Days Transcript Friday 7/15/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/15/16


Episode #12887 ~ Theresa lashes out at Brady; Doug, Julie, & Claire catch up; Summer goes on the run.

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[First 6 minutes missing]

I'm getting you out of here. I promise. Don't come, please. It's a zoo here already. Yeah. Listen, I'll call you the minute I hear anything. I promise. Listen, tell Daddy... tell Daddy I said thank you.

Belle: He

Shawn: Brady, how's it going?

Brady: It's not, Shawn. I think I've chased about a dozen leads and I have nothing.

Theresa: Shawn, my dad said that an ISA agent will be here later to help coordinate the intelligence.

Shawn: Good, that's great. I mean, that'll be a big help.

Brady: Is the

Brady: I was afraid of that. Going on television, it's gonna bring all the nut jobs out--

Theresa: Yeah, well, at least I did something.

Brady: Yeah, well, maybe you should have consulted--

Theresa: Oh! Oh, like you consulted me before bringing Summer here to Salem? Or before you let her con you put of $50,000?

Brady: I've already admitted I've made mistakes. Can we not play the blame game now and concentrate on finding our son? Is that okay with you? Is everybody clear on that?

Maggie: That's not possible. No. Absolutely not. Summer wouldn't kidnap Tate. She would never! She couldn't! I certainly hope you aren't the one who put that thought in their heads.

John: No, Maggie. Actually, it's coming from a lot of different sources.

Paul: Just before Summer left, she had a run-in with Theresa. She said something kinda strange, kinda like a warning. She said, "Take good care of your son."

Maggie: That's it?

John: And she also met up with Brady. Now apparently, Summer has had at nothing was gonna hap.. kinda lost it. Now given her criminal history--

Maggie: For pity's sake, A criminal history? She worked as a con artist. That hardly makes you a kidnapper. I'm telling you she wouldn't do something like that.

Victor: Maggie, you've missed several calls on Summer since she came back to Salem. I know you don't like to think of her as evil because she's your daughter--

Maggie: You don't have any proof. That cryptic statement about looking out for Tate, I could have said that. I know she's miffed at Brady for not caring about her, but a bruised ego does not turn her into a kidnapper.

John: She left town at the same time Tate came up missing.

Paul: She give you any clues of where she might go?

Maggie: Her adoptive parents lived in Texas and then... she lived in Cali-- she lived in California when Daniel was out there.

Paul: How about relatives?

Maggie: Her adoptive parents are dead. She doesn't even know where my daughters live.

John: And she hasn't contacted you since she left?

Maggie: No. Summer and I had a falling out. I've left her messages, but she hasn't gotten back to me. Please listen. It's like you're not hearing me. Summer simply isn't capable of doing something this horrible. [Pensive music]

Maggie: Summer's phone, it still goes to voicemail.

John: Yeah, Brady tried a while ago. He got the same thing. Plus I got a guy that's trying to track her down using the phone, but it's definitely been turned off.

Paul: Dad, I just got a text from the guy in LA.

John: Yeah, yeah. I want to talk to him. See if he's got time. I also want to try to get ahold of Harry again.

Maggie: I know you think she did this.

Victor: She's the most obvious suspect.

Maggie: But why?

Victor: Hell hath no fury, maybe? Brady did turn her down.

Maggie: But this is just--

Victor: Or maybe she's just in it for the money.

Maggie: You said there haven't been any ransom demands.

Victor: Yet.

Maggie: Well, if it's true, then I can't help but feel part of this is my fault.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Maggie: Because I abandoned her when she was just a few days old. And then when she came back into my life, desperate to be wanted, I could have done so much more to help her, to build a bond, and show her some trust.

Victor: Maggie, you did more than enough to help that woman. Not your fault that she's a criminal. A liar. That she took my great-grandson, deserves to be in prison. Or worse.

Brady: It's been a long day, okay? Nothing's going right and I... Theresa, I... Please, don't--don't do this. I need you. I need--I need us to be a team. Theresa, please.

Theresa: Brady, I am really, really sorry that I am so angry at you for bringing Summer here. God, I just--I just-- I feel like I can hardly look at you, Brady, and I... I know--I know it's unfair, but I... I told you, I told you, and I told you that she was trouble, that she would wreck things, that she was a liar, and what did you do? You sided with her. You sided with her over the woman you said that you loved.

Brady: The woman I still love. The woman I still--Theresa. Please. Please, please. I admitted it. I'm owning this here. [Stammering] What do you want me to do? What more can I do? Okay. Then I-I'll go. I'll go check in with my dad.

Theresa: [Sobs]

Justin: I got one more question. If you indeed loved Hope as much as you say you did, why didn't you alert her that Stefano planned to kill her?

Aiden: Justin, I wanted to so badly and I explained this to Hope. Stefano made it quite clear, if I backed out, if I didn't go through with it, he would kill Chase. So I was delaying. I was hoping I'd find a way out.

Roman: You know what, Aiden? It's very strange that you conveniently leave certain pages blank.

Aiden: Excuse me?

Roman: You couldn't tell Hope about the murder, 'cause you'd have had to tell her about everything, like the fact that you were on Stefano's payroll. Like the fact that he brought you back to Salem, told you to seduce her.

Aiden: I am not proud of my weaknesses.

Justin: Weaknesses? You weren't just gambling with borrowed money. You were gambling with Hope's life.

Roman: Stefano obviously had you pegged. He knew you wouldn't go through with it, so he made the switch to a hired killer.

Justin: But right now, we're actually more interested in why... why did you add your name to Hope's life insurance policy as a beneficiary just before the attempted murder?

Aiden: I--that--no. That--that wasn't me. That had to be the DiMeras. Look, Stefano is dead. May he rot in hell. André is not. He's the one you should be questioning. He's the one that needs to pay. And I'll tell you this-- I will do anything I can to help you bring him down.

[Dark music]

André: [Chuckles] Today... Father. Today. [Sighs] Justice for all.

Hope: Couldn't get a signal outside either.

Rafe: Listen to me. Listen to me! Get back in your car and keep driving until you get a signal.

Hope: Told you, I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving without you.

Rafe: Both of us dying here means no one wins, Hope.

Hope: All right, you know what? We need to figure out a way to get these chains off you. If we keep pulling and yanking...

Rafe: No, no.

Hope: We could set off the explosives. How'd you end up in this place anyway?

Rafe: I don't know. All I know for sure is that Aiden just bought this place from the DiMeras. You know his whole story about what happened that night, it's all BS.

Hope: I know, I know. The son of a bitch has beenowed up. I know the whole story, Rafe. Blood test, the switch. All of it. Some guy I picked, huh?

Rafe: I'm sorry.

Hope: So, uh, Aiden bought-- bought this house-- wait a minute. Do you think André's involved?

Rafe: Probably. Damn it, it doesn't matter. Hope, just go! Get out of here now! Go!

Hope: Okay--

Rafe: Look at the time.

Hope: Wait a second.

Rafe: Look at the damn time.

Hope: I got it, I got it. This is gonna work, I know it.

Rafe: Oh, my God, just...

Hope: Just stay still! Okay.

Paul: Okay, it's final. Nothing on any U.S. airline under her name. I'm still checking overseas carriers.

John: Now if she planned this carefully, and we have to assume that she did, first thing she would need is a new identity.

Paul: Maybe even multiples. [Sighs] Honest to God, the thought of anyone taking that little baby... I get so angry, I could rip--

John: [Shushing] Objective.

Paul: Right. Be like my dad. Cold and cunning.

John: I'm not cold and cunning. I'm... unreadable and sly.

Brady: Is there anything?

Victor: No.

Maggie: Brady, if Summer's responsible, I am so sorry.

Brady: Starting to look that way Maggie, and I'm sorry about it too, but she was angry at me. She gave Theresa that weird warning, then she disappeared the same time Tate did--

John: All right! We've got something, guys.

[Phone ringing]

Shawn: Shawn Brady.

Theresa: [Cries]

Shawn: Listen, I don't know. Just check the supply cabinet. Yes, I will-- I'll be in later.

Belle: This wedding gown is really terrific.

Theresa: Yeah, on paper.

Belle: No, I... I think it'll be really beautiful when it's made.

Theresa: I am so stupid. You know, I... I actually thought I could have it all. I almost did, you know. My company was up and running. Going great. The cutest little boy calling me Mama. I was about to marry the man that I've loved since... [Clears throat] I should have known, right? That it would never happen because I don't deserve it. This is stupid. This is... This is payback. When you've done horrible things to people, really horrible things like I have, eventually... eventually it all comes back to you.

Belle: Listen, Theresa. Listen to me. Nobody deserves to have this happen to them ever. Okay? Your dreams can still come true.

Shawn: Theresa, none of this is your fault.

Theresa: [Sobbing]

Belle: Besides, you've changed. You have.

Theresa: Yeah, Victor sure doesn't think so.

Belle: Victor doesn't...

Shawn: Look, Victor's wrong about a lot of things. Way wrong.

Belle: Especially when it comes to people.

Shawn: My phone-- my signal's in and out. I'm gonna go outside. I'm gonna try to call my mom, see if she heard anything, all right?

Belle: Okay.

Shawn: I'll be right back.

Julie: Mmm. Delicious as always.

Claire: Great-Grandma

Julie: You think you might share that with the Horton side of the family?

Claire: Um, not if I don't want to be disowned by the Brady side.

Julie: I could give you Grandma Alice's donut recipe.

Claire: Oh, my God! Can you make it any more tempting?

Julie: Still nothing from Hope?

Doug: You'd think I'd be used to this by now. I mean, Hope has been a police officer for how many years? [Stammering] The idea that she could be out in the field and putting her life in danger, it just never gets easier.

Hope: Damn it.

Rafe: You need to go.

Hope: Not giving up.

Rafe: You're not giving up. Will you-- would you be realistic? Look at the time. Like I said before, we don't even know if that thing's accurate. It could blow at any time. Just go! Go!

Hope: No.

Rafe: I do not want to die knowing that you died trying to save me.

Hope: The reason you're in this mess is because of me. I gave Aiden another chance when it should have been us.

Rafe: Just stop. Stop blaming yourself. Just go. Go. Hope. Get outta here. Just go! Stop it, go!

Hope: No! Wait! It's working. Shawn, listen to me. I'm with Rafe. We're trapped in the basement of the old DiMera house out by Morganville. There's a bomb. It's set to go off in six minutes. Get the bomb squad here now.

Shawn: Yes, yes, right now! I'm on my way!

Hope: Okay. I'm getting you out of here. Tell that gal good job. Now here's the deal. Ticket agent saw a woman matching Summer's description. Bought a ticket using cash under the name Cindi Callahan.

Brady: That was alias she used in LA.

John: That's a fact. It's a puddle-jumper airline. Ultimate destination's Las Vegas, should have landed about an hour ago.

Maggie: Did she have a baby with her?

John: She couldn't recall that, Maggie.

Paul: Well, a baby wouldn't need a ticket.

John: Good point.

Brady: All right, I'm outta here. I'm on the next flight.

John: Hold on! Just because she landed in Vegas doesn't mean she's still there.

Victor: Vegas is a major international hub. She could be anywhere in the world by now.

Summer: Yes, I know it sounds a little odd, but you're a travel agent. You must run into all sorts of people who want a spontaneous vacation. You bet. And in my case, I want to leave right away. I don't know. Not--not in the U.S. Somewhere exotic. And money is not a problem. Well, what do you have available in say... the next two hours?

Victor: I'm not saying she's necessarily in the wind, Brady. I mean, maybe she thinks Vegas is a great place to hide.

Brady: But if Summer wants to take Tate out of the country--

John: Son, all I gotta do is make a call here. We will get Summer's picture up all over McCarran Airport. Now she can't move that fast right now, especially if she has a baby in tow.

Paul: She's still in Vegas.

Paul: What do you got?

Paul: When I was a ballplayer, I made friends with a hotel manager who's a big shot in Vegas. He said he did some checking and a Cindi Callahan just checked into this hotel on the Strip.

Brady: That is so great. Okay, okay. We know where she is. Dad--Dad, listen to me. I want to keep this quiet-- no--no--no cops, no FBI, no ISA. I don't want to-- I don't want to freak her out when she has my son. That's the way I want to do it, okay? I will be in touch, I promise you.

Maggie: [Cries]

Justin: There's not a damn thing I can charge him with. I mean, I can't prosecute a man for thinking about committing a murder.

Roman: Justin. He had all the equipment. Now he can lie as much as he wants to, but damn it, come on! I mean, he's gotta be guilty of conspiracy at least.

Justin: So he conspired with Stefano, who's conveniently dead. And André, who would deny it with a smile. Honestly, Aiden could move against us for holding him as long as we have without charging him--

Roman: What the hell? I mean, what are we gonna do? We're just gonna cut him loose?

Justin: No, we are gonna follow him very closely, and hope that we catch him doing something

Roman: Oh, come on, Justin. God, I hate this. And the worst part, I've gotta tell Hope.

Hope: It's a straight shot out Route 16. They'll be here in three minutes, four minutes tops.

Rafe: Right. So what's the bomb squad gonna do, hm? They gonna race down here so they can die with us? Not like this.

Rafe: Please, just go. Go. Go before it's

Hope: No.

Paul: Summer's rap sheet does tend to go on.

Victor: That bitch doesn't have an honest bone in her body. I don't know. Maybe I should send some men down there. Brady may need some backup.

John: Hold off on that. I think Brady's right. We don't was Summer to panic, especially is she is holding Tate. She'll listen to Brady.

Maggie: If there were just something that we could do...

John: We're gonna have our eye on Summer. Let's just... hope that Brady gets to Vegas before she decides to make a run with Tate again.

Julie: So darling, have you had any news about your cousin Tate?

Claire: Well, according to my mom, Theresa thinks Summer is the one who kidnapped him.

Julie: Summer? Maggie's daughter?

Claire: Yeah, apparently, she had a thing for my Uncle Brady and since he didn't feel the same way, she wanted to hurt him. So she...

Julie: Oh, poor darling.

Doug: Yeah, so sorry, sweetheart.

Claire: I mean, I just really hate to think of all the things that could happen. I mean, what if Summer's neglecting him, or is being mean to him, or what if she just abandons--

Doug: Hey, cool it. Cool it. No use speculating and making yourself sick. We know that everything possible is being done to find him, okay, right? Okay, so then, we just put all that aside and we put out all the positive energy that we can.

Claire: I'll do my best.

Julie: Darling, I think you could use some positive energy. Why not call Shawn-Douglas? See if he's heard from his mother.

Doug: Good idea. Shawn-Douglas, it's your grandfather. Uh, call me when you get this message, please. I've been trying to track down your mother and I am starting to get a little worried, so please call me.

Belle: Shawn said he was going to make a call, but seems like he disappeared.

Theresa: Maybe he got a lead on Tate. Maybe he went to go check up on it. I mean, they could be close to finding him.

Belle: Maybe, maybe. Listen--

Theresa: But don't get my hopes up, right?

Belle: That's right.

Theresa: 'Cause, really, there is no hope.

Belle: Oh, honey, no, no, no. Don't think like that.

Brady: We may have a lead on Summer.

Theresa: What? Where is she?

Brady: She used one of her aliases. She flew to Vegas. She check into a hotel, and she's there right now.

Theresa: Was Tate with her?

Brady: Listen to me, listen to me, the only reason I came by is 'cause I wanted to tell you in person, okay? 'Cause I'm on the next flight out, all right? I will call you if I--

Theresa: Are you kidding? No, I'm going with you!

Roman: Well, all right, Aiden. You're free to go. But something tells me I will see you soon. Liars like you never get too far from trouble.

Aiden: I never lied about loving Hope, okay? She's the best thing that ever happened to me. You know that.

Roman: Is that right?

Aiden: Yeah.

Roman: Is that why you hurt her in every way possible?

Aiden: If I could take it--

Roman: Shut up! Just shut the hell up, Aiden. The good thing is, Hope won't have a damn thing to do with you ever again. Now get out of my sight.

Hope: No. No, I'm not going anywhere.

Rafe: Hope...

Hope: Shawn's on his way with the bomb squad. You're gonna get through this. We're gonna get through this.

Rafe: I know I will. I'm gonna be fine. You need to go. Just go. Please.

Hope: I'll be right back.

[Dramatic music]

Brady: Stop, listen to me, listen to me!

Theresa: Brady, he is my son too. I am going!

Brady: This could get ugly. I don't know what we're going into here--

Theresa: So I'm just supposed to wait here by the phone? Like, I'll go crazy, okay? I am going.

Belle: Theresa, wait. What if somebody calls? What if there's a ransom demand?

Theresa: The police have control of the landline. I have my cell phone that'll work anywhere. So does Brady. Look, I want to be there the second we find Tate, okay? He needs his mother.

Brady: We're not sure that he's there. We don't know--

Theresa: Stop protecting her! She took him!

Belle: Theresa, come on. You're exhausted.

Theresa: Okay, you know what? You two can just stand right here and keep on talking, all right? I am going to Las Vegas to save my son.

Summer: Yes, yes, I know the ticket has to match the name on the passport ex Um...yes, yes, just a--okay! Got it. Okay, and just to confirm, the flight leaves Las Vegas to Monte Carlo today at 4:07 from Terminal B? Perfect. Thank you so much.

[Somber piano music]

Aiden: [Breathing heavily] [Grunts] [Stammering] What's going on?

Hope: You're under arrest.

Aiden: Hope!

Hope: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Aiden: [Exhales]

Doug: Can't seem to get ahold of anybody today. Wonder what's going on.

Claire: I mean, remember what you said to me earlier? About not speculating and letting your imagination run wild?

Julie: [Chuckling]

Doug: Are you saying I should take my own advice?

Claire: I mean, you said it yourself. Grandma Hope may just be busy. And same with my dad. You know, maybe they both just turned their phones off and they don't even know that you left any messages.

Julie: Even in the 21st century, we cannot always be in touch with each other.

Claire: Yeah.

Doug: Okay, okay. Hate to admit it, but it makes sense. So this feeling I have, I will just have to put it all aside and order a hot fudge sundae. Who's with me?

Julie: Oh, me!

Claire: Me! [Laughter]

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Rafe!

Shawn: Brady 10-97.


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