Days Transcript Tuesday 7/26/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/26/16


Episode #12894 ~ Claire puts the breaks on her college education; Shawn & Belle are at odds with one another; Nicole witnesses Deimos' softer side; Dario & Nicole visit the shooting range.

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Chloe: What's this?

Philip: Our homework.

Chloe: Mm. I'd hoped those days were behind me.

Philip: I've downloaded every magazine that covers the music business. I want to break down the trends, see what's selling, come up with a sure-fire concept. I want your album at the top of the charts.

Chloe: Ah, I could just change my name to Adele.

Philip: Wait till your album comes out, she'll want to change her name to Chloe.

Chloe: Aww, you're so sweet. I'm not holding my breath.

Philip: I'm serious. We're gonna make it and we're gonna make it big. Just think at the next high school reunion when you have a number one song. Talk about having the last laugh.

Chloe: Is that why?

Philip: Why what?

Chloe: Why you started a label? Because I don't really need the last laugh.

Philip: Okay. [Sighs] I didn't put it right. But Chloe, you and I are gonna do something this town never thought we could. We'll show all of them.

Chloe: Including your father?

Shawn: Wow, can you believe how quickly summer's going by?

Belle: So your father and I thought it was time to start making plans to get you ready for college in the fall.

Shawn: Yes. First off, do you know when orientation is?

Claire: Does it matter?

Belle: Honey, orientation's not optional.

Shawn: Yeah, I'm thinking we should get there a couple of days before, get you squared away before the semester starts and--

Claire: Mom, Dad, I don't need to go to the orientation because I'm not going to the stupid school. [Dramatic music] Brad Pitt...

Dario: Built Angelina a $400,000 shooting range.

Nicole: Wow.

Dario: As a wedding present.

Nicole: A wedding present?

Dario: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: [Groans] Makes you wonder about their relationship.

Dario: Well, he probably did it for the same reason I brought you here today.

Nicole: And why did you bring me here today?

Dario: I did this for you to blow off some steam, let off some physical tension.

Nicole: Uh-huh. Couldn't we just egg a house or TP a tree or do some yoga or something?

Dario: Yeah, we can do all that stuff, but right now I think you need to do this. [Instrumental music] You ever shot a gun before?

Nicole: Once or twice.

Dario: So you're an amateur.

Nicole: If that's what you want to call me. How about you?

Dario: Me? I blasted off a bunch of people. Cardboard people. Targets mostly.

Nicole: Okay. Thanks for clarifying that.

Dario: Mm-hmm. I'm not...

Nicole: [Laughs]

Dario: You know, into that hunting or anything like that. I'm strictly a shooting range kind of guy. There's enough death surrounding my father. I'd hate to add to any of that. All right, we don't need to go there. I'm gonna get behind you right now like this.

Nicole: Oh. Okay. To teach me how to shoot?

Dario: I'm gonna teach you how to breathe.

Nicole: Breathe, okay. Got that one covered.

Dario: Breathe properly, so you can let loose and hit the bullseye... On your target.

Nicole: [Laughs] [Dramatic music]

Dario: Hmm?

Nicole: Uh-huh.

both: [Chuckle]

Victor: Don't ever pull something like that again. The last thing Maggie needs is to see the man who paralyzed her standing in her living room.

Deimos: What choice did I have? You wouldn't take my calls.

Victor: I don't take calls from people who are dead to me. And you are dead to me.

Deimos: Victor, wait. I meant what I said. I want things to change between us.

Victor: You know, it may come as a huge shock to you, but I don't trust you. You've lied to my face since you've been here, and you're lying now.

Deimos: I almost died.

Victor: A lost opportunity.

Deimos: And it changed me. It forced me to accept the sad fact that I've built almost my entire life around my hatred of you, and I don't know. I don't know if I'm capable of living without it. But it's time. It's time I finally learn if I can do just that.

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Victor: I had a heart attack, not a lobotomy. I know who you are and I know what you did, and I know that you lie like other men breathe.

Deimos: And I'm telling you I've changed. Facing death can do that to a man.

Victor: Scorpions don't change. You slowly poisoned the finest person that I know. You ruined her life so you could what you wanted, and now you have it and you want a truce?

Deimos: We both have done horrible things, Victor. But I'm not a fool. I know where Maggie's concerned, it's gonna take a hell of a lot more than, "I'm sorry."

Victor: No, you're not a fool. You're a vindictive, feral monster. And there's not a person in this town who believes the crap that you're shoveling. Not one.

Dario: You want to breathe deep, like from your belly. It'll help center you. Imagine you're an opera singer and you're about to blast off an aria.

Nicole: You're an opera fan?

Dario: No, but I thought it sounded good coming out of my mouth.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Dario: I'm gonna fire off a round so you know what to expect.

Nicole: Okay. [Instrumental music]

Dario: You want to keep your thumbs away from the slide, and grasp tightly. Now, it's important to remember the 70/30 rule. 70% of your squeezing power should be coming from your supportive hand where 30% should be coming from your dominant hand. That's because the supportive hand can help with the recoil.

Nicole: Okay, so you want the dominant hand to relax so you can focus on pulling the trigger, right?

Dario: Wh--what?

Nicole: Nothing. Never mind. Just show me how to do it.

Dario: Okay. [Gunshot]

Nicole: Not bad. Not bad at all. Look at that, huh. Only someone needs to wipe that smile off her face.

Dario: Go to town.

Nicole: Okay.



Belle: You aren't going to college.

Claire: No, I don't need to.

Belle: Mm-hmm. Because you already have all the answers, right?

Shawn: And you were gonna tell us this when?

Claire: I don't know. I've been thinking about it for a while, you know, and when you started making your "Take Daughter to College" spreadsheet, I realized I'd already made up my mind. I'm not going.

Belle: Claire, this is your future we're talking about. You can't just change your mind like this.

Claire: Of course I can. It's my life and my future, and going to college isn't gonna help me be a singer. It'll just delay it.

Belle: You're majoring in performing arts, of course it will help you.

Claire: Mom, I don't want to study to be a singer. I want to actually be one.

Shawn: Okay, but you're acting like there's no discussion that we're gonna have. We're not gonna talk about this?

Claire: Come on, you can't act like there'd be a discussion. You know it would be you telling me what to do and then scheduling when I was gonna do it.

Shawn: Okay, okay, you know what? You need to watch your tone, all right?

Claire: Well, I think you should be thanking me. I'm saving you guys a fortune in tuition.

Belle: Claire, I think you need to take a step back and really think about this. You can't just throw college away because your dad wants to pin things down.

Claire: See what I mean? If I don't do exactly what you say, then I'm just being a huge brat. Sorry, this is my decision, and it's final. Gonna be a singer. Period.

Philip: So the first thing we need is to find you exactly the right material. Something that suits you, but also really stands out.

Theo: Hey, Claire. You look mad. What's wrong? Did you and Ciara get in another fight?

Claire: No, no, I just went head-to-head with my parents. I told them that I wasn't gonna go to college.

Theo: You're not?

Claire: No, I'm gonna be a singer. And I'm not gonna waste four years of my life studying to do something that I already know how to do.

Philip: Look at the numbers in Europe. Example. [Clears throat]

Theo: Is something wrong?

Claire: Could be.

Philip: So I have a couple feelers out to some writers, producers.

Chloe: Great.

Philip: I want you to talk to them, maybe book some studio time. I want you to feel you can really trust them, work with them.

Claire: Great. He'll sign Chloe. [Chuckles] Pay for her studio time and carry her around on a pillow, but he's still dragging his heels with my career. Just perfect.

Victor: You want to prove to me that you've changed? Devote your life to prayer, to good works in Africa, on the moon. As far away from me and my family as you can get.

Deimos: Mm. Thanks for the suggestion, but I have something else in mind.

Victor: Do you not understand it is useless for you to talk to me? I know in my soul that every word you utter is a lie, every move that you make is self-serving. To call you scum is an insult to scum.

Deimos: Oh, my God. Are you kidding? This coming from the man who killed Helena?

Victor: Ah, here they are, the true colors.

Deimos: Oh, man.

Victor: You hate me with every fiber of your being. You don't want a truce, you just want to grind me further into the ground.

Deimos: Oh, you know what? Fine. I give. Yes, it remains true that you still have the power to push my buttons, to get me angry. But it's also true that I meant every single word I said. I want a truce, and yes, I know that I'm gonna have to show you that I mean it. So try, brother. Just try to be patient. I'll prove to you that I meant what I said. All in good time.

Victor: Or you can go to hell. for this.

Theo: Hey, you just-- you need to be patient, Claire. Okay? You just need to get some experience, like Chloe. Maybe then Philip will make good of his promise to you.

Claire: Theo, you make it sound so simple, but it's not. I mean, how do I get experience if I'm not getting the chance to sing? Chloe has everything. I've got nothing.

Theo: That's not true. She doesn't have everything. You said that she and Philip were talking about needing material, right? You have material. You write your own songs.

Claire: You're right.

Theo: Yes.

Claire: Okay, maybe I can get them to listen to some of my songs.

Theo: Mm-hmm.

Claire: I mean, if Chloe recorded one, I'd at least have a songwriting credit.

Theo: Yeah. Don't tell me. Go tell them.

Claire: I'm going to. Hi, um...

Chloe: Hi.

Philip: Oh, Claire, we're actually in the middle of something here.

Chloe: Philip.

Philip: I'm sorry. We really are busy.

Claire: Yeah, I know. I know. I heard you guys talking about material, and I came over to tell you that I have exactly what you need.

Victor: Well, of course he's up to something. Maggie.

Maggie: There you are.

Victor: I thought you were resting.

Maggie: I'm making some tea. Oh, just let me know when you're done with your call.

Victor: Right.

[Dramatic music]

Victor: Still there?

Justin: Does Maggie know Deimos came over?

Victor: No, of course not, and she's not gonna find out. The nerve of that kolos. Well, at least he's tipped his hand. Now we just have to find out what he's up to.

Justin: So you called me.

Victor: Well, of course. You passed his little loyalty test. Time to move in and offer your services. See what you can get out of him. Find out what's going on.

Justin: I'm not exactly in a risk-taking place right now. I have Roman breathing down my neck.

Victor: What's Deputy Dawg up to now?

Justin: He started an investigation into the evidence that turned up missing.

Victor: Oh, you got nothing to worry about. He couldn't find the hole in a donut.

Justin: Uncle Victor, don't you have enough to worry about right now? Why don't you just forget about Deimos for the time being?

Victor: No. He's up to something. I have to find out what it is, and you're gonna help me do it.

Dario: You want to push forward with your shooting hand and back with your supporting hand.

Nicole: Okay.

Dario: Okay?

Nicole: [Laughs] This is mad exhilarating, you know?

Dario: Well, I'm glad you like it.

Nicole: Oh, what is not to like? It's like revenge without consequences.

Dario: You're doing great.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, well, it helps that Kate's my target. Brilliant move on your part, by the way.

Dario: Oh, I thought that might motivate you.

Nicole: Oh, yeah. Okay.




Nicole: [Laughs] This is awesome! Oh, my God. Thank you. Thank you so much. Really. This really helped me get a lot of stuff off my mind. And it felt so good to get back at Kate.

Dario: Just don't try this at home.

[Light instrumental music]

Nicole: Um, Dario, I don't think you have to hold onto me anymore.

Dario: You're right. I don't. [Chuckles]

Nicole: You've been really great to me. I just--I don't want to lead you on and hurt you.

Dario: No, it's cool. I got it.

[Mechanical whirring]

[Cell phone beeps]

[Mechanical whirring continues]

Dario: Is that him?

[Mechanical whirring continues]

Nicole: Him? Doesn't matter. I'm gonna ignore it.

Dario: That's a great idea.

Nicole: Thank you again. Really. Okay, you were right. I needed this. Tension released, distraction from all problems, and life seems highly manageable for the first time in a long time thanks to you.

Dario: I'm glad. Club TBD? It's just a friendly drink.

Nicole: Sure.

Dario: Come on.

Nicole: Let's go.

Ciara: Hey, I'm gonna be practicing, so next time you better watch out. [Chuckles] Unless you're like some killer champion or something.

Chad: No, no, I never-- I never even beat my father. Although my father would punk that little app of yours.

Ciara: It's only a game.

Chad: Right.

Ciara: Well, I'm gonna go check on Thomas and then go to bed.

Chad: Okay. Goodnight.

Ciara: You know, Chad, you're a lot better guy than you think. And with everything that's going on, I'm just-- you're a really great guy.

[Dramatic music]

Shawn: Wow. Did you see that one coming?

Belle: No. And I wouldn't. You're the one she confides in. I'm lucky if I get a "hello" most days.

Shawn: Well, it seems to me like I'm the one that got it with both barrels. The nerve of wanting to write down when she goes to college.

Belle: I just keep thinking about my sweet little girl. I miss her.

Shawn: I know. Me too. I think all this rebellion is because we split up. Now that we're not split up, I think that-- think the healing will start. Right?

Belle: Right.

Shawn: All right, so now what I think is the most important thing that we do is we come up with a plan together so that we know that we're on the same page. My plan--my plan would be to cuff her up and put her in solitary until the day comes and we need to drop her off at the dorm. It's a good plan.

Belle: Well, I--I know you're joking, but...

Shawn: Mm-hmm.

Belle: I actually think we need to be careful here. I mean, if we do force her against her will, it could just make things worse.

Shawn: Yeah, well, you can't let her call the shots here.

Belle: No, but think about it. I mean, if we do call the shots and we--and we make her go against her will, what happens? Right? We drive her up there, we unpack her boxes, and meet her roommate, a tearful good-bye, we hug, night, sleep all day, and she'll be flunked out by Thanksgiving. And then what chance do we have of getting her into a good school?

Shawn: I don't understand why you're making a case for her right now. I mean, if she senses weakness in us, Belle--

Belle: Don't call me weak.

Shawn: I didn't.

Belle: Really? You should listen to yourself. Listen, if you want to bully your way through this, it will backfire with her and with me.

Shawn: Are you trying to pick fight with me right now?

Belle: No.

Shawn: Oh, because, I mean, it really seems like it. And because last week when Claire wanted to go to Chicago with her girlfriends, I mean, you put your foot down pretty much the exact same way that I'm putting my foot down, but when I do it it's wrong. It's wrong and I'm-- it's called bullying, right? I mean, it seems like you're trying to go out of your way to disagree with me. [Dramatic music]

Philip: You want to write songs for Chloe?

Claire: Yep, they're already written.

Chloe: Really?

Claire: Yeah. You know, not just songs. You know, I'm always jotting down little musical phrases, like, an idea for a lyric, so I could turn them into something just for Chloe. Okay, look, I haven't heard you sing in a very long time, but you have a beautiful voice, and I know that I could give you just the right song.

Chloe: Thank you, Claire.

Philip: Claire, look, I'm sorry, but you need to stay focused on training your voice. We'll stay focused on getting material from established songwriters for Chloe, people who have chops, know how to write a hook.

Claire: Well, I-- I write great hooks. Just listen, okay?

Philip: Claire, this isn't personal, but we need names to get Chloe noticed.

Claire: Okay, then how about I just work for Chloe? Like, as an assistant while I'm training my voice, you know? I can do all the jobs that nobody else wants to do.

Chloe: You know, Philip, it would be nice to have someone we can count on once we start recording, but how do your parents feel about this?

Claire: Great. They would be behind it 100%.

Justin: Well, look who's back from the dead.

Deimos: Sure there are quite a few people around here that wish I had stayed that way.

Justin: Thanks for seeing me. I hear you've been through a lot, so you can be forgiven for not remembering, but before you disappeared, you sent me a request.

Deimos: Hm. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Justin: I wanted you to know that I handled it before I heard about your accident.

Deimos: Did you?

Justin: My point is...

Deimos: You want me to know that you can be trusted.

Justin: What are your thoughts?

Deimos: Tell me, did you speak to Victor today? I'm just curious if he told you that I went to see him asking for a truce.

Justin: That's the first time I've heard about that. But I'm not surprised. He has a lot on his mind right now.

Deimos: Plotting his revenge against me, no doubt.

Justin: Actually, it has nothing to do with you; his great-grandson was kidnapped.

Deimos: Tate? Brady's son?

Justin: Yeah, that's right.

Deimos: He's just a baby. My God, his parents must be...

Justin: You sound like you really care.

Deimos: Of course I care. He's a baby. He must be terrified. He needs his mother. Anyone that would do that to a child deserves to burn in hell. am not trying to pick a fight with you. I'm not trying to purposefully disagree with you, okay? Claire just threw me for a loop. I'm not at my best right now. I'm sorry.

Shawn: Well, she did kind of blow both of us out of the water.

Belle: So what do we do?

Shawn: Well, Claire is convinced that she doesn't need to go to college. But we know that she's not ready to become a professional singer quite yet. I mean, come on, that could be a pretty brutal life.

Belle: Mm-hmm. And of course, she thinks she can handle it.

Shawn: Yeah, and we both know that she is not as tough as she thinks she is. So I agree with you.

Belle: Really?

Shawn: Mm-hmm. But we can't make her feel like we're trying--we're forcing her to go to college. We have to--I think that we have to get her to believe that it's her idea.

Belle: Agreed.

Shawn: How the hell do we do that?

Belle: [Chuckles] I have no idea.

Philip: You just made someone very happy.

Chloe: Well, I'm happy to help.

Philip: Let's see how you feel about it in a couple of months.

Chloe: Well, as long as her parents don't have a problem with it. I mean, I don't want to stir up any trouble with that family.

Philip: Yeah, we wouldn't want that to happen, would we?

Theo: So she's singing your songs?

Claire: Yep. Yeah, she just, like, doesn't know it yet.

Theo: [Chuckles] I don't really understand.

Claire: Well, I got Chloe and Philip to give me a job helping out. So then, when the time is right, I can just make sure that they hear some of my stuff. You know, it's all about being in the right place at the right time.

Theo: Mm-hmm. Yeah. All right, well, what about Philip's promise to give you a deal?

Claire: I mean, he claims that it'll happen when he thinks I'm ready. For now I will work on impressing Chloe.

Theo: I mean--hey. That's great, Claire. I'm really happy for you.

Claire: Thank you, Theo.

Theo: For what? I didn't get you the job.

Claire: No, but, you know, if it weren't for you, I would have never gone over and talked to them. You gave me a little push I needed. [Chuckles]

Theo: Really?

Claire: Really.

Theo: Well, why don't you call Ciara and tell her what happened?

Claire: We're kind of not talking.

Theo: So you guys are still mad at each other?

Claire: No. I mean, yeah. Well, I don't know. It's kind of weird.

Theo: Well, is she all right?

Claire: Yeah, yeah. I just know that she's out of your uncle's house and she moved back in with her mom.

Theo: So is she okay?

Claire: Yeah, yeah, like I told you, I think she kind of just got in over her head with Chad. You know, I think she really liked him and now she's realizing that he's never gonna stop loving Abigail.

Theo: I, uh... I didn't know it was that serious.

Claire: It's not. It's not. She just needs some time to get over it. Please don't tell her I told you, okay? I wasn't supposed to talk about it.

Theo: Yeah, no. Um, yeah. Okay, well, I got to go.

Claire: Really? I mean, I thought we could, like, hang out. Celebrate my new job.

Theo: Yeah, no, I really do got to go. Congratulations. I really--I hope, you know, it works out great for you.

Deimos: How long has Tate been gone? I need to speak with someone. I'll get back to you.

Justin: Okay.

Deimos: I tried calling you earlier.

Nicole: I know. I was in the middle of something.

Deimos: Right. I need to talk with you. I need to find out what your thinking is about taking over Basic Black.

Nicole: My thinking hasn't changed. I have a job. I'm gonna help Dario re-imagine this place.

Deimos: Really? Taking over an established business. Helping a beach bum pick out placemats. Really, is that-- that a tough choice?

Nicole: You don't have to be snide.

Deimos: And you don't have to play hard to get. Just tell me what you want. All right? What can I give you to take the job? Give me a figure. [Dramatic music]

Nicole: You don't get it.

Deimos: What?

Nicole: This isn't about money. This is about trust. And I'm not sure you really are the changed man you claim to be.

Deimos: Okay, Nicole, I understand it's gonna take some time for me to earn your trust, so why don't we do this: why don't we keep the professional side of our relationship separate from the personal side? What do you think?

Nicole: Well, I have an idea. Why don't we simply not have a business relationship? Or a personal relationship, or any kind of relationship at all. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to help Dario pick out some placemats.

Deimos: Nicole. I just found out about Tate. Do me a favor, will you? If you see Victor, ask him if there's anything I can do to help.

Nicole: I doubt there is.

Dario: What did Deimos want?

Nicole: Oh, to accept him for the sincere guy that he is.

Dario: Did you buy it?

Nicole: Of course not. Everything's an act with that guy.

[Knocking on door]

Theo: Ciara, are you home?

Ciara: Hey, Theo.

Theo: Hey. Sorry if this is a bad time. How's your mom?

Ciara: She's in the hospital. She should be home soon.

Theo: So is that why you moved back here?

Ciara: Yeah, that's why.

Theo: Look, I know I just came over without calling, and, I mean, you've probably got a lot to deal with, so if you want to, I'll--I'll just leave.

Ciara: Yeah, maybe you should.

Theo: Right.

Ciara: Theo, no. Wait.

Claire: So you got all my information?

Chloe: Right here.

Claire: Okay, call me anytime about anything.

Chloe: Will do.

Claire: Philip, thank you very much.

Philip: Thank Chloe. Ever seen "All About Eve"?

Chloe: Stop it, she's nice.

Belle: Hey. You shouldn't have run off like that. We weren't done talking.

Claire: Talking isn't gonna change anything. You know, my mind is made up. Things are already set.

Shawn: Wait, set?

Belle: What were you doing talking to Philip and Chloe here?

Claire: Well, I just got a job.

Belle: What?

Claire: Yeah, yeah, Chloe's making a record for Philip, and I'm gonna be her personal assistant. You know, it's this great chance to get them to hear my music.

Shawn: So you got a job working for Chloe and Philip now?

Claire: Just Chloe for now.

Shawn: And that--what? That was her idea? Right out of the blue she just asked you to be her personal assistant?

Claire: Nope, I asked her.

Shawn: And You didn't think about running it past us first? I mean, come on, Belle, back me up here.

Belle: I have to go.

Shawn: Wait, what?

Belle: You know, I-- I'm gonna go talk to Philip and find out exactly what's going on here.

Claire: Hey, Mom, don't ruin this for me.

Shawn: I think the three of us need to talk about this here.

Belle: No, I think you need to stay here and talk to her and I'll meet up with you. Shawn, we're on the same page about this. Believe me.

Shawn: Belle, hey.

Justin: Before I could get very far, he asked if you told me that he wanted a truce with you.

Victor: What'd you say?

Justin: That you hadn't told me anything.

Victor: Good. Did you get any idea at all what he was up to?

Justin: No.

Victor: Well, you got to stick close with him.

Justin: Victor, I'm not sure he is up to anything.

Victor: Oh, good God. Don't tell me you believed him.

Justin: I'm just telling you that he had no interest in me working with him.

Victor: Well, that makes sense. If he's responsible for Tate's kidnapping, he'd want to keep you at arm's length.

Justin: Well, that's another thing. I'm not sure he had anything to do with the kidnapping. I mean, I told him, and he had no idea.

Victor: You mean he pretended he had no idea.

Justin: And he seemed really upset about it. Something is different about him. I mean, I can't put my finger on it, but I think he's... changed.

Maggie: Who's changed?

Deimos: Dr. Hochman. Finally we meet. Thank you for coming all this way from Chicago.

Hochman: Actually, I have some other business in Salem. I thought maybe in person I could make clear what I've already tried to explain to you in my emails and phone calls. I'm retired. I no longer perform surgery.

Deimos: What can I say? I just can't accept the fact that a man with your talent can just give it all up, and this patient I've been telling you about, she has a one-of-a-kind injury, the kind, from what I understand, you and you alone are best equipped to cure.

Hochman: I know you are talking about Victor Kiriakis' wife.

Deimos: Mm-hmm.

Hochman: He has already offered me a king's ransom to operate on her. I'll tell you what I told him: there isn't enough money to get me to do it.

Deimos: Did I say anything about using money to convince you, Doctor?

Ciara: If you want to.

[Light instrumental music]

Theo: Look, I shouldn't have told you how I felt, okay? 'Cause I miss us being friends. And I don't like it being weird when we're together.

Ciara: I don't like it either. And I'm glad that you came over. I miss having you to talk to about, you know, stuff.

Theo: Well, I'm here now. So talk.

Shawn: Did you hear what your mom just said? She said we're on the same page. And that page says that you are going to college, and you are not working for Chloe, and you're especially not working for Philip. End of story.

Chloe: Well, I'll call you later. I think we got a lot done today.

Philip: Me too.

Chloe: Mwah.

Philip: [Sighs]

[Knocking on door]

Philip: Chloe. Did you forget something?

[Dramatic music]

Belle: I know about the job that Claire supposedly got with Chloe.

Philip: [Sighs] "Supposedly"?

Belle: It's not gonna happen, and I know what you're doing.

Philip: And that would be what?

Belle: You're using Claire to stay close to me.

Philip: First of all, it was Claire who asked for the job, and second, it was Chloe who said yes. I just sat there and watched it happen. But I do find it very interesting that your first reaction was to think of me.

Deimos: I'm sure my brother held back from insisting on your help. Probably out of some misguided respect for your profession. But I'm not my brother, Doctor. Now, either you perform that surgery--and most important, successfully-- or I will make sure that every dirty piece of information in that folder becomes public. Very public. Now it's your turn to tell me if that's what you would prefer.

Hochman: I suppose I could come out of retirement for one last surgery. Particularly as Mrs. Kiriakis would benefit so greatly.

Deimos: Hm. Now, that is an altogether altruistic decision, Doctor. You're an inspiration.

Victor: There's no reason you shouldn't know this. Deimos come to me with an olive branch. He said that his near-death experience has changed him. Not that I buy any of it.

Maggie: You think it's true, don't you, Justin?

Justin: Let's say I'm not sure it isn't true.

Victor: Oh, bull. And yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think he's involved in Tate's kidnapping.

Justin: You weren't there. I'm telling you, I don't think he had anything to do with it.

Maggie: Victor, I think that you should really consider this.

Victor: Oh, you got to be kidding. You want me to consider trusting the man that put you in a wheelchair?

[Knocking on door]

Justin: I'll get it.

Victor: Maybe kidnapped Tate?

Justin: I'm telling you, Deimos had nothing to do with it.

Victor: Yeah, well, if that's him, punch him in the jaw.

Maggie: Victor.

Justin: Oh, my God.

Maggie: What?

Justin: Sonny! [Laughs] Oh.

[Light instrumental music]

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