Days Transcript Wednesday 10/12/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/12/16


Episode #12939 ~ Nicole comes face-to-face with Xander; Clyde confronts Chad & demands he turn over Thomas; Bradley suggests to Theresa that they have a makeshift wedding & exchange vows; Adrienne & Lucas refuse to reveal Thomas' whereabouts.

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Deimos: All right. Let me state the obvious here.  We both know that we would do anything within our power to make it worth your while to stick with us. That's fine. I--I don't have a lot of time, but I'm happy to meet up with you. Yes. All right? I will certainly be there. Okay. Thanks.

[Phone beeps]

Deimos: Sorry.

Nicole: Business is business.

Deimos: It must seem pretty crass to be worried about money at a time like this, but I can't let the family lose control of the docks, at least not without a fight.

Nicole: I really do understand. Do what you have to do.

Deimos: [Sighs] Are you all right?

Nicole: I know this is going to sound surprising, but yes, I'm okay and I've--I've been thinking things through.

Deimos: And?

Nicole: And I realize that I really like being alive.

Deimos: Good. I'm glad. Grief can certainly screw you up.

Nicole: Yes. And you've been through it.

Deimos: A long time ago. But it's not something you ever forget.

Nicole: Well, as usual, my timing is impeccable. I decide to embrace life while the apocalypse descends on Salem. I mean, I don't--I don't know one person whose life isn't at risk.

Deimos: I am not gonna let anything happen to you.

Nicole: Deimos, you're not gonna like this, but I--I need closure on my old life in order to charge forward in my new one.

Deimos: And why wouldn't I like that? I just hope that this new life will include me.

Nicole: We'll see.

Deimos: All right.

Nicole: This--this closure thing entails me actually leaving the house.

Deimos: Well, you're not a prisoner here. I just want you to make sure that you're aware of how dangerous it is out there.

Nicole: I have to do this.

Deimos: Ron will make sure that you're safe. Okay?

Nicole: Okay.

Deimos: Come here. Be careful, all right?

Nicole: I will. I promise.

Ron, I have to go out. Deimos knows about it.

Ron: Sure thing, Ms. Walker.

Nicole: You know, could you be an angel? My jacket's in the other room. Could you get it for me?

Ron: Sure.

[Suspenseful music]

Brady: What are you looking at?

Theresa: Us. You, me, and our little snuggle bug.

Brady: Look at that crew.

Theresa: [Giggles]

Brady: Same great smile.

Theresa: You and Tate, yeah.

Brady: No, no, you and Tate. Look at that smile.

Theresa: What? No. He totally has your smile.

Brady: He does not have my smile. Definitely not.

Theresa: Yes, he does.

Brady: No, he's got--he's got my scintillating personality. He has my charm and my wit and my humor and...

Theresa: [Laughs] Yes.

Brady: My superior intellect. Those things, but not my smile.

Theresa: All true. Yeah.

Brady: Yeah. Those are dominant genes.

Theresa: Mm. Guess so. Yeah.

Brady: I don't know if you knew that.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Brady: You know what's really funny?

Theresa: What?

Brady: It just seems like this was taken forever ago, doesn't it?

Theresa: Yeah. It wasn't that long ago. I mean, this is right before Tate was kidnapped. We were so happy when we found him, you know? So relieved.

Brady: Baby... it's just, I see so much fear in your eyes, and I--I hate it. I just want to take it and give it to myself.

Theresa: Yeah, I know, I'm sorry. I know you're trying so hard and I just-- [Sighs] I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm not being my upbeat, cliché-filled, optimistic self lately. I just--

Brady: Yeah, really. I mean, why--why do you-- why do you have to be such a princess, you know? Expecting things to be perfect all the time. What is wrong with you?

Theresa: Yeah. I really am a spoiled brat, huh? I mean, just because there's some crazy people on the loose, threatening to kill a bunch of people, including us, guess I'm just a glass half-empty kind of gal.

Brady: Can you just simply try to count your blessings once in a while and not sweat the small stuff?

Theresa: Yeah. You know, all joking aside, I am really, really blessed, 'cause I have you and I have Tate, and very soon, I am going to be-- drum roll, please--

Brady: Oh, drum--oh.

Theresa: Yes!

Brady: [Drums thighs]

Theresa: Mrs. Brady black!

Brady: Brady black! Congratulations! Hey, you could be--you could be Theresa Donovan black, or just, my wife, Theresa Donovan. If you want to keep your name, I'm fine with that. I'm not gonna be upset.

Theresa: That's what I love about you. I know that, but you know what? I don't know. Call me an old-fashioned kind of gal, because I am definitely taking your name.

Brady: Then it's yours, my beautiful Mrs. Black to be.

[Romantic music]

Clyde: Kids grow up so fast, don't they? Which is why I'm gonna make sure my boy doesn't miss any more days of watching his son do just that.

Chad: Ben doesn't have a son. It'd be tragic if he did, passing on those miserable genes.

Clyde: You can't rile me, son. You gotta admit, I have the upper hand here. So I'm taking that boy, and I'm giving him to Ben.

Chad: It's a pretty good plan, Clyde. I don't see how that could possibly fail.

Clyde: And you're gonna pay for what you did to me and mine.

Chad: I just don't see it working. Remember, my son, Thomas, you know, he doesn't share the Weston gene pool, so he's--he's not gonna enjoy torturing small animals with your imbecile son.

Clyde: I see you're trying to get under my skin. You're acting all snide and condescending, but I also see you glancing over to the secret DiMera panel, which leads to the secret DiMera tunnel, thinking how did he do that? How did he get by all that security and how the hell did he end up here in a room with me pointing a gun at my heart?

Chad: All right, I'll bite. How?

André: He had a little help from his friends.

Nicole: Get a grip, Nicole. Just get a grip.

[Gasps] You owned your car

[Tranquil music]

Brady: Question. What is stopping us from getting married right now?

Nicole: Get your hands off me.

Rob: You shouldn't have snuck out like you did.

Nicole: I'm fine. I can take care of myself. I'm sorry, I-- I'm sorry, I am. I was unfair to you. It's just that-- my fiancé was killed. One morning we were planning our wedding and that night he was dead. But now that's--that part of my life is over and I just need some closure and I'm sure you are a very nice guy, but you're a stranger. So I'm asking you for some privacy, because what I have to do is so very personal.

Rob: You should've told me that. But now--I'm betting there are quite a few people in there, eyes and ears everywhere.

Nicole: Okay, I'm sure that's true, but I don't want you to see or hear me, so just leave me the hell alone.

Chad: You'll pay for this.

André: Oh, I'm sure I will. I know I'm gonna feel just awful about this in the morning.

Chad: You're scum.

André: Yes, well, you should have thought about that when you shoved me out of the family. What was it that Lyndon Johnson said about keeping enemies inside the tent?

Chad: Well, see, I didn't shove you out of the family. I just didn't give you the money that you wanted, André. I mean, that's really what's important to you, isn't it? Money?

André: [Laughs] Yes, money. And the power that comes with it. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to air our petty family squabbles in front of you, Clyde. I despise you. You're just a smug, condescending little twit who was handed an empire by a father who couldn't keep it zipped. You did nothing to build the empire. You did not work. You had nothing to risk. I did, however, and what should have been mine, you just handed it over to one of father's concubines because you needed a mommy.

Chad: Aw, did I hurt your feelings, André? Hmm? That justifies handing an innocent child to some sociopathic murderer?

Clyde: You watch it now.

Chad: Honestly, I don't think it's gonna work.

Clyde: It's gonna happen. You just won't live to see it.

Chad: Yeah, I mean I know I'm up against a real intellect, a--a master criminal. What you don't know is that when--when--when I heard you tell Kate not once but twice that you were gonna kidnap my son and hand him over to your little serial killer Ben--see, I went ahead and--and you might not have thought of this, but I contacted the local authorities. Not just here in Salem, but the prison warden where your psycho son is being held. I'm sure he's told his little helpers by now that if some hillbilly shows up with a baby, claiming it's Ben Weston's, that they might want to check an id.

Clyde: You are so right, André. He is a smug, condescending little twit who now is gonna tell me where that baby is.

Chad: Shoot me. You'll never find him.

[Suspenseful music]

Lucas: There's still time to back out.

Adrienne: No. I said I'd do whatever it takes to keep Thomas safe and away from Clyde Weston. [Sighs]

Theresa: "What is stopping us from getting married right now?" Well, let me count the ways. There--well, the whole town is on lockdown because there's three people that are running around, blowing things up, shooting at people. Oh, not to mention the small, little detail that they are hunting us.

Brady: We won't invite them.

Theresa: Okay, fine. Well, you know, Abe got shot and city hall shut down.

Brady: Look, look, look. We got the license, all right? This is half of it right here. What happened to that conversation we had earlier about being positive, glass half-full kind of thing, spoiled little princess, all that--

Theresa: Oh, fine, fine. Okay, fine. Even if I was being a glass half-full kind of gal, Brady, there's nobody here to marry us.

Brady: Oh. I don't ever go anywhere without my higher power.

Theresa: You're being ridiculous.

Brady: And you are being obstructionist. There's only two things you need for a wedding: A bride and a groom. That's it.

[Romantic music]

Nicole: [Sighs] You're not gonna believe this, but-- you know how I can talk and talk and talk, but right now I can't find the words. The truth is, baby, I'm scared. And you could always tell when I was, even when I fooled the rest of the world into thinking that I wasn't scared of anything. You would just wrap your arms around me and make me feel safe. And that's the thing that I'm scared of, is giving someone else the chance to do that. I want to go on living, but I-- I have to find a way to say goodbye. [Sniffles] [Sobbing]


Xander: Don't cry, Nicole. You're going to be joining your precious Daniel very, very soon.

[Suspenseful music]

Clyde: You know, I do think I'm gonna let the little twit live a little longer.

Chad: Thank you.

Clyde: I want the last thing that this son of a bitch sees is me holding that baby. So why don't you take a look around and let me and the younger Mr. DiMera have a little chat.

André: Mm, right. Play nice.

Clyde: Now, you're wrong about a lot of things, Chad, but you are really wrong about Ben.

Chad: Yeah? He's not a serial killer?

Clyde: No. That is your fault, you and that little slut he almost married. You pushed him over the edge.

Chad: Short journey that was.

Clyde: God, that girl. Ben was worried that he wasn't good enough for her, but who--who worries about being not good enough for a whore? You gonna try and defend her? Hmm? Let me see now. First she whored around with your brother, then she almost married my son, and then she whores around with you, my goodness. That girl's more particular about her nail polish than who she hit the sheets with. But poor Ben, God bless him--

Chad: [Scoffs] Poor Ben?

Clyde: He really loved her.

Chad: Huh, poor Ben, the one that--the one that killed innocent people for no sane reason?

Clyde: Well, that's on you, you see? He had to make you look violent to scare her into giving you up.

Chad: Oh, yeah, oh, taking a--taking the woman who delivered my son around back and shooting her, that was supposed to scare her about me? See now, I think she was more scared that she was engaged to some psychopathic--


Clyde: Don't you sneer at my son. You're not man enough to lick the bottom of his boots.

Chad: [Scoffs] You're wrong. I don't sneer at Ben. I pity him. He had you for a father. See, I sneer at you. [Spits]

[Romantic music]


Brady: You can't have a wedding without flowers.

Theresa: [Laughs] What? Did you just pick those?

Brady: I raided the garden. No florist would deliver here, it's like a war zone. So they said no so I got my own.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Brady: Oh--

Theresa: What?

Brady: This is important.

Theresa: What, you're making a phone call?

Brady: No, I'm gonna pull up the playlist that we did for our reception. Right? Gotta have that.

Theresa: Yeah. Sure. But babe, just--

Brady: Here we go.

Theresa: Very sweet, babe. This is really sweet, but there's not really an aisle in here or, you know, any bedroom.

Brady: Oh, oh, there's going to be an aisle. I'm still working here. Let me finish, okay?


[Both laugh]

Theresa: Look, babe, this is really sweet and romantic and kind of whimsical, but I'm not exactly a whimsical kind of broad, so I mean, what if I get self-conscious and I laugh at you and I hurt your feelings?

Brady: You know what I hate most about this whole experience around town? Is the fact that you are worried about Xander, you're worried about me, you're worried about our son, and the only thing you should be worrying about right now is where you want your honeymoon to be, whether you should go to the spa or the beach, what you should have for breakfast, I mean... [Sighs] Damnit, those should be your concerns, and I just want to see you smile and I want to see you laugh, and if it means being a whimsical ass, then-- hey, I'll do it.

Theresa: You dummy. You didn't make me laugh, you made me cry.

Brady: I didn't mean to do that.

Theresa: I love you.

Brady: I love you and that makes my life worth living, Theresa.

Theresa: Hey, well, you know one--one plus about a makeshift wedding in a bedroom--

Brady: Hmm?

Theresa: You can go straight from the "I dos" to the honeymoon.

Brady: So smart. So smart.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Clyde: I know you're trying to get me riled up. I know you're stalling, hoping the cavalry come, but it ain't gonna happen, 'cause of your brother, who happens to think you're as worthless as I do. He undid all the security in the tunnel. You think it's just bad luck that I'm standing here, next to the panic button? Hmm? No. 'Cause Andy-boy told me where that was, too. If you're wondering why I'm deliberately pushing that button, it's because it doesn't work, 'cause I watched him cut the wires to that. So this isn't your fortress anymore, Chad. No, sir. This is a tomb.

André: Look what I found! Come in.

Clyde: Do they know where the baby is?

André: No. But now we have leverage, and one of them is gonna tell us where the baby is.

[Suspenseful music]

Clyde: Or one of them dies.

Nicole: You came back. I didn't think much of you, Xander, but I didn't think you were stupid.

Xander: Oh, I'd be careful if I were you.

Nicole: Right back at you. You better be very, very careful. You don't want a murder charge tacked on to your already ridiculously long list of offenses, including trying to kill me and Eric Brady in an especially cruel and sadistic way, I might add.

Xander: I was provoked.

Nicole: Oh, right. Of course. It gave you every reason to want to murder two innocent people because--why? You were annoyed?

Xander: Far more than annoyed.

Nicole: Okay, fine. You were pissed off. But you know what--I don't-- I don't want to talk about that. I don't want to talk about the whys and the hows of what a disgusting, despicable criminal you are, okay? Let's just stay on track. I know what you need. You need money. Lots and lots of money, 'cause living on the run, it's expensive and you know that.

Xander: That ring you're trying to palm, that's worth a lot. I know about diamonds, remember?

Nicole: Yeah, I--I remember. This might, what? Might get you a fake passport? Supply and demand. Prices have been driven sky high. It's a cruel world, Xander.

Xander: Don't move!

Nicole: I'm not-- I'm not armed. I--I just--I need to arrange for my ransom and your safe passage out of Salem. Okay? [Sighs] You know, Xander, I just can't help but think you didn't choose wisely when it came to your partners in crime. I mean, I think they're-- they've got to be fanatics. They don't care if they live or die. But if I know my Xander, he likes to live and live large, and lucky for you, your uncle said he would do anything I asked him to. I have him on speed dial. You'd be out of here in no time.

[Phone rings]

Deimos: Nicole?

Xander: Sorry, this is Xander. She's a bit...tied up at the moment.

Deimos: You listen to me, nephew. If anything happens to her, your life won't be worth living.

Xander: Don't threaten me. Not while I'm holding all the cards.

Deimos: What do you want?

Xander: Money. And a lot of it.

Deimos: All right, fine. Meet me at the mansion. Bring Nicole.

Xander: I didn't get stupid in prison, uncle. Just meaner. So listen, here's what you're going to do. So it seems you've reached the sixth stage of grief, bagging a new rich boyfriend.

Nicole: Were you popular in prison? Did all the guys enjoy your wit?


[Suspenseful music]

Deimos: You all right?

Nicole: So far.

Deimos: I've made arrangements for you to go back to Greece. Your itinerary, your tickets are right there in the outside pocket.

Xander: [Chuckles] Seems like you've thought of everything. Except now that I've got this, why don't I just shoot you and take her as insurance?

Deimos: Well, for one thing, if I don't communicate with certain people every step of your odyssey, they're gonna blow your worthless brains out.

Xander: With this much money, I can chart my own odyssey.

Deimos: That may be true. But there is one thing that you really want. One thing that I can give you. Theresa Donovan.

Brady: Oh, close your eyes. Close 'em.

Theresa: 'Kay.

Brady: Forward. Stay.

["Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"]

Brady: I am ready.

Theresa: [Giggles]

Chad: Now, look, they--they--they don't have anything to do with this.

André: On the contrary, they're here to take care of the child. And my brother Chad, no, he's far too busy and much too important to take care of the child himself. They're staff, and he and Kate are running my business, our family business, into the ground.

Clyde: Hey, can it, André. Just tell me, do they know where the baby is?

Chad: No, I--I don't--

André: They have to.

Clyde: All right. Let's just hear it from the horse's mouth. Where's the baby? Answer me, damn it! Where's the baby?

Adrienne: Safe.

Clyde: If I don't find him, you don't go on living.

Adrienne: I'd rather die than give you two seconds with that baby.

Lucas: Just stay calm, okay? Let's just slow this conversation down.

Clyde: Let me say this. Would you rather me shoot you with him watching or vice versa? Or do you want to tell me what I need to know?

Lucas: Listen, it doesn't need to be that way, all right?

Adrienne: Shoot us both, we're not gonna tell you anything!

Lucas: Adrienne, enough! Please.

Clyde: [Chuckles] Well, that fact that you two are still here is proof that the baby is, too. Now, this is a big house, but it's not that big, so I will find him eventually. So why don't I let the lady decide who goes first?

[Shot rings out]

Adrienne: [Screams] No! [Sobbing]

[Dramatic music]

Adrienne: [Sobbing]

Clyde: What the hell?

André: He was coming up from behind.

Clyde: You said he was mine.

André: Well, you can take the credit.

Adrienne: [Sobbing]

Clyde: Shut her up.

Lucas: Adrienne--

Clyde: Shut up!

Lucas: We're gonna be okay. It's gonna be all right, please.

Clyde: Shut up and listen!

Adrienne: No!

[Baby crying]

Clyde: Yes!

Adrienne: No! No, no!

Clyde: You keep them covered. I'm going to get my grandson.

Adrienne: [Screaming] No! No! No, God! [Sobbing]

Brady: You have said before that I rescued you, that I saved you from yourself.

Theresa: You are my hero.

Brady: Well, I'm honored you would say something like that. When we first met, Theresa, nobody was more lost than I was. Now, with you and Tate, my God, I--I just know I'm on the right path. And where I was once so empty, my God, you have just filled me up.

Theresa: [Sniffles]

Brady: So nobody else out there may know it, but between you and me...

Theresa: [Laughs]

Brady: You saved me.

Theresa: Oh, Brady. You are the kindest, most generous, sweetest person I know, to act like, to act like somehow I saved you and somehow I helped you. Well, you know what? I--I think that you were right and I was wrong. This--this is the right thing to do. We should get married alone. [Laughs] I think you're the only person in the whole, wide world I've ever shown my true self to. You know the part of me that is just so hurt and so scared. And you love me anyway. And that makes me feel not so scared and not so hurt. And more than anyone, God, you have seen me at my worst. And, you know, I think when we first met, I had just completely given up on myself. And I didn't think that I could be a good person, but you proved me wrong again. And I love you.

Brady: I love you.

Deimos: That is what you want, isn't it? I mean, come on, you didn't come here with your happy band of killers because you all enjoy blowing up power plants, am I right? You came back here, the most dangerous place on earth for you for one reason: To pay back Theresa Donovan.

Nicole: Deimos, don't do this.

Deimos: [Sighs] Nicole, I'm sorry, but this is war, and in war, there's always collateral damage.

Nicole: I won't let you do this.

Deimos: You don't have much of a choice. So come on, what's your word? What is it?

Xander: If you can make this happen, if you can guarantee this duffel bag and I get safe passage to Greece, then you've got a deal.

Deimos: All right. Let's do it.

Nicole: No! No, you can't do this! What happened to you? You told me you changed!

Deimos: Nicole! I have to do this. I don't want to. I'm doing it to protect you.

Nicole: No, come on, please. What about Brady and Theresa? Don't do this!

Deimos: I don't want to lose you like I lost Helena.

Nicole: If you do this, you will lose me. I will hate you forever.

Xander: Seems you can't guarantee squat, uncle. How are you gonna stop her from talking to the cops or Theresa?

Deimos: I'm not gonna give her the opportunity to do either.

Nicole: Help! Help, I need help! I-- [Gasps]

[Muffled screaming]

Deimos: It's all right.

[Peaceful music]

Brady: Theresa?

Nicole: Mm?

Brady: Do you take me to be your unlawfully wedded husband?

Theresa: [Laughs] I do.

Brady: I'm never gonna let you go.

Theresa: Yeah? Well, you damn well better not. 'Cause I plan on holding onto you until death do us part.

Brady: Me, too.

[Zipper closes]

Xander: So when do I get my hands on Theresa?

Deimos: Tonight. Pier 17. I'll test you when I know exactly what time I'm gonna drop her off. You can get reacquainted. Once you've taken care of business, I'll have a freighter there waiting to take you back to Greece.

Xander: Man, I just wish I could see the look on Brady's face when he sees her cold, battered body.

Deimos: Well, there's always snapchat.

Xander: Well, you're a cold-hearted bastard. Do you really think Nicole's just going to forgive and forget?

Deimos: It doesn't really matter.

Xander: This is about more than just letting Nicole go, isn't it?

Deimos: Thanks to your friend's little surprise appearance at the wedding, Theresa is not yet a member of the family. She's not a Kiriakis, she's not an heir. And once Brady sees her cold, battered body, as you so aptly put it, I don't see him remaining clean and sober for very long. And of course, there's Victor, and as I'm sure we can both agree, that old man can not live forever.

Xander: Just Philip and you.

Deimos: Mm, well, maybe for a while.

Xander: And then there was one. You know, I wish I had gotten to know you a little bit better. I like the way you think.

Deimos: I want to make one thing very clear to you, though: This deal, this safe passage to Greece, it's a ticket for one. You and you alone.

Xander: Not to worry. I've severed ties with Orpheus and Clyde Weston. They both have their own agendas.

Deimos: All right, then.

[Dramatic music]

Adrienne: Oh, my God!

Lucas: You freak show, what have you done?

Adrienne: [Sobbing] Chad!

Lucas: Chad. It's gonna be all right, Chad. It's gonna be all right.

Adrienne: Hold on! Hold on! [Sobbing]

Lucas: Oh, Chad, hang on. Hang on, Chad. It's gonna be all right.

[Baby crying]

[Baby screams]

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