Days Transcript Friday 7/29/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/29/16


Episode #12897 ~ John & Brady question Deimos in Tate's kidnapping; Steve begins a new & unexpected career; Joey deals with the aftereffects of killing Ava.

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Kayla: You're kidding me.

Steve: What's your pleasure?

Kayla: So this is really true? You're a bartender now?

Steve: Uh-huh. In a sedate club in a quiet neighborhood. You know, the light from adventure and danger would take about eight million years to reach this job.

Kayla: Do you know what bartenders do? They take orders. You hate taking orders. You will have to take orders and it will drive you crazy, and you will start smashing things.

Steve: That's in my past, baby. Come here. Sit down. Please?

Come here. This is the first day of my new life. And I am gonna prove to you that there's nothing more important to me in this world... than getting you back.

Joey: I just--I don't get why you left. It was really great being with you. I wanted you to spend the whole night.

Jade: Joey, there will be lots more nights.

Joey: Look, I checked my mom's schedule. She has a medical conference out of town next weekend, which means we can spend the whole weekend together. Wake up together...

Jade: You're such a romantic.

Joey: You make me one.

Hal: Get your filthy hands off my daughter.

Nicole: So did you have a good time at camp?

Parker: Yeah. It was pretty cool.

Nicole: Awesome.

Parker: Did you get the picture I sent you?

Nicole: I sure did. But it looked like you were getting some kind of award. You didn't tell me what it was for.

Parker: Swimming. I was the fastest minnow.

Nicole: What? That's awesome! Five it out. Bam.

Parker: My dad was a good swimmer.

Nicole: I know. How's your mom doing?

Parker: Better. She's not as sad as she was.

Dario: So, Nicole... who's the other man?

Nicole: [Laughs]

Deimos: The Chopin group? Never heard of them.

Brady: We think they might be involved in my son's kidnapping.

Deimos: Brady... I wish I can help you, but, as I said, I've never heard of them.

John: Well, how about a man by the name of giorgis Papadopoulos?

Deimos: You do realize how common a name like that is in Greece, right? That's like me asking you if you know George smith.

John: Yeah, well, this George smith runs an import/export business out of Athens.

Deimos: There are literally dozens of import/export businesses in Athens.

Brady: So you don't even know one giorgis Papadopoulos that does business in Athens?

John: Well, perhaps you need a memory aid. See, here is a picture of you and a gentleman by the name of giorgis Papadopoulos right outside his import/export business in Athens. So obviously, you know the man. And apparently, you did business with him many years ago.

Brady: This would be the part where you start explaining things.

Summer: Theresa?

Oh, my God, what have I done?

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[Soft orchestration]

Kayla: Look, I know you think that you can do this job. But you can't. I was a bartender, I know it's repetitive, it's tedious. The customer's always right. You have to listen and agree with any moron for the price of a drink. I think that you... you will self-destruct.

Steve: No, I won't.

Kayla: People with short fuses shouldn't be bartenders. Look, I know that you're upset about this thing with Fynn--

Steve: No, come on--

Kayla: But this is not the answer.

Steve: You know what, to hell with Fynn. To hell with him. I know he wants you. But you still love me. And when I show you that I can change, you'll be ready to admit it.

Kayla: This isn't about changing jobs. It's about changing you as a person. It's not possible.

Steve: Watch me.

Kayla: And what happens when john calls you up, and he wants you to go undercover in, like, Bangkok or something? Or you see some bully picking on somebody--not that you could ever really turn your back in a situation like that, but just to say you did. Eventually, you would resent me. For not letting you be... you.

Steve: I'm not me without you, sweetness. Without my family. I can't lose you again. I won't.

Joey: Hi, I'm Joey Johnson.

Hal: You don't think I know who you are, boy?

Joey: Look, I just want you to know, I care a lot about jade. And I don't--

Hal: You don't give a damn about her. You ruined her. You put us through hell--running away, breaking the law, jumping bail. She was never raised like that.

Jade: Dad, I wasn't raised at all.

Hal: You know what, don't start with me. This is your fault.

Jade: No, it isn't, okay? It wasn't his idea to run away, it was mine.

Hal: Well, then you should've stopped her! She's had problems before, but she's never been in trouble with the law till she met you. But now you're coming home--

Joey: Hey, now you keep your filthy hands off her!

Deimos: Yes, that is me. And I'll take your word that's Papadopoulos. But I did business with a lot of people. I really don't remember him.

John: The man has ties to the Greek mob.

Deimos: Again, I'll take your word for it. But if I did business with this man, it was over 30 years ago. Back then, I was totally legit. You do know the reason I went to prison had nothing to do with business, right? Your grandfather lied, and I was found guilty of murdering the woman I loved. If that man has any connection whatsoever to this kidnapping, I know nothing about it.

John: Well, you know, you're gonna have to forgive me if I don't just take your word for it. Now, if there's a connection, I'm gonna find it. So I think you'd be better off if you just told us right now, because you'd save us all a lot of time and heartache, you know?

Deimos: Is that how it's gonna be from now on? Every crime, every injustice against the Kiriakis family is immediately attributed to me?

Brady: I think that started when you decided to poison Maggie.

Deimos: I know I can't make you believe this, but I would never have anything to do with having an innocent child kidnapped. Never.

Summer: Oh, thank God. Thank God. Okay, Theresa. Theresa. Theresa?

No, I can't...


Every year we look for a better way

Nicole: This is Daniel's son, Parker. Parker, this is my friend, Dario.

Dario: Hey. Parker. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have interrupted. Looks like you guys were having a pretty serious conversation.

Nicole: Well, it's okay. Actually, I was just gonna tell Parker that I would love for him and his mom to come over for dinner sometime soon.

Parker: Chicken fingers?

Nicole: Uh, they're your favorite, aren't they?

Dario: Uh, they're everybody's favorite.

Parker: Can you come, too?

Dario: Yeah, if Nicole wants me to.

Parker: Please?

Deimos: As I told your grandfather, I know it's gonna take some time before all of you trust me after what I did.

Brady: You are very right about that.

Deimos: And if I knew something, Brady, I would certainly tell you, but I don't. You're wasting your time here with me. But I do hope to God that you find your son. And soon.

Brady: Deimos... if you're lying to me, I will come back here, and I will kill you.

Theresa: [Gasping]

[Breathing heavily]

[Cell phone ringing]

Brady: Theresa, where are you?

Theresa: Summer's room. She attacked me, Brady. She's gone.

Brady: We're on our way.

Steve: Can you tell me what's going on with Joe? I don't know if he's deliberately avoiding me, or if he's just busy, but I haven't talked to him in a while.

Kayla: Things haven't been very good. We fight all the time about jade. He wanted her to move in with us when her parents kicked her out. I said no.

Steve: Yeah. Well, I know it's hard for you, but I think you... I don't know, you need to cool it about jade.

Nicole: Really? What, like make the guest room up for her?

Steve: No, no, I mean, just be careful what you say about her to Joe. When you trash her, it just makes him more defensive. Okay, listen, I'll tell you what. I'll keep calling him. You shouldn't have to handle all this on your own.

Kayla: I think it's bigger than just the two of us helping him. Last night, I heard him crying in his sleep.

Steve: What?

Kayla: He's still having those nightmares about Ava. And he won't see the therapist that he saw before.

Steve: Well, he's got to see someone.

Kayla: I know. That's why I made an appointment with Marlena tonight.

Steve: Good.

Jade: Tell me something, Hal, okay? When did you decide to start being a dad?

Hal: Look, your mom wants you home now, and I'm gonna take you home. Get you away from this little creep.

Joey: Hey, you know what's creepy? Kicking your own daughter out of the house and then showing up to drag her back. You can't just be a dad when you feel like it.

Hal: You don't know what you're talking about.

Joey: I know you're a terrible father!

Hal: I never laid a finger on her!

Joey: You made her life miserable! Did that make you feel like a man? Putting her down?

Hal: Look, you little jerk--

Joey: Newsflash, neither one of us gives a damn about what you think. You can't keep up apart.

Hal: Somebody needs to teach you--

Fynn: What the hell is going on here, huh?

Brady: Theresa, are you okay? Are you--what happened to you? Do you need an ambulance?

Theresa: Brady, stop! Don't worry about me, we need to find summer.

Maggie: Summer? Are you running away again?

Summer: You'll all be happy to know that I'm leaving.

Maggie: What is this really all about?

Deimos: Victor?

Victor: Bad time?

Deimos: Not at all. Won't you come in?

Victor: No, we can talk right here.

Deimos: About?

Victor: I've come to accept your offer.

Hal: Not around him about it. My dad.

Joey: And I'm not gonna let you order

Hal: That little dirtbag's not gonna get away talking to me like that!

Joey: And I'm not gonna let you order jade around!

Fynn: Just cool it, all right? You're in enough trouble as it is with the law.

Hal: So is my daughter, thanks to him!

Jade: Why don't you calm down, okay? We'll find someplace to talk.

Hal: Not around him.

Jade: Fine.

Joey: No.

Jade: Joey. He's right. You calm down, I'll handle my dad.

Hal: You ain't gonna handle me, girl!

Fynn: Are you sure?

Jade: Yeah. Come on.

Joey: No, jade, wait. Jade!

Fynn: Joey, Joey, she's right, okay? Just cool down, man. Tell me what happened.

Joey: Nothing happened. Her dad showed up looking for her. He's a total jerk.

Fynn: Come on, I'll get you some coffee, you can tell me about it.

Joey: There's nothing to tell!

Fynn: Damn it, Joey! You're still facing charges, vandalizing that car and jumping bail. You think you need any more trouble? Come on.

Brady: Okay, tell me what happened after you left.

Theresa: Um, well, the first thing I did was, I got rid of the pi, 'cause I wanted to speak to her privately, and, um... I told her what I told you. That I remembered seeing her, that she had the hat and the sunglasses, and that shirt, and the more I said, the more she freaked out, because she knew that I was right, and she said--that bitch said that I didn't deserve you and Tate and then she threatened me and so I turned to run away and escape, and I tripped and I hit my head and, I... I don't know, that's all I can remember before I came to--

Brady: Listen, listen, you did hit your head, and we need to get you checked out.

Theresa: No, Brady, we have to find summer! She knows that I know. I mean, look around--like, she took all of her stuff. She knows where Tate is.

Brady: "Salem inn, room 1019."

Theresa: Okay, john, you need to go track down summer; and, Brady, we're gonna go to that room.

Deimos: That Parker... sweet kid.

Nicole: Yes, he is. I see a lot of Daniel in him.

Dario: Yeah.

Nicole: Not just in his eyes and his smile, but in his sweet little heart. You know, there were times when I was with Parker when Daniel had to work late. We would just hang out, the two of us, and you know, sometimes, I feel sad or upset, and of course I try to cover it up, but oh no, he sensed it. He totally could tell. And, you know, he would just say things to me like, "Nicole, how can I make you feel better? I just want to make you feel happy." Really? He's so sweet, he's so cute.

Deimos: Well, he obviously loves you.

Nicole: Oh, I love that kid like crazy. And I am so glad that he's around Melanie, too. You know, 'cause it feels like part of Daniel lives on in them, you know? And it's really comforting.

Dario: I'm sure.

Nicole: When I woke up this morning, uh... I found myself thinking about a year ago today. That was a day when I handled things differently than I would've in the past. I did something to Daniel that would've hurt him. But instead of lying and trying to hide it, I actually told the truth. And I thought that I was gonna lose him forever. But it actually brought us closer together. That's when things began for us. He still wanted to marry me. Become a family together. Be together for the rest of our lives.

Dario: I know how much you miss him.

Nicole: Yeah, especially at night, you know, when there's no distractions and I'm just lying in bed, and... and it just feels so wrong that he's not there with me, you know? I can't wrap my arms around him, and... and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I've forgotten that he's gone.

[Laughs] Because I'm still, you know, kind of asleep, and so I roll over to his side of the bed, and I try to cuddle with him, and then... and then I remember what happened, and I--I'm sorry.

Dario: No, don't be sorry.

Nicole: It's like a shock all over again, every time.

Dario: It must be so hard.

Nicole: Oh. You have no idea.

[Laughs] You want to know what books I read at night before I go to sleep?

Dario: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Definitely not romance novels anymore. It's more like, um, you know, how to go on living after someone you loved has died, or overcoming grief by living in the now, or something like that, I don't know.


Dario: Well, these books, are they helping you?

Nicole: I guess. They give advice. You know, words of encouragement from people who have been through it. But I guess time is the only thing that could help heal the pain.

Dario: Time.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Dario: And maybe falling in love again.

You know, when you said before... about being honest with Daniel. Even though you knew it was going to hurt him. That brought you closer together. I was impressed by that.

Nicole: Why do I get the feeling we're not talking about Daniel anymore?

Deimos: Why? What changed your mind?

Victor: Does it matter?

Deimos: I'm just curious. Was it Maggie?

Victor: Not just Maggie. Everybody thought it was a good idea.

Deimos: Everybody but you.

Victor: I'm tired of the fighting, Deimos. I want it over. Behind me. Behind us. I want to enjoy my life again, spend time with my wife, who's not filled with anger and anxiety over you. She deserves better.

Deimos: We agree on that.

Victor: So... you give me back half my fortune and Titan, and you keep this house and basic black.

Deimos: That was the deal.

Victor: You know, you've been saying for some time now that you want to make amends. This offer is a good step in putting the past behind us. But if I'm to move on with my life, I, uh... I need to do the same thing. I accept my guilt. I was responsible for the argument that caused Helena to lose her life. I was so hurt and angry by the fact that you stole her from me, that I let you spend 30 years in prison for a crime that you didn't commit. Over the years, I convinced myself that I had done nothing wrong. Now I know that I did. So the question is... can we truly move on?

Joey: Dad! What're you doing?

Steve: What's it look like?

Joey: Tending bar is what it looks like.

Steve: Yeah. I'm not with black patch anymore.

Kayla: What're you two doing together?

Fynn: We just ran into each other, offered him coffee.

Kayla: That was nice of you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Fynn: Excuse me.

Kayla: Joey... I need you to do something with me tonight.

Joey: Mom, I can't, I'm sorry. I had a bad day, and I don't really feel like--

Steve: Joe, hang on a second. Your mom and I need to talk to you about something. We're very concerned about you. There's some things that you need to deal with that you haven't. And I know you went to a therapist after what happened with Ava. But then you let it drop. I know you haven't wanted to talk about it. But we're afraid that the more you avoid talking about what you went through, the deeper the scars can get. So your mom made an appointment for you for tonight with Dr. Evans.

Joey: Mom!

Steve: You have to go. We're insisting on it.

Joey: Guess I don't have a choice then, right?

Steve: No.

Joey: Well... looks like we're gonna have to get coffee another time.

Steve: Hey, Fynn. Hold up a minute.

Brady: This better not be summer playing another game, distracting us while she runs away again.

Theresa: That's why I asked your dad to track her down.

Brady: There's nothing here. There's nothing.

Theresa: Yeah, but Brady, I have this feeling. This--

Brady: What are you talking about?

Theresa: I don't know, I just have this very overpowering, overwhelming feeling that Tate was here. I don't know, call it a--like, a strong connection, like a mother's intuition. I just think this is where she brought him. That she had to have brought him here when she stole him from us that day.

Brady: Summer has been denying that she took our son. I mean, why would she have us come to this room when she's been trying so hard to convince us that she didn't?

Summer: I know I'm not wanted here by anyone.

Maggie: That's not exactly true.

Summer: No, I'm sure I'm right. But I want you to know how much it meant for me to have met you and gotten to know you. And for a time, I felt an acceptance and affection from you that I have never experienced before.

Maggie: That was all genuine, summer. That time meant so much for me, too.

Summer: You don't have to say that.

Maggie: I meant it.

Summer: I do want to say that I am sorry for everything I put you through. I am so sorry for the nightmare that Brady and Theresa are facing. I'm sorry for coming between you and your husband and that he hates me so much. But I will never be sorry for having met you.

Maggie: [Cries]

Deimos: I am genuinely sorry for the hell I put you and Maggie through. Will you accept my apology?

Victor: No.

Deimos: No?

Victor: You heard me.

Deimos: But you just said that you wanted to move on.

Victor: I could do that without accepting your apology. I can and I will discipline myself not to think about you one way or the other.

Deimos: I see. Well, that's disappointing.

Victor: You'll get over it.

Deimos: Victor... I honestly want to wipe the slate clean. Start fresh. So why don't we at least do this, all right? After Maggie's operation, once she can walk again, can we try to finally put all the terrible things between us behind us?

Victor: I think what we can try is to stay out of each other's way. I don't need your brotherly devotion, and I'm sure you can get along just fine without mine. You've agreed to move on. Let's just leave it at that.

Kayla: I have talked to Marlena, and I told her what's going on with you, and the charges that you're still facing.

Joey: Did you tell her about jade? How much you hate her?

Kayla: Joey, I do not hate her. She's a kid. You know, I actually feel sorry for her. And I really hope that someday she can make something of her life. But I just don't think that it's helpful for you to be around people who don't have any direction and they don't have any goals. I mean, why would any mother want that for her son?

Joey: Why would any mother want her son to give up the girl he loves?

Kayla: Joey. This is about you and about your future. And about getting your life back on track, emotionally, with Marlena's help. And you know what? To answer your question, yes I did tell her about jade, because I wanted to be honest with her, like I want you to be.

Joey: I can't take it anymore. I feel like I'm gonna explode. It doesn't... nothing makes sense, it's just--everything's so screwed up. It's so screwed up. My family, jade, her family. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going insane.

Kayla: Joey... joey, listen to me. Joey. You know what we're gonna do? We're gonna see Marlena, and we're gonna get through this.

Joey: I don't want to.

Kayla: And we're gonna get you the counseling that you need, baby.

Joey: What about you? When are you and dad gonna get the counseling you need?

Fynn: If you're gonna talk to me about Kayla, you might as well just--

Steve: No, no, no, no, no. I can't do anything about whatever's going on between you and Kayla. But I draw the line at you trying to use my son.

Fynn: That's not what's going on. I'm sorry if you misunderstood.

Steve: Oh, I don't think I misunderstood anything. My boy is going through a rough time right now. And the last thing he needs is to be more confused by some guy sucking up to him because he's trying to seduce his mother.

Dario: Who do you think I'm talking about? Deimos?

Nicole: Who else?

Dario: Well, his name is bound to come up every once in a while, given how you seem to feel about him.

Nicole: Dario. I just got finished telling you how much I miss Daniel, and I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that he's not coming back. I mean, even talking about some guy, I feel like I'm betraying him somehow.

Dario: You think you can betray someone who's not alive anymore?

Nicole: Actually, I've been asking myself that question lately.

Dario: Maybe I can help you? The answer's no. You can't. The only way you can betray someone who's dead and that loved you is by shutting down. And giving up on your own life. And Daniel would want you to find love again. Don't you think?

Nicole: I console myself by believing that. You know, but sometimes I feel like... it's irrational, I know, but wherever he is, he would be terribly hurt and disappointed if I fell in love with someone else. And sometimes I feel like he wants me to wait for him.

Dario: You would be waiting your whole life, Nicole. Wasting your life.

Nicole: I know. When I snap out of it, I know.

Dario: [Sighs] I'm really glad that you feel like you can open up to me the way you do. And be so honest about what you're thinking. And feeling. I want to be honest with you, too. About my thoughts and feelings.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Okay. So be honest.

Dario: [Sighs] Well, right now, I'm thinking and feeling that I want to kiss you.

Nicole: Dario, you are so sweet and understanding and attractive, but we're just friends, that's all. And I don't want you... I just don't want to encourage you to think that there could be anything more.

[Cell phone rings]

Dario: You want to pick it up, don't you?

[Cell phone ringing] Go on right ahead.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nicole: Hello?

Deimos: My life has taken a turn for the better since we last spoke. I want to tell you about it.

Nicole: This isn't a good time to talk.

Deimos: I need to see you in person. I think you'll be very pleased.

Nicole: We'll see.

Steve: Let me be crystal clear--I have no intention of giving up on Kayla.

Joey: You guys are just as messed up as I am, you just won't admit it. It's the truth.

Kayla: Come on, Joey.

Joey: Dad's trying to be something he's not and you're trying to pretend like you don't even love him anymore, and you turn to Fynn instead.

Kayla: I am not trying to pretend anything.

Joey: Sure you are, it's pretty obvious.

Kayla: I'm just trying to not invite misery into my life. I mean, enough misery comes to you uninvited, as you know better than anybody. I'm just trying to accept the fact that maybe your dad and I are just not compatible on a basic level. And although we still love each other, it's just inevitable that eventually we will make each other very unhappy.

Joey: That sounds like a bunch of bull. "We're not compatible on a basic level." "Inevitable that we'll make each other unhappy." You get that from a self-help book?

Kayla: It's not fair that you mock me, Joey.

Joey: You know, it's not fair to you or me or dad to pretend like I'm the only one who has problems. This entire family's screwed up and miserable. And they all need help.

Brady: Summer promised. She promised to do everything she could to help us find our son. I mean... is she bringing us here to help us find the real kidnapper? What is she doing?

Theresa: No! I mean, maybe that's what she wants us to think, but, Brady, she threatened me because she knew that I was onto her, despite all of her efforts to throw us off. Come on...

Brady: Hey, come here. I'm sorry. You were right about summer, and I'm sorry, I should have listened to you, all right? I'm sorry.

Theresa. Oh, God, Theresa, look at it. That's his, isn't it? That's his.

Theresa: I knew it. God, I knew Tate was here the whole time! I mean, this means I was right. I was right, summer brought him here, and she--

Brady: But obviously, she hasn't been with him all the time, so she must've delivered him to someone here. Whoever was in this room on that day has our boy.

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