Days Transcript Monday 9/12/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/12/16


Episode #12917 ~ Belle & Shawn argue over Chad's job offer; Victor tells Brady he can prove he didn't kidnap Tate; Paul & Gabi catch up, and she can't help but ask him about Sonny; Orpheus, Clyde, & Xander continue to grind axes over folks in Salem who did them wrong.

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Shawn: Go?

Claire: Um, I'm supposed to go meet Grandma, so I'll be back here in, like, an hour.

Belle: Oh.

Claire: Okay. Just listen and don't blow up. Just think.

[Soft music]

Shawn: So, what, you're going on a trip?

Belle: Uh... it's a job offer. Big opportunity.

Shawn: In Hong Kong.

Belle: Yeah. Chad is cleaning out DiMera enterprises. We're gonna go and make sure the business is legitimate. And there's a very special problem in Hong Kong named Mr. Shin, so... Chad wants me to relocate for a while.

Shawn: How long?

Belle: Uh, I don't know. A year, maybe?

Shawn: Well...bon voyage.

Belle: Wait, Shawn--

Shawn: Belle, you made this huge decision and you didn't even think about discussing it with me first?

[Dramatic music]

Orpheus: The whole town was smug. How is it possible that an entire city can have nothing but smug people?

Clyde: Place hasn't changed a bit.

Orpheus: Roman Brady. The man shot and killed my wife and can still act like I owed him an apology.

Clyde: He hasn't changed either.

Orpheus: I've waited 20 years to wipe that smug grin off his face. Now he's just down the road.

Clyde: So close and yet so far.

Orpheus: I'd take out roman for Rebecca. He'd have to be first. But then? Then... I'd take out Marlena Evans and john black.

John: [Panting] You know... you're either great for my circulatory system, or you're gonna kill me!

Paul: [Laughs] Ah, don't play with me, old man. You more than keep up.

John: Yeah, well, so do you. Especially at black patch. Hell of a pi, kid. Now, listen. I know you have some doubts about the kind of work here. But I never want you to doubt your ability, okay?

Paul: Thanks.

John: And don't feel for a second that you got to stay on just because of me, okay?

Paul: No, no, I wouldn't. See, I've been doing some thinking, and the truth is, I mean, if you weigh the bad things with the good...

John: Yeah.

Paul: I mean, things like-- like finding Brady's son, it's no contest. I'm in.

John: Hey. [Laughs] [Panting and coughing]

Victor: Ah. Thanks for coming.

Brady: Are you ready to confess?

Victor: What?

Brady: You said this was about Tate's kidnapping.

Victor: Oh, for god's sake, Brady, I did not kidnap your son.

Brady: That's what I thought.

Victor: And I can prove it. That's why I asked you down here. I have something I want to show you.

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: Oh! You are just as restless as I was, aren't you, little man? Here you go. Okay, let's go to the-- you know what? I heard what you did. And there is no way in hell I'm going to let you get away with it.

Kate: I have no idea of what you're talking about.

Theresa: Oh, the hell you don't. You know, I knew you were low. I knew you could be despicable, but--

Kate: Theresa, it was nothing personal. I didn't want to hurt you. I am so sorry.

Theresa: Not personal? You called me unreliable and said I had to go back to the drawing board.

Kate: What?

Theresa: You told Maurizio at fashion week in Milan and you blabbed to "haute couture monthly" that DJ wear didn't launch because my designs weren't ready. You know that's not why we were delayed. I mean, how dare you take advantage of what happened to spread lies about me?

Kate: Actually, I had nothing to do with that.

Theresa: Just don't start, okay?

[Tate crying]

Kate: Theresa, I'm glad that you and Brady got your baby back.

[Cell phone rings]

Theresa: [Scoffs] Yeah, what's up? Well, I sent the mock-ups last week. Just tell frieders that I'll call him directly.

Kate: [Softly] Hey, sweetie. Remember me?

Shawn: Look, you know what? This is great. This is great. I mean, how often does somebody get an opportunity like this so early in their career?

Belle: Shawn--

Shawn: Look, no, belle, I'm-- I'm proud of you. I'm proud.

Belle: I tried to call you. Check your messages. I even went down to the station looking for you.

Shawn: What, to tell me?

Belle: No, because I want your blessing. I mean, as great as this is, my family does come first. So can we please just-- let's just talk about this now.

Shawn: Okay, sure. Sure. We'll talk about it. [Sighs] [Stammers] I mean, how soon until you leave?

Belle: Soon. But I didn't expect you and Claire to jump that fast.

Shawn: Wait, what? Claire's going too?

Belle: No. She's too concerned with her career.

Shawn: And you're surprised?

Belle: No, actually. I told her she could stay, and I did get her to agree to go to Salem U.

Shawn: Wow, that--that must've been quite the battle. You got skills, belle. Well, this is good, then. This is good, because then I'm gonna be able to spend more time with my daughter and... yeah, it's good.

Belle: But I-- but I thought that-- [Clears throat] Wow. Claire thinks you're coming with me.

Shawn: Bet she does. Just--she wants to get turned loose.

Belle: No, it's not like that. She knows her grandparents are gonna be watching over her. Shawn, you know how much she wants her parents together. I know that this means you would have to leave the Salem pd, but there are so many opportunities in Hong Kong for private security and cybersecurity. And you said you weren't even happy at your job.

Shawn: Lookit, I'm just-- I'm going through a little bit of a-- a rough patch right now, okay?

Belle: So...

Shawn: Belle, I thought that we were gonna move back here to start over in Salem with our family, with our daughter.

Belle: So that's a no?

Brady: How do you prove that you didn't kidnap my son?

Victor: I found the real kidnapper.

Brady: Who?

Victor: Titus drew.

Brady: The drug dealer?

Victor: The one that supplied the drug used on Theresa.

Brady: Why would he kidnap my son?

Victor: He's had a longstanding grudge against the Kiriakis family. Felt his business--

Brady: I've never had any dealings with this man, okay? That's you and apparently Deimos.

Victor: And who's suffering now? He pitted me and Deimos against each other. He turned you against me.

Brady: Don't you have coffee with this guy all the time?

Victor: That's why the snake agreed to meet with me. I confronted him, and he admitted to everything.

Brady: Out of nowhere?

Victor: He was encouraged to talk.

Brady: By who? Stavros, Nikolas?

Victor: I had him dead to rights. He's a low-level punk. There's no way he could have pulled off this sham after we got onto him.

Brady: I'm gonna need to see this creep. Is he here? Is he in the hospital?

Victor: I'll take you to him right now.

Theresa: Well, there's no point in me calling until we track down-- uh-huh.

[Soft music]

Kate: Sorry to take you away from your home, little one. Just consider it training. You're a Kiriakis. You want this one? Here you go. Lauren's going to take really good care of you. You're gonna have everything you need. You're too young to remember this. Right, it's nothing like with Billie and Austin. I'm not trying to take you away from your parents. I'm not gonna let them think you're dead. You're gonna be home before you know it. That's really pathetic. I hate that I'm doing this. I hate it. But I hate Victor and Deimos more.

Theresa: Yeah, I'll take care of it first thing in the morning. Thanks. He should be screaming his little head off. He's not comfortable around strangers anymore, so why is he all right with you, of all people?

Belle: Listen, I know this is bad timing and it's really fast and it's really hard to move just to support me.

Shawn: Well, you did. You came to Maine for me.

Belle: Yeah, and when I got there, I made a lot of bad decisions.

Shawn: And I was nowhere to be found. Let's don't do that again.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn: You know, one of the things that I did learn is that I need to pay more attention to the things that you want.

Belle: Listen, I don't want you to feel hostage to me.

Shawn: Belle, I don't. I don't. I'm--I am proud of you.

Belle: And I love you. And I would never again--

Shawn: I know. I know. That's-- lookit, that's not what I mean. Look, why? I just--

Belle: [Sighs] You know how long the DiMeras have tortured my family... and yours. And this feels like the first time in my entire life that they could finally be neutralized, that they could become not just harmless but good. And I could do that. I mean, it feels like why I went to law school-- to be ready for right now, this moment.

Shawn: That's big.

[Cell phone ringing]

Belle: [Sighs] [Clears throat] [Sniffles] Hey, Chad. I thought we were gonna talk tomorrow or the next day. I, uh-- I don't know. I... yeah, let me call you back. Uh... that was Chad. He said that there's a deal to be brokered in Hong Kong right now, so if I'm gonna take the job, I have to leave tonight. I need to call him back and give him an answer. You just say the word, Shawn, and it's off. What should I tell him?

Brady: You killed Titus?

Victor: Titus attacked me. Stavros tried to pull him off. They got into a big fistfight. Titus pulled a gun. Stavros had to take him down.

Brady: I want to see him.

[Dramatic music]

Clyde: Well, look who's here. Where the hell you been?

Xander: Did you miss me?

Clyde: Oh, something awful.

Xander: See, I'm just not social like you are, Weston. Sometimes I need time to myself to...think.

Clyde: About what you're gonna do when you get out of here, like maybe open an orphanage?

Xander: [Sighs] I've been thinking about how satisfying it'll be to get back at those... little bitches.

Clyde: And which little bitches would that be?

Xander: Nicole walker... Theresa Donovan. They are going to get what they deserve.

Kate: Well, what can I say? Babies and puppies love me.

Theresa: Hard to believe.

Kate: Theresa, what I said, I'm--I'm glad that you have your son back. And I hope that you and Brady and Tate will be happy together.

Theresa: Hey. Did the wicked witch scare you? Huh? Well, she was right about one thing. We are going to be very, very happy together.

Shawn: [Sighs] Take the job.

Belle: [Sighs] Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You won't regret this. This is gonna be an amazing new start for us. [Sniffles]

Shawn: I'm not-- I'm not coming with you, belle.

Belle: What? No, I told you I'm not gonna go without you.

Shawn: No, listen, I do not-- I don't want to hold you back again. I-- I don't want you to stay in Salem for me.

Belle: I'd be fine here.

Shawn: I don't-- I don't want you to be "fine." I want you to be great. Look, I want you to-- I want you to be going after something that you love. So go.

Belle: I won't let us end over this.

Shawn: We're not gonna end. Come on, it's one year, right? It's a year. We've been through much worse, much longer.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Shawn: When you get back... we'll see where we're at.

[Soft music]

Belle: [Sniffles]

Shawn: I want you to knock 'em dead. Okay?

[Dramatic music]

Clyde: About you getting back at those, uh, "little bitches"-- you know it's not likely to happen with you hanging around a prison waiting room.

Xander: They can't keep me in here forever.

Clyde: You sure about that? I mean, you are a psychopathic murderer.

Xander: Alleged. Attempted.

Clyde: [Laughs]

Orpheus: Let's go, gentlemen. The transport van's here.

Roman: So Titus confessed.

Victor: My man Stavros heard the whole thing.

Brady: That's-- that's pretty convenient.

Roman: We did a search of Titus drew's last known. We found travel information for Lauren and a payment trail of every place they'd stayed. So we can actually tie his computer to the Chopin group. Would've been enough to convict him without the confession. Now, Victor, need you to come down to the station, give us a formal statement.

Victor: I'll get there as soon as I can.

Roman: Okay, appreciate it.

[Soft dramatic music]

Brady: I don't really know what to say to you.

Victor: Sure, you do.

Brady: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I accused you of doing something so heinous. And... I had no right to think that, grandfather, and I'm so sorry. I should have believed you. I didn't believe you. I didn't believe a word that you said to me.

Victor: Brady, you were not in your right mind. You've suffered enough. We both have. Let's move on.

Brady: [Sighs]

Victor: And if you need some ways to show that you're still having remorse, I'll help you out there. We can start with some visits to my great-grandson.

Brady: [Chuckles] Well, I can do that. I can do that. I'm sorry.

Theresa: Did I miss something?

Gabi: Hey! How are you?

Paul: Hi. Gabi, hey. What, are you doing some last-minute shopping?

Gabi: Yeah, I've been at it all day. I'm styling a new client. Are you preoccupied? PI business?

Paul: You know, dad was having someone tailed, and... now that person turned up dead.

Gabi: Oh, my. Um, is that good or bad?

Paul: I don't know. Let's find out.

Gabi: Well, does that mean that you get to knock off work now?

Paul: Um, I suppose.

Gabi: Do you want to have a drink before I have to run back for bath and story time and bedtime?

Paul: [Laughs] Sure.

Gabi: Okay. [Laughs]

Paul: Who's with, uh-- who's with Arianna now?

Gabi: Sonny. You know, she just misses him so much, and... I'm just so happy that he's here, right? Isn't it great to have him back?

[Gentle music]

Belle: I'm sober now. I promise.

Shawn: I know. I know. But... today-- listen, today isn't tomorrow. Belle, in the cold light of day--

Belle: I'm not gonna regret anything. Please don't go. It's been such a long time since I've felt this close to you.

Claire: Hey, Dad? This is completely nuts. Go to Hong Kong.

Shawn: No. I can't.

Claire: Why? Seriously, you can't be worried about me.

Shawn: No, I'm not worried about you. I just-- come on, I don't want to leave you alone.

Claire: Oh, my God, please. I'm related to half the town. I'll never ever be alone, ugh.

Shawn: You don't need to sound so annoyed by that.

Claire: Just saying. Why wouldn't you go to Hong Kong?

Shawn: Claire, it's not just because of how things went down. I... listen to me, your mom needs to take this job. She needs to, and I just-- I'm just not sure that we're at a place right now where I can follow her out there when I don't have a plan of my own. I--I mean, we just started putting things back together.

Claire: So?

Shawn: So... maybe things just aren't meant to be.

John: All right. [Laughter] Enough with the mystery. What's the--what's the occasion?

Belle: Well, I think mom already knows.

John: Knows?

Marlena: Well, no, I didn't know you'd decided for sure.

John: So you...

Belle: I am taking the job in Hong Kong.

Marlena: Ah. And is Shawn going?

Belle: Uh, no.

John: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute here. Time-out. What do you mean, you're taking the job in Hong Kong? Why would you-- how long you gonna be gone?

Belle: Uh, that, I don't know. Maybe a year. But I'm going to help Chad clean out DiMera enterprises.

John: [Scoffs] Well, that's gonna take longer than a year.

Belle: Well, the Hong Kong part may not take longer than that.

John: Yeah, right. All right. So when you leaving?

Belle: Tonight.

John: What?

Marlena: What?

John: You--

Belle: No, I just found out about that part. But yes, Chad has the jet fueled and ready for me.

John: Well-- and Claire? What's going on there?

Belle: Claire's gonna stay here, and she agreed to go to Salem u, so I'm really hopeful that's gonna give her some structure and make her rethink her career choice.

Marlena: I'm not sure I would count on that.

Belle: No, but she'll be around people her own age, so... you two will watch after her, right?

John: Yeah. You can count on that.

Marlena: Absolutely. Of course we will.

John: I'm-- I'm sorry. You know, I'm really sorry about this whole thing with you and Shawn. I...

Belle: Yeah, me too. To new beginnings.

John: Yeah, to our beautiful and our brilliant daughter.

[Glasses clink]

John: Come here, Tink. I love you.

Belle: I love you too, Dad.

Marlena: I love you more.


Theresa: Victor, I'm so sorry. And I'm really grateful to you for finding the real kidnapper.

Victor: I'd do anything for Brady and Tate. They're family.

Brady: We're all family. Where is Tate, by the way?

Theresa: Oh, um, I took him home. Emma told me that you guys were here.

Victor: I'd love to see him. Seems like it's been ages.

Theresa: Well, you could see him tomorrow at the wedding.

Victor: You're inviting me to the wedding?

Theresa: Well, I mean, it would mean a lot to Brady. Yes?

Brady: Yeah, it would.

Theresa: And like you said, you're family. So should I set another place setting?

Victor: No. Oh, I'll come to the wedding but on one condition.

[Dramatic music]

Claire: Seriously? You and Mom, not meant to be? You are literally in the dictionary under "meant to be."

Shawn: Oh, come on. You know better than that.

Claire: No, no, you two are like the greatest love song ever. You remember Munich?

Shawn: What?

Claire: We were all in Munich at an outdoor cafe, and there was a band.

Shawn: Yeah. You remember that? You were so young.

Claire: Yeah, well, you and mom started singing along, in German.

Shawn: Which we didn't even speak, by the way.

Claire: Which didn't stop you, you know. You guys were-- you were laughing and you were singing nonsense and... then you looked at each other, was everything. You were the music. I'll spend my whole life looking for that look.

Shawn: Look, honey... sometimes that's just not all that matters.

Claire: I don't know. Are you sure about that? Also, that happened not here. You guys were great adventurers together. Why would you ever want that to stop?

[Soft music]

Victor: I understand you're planning on having this joyous occasion at city hall.

Theresa: Uh...

Brady: We wanted simple and fast.

Victor: Well, how about you use the mansion instead? I don't know about simple, but we've certainly had some quickie weddings there.

Theresa: I thought the mansion was gone.

Victor: Well, it's all in the family. Deimos has asked Maggie and me to move back in. He's agreed that we can hold the wedding there, and he'll even disappear for the day.

Brady: When the hell did you have the time to clear all that?

Victor: Well, I knew you'd change your mind after you heard about Titus, so I pre-planned. That house needs a good wedding every few years.

Theresa: Yeah, but it's so soon.

Victor: You had a theme picked out for city hall and we're ruining it?

Theresa: No, no, I mean-- no, I--I just... I don't know. Brady, what do you want? I mean, you lived there for years.

Brady: Tell Maggie to start making some bows.

Theresa: [Laughs] But not too big, though.

Victor: Maggie will be thrilled.


Marlena: What is wrong with us?

John: Our daughter is leaving town again, doc.

Marlena: Yeah. You know what? Brady's living his dreams. To Brady and Theresa.

John: To Brady. I'm getting there. I know she makes him happy and she's... trying to be a good mom.

Marlena: Okay. I'll take that for right now. To our rip-roaring wedding. Isn't that what you promised me?

John: Oh, yeah, I haven't forgotten. I'm just working on a few things right now.

Marlena: Oh. Oh, I see. Okay. Should I, uh, put a date on my calendar?

John: No, no, not just yet. Just let me get a few things settled.

Marlena: Uh-huh. What's going on with this?

John: Oh, come on. Doc. What would a wedding in Salem be without a little...surprise?

Paul: I know Sonny's happy to see Ari again. She'll always be his daughter in his mind.

Gabi: That's not what I meant.

Paul: I know. [Chuckles] Look, Sonny and I will always be friends. And I'm happy for that. So you're styling now?

Gabi: Yeah. Sonny actually suggested I help Chad. He--he needed a new look for many reasons. After Abigail, things kind of fell apart, and now he's got a new thing with work. I don't know. We'll see. I mean, if--if I'm good at it, then yes, maybe I'll be an image consultant.

Paul: [Laughs] Well, the hours have to be much better than modeling. I remember you were always the last one out the door.

Gabi: Well, that's because you were right there with me. How's, um--how's working with your dad?

Paul: I like it. You know, we found each other late in life, so it's great to spend any time we can.

Gabi: Yeah. It felt like that with, um, Eduardo too. But now he's gone again.

Paul: I'm sorry.

Gabi: You know, it's not his fault this time. He was just trying to protect us. Had some threats from his past. And, you know, after the kidnapping last winter, he just didn't want to take any chances.

Paul: So he's just gone?

Gabi: Yeah, until he can make sure it's safe for us.

[Dramatic music]

Eduardo: Just to be clear...

Xander: What the hell?

Clyde: Driver!

[Men grunting]

Eduardo: You will never threaten my family again!

[Men grunting]

[Tires screeching]


[Dramatic music]

Eduardo: Hey. Hey. Hey, man. Hey, hey, hey. Hey. Hey, man. Hey. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up! Wake up. You're okay. You're okay.

Belle: You'll call me when?

Claire: Every day.

Belle: [Laughs] Okay. And you'll send me your schedule as soon as you have it.

Claire: Yes.

Belle: And I will see you on midterm break.

Claire: You'll come back?

Belle: Or you can come to Hong Kong. Or we could meet halfway.

[Both laugh]

Claire: I'm really sorry about dad.

Belle: Yeah, me too.

Claire: Yeah. Okay, I'll go get the car. Yeah, I know. I'm sure Chad would send a limo, but I want to drive you.

Belle: Thanks, honey.

[Soft dramatic music]

[Tender music]

Shawn: Since when do you pack lighter than I do?

Belle: Are you...

Shawn: Are you ready for an adventure?

Belle: [Sighs]

John: So this pretty much wraps the case? I mean, it sounds like there's enough there to convict Titus in court.

Roman: Yeah, if he were still alive.

John: Yeah, yeah, I know. Paul just told me.

Roman: Yeah. Victor's guy said it was self-defense. There's no way to confirm that or challenge it. But knowing Titus' rep, I can see it.

John: Yeah, he's a real hothead.

Roman: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Roman: Brady.

Kate: And they all bought it? Are you sure?

Victor: Positive.

Kate: You won't need to provide a body? Did you kill someone? Ugh, I don't even want to know.

Victor: I paid off one of the technicians at the morgue, used a body that's been in a very bad accident. Titus is on his way overseas... permanently.

Kate: That's a loose end.

Victor: He knows what'll happen to him if he shows up here again. Relax, it's done.

Kate: What about Lauren?

Victor: She will swear that Titus hired her, and I will make sure her case lands on judge Pearce's docket. She'll be well taken care of.

Kate: All's well that ends well.

Victor: Nice try. You think I'm gonna forgive and forget?

Kate: Hmm. Never. But you'll also remember mutually assured destruction. I can do as much damage to you and Deimos as you can do to me.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Yes.

Theresa: Belle is moving to Hong Kong?

Brady: It's a work opportunity that she wanted to grab. Shawn's going too. I'll see them in the fall, though.

Theresa: Yeah, but I'm sorry they're gonna miss the wedding.

Brady: Yeah, me too. Having my grandfather there, that's gonna soften the blow a little bit. Thank you for that.

Theresa: Oh, yeah. No, hey, as long as he doesn't declare war, we're--we're good.

Brady: That's a wedding theme.

Theresa: [Laughs] Hey, well, we can still get it printed on the napkins.

Brady: "Make love, not war."

[Cell phone ringing]

Brady: Oh. Well, speak of the devil. Hi, Granddad. How the hell did that happen?

Roman: Yeah, okay. Uh, where were they headed?

[Cell phone rings]

Roman: Did they close the road?

John: John Black.

[Dramatic music]

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