Days Transcript Tuesday 9/27/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/27/16


Episode #12928 ~ The results of Chloe's baby's paternity test are revealed; Abe has a heart-to-heart talk with Theo; Aiden questions Rafe & Hope about Stefano's murder case; tension escalates among Orpheus, Clyde, & Xander.

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Roman: Okay. All right, listen up, everybody. Okay. Kill anything you absolutely do not need. Computers. Lights. Whatever. We got to shut down some of these generators. They can't run 24/7.

Hope: Somebody just tried to hit another gas station.

Roman: Oh, my God. These idiots. I can't believe the pumps don't work without electricity.

Abe: Yeah, well, Salem electric is importing crews from Chicago, so they hope to have power up in some areas by tomorrow morning.

Roman: All right, good, 'cause it's gonna be one hell of a long night.

Abe: All right, does anybody want to update me on what happened in that alley?

Roman: Yeah. When john got to her, Clyde Weston had a gun on Kate. Orpheus was about to shoot Marlena or Claire. Both probably. John managed to wound Orpheus. We don't know how bad, because they both got away while john was getting everybody to safety.

Abe: So if Orpheus is wounded, it should slow the bastards down.

Hope: Or make them more desperate. They're still holding Joey hostage.

[Dramatic music]

Orpheus: [Grunts] You have any trouble getting that stuff?

Xander: No. Front door was already kicked in. Couple of guys were looting the pharmacy in the back. I just grabbed what I wanted and walked out.

Orpheus: Hand me that shirt, will you, Clyde?

Clyde: Get it yourself. You deserved to get shot.

Orpheus: Excuse me?

Xander: What's your problem, man?

Clyde: [Scoffs] We had guns on three women. Not one of 'em's dead 'cause our supreme leader here just couldn't stop talkin'.

Orpheus: I don't recall you sticking around for a shootout, Clyde.

Clyde: Uh-uh, no. Don't you try and dump it on me, you sumbitch. You blew it.

Rafe: People are trying anything to get out of town. Lot of cars have been abandoned. Out of gas.

Roman: Yeah. Last report I got, the interstate's pretty much a parking lot out by exit 17.

Hope: By tonight, it'll be even worse.

Abe: Well, the curfew's already in the works. We have announcements going out via email right now, and the rolling loud speakers should start in an hour, and I need to check and see how that's going.

Rafe: So, when was the last time you took a break?

Hope: What? Is this your way of saying that I look like hell?

Rafe: No. It's my way of seeing if you're hungry. My mom made these before she left for Mexico, and she put 'em in the freezer, and since the power's out in the freezer--

Hope: You're the sweetest. Thank you.

Rafe: Heated 'em up and everything.

Hope: My partner's always looking out for me.

Rafe: Well...

[Piano music]

Wright: As you may know, a prenatal paternity test involves separating the fetus DNA, which is circulating in the mother's blood, and then comparing it to the prospective father's DNA. The blood sample you gave--

Deimos: All right, all right, can we please skip the science, all right? Am I the father or not?

Wright: Sir... you are not the father.

[Intense music]

Philip: Okay, we got our answer. Guess we're done here, huh?

Deimos: No one goes anywhere. Not until I get proof that these results aren't fake.

Wright: I anticipated you'd want to run a test a second time. The blood samples I used are in this refrigerated container. Have your own doctors or technicians review them as you wish, or they can even draw their own samples. I can assure you, though-- you are not the father.

[Edgy music]

Philip: Aren't you gonna congratulate us? I'll buy the champagne.

Deimos: You two think you have everyone fooled. You're only kidding yourself.

Nicole: Listen, we should go.

Chloe: Deimos, I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but there's no way to fake a blood test, so could you please just let Philip and me be happy and let it go?

Nicole: Can you come here for a minute please? Hey, do you remember your promise? You said if those test results proved that you weren't the father, that you would back off. And I believed that you were telling the truth. Were you? Or do I have to stop trusting you?

Chloe: Oh, my God. I never thought I'd say this, but thank you, God, for Kate.

Philip: You hate Deimos, and this is your chance to stick it to him where it hurts. He has everything he wants except a kid, and you have the power to keep it that way.

Kate: And how, pray tell, would I do that?

Philip: I did a little research on Chloe's doctor. His name is Wright. You helped raise money for his clinic in the past. He owes you big-time. Get him to say I'm the daddy.

Kate: Philip, he's a very ethical man. He's not gonna do that.

Philip: Then, get to the lab he uses. You've proven to be pretty talented in that area.

Kate: I can't do that.

Chloe: If you try to get into that lab in the middle of the day, they will arrest you.

Philip: Don't try to stop me.

Chloe: Philip, please, come on.

[Cell phone rings]

Philip: It's my mother. [Clears throat] What do you want?

Kate: That discussion we had while you were here...

Philip: What about it?

Kate: I had a change of heart. I'm totally looking forward to being a grandmother again.

Philip: [Mouthing words]

Abe: Oh, Aiden. A word please?

Aiden: Of course.

Abe: I don't know when it's gonna happen, but we are gonna get these bastards. And when we do, I'm gonna make sure you have extra security at the courthouse and a strict no-bail policy.

Aiden: Yeah, it's already in the works, Mr. Mayor.

Abe: Look, why don't you walk me through it? Just so I feel more reassured.

Rafe: Yeah, and the fact that Orpheus got away so fast and wasn't dripping blood probably means his wound wasn't that serious.

Hope: Too bad.

[Door opens]

Roman: Steve had his vest on. That was a good thing. We got lucky on that.

Rafe: Yeah, well, let's hope we get lucky again and catch these bastards before they do something else.

Roman: Yeah, and they will. Question is who they come for and when.

Clyde: We let you call the shots, but that's over now. You've had your fun-- left Steve Johnson dead on the living room floor-- but it is our turn now. I know Xander's itching for some payback, and so am I.

Xander: Damn right.

Orpheus: Go in the other room and check on the Johnson kid and make sure he's not moving around.

Xander: Okay.

Orpheus: So you're taking over, is that right, Clyde?

Clyde: I was fixing to get what I came to get. And I say we use the Johnson kid as bait. We tell the new DA, Mr. Aiden Jennings, to show up with a big, fat ransom. He walks in, we mow him down like high grass, and we take the money.

Orpheus: That's deep, Clyde. They teach you that in hillbilly school?

[Footsteps approaching]

Xander: Kid's good. No problems.

Orpheus: Thanks. Joey Johnson will not be used as bait. When we dispose of the people we came here to kill, we're gonna need a hostage, a human shield. So what we need to concentrate on now is getting ourselves a sufficient amount of money and some transport.

Clyde: Well, the quickest way to do that is to get another hostage.

Orpheus: Well, now, that is the most intelligent thing you've said all day, Clyde.

[Dramatic music]

Aiden: All right.

Hope: Thank God the landlines are still working.

Roman: All right. You two, check those places that were looted.

Aiden: I need to talk to you. Well, both of you, actually.

Hope: About what?

Aiden: Stefano's murder.

Rafe: What? For god's sake, that was a long time ago. It's done. It's put to bed.

Hope: We're a little busy right now, can't you see that?

Aiden: Yeah, I can see that. But it won't take long.

You inherit lots of

traits from your family.

Abe: So, what about the vests?

Roman: Everybody's suited up. I got to go check on fuel supply. Hey, Theo, good to see you.

Abe: Theo, I thought you were staying with Chad.

Theo: Yeah, one of his men drove me.

Abe: Oh. Okay, so what's going on?

Theo: Well, I was there when the blackout hit, and things were just-- they got crazy.

Abe: Yeah, I bet they were. Look, look-- I'm gonna have to take... yeah, this one quick call. I'll be right back.

Hope: How's your hand?

Aiden: The hand is fine. Thank you. You administered excellent first aid.

Hope: You really should still see a doctor. It might need stitches.

Aiden: It's fine. Look, I want to talk to you two because I keep going back to this Stefano DiMera case. There's a few things in there that just don't set right with me. I was hoping that you two could help clarify a few things.

Nicole: Oh.

Deimos: Yeah. Oh. Obviously, I expected to have a celebration. Can you believe what just happened? What it meant?

Nicole: I'm not sure I know--

Deimos: It means that Chloe obviously jumped into bed with Philip-- what, a day or two after she had been with me?

Nicole: Well, um... Chloe was never a fan of monogamy.

Deimos: Nicole, she's one of your best friends. Is that what she's really like?

Nicole: Deimos, she's a wounded soul.

Deimos: I don't know much about her past.

Nicole: And a tough childhood.

Deimos: I am not accepting the results as if they're gospel. I'm gonna have a second test. Even a third if I want it.

[Evocative music]

Nicole: Deimos... I know what it's like to think that you're gonna get this beautiful baby soon, only to have it taken away from you. Every time I got pregnant-- every time... it's a pain that you can't describe, I know. You're not alone, okay? I went to the clinic to support Chloe. But I was also there for you. And I'm here now. For you.

Philip: Thought he was gonna have a stroke.

Chloe: Tell me about it. Deimos is so scary when he threatens you. Especially when he stares at you. Swear he could tell I was lying.

Philip: Good thing Nicole could talk him down to get him--

Kate: Good. Good, you're still here. I'm sorry.

[Suspenseful music]

Rafe: Wow.

Hope: Aiden. We went over every detail of Stefano's case at least a hundred times.

Rafe: The facts are all right there. They point to André DiMera being the murderer.

Aiden: Mm. Except he wasn't.

Rafe: No, he's still our guy. He just paid someone else to talk so he could be set free.

Aiden: Hmm. So you still believe he's guilty?

Hope: Yeah. Yes.

Rafe: What the hell do you expect us to say?

Aiden: The truth. A little cooperation. See, as DA, I can make this case disappear forever. Or I can reopen it... take another look-see. And dig a little deeper.

Roman: Hey, Theo, your dad will be back soon. These escaped convicts got us running a little ragged. How's it going?

Theo: University canceled the classes.

Roman: Yeah, I heard that. You know what? I was thinking about your mom the other day. How proud she'd be that you got into Salem U.

Theo: Maybe.

[Cell phone rings]

Roman: Oh. Sorry, got to take this. Brady. Where?

Orpheus: We're gonna need new disguises. Can you get back into the warehouse?

Clyde: Shouldn't be a problem.

Xander: Hey, how about we snatch Theresa and Nicole? We could have fun torturing them before we trade them in for cash.

Orpheus: Well, they would certainly yield us a large ransom from the Kiriakis family.

Clyde: And then what? Hey, you say you're always ten steps ahead. We grab the hostages, and then what?

Orpheus: We trade for money and transport. We use the lad in there as a hostage, a human shield, and...we vanish.

Clyde: And go where?

Xander: We could go to the Kiriakis compound on Mykonos. It's not like any of my family will be using it. They'll all be dead.

Clyde: [Laughing]

Deimos: You're with me.

Nicole: I am.

Deimos: I need you to mean that, Nicole, in every way. And please, please don't say something out of pity. You know that I'm hurting. You know what I lost today.

Nicole: I wouldn't tell you something I didn't mean. Deimos... you mean a great deal to me.

Deimos: I hear a "but" coming.

Nicole: But... [Murmurs] Sometimes you... you scare me a little. You know, the way you bullied Chloe into having a paternity test. I've had my experience with dominant men, and it just didn't go so well for me.

Deimos: I am simply who I am, Nicole. All I have to offer you is my protection and my love. Do you have a place for me in your life? In your heart?

Nicole: Yes. Definitely, I do.

Philip: What's going on, mom?

Chloe: What do you have to be sorry about?

Philip: Deimos wasn't happy, but he had to accept the fact that he wasn't the father.

Kate: Oh, my God, this is such a day from hell. I was on the way here, to the lab, to switch the tests, and I come face to face with Clyde Weston.

Philip: What?

Kate: Who has a gun.

Chloe: Oh, my God.

Kate: And I'm telling you, I felt like I was gonna be killed right then and there.

Philip: Son of a bitch.

Kate: And then, miraculously, john shows up, and the whole thing just goes insane. Within a matter of three seconds, there are shots fired. Clyde and his buddy disappear and john saves the day. I--

Philip: Thank God you're all right.

Kate: Yes, I'm all right, but you're not all right. Because by the time I did get to the lab, the tests had already been taken, Dr. Wright picked up the results, and I couldn't do the switch.

Chloe: No, Dr. Wright said--

Philip: W-w-what are you talking about, mom? The tests weren't switched? They were legit?

Kate: Yes.

[Dramatic music]

Philip: What the hell's going on?

Chloe: I don't know.

Kate: What are you talking about?

Philip: The test said Deimos isn't the baby's father.

Kate: Oh, God. I should've known.

Roman: 'Kay, let me know.

Abe: All right. Curfew is set. Sundown to sunrise.

Roman: All right, got it. Hey, listen, I, uh, I think Theo needs to talk.

Abe: Oh, right, right. That's exactly what I-- where-- where the hell did he go?

Theo: Hey, how's it going? Did you have a good session?

[Piano music]

Bobbie: You a teacher?

Theo: No. No. I spent a lot of time in this room, though, when I was your age. My mom used to take me. My dad sometimes.

Bobbie: I hate it.

Theo: I hear you. I hear you. But you got to try. My mom passed away-- she got sick-- and people would tell me when you miss someone who's not here, you go to the graveyard and you feel closer. But I didn't. I come here. I mean, this is the place where my mom told me to work my hardest and, I mean, if she didn't do that, I don't-- you got to hang in there, all right?

Aiden: See, if I decide to reopen this case, I know there's a few things in there that are gonna trouble me. Like the murder weapon, for instance. Do you know for certain, hope, that André stole Bo's gun?

Hope: Not provable. But it was found in his possession.

Rafe: He stole it from her house so he could set her up for murder.

Aiden: Yeah, see, that's not provable either, though. That's just a theory. Right? That André wanted to kill his father and have you take the fall for the murder?

Rafe: You have a point, Aiden? Because we have three psychos on the loose.

Aiden: Well, maybe you can just quickly answer this question. Why would André keep the gun? Why would he dump the body in an abandoned building? I mean, that's-- I look at those things, and that sounds like the work of someone who's trying to improvise. All right, we're talking about André DiMera. Experienced criminal. Doesn't sound like something he would do. Right?

[Cell phone rings]

Aiden: You think? It's the attorney general. Has some questions about the curfew--I have to take this. I'll, uh, be right back. Aiden Jennings.

Hope: He's gonna keep digging. He's gonna find out that I killed Stefano.

Rafe: NO. No.

Kate: You deceitful little witch. You were setting us up the entire time.

Chloe: What? No. Kate, I'm just as shocked as you are.

Kate: Oh, of course you are.

Chloe: Deimos has to be the father.

Kate: Bull! Bull. You are trapping him into playing daddy because he has money.

Chloe: No, that's not true. Philip, you're my friend. I would never lie to you.

Kate: Oh, what are you talking about? Of course you're a--you lie. That's what you do. You always lie, Chloe. You're lying right now!

Philip: Mom, stop! Please, okay? Just go home.

Kate: Excuse me?

Philip: Chloe and I need to handle this one-on-one. I'll be by to see you later.

[Dramatic music]

Chloe: Philip, thank you. I really needed you to stick up for me.

Philip: I wasn't doing that. I just didn't want to her yelling anymore. Okay, so... just us. What are you trying to pull?

[Melancholy guitar music]

Abe: [Sighs] There you are. I thought so.

Theo: Hey.

Abe: Look, I'm sorry I had to take that phone call at the station.

Theo: How'd you know I was gonna be here?

Abe: Well, I-- when things go wrong, you start missing your mom, and she was with you here almost every day, so... you wanted to talk to me?

Theo: I didn't do a good job. Dad, when the lights went out, I was supposed to take care of Thomas and Arianna, and...

Abe: And?

Theo: And I--they were upset, and I didn't do anything. I didn't do anything. I should've been like a good dad. I should've hugged them and told them, "hey, it's okay. I'm here." Okay, but dad-- I didn't do anything.

Abe: I know. You know, your being there... your being there helped them more than you think. They knew they weren't alone, and then Lucas or Adrienne came to help. Right?

Theo: Yeah.

Abe: You did fine.

Theo: Are you sure you're not saying that so I don't feel like a loser?

Abe: [Sighs] Son, you are not a loser. You know, you have challenges, and you've worked very hard for a lot of years to handle them. Hey. I don't tell you this often enough-- I am very, very proud of you. And I know that your mom, she's looking down at you and she is very proud of you too. Yeah.

Theo: [Sobbing]

Xander: Joey tried to convince me to untie his hands so he could eat alone. Actually thought I'd fall for it.

Orpheus: Can you imagine what Kayla's going through right now? Wondering what we're doing to her little boy? Not to mention what we did to her precious patch. Disguises?

Clyde: Easy peasy. Check out what I stole off some punk kid. Steve Johnson--still alive.

[Dramatic music]

Guess you're not the criminal mastermind you thought you were, huh?

Rafe: Oh, hey, hope... take it easy. Take it easy. You know what he's got? Nothing. Nothing.

Hope: Everything I did that night was wrong. I lost it. I snapped. I shot Stefano, and I dragged you into the cover-up.

Rafe: No, you did not drag me into anything. And frankly, we both know that Stefano goaded you into shooting him.

Hope: I'm still guilty of murder. And framing André-- that was just one more crime.

Rafe: Well, you know what? You made the world a better place--stop it, okay? Don't. And André-- he got what he deserved. I mean, he was able to wiggle out of it. But don't do this, okay? Do not let Aiden see you like this. Okay? Don't. Just don't. We're gonna get out of this. Guaranteed.

Chloe: Philip, I didn't set out to trick you. I thought Deimos was the father. The only reason I asked you to be the baby's father was so that he would leave me alone.

Philip: You asked me to get my mom to switch the test results.

Chloe: Yeah, because I thought it was gonna prove that Deimos was the father.

Philip: But if she had made the switch, Deimos still wouldn't be the father. But I'd think that he was. Nicole still does. That's what you wanted everybody to think, right? Why? What's the game, Chloe?

Chloe: No! That's not true-- there isn't a game. Do you think if I knew it was gonna turn out like this, I would've panicked about Deimos in the first place? Do you think I would've needed any of this? Brookville or the secrecy or even you?

Philip: Stop lying. Thanks to that son of a bitch, Weston, my mother never got a chance to switch the test results. Now everything's out in the open. You've been playing me.

Chloe: No! I haven't. I-I would not... [Sighs] I would never do that to you.

Philip: You've done it before.

Chloe: Please don't go there. You've been so good to me, and you've protected me from Deimos, and I don't know what's happening.

Philip: If Deimos isn't the daddy, and I've never slept with you, how about the truth for once? Who's the baby's father? Many people clean their dentures

Deimos: [Sighs] Now, that's crazy. Finding out I don't have a son somehow brought us together.

Nicole: Son?

Deimos: Hmm. Oh, yeah. Definitely a son. I had his whole...imaginary life all mapped out. We were gonna raise him together, right here. Right here in this house. I've seen you with Parker. You'd make a wonderful mother.

Nicole: I would. I know I would.

Deimos: Absolutely. You'd be the best mother a boy could ever hope for. I fantasized about throwing him birthday parties. Me taking him to the office to show him the ropes and you cheering him on at soccer games.

Nicole: Oh. Soccer mom, huh?

Deimos: Yeah.

Nicole: You had this all planned out?

Deimos: Yes, I did. I think that's why I took it so hard, you know? Hmm.

Nicole: I'm sorry.

Deimos: Don't be. I love you, Nicole. More than you know. And you're all I need.

Chloe: Philip--oh, my God, it makes no sense!

Philip: What, you're not gonna tell me? Wow. [Clears throat] Father must be a real winner if he's worse than Deimos.

Chloe: Look, I know that you're upset, but I am telling you--

Philip: Upset? Huh. Hell, Chloe, why would I be upset? I just turned my life upside-down to help you because we used to have something. I thought maybe we still could. But if you're not gonna tell me the truth...

Chloe: I can't.

Philip: Unbelievable. Damn it, I hate when my mom's right.

What a fool I've been.

Chloe: [Sobs]

Roman: Okay. All right, well, tell me. Does he have any evidence?

Rafe: Not a damn thing.

Hope: He's suspicious as hell.

Roman: Okay, well, last time I looked, suspicion doesn't trump evidence. Our cover-up is solid.

[Door opens]

Aiden: Ah, roman. How's it going?

Roman: Fine. Fine. Hope and Rafe were just filling me in on the problems you got with the DiMera case.

Aiden: Yeah. Yeah, I had some problems. But they clarified things for me, so there's nothing I can take to a grand jury. Case closed.

Roman: Oh. All right, then.

Rafe: Great, 'cause I'm sick of this stupid case. Come on, hope.

Hope: Excuse us. We got work to do.

Aiden: Yeah. Good luck with those convicts.

[Suspenseful music]

Before fibromyalgia, stay and guard Joey?

Clyde: Well, somebody's got to, and me and Mr. Know-it-all are gonna be busy grabbing a couple more hostages.

Xander: Who?

Orpheus: Just one, actually. And I know exactly how to extract her.

Kate: Chloe has had multiple partners-- so many, so often, she has no way of knowing who the real father is. How many times do I have to tell you? The woman is a--

Philip: Hey, don't be smug. I'm hurting here.

Kate: Honey, I know that you're feeling betrayed. I do.

Philip: I'll deal.

Kate: But at least she doesn't have you eating out of her hands anymore. Now she's gonna have to deal with the mess on her own. And believe me, when Deimos finds out that you're not the father, he's going to make her life hell.

Chloe: Oh, my God. Could it be? Yeah. It has to be. That's the only explanation.

Deimos: It's amazing, isn't it? How far we've come?

Nicole: Fact that there is a "we" is amazing.

Deimos: [Chuckles]

Nicole: But you've evolved.

Both: [Laughing]

Deimos: Mm. It's funny how almost dying can help put your life in focus, you know? Teaches you what's important. Who's important.

Nicole: And after all the drama and all the games, here we are.

Deimos: Here to stay.

Nicole: Yes, I... I had a hard time wrapping my head around that, but yes. That sounds nice.

Deimos: Yeah.

Rafe: Okay. It's okay. The nightmare's over.

Hope: And I still feel so guilty of what I did. Rafe, I was so terrified of being caught and having to leave Ciara on her own.

Rafe: It's not gonna happen. We're home free.

Hope: Everything I did that night was wrong. I lost it. I snapped. I shot Stefano, and I dragged you into the cover-up.

Rafe: No, you did not drag me into anything. And frankly, we both know that Stefano goaded you into shooting him.

Hope: I'm still guilty of murder.

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