Days Transcript Friday 9/2/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 9/2/16


Episode #12912 ~ Chad hopes to find guidance by speaking to Abigail's spirit in a chapel; Lucas & Adrienne reach out to Jennifer for help with their upcoming wedding; Philip tries to forget Belle; Laura arrives on Jennifer's doorstep with news about Abigail.

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Chad: I know what you're saying. "You? Praying?" I feel the same way. You prayed, so if it brings me just a little bit closer to you, then I guess I... I'll give it a shot. Your faith was strong in God. And in family. And in our love. Guess I'm--I'm here looking for answers. Because I want to do what's best for our son.

Chloe: Yes, Parker, I'm feeling much better. It was just a little tummy ache, okay? Yeah, now have fun with Rebecca. I love you so much.

[Knock at door]

Chloe: All right, be good. Bye.

Claire: Hey. Okay, so, uh, your mani/pedi is set for noon. Parker's field trip forms are signed and turned in. And your dry cleaning should be done soon, so.

Chloe: Thank you, that's everything. If you'll excuse me...

Claire: Sure, go ahead, yeah. Wait, wait, wait, but before you do... uh, here.

Chloe: What's this?

Claire: Animal crackers.

Chloe: Thanks. I'll make sure to give them to Parker.

Claire: Oh, no, they're actually for you.

Chloe: For me? Why?

Claire: Okay, I don't know why my mom thought it was cool for her to tell me this, but apparently when she was pregnant, they were, like, the only thing that helped her with morning sickness.

Belle: Hey.

Philip: Hey. Here's your check.

Belle: You're really serious about this.

Philip: Very. It's for the exact amount you leant me earlier this year to help get my record label started.

Belle: So this isn't just about you being in a bad mood? I mean, what, you really thought it was necessary to cut me out?

Philip: No, to answer your first question. And yes to the second.

Belle: So why'd you come over here just for this? You could've mailed it.

Philip: Because there's another reason I came by. I have news. And I thought you might want to hear it from me before it gets out.

Belle: Which is what?

Philip: Chloe's pregnant. And I'm the father.

Chloe: Thank you for these, Claire. It's actually really helping with the nausea.

Claire: Oh, I'm glad.

[Cell phone beeps]

Claire: Okay, and speaking of helping, your dry cleaning is ready to be picked up, so I'll be right back.

Chloe: Slow down, it's okay. You don't have to rush. My dry cleaning can wait. Let's hang out. I never got a chance to talk to you about your song. It's really good. Yeah, you're-- you're very impressive, Claire.

Claire: I mean, I know I have a long way to go. Like, Philip's always telling me not to push it, that I'm too raw.

Chloe: Well, think of it as tough love. He does see your talent.

Claire: I mean, maybe. But I'm really glad that you do. I think I would, like, die if you agreed to do a recording of my song.

Chloe: Well, there's-- there's a possibility.

Claire: Wait, you're joking.

Chloe: No, I'm not joking at all. But at the end of the day, it's Philip's call. I mean, he knows what he likes.

Claire: Right, yes.

Chloe: But, at the same time, lucky for you, so do I, so next time I see him, I'll tell him how much I loved your song.

Philip: Before I came back to Salem, Chloe and I were off... and on.

Belle: Really.

Philip: Well, there's always been a connection between us. You know that.

Belle: Feel that. You'll be a great father.

Philip: I hope I will be. This time around.

Belle: So... since you and Chloe have been together this whole time, is everything that happened between you and me-- Vegas, me lending you money-- was that just a distraction?

Philip: Look, I don't want any hard feelings between us. The past is the past.

Belle: Apparently.

Philip: I think that... cutting ties would be in our best interests.

Belle: Yeah. Definitely.

Philip: Hey, for what it's worth, I hope you figure out what you want in life.

Belle: I have. A life with Shawn.

Philip: If you say so.

Chad: I want to keep Thomas. That's my number one priority. I think--I think belle found out a way to help me do that. We're gonna... restore DiMera enterprises... to make it legit... in a way that would make you proud. But I don't know how to do that. And mourn you. And be a good father. All I've ever wanted to do was to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you. I was good at that. We had happy moments. And I would still bet that those short moments were more intense and powerful than most people get to experience their entire life. But in the end, I failed you. And I'm sorry. But I won't fail your memory. So I'm gonna do what's best for Thomas. And it's gonna be a struggle to go on. But I will go on. For you.

[Knock at door]

Adrienne: Hey.

Lucas: Hey, Jenn.

Adrienne: How you doing today, sweetheart?

Jennifer: Um, uh, you know. What bring you two by?

Lucas: We just came by to.. you know, just ask you a little favor.

Adrienne: Yeah.

Jennifer: Well, I don't believe you. I think you came by to make sure that I was clean and sober.

Lucas: Only because--

Jennifer: Because you love me. I appreciate that. But I want to reassure you that I have already been to a meeting this morning and I plan on going every single day.

Lucas: Okay.

Jennifer: And I've just... I've just been going through some of Abigail's things, and some sweet pictures of her when she was a baby.

Adrienne: God, she was so precious.

Lucas: She was. She was a beautiful little girl. Grew up to be even more beautiful.

Adrienne: And kind.

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Adrienne: Heart of gold.

Jennifer: Yes. So much. Well, thank you for stopping by. It means the world to me. It does.

Lucas: We're both here for you for whatever you need. And Thomas too. You know, we're gonna go to brunch right now. Why don't you come with us? Get out, get some fresh air. It'll be good for you.

Adrienne: Yep.

Lucas: And then we'll come back and we'll help you with whatever you need.

Adrienne: Anything.

Jennifer: I might do that, yeah--okay.

Lucas: Good.

Jennifer: Let me just get my stuff together, and just give me a minute and I'll be--

Adrienne: Sure, sure, sure. You know what, we'll wait in the car.

Lucas: Take your time.

Adrienne: Don't worry. We'll be there.

Jennifer: Okay.

[Somber music]

Belle: You didn't think I'd accept your offer?

Chad: Honestly, no.

Belle: [Laughs]

Chad: But I'm very happy that you did.

Belle: I am too.

Chad: Can I ask you how you came to that decision? What finally convinced you?

Belle: You know, there were a lot of reasons. But, uh, mostly your challenge for me to be a part of the redemption of the DiMera family name. That did it for me. You know, working for DiMera enterprises, one of the most corrupt, disreputable companies--

Chad: Why don't you just tell me how you really feel.

Belle: Listen. To have a chance to cleanse it, to decontaminate it, if you will, like I said, it's an opportunity I can't really pass up.

Chad: Well, as long as we want the same thing, that's all that matters to me. Okay, um... here is my new business plan. As you can see, we're gonna focus more on scientific and technological ventures.

Belle: Well, that is a radical departure from its current operations.

Chad: And?

Belle: And I'm impressed.

Chad: Good.

Belle: But this kind of company overhaul's gonna be expensive, and the DiMera family fortune, it's...depleted, no?

Chad: Correct. And since you're coming to work for me, I'm gonna need to count on you being completely forthright and honest.

Belle: About what?

Chad: Well, as you said, the DiMera fortune has been depleted. It's because your sister, Sami, stole it all.

Lucas: I mean, it's obviously a trend. Destination weddings. It's right there.

Adrienne: Yeah, but do we have to be trendy?

Lucas: No.

Adrienne: I mean, I just think it's so unfair, you know, to make people travel to your wedding, you know. Airfares, transportation, la la, all that stuff.

Lucas: Yeah, you're right. I didn't think about that. What do you think, Jenn?

Adrienne: Jennifer? Jennifer, you okay?

Jennifer: Abigail? Is that you? For the fried,

Belle: You know, if you're gonna accuse me of stealing the DiMera family fortune and/or being in cahoots with Sami, you might be a little more discreet about it.

Chad: Okay, discreet. Then how's this? Is there even the slightest chance, even though I highly doubt it, 'cause it'd be completely out of character for you to be anything other than dead honest with me that you know what your sister did? That she stole the money and went into hiding? You don't know where she. Where is she?

Belle: Even if I did know where Sami was, why would I tell anyone? Why the hell would I tell you?

Chad: That's very-- and I commend you on your loyalty. I hope you demonstrate that same loyalty with me. That being said, you should know that I consider all that money to be dirty and I don't care where it came from or where it ended up. Now let's start fresh and hopefully build an awesome new business.

Belle: Yeah. Well, why don't we start with this?

Can I help you?

Jennifer: I-I'm so sorry. I-I thought you were someone else.

Adrienne: Baby, it's okay. It's okay, shh.

Jennifer: It's so crazy. I see her everywhere. I saw her in my meeting. I saw her at the market. I see her on the street. [Sobbing] Oh, God.

Adrienne: Oh, honey, honey.

Lucas: Jennifer... look, seeing Abigail-- seeing Abigail is part of the grief. I did the same thing with will.

Adrienne: Sweetie, we all loved Abigail. Just as we did will. And I know it's too soon for you to feel anything but extreme heartache, but honey, I hope, eventually, that you can focus on the joy she brought to your life, to all of our lives.

Lucas: She really did.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Adrienne: Okay.

Jennifer: And I... I have JJ.

Lucas: Yeah.

Adrienne: Yes.

Jennifer: And I have my precious grandson.

Adrienne: That's right.

Jennifer: And Abigail lives on in him. And I know that the way I can keep Abigail alive in my heart is just by giving Thomas all the...all the love and the care that he deserves.

Adrienne: That's right.

Chad: That's something we can agree on.

[Instrumental music]

[Phone ringing]

Chloe: Hello?

Philip: Hey, I need to see you. Right now.

Chad: Any more thoughts on if and when we should do a memorial service?

Jennifer: Yeah,

Chad: You look better.

Jennifer: Thank you. You look a little bit stronger than the last time I saw you.

Chad: I found a different purpose.

Jennifer: And what is that?

Chad: It's Thomas. Doing everything we can for Thomas.

Lucas: What kind of game are you playing?

Adrienne: Lucas, don't.

Lucas: No, really, I just want to know. What are you doing?

Chad: Not playing any games.

Lucas: Trying to intimidate my sister, is that--

Jennifer: No, that's okay. Everything is okay. Can I talk to you alone for a minute?

Belle: Actually, I would suggest you don't do that.

Chad: Yes.

Jennifer: I'm really glad that... that you're feeling a little better. But I am still concerned about Thomas's well-being. I-I still don't feel like you're in a position to really take care of his needs.

Chad: Well, I could say the same thing to you. Just the other day, you were passed out.

Jennifer: Yes. I know that, and I am ashamed of that. And honestly, I don't think I could take care of Thomas's needs right now either.

Chad: Okay. So what are you thinking

Jennifer: I think that I may have a solution. You're making this up!

Philip: Ideas! Big idea for you and your upcoming single.

Chloe: All right, let's hear 'em.

Philip: Two words: Photo shoot.

Chloe: Photo shoot? You mean like modeling?

Philip: Yes! We will collab with DJ wear; Brady agreed too it. We're going for sexy. It will be tasteful, of course. Invoke a sense of... female empowerment. We'll have a great spread for the future album.

Chloe: Mm. I can't wait.

Philip: Also, I've been on the phone today with some big names--like real well known in the industry. I am this close to-- well, I think-- damn it, I'm sorry. You're obviously not feeling well and here I am blabbing on.

Chloe: No, it's okay. It's fine. I'm fine.

Philip: It can wait. Why don't you get some rest?

Chloe: I will get some rest. I promise. I actually kinda like hearing you blab on about my career. It's fun to see you so inspired.

Philip: But not just with my work and your career. Please know that I will never be too distracted with anyone or anything to renege on my commitment to you and your baby.

Chloe: I don't doubt it.

Philip: Helping you keep this secret from my uncle Deimos is my number one priority.

Chad: Are you... you're serious?

Jennifer: Yeah. I think that they should take Thomas for as long as needed.

Chad: But do Adrienne and Lucas make any sense?

Jennifer: No, listen, I haven't even talked to them about it yet, but I... I know that they are such good, kind, caring people and they would do it. They will, so what do you say?

Chad: No, no.

Jennifer: Please, Chad, just think this through.

Chad: Pathetic, all right? And you are being relentless. Is there anything that you will not do to try to take my son away from me?

Jennifer: Why do you have to be cruel?

Chad: This is cruel? You insisting that I can't take care of my own son is cruel. Now for Abby's sake, I was not gonna use these slip-ups against you, but you leave me no other choice.

Jennifer: Okay, let's not forget the same night as one of these little "slip-ups," you came to my door with Thomas because you were so grief-stricken that you didn't think you could be a good father to your son.

Chad: That's changed. I've recovered.

Jennifer: You say that now! But what happens when you fall apart again and you come knocking on my door? Listen, I-I am strong enough to admit that my--my grief over losing Abigail could easily lead me to another relapse. And I think that you need to realize that about your own loss too. It affects your ability to be a really good father.

Chad: So what are you--

Jennifer: Chad, I have known you for so long. I have known you for years and you've had some really rough years. But let me tell you something. You have grown. And you have grown into a man that I respect in spite of everything. And I know... I know you made my daughter so happy.

Chad: She was. She was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Jennifer: I agree with you on that. So please, for Abigail's sake, as my son-in-law, will you please consider this? We can't do it. We can't give Thomas the love and the care that he needs. We can't. So please, for Abigail's sake, think about it.

Chloe: I'm telling you, it has a really great sound. It was an awesome arrangement. That track could light up the studio.

Philip: Chloe, we've been over this. I-I-I think Claire is a wonderful singer, has potential, I really do. But I think we need to move more slowly. She's still too...

Chloe: Raw?

Philip: Yes.

Chloe: Okay, how much longer are you gonna keep using that as an excuse?

Philip: As long as I believe it to be true. Claire is young. She needs to learn the ropes, pay her dues before somebody just hands her a big break. Why can't you see that?

Belle: Here.

Chad: Thanks.

Belle: So do you want to tell your attorney what you and Jennifer were talking about?

Chad: Jennifer thinks that I should hand over custody to Lucas and Adrienne for a little bit, just until we can pull ourselves together.

Belle: I see.

Chad: What do you think?

Belle: Honestly? I think it's the best option for everyone involved.

Chad: And what happens if we do this?

Belle: Well, I would make sure that you could see Thomas any time you wanted. Full visitation. You'd know he was in good hands and you'd be able to focus on the DiMera empire and build a real future for him.

Chad: And the custody battle?

Belle: As your attorney, I would suggest that you drop it before it gets uglier than it already has.

Chad: I don't know. It just seems so hard... to just give him up like that.

Belle: Take some time to think about it. Listen, really, do think about it. Pampers.

Chloe: The music business can be rough. I know all too well. And I see your point about Claire, but, you know, she deserves a chance. She's talented.

Philip: Chloe, we can't make it too easy for her. She has to get a little more thick-skinned before she's out there for all the world to see.

Chloe: Okay, I see your point. I know, criticism can eat you alive, especially if you're not well equipped to handle it. I gotta think about her in the long term, so, okay, I'll tell her we talked.

Philip: Then it's settled. Enough about Claire. I have something I'd like to show you.

Chloe: What?

Philip: Here's some new material.

Chloe: Oh.

Philip: From established and credible song writers. Give it a go if you're up for it.

Chloe: Okay, I'll try.

Rivers running high lately winter's growing cold and chilly suddenly my eyes can see heavenly roads in front of me heavenly roads that flow and so on.

Philip: Absolutely amazing.

Chloe: Thanks. I was pretty happy with it.

Philip: Imagine what we could do in the studio with this. You are gonna be a huge star in no time.

Chloe: Yeah. Huge is right. Philip, how am I gonna do all this? Raising parker, balancing a singing career all while being pregnant?

Philip: Chloe, listen to me. Most of what we've been discussing won't happen until after the baby comes. Until you've had plenty of time to recover.

Chloe: Thank you. That's reassuring.

Philip: I told you. This baby's health and well-being and yours are my main concern. And I cannot wait to give you the life you've always dreamed of.

Chloe: Should I keep going? [Clears throat]

So come and take my hand darling to the promised land we're starting where we go by heavenly road is it okay?

Philip: It's perfect.

Rory: Hey, girl. Oh! Wait, I know you. You're Ciara, right?

Ciara: Uh, yeah.

Rory: I know your cousin JJ. We're old buddies. How've you been?

Ciara: All right.

Rory: 'Cause I heard about what happened to Abigail. It's...the worst. It's horrible.

Ciara: Yeah, it is. It's, like, more bad days than good right now.

Rory: I feel you on that. I've had a few bad days myself lately.

Ciara: Are you expecting someone?

Rory: Me? Um, no, no, I'm not. You know what? Let's forget the bad days. I know of a party that's going on later tonight. Really chill. Not a lot of heads. Just some cool people. Are you down?

Ciara: Sorry, I promised my mom I'd spend time with her.

Rory: You sure?

Ciara: Yeah. Thanks for the invite though. Um, I'll see you around.

Rory: Sure, yeah. Um, maybe another time.

Ciara: Yeah.

Rory: Later.

Ciara: Later.

Chad: Come here. I'm gonna do what's best for you. Always, no matter what. Okay?

Thomas: [Fussing]

Chad: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Shhh. It's okay.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Phone ringing]

Jennifer: Hello?

Chad: It's me. I've made my decision. Lucas and Adrienne can take Thomas.

Jennifer: Chad, thank you so much.

Chad: Temporarily. I'll have belle draw up the paperwork, but I want you to know that I get to see him whenever I want, day or night, no questions asked.

Jennifer: Yes, absolutely. I-I will agree to that. And thank you. I know this was not an easy decision for you. I just--I need to call Lucas and Adrienne and let them know.

Chad: Thanks. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.

Jennifer: I am so sorry that we did not get more time together, baby. And that I wasn't... with you in your last moments here. But I am gonna be there for Thomas, I promise you. Always and forever.

[Music box winding]

[Melancholy music box tune]

Laura: Hi, sweetheart.

Jennifer: Oh! Oh!

Laura: Oh, sweetie.

Jennifer: Oh, Mom.

Laura: It's okay. It's okay, baby. It's okay.

Jennifer: What are you doing here?

Laura: I have to talk to you about Abigail.

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