Days Transcript Friday 8/26/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 8/26/16


Episode #12907 ~ Victor is brought in for questioning about Tate's kidnapping but claims he's being framed; Brady returns and has an emotional moment with Theresa; Deimos informs Nicole he'll try everything to help Victor; Philip seeks an answer to his offer to Chloe.

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Philip: [Clears throat] "How's it going, Philip?" Not bad, Mom. Thanks for asking. "And the record label? How's that coming?"  It's coming. All the paperwork's complete.  "Good. As long as you're happy, I'm happy."

Kate: [Sighs] I don't feel like talking. Is that such a crime?

Philip: Nope. But if we talk about it, you'll probably feel better.

Kate: Talk about what?

Philip: How you screwed up with Deimos. I told you not to mess with the guy. Deimos is one endless supply of bad news. Believe me, endless.

[Soft dramatic music]

Chloe: [Sighs]

[Dramatic music]

Deimos: You're awfully quiet.

Nicole: Sorry. I just have a lot of stuff doing somersaults in my head... like Victor kidnapping Tate.

Deimos: Hard to believe, I know.

Nicole: Yeah.

Deimos: And how about my answer to your question, did I have anything to do with it? Is that hard to believe as well?

[Monitor beeping]

Having arrested famed industrialist Victor Kiriakis earlier today, the police issued no statement except to say that he will be charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Turning to sports, it appears the Chicago cubs--

[TV shuts off]

Maggie: [Sobs]

Justin: Brady, where's uncle Vic?

Brady: He's in there with roman. I think, if he confesses now, things would be a lot easier for him.

Sonny: Why would he confess to something he didn't do?

Brady: Sonny, he did do it, okay? He arranged the-- Justin, you can't go in there.

Justin: The hell I can't. How dare you interrogate my client without his attorney present?

Roman: Justin, welcome. Join us.

Justin: You are going to follow the law on this one, roman, to the letter.

Victor: Forget about making legal points, Justin. Help me convince him I had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

Roman: You don't have to convince me, Victor. Worry about convincing a jury.

Sonny: Brady, why are you so convinced that uncle Vic is guilty?

Brady: Because the facts add up, sonny.

Sonny: Like what?

Brady: Like-- [Stammers] Like summer accepting $100,000 to kidnap my son. Who has access to that kind of money, huh? What about Theresa remembering seeing summer coming for my son--

Sonny: Wait, wait, no. I heard that was just a dream.

Brady: Listen, doesn't matter. Before summer took off for God knows where, she led us to a room at the Salem inn, all right? You know what I found in that room, man? One of my kid's toys.

Sonny: Fine, I heard that. So Tate was probably held there, but then you found a lead on who rented the room, right?

Brady: Exactly, her name was supposedly Lauren Cartwright. We found a burner phone that she had left behind in that hotel room in Indianapolis where we found my son. There was one number programmed into that phone, sonny. It was my grandfather's number. I called the phone. He answered it. Look, man, I've been behind my grandfather for as long as I can remember. I don't want him to be guilty. I want him to be innocent. But I know you love him. I love him too. He's been great to me. He's been great to you. But facts are facts!

Sonny: You don't have facts. You have opinions.

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: I don't think you had anything to do with Tate's kidnapping. I believed you absolutely when you told me that.

Deimos: Thank you. That means a great deal to me.

Nicole: What I am having a hard time believing is how Victor could be so cruel. He loves Brady and Tate. Does he really hate Theresa that much?

Deimos: He adamantly denies having anything to do with it... which is why I'm having my own professionals investigate. There is a chance-- very real chance-- that Victor's being set up.

Nicole: Really? I mean, who would do that?

Deimos: That is the question. When it's time to move to underwear,

[Soft dramatic music]

[Knock at door]

Theresa: Hey. Do you have time for a few visitors?

Maggie: Oh, my word. [Chuckles] Ah, he's really back.

Theresa: I know. He's kind of tuckered out. He really wanted to see his great-grandma Maggie.

Maggie: Oh, sweetheart. Oh, my goodness. Ah, you're such a beautiful sight. I'm so glad he-- I'm so glad to see you.

Theresa: Yeah. It's amazing how much he's grown, isn't it?

Maggie: It is. He looks perfect. Is he okay?

Theresa: Yeah. Pediatrician said everything checked out fine. At least Victor made sure he was taken care of. Look, it must be hard for you... knowing that Victor did this.

Maggie: He didn't, Theresa. He didn't do it.

Justin: Uncle Vic, there's no need to defend yourself. Roman's so sure he's got his man, he's stopped thinking.

Victor: He's got to know what the hell is going on. Deimos arranged for Tate to be kidnapped.

Roman: You got proof of that?

Victor: He might just as well have taken out a billboard. Think--the first clue that we got: The Chopin group. Deimos is a piano virtuoso. Such an egotist, he couldn't resist putting in a little inside joke.

Roman: Really, that's it? That's what you got?

Victor: Damn it, roman, the only thing that Deimos is better at than music is revenge. You're being played by the son of a bitch and letting me go down for it.

Sonny: So you're saying uncle Vic risked his great-grandson's life just to make Theresa look bad?

Brady: Plus, he got Maggie's daughter to be implicated in it as well, whom he also hated with a vengeance.

Sonny: Oh, so two birds with one stone.

Brady: Sonny, trust away. Trust your damn heart out. The fact is, that old bastard did this and it was cruel and he needs to pay for it.

Sonny: Boy, you've really built a case against uncle Vic-- in your head, anyway. I mean, you took a fact from here, you took a fact from there, and you wrote a pretty convincing story. Or someone else did.

Brady: What the hell does that mean?

Sonny: It means maybe you should be out there looking for who set him up rather than measuring the rope to hang him with.

Kate: Wow. If I knew this dinner was going to include a main course of "I told you so," I would have agreed to it so much sooner.

Philip: Look, I know having me bring it up isn't fun for you...

Kate: No!

Philip: But--

Kate: No, nonsense. This is beyond enjoyment. We should do this all the time.

Philip: Seriously, mom, I'm sorry you wound up going through hell-- I really am... even if it was pretty much your own fault. And I get no pleasure whatsoever in seeing you unemployed or kicked out of the place you thought was gonna be your home, okay?

Kate: No, you know, it's not okay. Because you are loving every single minute of this. And believe me, I'm not gonna forget it.

Philip: There it is. That's why I came here tonight. The fire, the tone.

Kate: Excuse me?

Philip: I was wondering when that blue streak was gonna show itself.

Kate: Oh, my God, what are you talking about? What are you talking about?

Philip: I know you, remember? Very well. You've been hurt, insulted, stomped on. You're miserable. Anybody can see that. I see something else.

Kate: Oh, what's that?

Philip: You're going for revenge.

Kate: [Scoffs] [Laughs]

Deimos: Actually, I'm not launching my own investigation just to help my brother. I have a more self-serving interest. There are gonna be people who believe that Victor's not guilty. They're gonna start pointing fingers at me. They already have.

Nicole: Even with no evidence?

Deimos: [Chuckles] Sometimes truth doesn't count for very much. You may recall a certain someone framing you for murder?

Nicole: Oh, yes, I do.

Deimos: Well, I certainly hope my investigators are able to clear Victor. I mean, who knows? Maybe he might appreciate it enough to--

Nicole: Forgive you?

Deimos: [Chuckles] Well, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, huh? Helping Maggie is one thing, but I have to believe Victor will always have me in his cross hairs, no matter how much I just... just want to be his brother.

[Tender music]

Nicole: [Sighs]

Kate: Seriously, you think I'm planning revenge against Deimos?

Philip: Maybe Nicole, too, while you're at it.

Kate: I think the wine has gone to your head. I have given no indication whatsoever that I was even considering anything idiotic like that.

Philip: I didn't say you were advertising it. But anyone who knows you knows how this plays out.

Kate: [Scoffs] Okay. Let's get the check, shall we?

Philip: Forget it. I got it anyway.

Kate: Oh, good. Fine.

Philip: Seriously, mom, would you just-- two more seconds?

Kate: [Sighs]

Philip: The only reason I'm trying to talk to you about this now is because this is going to end very badly for you. It always does.

Kate: It's so wonderful that you're looking out for me, however condescendingly. But let me give you a piece of advice. You need to worry about yourself, since you're the one sleeping with Chloe lane.

Philip: [Scoffs] What? First of all, I'm not sleeping with Chloe. Second of all, don't try to change the subject.

Kate: Oh, oh, that's right. That's right. It's just a business relationship, isn't it? It's all about singing.

Philip: It is.

Kate: You know, tell me something. When things get really exciting between you--you know, when the bed starts to shake and the earth is about to move-- does she burst out into song?

Philip: Damn it, mom, I told you, we are not--

Kate: You think that I'm predictable? When Chloe reverts back to form, do you know how insane things are going to get for you once again?

Chloe: Wouldn't you rather have me answer that?

[Soft upbeat music]

[Tender music]

Nicole: [Gasping]

Deimos: I want you to move in here. I never want you to be away from me.

Say you'll do it. Just say yes.

Brady: You've got to know how many times that my grandfather, without hesitation, has broken the law, cheated, stolen--

Sonny: I remember.

Brady: Name it.

Sonny: I remember. But I also remember how much he's changed since Maggie came into his life.

Roman: All right, Justin, I guarantee you it won't take long.

Justin: It better not.

Sonny: Hey, what's going on?

Roman: Well, what's going on is, Victor is about to be booked.

Sonny: No, this is insane.

Justin: Look, don't worry. I'm on this. Your bail hearing is first thing in the morning, and there's no way can they hold you.

[Dramatic music]

[Tender music]

Roman: Victor, go.

Sonny: Wait, can we hold on one minute?

Roman: Sonny, don't stop this.

Sonny: I'm not. I'm just asking for one minute. I haven't got a chance to talk to you since this happened, but I want you to know, whatever they think they have, whatever they got cooked up to make you look guilty, I'm with you. I will not give up on you, uncle vic.

Victor: Thank you. Good to know some members of my family still care. Let's go, roman, get this over with.

Brady: What the hell is wrong with you? You've lived in that house. You know what he's capable of.

Justin: Was. Was capable. Look, Brady, you turned titan around and made it legit. Uncle Victor met Maggie.

Brady: Are you forgetting that you lost your job as a DA because of something that Victor had you do? Remember that? Was that the old version of Victor, or was that the new and improved version?

Justin: Look, I know that this kidnapping has been hell for you. The stress you've been under has been unbelievable. I get that. But don't you think that maybe, just maybe, that could cloud your judgment? I mean, have a little family loyalty. Victor was hurting from this kidnapping as much as you. Deimos should be our main suspect.

Brady: I investigated Deimos. I--

Justin: Well?

Brady: I traced him to the Chopin group, which led to this mobster in Greece. And yes, Deimos most likely knew this guy in prison. But don't get carried away. The trail went cold. It was 20, 25 years ago. I got nothing to attach Deimos to this mobster since.

Justin: How long did you look?

Brady: You don't think I want it to be Deimos? I do! I don't want my grandfather to be involved in this. But he did it, Justin. I'm not gonna let family loyalty blind me from what really happened. I'm sorry.

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: Well, uh, you look terrific, Maggie. So hey, when can you get back on your feet?

Maggie: Uh, well, it'll be a while. I, um-- you know, once I'm healed, the therapy starts. And after that, we'll see.

Theresa: Yeah? Well, that's something to look forward to, though. Right? That's good. I, um--- I'm sorry it came at the-- you know, it just-- I'm sorry that it came at this-- it was just really bad timing, Maggie, with everything coming down on you, and... look, I know you want to think that Victor is innocent and summer wasn't involved.

Maggie: Has there been any word on...

Theresa: No. They're gonna find her. And when they do, I'm sorry, it's--it's gonna hurt you all over again.

Maggie: Oh, my God. You know, when Brady walked in with john with this insane, absolutely unbelievable story--

Theresa: Yeah, I know. I know, and I wish-- I wish I could tell you that it was enough for me to just-- that I have Tate back, you know, but I can't tell you that, Maggie. It's not enough. It's not okay. You know, I've done a lot of horrible things to people. Come on, though. Kidnapping an innocent child? It's unforgivable.

Maggie: Well, whoever did it should be punished.

Theresa: Right.

Maggie: [Sighs]

Theresa: Look, I'm just gonna say this once, okay, get it out in the open. Look, you and I may not agree on Victor ever, all right, but that's okay, okay? 'Cause, Maggie, I-- I want to be here for you, okay, and I want to help you any way that I can.

Maggie: Thank you.

Theresa: Yeah. But I do need you to know... I'm gonna be in the courtroom when they sentence Victor.

[Soft dramatic music]

Philip: Hey, Chloe, looking sharp.

Chloe: Thank you, Philip. It sounded like I was interrupting something-- a scolding, a warning against my evil ways?

Kate: Sweetheart, if you think I'm going to be embarrassed or if I'm going to fumble an apology--

Philip: Mom--

Kate: You are a conniving, lying little witch who is going to make my son miserable once again.

Philip: Okay, mom, could you maybe just--

Kate: But then again, maybe he'll wake up. You know, who knows? That is my fondest wish. But then again, he is an adult. A mother can only do so much. Wouldn't you agree?

Chloe: [Sighs] Are you finished?

Kate: I am finished. I'm finished chatting with my naive son. I've finished my dinner, although I might have to take something to keep it down if I continue to look at you.

Chloe: Oh, well, I hope whatever you take, it isn't poison-- I'm assuming you have some left over-- or that it doesn't make you want to frame someone for murder yet again.

[Soft upbeat music]

I thought that went rather well.

Deimos: You know what?

Nicole: Hmm?

Deimos: I just realized something.

Nicole: What?

Deimos: You never answered my question about moving in.

Nicole: Well, I think I was involved in something, wasn't I?

Deimos: Yeah. Yeah, I do seem to recall something.

Nicole: Admit it: You were hoping that I wanted you so badly, I'd say, "yes, yes, a million times yes!"

Deimos: Mm. Am I really that obvious?

Nicole: Sometimes. Deimos, moving in with you, that's huge. I just need to think about it. You know, sometimes everything we do, everything we are, it's-- it's perfect. And sometimes I just feel like we're moving really, really fast.

Deimos: All right. I guess, having spent so many years behind bars, that... time has a somewhat different meaning for me. But you're right. Take all the time you need... just as long as you finally say yes.

[Both chuckle]

[Dramatic music]

[Laughs] Oh, baby, mommy is so happy that you're here. We had a nice visit, though, didn't we? Even if Maggie still thinks... [Sobs] My God, I never thought I was gonna see you again.

Brady: Hey, hey, hey. Everything's fine. Everything's good. He's here. Look, he's here. He's right here.

Theresa: Yeah, thank God.

Brady: And it's gonna stay that way. We're good. We're good.

Theresa: Okay. So is the old bastard behind bars yet?

[Dramatic music]

Philip: Okay. The waiter won't be coming back. The couple with the two little kids just left. It's just us. You can talk.

Chloe: Philip, you realize that offer you made me is insane.

Philip: No, it's not. If you're gonna keep this baby-- and I really think you should-- then you're gonna need someone Deimos will believe is the father. That way, you're safe; the baby is safe.

Chloe: What about you? I can't put you in this position.

Philip: Hey, I'm sure there's other guys you could get for the job, but I'm the most believable. We got a hot history, and we're gonna be together a lot.

Chloe: Ugh!

Philip: What?

Chloe: Yet another reason for your mother to hate me.

Philip: Yeah, and just when she was coming around. Forget her. You've got a problem. And it's in my self-interest to help you because I want you on my label for the next three decades at least. Oh... I care about you. So what's it gonna be? Yes or no?

[Dramatic music]

Kate: What a lovely couple you make. The charming prince from a faraway land and the commoner he plucked from a memory, an old memory. Quite a fairy tale.

Deimos: You might want to be careful with your analogies, Kate. You might end up being cast as the crusty wicked witch.

Nicole: Or something that rhymes with "witch." For the fried,

Kate: Well, if I was a witch, it means that I could cast a spell on you. That would be fun, wouldn't it?

Deimos: I seem to recall you already trying that and failing miserably.

Nicole: Kate, isn't this weird for you? I mean, I would think you would go out of your way to avoid running into us.

Deimos: You know what? I would have thought the same exact thing, given the fact that the last time, she made such a fool of herself. But then again, some people lack self-awareness. Come on.

[Dramatic music]

Chloe: [Sighs] Maybe I should just... leave Salem, move to la maybe. There's plenty of good recording studios there. Or Nashville, new York.

Philip: I get it-- someplace you wouldn't run into Deimos. But we're just getting things going here. Trying to do it long-distance, not a good idea. We need to get your career launched, not spend time looking for places for you to hide.

Chloe: You're right, I guess. I don't know. I... I think I have to think about this some more.

Philip: Hey, hey, it's complicated, okay? Downright messy. But you can't keep running or telling yourself you need more time to think it through. You're in a situation. I can help. Let me.

Chloe: Thank you.

Maggie: Um, it's his wife, that's right. Is there, um-- is there no way that you could put him on the phone? Um, well, you see, it's just, I'm in the hospital, and it's-- it's very difficult for me not to be able to contact him. So if you could just... please allow him a few minutes out of his jail cell, I-- mm-hmm. Okay, well, I guess I'll have to understand, then, won't I? Could you get him a message? Okay. Tell him that Maggie called and she loves him and she misses him and she can't wait for us to be together again. I'd appreciate it. Okay. Yeah, you too. Bye.

[Somber music]


[Tender music]

[Laughs] Oh, my. Oh! Oh, Victor. Alice gave me this piece years ago to welcome me into the Horton family. Sarah, when she was a toddler, she knocked it off a shelf and just-- it shattered to bits. I was sick about it. It was so rare. And they said it was irreplaceable.

Victor: There are very few things in this life that are irreplaceable. I almost lost you last year. And I'm never going to allow that to happen again.

Maggie: You didn't have to rush everyone out.

Victor: Well, your therapist is gonna be here soon, and I wanted a little time for us. Been lugging this around for a while.

Maggie: Really? You bought me a present and you held out? [Laughs]

Victor: You wore red shoes all those years ago when you got on your feet again. I thought it was only appropriate.

Maggie: How long have you had them?

Victor: Since I promised you to take you dancing again.

Maggie: [Laughs] I'm gonna hold you to that!

Victor: I'm ready whenever you are.

Maggie: You'll let me teach you a mambo?

Victor: Well, as long as you don't try and dip me, I'm up for anything.

Maggie: I'm so lucky. You couldn't have done it, Victor. [Sighs] I know your heart as well as I know my own, and I know... I know it's so full of love for Brady and for his son. You just couldn't have done it.

Justin: Sonny, if Maggie brings up Victor, you don't have to avoid talking about him, but let's just try to keep the conversation about how her recovery's going, okay?

Sonny: Okay. Wait, dad, before we go in there, I mean, I'm still not sure what we're gonna do about uncle vic. What's the plan?

Justin: Pretty basic. One step at a time. First, we get him out on bail.

Sonny: Can you do that? Realistically?

Justin: If he forfeits his passport, it's possible. Depends on the judge.

Sonny: So... all that stuff you said to roman?

Justin: It's what lawyers do.

Sonny: Dad, uncle Vic was set up.

Justin: I agree. But proving it is going to be something else.

Theresa: Hey, you look like you're gonna drop, all right? Come and sit down.

Brady: I was gonna make some coffee.

Theresa: No, you don't need coffee, babe. You just need to sit, all right?

Brady: [Sighs] That feels good, actually.

Theresa: Yeah. Hey, look, I'm sorry. I should have gone to the station and let you stay here with Tate.

Brady: No. No, no, no. Trust me, you would not have wanted to be there.

Theresa: Why, did Victor go off on one of his tirades again?

Brady: No, actually, it wasn't Victor. It was, uh, sonny and Justin. They were going off on me about how I'm all out for blood, regardless of the lack of evidence I have against Victor--

Theresa: What? Oh, my God.

Brady: This is how it's gonna be. Theresa, this is it. We're gonna be called traitors. They're gonna say that we are going after a sweet old man and that we're stabbing him in the back when he should be respected and admired and loved. You understand me?

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: Brady, do you... I mean, does part of you think that maybe Victor is innocent?

We all need a hug in the morning...

Brady: The thing is, Theresa, even after what my grandfather did... I feel guilty going after him.

Theresa: What? Brady--

Brady: I don't want to hate him. It's hard for me.

Theresa: Yeah, but he betrayed you. He betrayed us--

Brady: I don't--listen--

Theresa: The entire family.

Brady: Look at me. I don't want to believe that someone that I loved and trusted for so long could be capable of doing something like this. I feel guilty about it. It's not gonna help that everyone in this town is gonna be yelling at me, saying, "Brady, you should be backing your family." I hate it. I hate the feeling. [Sighs] I don't--I just-- I don't know how to feel. All I know is that I love you and that I love our son.

Theresa: Okay.

Brady: Just sometimes I feel that's all I got, Theresa.

Theresa: Well, then hey, that's gonna have to be enough, right? Come here.

Brady: [Sighs] Mm.

Theresa: I love you, okay?

Brady: I love you.

Theresa: We're gonna be fine.

Brady: I know.

Theresa: All right? We're gonna get through this together, okay? And we love each other, and that's all we need, okay?

Brady: That's all we need.

Theresa: That's all we need.

[Tender music]

Sonny: Dad, what about that mobster that Brady traced back to Greece, the one that was connected to Deimos?

Justin: Sonny, that was decades ago.

Sonny: Okay, decades. Dad, you're making it sound like we don't have a shot here.

Justin: I'm just being blunt. We can't have rose-colored glasses on if we're gonna win this thing. And trust me, we're gonna have to give it everything we got.

Sonny: You're damn right. 'Cause you know what? Whoever did this broke a lot of laws to put uncle Vic in jail. I say we return the favor. We're gonna do whatever it takes to make this right, legal or illegal.

[Dramatic music]

[Phone rings]

Maggie: Hello?

Victor: Maggie? Were you sleeping?

Maggie: Victor! Are you out? Did you make bail?

Victor: No, no, I'm in my cell. Not exactly five-star accommodations, but what the hell? It's free.

Maggie: But how-- how can you call from a jail cell?

Victor: Well, there are still a few people on the force that are loyal. One of the guards gave me his phone. Can't talk very long. I just wanted to... tell you that I was okay and to see how you were doing.

Maggie: I'm fine. Um, I'm still healing. I'm worried.

Victor: Yeah, let me assure you of one thing, Maggie. I'm not gonna let this beat me, as bad as everything looks right now. I'm gonna come home to you. You can count on that.

[Soft music]

Chloe: This means everything to me, Philip. Seriously, thank you.

Philip: Just trying to protect my investment.

Chloe: No, you're not. You're saving my life.

[Dramatic music]

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