Days Transcript Friday 10/7/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/7/16


Episode #12936 ~ Some Salem residents prepare to meet the convicts' demands; the convicts discuss their own strategy; Ciara warns Theo not to get involved, but he's locked in on his mission; Nicole, Marlena, & Victor meet to discuss Xander.

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Chad: Sonny. Hey, just wait. Just wait.

Sonny: We have nothing to talk about.

Chad: Look, it was business, all right? It wasn't personal.

Sonny: It wasn't personal? I asked you-- I practically begged you, as a friend, not to make that deal, but you did it anyway. How is that not personal?

Chad: What was I supposed to do, okay? I have a son to think of, and you would have done the same thing in my position.

Sonny: No, I wouldn't have. If I was in your position, I would have reminded myself that friendship takes precedence over greed. And I would have reminded myself that my business and my son would have been just fine...

Chad: Sonny--

Sonny: Without screwing me over.

Chad: Stop yelling.

Sonny: No, I am done. You wouldn't listen to me. Now I'm returning the favor.

Theo: Did you heard that? Roman said that john's meeting those bastards in 30 minutes to wire them money.

Ciara: Yeah, I heard it. But I'm more concerned with what's in your bag.

Theo: I'm gonna make Clyde Weston pay for putting a bullet in my dad.

Ciara: Theo, you can't do that. Theo, look at me. Guns-- they don't make anything better, okay? They just make violent situations more violent, more dangerous. How do you not get that?

Theo: Because I have to get him back for what he did to my father.

Ciara: Your father-- your father wouldn't want you to do this. He is a good man who knows that revenge-- revenge like this-- it's pointless. Someone could die. You could put Joey's life in danger. You could put your own life in danger.

Roman: John meets with Orpheus and company alone, okay? Once contact is established, john sets up the money transfer, $20 million.

John: Your men will be monitoring the situation but not right on top of me.

Roman: Yeah.

Steve: Damn those sons of bitches. If they do anything to hurt my kid--

John: Never gonna happen, partner. Never gonna happen. In fact, after today, those men aren't gonna hurt anybody ever again.

Marlena: I'd like to thank you both for being willing to meet with me today.

Nicole: Yes, of course. Whatever we can do to help.

Marlena: Thank you. Victor, I know it may be difficult for you to talk about your relationship with Xander, but I'm so curious what made him so vengeful towards you and your family.

Victor: Just screw my difficulties. Xander is an extreme threat to my family, and he must be stopped at all costs. And I don't think analyzing him is gonna make one bit of difference.

Orpheus: To be clear: Once the money's transferred to the account, I kill john.

Clyde: And we kill the hostage.

Xander: And anyone else who gets in our way.

[Suspenseful music]

Chad: Look, hey. Hey, just-- I did--I did listen to you.

Sonny: Like hell you did.

Chad: Look, I had to weigh my options.

Sonny: You had to-- you had to choose whether to ruthlessly move in on Kiriakis territory--urged on by your virtuous brother André-- or act as a friend and leave my family the hell alone.

Chad: The last thing I wanted to do was betray you, okay?

Sonny: If it was the last thing that you wanted to do, Chad, then you wouldn't have done it. So why don't you spare me your fake contrition?

Chad: Right. Look, you know what? You need any help, you know where to find me.

Sonny: You know what? You can help me. Why don't you stay out of my sight?

[Dramatic music]

[Soft country music playing]

Sonny: [Clears throat] Hey.

Paul: Sonny, hi.

Sonny: Hard at work, I see.

Paul: Yeah, I'm assisting the pd, helping them prep for the exchange.

Sonny: Right, yeah.

Paul: Yeah, I've been tasked with the communication detail of the operation with my dad. [Sighs] You okay?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. I'm, uh... just worried about my cousin Joey.

Paul: Well, we're doing all that we can, sonny.

Sonny: Maybe there's something I can do to help, even if it's just keep you company. Or is that gonna be distracting? 'Cause I'd understand. I could just--

Paul: No, no, no, I'd-- I'd like that. I'd appreciate the company. [Chuckles]

Sonny: Okay. Well, why don't I make myself useful and I'll grab us two cups of coffee?

Paul: Sure. Thanks.

Kayla: You know, I don't want to second-guess all you guys, but we are dealing with homicidal maniacs here.

Roman: Kay, listen to me. Look, I know this is hard for you, but, really, this is our only viable option at this point.

Steve: John's only goal-- our only goal--is to bring Joey home safe.

Roman: Yeah. And you know where my guys are if you hit a snag.

[Cell phone beeps]

John: Yeah.

Roman: All right, it's time.

Steve: Okay, baby.

Kayla: Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. What if--what if-- I can't even say it. I can't say it.

Steve: No, no, no, no, don't say it, because everything is gonna be fine. Listen to me. Our Joey... is gonna be all right. Look at me. I truly believe that. I need you to believe it too. Okay? I'm gonna bring our sweet boy home.

Kayla: [Whimpers]

Steve: I'm gonna bring him home.

[Soft dramatic music]

Ciara: Theo, stay out of it.

Theo: Can you stop saying that?

Ciara: Theo, this isn't like you. You're not a violent person.

Theo: Ciara, my dad could die.

Ciara: Your dad is a great and honorable man. He wouldn't want you doing this. In fact, this is exactly the opposite of what he would want you to do. You're not thinking straight.

Theo: Well, I never think straight.

Ciara: [Chuckles] Really? That's bull. So you're gonna use autism as an excuse to shoot a gun?

Theo: You know what? You don't understand, so just go.

Ciara: No. I am not leaving you.

Theo: Ciara, I have to go to the pub.

Ciara: Okay. I'll go with you. How-- how are we gonna get rid of our police escort?

Theo: Come on, we practically grew up here. We know every corner, all the ins and outs. At least I do.

Ciara: I do too.

Theo: You ready?

[Dramatic music]

Paul: Absolutely. They know where to find me. I will.

[Cell phone beeps]

Sonny: Your dad?

Paul: Yeah, the rest of the team's on their way, should be here soon.

Sonny: Listen, before things get serious around here... I want to apologize for the last time that we talked. I didn't handle it well.

Paul: It's fine. You're loyal to your family. I understand that.

Sonny: Yeah, well, my loyalty didn't really pay off, unfortunately. After the last time we talked-- you know, the whole dock situation-- I could've stopped Brady from ordering that raid, but I didn't. And I could've cost someone their life. And now André DiMera is positioning himself to take over the Kiriakis territory, the shipping business.

Paul: Look, I understand the pressure that you've been under since you got back to Salem, falling back into the Kiriakis fold...

Sonny: No, I wasn't ready to make those hard decisions, I guess. I don't know.

Paul: Well, yeah, but, look, knowing you, you are going to prove yourself to be the savior of your company and your family. I mean, titan is lucky to have you.

Sonny: Thank you for saying that. That means a lot coming from you, seriously. To know that you believe in me. You hungry? I could ask Caroline if she can scrounge up some food. I'll be right back. I'll get us some food.

Nicole: I don't even know where to start. Xander is, in one word, psychotic. And it's pretty obvious to anyone who's ever crossed paths with him. And in addition to stalking me all over Salem, he attacked me at titan TV and locked me and Eric in a crawl space and left us to die. But you already know that.

Marlena: I do. It was a terrible time. I'm glad you're all right.

Nicole: Because of Daniel. Anyway, um... Xander's volatile and sadistic. He's certainly not the kind of man you want to bring home to mom. And the only time he seemed like a normal human being with feelings was when he talked about wanting victor's approval.

Victor: What?

Orpheus: It's time. Remember, we do nothing until I give the order.

Xander: Yeah, we got all that. But when do I get my shot at revenge?

Orpheus: Patience, friend. Haste goeth before the fall.

Xander: I thought it was pride.

Orpheus: [Chuckles] Indeed it is. But patience is strengthened by the suppression of pride.

Xander: I've been patient-- too patient. But none of you seems to want to help me take down the people that did me wrong: Theresa, Brady, Nicole-- isn't victor on your list as well?

Clyde: Well, that's my business, isn't it?

Xander: Well, it'll also be your business to skip town as soon as the exchange is done--you and Orpheus. And I'll be left in Salem all on my own.

Clyde: What's your point?

Xander: Point is, we're supposed to be working together.

Orpheus: Gentlemen, I'm sure this conversation could go on for hours, but I suggest we table it. We have a job to do. I need your heads in the game.

[Dramatic music]

Clyde: Best put a lock on that mouth, son.

Xander: Excuse me?

Clyde: It's time for you to man up and stop whining. I got my way of doing things. You got yours.

Xander: What's that supposed to mean?

Clyde: It means that I'm going after Thomas solo. So I think that you can figure out something to do on your own as well. But what I need to know is, are we good? Yeah, all right. I'm gonna take Joey to the drop spot. You stay here. Keep your ears open for police chatter. You need me, you call the burner. I'll do the same.

Steve: We're gonna get our boy back. You'll see.

Paul: How's the signal?

John: I can read you loud and clear.

Paul: Good, good. Same goes for me over here. Now, remember, I need you to face Orpheus for the duration of the exchange. We can't have you blocking the receiver.

John: Roger that.

Paul: And be careful.

John: Always, kid.

Kayla: Hey. Hey, what are you guys doing here?

Ciara: Um, grandma asked us to get the food ready for people that need it.

Kayla: That's a great idea. Thank you. Okay.

Paul: Any signs of movement yet?

John: No, nothing so far.

Oh, check that.

Paul: You get something? Dad.

[Suspenseful music]

Orpheus: Hello, john.

John: Orpheus.

Orpheus: Shall we get started?

John: Where's Joey?

Victor: If you're looking for a definitive explanation as to why Xander lost his mind-- well, the one thing, who the hell cares? Point is, he turned into an evil son of a bitch.

Nicole: Victor. I'm sure he was caring and respectful to you at one time, no? When he always talked about what a father figure you were to him, since he lost his father at such a young age.

Victor: Well, yes, I suppose I was sort of a father figure to him, but not that it was something that I encouraged. What's that look?

Nicole: Nothing. I'm just listening, that's all.

Victor: No, it was also accusing. If I'd been more supportive, if I'd been more paternal, maybe he wouldn't have gone off the deep end.

Nicole: I never said that, victor. And just to be clear, I don't think you're the one to blame for Xander being a maniac.

Victor: No, I'm not. I tried to be there for him, yes, till I found out he was a loser and an opportunist, leaning on me for handouts and for bailouts. He expected me to clean up all his messes, till I got sick and tired of it. Is that enough for you to make your case study?

Marlena: Well, it's easy for me to see where Xander gets his aggression.

Victor: Oh, please. People have much higher levels of hardship and don't turn into career criminals. He was a screw-up of epic proportions. I realized that a long time ago. I should have washed my hands of him.

Nicole: Oh, my god. This is your fault. You created a monster.

[Dramatic music]

Victor: Now, no one's to know that you're working for me. Just keep it casual. You're a nephew who's just visiting. Nobody important.

Xander: Got it.

Victor: Good. Now I'm going to go meet the newest member of my family.

Xander: I'm not just some mall cop you hire for the day, uncle. I'm family too.

Victor: You said that you would give up your life to protect me. For once, your word will mean something. I never had much use for your father. Like father, like son.

Xander: [Winces]

Orpheus: Let's not get ahead of ourselves--

John: Where's the boy?

Orpheus: Relax, john. I never said I'd bring Joey with me. Just know that the lad is safe. He's with Clyde at another location, and he'll be released when the money's transferred and it's been authenticated. Then I'll give him a signal, and we'll deliver Joey as promised. Go ahead. Feel free to relay the terms back to headquarters.

John: Did you copy that?

Roman: [Sighs] Damn bastards didn't bring Joey.

Paul: What do we do?

Roman: We can't do anything yet. Our hands are tied. Orpheus knows that. We got to move forward.

John: Here's how it works. You want the money, I want proof Joey's alive.

Orpheus: My word isn't good enough?

John: No, it's not. I want proof, or this deal... it's dead.

Orpheus: Someone sounds like he still thinks he's calling the shots. [Chuckles] Well, you're lucky that I'm in a cooperative mood.

[Cell phone beeps]

Orpheus: Clyde, start a video call with the kid.

John: Hey, Joey, it's john. How you holding up?

Joey: I been better.

John: But you're okay?

Joey: Coming home sounds pretty nice.

John: Yeah, we're working on that. Just stay calm, and this will all be over soon.

[Cell phone beeps]

Orpheus: Chitchat time is over. You've seen him. He lives...for now.

John: I just wanted to reassure him everything was all right.

Orpheus: And you did a great job. So what do you say? Shall we get this thing going?

Roman: Got something?

Paul: Yes. Dad's brilliant.

Kayla: Why do you say that?

Paul: He did it. He kept Orpheus on the line long enough to...

Kayla: Oh!

Paul: We got him.

Kayla: That's such good news.

Paul: We can locate Joey!

Kayla: Oh, god! That's just great.

spent your whole life pointing fingers. Why not one more baseless accusation?

Nicole: That nutjob tried to kill me. And now he's on the loose on some murderous, sadistic rampage all because of the way you treated him.

Victor: You know, I think this would be a good time for the good dr. Evans to weigh in here and explain that you don't become a homicidal maniac because your uncle didn't treat you like you hung the damn moon!

Nicole: Oh!

Marlena: Victor, Nicole, please, please.

Victor: I will not be blamed for this.

Nicole: Oh, sure, victor. You know what? That's right. Just bury your head in the sand, because that's what you're good at. Just throw your hands up in the air and say, "well, my son's no good. My nephew's a low-life criminal. Luck of the draw, I guess. Whatever. I'm not to blame."

Victor: Oh, shut up, Nicole.

Nicole: No, I'm not gonna shut up, victor.

Marlena: Look, look, look, please, please, both of you. We have got to work together on this.

Nicole: [Sighs] Yeah, I'm sorry. Whatever it takes.

Marlena: Good. Thank you. I really should go.

Victor: Good luck, Marlena.

Nicole: Stay safe.

Marlena: You stay safe too.

Nicole: Well, uh, I'm guessing we're done here. Always a blast, victor.

Victor: Hold it. I'm not finished with you yet.

[Soft dramatic music]

Paul: So we fitted him with a device that, when close enough, allowed us to lock on wirelessly to Orpheus' phone, hack in, hijack the signal. That was the backup plan in case Orpheus and the others tried to--tried to pull a fast one.

Roman: Which they did.

Paul: Now it's only a matter of time before we can pinpoint the exact location.

Kayla: A matter of time?

Steve: How much time?

Paul: It shouldn't be long. Okay, so the call... looks like it came down from pier 17.

Roman: Okay, we got to get to that pier before the wire transfer goes through. I'll coordinate the police effort. Notify john. Tell him to delay as long as possible.

Paul: Okay, I'm on it.

Roman: Let's go, Steve.

Steve: Okay.

Kayla: I'm going too.

Steve: No, no, no.

Kayla: No, no, no. Listen.

Steve: It's not safe.

Kayla: We talked about it. We're a team.

Steve: Please, please.

Kayla: I'm gonna go. No, you can't stop me.

Steve: Never could.

Paul: John, we need you to stall. We need more time.

John: Come on. Come on. What the hell?

Orpheus: I'm ready on this end. What's the holdup?

John: Can't connect to the server.

Orpheus: Or maybe you're just stalling.

John: You know what, pal? Maybe this is your fault. You know, blowing up the power station didn't do wonders for our connectivity.

Orpheus: I'm running out of patience, Mr. Black.

John: Relax. Relax. Hold on. Here we go. All right, we're in. Now all we have to do is wait for approval, and... [Mimics explosion] Money's transferred.

Orpheus: Good. 'Cause if you're toying with my terms... you're gonna pay a steep price. And so is Joey.

Chad: Listen, sonny, um... look, I really hate the way we left things earlier at the pub, and, uh, you know, I was hoping that there was a way we could work things out. You're really important to me, and I don't want to lose our friendship, so... uh, you know, just, you know, give me a call back. All right. Bye.

[Soft music]

Chad: You're nuts if you think that I want anything from you.

Sonny: You said you weren't letting me off the hook.

Chad: Doesn't mean I want your share of TBD or whatever money you have left.

Sonny: Then what do you want?

Chad: We're partners. You're my best friend. I don't give a damn what the contract says, all right? We're in this together.

Sonny: You lost more money than I did.

Chad: That was the deal. I'm the money. You're the brains.

Sonny: I wasn't too brainy this time around.

Chad: We took a risk together, and it didn't pay off. It happens. Doesn't mean I'm gonna dump you because of it. You're the guy who made TBD into the success that it is, all right? When something else comes around, something that's right, we'll make that a success together too. That's why I told you the story about Henry ford. His problem: He wasn't thinking big enough. Maybe that's us too.

Sonny: I don't-- I don't know what to say.

Chad: Say you're never gonna quit, and be the sonny that I know. Okay?

Sonny: Thank you.

Chad: [Laughs]

Sonny: Thank you so much.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Kicking ass and taking names.

Paul: Not quite.

Sonny: Looks like it from here. Actually, from here, it looks like you may have just saved my cousin Joey.

Paul: Well, it was my dad who came up with the plan.

Sonny: Yeah, but it was your killer pi instincts. You set john up with the tech he needed to get that signal.

Paul: Well, just as long as the best idea won. I mean, whatever gets Joey back home.

Sonny: Well, congrats either way.

Paul: Thank you.

Sonny: I don't know.

Paul: You don't know what?

Sonny: I just didn't think you could impress me more than you already have. I was wrong.

Paul: [Chuckles]

[Suspenseful music]

Steve: There he is.

JJ: I need you behind me.

Steve: He's got my boy.

JJ: Which is a good thing, right? It means he's in one piece. We just have to wait for roman to give the signal, and we're good to go.

Clyde: Won't be long now, son.

Steve: I can take him out from here.

JJ: Don't even think about it. We only make our move when we get the signal.

Steve: Wait a minute. Where's the other guy? Where's Xander?

JJ: I don't see him either. We need to report this to roman-- be on the lookout in case he's nearby.

Orpheus: You're testing me, john. I don't like being tested. Finish the deal.

Steve: Okay, roman texted back. They're about ready to strike. We need to be ready.

Clyde: What the hell?

Theo: This is payback. You almost killed my father, you son of a bitch. For lower back pain sufferers,

Nicole: I hope this isn't gonna take very long. I have... anywhere else to be.

Victor: Shouldn't take too long if you tell me the truth.

Nicole: Victor, I'm not in the mood to be interrogated.

Victor: I reached out to Philip about Chloe's abrupt departure. He stonewalled me.

Nicole: And this involves me how?

Victor: You're her friend, god help her. You must know something.

Nicole: Look, all I know is that Chloe and Philip got into a fight and Chloe went to new York to be with her folks-- a city that seems to be much safer than Salem right now. Go figure.

Victor: What was the fight about?

Nicole: How is that any of your business?

Victor: Chloe is carrying my grandchild. Makes it my business.

Nicole: No, it's not, victor. Just stay out of it. Let Chloe and Philip sort it out. Are we done here?

Victor: There's something else going on here. I know it.

[Cell phone ringing]

Victor: I have to take this.

Nicole: No, no, don't let me keep you.

[Ringing continues]

[Soft music]

[Cell phone beeps]

[Line trills]

Nicole: Chloe, hi. It's Nicole again. I've called you, uh, three times now and left you three messages. I'm just starting to get a little worried. Maybe I'm feeling like you're avoiding me. I don't know. Could you please just call me back and tell me that I'm not being paranoid? All right, I'll, uh-- I'll talk to you soon... I hope.

Steve: Theo, what are you doing here? Hey, you got a clear shot?

JJ: There's too many moving parts. Come on, Theo. Get the hell out of the way.

Clyde: Take it easy, partner.

Theo: I'm not your partner.

Clyde: Put the gun down.

Theo: I won't.

Clyde: This isn't your fight.

Theo: I'm Abe's son! I'm gonna make you pay for shooting my dad!

[Dramatic music]

[Cell phone beeps]

Steve: Now?

JJ: I still can't get a clear shot.

Clyde: You're the mayor's son, right?

Theo: Just stay where you are.

Clyde: Come on, now. You don't really want to do this. You're gonna get yourself hurt. And I don't think this town can endure another tragedy.

Theo: You move again, I'll shoot.

Clyde: No, you won't. Told you.

Theo: Please.

Clyde: Please don't shoot?

JJ: Freeze! Don't move!

Steve: Joe! Joe, you okay? You all right?

Joey: I'm okay.

Steve: Huh?

Joey: I'm all right.

Steve: Oh. Let me get these.

Kayla: Theo, Theo, you okay?

Theo: Yes.

Kayla: You all right?

Theo: Yeah.

Kayla: Baby. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Steve. Oh.

Steve: We got him. We got our boy.

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: We got him.

Kayla: Yeah. Got him. Got him. Oh, god.

Orpheus: You think you're a cowboy, don't you? Kind of man who does things his way. I told you not to try anything. And now what are you gonna do, huh? You're gonna pretend that you don't know what I'm talking about.

John: Not a clue.

Orpheus: I don't know what just transpired, but it's on you, john.

John: Don't know what you're talking about.

Orpheus: You and your friends made a terrible miscalculation today... and you're all gonna live to regret it.

John: Time will tell.

[Suspenseful music]

John: [Sighs]

[Soft music]

Sonny: Really impressed, like I said.

Paul: It was my dad's plan, and he deserves all the credit.

Sonny: Won't even share it.

Paul: I'm just relieved that Joey is safe.

Sonny: Me too. And whether or not you want to share the credit for what happened, I hope that you can accept my thanks.

Paul: Well, I guess I can handle that.

Sonny: I mean it, Paul. Texts have been coming in fast and furious. Everyone in my family's been cheering for john and for you. You were a big part in saving my cousin's life.

Paul: Look, I just--

Sonny: No, enough with the modesty, all right? I won't let you deny it.

Paul: [Laughs] Okay. Okay, if I have to say anything, um, I'll say I'm really glad that I could help.

Sonny: Right. So, uh... I better get going.

Paul: Yeah, hey. Yeah, thanks, um-- thanks for the company.

Sonny: Sure, yeah, absolutely. So take care.

Paul: Uh... [Chuckles]

Sonny: I get it.

Chad: So things done at the dock? This is good news. Ambivalent about it? No. No, it's the, uh-- it's, uh-- it's the right decision to make. Yeah, you too, Kate.

[Dramatic music]

Sonny: You don't need our business, Chad.

Chad: Or maybe we do. Look, DiMera's made a number of financial missteps over the past few months, okay, and we're struggling to stay afloat, so yes, we are looking for other things.

Sonny: Just don't do this. I'm asking as a friend. Do not do this.

Roman: All right.

JJ: He's gone. Clyde's gone. We lost track of him after we moved in.

Roman: Son of a bitch.

JJ: But we have men searching every inch of the pier. We'll find him.

Theo: I messed up.

Roman: Theo, listen to me, okay? I know you're going through a hard time, all right? But you put that whole operation at risk. You endangered people's lives.

Theo: I know. I know. I'm--I'm sorry for what I did.

Roman: Okay, all right, all right, all right. We got Joey back. That's the important thing, okay? But still, you need to let the cops handle things.

Theo: I know.

Roman: Don't bring yourself down to their level, okay? Thugs use violence to get what they want. That's not us, okay? So next time you feel like you really got to do something, like you can't get a grip on your emotions, you come to me or your dad. That understood?

Theo: Yeah.

Roman: Sure, okay?

Theo: Yeah.

Roman: All right.

Kayla: I think that we need to get you checked out at the hospital, okay?

Joey: No hospitals, please. All I want to do is eat. I swear, you leave me alone for ten seconds, I'm asking grandma Caroline for one of everything on the menu, maybe two of everything.

Kayla: Okay, okay, okay, okay. All right, you can have whatever you want, all right? Anything. And seconds. But then we'll go to the hospital, have you checked out. Is that a deal? Is that a deal?

Joey: Deal.

Kayla: Okay.

Steve: Well... appetite still intact. That's--that's a good sign.

Kayla: Thank you for bringing him back to us.

Steve: I told you I would.

Kayla: Yeah. Yeah, you did. You did tell me that.

Clyde: Hey, that's on you, man. That deal blowing up is on you.

Xander: Hey, I didn't hear anything on the police scanner.

Clyde: Maybe you didn't listen hard enough.

Xander: Clyde, back off.

Orpheus: Hey. Let's not turn on one another. We've got a lot more to do.

Clyde: With him? After he nearly carpet-bombed the whole thing?

Orpheus: We're better as a team. We need the man power.

Xander: It looks like that's all we have right now.

Orpheus: Yes, Xander, yes. We were hit hard. No money, no hostages. Now the gloves come off. No more games. We're gonna kill them all, every last one of them, and watch this town burn to the ground.

[Suspenseful music]

John: Damn, Joey, good to see you, kid.

Joey: Hey, john.

John: Good job. Oh. How's he doing?

Kayla: Well, he's currently eating his grandmother out of house, home, and business, I think. I'm gonna join him. I know. It's great.

Marlena: John. Oh, thank god you're all right.

John: Doc. Yeah, for now. Those animals are still out there, though. And after what just happened, their bloodlust is gonna intensify.

Marlena: I think I have a way to bring them down, every one of them.

[Dramatic music]

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