Days Transcript Tuesday 10/4/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/4/16


Episode #12933 ~ André wants to take advantage of the Kiriakis blunder, & he pitches this idea to Chad; Justin demands that Adrienne move out of the DiMera mansion; Gabi helps her friend Janet ward off looters, & she's stunned when she recognizes one of them.

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Deimos: I assure you your business interests down at the docks have not been compromised.

Justin: On behalf of the Kiriakis family, the Salem pd has our deepest apologies. It was never our intent to put any innocent lives in danger.

Philip: It's all there in black and white. In the last 24 hours, over half the companies that do business with us have pulled their shipments from the docks we control. The longer they hold out, the bigger the hit to titan's bottom line.

Theresa: Did titan relocate its offices?

Brady: The power is out down there. All hell is breaking loose--

Philip: Thanks to Brady jumping the gun.

Theresa: Yeah, he was protecting his family.

Philip: He could've cost us the family business.

Deimos: All right, Philip, there's no point in casting blame right now. We have way too much work to do.

Sonny: Brady, "the spectator" wants a statement.

Deimos: I'm sorry, but we really have to keep our focus on the task at hand right now, okay? So I hope-- I'm sure you understand. Thank you. Thank you.

Chad: You're serious? You want me to--you want to bring André back to the company?

Kate: On a trial basis, yes.

Chad: Okay, so it seems you've forgotten my plan to rebrand DiMera enterprises into something that is actually reputable and trustworthy.

Kate: Of course not.

Chad: Yet you recommend re-hiring somebody who was once the epitome of everything my father stood for.

Kate: Chad, you have to hear me out.

Chad: No--my-- I am making these changes to honor Abby's memory and to create a legitimate legacy for our son. Now, tell me how bringing back André is gonna do anything but undermine that plan.

Kate: André knows the ins and outs of DiMera enterprises. And André is family.

Chad: Family or not, his business tactics are questionable at best and, more often than not, reprehensible. Sorry. I can't run a company and watch my back at the same time.

André: You won't have to, I assure you. You give me this chance, I'll play your game. I also think it's only fair that I be part of this family business again.

[Glass shattering]

Gabi: You want in, you're gonna have to get through us.

Aldo: You don't want to mess with me, chica.

Gabi: Oh, my God. Wait a minute. You're--you're that creep who attacked me.

Aldo: You're the Hernandez girl--the one who pepper-sprayed me. You know how long that stuff burned my eyes?

Gabi: Hey, get lost or get burned, man, okay?

Aldo: This doesn't have to get ugly.

Gabi: It's too late for that.

Aldo: We know you got some nice loot inside that store-- expensive jewelry-- and I'm guessing it's insured. Let us have it, we'll be on our way.

Gabi: Oh, no, no, no, no, that is not gonna happen.

Brady: I take full responsibility for the raid. I got intel from what I thought was a credible source that there was suspicious activity going down at the docks. I had to make an on-the-spot decision. I made it.

Deimos: Yeah, well, as I'm sure you can see, it wasn't the right one.

Brady: No, it wasn't, and I didn't want this outcome, and I'm sorry about the position I've put titan in, but Xander went after Theresa, and he vowed to go after every member of this family. We have Orpheus and Clyde out there plotting against the rest of the town. They had to be stopped. I did something.

Justin: But they weren't, were they?

Deimos: All right, you know what? At this point, there's no reason to rehash the hows or the whys. It doesn't matter who called for the raid.

Philip: Oh, the hell it doesn't! Huh? Brady took it upon himself to make a decision that could bring titan crashing down around us.

Brady: And what if it was Chloe or your baby that had been attacked? You want to stand there and tell me that you wouldn't have done the same thing?

Philip: Don't you bring Chloe into this.

Brady: I can't undo what was done, all right? What do you want from me? What do you want?

Philip: A guarantee... that the next time your testosterone is pumping and you're jonesing for some vigilante justice...

Brady: Oh, Jesus.

Philip: You'll think twice before acting on impulse.

André: You know, it seems that it was Sonny Kiriakis and Brady black who ordered the ill-fated raid.

Chad: And I still don't see how any of this plays into the DiMeras gaining more business.

Kate: Chad, give him a chance to explain.

André: Since the bungled raid, there's been a heightened police presence on the docks, and the powers that be in the import-exporting business are getting rather uneasy. The control of the docks is ours to take, and the potential money that will be coming in will flood the DiMera coffers. All I've got to do is make a few phone calls.

Chad: No, absolutely not. Y! You're the-

Chad: Great, now, so correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't most of the players who operate down at the docks involved in illegal activity?

Kate: Well, we would just be providing ships for subsidiary companies. We wouldn't have to know what their cargo was.

André: And our hands would be clean.

Chad: Not exactly. I mean, in order to get into business with these people, we'd have to--what? We'd have to pay off unions, customs officials--God knows what else we'd have to do.

Kate: Well, Chad, that's how all business is run.

Chad: No, no, not-- not this one. Okay, we are rebuilding DiMera enterprises, all right? We're DiMera great again, making a name that is not just feared, but revered. And how are we gonna do that when we are still involved in illicit activities?

Kate: Well, your idealism is very noble, but I think perhaps it's time for a dose of harsh reality.

Chad: What are you talking about?

Kate: Chad, I went over the balance sheets as well, and that high-tech endeavor--that's just one of the ventures that's going to have to be put on hold.

Chad: You know what? No--you're not gonna scare me into changing my mind.

Kate: I'm not trying to scare you. As the head of the company, you have every right to say no to an opportunity that I think, personally, would be lucrative. But the sad truth is if you want to leave anything to Thomas other than pride in the DiMera name, you're going to have to rethink that decision.

Deimos: All right, you know what? Back off, everybody. Listen, I agree that Brady made a somewhat rash decision, but in a misguided attempt to protect his family. Now, we certainly can't indict him for that.

Brady: Why, thank you.

Philip: Great. Wonderful. And wouldn't it be heartwarming, now that we're all getting along, if it actually helped the situation, if it did a damn thing for titan's bottom line.

Sonny: I don't see you coming up with any solutions, Philip.

Philip: Here's a thought. Before we go any further, how about we define our roles when it comes to Kiriakis business?

Deimos: That's fine with me.

Justin: I agree. Since Sonny and I are the only members of the family officially employed at titan, I suggest we be out front, projecting a positive image. The rest of you can handle all the behind-the-scenes damage control.

Philip: We wouldn't need to do damage control if one of us had exercised some self-control.

Brady: See, see? We're not getting along yet, are we? I mean, do I have to remind you of all the misguided, stupid things that you've done that have reflected very poorly on us?

[Phone rings]

Deimos: Yes? Hello? Yeah, yeah, what have you found out? I see. Great. Thanks. Well, gentlemen, as bad as things are, they just got a hell of a lot worse.

Theresa: Come on. Please work. Please work.

[Line trilling]

[Phone rings]

Eve: Theresa!

Theresa: Oh, eve, thank God. I wasn't sure if I was gonna get you. I mean, 'cause reception's just been so iffy, and I just-- God, eve, I am so relieved that I reached you.

Eve: Just slow down. Slow down, sweetie, okay?

Theresa: I can't. I'm just too upset. I just--ugh, it's just all too much, eve.

Eve: Yeah, I know, and I've been worried sick about you, Brady, and Tate.

Theresa: No--we're okay, for the most part. It's just--I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a men's club, and someone took down the sign that says "no women allowed."

Eve: Okay, now you're gonna have to explain that one to me.

Theresa: It's Deimos, that creep. I hate him! I--I hate him. I hate him.

Janet: Maybe we should let them have what they want.

Aldo: I like the way this one thinks.

Gabi: What? No--we're not moving.

Aldo: You're asking for trouble, chica.

Gabi: What's wrong with you guys? Can't you see that these people are already hurting because the power is out? And you're taking advantage of this? What kind of people are you?

Aldo: Look at miss goody two-shoes here. She thinks she's gonna talk us out of it. But she couldn't be more wrong.

[Gabi screams]

[Man yells]

Go, get the cops! Go get them--oh, my God! Help me! Oh, my God!

Aldo: You just made a big mistake.

Gabi: Get off! [Screams] Oh, my God!

Aldo: I told you not to mess with me.

JJ: Hold it right there!

Dario: Whoa, whoa! Where do you think you're... going?

Aldo: Long time no see.

Theresa: When Deimos slammed that door in my face, I thought I was gonna lose it.

Eve: Well, those Kiriakis men are an unusual lot, Theresa.

Theresa: Yeah. Except for Brady. I mean, he's so kind and compassionate. I guess what really bothered me was just Philip giving him a hard time, you know?

Eve: Well, somehow, I think that Brady can hold his own.

Theresa: I know he can. Seriously, though, I mean, I see all Brady does for people, and sure, I mean, I've resented him in the past for trying to help lost souls, especially when they happen to be extremely gorgeous women, but really, eve, I'm the one that benefits the most from it-- from how kind he is. Well, so does Tate.

Eve: Well, I think that you all are very lucky to have each other.

Theresa: The men in my life-- they just make me want to be a better person, you know? And I think that's why it bothered me so much. I mean, the way Deimos was tearing him down, and he just shut me out like that. It's like--look, I know Brady and I are engaged, and we're not married yet, but I'm-- I'm just as much of a Kiriakis. I had every right to be there.

Eve: You know, you do, and I don't know why you're standing there talking to me, girl. Just get over there and stand by your man.

Theresa: You know what? That is exactly what I am going to do, and if anyone tries to stop me, I am going to give them holy hell.

Eve: Now, there's the Theresa fighting spirit.

Theresa: Okay. Well, I'll call you later and let you know how it went.

Eve: I hope that you do. Now, I want you to be very careful though, okay?

Theresa: I will. Hey, I love you.

Eve: I love you too.

Theresa: Okay.

Deimos: According to one of my contacts down at the docks, someone's been sniffing around our territory. All signs point to André DiMera.

Brady: I'm gonna go down to the docks. I'm gonna smooth this over.

Philip: Considering you're the one who created this mess, you might not be the best person to do damage control.

Brady: You want to have a conversation about who has hurt this company more in the long run?

Philip: Bring it on.

Brady: Why don't we bring Victor in here? Maybe he can give us some insight as to who he thinks is better fit to run this company.

Deimos: All right, enough, the two of you. Brady, go, please. See what you can do.

Justin: I'm going back to the office.

Sonny: I'm right behind you. Brady, just give me a few minutes to check my messages, and I'll come with you, at least for now.

Justin: No, Sonny. Not a good idea. Like I said, you and I are the face of titan.

Brady: Your dad's right. I should go alone.

Sonny: Dad, I am so sorry about all of this.

Justin: Right now, I'm more concerned about the latest development.

Sonny: André has to be working independently. There is no way Chad would go after titan.

Justin: Sonny, when it comes to the DiMeras, all bets are off, which is why this family needs to present a united front. If our competitors sense a weakness from within, titan is done. You understand?

[Line trills]

Sonny: Hey. I could really use a friend right now. Call me if you're free to meet up.

Kate: Chad, you've said yourself that the plans to develop a high-tech division at DiMera are gonna cost much more than projected.

Chad: Yeah, and our money that belle gave back is gonna help with that.

Kate: No. That money is already earmarked.

Chad: For--for what?

Kate: For debt incurred by DiMera during your absence.

Chad: Debt? What debt? Nobody has told me anything about debt.

Kate: Because no one wanted to bother you. You were taking care of Abigail and her illness at the time.

Chad: How deep a hole are we in?

Kate: Well, at the current rate, I'd say we'll probably be filing for bankruptcy in six months.

Chad: [Scoffs] Six months?

André: You know, we can still turn this around.

Chad: Yeah, by going after the Kiriakis holdings.

André: Well, it's not as unethical as you think.

Chad: Why is it that everybody says that when they are about to do something completely unethical?

Kate: Chad, if you trust my judgment, then you'll do this. It's the only thing that's going to keep the company afloat. And once DiMera is on solid footing, we can divest of any holdings that you don't feel comfortable keeping.

Chad: [Scoffs] No! I don't--I don't know. I don't know.

Kate: It's the only way to save the company and ensure your son's legacy.

Chad: Talk to the interested parties. See what our options are.

Clyde: Hey, a man does crazy things when he's backed into a corner, you know? As much as I didn't mind putting a bullet in the mayor of Salem, my real target was that bastard Aiden Jennings, and I got to stop that now. I got to focus on what's important, which is family, which is Ben. Poor boy almost lost his mind when they took Thomas away from him. And I'm gonna right that. I'm gonna grab that little tyke right out of that damn DiMera's arms, I'm gonna get my boy out of prison, and the three of us are gonna have a reunion that we won't ever forget.

Adrienne: Come on, baby, close those eyes and go to sleep.

Justin: I heard you and Lucas were playing house in the DiMera mansion.

Adrienne: Justin, what do you want?

Justin: You. I've come to take you home.

Sonny: Thank you for meeting me like this.

Chad: Yeah. You sounded stressed in your voicemail. What's up?

Sonny: Well, that's an understatement.

Chad: I'm guessing this is about the Kiriakis business down at the docks?

Sonny: You heard.

Chad: Yeah. I heard titan's taken a pretty big hit.

Sonny: Yeah. A very big hit.

Chad: So, what do you want-- wondering if DiMera's gonna make it bigger? Pt on top of things. attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish.

Gabi: That's him, Dario. That's the creep who attacked me.

Aldo: Only because your brother told me to.

Deimos: I am speaking for Victor Kiriakis when I say that the Kiriakis family will do everything in its power not to lose you.

Philip: I get that you're feeling vulnerable with the heightened police presence, but I can guarantee your business is as secure as it ever was.

Deimos: It's all right. It's okay. Look, I will call you, all right? And we will make this right. I promise.

Philip: This isn't over. I'll be in touch.

Deimos: We're definitely gonna lose some money over this.

Philip: All thanks to Brady.

Deimos: You really seem to have it in for him, Philip.

Philip: His bungled heroics might have cost us the company, and I am sick of him justifying his ridiculously bad decision by using the, you know, "it was all for the family" card.

Deimos: Well, surely you can relate to that better than anyone, can't you, considering the fact that you now have a child on the way?

Philip: Oh, that's one hell of a non sequitur.

Deimos: Really? No. Here's the non sequitur: I heard Chloe left town suddenly, and has no immediate plans to return.

Philip: I still don't get what that has to do with Brady playing the family card.

Deimos: Two days ago, you told me that you were committed to staying with her and raising this child with her.

Philip: Yeah, that's true. Not that it's any of your damn business, but I had a change of heart. I decided the baby would be better off being raised by Chloe alone. I know that may seem unfeeling to you, but I have my reasons, none of which I care to discuss with you.

Deimos: You can not be serious.

Philip: Look, being a Kiriakis isn't exactly father-of-the-year material, okay? I gave up my son Tyler to foster care, and look at my dad and me.

Deimos: It took my brother and me 30 years to make peace. I'm confident that he will come to his senses a lot sooner with you.

Philip: Don't hold your breath.

Deimos: In the wake of this current crisis, I believe that Victor's gonna come to realize that the Kiriakis men need to stop tearing each other down. The obvious answer is that there's strength in numbers. And the only real, effective way for us to deal with the threats against this family is to deal with them together.

Adrienne: Lucas and I moved in here to help Chad with Thomas. I mean, the poor kid is overwhelmed. Between losing Abigail and looking after his son and running DiMera enterprises, he's all--

Justin: Oh, I have a feeling Chad's got plenty of help running the family business.

Adrienne: What's that supposed to mean? You know what? Wait a minute. Since when do you have a say in what I do and where I do it?

Justin: I'm sorry. It's just that things are in crisis mode over at titan with this failed raid at the docks, and our son being smack-dab in the middle of it.

Adrienne: I heard that Brady initiated that raid.

Justin: He did, but Sonny insists on sharing the blame. He really could use your support right now.

Adrienne: And that's why I should move into the mansion?

Justin: Lucas could come too, if you want. But you should know the war between the two families is heating up again.

Adrienne: How's that possible? Stefano's dead.

Justin: André and Chad are alive and well.

Adrienne: [Sighs] Well, I never trusted André. But Chad--I have all the faith in the world that he would do the right thing. He has told me himself that everything he does is for this little boy. I will call Sonny, but right now, really, honestly, Justin, I got to get this baby down.

Justin: Okay. Take care of yourself.

Adrienne: You too.

Sonny: What happened at the dock was my fault.

Chad: I thought Brady was the one who called in the raid.

Sonny: He did, because of the threat to his family, especially Theresa and Tate, but I should've stopped him.

Chad: Yeah, but it makes sense that you wouldn't. I mean, those psychopaths are terrorizing my family as much as yours.

Sonny: Well, for me, I didn't do it to protect my family. I did it to get revenge on Clyde Weston for having me stabbed.

Chad: Clyde Weston's the one that had you stabbed? Okay, well, revenge seems appropriate.

Sonny: I just figured if you heard the whole story, maybe it'd be less likely you'd take advantage of the fallout for titan.

Chad: I mean, come on, Sonny, André's already looking at the possibilities.

Sonny: So, he's back at DiMera?

Chad: Yeah, yeah, he's back for now.

Sonny: Okay. Well, if the consensus is to move on Kiriakis territory, you're the one that gets the final say, right?

Chad: Right.

Sonny: You know my uncle Vic built titan on the shippingdet, DiMera has lucrative interests in a number of ventures. You have the high-tech division. You have the clean energy--

Chad: Yeah, which aren't gonna turn a profit for at least a year.

Sonny: You don't need our business, Chad.

Chad: Or maybe we do. Look, DiMera's made a number of financial missteps over the past few months, okay? And we're struggling to stay afloat, so yes, we are looking for other things.

Sonny: I'm asking as a friend: Do not do this.

Chad: So--

Dario: Are you even gonna look at me? Huh?

Gabi: You know what? What kind of brother are you? What is wrong with you? Do you know how scared I was, Dario? Do you--who would hire somebody to hurt me like that?

Dario: I didn't hire Aldo to go after you. I hired him to scare Rafe.

Gabi: And why in god's name would you want to hurt Rafe?

Dario: I wanted it to look like it came from Eduardo's past.

Gabi: What? This--this is all to make papi look bad?

Dario: He is bad, okay? He had no right to come back into our lives, Gabi.

Gabi: Dario, did you send that threatening note? The one that he left town because of that note? Did you send that?

Dario: No, Gabi, I swear I didn't, but the fact that he got a note like that that calls him a murderer--that says it all, don't you think?

Gabi: Dario, all I ever wanted my whole life was our family to be together, and just when I thought that that was gonna happen, you went and you ruined it.

Dario: I wasn't trying to hurt you.

Gabi: Yeah, well, too late.

Dario: Gabi, you can't tell JJ about this, because if he finds out, I'm--

Gabi: Just, please, Dario, get out of my sight.

Dario: I'm really sorry.

André: Oh, I was just telling Kate what I learned down at the docks.

Chad: I'm listening.

André: It seems that the power players are looking for a change.

Chad: By "change," you mean leaving titan.

André: And working exclusively with DiMera enterprises. Just give me the word, and I'll make the call.

Brady: I asked them to hang in there until the dust settled. I didn't get the reaction I was hoping for.

Justin: Sounds like André got there before you.

Philip: And completely took advantage of the strain that raid put on their businesses.

[Glass shattering]

Brady: Gentlemen, I can't tell you how sorry I am.

Philip: No, you can't, 'cause you don't have a clue what you've done.

Brady: You know, I'm sick of your mouth. Why don't you back off?

Philip: No way. My father spent his whole life building this company, and in one impulsive, thoughtless moment, you've brought it to the point of collapse.

Theresa: How dare you attack him? Every one of you had a target on your backs, and Brady was the only one willing to do what he thought was right to protect this family. Shame on you. Shame on all of you.

JJ: Are you okay?

Gabi: Yeah.

JJ: The nightmare's over. Those guys won't be bothering you or anyone else for a long time.

Gabi: I just never want to see those guys again.

JJ: You still seem pretty upset.

Gabi: How could anything else happen with you always there to save me? You're my own personal superhero. Hey, I could get used to that. [Giggles]

Brady: Babe, it's okay.

Theresa: No.

Brady: It's all right.

Theresa: No, it's not okay. You know what? You all talk about family, about how there's nothing more important than standing together as one, and yet here you are tearing down the one member of your family who tried to protect you. And what's worse: It's just over some business deals gone wrong.

Brady: Baby, baby, I can handle this.

Theresa: Yeah, I know you can. There is nothing you can't handle.

Philip: Except maybe that raid on the warehouse.

Theresa: Oh, what have you done to protect anyone lately, Philip, huh? You know, I wasn't that different than the rest of you a while ago, but then Brady showed me that the only bottom line that matters is keeping the people you love happy and safe. And he is the kindest, smartest, most unselfish person I have ever known. So, you know what? Instead of tearing him down, how about you appreciate him, and you appreciate how damn lucky you are to have him in your lives? Look, I know it wasn't my place. And yes, maybe I spoke out of turn, but I won't apologize, okay? And I won't be shut down, br--

Deimos: I have to agree with Theresa. We need to stick together. Otherwise, this threat from DiMera could break us up if we don't.

Sonny: I'm not sure there is a threat. I spoke to Chad. He did admit that André was checking out the possibilities, but they never committed to anything.

Philip: Did he give you his word they wouldn't?

Sonny: No, but I asked him as a friend not to, so it definitely made him stop and think.

Philip: About how he was gonna face you when he stole all our business.

Sonny: No, no, I don't think Chad would do that.

Philip: Because he's your friend?

Sonny: As a matter of fact, yes.

Justin: Sonny, like I said earlier, this isn't about friendship. It's about family. And just like you would, Chad is going to make the best decision for his. Unfortunately for us, this opportunity might be too good for him to pass up.

Chad: So, Sonny practically begs me, in the name of our friendship, to not go after the Kiriakis business.

Kate: What did you say?

Chad: What could I say? I said that we were looking into the possibilities, but we haven't committed to anything.

Kate: Not yet.

Chad: Kate, he's my best friend. We've been friends forever.

Kate: This isn't personal. It's business. And if you want to save your business, then you'll agree to make this deal.

Chad: Are there any other options? Any other possibilities?

Kate: I've looked at every angle.

Adrienne: Oh, here's Daddy. Look at the baby.

Chad: Hi! There's my sweet boy. I've missed you.

Kate: Oh, he's missed you too.

Chad: At the end of the day, everything I do is for this little guy. Isn't that right? André, make it happen. Yes! Yes. Hi. Got to make it happen.

Clyde: So, you're saying those DiMeras got Thomas in a virtual prison, huh? Right, and there ain't no way in? All right. Thanks for the update, Jeremiah. I don't care what it takes or who's got to get hurt. I'm gonna bust in there and take that little kid.

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