Days Transcript Wednesday 9/28/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 9/28/16


Episode #12929 ~ Jennifer encourages JJ to let go of the past; Gabi runs into Chad and their bond continues to grow; John gets a frightening phone call from Orpheus; Brady & Sonny make a bold move; Marlena gives Abe a psychological profile on Clyde.

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Abe: We're still going through tip line calls, and even without a reward, it's a flood.

Brady: Are any of the tips on Xander?

Abe: We have plenty, but nothing's panned out.

[Suspenseful music]

Marlena: Where is Theresa?

Brady: She has a security guard with her. If Xander gets anywhere near her, we're going to take him out.

John: Chances are he's probably already hooked up with Orpheus and Weston by now. And if that's the case, they can come back for any one of us which puts a huge target on our family's back.

Paul: Not bad dinner, considering we can't cook anything.

Claire: Yeah, I mean, once the stuff in the fridge goes bad we're toast, but this was really good. Thank you.

Paul: Yeah. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa. Where do you think you're going?

Claire: To find a hotspot.

Paul: No.

Claire: Uh, the Wi-Fi here is dead.

Paul: But you are not, so let's keep it that way.

Uh, yeah, um, still not letting you out, okay? You're staying in tonight. I'm serious.

Claire: [Huffs]

Jennifer: Honey, if you just sit down, I can have food ready for you in five minutes.

JJ: Thanks, but I ate at the pub, mom.

Jennifer: Wait, they have power?

JJ: Generators.

Jennifer: Okay, so are you off-duty right now?

JJ: No, roman told me to leave and not come back for four hours and get some sleep. I'm just-- I'm too wired to sleep so I wanted to check on you, make sure you stay inside.

Jennifer: Oh, I am not planning to go out.

JJ: Good. Don't. It's already crazy out there, mom. After dark, it's only going to get worse.

Chad: Uh, and do you have a distribution chart for the second tranche?


Chad: The second tranche. For the huge pile of money we're giving you for the start-up.

Sorry, yes, it's appendix B.

Chad: [Clears throat] Are these pre-tax totals?

We could put this off.

Chad: Don't be crazy. You flew in from san Francisco and DiMera enterprises is ready to move forward. Just...

Yeah, yeah, that's great. Um, but now we've met face-to-face so we can finish it off by video conference. I need to get out of here.

Chad: Look, the airport's closed from the power outage. You're not going anywhere.

I'll drive to Chicago and catch a flight.

Chad: Okay, look, if you're just-- if you're worried, I can guarantee your safety.

Really, is that, uh, family guarantee?

Chad: Not the way you're thinking. What I meant was you're welcome to stay at my home. We have a generator, security, mimosas.

Thanks. We definitely want this deal to work, but I'll call you tomorrow from the west coast.

Chad: Okay.

Gabi: Oh! Something you said?

Chad: Well, I think the sense of chaos and impending apocalypse had something to do with it. Speaking of, what are you doing walking around?

Gabi: Oh, you have a lot on your mind. You don't have to worry about me.

Chad: Oh, Slim, of course I do.

[Gentle music]

JJ: It's not just the escaped convicts. It's the blackout.

Jennifer: Right, but the hospital generators are working. Caroline's obviously are. What about the station?

JJ: Yeah, we're still up, but most of the town is still out. So alarm systems are down.

Jennifer: So there's looters already?

JJ: It's like every thief and hood in town was ready to take advantage. We've got a lid on it so far, but after dark that'll get harder. If you have to choose whether to protect a person or a storefront--

Jennifer: No, I know. Please just tell me that you are gonna be so careful.

JJ: I will.

Jennifer: And what about Gabi? I hope she and Ari made it home before the power went out.

JJ: They were at the DiMera mansion. Gabi got locked in a panic room with Chad.

Gabi: Slim?

Chad: Well, it's better than what I called you when we were kids.

Gabi: Skinny Minnie and what was it? Oh, yeah. Crabby Gabi.

Chad: Yes, I've evolved.

Gabi: Mm-hmm.

Chad: What are you doing here?

Gabi: I came to get some food for the house for when Rafe gets out of work.

Chad: Mmm. You think Rafe would be okay with you risking your life so he could have a belly full of chowdah?

Gabi: Uh, well, look, I needed some air. I just don't like to feel, like, trapped or locked in or... never mind.

Chad: Right, no, sorry, I forgot.

Gabi: Yeah, well, don't forget that I survived prison and I can handle a couple cons if I have to. Oh, look, I'm armed. Voila.

Chad: Oh, snap. Maybe you should walk me home.

Gabi: Yeah, maybe I should. What are you doing here?

Chad: I had a meeting.

Gabi: Nice tie. You had a meeting today? Seriously?

Chad: Mm-hmm, well, when a venture capitalist flies in from silicon valley, I should show up.

Gabi: Oh, that was that big tech nerd that was here.

Chad: Big money nerd. No worker bee.

Gabi: So let me just get this straight. The town's gone insane and you're taking care of business.

Chad: Guess so. Is it still crazy out there?

Gabi: I mean, around the edges, kind of. I don't really see much. JJ and Rafe, they said that we're in for a rough night.

Brady: My question is, how are these clowns causing so much damage? I mean, they broke out of prison with nothing, right? No phones, no cash. Maybe guns from the guards, right?

Abe: They obviously found what they needed.

John: God knows what Orpheus has stashed or where. But the thing is, he's been in prison for so long there might not be much of it left or any way to easy access it.

Abe: Well, that's not true for Clyde Weston. He had an extensive network.

John: Yeah.

Brady: Then let's round them up. Let's lean on 'em. Find 'em.

Abe: No knowns are still in Salem. Now we have word out to the authorities in poplar bluff. We only have a few names. They'll have more.

Brady: What did-- what did they say?

Abe: We haven't heard back yet.

John: We haven't heard back from either--

Brady: For the love of God, seriously?

John: Let's just keep our heads straight here.

Brady: No, no, wait, we're supposed to sit around here and wait for the poplar bluff police department who may or may not call us back while Xander's out there with his friends planning his next move. We are sitting ducks here.

Abe: We are searching too.

Brady: But the police need to protect, right?

Abe: Yes.

Brady: Right. Right, that's what these blue marks are. These are indicative of officers in certain locations to protect.

Abe: Yes.

Brady: That's my point, Abe. They're protecting, they're sitting, they're waiting, okay? That's ridiculous 'cause we need to take the fight to them.

Marlena: I agree.

John: What do you got there?

Marlena: Psychological profile on Clyde Weston. Give that to your officers.

Abe: Wasn't he a client?

Marlena: That's why it's not hypothetical.

Abe: Can you do this without losing your license?

Marlena: Clyde crossed a line when he kidnapped a child. I will do anything that I can to see him behind bars.

Marlena: I think the key to Clyde is Ben.

John: You think he might want to spring his son?

Marlena: I think he might do anything to make himself feel like he's a good father. That came out in our therapy sessions and I think that's actually true. Clyde has a mountain of guilt about his son. He will do anything to redeem himself. You'll also find my notes in there about the last session I had with Clyde while he was imprisoned.

Abe: When did you put this together?

Marlena: When I got home.

John: You mean right after what happened in the alley?

Marlena: When I saw the way they looked at Claire, when I realized it could have been Claire that was kidnapped.

Claire: [Laughs] Okay, first, that was, like, so parental and you are not. And I'm not a kid.

Paul: You're right. Uh, yeah, I'm not a parent and I'm not good at this, but you're still not going out tonight.

Claire: Okay, so I'm in jail?

Paul: Claire, there's a psycho who's after your family and he held a gun on you and you still don't think that it's dangerous?

Claire: No, no, I do think that it's dangerous. I do, but if we hide inside, then we're just letting the terrorists win, right? Isn't that a thing? You know, I will not let these psycho losers blow up my life just because they want to blow up other stuff. They belong in jail, not me.

Paul: Agreed, and until they are, let's stay inside.

Claire: Okay, well, I will be inside, at the pub, so it's perfect. Listen, okay, great-grandma Caroline, she is so ninja she has, like, her own generators and there are cops there and everything and it's totally safe. Maybe even a little Wi-Fi. At least I can just re-charge my tablet.

Paul: Okay, what is so important on that tablet that you'd risk your life?

Claire: Okay. Whoa. Way over the top, and this right here is my life.

Paul: That tablet is your life, but I'm over the top?

Claire: Okay, look, Paul. My online channel is building hits and people come here every day to see if I've posted something. So I have to be there for them or they'll just move on. You know, Salem might be shut down but the rest of the world is definitely still spinning. Later. Paul: Mmm.

Claire: Okay, really? Seriously? Ugh.

Paul: There's a curfew in town tonight. And yours starts now.

Claire: Okay, look, I really don't think that this is what my grandparents meant when they asked you to stay here with me.

Paul: Yeah? What, you want to call them and ask?

[Knocking at door]

Claire: Ah, good, jailbreak.

Paul: Yeah, it's not funny this week.

Claire: Well, I meant breaking me out.

Paul: Still not.

JJ: Truth? I wish Gabi didn't work for Chad. I get it, he's my nephew's dad and we have to get along if we want to see Thomas.

Jennifer: Yeah, that's one reason. And remember how much your sister loved Chad?

JJ: Oh, I got it, mom. She loved him, and look what happened.

Jennifer: It wasn't Chad's fault. It wasn't. If there is anyone to blame here, it is Ben. He is the reason she ended up in the hospital.

JJ: And how'd she end up with Ben in the first place? Who was she trying to get away from then?

Jennifer: Are you talking about EJ?

JJ: You don't think Ben was a rebound for her?

Jennifer: I think that you are really reaching.

JJ: DiMera men are poison, mom.

Jennifer: Okay, but think--think about all the people that we have loved and lost. Think about our family, your father and your sister. Life is too short. You can't waste all this time trying to find someone to blame.

JJ: I miss dad too, mom. Especially at times like these.

Jennifer: So don't miss the people that are right here. You care so much about Gabi. You need to spend every single minute that you can with her. Don't waste your time worrying about Chad.

Gabi: So how's Thomas doing with all of this?

Chad: Doesn't really know. You know, lights goes on and off and he just thinks it's, um, peek-a-boo. Actually watched Adrienne do it with him. Lights kind of had this flicker and she just went along with it. Peek-a-boo, calmed right down.

Gabi: That sounds like something you would have done.

Chad: I would have never thought of that. You know, being inside a baby's mind when they can't talk?

Gabi: Well, if Thomas is anything like Arianna, I'm sure he'll find a way to let you know.

Chad: I hope so.

Gabi: You know, at least you have help. I mean, I would have been lost without will and Sonny.

Chad: I don't know how people do this alone. I mean, it's hard enough trying to re-build a company, but to do it while raising a child, it's--

Gabi: Yeah, you're gonna do it. You're gonna be fine and you're gonna be looking fabulous while you're doing it.

Chad: 'Cause I got a very devoted stylist who's willing to get locked in a panic room to match the perfect tie.

Gabi: I guess I'm a professional. I don't know.

Chad: Yeah, that and I'd never thought of--of what it might have been like for you being locked in there.

Gabi: Yeah, yeah, neither did I but I guess I was just worried about melting.

Chad: It was hot.

Gabi: It was.

[Phone rings]

Gabi: Sorry. Hey.

JJ: Hi. Where are you?

Gabi: Well, I'm at the pub getting some food for Rafe and then I'm going to head home.

JJ: Can I see you? After dark I'll be back on duty for I don't know how long, but I have a couple of hours right now.

Gabi: Yeah, okay.

JJ: I'll be at the Salem inn room 325. I left a key for you at the front desk.

Gabi: Oh! Okay, I'll see you. I'm on my way. Hey, I have to run.

Chad: You sure you're going to be okay?

Gabi: Oh, yeah. I'm--I'm prepared. Are you?

Sonny: Hey, Claire.

Claire: Hello, Sonny. Um, how would you like to give me a ride to the pub?

Sonny: Well, there's a curfew tonight so it's probably a good idea to stay home.

Claire: Mm.

Sonny: Why do you want to go to the pub?

Claire: Hey, never mind. I'll go see if any of my charger packs have juice.

Paul: [Sighs]

Sonny: Babysitting?

Paul: Oh, never say that in front of her.

Sonny: Yeah, she seems like a handful.

Paul: Oh, no, no, her fans online, they need her.

Sonny: Oh, boy, oh, boy.

Paul: Yeah, I mean, Orpheus and Clyde nearly grabbed her and Marlena earlier in the square today.

Sonny: I heard.

Paul: Yeah, I mean, I'm surprised you're not holed up in the mansion with your family.

Sonny: Oh, I was. Every Kiriakis in town is at that house. The house has never been so full. Honestly, like, it's... oddly quiet.

Paul: Your family? How?

Sonny: Separate wings. Separate quarters. It's tense, but it's definitely quiet.

Paul: So you came here for some noise?

Sonny: No, I just came here to check in. Make sure you're okay. You know, 'cause your family's in the line of fire and Orpheus knows you're john's son.

Paul: Yeah.

Sonny: So that's-- that's all I was doing. Just coming over, making sure that you were handling it.

Paul: I am. Thanks. Well, thanks for coming over. Sonny, is-- is that really why you came?

Marlena: If there's anything else I can think of, I will let you know.

Abe: Well, this is a help. I'm gonna get this to the detective squad right away.

Marlena: There's a page on the front that every officer should have in case they come across Clyde or in case they have to try to arrest him.

Abe: Hmm.

[Phone rings]

Abe: Thank you. I'm gonna have to take this call. Would you excuse me?

Brady: So wait, wait, that's it?

Abe: When we apprehend Xander, Orpheus, or Clyde, you'll be the first to know.

[Dramatic music]

John: Brady, Brady, listen. Brady.

Brady: Hey, Abe, listen. I know the pd is stretched right now, okay? I know everyone's doing their best, but it's not good enough.

It's the little things in life that make me smile.

[Warm music]

Gabi: [Exhales sharply]

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I was concerned about you. We're still friends, aren't we?

Paul: I hope so.

Sonny: That doesn't change.

Paul: No. Is that all?

Sonny: All?

Paul: You grabbed me at the mansion after Orpheus escaped.

Sonny: You almost got shot. It scared me.

Paul: Me too.

Sonny: Friends don't want friends to get shot.

Paul: No. No, they don't. You know what I'm talking about.

Sonny: I do. The history. Chemistry. It's probably always gonna be there.

Paul: Yeah.

Sonny: But we both know we can't... go there again.

Paul: Makes sense.

Sonny: Yeah.

Paul: I knew I'd find you here. Have you made up your mind about going to Paris?

Sonny: I'm leaving this afternoon. I just--I can't be here. He's everywhere. He's in everyone that I talk to. I don't even know what's happened to me. Everyone's been so wonderful.

Paul: Everyone loves you.

Sonny: It's just, maybe I don't want to feel anything right now. Even love.

Paul: Everyone... just wants to help you through this.

Sonny: I know. And I hope that they're here when I get back.

Paul: I think you can count on that.

Sonny: You're going to be careful, right? Your new line of work is dangerous enough, and on top of it you have all your family stuff now.

Paul: Kind of wrote the book on that one.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Paul: Dangerous family business. The Kiriakis family doesn't--

Sonny: No, my uncle Vic left that behind a long time ago. Family business is completely safe.

Paul: Now? Completely?

Sonny: What are you saying?

Paul: Look, I don't want you to get hurt either, Sonny, and I don't want us to be on opposite sides, ever.

Sonny: Why would we be on opposite sides? You work with john, right? You think PIs are always on the side of truth, justice, and the American way?

Paul: We choose our cases.

Sonny: And they're always black and white? No gray area?

Paul: Is that what you tell yourself?

Sonny: I'm a Kiriakis.

[Dark music]

Sonny: I'm very proud of my family, so I don't tell myself stories about who we are to be loyal to them. I will not make an excuse for that.

Paul: Okay.

Sonny: Just take care of yourself.

Paul: You too.

[Door closes]

Brady: Look, my whole family is at risk here.

Abe: I understand. Everyone--

Brady: No, not everyone, Abe, okay? These guys have specific targets, understand?

Abe: You said you had a guard for Theresa.

Brady: Yeah, no, Theresa--she's not the only one. We have reason to believe that Xander's going to go after every single member of the Kiriakis family. Now, we have resources. We have manpower--

Abe: No, you do not finish that sentence, Brady.

Brady: You said you are maxed out here, okay? Use my help.

Abe: Citizen vigilantes on the street? We're getting reports of looting. This city is on the edge, and you want to pour gasoline on the fire?

Brady: No, I don't want to pour gasoline on it. I just want to do--

Abe: No, no, go home. Go home. Be with your family.

Chad: Sorry, um, I probably should have called first.

Jennifer: No, you're welcome to stop by. Even if you don't bring my grandson with you.

Chad: I don't know why I go anywhere without him. I don't really have a purpose.

Jennifer: I know, you're just transport now. Nobody cares about you anymore. Come on in, please. What are you doing out, actually? Why are you out?

It's fine, I have security. And, um, I have a guard on Thomas.

Jennifer: Oh, um, I don't even want to think about that, Chad.

Chad: You don't have to. You don't have to. All right, I'm on it.

Jennifer: I know you are.

Chad: Um, that's actually why I'm here. I have a few extra guards and, um, I would really like to assign them to you, and if it doesn't make you comfortable having them inside I'll put--I'll put one at the front, one in the back.

Jennifer: No, honestly, I just don't think I'm personally in danger.

Chad: Yeah, unless Clyde tries to use you as a bargaining chip.

Jennifer: Well, I don't think he would expect you to hand over your son to get me back.

Chad: Jennifer, I don't want you in danger. I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I know Abby would say the same thing.

Jennifer: Okay, um, then thank you.

Chad: Okay.

Jennifer: You can put your guards outside and, um... if they get cold or hungry, they can come in. I can make them some snacks.

Chad: No, no, I can't-- I can't have you feeding them doughnuts and spoiling them. They won't want to come back.

Jennifer: No, I'll just--I'll feel better if I treat them like guests.

Chad: Okay.

Jennifer: I mean, are they nice? Are they--

Chad: Yeah, yeah, of course they're nice. They're--they do security for executives. They're not thugs or anything.

Jennifer: I didn't mean to offend you when I said that.

Chad: No, I'm not offended. I'm not offended.

Jennifer: Okay. Thank you.

Chad: Um... there's also something else. I, uh, I had been putting Abby--Abby's stuff away. Um, and I had to stop because it was just--it was taking too much out of me. Um, but I've been putting it in boxes and putting it in the attic. Um, and I thought I was done until I went to my dresser the other day, and uh, I found this.

Jennifer: Oh. Oh, this is so beautiful. It has two faces.

Chad: I got it the day after I proposed. The, um... this time right here--

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Chad: Is the exact moment that she said yes. And, uh... sorry. [Clears throat] And I was gonna-- I was gonna give it to her on our wedding anniversary, but--

Jennifer: She would have loved it.

Chad: Yeah?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Chad: Anyway, I can't--I can't drag myself to go back up to the attic to put it away. Um... so I was hoping that maybe you would--you would have it.

Jennifer: It's really beautiful. Um, but I think that you should hold onto it for Thomas, really.

Chad: Or you could take it. And give it to him. I don't know how much stuff you have of hers--

Jennifer: I have-- I have plenty. But I will hold onto it for him.

What is, um... what is this second face? What time? What time is that?

Chad: I don't know.

Jennifer: That's right now. That's what it is.

Because time does go on, Chad. And so do we. And so do you.

Gabi: Oh! Sorry, glad I moved that.

JJ: I--I am so sorry. How long was I asleep?

Gabi: I don't know. Not too long.

JJ: I only meant to close my eyes for a second.

Gabi: It's okay. I get it. You're working hard. Crazy situation. Can't believe you had time to buy me flowers.

JJ: Well...

Gabi: I mean, the florist must have been very happy to get rid of from their coolers.

JJ: I got a hell of a deal. I would have paid, like--

Gabi: Anything in the world to make me happy.

JJ: That's what I do.

Gabi: Well, you put out a good spread. But usually when a guy talks about protection, they don't mean--

JJ: Yeah, that doesn't scream a night of love and romance.

Gabi: Mm, no, not so much. What are you doing?

[Music plays]


If only to hold you only to taste your lips if only for this moment for you I would do it again even for just one kiss I'd risk it all just for this

Brady: Are you sure? What part of the docks? You have descriptions of all three? Clyde, Xander, Orpheus? Then it's a green light. Take the fugitives out any way you can.

Sonny: What did you just do?

[Dramatic music]

Jennifer: Thank you again for bringing me this.

Chad: Yes. Yeah, if you want to wear it, you're welcome to.

Jennifer: I might wear it if you make me one promise.

Chad: Uh-oh. What?

Jennifer: That every time you see me wearing this... you're going to be really happy about this moment... and you're going to be really happy about now. Because that's what Abigail would want. She would want us to keep moving and just keep living.

Chad: I am. Finally.

Jennifer: Good. Guess what?

Chad: What?

Jennifer: You get to live for yourself, too.

Chad: Oh. Okay.

Only this moment so perfect for you I would do it again even for just one kiss I'd give it all just for this I'd do it all just for this

Gabi: Ah! [Giggles]

[Music ends]

JJ: I'm glad I found you.

Gabi: I can't believe anybody's phone is working... oh. You mean... yeah, me too.

JJ: Sorry that I messed up before the trip.

Gabi: When you were getting Abigail. When you were looking for Abigail.

JJ: I should have told you that I was leaving. And seen you. Even that--I know.

Gabi: No, you were doing anything that you could to find Abigail and I get that.

JJ: Still, I'm sorry. It's lousy to disappear on someone. I do get that.

Gabi: You didn't disappear. You just went away for a while. JJ, you're a hero.

JJ: Stop.

Gabi: No, seriously. Listen to me. I see what you do for the people that you care about. And I'm really glad I'm one of them.

Sonny: Did you just order a hit?

Brady: No, but our team has a sighting. Orpheus, Xander, Clyde, all of them in a warehouse down by the docks.

Sonny: Why don't you just call the cops?

Brady: Sonny, I was just at the station for hours. Okay? The cops, they're overworked. Everyone on the street.

Sonny: So?

Brady: So they're gonna do everything by the book, do you understand? They're gonna waste time, they're gonna clear the area, they're gonna negotiate.

Sonny: So you don't want them taken alive.

Brady: Our team has instructions to take them alive if they can. If they take them by surprise, that's possible. But if the cops go in, there's no chance of it. You understand me here?

Sonny: So you ordered a hit? If necessary?

Brady: Look, you know damn well that Xander wouldn't hesitate to take out our entire family. The man is angry. He's angry at Theresa because she put him in jail. He's angry at every member of our family because we won't accept him. From victor on down, you understand? Not to mention Clyde who nearly had you stabbed to death so let me ask you something. Are you tired of taking chances, because I am. Our family's security is threatened here. It's life or death, Sonny. I need to know something. Are you on board or not?

[Warm music]

[Phone rings]

Gabi: Just answer it. Just get it.

[Phone beeps]

JJ: B and es in campus area. They have me back on duty.

Gabi: Listen, I'm glad we got some time.

JJ: Me too. The minute I'm done. Maybe this will be quick.

Gabi: Okay. I'll be waiting. Careful.

[Tense music]

Sonny: This is the spot. Anywhere within ten yards we'll be able to see the dock. Dock 195.

Brady: 195.

Sonny: Yep.

[Phone vibrates]

Brady: Yeah. You sure? All three are inside? Go in and take them out. Dead or alive.

John: Hey, Paul. Where's Claire?

Paul: Oh, she's in her room. I left her with the guard. I got a call from a guy, your guy down at the docks.

John: Stivik?

Paul: Yeah, he said he saw some guys who do security work for the Kiriakis family searching the docks. They were armed to the teeth.

Marlena: You don't think victor would do this?

John: No, it probably isn't vic. You saw Brady earlier.

Marlena: What, you think Abe didn't talk him down?

John: I don't think anybody could talk him down. I know it's safer in that house, but with everybody in there going crazy over this...

Paul: Yeah, Sonny said it was tense. Came by earlier.

John: Did you see anything that would indicate Brady--

Paul: No, nothing that sounded like this was going on.

Abe: Excuse me. Is roman still out in the field? He's not answering.

John: As far as I know. What's up?

Abe: 911 call, automatic gunfire at dock 195.

[Rapid gunfire]

[Phone vibrates]

Brady: Tell me. They escaped? You--you saw them go in there? What the hell was all the gunfire? No, stand down. Stand down. Nobody was inside. It was bad intel. I can't believe this.

Sonny: What was up with all the shooting?

Brady: Someone--someone saw shadows, some guy shot and then everyone started shooting.

Sonny: Oh, good God.

Brady: There were longshoremen in there, too. There was, uh, Kiriakis employees in there.

Sonny: What about--what about Clyde and Orpheus and Xander?

Brady: Still at large. Damn it.

Abe: All right, we're getting a tactical team down to the docks now.

[Phone rings]

John: Oh.

Marlena: I thought you didn't get service here.

John: Well, I hadn't up until now. Aaah, it's Claire. Hey, sweetie, what's up? Paul's on his way back.

Claire: Hey, Grandpa?

John: Yes, I'm right here, honey. Claire, where are you?

Orpheus: She's with me.

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