.

[Phone beeps]

Roman: Drop the phone. Drop the phone and put your hands in the air. Now, turn around very slowly.

Dude, I'm just calling my girl.

Roman: Well, good luck with that. Be a good idea to make that call elsewhere, though. Get your phone, get out of here.

[Phone rings]

Roman: Brady here. Xander's nowhere in sight. Have our team continue to canvas the area. Alert our men on patrol the perp is still at large. More "stay" per roll.

[Sirens wailing distantly]

Chad: Think I made myself a new friend.

Gabi: [Laughs] Oh. She's crazy about you. Well, why wouldn't she? You're very sweet, and you gave her a cookie.

Chad: I sure did. That impressed you a whole lot now, didn't it? Hey, I mean, the--the way you were with Thomas, getting him to stop crying, I mean, that is--that is something that us mere mortals would find challenging.

Gabi: It's called the bottle and it works every single time.

Chad: No, no, it's not the bottle. You're great with him.

Gabi: Thank you. Well, I--when I was watching him for you, he was a very easygoing baby. And you should hear the way that JJ talks about him. He's very proud of his little nephew. He has Thomas's, uh, picture as the wallpaper on his phone.

Chad: Do you, uh, do you see him as, um, like being a--a potential father material?

Gabi: Oh, I don't know. I don't--I don't know about that--that just seems very far down the line. It's not like we're gonna move in together or anything.

Chad: Yeah, right.

Gabi: At least not anytime soon. And you know, JJ's job is--is very demanding, and he's there all the time. And I just started this new gig with you. And to be honest, I've been single for a long time and I'm just not sure if I'm ready to live with somebody.

[Siren wailing distantly]

Chad: Right, 'cause all of the men's clothes laying around and toilet seats up.

Gabi: Yeah, no, that I can deal with. I've lived with not only one but two--

Chad: Two, right, of course.

Gabi: Yes.

Chad: So you are plenty used to it.

Gabi: Yeah. But it's more of the, uh, family dynamic that could get in the way.

Chad: What--what do you mean?

Gabi: Well, uh, my dad is not really crazy about JJ. Rafe is fine, and, uh, they get along great.

Chad: What about Dario?

Gabi: Oh, I don't care what he has to say. And on JJ's side, Jennifer's been great. She's supportive and sweet and loves Arianna.

Chad: Well, yeah, I mean, it--you know, it--it's-- you know, you were so close with will and you meant so much to him, so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it.

Gabi: Yeah. Maybe. But then there's Julie.

Chad: Oh.

Gabi: And she was very close to nick. So you can understand how she feels about me. And she's living with Jennifer. You know, every time I run into her, it's like she--she gives me the evil eye, and it just makes me feel really uncomfortable.

Chad: [Chuckling] Yeah, I bet--I bet--sorry. Um... well, look, I mean, if you and JJ really love each other then--then nobody's gonna be able to come between you. Not even Julie.

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, and, um, we do. Love each other. So if it's gonna happen, it will happen when it's supposed to happen.

Chad: Yeah.

Gabi: But what about you? Um... do you think that maybe after some time passes that you'll be able to move on yourself?

Chad: [Sighs] Oh, um... I don't--I don't know, I don't think so. I--well, I don't--um... I mean, someday it would be nice, you know, to have--have some--for Thomas's sake, you know, like a mother figure, but...

Gabi: But just for Thomas's sake?

Chad: Yes. He's my main concern.

Gabi: I understand. I get that. I get that, but...just--just remember that you have to love, too. You know that you need to find someone that you can spend your life with. You can't forget that, okay?

Chad: I shouldn't have gave her that cookie.

Gabi: No, you shouldn't have given her that cookie!

Chad: She's never gonna sleep now.

No sign of Xander, commissioner. We searched the entire area.

Roman: [Sighs] Damn it. [Sighs] You know what that means? That son of a bitch was tipped off that this was a trap.

[Dramatic music]

Xander: Damn, am I glad it's you. Thanks for the text. Pier 17 is swarming with police.

Deimos: Yeah, no kidding. That's because I tipped them off.

Xander: And what the hell would you do that for?

Deimos: Xander, relax. I'm not double-crossing you. The cops don't know that.

Xander: So you really are going to help me?

Deimos: I've been thinking a lot about your predicament, how this family failed you, abandoned you. And believe me, I can relate. So I've decided not to turn you in to the authorities. In fact, I'm gonna grant you asylum, safe passage to Greece.

Xander: What's the catch?

Deimos: I want you to work for me from the confines of my Greek compound. But you're right, there is a catch. Victor, Nicole, Brady, none of the Kiriakis family could ever find this out. Is that clear?

Xander: You've got yourself a deal.

Deimos: I thought you'd be amenable.

Xander: There is one piece of outstanding business, though. Theresa. She's the reason I ended up in prison.

Deimos: Forget it. It's not gonna happen. I was never gonna let you harm Theresa. And if you're gonna be of any use to me in the future, you need to get over your twisted need for revenge. And since we're on this subject, if you ever come anywhere near Nicole, or try to contact her in any way, I don't give a damn whether you're family or not. You're a dead man. You got that? All right, good. Your paralos awaits. Get on the boat. I'll be in touch. Oh, wait, you know what? Wait a minute. Before you leave, I need you to do me a favor now.

Orpheus: Are we all set?

Lazlo: Just waiting for one more key player. Once he shows up, we'll be good to go.

Marlena: Hope. How's Caroline?

Hope: Well, as well as can be expected, considering. She's upstairs resting.

Marlena: Okay, well, I'll, uh, I'll go up and check her in a second.

Hope: Okay, any word from john?

Marlena: No--uh, no, no. I'm actually a bit concerned. He should have been leaving Victor's by now.

Hope: Okay.

Marlena: Oops, I'm back on duty, excuse me.

Hope: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Jennifer: And you haven't been off your feet for hours. You're gonna sit down and you're gonna rest. Right now.

Hope: I wish sitting down would stop my brain from racing.

Jennifer: I hate this. I hate that this is happening to you. Really, it wasn't bad enough the first time around? And I just don't even get it. Why--why would Aiden-- I mean, I know that he's completely nuts--

Hope: Because--

Jennifer: But why would he want to be with a woman that...

Hope: Because--

Jennifer: Can't stand to be in the same room with him?

Hope: I'm gonna tell you.

Jennifer: Why?

Hope: Because he's convinced that I'll come around and that I will fall in love with him again. He wants things to go back to the way they were.

Jennifer: The way they were?

Hope: Yes.

Jennifer: They were horrible. Except at the very beginning, how--

Hope: Horrible? That's an understatement.

Jennifer: He's delusional. I mean, you love Rafe now. Why in the world would you even consider going along with this? Oh, no you don't. No, you don't. I will not let you do this. I don't care what you are thinking and I don't care what he threatened you with, you are not gonna be with that man.

Hope: No?

Jennifer: No.

Hope: What do you think will happen if I don't? I go to prison. What would that do to Ciara? Exactly. No. Aiden is not gonna make anyone else suffer for what I've done. I killed Stefano. I did. This is on me and me alone.

Roman: All right, my team is still searching the pier, but it looks like Xander was a no-show.

Nicole: I-I wish we knew where Deimos was. I mean, he should be hearing all of this.

John: Well, my guess is, Xander was tipped off.

Roman: Mine too, yeah.

Brady: Roman, is there anything I can do?

Roman: Yeah, you can keep these two out of harm's way. Let my people do what they're trained to do. I'm confident they'll apprehend him.

Theresa: Yeah, and if they don't? I mean, uncle roman, you know that Xander's just gonna be lying in wait. He's gonna attack us when we least expect it. And can you imagine how much his anger's been refueled now that he knows he's been played?

Nicole: Theresa's right. It won't be long before Xander finds out where we are.

Brady: No, no, listen. That's not gonna happen. Get it out of your heads. I do think that we should bring Victor in at this point, though. He can put some feelers out and he can fix this mess that Deimos obviously mishandled.

Nicole: Now, wait a minute. We don't know if Deimos mishandled anything.

John: No, I think--I think you're right, Nicole. I think Deimos did what he could. Chances are, Xander, he's been suspicious from the get-go on this. He probably took Deimos' money and he's on his way out of the country as we speak. Now, let's just hold off on bringing Vic in on this. Maggie needs him right now. It's just gonna distract his focus on her.

Deimos: John is right. There's no need to trouble Victor with any of this.

Nicole: Wa--oh-- who did this to you?

Deimos: It was Xander. But don't worry, he's gone. For good.

Chad: [Yawns]

Gabi: Do you hear that?

Chad: What?

Gabi: The silence. Mmm, the sirens stopped. Oh, my gosh, it feels amazing.

Chad: Yes, it does.

Gabi: [Sighs]

Chad: Oh, at least, um, some of us got some sleep.

Gabi: Mm. Should I move Arianna into that guest room where--

Chad: No, no-no-no-no. Please, selfishly I would like us to just sit here, hang out with our kids, enjoy the silence.

Gabi: Yeah, well, it's definitely more cushy than your panic room.

Chad: True that. But looking back, I really-- I didn't mind that panic room too much. I mean, I got a little bit distracted from talking about, you know, our past, our conversation. We've come a long ways.

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, we have. You know, I think... I think Abigail would be really happy to know that we've moved past our issues and that we're friends-- not--not just friends, but we're working together. It's very cool.

Chad: Yeah, I just-- I wish she was here to be a part of it.

Gabi: She is. She's watching over you and Thomas right now. She's really proud of you. I mean, after everything that you've gone through this year, you--you pulled through.

Chad: My father used to say that, uh... that a DiMera was like a phoenix, rising from the ashes.

Gabi: Yeah, that's sort of true.

Chad: Yeah. Uh, he, uh... he was--he was good about saying things like that. You know, he was insightful. It was kind of his way of being a role model. But in this moment right now, I don't really need his inspiration, with you, here.

Gabi: Me? [Scoffs]

Chad: Yes, you. You know, after everything that you've been through in your childhood, prison, raising Arianna alone, will's death, you know, you've-- you've jumped back into life with such hope and optimism, and it is inspiring.

Gabi: Thank you.

Chad: You're welcome.

[Indistinct chatter]

Jennifer: Hope, he has done awful things to you, hateful things to you, to so many people--

Hope: It's no excuse.

Jennifer: I think a judge and a jury would feel differently. He's tormented you. He led you to believe that he killed Bo.

Hope: I know, I know.

Jennifer: He's traumatized you.

Hope: I know, I know everything that you're saying is true. But even if I believe what you're saying, it doesn't matter. If I don't play along, then I have to leave my daughter permanently. And I can't live with that. I can't.

Jennifer: Then you need to figure out a way to appeal to any shred of humanity left in Aiden Jennings. You need to--to talk to him and make him see how wrong this is.

Marlena: Hope, can you give me a hand over here, please?

Hope: Uh, yeah, sure. Of course.

Deimos: I received a tip that Xander was going AWOL.

Roman: And you didn't think it might be a good idea to notify the police commissioner?

John: Why didn't you take me with you?

Deimos: No, no. If I included either of you, Xander would have known immediately that it was a trap. I needed to maintain my nephew's trust. That's why I arranged to meet him at another dock.

Nicole: And that's when he attacked you?

Deimos: Yeah. But what he didn't know was that my bodyguard was with me. Once he realized that he had been double-crossed, well, it became physical. Thankfully, my man stepped in. That's when I was able to grab Xander's gun. I shot and killed him. Oh, um... you're gonna need this for the lab to test for residue and fingerprints.

Roman: All right, what pier did this happen on?

Deimos: Oh, it was, um, pier 9.

Roman: All right, I'll get my team and coroner down there, check it out.

Deimos: Yeah, well, in that case, you're gonna have to drag the river. The fight took us right to the edge.

Roman: Okay.

Nicole: So... he's really gone?

Theresa: So he can never hurt any of us again?

Deimos: Believe me, Xander's not gonna be bothering this family ever again. Bill assumed it was a costume party.

[Gentle music]

Nicole: I can't believe this. I can't believe this nightmare with Xander is over.

Theresa: Yeah, it's such a relief. We're really grateful to you, Deimos.

Deimos: Well, I'm glad I could help. You know? Put an end to the hell that he put all of you through. Listen, I-I really should go to the police station, make a statement. Okay?

Nicole: Yeah.

Deimos: All right.

Brady: Deimos, wait. I owe you an apology. Look, I tried to put aside our differences so that this plan would work. And when I didn't think it was gonna go our way, I was-- I was ready to call in Victor and that would have been a mistake. I greatly underestimated your genuine concern for my family, and... for that, I am sorry. So I thank you.

[Phone ringing]

[Phone beeps]

Orpheus: Yes?

Lazlo: You'll be happy to hear our targets are right where we want them.

Orpheus: Perfect. It's showtime.

Deimos: I wanted to call you before you set sail.

Xander: Well, you better be quick. I'm just about to board.

Deimos: Just want to remind you about our deal. You stay dead and all will be well. In fact, I'm hoping you'll prove yourself to be very useful to me in the future, Xander.

John: So Xander's out of the picture permanently. Mixed it up with Deimos down at the pier, he got himself shot and killed.

Marlena: Oh, my.

Hope: Thank God. First Clyde, now Xander.

John: Yeah, now all we got to do is worry about getting Orpheus.

Marlena: The most elusive of all of them.

[Phone rings]

John: Excuse me.

[Phone beeps]

John: John Black.

Orpheus: John, from what I hear, you and your cohorts have had quite a busy evening.

John: Yeah. And now I'm coming after you, or would you rather just turn yourself in?

Orpheus: Why would I do that when I'm so close to achieving my goal?

John: Are you now? And--let me see. You--you don't have any money. Your partners in crime have been sidelined. As far as I see it, your plan is nothing but a big bust.

Orpheus: All good points. But then again, you might not be perceiving things as they are. From where I sit, I have you and your beloved Marlena exactly where I want you.

John: Yeah, and how do you figure that?

Orpheus: Look under the table in the center of the room and see for yourself.

[Dramatic music]

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