Days Transcript Tuesday 8/23/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 8/23/16


Episode #12904 ~ Ciara is staggered by Theo's news of Abigail's death; a grieving Chad informs Belle that he's giving up his custody battle and allowing Thomas to be raised by Jennifer, who is holed up in a run-down motel with a supply of booze and pills; Claire & Theo use her new song to deal with the tragedy.

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[Pencil scratching]

[Soft guitar music]

Claire: Came out of yourself you showed your light showed me how your bones could hold me tight you find my veins again

[Dramatic music]

Theo: Ciara?

Ciara: Theo. Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't see you.

Theo: Looks like you're in a big hurry, and I think I know exactly where you're going.

Belle: Chad? Hey. I was worried about you when I left last night. Did you get any sleep?

Chad: No. I spent the night watching Thomas. Trying to figure out how I'm gonna tell him when he gets old enough... that his mom is never coming home.

Belle: You will find a way.

Chad: I've just been standing here... you know, going over the past few months trying to... think of the exact moment that everything just went to hell. Abby and I were happy once... but for the life of me, I can't seem to remember what that felt like. When did I lose control of all of it? When did I lose the woman I love? And how am I supposed to live without the hope of her ever coming home?

[Suspenseful music]

Belle: Chad, listen. I know this is cold comfort and maybe you're not ready to hear this yet, but to blame yourself for this... please, don't do that to yourself. I've learned the hard way that sometimes... love just isn't enough.

Chad: I don't understand what that means.

Belle: It means that no matter how much you love someone, no matter how much you care...

[Somber music]

Belle: Chad, Abigail had an illness. It was inherited. It was hidden deep inside of her way before the two of you ever got together, and far before she ever met Ben Weston.

Chad: But that son of a bitch was her pathway to hell. With the mind games and the torture. I hope he rots in hell or at the very least in jail for the rest of his damn life.

Belle: There's a really good possibility of that. Chad... not just for your sake, but for your sons, you have to let go of this idea that you could have saved Abigail from herself. You have to let go of that guilt.

Chad: But you don't understand. That beautiful, smart, amazing, wonderful woman trusted me to take care of her, and I failed her. I let her stay in that institution where she felt trapped and even more depressed and alone. [Exhales] [Sniffles]

Belle: How did you fail her?

Chad: I just, you know, I let it go on.

Belle: It wasn't up to you to decide whether she should have stayed there. The psychiatrists make those decisions. These are people who are trained to treat mental illness.

Chad: But I could have found a better doctor or hospital. I could have done something m-- I should have done something more before she felt like she had to escape.

Belle: See... [Clears throat] I can't even imagine how devastating this loss must be for you. I get it. I get it. You've put everything you had into trying to make Abigail well, and trying to keep your family together.

Chad: [Sniffles]

Belle: But you know, you can't let this tragedy destroy the family you have left. This is your baby boy. Abigail's son. He needs you. You need him. And if you stop fighting for him, you will lose him too.

Chad: Yeah, but maybe it's for the best. [Sniffles] Maybe it's better if Thomas goes and lives with Jennifer.

[Suspenseful music]

Jack: Jennifer.

Please, don't do this. Can't see it. Can't taste it.

Ciara: Yeah, I'll be in at the usual time. Thank you.

[Cell phone beeps]

Ciara: Hey, sorry, I had to check in at shady hills. I went to Chicago last night and I left my phone here in Salem, and mom and Clara left me a ton of messages. Haven't gotten back to them yet.

Theo: Oh. Then, uh, you haven't heard, have you?

Ciara: What's wrong?

Belle: Thomas is your son. He belongs with you. I don't believe for one minute that you're willing to give up custody of your son.

Chad: Why? Because I was so good at caring for his mother?

Belle: This is your grief talking, okay? You need to get some rest, and once you have some time to think about all of this, you'll realize that Abigail's death changes nothing when it comes to what's best for your son. If anything, now that he's lost one parent it's more important than ever that he not lose you too. Chad, this is your little boy. He has no mother. It is your responsibility to raise him more than ever now that Abigail is gone.

Chad: Yeah, well, how am I supposed to do that when I can't even manage to take care of myself?

Jennifer: Our baby girl, jack, she's gone. [Sniffles]

Jack: And you think this is the answer?

[Soft music]

Jennifer: God, even after all these years, I miss you. I miss you more than you know. [Sniffles] It still doesn't even seem real that you're not here. [Crying]

Jack: Oh, but I am here.

Jennifer: No, you're not. You're not. You're here... you're here in my heart, but it doesn't seem real that I can't just put my arms around you and hold you to go through this pain of losing our daughter together. But honestly, I would never, never want you to suffer like this. I would never want you to feel this pain. [Sniffles]

Jack: But I do feel it.

Jennifer: [Groans]

Jack: Jennifer, I do feel it... because I'm in you. I'm still a part of your heart, and I can feel when it's breaking. That's why I'm here. To help you. To remind you that you still have so much to live for. You're still a mom. Now Abigail would want you to be the strong one. You... you are blessed with a fighting spirit. You are resilient as hell. You have bounced back. You are tough, Jennifer. Tough. You have overcome so much loss, so much despair, so many challenges, and you come back for more.

Jennifer: [Groans]

Jack: You come back. You don't give up. And you're not gonna give up now. Not at all. Not ever.

Jennifer: Okay, for JJ. Right?

Jack: For Thomas. That baby boy just lost his mommy.

Jennifer: Oh, jack, if you could have seen Abigail with him. The look in her eyes when she held him in her arms. Oh, when I look at his face, I see her smile and when he cries, he scrunches up his face. It looked just like Abigail when she was a baby. [Chuckles]

Jack: See? He needs you now, and Abigail... she would be crushed if she thought that you... succumbed, that you gave in to numbing yourself like this. That you gave up on your son, your grandson, on yourself.

Jennifer: No, you're right. You're right. I can't do this, jack. I won't. I won't do it.

Jack: That's right. You won't do it. Stay clean. For JJ and to protect our grandchild from Chad DiMera.

Belle: Chad when we're going through really tough times, we can't do it alone. We need our friends. We need our family.

Chad: Well, I don't have any friends. I don't have any family. JJ blames me for everything that happened to Abby, and Jennifer wants to take Thomas away from me, so maybe it's best I just let her have him.

Belle: Listen, we've been through this. I'm not gonna let that happen.

Chad: Why? Maybe the best thing for me to do to honor Abby's memory is to just let her mother take Thomas before I do anymore harm to him.

Belle: Well, as your attorney, and as your friend, there's no way in hell I'm gonna let that happen. I laugh, I sneeze...

Theo: I was down at the station and I overheard my dad and JJ talking about some evidence that Abigail boarded a chartered flight in Miami. It went down somewhere in the gulf of Mexico.

Ciara: Did they find any--

Theo: No. No survivors.

[Soft dramatic music]

Ciara: No wonder Chad seemed so torn up when I saw him. He must have been going through hell waiting for confirmation, and now he knows the truth that Abigail's really dead. Oh, my god.

Belle: Chad, I know that you're in terrible pain, but, please, for the sake of your son, you cannot let this defeat you. Thomas deserves better than that. If you stop fighting for him, you will never forgive yourself. It will torture you for the rest of your life that you allowed yourself to succumb to self-pity and let go of the only family that you have left. The only... [Sighs] This sweet, little, precious child that needed you. Are you listening to me?

Chad: Yes. I can't let go.

Belle: No, you can't.

Chad: [Sighs]

Belle: When you hired me to represent you in this custody case, you swore to me that your son came first, so you cannot let your grief paralyze you to the point where you stop making good decisions for your son. Now, I need you to tell me what I can do to help you get yourself together 'cause I'm gonna fight for you, but I don't have a chance of winning that fight if you don't stand up for yourself too. I'm gonna say it again: If you stop fighting for him, if you lose him, you will never forgive yourself.

Chad: [Exhales] Thank you for your support as a friend, and your services as an attorney, but I will no longer be needing you.

Belle: What? Chad--

Chad: It's over. I am tired of fighting... [Scoffs] So I am gonna call Jennifer and tell her that I won't be fighting for custody of Thomas. [Sniffles]

Jennifer: Oh, it's so easy for you to tell me to be strong, Jack. [Crying softly] You weren't even here to share in this pain. You didn't have to stand there and watch your daughter lose her mind knowing that you could do nothing about it. So that's all I want. All I want is to wash that away, jack. The pain and the guilt and the anger. Can you understand that? I. Want. To. Feel. Nothing! I want to feel nothing! [Sniffling]

Jack: You know that's not gonna do you or anyone any good. You know that, and that's not who you are.

Jennifer: [Groans]

Jack: You are the strongest person I have ever known.

Jennifer: No, I'm not. I am not. Everybody thinks I am, but it's a show, jack. It is one big act.

Jack: Then I advise you to slip into your costume and get into character because that is the Jennifer that Thomas needs.

[Cell phone ringing]

[Cell phone beeps]

Jack: That is not how this is gonna work. You're gonna hit redial, and you will tell Chad that you will be raising Thomas, our grandson, because that's what's right. That's what's best for Thomas.

[Cell phone beeps]

Jack: Hortons are devastated that Abigail was on that plane. I didn't want to press her for many details, so... is there anything else that you can tell me?

Theo: I don't know many details except they were able to tie Abigail and a fake license that she used on the plane. I mean, it has her picture on it, so... it seems pretty certain that she's gone.

Ciara: Right.

Theo: Is there anything I could do for you?

Ciara: I could ask you the same thing. You and Abigail were pretty close.

Theo: She saw me. You know? She always treated me as if I was just like everyone else. She never talked down to me.

Ciara: Yeah, she was a great person. She was so sweet and caring, and what she went through with Ben, thinking that he's the father of their baby, and then realizing that he's a complete psychopath. That he's horrible and heartless and a murderer. No wonder she lost her mind.

Theo: It's a terrible tragedy.

Ciara: Poor Chad, and Thomas, he needs his mom. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, that was really insensitive of me.

Theo: No, it's fine. I mean, at least I'll have memories of my mom.

Ciara: Yeah, like I do my dad. I still dream about him. Do you dream about your mom?

Theo: I did more in the beginning after she died, but lately, not so much. I mean, I still think about her every day, especially when I wake up in the morning, and every time I'm in bed at night, I always tell her how my day went.

Ciara: Yeah, I do that with my dad. I don't really think that he can hear me, but at least it helps. It makes me feel like I'm closer to him. God, poor Chad, and Thomas, he's a baby without a mom. I'm sorry, I have to go, okay? I'll text you later?

Theo: Mm-hmm.

[Soft dramatic music]

Claire: She knows about Abigail, doesn't she?

Theo: And she's off to be with Chad.

[Cell phone beeps]

Chad: She's not picking up.

Belle: Oh, good. That is such a good thing.

Chad: No, it's not because I want this done. Don't you understand that?

Belle: It's not right now. Okay? Giving her custody of Thomas is a big decision. Don't you understand that?

Chad: Don't you understand that I'm trying to do what's best for my son?

Belle: Of course I do, but, Chad, you're just not thinking clearly.

Chad: [Exhales sharply]

Belle: Your perspective is distorted because of how you're feeling, okay? You just need some time to get clearer about what Thomas really needs. How about I take you to dinner? I mean, when's the last time you had something to eat?

Chad: I don't remember.

Belle: Okay, let's get out of here. You wanna go to the pub or TBD?

Chad: Look, I really appreciate what you're trying to do, but I would kind of like to handle this my own way.

Belle: What? Holed up in this gloomy old mansion? Come on, it'll do you some good to get some fresh air.

Chad: Seriously, I don't mean any disrespect, but will you please leave me the hell alone. You're going to do something you regret.

Chad: Well--

Ciara: Don't worry, belle. I'm here. I'll stay with Chad and Thomas. I can take care of them.

[Dramatic music]

Jack: Look at him. Before you do this, you look at our daughters beautiful little boy.

[Soft music]

Jennifer: Oh, Abigail. You were my baby once. I'm never gonna get to hold you again. [Sniffles] [Exhales] [Crying softly] [Exhales] [Sighing] This is mister kitty.

Belle: Uh, it's okay, Ciara, I'll stay with Chad.

Ciara: I thought I just got through saying that you don't have to. Don't you have something else to do?

Belle: Uh, no, actually, I cleared my schedule for the day.

Ciara: Well, so have I. I have nowhere I need to be and nowhere I want to be more than right here with Chad and Thomas.

Belle: Listen, I know that you want to help, but it's just...

Ciara: But what? You think I'm not mature enough to know what Chad's going through?

Belle: I didn't say that.

Ciara: Belle, I just lost my dad, my mom lost her husband, and the love of her life. I'm not just some shallow little girl that doesn't know how to behave around someone that's grieving.

Belle: Ciara, you don't have to get defensive with me.

Ciara: How can I not get defensive when you're obviously trying to get rid of me?

Belle: What? Sweetie, no I'm not.

Chad: Stop, stop. Look, belle, Ciara was with Thomas and I and she helped us through a pretty rough patch, and I appreciate what you are trying to do, but I do not want you getting sucked into my life right now. You have your own life to worry about and your own child to care for. So thank you. I'll compensate you for your services, and I apologize for wasting your time.

Belle: You're not wasting my time. I'm here as a friend. I care about you... but I'll leave.

[Soft dramatic music]

Ciara, please try and talk some sense into him. It's wrong for him to give up fighting for Thomas. Now that Abigail's gone, Thomas needs him more than ever. Don't let him forget that.

Ciara: Was she serious? You're gonna give up on Thomas? Chad, how could you do that?

Claire: I can't even imagine what Jennifer must be going through.

Theo: What about JJ?

Claire: Yeah. He and Abigail were so close.

Theo: Yeah. Abigail wasn't much older than us.

Claire: Well, the thing about her, she-- she had this maturity. You know? Like, she always seemed to know exactly what she wanted in life. Then when she finally go it, it all just went so terribly wrong, and now she's gone.

[Footsteps approaching]

Belle: [Clears throat] Hi.

Theo: Hey, Mrs. Brady.

Belle: I, uh, assume by the look on your face that you're talking about Abigail.

Claire: Yeah, yeah, we were.

Belle: I just came from seeing Chad.

Theo: How is he?

Belle: Ha--

Theo: I'm--never mind. I'm sorry, that was a stupid question.

Belle: No, it wasn't. Chad is struggling to make sense of all of it. The only thing he can do-- the only thing any of us can do in a situation like this is to work through the grief and not take anything for granted.

Claire: [Mouthing]

Belle: Uh, Theo, would you mind if I talked to Claire for a moment?

Theo: Not at all. I have a call I have to make anyways. Text me when you're done, Claire.

Claire: I will. Okay, mom, if this is gonna be another lecture about my decision to pursue--

Belle: No, honey, it's not. It's not. Your father and I, we've decided to let you defer college for a year to pursue your dream.

Claire: Oh, my god, are you serious?

Belle: [Laughs] Yes, but it's on one condition. If nothing major happens during that year, you have to promise us that you will enroll in the university.

Claire: Oh, god, Mom, are you kidding? I'll be on the charts by then. Thank you! Thank you so much! Okay, and I--of course, I promise. I promise. Just have faith in me and I swear, I can prove to you that I can be a successful recording artist. Mom?

Belle: [Sighs] Yes, sweetheart?

Claire: I can't breathe.

Belle: Oh.

[Both laugh]

Belle: I'm sorry. It's just... I'm always gonna hold my baby tight. It's always gonna be a fight to let you go.

Claire: Okay, I'm gonna go catch up with Theo and give him the good news.

Belle: Okay.

Claire: I love you so much.

Belle: I love you too, baby.

[Cell phone ringing]

Belle: [Clears throat]

[Cell phone beeps]

Belle: Hello?

Paul: Belle, it's Paul. John told me to tell Jennifer for you.

Belle: Yeah, I know. Any luck?

Paul: Well, I have something you can definitely use in your court case. Jennifer Horton fell off the wagon.

Belle: Hey.

Paul: Hey. So I just sent the photos to your phone. Um... I witnessed Jennifer Horton buying a bottle of vodka from a local liquor store, then I trailed her to the park where she then scored some illegal pharmaceuticals from a known street dealer.

Belle: Where is she now?

Paul: Uh, she's holed up at a seedy motel on the outskirts of town.

Belle: Well, that makes sense. Doug and Julie are staying at the Horton house, so she'd have no choice but to find another place to get high.

Paul: Well, this is exactly what you needed to blow Jennifer's claim that she's clean and sober. I thought you'd be happy since your job just got a hell of a lot easier.

Belle: Jennifer just lost her only daughter, so you'll have to forgive me if I don't feel like gloating over her pain and suffering.

Paul: Are you gonna use this in court?

Claire: I just feel guilty. You know, being so happy about my singing career.

Theo: You deserve to be happy, Claire.

Claire: Well, yeah, I know, but so do all of us. It's just... [Sighs] When I think of Abigail having so much to life for and now she's--

Theo: Look, if Abigail were here, she'd be high-fiving you like crazy. I mean, she'd be so proud of how committed you are to your music.

Claire: Yeah, my music. Not just something I want to do as a career, but... you know, whenever I don't know how to feel or don't understand why things happen the way they did, I turn to music. You know, there's order in these notes 'cause each one is on its own line and measure with a fixed number of notes in each. [Chuckles] There's a rhythm, tempo, and a key, and I don't know why, but I take a lot of comfort in that.

[Soft music]

Theo: Well, I've heard you sing, and I know that you're also reading between those lines. I mean, sure maybe your head could find some sense and order in the rules that you've learned in singing lessons, but what's in your heart, that's what writes the notes and the keys and... the whatever, the song.

Claire: [Laughs softly]

Theo: Will you sing it for me?

Chad: Look, Ciara, I'm not dealing with things very well right now. Look at me. I'm gonna have a hard enough time getting through the day, which is why I think it's probably just better if Jennifer takes Thomas.

Ciara: No, Chad, I'm not gonna let you say that. I'm not even gonna let you think it. I have seen the way that you are with Thomas. I've seen you rock him to sleep. I've heard the lullabies that you sing to him when he's missing his mom. I have seen you give your body and soul to fight for Abigail. And I know that if she were here right now, she'd be just as angry at you as I am if she knew that you were willing to give up your baby.

Chad: Ciara, stop, stop, stop, stop. Look, I really appreciate what you're trying to do, but I've already been through all of this with belle. I'm not fit to be a father.

[Dramatic music]

Thomas deserves more than I can give him right now, all right? I am... I am letting him go because I love him. Is that--

Ciara: No. I am not gonna let you give him up.

[Soft dramatic music]

[Door lock beeps]

[Door opens]

Belle: No.

[Cell phone clicks]

Claire: Why'd you leave me alone out here yeah I come back you were out of sight my heart drowning in the night I said hey babe don't leave me alone out here don't leave me alone out here [Laughs softly]

Theo: Wow, I just wish Ciara was here to hear that too. I mean, I know just hearing that song would make her feel better.

Claire: Yeah. Well, we both know that she went running over to Chad. There's nothing we can do about that. You know, we both just have to let it go.

Theo: I can't.

Claire: Okay, then let me help you.

[Soft dramatic music]

Chad: Ciara, you need to stop wasting your time on me.

Ciara: It's not a waste of time. How can you even say that? Spending time with you and Thomas, it's the most important thing to me. I'm here for you the way that I've always been. I'm gonna help you through this. I'm gonna make you strong again.

Chad: Look, no, you don't wanna be stuck in this old tomb.

Ciara: It's not a tomb, and you're very much alive. I'm not gonna let you give up on life. Do you hear me?

Chad: Why do you care so much?

Ciara: Because I love you.

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