Days Transcript Monday 10/10/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/10/16


Episode #12937 ~ Marlena lays out her plan to take down the convicts, then runs her idea by Deimos & Nicole; Steve & Kayla recruit Kate & Chad for their plan; Theresa begins to let the stress of the siege get to her.

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Nicole: Oh, my God. They found Joey Johnson.

Deimos: Really?

Nicole: Alive. He's finally free. Steve and Kayla must be so relieved.

Deimos: And what about the nut jobs who took him?

Nicole: Kidnappers are still at large, it says.

Nicole: I just... keep thinking about my talk with Marlena earlier. Brings back such bad memories. The fact that Xander's still out there, ready to make his next move... makes me a little more than nervous.

Deimos: Without a hostage to worry about, I'm sure the police can start turning up the heat, catch them that much sooner. All right?

Nicole: I hope you're right.

Deimos: In the meantime, you're here where there's power, no rolling blackouts. All thanks to a great generator.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Yeah, it is nice to work without having to worry about battery life. But it's late, and I should go.

You know what, um... I know you wanna take things slow, but I'm not crazy about the fact that Xander's out there either. And I would feel a hell of a lot better if you were here with me where I know you'll be safe.

Nicole: Maybe... maybe I could be persuaded. [Chuckles]

Deimos: Fantastic.

Kayla: I still think that you should get x-rays. Those bruises are so close to your ribs.

Joey: I'm okay.

Kayla: No, really. We're not sure.

Steve: Baby. He'll tell us if he's not.

Kayla: I just... [Voice breaks] I just thought I was never gonna see you again. I mean, your dad keeps saying that you were okay, and you're smart, but...

Joey: I'm glad someone has confidence in me.

Steve: I always have confidence in you, buddy.

Joey: Can we go home now?

Steve: Well, actually, your mom and I have to go over to john and Marlena's to map out a plan to catch those bastards, so.

Kayla: You know, Ciara and Theo and Claire, they're all staying here in the hospital where it's safe, and even though I don't want to let you out of my sight, I'd like you to stay here.

Joey: Mom, I don't want to stay. I wanna go with you.

[Tense music]

John: Hey.

Marlena: [Gasps] Oh, oh.

John: Whoa, whoa, sorry, sorry. Didn't mean to startle you.

Marlena: No, no, no. It's not you, I was just... putting this paperwork together for Steve and Kayla.

John: Yeah.

Marlena: When I think about all the time we've lost because of that madman...

John: Well, he... he still blames me for losing everybody he ever loved.

Marlena: Well, he wants you to suffer the same way he suffered.

John: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: We've lost so many years because of him.

John: Found our way back to each other.

Marlena: Yes. Against all odds.

John: You know, universe kinda has a funny way of tilting in favor of what's right, and I can't think of too much more right than you and I together. We're gonna stop him, doc. This time for good.

Brady: Hey, beautiful--

Theresa: [Shushing] Please, please, please. I just got Tate to sleep, okay?

Brady: Sleep? Bedtime isn't for another hour.

Theresa: Yeah, I know. Do you know how many times he got up last night? Nine. Which means I got up nine times too, okay, and not that you would know that--

Brady: Baby, why didn't you wake me? I could have--

Theresa: No point in you losing sleep too, so just--it's fine.

Brady: Last time he didn't sleep through the night, he had an ear infection.

Theresa: Yeah, I know, I thought of that, but he normally pulls at his ear when he's in pain, and he's not doing that, so I--

Brady: So what do you think it is, then?

Theresa: Honestly, I don't know. Being holed up in this place with a bunch of stressed-out adults who jump at every sound they hear--that is, when they're not jumping down each other's throats.

Brady: Whoa, whoa, whoa-- where's this coming from?

Theresa: And then he's gotten no fresh air, and his mother's a wreck. I mean, look at me, Brady. I don't know when the last time is that I showered, and every time I go to put a clean diaper on him, it's, like, time to change him again, and then I just... I mean, look at this, I have spit-up on my shirt.

Brady: It's okay--

Theresa: No, no, it's not okay, Brady. Is this pretty? Does this look pretty to you? It's not pretty. I don't know-- I'm not pretty anymore. I don't know if I'm ever gonna be pretty again. And I just... I just need some sleep, okay? I swear to God, if I don't get some sleep, I'm gonna freaking lose my--

[Tate crying]

Theresa: I can't-- I can't do this anymore. I cannot do this anymore.

Kate: Lucas, it's good of you to check on me, but honestly, I'm fine and I'm not scared of Clyde.

Lucas: You should be scared of Clyde, 'cause one guard isn't enough, mom. And your bodyguards don't know what they're doing anyway. Clyde tried to shoot you twice already. You shouldn't be alone. And I know that Philip asked you to stay with him already.

Kate: Too crowded.

Lucas: It's not too crowded. What are you talking about? Place is thinning out already. Chloe's gone. She has no plans to return to Salem--you should be happy about that.

Kate: She should have taken Deimos with her. And Victor. And Theresa. Should I go on?

Lucas: Is there anybody in the western hemisphere that you could stomach long enough for your own safety?

Kate: Hm. Well, I am fond of Chad. And of course, there's always André.

Chad: That woman certainly keeps me on my game.

André: I gather, from the call, you mean Kate.

Chad: In 24 hours, she snagged three international investors that I've been working weeks to try to win over. I would certainly love to know her secret.

André: No, she got creative, something you've been loathe to do.

Chad: What, are you trying to tell me that Kate isn't on board with my plan to make DiMera enterprises legit?

André: Well, she may be no board with the idea but what she's proven from her recent business activities is that she is a true DiMera. Willing to color outside the lines whenever necessary. Question is, are you?

Chad: Well, if you're asking me if I am willing to go against my own principles, then the answer is no.

André: But you already have. When you smelled Kiriakis blood, you moved in for the kill.

Chad: See, I didn't do anything illegal, and nothing that they wouldn't have done if the situation was reversed.

André: True. But are you ready to make the tough decisions? The really ugly ones?

Joey: I wanna go with you to john and Marlena's. I want to be part of the plan to catch these creeps.

Kayla: No. You have been through enough.

Steve: No, actually, it's not a bad idea.

Kayla: Really?

Steve: Well, Joe spent up-close and personal time with those creeps. Maybe heard or saw something that could help us.

Kayla: I guess you've earned not having your mother be overprotective.

Steve: There you go, sweetness.

Joey: And anyway, Orpheus doesn't want me anymore. But that doesn't mean he's stopped wanting revenge. All he was talking about when I was at the warehouse, was making his enemies suffer.

Steve: Well, that's all the more reason we have to put this plan into motion fast. Before that bastard makes his next move.

Joey: And if we don't, he will make good on that threat. I guarantee it. I had that dream again -- you know.

Theresa: Yeah, you don't know the song. I made up a song about clouds. Seems to be the only thing that works.

Brady: Theresa, I'm sorry.

Theresa: Hey, you know what, it's not your fault, okay? You don't know the song...

Brady: No, no, no, it's not about the song. About you and Tate being cooped up in here.

Theresa: It's more than just being a fussy baby. I mean, that goes with being a mom, you know? Goes along with all the good stuff that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Brady: Is it about not being able to go outside?

Theresa: More about being inside all the time, you know? Every time we turn a corner, I run into some member of your extended family. Especially Victor. I mean, Brady, he still treats me like I'm an outsider, or worse.

Brady: I know. So let's--listen, I've told you this before. I'm gonna tell you again. Just stop trying with him. Give it up, I mean-- you are a good person. You know that, I know that. If my grandfather chooses to be unkind and judgmental, then damn it, that's his problem. It's not yours.

Theresa: How is that not my problem? When every time I see him in the hallway, I'm just stressed out and, I mean, God forbid I have to sit across from him at the kitchen table, you know, during dinner. He won't even look at me, Brady.

Brady: Well, that's his loss, because you're really, really really great to look at.

[Both cooing]

Lucas: Why am I surprised? I shouldn't be surprised at all. André's totally your type.

Kate: [Forced laugh] Okay, not that it's any of your business, but our relationship is purely platonic. And what do you mean by my type?

Lucas: He's your type. He's a homicidal maniac. You love those guys.

Kate: Oh, that's nice. That's so respectful, Lucas.

Lucas: What did you think? Did you think having a murderer in this house would scare off the other ones? Is that what you thought?

Kate: You know what's such a coincidence, is that you are as distressed by my living arrangement as I am yours.

Lucas: Really? I think that's a stretch. Don't you? Are you comparing Adrienne to the likes of Clyde and André? No way.

Kate: Okay, all I'm saying, that by agreeing to live at the DiMera mansion and watch over Chad's son, you are putting your life in jeopardy. Or have you forgotten that the main reason that Clyde came to Salem was to take Thomas?

Lucas: No, I didn't forget that. Have you forgotten the DiMera mansion is the safest place in Salem? It's guarded within an inch of its own life. I couldn't be anywhere safer. That's why I would like you to consider moving to the DiMera mansion with us.

Kate: Oh, really?

Lucas: Yeah.

Kate: But to be perfectly clear, you would prefer that I live with Philip at the Kiriakis mansion.

Lucas: I would prefer you go to Europe with Austin.

Kate: [Laughs] Excuse me, what did you say?

Lucas: Nothing, forget it, nothing. I assume that's a no.

Kate: Much to your relief.

Lucas: I will be relieved when Clyde Weston is behind bars and he can't get to you. That's when I'll be relieved.

Kate: Okay, honey, look. There's nothing to worry about, all right? And by the way, mental health issues aside, André is not a monster like Clyde. He's good company. And he reminds me of my old friend, tony.

Lucas: You know, I'm beginning to think you're the one with the mental health issues. And you need to deal with them, so your children don't have to.

Kate: [Forced laugh] Love you!

Nicole: Okay, wait. We should stop.

Deimos: What?

[Both moaning]

Nicole: There's no privacy in this house.

Deimos: Come on!

Nicole: Oh, it's Brady.

Deimos: Brady?

Nicole: Stop, stop.

Marlena: I haven't had a chance to thank you for all you did for Claire.

Joey: I'm just relieved she got out alive.

John: Now that you kids are in the clear, we can act a little more aggressively smoking these clowns out.

Steve: You know what, I think we need to keep in mind that now they lost their leverage and the ransom money, they might be gearing up for a major showdown as we speak.

Marlena: Which is why we have to move quickly.

Kayla: I don't want Joey in the line of fire again.

Joey: Mom, please, I'm fine.

John: Kayla, you don't even have to worry about that. We're not gonna go busting in, shooting the place up. This plan call for us to deal with each of these men one on one surgically.

Marlena: And each one of them has a different trigger. So we have to approach them all very differently. I have made up some files on each one. Starting with... Xander. Aka Alexandros cook Kiriakis. A young man who, according to his own uncle, was considered a "bad seed" and never fully accepted into the family. The rejection and neglect he suffered and his inability to prove himself worthy of the Kiriakis name, has manifested itself into a need for control, through money, manipulation and violence. That brings us... to Clyde Weston. Clyde Weston is a man consumed by guilt over having abused his children the same way he was abused by his father. Ironically, Clyde doesn't hold himself or his son Ben responsible for their crimes. Instead he's blame-shifted onto Chad DiMera, determined to redeem himself in Ben's eyes by reuniting him with Chad's son. Favorite tool of redemption? Also violence. And finally, we come to Orpheus. He's the most dangerous because he's got nothing to lose. He's consumed by grief that he's never been able to get past, he's lost all perspective. He sees the world in black and white. His end is going to be violent. But the one question remains is, will he go alone or will he take people he thinks of as his enemies with him?

Kayla: Then what do we do? You already made it clear that all three are past the point of rational negotiation.

Marlena: And that might be our one advantage. when Kate asked me to bring you back to DiMera enterprises. You heard me tell her that I don't have time to run a company and watch my back.

André: I don't understand--

Chad: I still don't have time for that. And you're still on probation.

André: Well, of course, I didn't mean to imply--

Chad: I allowed one questionable transaction. And you assume that I'm on some slippery ethical slope to doing things my father's way, and that's not the case. Do you understand?

André: I was just simply--

Chad: You might be back at DiMera enterprises. But I'm still in charge. Don't forget that.

André: Of course. Oh, Chad, my intention was not to take control, but to advise you, that's all. I want all of this to work out. I want to be part of my brother's life.

Kate: André.

André: Hello, Kate.

Chad: I understand congratulations are in order. You closed those contracts.

Kate: I was hoping you'd be pleased.

Chad: We make a good team.

Kate: Yes, we do.

Chad: I'm very happy to have you back.

Kate: Same here.

André: [Chuckling] Just a love-fest all around.

Brady: Sorry, just looking for Tate's bunny.

Deimos: Of course you are.

Nicole: See, this is what I am talking about, and this is why I should be leaving.

Deimos: No, no. I want you here. In fact, I'm gonna go talk to security, move your car to the garage.

Nicole: You can look now, Brady, I'm-- I'm dressed. I'm sorry, Deimos and I--

Brady: No, no, no, no. It's none of my business.

Nicole: No, it's not. But I know how you feel about Deimos.

Brady: No, no, it's okay. We're not exactly butting heads as much as we used to.

Nicole: Oh, well, that's a good thing, right?

Brady: Do me a favor. Be careful.

Nicole: I will.

Brady: With all the crap that's going on in this town right now, as much as I didn't really wanna see that, it was nice seeing... that smile on your face. I haven't seen that in a long time, and that was nice

Nicole: Yeah, I'M... kinda scared to say it out loud, but I never thought... I'd feel this way again. But, yeah, I'M... I'm happy.

Marlena: All rightie. Based on these profiles, we know exactly how to trigger each man to get the responses that we're looking for. I've put flags on certain mental disorders that correlate to each man. You'll wanna study those. They are predictable.

John: Okay, so now that we know what makes each and every one of these guys tick, just have to find a way to exploit the hell out of 'em and hopefully pressure them into screwing up.

Joey: You should know I tried that when Orpheus showed me the picture of his kids.

Marlena: That's his biggest weakness.

Joey: I figured that, but it was like, after he finished talking about his kids, he got, like, really angry at me for getting him to open up about it.

John: Excellent, man. This is exactly why you came. Good job.

Marlena: We might have to rethink the way we push his buttons.

Kayla: How are we gonna do that when we don't even know where they are?

Joey: Well, one Claire got away, they left the warehouse and we ended up in some new hideout. It kinda looked like the old one.

Steve: You know, if we start searching the warehouse district, I think we might tip 'em off. It's not a good idea.

John: Which is why we're not going after them. We're gonna flush 'em out of hiding. We're gonna force their hands on our turf. what Marlena flagged, how do we make contact?

Marlena: Hey, wait a minute. We can't do this alone. There's just five of us.

Steve: Who else are you talking about?

John: Everyone who has a target on their back. Not just from one guy, but from all three of them.

Steve: You think it's smart to get civilians involved?

Kayla: We're already involved.

Marlena: We all want the same thing. We all want an end to this reign of terror. So in my experience, we all have to work together, and that's the way we get this thing done.

Joey: I don't think we're the only ones with backup.

Steve: What does that mean?

Joey: The entire time I was held hostage, Clyde was on the phone constantly, asking guys if they wanted in on the action of bringing the town to its knees.

John: All right, fine. More reason to get everybody involved here. We're gonna need that manpower.

Marlena: As long as we present a united front.

Kayla: Do you see a problem with that?

Marlena: Well, not everybody gets along.

Steve: They're damn well gonna have to rise above, aren't they?

John: That's a fact. They won't have a problem putting differences aside to make this happen.

Joey: I don't think that's gonna happen. Those maniacs, even though they're supposed to be working together, they're constantly ragging on each other.

Marlena: Which will only help our divide and conquer strategy.

Theresa: Hey, thanks, but Tate dozed off without it. What took you so long?

Brady: Well, I thought you could use a little self-soothing yourself. Can't take you on a real date, so this is gonna have to do for right now.

Theresa: Yeah, thanks, but-- what, I mean, it's really sweet, honey, but if I take one sip, I'm just so wiped out I'm gonna pass out and...

Brady: All right. Well, we're at least gonna make a toast.

Theresa: Okay.

Brady: You hold that.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Brady: I would like to toast to the most beautiful mother and wife to be.

Theresa: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm looking really gorgeous these days with the dark circles under my eyes and the, you know, T-shirt featuring spit-up--

Brady: I love it all. It all works for me. Ever tell you I had a thing for spit-up and dark circles--

Theresa: You shut up.

Brady: I thought you were ready to pass out. Isn't that what you said? "Brady, I need sleep."

Theresa: I got a second wind. Actually, yeah.

Brady: Okay.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Love second wind.

Theresa: [Giggles]

[Cell phone ringing]

Theresa: God, please don't answer that. Don't--

Brady: I'm not. I'm not gonna answer. But I'm gonna silence it.

Theresa: Okay.

Brady: Good-bye. See you la-- it's my dad. It's my dad.

[Both chuckling]

Deimos: I was beginning to think Brady would never find that damn toy.

Nicole: He did find us.

Deimos: Well, he's not gonna find us now.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nicole: It's okay, just answer it.

Deimos: Hello? Yes, this is Deimos. Dr. Evans, hello. Well, as a matter of fact, Nicole is right here. Why? What's going on?

Chad: No problem.

Kate: What was that about?

Chad: Kayla said that she and Steve would explain when they got over here. What are you--no, no, no. Not you. You gotta go.

André: Hm? I beg your pardon?

Kate: Well, then, I should probably leave as well.

Chad: No, 'cause she asked for you to stay here specifically, just not him.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: Still can't believe my sister's living in this mausoleum--

Kayla: Thank you. Thank you for seeing us at such short notice.

Chad: Absolutely. I heard about Joey. You guys must be so relieved.

Kayla: Yeah, we are, thank you. How is our great nephew?

Chad: Thomas is doing really well, thanks to Adrienne and Lucas.

Kayla: Yeah, are they here? Because they really should be in on this.

Chad: No, they're not. They're with--they're out. I'll fill them in as soon as they get back.

Steve: You know, I really don't want Adrienne involved in anything to do with these three animals.

Chad: I figured that that's what this was about. Marlena was here earlier.

Kate: And we told her everything about Clyde.

Kayla: So then you're aware that his main focus is to reunite Thomas with Ben?

Chad: That's why we have all this security. I mean, if that bastard even tries to get close to this place--

Steve: Wait a minute. Since when do the DiMeras wait for anyone to make the first move?

Chad: I assumed that the police were doing their job.

Kayla: Well, they need some help, and john and Marlena have come up with a plan.

Steve: And we need you to be a part of it.

Chad: Well, if it means keeping my son safe, then I'm in.

Kate: I suppose you want me to do something?

Steve: Kate, since you have a history with Clyde, he's already come after you twice, chance are, he's probably gonna want to finish the job. But since you don't live in a locked-down place like this, you'd be a better candidate for luring that snake it.

Kate: A lure? As in bait? That's what you want me to be?

Steve: Yes.

John: I'm really sorry to have to drag you out here in the middle of the night, but I wanted to talk to you away from Deimos.

Brady: What's this about?

John: Where's the baby?

Theresa: He's asleep. Emma's with him.

John: All right. It's good that someone's watching him, and I'm glad to hear he's locked up at Victor's. Look, son, it's um... it's very clear that two of these maniacs are gunning for you. Xander, for one, simply because of what you did.

Brady: I know about Xander. Who's the other one?

John: Orpheus. Simply because you're my son, you're now in his crosshairs.

Brady: What do you suggest I do about that?

John: I want you both to listen to me very carefully and do exactly what I say. Now first of all, there will not be a repeat of what went down on the docks with this Kiriakis goons.

Brady: You heard about that?

John: Of course, I heard about that. Now despite what happened, I want you to make peace with Deimos. We all need to be on the same page here. The last thing I need is him going rogue and--

Brady: Dad. Dad, I think there's something you don't understand--

John: Don't fight me on this, kid.

Brady: Listen, I'm not-- what you don't understand is that Deimos didn't order the raid. I did.

Deimos: Welcome.

Marlena: Thank you. I'm sure you were a little thrown to hear from me, huh?

Deimos: Yeah, you might say that.

Nicole: Marlena.

Marlena: Hi, Nicole.

Nicole: Wow. Twice in one day. Didn't Victor and I give you enough on Xander?

Marlena: You did, thank you. And you were very helpful. Then I got to think about Deimos and realized that, well, you know Xander. You might have some idea where he is.

Deimos: You mean because we're both Kiriakis outcasts?

Marlena: No, mostly because Victor had rejected both of you, and yet, you're the one who survived.

Deimos: Well, that's because I forced Victor's hand when it came to accepting me. Xander folded.

Marlena: But you must have known how he felt.

Deimos: Absolutely. He knew I understood, better than anyone.

Marlena: So did that make you more responsive to what he was going through?

Deimos: Are you asking me to reach out to my nephew?

Marlena: Yes. I am.

Nicole: What about me?

Marlena: Well, Nicole, he tried to kill you. And I suspect he may try again. So unless you just want to wait here for him to come after you, or maybe you want to fight back.

Deimos: Forget it. All right, Nicole will not be a part of this. I'm in, but only if she's out.

Nicole: I appreciate your concern, Deimos. But I'm just as much a target as anyone else in this town.

Deimos: Exactly. Which is why you shouldn't be a part of this.

Marlena: You know what? You seem like a very intuitive fellow to me. You must realize by now that Nicole doesn't do anything she doesn't want to do. Now if you really care about protecting your family, as you say you do--

Nicole: He does.

Deimos: I would do anything to protect my family.

Marlena: Will you do exactly as you're told? Nothing more, nothing less?

Deimos: If the plan means putting an end to the threat of these three madmen, I will follow it to the letter.

Marlena: I'll need your word on that.

Deimos: You got it.

Chad: I mean, there's gotta be a way we can make this work without involving Kate.

Kayla: Well, according to john and Marlena, her role is pivotal in catching Clyde.

Chad: And what if something goes wrong? I mean, Clyde's already tried to kill her twice, I mean, what... no. There's gotta be another way.

Steve: If there is, we don't have time to come up with it. We need to move on this now before they strike again.

Kayla: We are all putting ourselves on the line in one way or the other, and it is crucial that we all work together on this. I mean, if we don't work--

Steve: If we don't work together, we're all screwed. So are you two in... or out?

John: I suspected it was you who ordered the raid.

Brady: I know it's-- it was a mistake!

Theresa: Xander almost strangled me before our wedding, okay? Brady was just-- he was afraid of what he might do next. He was only protecting his family.

Brady: Already been read the riot act from the entire family, especially now since the DiMeras got wind of the fallout and they moved in on our territory.

John: So the rumblings are true. The feud between the families has been rekindled.

Brady: Rumblings are true.

John: Well, you know what? All that's gotta be put aside if this plan's gonna work. There's gonna be no more Kiriakis versus DiMera. It's gonna be all of us against those three psychopaths if we're gonna win this thing. By God, we're gonna win this thing.

We all need a hug in the morning...

Theresa: Sound asleep.

Brady: See, our luck is changing, Theresa, I'm telling you. After talking with my dad, I think that this whole ordeal in town is finally coming to an end. And we will finally be able to just be normal human beings once again.

Theresa: I hope so.

Brady: Hey, what is it? Tell me.

Theresa: It's still not over, Brady. I mean, between now and when it is, what if something happens?

Brady: Nothing's going to happen.

Theresa: Your dad said it. Xander and Orpheus have their sights set on you--

Brady: It doesn't matter. Nothing's going to happen, Theresa, okay? I'm a very powerful man. I can make things happen.

Theresa: I'm not in a joking mood.

Brady: Come on. I know you're not; come here. Come here. Okay, truth be told, I can't guarantee everything, and I can't control everything that happens in our lives, but this, I can tell you for sure. I'm so in love with you and our family and I'm determined to make our lives so much fun and happy and joyous and I'm gonna make that happen. Maybe with a few siblings. Who knows?

Theresa: [Laughs] What?

Brady: Yeah.

Theresa: A few? No, how many is a few?

Brady: I was thinking eight, maybe 14. I don't know, something like--

Theresa: Stop it.

Brady: We'll just have-- we'll pace ourselves. One kid every two years. Does that sound good?

Theresa: Yeah. Yeah, that sounds great. Hey, but first thing's first. Okay?

Brady: Yeah, I know, we gotta get the... get the old knot tied, right?

Theresa: Brady... I just...what if we don't get married? I mean, I just keep thinking that, you know, Daniel died--

Brady: Stop, baby, baby. Stop, we are getting married. It's going to happen. And no one, not even Xander, can prevent that from happening, okay? You just need a little distraction. That's what you need.

Theresa: [Scoffs]

Brady: Speaking of which, what were we doing right before my phone started to ring? I can't remember, what was that? It was fun.

Theresa: It was, yeah.

Brady: Mm?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Hey. You hear that?

Theresa: Hear what?

Brady: Exactly. It's beautiful.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Nicole: I am almost giddy knowing what's in store for Xander. I only wish it could start tonight.

Deimos: Well, then, that wouldn't leave us any time.

Nicole: For what?

Deimos: What do you think? Tomorrow's gonna be here soon enough. So why don't we enjoy the calm before the storm, huh?

Chad: "As they began to eat, Jamie smiled and said to her, 'brother, there's no way you're getting any of my pancakes today, jack." The end. Yeah? Yeah, I don't know about that book either. You don't have any idea what's going on, do you? You know, promised your mom that I was gonna do everything I could to make sure that you were always safe. You grew up and had an amazing life. Yeah. That nothing was ever gonna happen to you. I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure of it. I love you. Hey. Hey. I love you.

André: I've been waiting for you.

Kate: You have to stop doing that.

André: What? Oh, I'm sorry. I've just been waiting for you so you can fill me in on [Inaudible] Place with that mystery meeting.

Kate: Well, it's late. And I'm exhausted.

André: Oh, you should go to sleep. But fill me in first.

Kate: It really doesn't concern you.

André: [Laughs] And since when has that stopped you from spilling the beans?

Kate: Good night, André.

André: Well, well, well. Something's going on. And I'm sure I'm gonna find out what it is very soon.

John: Have any trouble convincing Kate and Chad?

Steve: Well, the Kate part was a little like pulling teeth.

Kayla: But they came around. What about you guys with Nicole and Deimos?

Marlena: Deimos doesn't want her in.

Kayla: Ah. Something tells me she didn't listen.

John: Brady and Theresa are on board. I just got off the phone with roman, who's gonna fill in hope and Rafe.

Marlena: Okay. Well, then, everybody's in.

John: Just to reset. Once we have Xander and Weston out of the way...

Steve: You and I focus on Orpheus.

John: Who doc considers the most dangerous of all.

Marlena: Please remember that he blames you for losing the loves of his life. Please don't let him take away mine.

John: Not a chance, baby.

Steve: It's almost over, sweetness.

John: All right. We're all set. Let's do it.

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