Days Transcript Wednesday 10/5/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/5/16


Episode #12934 ~ Hope delivers upsetting news to Rafe; Orpheus opens up to Joey about his losses; Ciara & Claire are worried when they can't find Theo; John, Marlena, Steve, & Kayla try to figure out how to take Orpheus down.

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Steve: Well, Marlena... All this stuff you're saying about Orpheus. It's got me even more freaked out that this creep has my son.

Marlena: I'm so sorry, Steve.

Steve: And sociopathic tendencies, no concept of the feelings of others, total lack of remorse.

Marlena: He's not a total sociopath. He's able to form attachments to people.

Steve: Oh. You mean other psychos like, uh, Weston and Xander?

John: All right. Pulled together the ransom money.

Steve: What? You raised $20 million already?

John: It was just a matter of hooking up with the right people, explaining the situation between Orpheus and Joey, and had 'em lined up, ready to pledge. Now, didn't get the full 20. What is remaining, doc and I can chip in.

Steve: I don't know what to say, man. I mean...

John: You're my partner. Enough said.

Marlena: We love him too, Steve.

John: So any new intel come in on what's going on with Joey, where they're holding him?

Steve: No. All we know for sure is that Orpheus is definitely calling the shots for the other two.

John: All right, then we should be hearing from them soon.

Steve: So if you say he can form attachments, does that mean that we can figure out a way to play him when he does call?

Marlena: He's a lot older now.

Steve: What, so you're saying age has mellowed him?

Marlena: No. I'm not sure. But what I am saying is if he is motivated by revenge, he's working on emotion, not logic. He will make mistakes.

Steve: Well then, we got to find a way to exploit that.

Marlena: I think I have.

[Cymbal shimmers]

[Sinister music]

Orpheus: That black eye Xander gave you, looks painful.

Joey: Nah, I'm okay.

Orpheus: Xander, he, uh, tends to go a little overboard.

Joey: I can take it.

Orpheus: Like your father. Nothing hurts you, huh? I'm getting bored watching you shiver, here.

Joey: I don't want your dirty jacket, buddy.

Orpheus: Tough guy, huh? Suit yourself.

[Sinister music]

Rafe: Got Marlena's profile on Clyde.

Hope: Oh, great.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Okay, um, let's get to it then.

[Phone beeps]

Hope: What's up?

Rafe: Oh, it's gonna have to wait.

Hope: Why?

Rafe: Raines needs to see me.

Hope: Oh, well if Raines needs you...

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Must be really important.

Rafe: Look out. Be back

[Indistinct talking]

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Uh-- did--did anyone see who--who delivered these?

"You and I have a date. Salem inn. Room 514. I wouldn't be late if I were you. Love, Aiden."

[Somber music]

Ciara: Why don't you sit down?

Theo: I'm tired of sitting. And what's taking so long?

Ciara: You know what it is. Kayla's in there with your dad.

Theo: Yes, but Kayla said it's only gonna take a few minutes. This is way longer than that, right? Something's wrong.

Ciara: Can you please try to calm down?

Theo: No! Okay, since Brandon and Lani aren't here, I'm all my dad has! Okay, what if Kayla comes out and asks me to make some decision about what the doctors should do to him. I don't know what I'm going to say.

Ciara: But you're not alone. We used to go through this stuff together, remember?

Kayla: Are you in pain?

Abe: [Mutters] Kind of a fog.

Kayla: Well, you took a bullet to the chest. So I would say that a fog is a good place to be right now.

Abe: You look-- you look-- you look serious. What aren't you telling me? Give it to me straight. I'm a big boy. Am I gonna make it or not?

[Dramatic music]

Hope: For god's sake, Aiden. There are three convicted murderers loose in this town right now.

Aiden: You must be the resident expert on murder down at the old squad room. Bad joke. Come on in. Come on. Thank you for coming. And you can go as soon as we come to an understanding.

Hope: I'll never understand you. You're blackmailing me.

Aiden: Blackmailing you? For a murder that you committed? Hm? Killing Stefano and covering it up? Having an innocent man go to a prison? For a murder that you committed? Come on, hope.

Hope: What do you get out of being with a woman who feels nothing but pity for you?

Aiden: Pity? Well, I can work with that. It's a step in the right direction, so. [Chuckles]

Hope: How many times do I have to say it?

Aiden: What?

Hope: Aiden, I am not in love with you.

Aiden: Oh.

Hope: I don't love you.

Aiden: [Laughs] Hope, stop that, okay? Because you will. And you have no idea what I have planned for you.

[Somber music]

Claire: I just had to see you.

Theo: I was so worried about you.

Claire: Yeah, I know, it was really scary. Hi, Ciara.

Ciara: Hey.

Claire: Hey.

Ciara: How'd you get away from those guys?

Claire: Oh, you didn't tell her?

Theo: No, I didn't know if I was supposed to say anything.

Ciara: You two already talked?

Claire: Well, I called Theo as soon as I got back here.

Theo: Yeah, I was so happy to hear your voice.

Ciara: So, um, what happened?

Claire: Those guys had Joey and me tied up. And I was able to get myself free, and then I tried to untie Joey, but, um, that guy Xander came back before I could get it all done.

Ciara: What happened to Joey?

Claire: He told me to run. And I did. But Xander--you know--I--ugh-- God, I could just-- hear him beating the hell out of Joey.

Ciara: Oh, my God.

Claire: I mean, he saved my life.

Theo: You should have stayed home. Okay, what if the guys come back?

Claire: No, I'm okay. I have my own cop following me around. I just really wanted to see you, see how your dad's doing.

Theo: Um, yeah, Kayla said he's still in um, critical condition. I'm just--I'm really-- I'm really afraid he's gonna die.

Claire: God, come here.

Kayla: Uh, your cardiologist and I have every reason to believe that you are going to make a full recovery.

Abe: You're not-- you're not telling me everything.

Kayla: Can we have this conversation when you're stronger?

Abe: No-- no.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: Okay. Um, the pictures of your heart indicate that there might be some bullet fragments lodged there.

Abe: Yeah?

Kayla: They weren't able to get it all in the OR.

Abe: Can I live with that?

Kayla: Actually, it's better to leave them there.

Abe: But?

Kayla: But there is a chance that they can cause you problems and then they'll have to be removed.

Abe: And that's-- that's risky?

Kayla: Let's not jump to conclusions, okay? I mean, your cardiologist hasn't even had the chance to weigh in on this yet. And I have called in the best cardiologist in the country to consult with us.

Abe: I-- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Kayla: For what?

Abe: Making you tell me the truth, and now I'm having a hard time dealing with it. [Sniffs]

Kayla: It's completely normal after what you've been through.

Abe: No-- I'm not worried about myself, I--I--it's-- it's Theo. It's the idea of leaving him alone.

Kayla: Don't go there. Don't go there, come on. You need to have faith that you are getting the-- the very best possible care.

Abe: Right.

Kayla: And that you are gonna be around for a very long time.

Abe: Right, right, right, right. So, uh, e--what's, what's happening-- what's happening with Joey?

Kayla: Um. Well, Claire--Claire made it out and she's home. Thank God.

Abe: Yeah, but I asked you about Joey.

Kayla: We're doing everything we can to find him.

[Ominous music]

Joey: That envelope looks pretty beat up. Must have had it for a while.

Orpheus: Federal prisons discourage inmates from having personal possessions. This is all I was allowed to keep.

Joey: Are those your kids?

Orpheus: Yes.

Joey: I figured. They look like you.

Orpheus: I don't know how you could possibly see a resemblance. This photograph was taken a long time ago.

[Gentle music]

Joey: So where are they now?

Orpheus: I have no idea.

Marlena: If you think back to when I was kidnapped, Orpheus wanted two things. First of all, he wanted to get revenge for his wife's death.

Steve: Even though it was an accident.

Marlena: And he wanted a mother for his children.

Steve: Right, so he kidnaps a woman to be their mother. The wife of the man who killed their real mother. Now, how did he think that was gonna work out?

John: I know. Well, I've never known Orpheus to be very logical.

Marlena: The unique thing about Orpheus is he's two different people. One is man with no feelings. And one is a man, a loving father, devoted to his beautiful children.

John: Yeah, I have a hard time buying Orpheus as a loving anything.

Marlena: Remember this about him: He's motivated by love and the loss of love.

Steve: Okay. So that brings us back to Joe and a way to get to Orpheus. Are you saying his weakness is love?

Marlena: His weakness is the love of his children.

[Dramatic music]

Hope: So?

Aiden: Mm?

Hope: These plans you have for me? But they'll leave chase.

Aiden: What do you mean?

Hope: Well, you told me that you sent him to Oregon to work with his old therapist.

Aiden: Right. What?

Hope: Aiden, come on.

Aiden: Hm?

Hope: I know what a wonderful father you were.

Aiden: Oh, well...

Hope: Chase was your whole world when I first met you. Don't you want to be with him?

Aiden: Absolutely.

Hope: Then why aren't you moving to Oregon to be with him?

Aiden: Oh, I am. And you are gonna love it there. [Chuckles]

Hope: Me?

Aiden: Yeah, that's part of the plan. You're gonna come with me.

Rafe: Yes, well, thanks for the tip. I'm sending units there immediately.

[Phone beeping]

Rafe: Roman, listen, I just got a call from my informant. He saw two guys matching Xander and Clyde's description in West Salem. Yeah, no, I'm sending units there right now. Notify the targets to be on high alert. Oh, I can't do that. 'Cause she's not here. I don't know where hope went. Okay.

Kayla: Do you know what Milo Harp did to end up in prison?

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: What?

Steve: He killed two men.

Kayla: And now he has our son?

Steve: He's not gonna kill our son.

Kayla: Would you stop saying that because you don't know!

Marlena: If it means anything, I agree with Steve.

Orpheus: I was separated from my children when they were very young.

Joey: So the last time you saw them was when you took those pictures?

Orpheus: I managed to track them down, but by then, they wanted nothing to do with me, blamed me for what happened to them.

Joey: My dad wasn't really around when I was growing up. When he came back, I wanted nothing to do with him. I hated him. Seeing my mom in pain all those years. How could I forgive him? But I did. 'Cause everybody messes up. Everybody deserves a second chance. What about your kids? I bet they'd give you a second chance if you tried again.

Orpheus: I did. This is, um, [Mirthless chuckle] Can't see it well, but it's, uh, it's my, my daughter and my, my grandson. This picture is as close as I'll ever get to that boy.

Joey: I'm sorry.

Orpheus: Me too. Me too.

Hope: [Mirthless chuckle]

Aiden: Hm-hm. What?

Hope: Can't.

Aiden: What? What do you mean?

Hope: Well-- I can't move to Oregon, and leave Ciara here.

Aiden: Oh, no, no, no, absolutely not. That's why I'm thinking Ciara's gonna come with us. I mean, I think she's really...

Hope: Stop this.

Aiden: Gonna love it there.

Hope: Stop this!

Aiden: What, what are you talking about?

Hope: Just stop this!

Aiden: No, you stop it. Okay, I know-- I know you do not despise me. Okay? I don't know what it's gonna take you snap you out of it, but you do not. All right, maybe when I came back you did, but I explained everything to you, and you forgave me. Remember? You forgave me.

Hope: No, you--you-- you're delusional. I would not be in this room right now if you weren't blackmailing me.

Aiden: Okay, look, I had to blackmail you to get your attention, all right? I know you don't think you can ever forgive me--

Hope: I will never forgive you!

Aiden: What is--

Hope: Ju-- you keep pushing me, and you will find out that two can play this game, mister Jennings.

Aiden: Mm. What game is that?

[Suspenseful music]

Hope: You think you have the upper hand...

Aiden: [Scoffs]

Hope: Because I covered up shooting Stefano? Well, well, well, well.

Aiden: Hm?

Hope: We both know that you committed a crime too. So like I said, you keep pushing me, and I will make sure the whole world knows that chase shot his mother dead.

[Dramatic music]

Hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au lait?

[Somber music]

Theo: I don't get why this happened. Why did that guy want to shoot my dad?

Ciara: Clyde Weston wasn't trying to hurt you dad.

Theo: That's who did it? That's who shot him?

Ciara: He was aiming for Aiden Jennings.

Theo: So my dad just got in the way? I wish I could do to Clyde what he did to my dad.

Ciara: Why don't you ask a nurse to see if your dad's awake?

Theo: I don't-- I don't think I should go in and talk to him right now. I'm just so pissed at what happened, I'm afraid I'm gonna say the wrong thing.

Claire: Hey, come on, no you won't. You always say the right thing to me.

Theo: No, I don't.

Claire: Hey. Yes, you do.

Ciara: So do you want one of us to go in there with you?

Theo: No. I got it.

[Dramatic music]

Orpheus: Go ahead and freeze to death if you have a mind to.

Joey: I am kind of hungry.

Orpheus: Well, that's too bad.

[Tense music]

Joey: So where's bonnie and Clyde?

Orpheus: Not here.

Joey: Well, where are they?

Orpheus: You know, you talk too much. Keep your mouth shut. Or you'll be very, very sorry.

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: Orpheus is targeting the four of us, not Joey. He's got no reason to hurt him.

John: You know, Kayla, if you can't, uh, count on his better instincts, just--just--remember that keeping Joey alive, that's Orpheus' ticket to $20 million. He's not gonna see a cent of that if Joey isn't safe.

Kayla: You know, his back is up against the wall. He knows that the police and the FBI are looking everywhere for him. He is desperate, and desperate people do anything. And I know that you're all just trying to make me feel better, but the--there's no guarantee that I am ever going to see my son again and you all know it! No. Stop it.

Aiden: You have no proof that chase did anything to Meredith--

Hope: You told me yourself how she died.

Aiden: It was an accident!

Hope: But you covered it up!

Aiden: No, please!

Hope: And that was no accident, mister Jennings. As you like to remind me, that's a crime. There should've been an inquest.

Aiden: Oh, and let chase live with that?

Hope: He lives with it inside of him every single day! My God! Can't you see it's eating him up? Probably why he raped my daughter--

Aiden: Oh, please! You're not gonna do anything to chase.

Hope: Try me.

Aiden: You know what? You helped me destroy...

Hope: He raped my daughter!

Aiden: Any evidence of that night, okay? So let me tell you this, hope, you have nothing. But let me tell you what I have. What I have could send you to prison for a very long time. So think about it. And you start to think about all the people you care about. You think about the people who helped you cover it up. Okay?

[Phone rings]

Aiden: Answer it.

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: Hey, where are you?

Hope: Just, uh, following up a lead.

Rafe: Okay, how'd it go?

Hope: It didn't. Uh, what's up?

Rafe: Well, nothing, except for the fact that my informant saw two guys matching Xander and Clyde's description.

Hope: Where are they?

Rafe: They're in west Salem by a convenient store. You know that one, uh, up by the woods?

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: Saw 'em running towards the woods from the store.

Hope: Probably held it up. I'm on my way. I'm gonna leave right now.

Rafe: Yeah--no--you don't need to do that; I already have a ton of units in the area. Just, uh, just wanted you to know that Xander and Clyde are evidently out of their hiding area.

Hope: Okay. I'll be back soon.

Rafe: Okay. Be careful out there.

Hope: I will be.

[Dramatic music]

Aiden: So where were we? Hm? Oh, yes, I was about to enumerate the lives I can destroy with just one phone call. You want to talk about an investigation? The cable news channels would love a story like this. Especially when the fact comes out that roman, who's your brother-in-law, police commissioner helped you cover it up. Send an innocent man to prison for a crime you committed--

Hope: André is hardly innocent.

Aiden: Oh, oh, I see. So André is the bad man and you're not. So tell me, what-- what did roman say? Hm? "Who cares if he goes to prison for a crime that he didn't commit," hmm? Is that was passes for justice here in Salem? What about Rafe? Rafe. Just think about what'll happen to him when it comes out that he's the one that helped you move Stefano's body. His life will be destroyed. So, hope, even if you don't want to save yourself, do you really want to destroy Rafe and roman's lives? [Scoffs]

[Tense music]

[Heart monitor beeping]

[Somber music]

Theo: They let me, um, come in and see you last night, but you were asleep. I don't think you knew I was here.

Abe: Come over closer to the bed.

Thank you. Thank you for holding my hand last night. I remember when you were-- when you were a little boy, I used to hold your hand so--so tightly when I took you out. You-- you didn't like it. You kept trying to pull free. I wouldn't let you go. Now you're holding my hand, taking care of me. [Sniffs] I am so proud of you. [Coughs]

[Foreboding music]

Theo: This is wrong. This is wrong. It shouldn't have happened to you.

Abe: I'm gonna be all right. Kayla said so.

Theo: Dad, Ciara said that the guy that did this is Clyde Weston. Is anyone gonna stop him?

Abe: Yes, yes.

Theo: Well, how long is it gonna take?

Abe: I don't know.

Theo: You don't know? They should do it now, dad. Clyde has to pay for what he did to you.

Abe: Just try not to worry. All right? Everything-- everything's gonna be all right.

Theo: I know. No, I know it will.

Aiden: I don't think I have to remind you that you had to choose between Rafe and me once before. You picked me. Okay, look, hope, I'm sure you are quite grateful to Rafe. I mean, he did help you cover up Stefano's murder. But love him? [Mirthless chuckle] No. I don't think so. You probably don't even love him enough to-- to help save him...

Hope: Stop, just--

Aiden: For paying for the crime that you did.

Hope: Stop. Okay? Say I do agree to your terms...

Aiden: Mm-hmm?

Hope: How am I supposed to get Rafe to believe that my feelings for him have changed overnight? He'll never buy it.

Aiden: I think you'll figure out a way. I think you should do it today. Or you know what will happen. Kay?

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: Good. [Chuckles]

Hope: I look at you now, and I do. Especially when I think back to that time that I spent at your house on Puget sound-- I found your wife's old tablet in the drawer. How she left that desperate message. She said if she were dead, you did it.

Aiden: And what did I tell you about her? She was an alcoholic. She'd say anything. She's...

Hope: There's one other thing I remember she said about you.

Aiden: [Chuckles] What?

Hope: She said that she was the only person in the world who knew how cold your eyes could get behind that smile. She's not the only one anymore.

[Cymbal shimmers]

[Dramatic music]

Claire: When I found my grandpa and uncle Steve, you know, I almost fainted. I was afraid that those guys were gonna kill us.

Ciara: I'm so glad you're all right.

Claire: They moved Joey someplace else.

Ciara: They're gonna find him.

Claire: Yeah, I know. Hey, thank you so much for staying here with Theo. It means a lot.

Ciara: You don't have to thank me. He's my oldest friend. He was so scared for you. He cares about you a lot.

Claire: Yeah, well, I feel the same way about him. It's kind of weird. You know I used to think about Theo as like-- as like a kid, you know? Now...

Ciara: He's, um, he's all grown up.

Ciara: Yeah. Isn't it great?

Ciara: Yeah. It's great.

Marlena: Look, all my opinions are based on the time I spent with Orpheus on the island. What was your experience?

Steve: Oh. Want to know about our experience?

[Tense music]

Steve: The psycho kidnapped Kayla and then tried to drown us in a freaking sewer.

John: I shot him. Thought I watched him die. And then I found you, and I figured this whole thing was over. Course we flash-forward a whole lifetime. That son of a bitch shows up at Brady's wedding. And here we are, folks.

[Phones beep]

Steve: It's roman.

John: All right, Xander and Weston knocked off a convenient store. Clerk recognized them. They took off, didn't make much.

Steve: Good. They're desperate. We're at end game now. Got to be ready.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Hey. You look wiped out.

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: Well, yeah, of course.

Hope: No kidding.

Rafe: Of course you are, you haven't had a chance to eat. I'll just call the pub. I'll have them send over your favorite--

Hope: No, I--I'm--I'm not-- I'm not hungry. I don't want to eat.

Rafe: You're running on fumes, hope.

Hope: Rafe, my nephew is being held by three murderers. I'm not gonna sit here and eat.

Rafe: Okay. Sorry. Didn't mean to upset you.

Hope: It's not you. Hey, believe me.

[Dramatic music]

We all need a hug in the morning...

[Tender music]

Hope: I'm sorry. At you, I really-- just, no sleep, you know...

Rafe: No, no...

Hope: I'm running...

Rafe: It's okay. You've been through so much. It's fine.

Hope: Yeah, I have. You know, I don't even-- [Sighs] I'm confused. I don't know--I don't know. I don't know--like--you know-- I don't know who I am right now. I just really don't. I'm thinking-- no--I--that I-- I jumped into things too quickly, and, um, please know this has nothing to do with you, okay? Rafe, you've been everything--

Rafe: No, what, what has nothing to do with me? What?

Hope: We need to take a break, okay?

[Dramatic sting]

Ciara: Theo's been in there for a long time.

Claire: Kay, well, you know Abe better than I do. Why don't you go in there and see if anything's going on.

[Ominous music]

Ciara: Abe's sleeping, and Theo is not in there.

Claire: Well, where would he go?

John: You know, I'm standing here and I'm-- I'm weighing the pros and cons of this ransom thing. Doc, you're right. The last thing we want to do right now is-- is make Orpheus feel like his back's against the wall anymore than it already is.

Kayla: And take it out on Joey.

John: Exactly. So I vote for the ransom. I can, uh, I can meet with him face to face, I'm sure he would prefer that. And I will, uh, pay him the money in exchange for Joey.

Steve: You know, current wisdom says you shouldn't negotiate with terrorists.

John: Well, current wisdom isn't working for me right now, partner.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: You sure about this, john?

John: Hey, Orpheus is running low on food and supplies. He's got to get out of town. We can make that happen. He's not gonna jeopardize this. And I swear to God he's not gonna get a dime of that money until Joey is safely with me.

Kayla: What, do you think he's gonna go for that?

John: If my partner and I can figure out the right way to approach him.

Kayla: Oh, God.

Marlena: Listen to me. Joey figured out a way to get Claire out of there. And he will figure out a way to get himself out of there.

Kayla: I hope so.

Steve: Listen, man, I disagree with you about what Orpheus' main objective is now. I don't think it's to get out of Salem. I think he still wants revenge. And I bet he wouldn't mind going out in a blaze of glory, especially if he can take you with him. So if we're gonna drop that 20 million, I don't think you should be involved in the exchange.

John: Well, we got to get him to take the bait so I got to be the guy. Come on, man. I'm your best shot at getting your son back, you know it.

Orpheus: My grudge is not against you. This whole thing is about making them suffer. And trust me, when this is all over, john, Marlena, your father, your mother, they'll all suffer.

[Dramatic music]

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