Days Transcript Wednesday 9/21/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 9/21/16


Episode #12924 ~ Steve brings Kayla home from the hospital after her operation; Claire causes a panic when she gives the slip to Ciara, Jennifer, & JJ; Adrienne & Lucas hunker down with Chad, Theo, & Thomas in the DiMera mansion; the prisoners make a move.

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Chad: Hey, how is everyone?

Adrienne: I just keep thinking about what you said Clyde said to Kate about taking Thomas no matter what. I mean, oh, my God, even though he knows that he's not Ben's son.

Lucas: If you hadn't showed up when he had my mom trapped...

Chad: Hey, look. You know what? We're all safe now.

Adrienne: Are we? Really? I mean, the men-- men who escaped-- they're out for revenge.

Chad: Look, let's just take a breath, okay? I have my security team covering all the access points. They're in the tunnels, on the roof--

Adrienne: Chad, when somebody wants something that badly, nothing is gonna stop them.

Aiden: No, chase, everything is fine with me. I'm just checking in on you, buddy. It's what dads do. No, the ride back from Portland didn't seem long at all. I had some very interesting reading material. Yeah--remember, I'm gonna be back up there next weekend, and we will check out places to live, okay? What's that? I am quite certain hope will be more than happy to join us, yes.

Hope: No. No, absolutely not.

Ciara: Mom!

Hope: I mean it. No. It's not negotiable. Safety in numbers. As long as those convicts are still out there, consider this place on lockdown.

Julie: Don't worry, darlings. We'll still have fun. Now, Doug has a bit of a sore throat, so he'll be staying upstairs, and we'll have the place to ourselves.

Jennifer: Yeah, let's-- let's pretend we're having a slumber party. How's that?

Julie: Great, great! We'll play charades. We'll paint each other's fingernails. It'll be a blast.

Hope: Behave. Both of you. I need to get going. There are a couple of stops to make before I get to the station.

Julie: Okay, honey.

Hope: Okay?

Claire: Bye.

Julie: So long.

Ciara: Bye.

Hope: Bye.

Jennifer: Hey. Any news?

Hope: No, not really. No sightings. And with the roadblocks we've had up, it's pretty unlikely they've left town.

Jennifer: Hope, I'm worried about JJ. He's the one who trapped Clyde and got him sent to prison. He's a vicious man.

Hope: Yeah, well, he's not the only one, cuz.

JJ: Hey.

Gabi: Oh, hey. Sorry, she's--she's wiped out from all the shopping.

JJ: Got you, okay. Well, maybe you should go home, put her to bed, lock the doors.

Gabi: Well, no, first I have to go over to Chad's and leave all this stuff. He has a really important meeting tonight. What?

JJ: I just hate to see you go someplace that dangerous.

Gabi: Well, I hate that you're on patrol with Clyde Weston out there probably looking for you.

JJ: I'm just saying, Gabi.

Gabi: And so am I. Chad's my boss. And I'm pretty sure I have my brother's work ethic.

JJ: Okay. How about a police escort then?

Gabi: Don't be silly.

JJ: Why is that silly? My car's right off the square.

Gabi: Could we play the siren?

JJ: We could, yeah. But wouldn't that wake up Arianna?

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

JJ: Let's make a deal, okay? When all of this is over, we'll go do something fun. A picnic down by the river, or go to Chicago. We will go to Chicago and show Ari the aquarium. Whatever you want.

Gabi: Sounds good. Yeah, I just-- I just hope these guys get caught before anybody else gets hurt.

Steve: Okay, baby, come on. Back.

Kayla: I'm good.

Steve: Go easy.

Kayla: I'm good. I'm good.

Steve: Okay.

Kayla: Really. Stop fussing--I'm fine.

Steve: Want the blanket?

Kayla: No--well, okay. Yeah, I'll take it. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you very much.

Steve: And I'm not fussing. I'm fixing.

Kayla: Oh.

Steve: You know, I don't think you should be out here. I still think you should be back in bed.

Kayla: And then when I call you every few minutes... I mean, come on--you're gonna really love that, running back there.

Steve: Well, I won't have to run very far, because I'm not gonna be further than three feet away from you until you're all better.

Kayla: [Laughs] Oh, brother.

Steve: That is, unless it's at night, when I guess I'll be the one out here on the couch. Unless... you can't stand it, and you invite me into the bed with you. No pressure, of course.

Kayla: Right. No pressure. [Laughs]

Steve: All right. Got you settled in. I'm gonna call the pharmacy and have them deliver that--

Kayla: No, no, no, no, don't call them. You know they're always so slow.

Steve: You're right. They are. I'll text Joe, tell him to pick it up on his way home from school.

Kayla: No, no, no, really, I would rather him come straight home. In fact, why don't you text him and tell him to stay with friends, you know? It's not safe for him either.

Steve: He knows that. I've already given him instructions. He knows Orpheus is a dangerous character. And we both know that maniac is never gonna forgive us for when we got in his way.

Orpheus: Are there any other ways around that main area?

Clyde: No. You'd have to go back out to Broadway, and they'd be sure to have that place covered.

Xander: When are you ladies gonna stop talking it to death? We've got disguises. We've got weapons. We've got targets. Let's do this.

Orpheus: Let me ask you something, Xander. When you went after that Theresa woman, half-cocked and without any plan, without any escape route, how'd that work out for you? You're lucky to be free.

Xander: So are you.

Orpheus: Exactly, because I did the same mindless thing.

Clyde: Same here, so lesson learned, times three, all right? But tonight it's gonna go like clockwork. Place is gonna be crawling with cops, but these disguises ought to help us get by without any problem.

Xander: Terrific. But I want to go after Theresa and that bitch Nicole some time tonight.

Orpheus: You're gonna have to learn how to spell patience, son. We're all gonna get a chance to do everything we want to every single person on the list. The only question we have to answer now is: Who's first?

Steve: I don't want you to worry, sweetness. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you or Joe.

Kayla: I was so terrified when Orpheus held me captive.

Steve: I know. But I got there, and everything worked out, right?

Kayla: For us, yeah, but not Marlena. And if it could happen to her, it could happen to us. I mean, look, he-- he already shot john.

Steve: Sounds like you don't want me too far away.

Kayla: I don't.

[Knocking at door]

Steve: Hey, hope.

Hope: Hi.

Steve: Hi.

Hope: Flowers for the patient.

Steve: Wow.

Kayla: Beautiful.

Hope: Oh, how you doing, doll?

Kayla: Good...thank you for coming by. They're beautiful.

Hope: Oh, am I interrupting?

Steve: No, no. You know, actually, I have to go out and get Kayla's prescription. Can you stay here a little while until I get back, or at least until Joe gets here?

Hope: Sure, of course.

Steve: Great, thanks.

Kayla: Could you do me a favor?

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: Could you stop and pick up some chowder from my mom?

Steve: Oh, she can't get enough of that chowder.

[Kayla laughs]

Steve: Would you like some, Hope?

Hope: No, I'm good. Thanks.

Steve: Okay.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: You're welcome. I'll see ya, sweetness.

Kayla: Okay.

Steve: Thank you, sweet pea.

Hope: Bye, Steve.

Kayla: [Laughs]

Xander: Should be fun seeing the look on that bitch's face when I show her who I really am.

Orpheus: We have a plan, remember? And we're gonna stick to it. Nobody calls an audible unless it's me.

Clyde: You keep talking like you're the boss. We wouldn't have any of this without me, you know.

Orpheus: And we're very grateful, Clyde. But the plan is still the plan.

Xander: I'm gonna love watching these little babies go boom.

Clyde: Careful there, big boy. Wouldn't want to blow ourselves up and miss all the fun.

Orpheus: I've waited a long time for this.

Clyde: Here. Make yourself useful.

Lucas: Adrienne loves giving Thomas a bath. [Laughs]

Chad: Yeah, I wish I could-- you know, I'm just looking over this CW report. Did you know that you grew market shares 6% last summer?

Lucas: I did know that, yeah. And it was legal. How's belle doing over in Hong Kong? Any luck?

Chad: Well, yeah. She finally got Mr. Shin to see things our way, but the rest are resisting.

Lucas: Yeah.

Chad: Yeah, I'm not gonna back down, though.

[Phone beeps]

Chad: I--DiMera Enterprises will be a corporation... that will be respected. Okay, I-- Gabi's here, and I forgot to...

Lucas: Forgot to what?

Chad: Nothing. I'm just--hey, man...

Gabi: Guess what?

Chad: Hey!

Lucas: Hey, look who's here.

Gabi: Hey. Do you want to say hey? Yeah.

Lucas: Hi.

Gabi: Listen to me. I have the best, most beautiful, sophisticated, most perfect power suit. Right?

Chad: Wow.

Gabi: Right? I mean, doesn't that scream power?

Chad: Yes.

Gabi: Is that not perfect?

Chad: Yeah.

Gabi: What's going on?

Chad: Well, I mean, I meant to text you, but I got a little sidetracked. See, my business partner cancelled everything. And you were with--so, with the manhunt going on, and people are dropping out left and...

Gabi: So, you're telling me that I risked my life for the name of fashion all day for nothing?

Hope: Everyone's working 12-hour shifts. The state boys are out in force. And yet, there still hasn't been a single sighting since those first three attacks. It's like they vanished.

Kayla: You know damn well Orpheus is out there planning something.

Hope: Of course, he is. Steve's staying here with you and Joey, right?

Kayla: Yep.

Hope: I'm not gonna-- not gonna lie. It is so great seeing you two together.

Kayla: Well, don't get too excited. I mean, we don't know where it's headed, or--we're just trying to take it step by step.

Hope: Oh, come on. Who do you think you're talking to? You still love him.

Kayla: Of course I do. And I know that he's trying to work with me with this, but the problem is that--

[Loud thump outside]

Kayla: What was that?

[Suspenseful music]

Joey: You left this at TBD.

Ciara: Thanks.

Joey: You're welcome.

Claire: Hey, Joey, I need your phone, quick, right now. Got to have it.

Joey: Why? Okay.

Claire: Yeah, this house is, like, a dead zone. Mine only has, like, one bar.

Julie: Joey, are you staying for dinner?

Jennifer: We have made enough food for an army.

Julie: And then afterwards, you can be in round two of charades.

Joey: Oh!

Ciara: Yeah, you missed round one.

Claire: Okay, so your phone doesn't work either.

Joey: What are you trying to do?

Claire: I'm trying to get on YouTube or twitter. You know, I need to promote my song--otherwise, it dies.

Ciara: I think your fans will survive for one night.

Claire: [Scoffs] Which shows that you know nothing about how social media can change a career. No, seriously, though, like, I got to get out of here.

Ciara: No way. We're in for the night. Remember?

Joey: Uh, I unfortunately cannot stay for dinner. But I can hang out for a while if you want me to.

Lucas: I'll take her upstairs. If she wakes up, she can play with Thomas.

Gabi: Thank you, Lucas. [Sighs] Chad, can I just tell you how much fun I had today shopping, trying to get all these outfits?

Chad: I'm--I'm sorry.

Gabi: Yeah, well, first of all, I had to go to all the stores to return all the stuff you didn't like, and then I had to go to six different stores to find the outfits for tonight. All of this without a babysitter, so I had Ari hanging onto my hip. That was great. And she had a meltdown every single store. She had one because I didn't let her push over a mannequin. And then another one when I didn't let her put an ice cream cone on her head. Should I go on? Because the list goes on forever.

Chad: Well, if you'd like to, you can, 'cause I can take it. But you should know that you did a really great job. I mean, that suit--I am gonna ooze so much power

[Both laugh]

Gabi: You better, because you paid enough. Check the receipts.

Chad: Wait--how much? Never mind. Doesn't matter. Um, look, can I please be forgiven?

Gabi: Hey, I mean, I'm gonna get paid either way.

Chad: You are gonna get paid either way. Big bucks. Which is why I'm hoping maybe if I could bounce an idea off you that I've been thinking about.

Hope: [Sighs] It's fine.

Kayla: What in the world is that? Here.

Kayla: Seriously? "Wishing you a speedy recovery. Kim."

Hope: Seriously? A cactus?

Kayla: Well, she lives in southern California. Drought-tolerant.

Hope: Well, it'll live forever, right?

Kayla: Yeah. I'm telling you, when you pulled out your gun right there, my heart just was racing.

Hope: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I overreacted.

Kayla: No, I mean, come on. Everybody's on edge with those convicts loose.

Hope: Feel like I've been on edge for a while. Aiden.

Kayla: Ah, him. I couldn't believe that Abe appointed him DA.

Hope: I know.

Kayla: Is he still trying to explain away what he did to you?

Hope: No. Lately he's been too busy digging into old cases. But trust me... that man always has an agenda.

Aiden: Meet with detective hope Brady, go over all the evidence of the Stefano DiMera murder case, especially timeline. Purpose is to check for inconsistencies and to verify--

Steve: What's the matter with you, Jennings?

Steve: Do you really think the taxpayers want you wasting their money on closed cases?

Aiden: [Clears throat] I'm quite certain the fine people of Salem appreciate and find comfort in the fact they have a district attorney who will do everything he can to make sure murderers aren't roaming the streets.

Steve: I know why you're doing this.

Jennifer: What? What does that mean? What--the sky? The sky? I don't--wait--what? Oh, oh! Star--star in the sky. Close that curtain. Close that. Okay, star... baby? Baby... baby...what? Oh, oh, oh, "A Star Is Born"!

Julie: Yes!

Jennifer: "A Star Is Born." "A Star Is Born."

Julie: Oh, how long did I take doing that?

Ciara: "A Star Is Born"?

Jennifer: Uh-huh.

Ciara: Is that, like, a sci-fi flick?

Julie: No.

Joey: Never heard of it.

Jennifer: You've never heard of "A Star Is Born"?

Julie: Judy Garland? James Mason?

Jennifer: Kris Kristofferson? Barbra Streisand?

Julie: It's this wonderful story about a girl singer. She's really talented. She becomes a star. But her husband, oh--

Claire: You know, that could be me, you know? I mean, maybe Chloe has everything going for her right now, but if I get a breakthrough, I could just, like, pass her like a shot, you know?

Joey: Wow...confident much?

[Car horn honks]

Joey: Okay, that's my cab. Take care, guys...stay safe.

Julie: Okay, sure.

Jennifer: You too.

Julie: I'm gonna go check on Doug, darling.

Jennifer: All right, I'm gonna set the table, girls.

Ciara: Okay, can I say something? I think it's great that you're, like, really into your music and everything, but maybe you need to take, like, a step back.

Claire: Meaning?

Ciara: Just keep it in perspective. Just so your feelings don't get hurt in case it doesn't work out right away.

Claire: You know, I'm getting really tired of my friends telling me that I'm not good enough.

Ciara: I didn't say that. Look, you have a lot of talent, but so do a lot of people. And only a few of them make it to the top.

Claire: Yeah, the ones who work at it really hard... like I'm doing by setting up my own channel on YouTube, which is why being stuck here all night is ruining everything.

Steve: I know that the only reason you took the DA job in the first place was so you could get close to hope again.

Aiden: Steve-- may I call you Steve? See, I joined the drama club for a girl. I took a DA job because of the corruption.

Steve: Oh, good.

Aiden: Yeah.

Steve: Well, I got a big, fat clue for you, dude. If you think you've got a future with hope, if you think hope's gonna give you a second chance, you're delusional. So you really should back off.

Aiden: No--I think you're the one who needs to back off. You're way out of line.

Steve: Oh, no, I'm not. You need to leave Salem. You've got no future here, especially not with hope.

Aiden: I'm the DA in town. My future is bright.

Steve: We'll see about that.

Aiden: Yeah.

Kayla: Oh, thank you so much. So, Aiden's still not really telling you what's going on, huh?

Hope: No, of course not. That would spoil all his fun, wouldn't it?

[Kayla laughs]

Hope: Supposedly, he's interested in a couple of my old cases. Personally, I think he's just looking for any reason to converse with me.

Kayla: Hmm, talk about a bad penny.

Hope: I made it perfectly clear with him where we stand.

Kayla: But Rafe makes you happy, right?

Hope: He does. Yeah.

Kayla: So, if the love is there, it's a gift. Hold on with two hands.

[Dark music]

Music: Suspenseful

Jennifer: JJ, so glad that you're home...

JJ: Yeah.

Jennifer: And safe.

JJ: Yeah, I'm fine. I spent all day coming up with nothing on the search. It was a waste.

Jennifer: I don't even want you getting close to Clyde Weston.

JJ: Who is that? Is that Ciara?

Jennifer: Yeah, and Claire's here.

JJ: Good. More eyes and ears. Man, I wish we had a security setup like the one at DiMera mansion. I dropped Gabi and Arianna off there. The place is tight as a drum.

Jennifer: Wait--why is Gabi there?

JJ: She's working for Chad now. Redoing his image or something. Mainly buying clothes.

Jennifer: You don't seem too happy about that.

JJ: It's fine. It's not a thing. You know, I got to be honest, though: I wish I'd been able to spend a little bit more time with her. We never get enough time together.

Jennifer: Is Gabi--I mean, does she...

JJ: Yeah, she feels the same way I do, okay?

Jennifer: I mean, have you talked about where things are going with the two of you?

JJ: Not really.

Julie: After what she did to nick, you'd be wise to walk away right now.

JJ: Good to see you, Julie. I've got an hour off. I'm gonna take a power nap, okay? Make sure this door's locked, and don't let anybody in unless you know them. Got it?

Jennifer: Yeah. Love you.

Gabi: So, wait, you're starting a charitable foundation in Abigail's name? That's amazing. I love that, Chad.

Chad: Yes. Well, you know, I mean, she had this amazing spirit, and she should be remembered for that.

Gabi: So, what does this foundation do?

Chad: What does it do? Well, that's where I'm stuck. I mean, look, I want it to be something that she would support, and you were her best friend, so I was hoping maybe you would have some ideas.

Gabi: Okay, well, let me think. Well, yeah, when Thomas was born, she thought that maybe he had aplastic anemia because she battled it as a child, so maybe something that helps find a cure for that, or, you know, finding matches for bone marrow transplants. Something like that.

Chad: I mean, that's-- I mean, that's kind of brilliant. See, that's why you're the person to ask. I knew that. That's why I did it.

Gabi: Well, we did it together.

Chad: Well, then, we make one hell of a team.

Gabi: Yeah.

Chad: Yes.

Gabi: Come here.

[Both laugh]

[Chad clears throat]

Joey: Do you need anything?

Kayla: No. I'm just glad you're home safe.

Hope: Okay, I better get going. I want to stop by the pub and check on your mom before I head to the station.

Kayla: Thank you so much for coming by. Love you.

Hope: Of course. I love you too. Joey, lock the door behind me, okay?

Joey: You got it.

Hope: Bye.

Joey: See you.

Hope: Muah.

Kayla: Tell her I said hi.

Hope: I will.

Joey: So, where's dad?

Kayla: He went to go fill my prescriptions and pick up some of grandma's chowder.

Joey: Mmm. It's nice having him back, huh?

Kayla: Ah...

Joey: It's where he belongs.

Kayla: Joey, it's just a temporary thing. With my recovery and those convicts loose, it's just-- it's just better if he's here with us.

Joey: I know, but still, it's nice, right? All of us together again?

Kayla: Yeah. It is.

Clyde: Wait, so you saw him?

Orpheus: Big as life. Black patch and all. The mighty Steve Johnson didn't have a clue it was me.

Clyde: Nice. Salem's not gonna know what hit them tonight.

Xander: Hey, how about we get started?

Orpheus: I do get tired of telling you to calm down. I'm gonna have my legal accountant just drop the paperwork for the foundation.

Gabi: That's great.

Chad: Great.

Theo: Hey, uncle Chad.

Chad: Theo!

Theo: Thanks for letting me stay. I mean, my dad's really freaked out about those convicts, and he could be at the station all night.

Chad: No--are you kidding me? We have--we have tons of room. Right? Hey, you know Gabi.

Theo: Yeah.

Gabi: Hey.

Chad: Why don't you and Ari just stay here?

Theo: Yeah, I mean, my dad says no one's safe.

Gabi: Oh, no, don't worry about it. Thank you. But my boyfriend's a cop.

Chad: Or I guess you could call Rafe.

Gabi: Yeah, you know, I'm gonna go get Ari. I'll be back.

Chad: [Laughs]

Theo: Hey, how are you, man?

Chad: Good, good. How are you?

Theo: Good. I'm happy. School's started. I'm hanging out with my friends.

Chad: That's amazing.

Theo: Yeah.

Chad: Yeah, how's Ciara?

Theo: She's fine. Yeah. She misses you, I think. I mean, you and the baby.

Chad: Yeah, of course. Well, you know, she's-- it's good that she has friends at school, right? School can be tough to start. And besides, she's better off there than cooped up here with the baby and me.

Theo: I've also been hanging out with Claire.

Chad: Claire...really? Okay.

Theo: Do you want to see her YouTube channel?

Chad: Yes.

Theo: It's pretty cool. People are-- they're really-- well, that's weird. That's weird. I mean, she hasn't uploaded anything... I mean, to her fans. I just--I don't know why she went dark.

Julie: So, dinner was a triumph, and now, puzzle time.

Jennifer: Yes!

Julie: Darling, do you think we should put that on the coffee table right there?

Jennifer: You know what? Let me get the card table. I think that'll be better. I'll be right back.

Julie: Okay.

Claire: You know what? No--you guys have been doing everything, being so nice. I'm gonna go in and load the dishwasher.

Julie: Well, thank you, honey.

Ciara: You want some help?

Claire: Oh, no, no, no, no. You're good. You stay there. You're good at puzzles.

[Phone rings]

Joey: Hey, Dad.

Steve: Hey, buddy. Where are you?

Joey: Home.

Steve: Hey, listen. I've been trying to reach your mom, but she's not picking up.

Joey: Well, lucky you. She is right here. Here.

Kayla: Hi.

Steve: Sweetness, why aren't you picking up? I called you three times.

Kayla: Oh, yeah, I must have it on silent or something.

Steve: Okay, listen. I got your chowder and the prescription. I had to make a little detour, but I'm on my way now. You need anything else?

Kayla: Nope. I'm good. See you soon.

[Phone beeps]

Kayla: Oh, it's Jade.

Joey: Okay.

Kayla: Well, you haven't talked about her in a long time. I thought--I thought maybe the two of you broke up.

Joey: Mom, I know you blame her for everything.

Kayla: I just think that maybe she's trouble.

Joey: Can we not argue about this right now? You need to focus on staying relaxed and getting well.

Kayla: Yeah, relaxed, when I know that there's convicts on the loose. Especially Orpheus.

Joey: Mom, just lay back. Lay back. Close your eyes. Give it a try. There you go. Nice and sleepy. Dad will be back soon.

Jade: I'm glad I waited.

Joey: Me too.

Honestly kissing you is like a fantasy every dream is now reality tenderly as I feel your heartbeat next to me I believe I believe

Both: In destiny heaven is here in your eyes one look and I'm mesmerized

Julie: Find the ones with the straight edge. They go on the outside of the puzzle.

Jennifer: Oh, I just remembered I have oatmeal cookies for dessert.

Julie: Oh, good.

Ciara: Oh, wait-- I'll get them.

Jennifer: Oh, all right, sweetie...they're on the first counter, right when you walk in the kitchen.

Julie: This one's almost done.

Jennifer: I know. Look at that.

Julie: I think you've got it.

Jennifer: I don't know. We'll see. Could be all wrong.

Julie: Hi, sweetie.

Jennifer: Hi.

Julie: I was just showing the girls how we entertained ourselves B.C. Before cell phones.

Ciara: Claire's gone! She went out the kitchen door. My hygienist said the most random thing.

Adrienne: He'll settle down in a little bit. Where's Chad?

Lucas: Oh, he went to set up Theo with the bed--get him some sheets and stuff. And I think he's gonna check out the panic room to make sure it's secure.

Adrienne: I hope we don't have to end up there for the night.

Lucas: Well, it's still a good think they installed it.

[Baby babbling]

Lucas: You know what? Maybe you and I should check out the panic room sometime. See if you panic at all.

[Adrienne laughs]

Lucas: See if I can get that out of you.

Adrienne: Baby...

Lucas: What?

Adrienne: It's probably loaded with cameras broadcasting all over the house.

Lucas: The whole place has got cameras. We're used to that, right?

[Adrienne laughs]

Lucas: Too much, though, probably.

Adrienne: Too soon.

Lucas: Should do that. Still kind of feels weird, though, right?

Adrienne: What?

Lucas: Hunkering down with all these people for the night.

Adrienne: Yeah, I know. But are we safe?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, I think we are. It'll all be over soon. Then we can concentrate on sending out our wedding invitations.

Adrienne: Mm. Aw. Baby. I just hope ours comes out better than Brady and Theresa's. That's all.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, no kidding.

Adrienne: Oh, my God, oh, I was out the other day. I saw the most adorable outfit for Thomas for the wedding, and I just--I did it.

Lucas: You bought it.

Adrienne: I did.

Lucas: Of course you bought it.

Adrienne: I couldn't help myself.

Lucas: That's all right. The only outfit I'm concerned with is the one you're gonna wear on our wedding day, 'cause you are gonna be the most beautiful bride ever, ever in the history of brides.

Adrienne: I love you. So much.

Gabi: Ooh, sorry!

Lucas: That's all right.

Adrienne: Sorry.

Lucas: We weren't doing anything.

Adrienne: We should probably learn to be a little more discreet.

Gabi: Can we come in?

Adrienne: Yeah, we're good. We're good.

Gabi: Okay, sorry.

Adrienne: Pg now.

Gabi: You don't have to stop on my account. I just wanted to you know where those bags went?

Lucas: Yeah, you know, you might want to ask Chad about that.

Gabi: Okay. Do you know where he is?

Lucas: He went to set up Theo with a bed, and then I think he's in the panic room. He's probably there.

Gabi: Do you know where that is?

Lucas: I know where the panic room is. You want me to show you?

Gabi: Yes, please. Adrienne, do you mind watching this little girl for a little bit?

Adrienne: Oh, my gosh, it would be my pleasure.


Adrienne: ...Hello!

Gabi: All right, I'll be right back.

Lucas: All right, I'll see ya.

Adrienne: Hello, beautiful girl. Mommy's gonna be back real soon. But in the meantime...


[Both laugh]

Joey: Jade. Hey, it's me. God, I'm so glad we can finally talk.

Adrienne: Rollin'... hey, Theo. Hey. So glad you're staying here. I know your dad is too.

Theo: Oh, yeah, he worries.

Adrienne: Hey, could you watch Arianna and Thomas for just a minute while I warm Thomas's bottle?

Theo: Sure, sure.

Adrienne: Oh, great. Thank you. Thank you, sweetie.

Theo: You're welcome.

Adrienne: Hey, you know what? I'm gonna check on security too. Make sure everything's okay.

Theo: Okay, yeah, no worries. Hey.

[Arianna vocalizing]

Theo: Hi. How are you?

Arianna: Yeah!

Theo: Yeah? [Whispers] I like your shoes.

[Door shuts]

Aiden: Oh, I'm glad I ran into you.

We all need a hug in the morning... day...

Aiden: We need to talk.

Hope: Aiden, we have nothing to discuss.

Aiden: It's important.

[Dramatic audio]

Jennifer: What was Claire thinking?

JJ: She obviously wasn't, mom.

Ciara: She's just on some, like, social media kick. She thinks that twitter is gonna make or break her career. Oh, man, I can't get any signal either.

Julie: Oh, my God, what's happening?

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: Hey, do you have the receipts for those bags that I-- I put them in the bag. Do you know where they are?

Chad: Umm...yep. Those are upstairs.

Gabi: Do you know where upstairs?

Chad: Yes. I'll show you in just a second.

Gabi: Okay. Thank you. Whoa, whoa, what's going on?

Chad: Stop the--

Gabi: Oh, my God! What's happening?

Chad: Um, the power's out, so... we're trapped.

Theo: It's okay. You know, everything-- everything's gonna be fine. The lights are gonna be back on in a minute, and we'll be good.

[Dramatic music]

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