Days Transcript Tuesday 7/12/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/12/16


Episode #12884 ~ Chad spirals out of control; Chad & Jennifer butt heads over Thomas' well-being; Hope & Aiden slowly find their way back to each other; Jennifer seeks advice from Doug & Julie.

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[Tense music]

Chad: What do you know about Abby?

André:  Well, it's all supposition at this point. I don't have hard evidence.

Chad: Okay, well, would you get to the point then?

André: Well, a woman matching Abigail's description was seen boarding a charter flight to Miami two days after she ran away.

Chad: All right, so she's in Miami, then. What was the charter company?

André: No, no, no, don't do that. No, no, put it down. There's more. The plane went down in the Gulf of Mexico. There were no survivors.

Chad: I don't believe you.

André: That's because you don't want to believe me. But that's understandable. And I honestly pray that this is all a mistake.

Chad: Yeah, how would she even be on the charter? It has to be a mistake.

André: Well, she was travelling under an assumed name.

Chad: How? With no money or no ID?

André: Oh, come on, Chad. You know how resourceful a woman she can be. Even if she wanted to escape or disappear completely. There are ways to find money and identities.

Chad: So, look -- this story doesn't make any sense. It's not her! Whoever the person was that said that they saw her is Obviously wrong. Maybe it was somebody who looks like Abigail, but it's not her. This isn't her. Oh, that's right. I got you. All right, buddy? That's right. What's wrong?

Jennifer: She's gone. My baby's gone.

Chad: Yeah, I know, Jen, but I told you that I'm gonna do everything I can to bring her home.

Jennifer: No, you can't. It's too late.

Chad: No, it's -- what are you -- why are you saying that?

Jennifer: Because Abigail's dead.

Chad: No.

Jennifer: And you killed her. You killed her, it's your fault. She ran away from you because she was afraid of you, and you killed her! You killed my baby! Her blood is on your hands! You killed the mother of your son!

Chad: No!

Jennifer: Yes, you did! Yes!

Chad: No!

Jennifer: Chad. No, Chad, it's okay. It's all right.

Chad: Where's Abby?

Jennifer: What?

Chad: Where's Abby, is she -- is she dead?

Jennifer: What? What are you talking about? No, look at me, You just had a dream, that's all. You just had a dream. Look, here's Thomas. Thomas is right here. And he's good, he's totally fine.

Chad: Hey, baby. Hey.

Jennifer: And Abigail's missing and we're gonna find her. She... she's not dead.

Chad: No, she's not.

Jennifer: No.

Chad: Okay.

Jennifer: Look at me. Do you understand me? She's not dead.

Chad: It was just a dream.

Jennifer: Look, I know that this is hard on you with Abigail missing. It's hard on all of us, but you have to find a way to keep it together.

[Baby cries]

Chad: It's okay.

Jennifer: You need to be strong for this little guy, do you understand me?

[Baby cries]

Jennifer: It's okay.

Chad: I know, I know. I'm sorry, it was just a dream. It was just a dream.

Aiden: Okay, so you got everything, right? Just the one bag.

Hope: The one bag. I travel light.

Aiden: Yes, you do. If figured you want some alone time to think about our time together. I just hope you love it as much as I do. But I -- look, I don't want to push, so...

Hope: Thank you. And yes, I did.

Aiden:  So can I see you later? Maybe dinner?

Hope: Well, I -- I want to catch up with Ciara and I need to check in with the station.

Aiden: Hmm, life.

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: Real world. I forgot about that stuff.

Hope: Yeah, me too.

Aiden: Okay, then what's next? I'm sorry.

Hope: Aiden --

Aiden: Sounded a little pushy, didn't it? And I...

Hope: Let me just say this, okay? I do feel closer to you. Like things are moving in the right direction.

Aiden: Me too.

Chad: Look, it was just, uh -- that was just a nightmare. It's not like I'm having a psychotic break or anything.

Jennifer: No, I'm not suggesting that. I'm just worried about you.

Chad: Well, don't. Don't -- I'm keeping it all together. Obviously, because I know that my little boy needs me and I need him.

Jennifer: I think that kids, they sense things, you know? More than we think.

Chad: What is that supposed to mean?

Jennifer: It's just, you're anxious and he knows that. He can feel that.

Chad: Uh, okay, so what? So he's gonna be scarred for life because his father's --

Jennifer: No, I'm just saying that he's gonna be upset. He's already missing his mother --

Chad: Yeah, well, so am I! my wife is missing, and I don't know where she is or if I'm ever gonna see her alive again, Jennifer.

Jennifer: It's also my daughter. Do you think you could be a little bit sensitive to that fact? I'm terribly, terribly worried. And I'm not just worried, I'm... I'm heartsick and I'm heartbroken. This is not just about you.

Chad: Yeah, I never said it was.

Jennifer: But I am doing my best to keep it together for my grandson, because he is already traumatized without his mother around. > Chad: Okay, okay, great. You're very noble and selfless and I'm not, so can we just move past this discussion? Because my head is throbbing and I am running out of fumes from a lack of sleep and I still have to get back in touch with the private investigator that I hired to find your daughter!

Jennifer: That's what I'm talking about! Your nerves are raw. You are barely holding on.

Chad: Okay, well what do you expect me to do? Pretend like I'm living on cloud nine? You want me to pretend like everything's hunky-dory? Okay, you know what, no -- I'll go take my son to the circus or the park and pretend like it's a normal day.

Jennifer: That's not what I'm saying.

Chad: 'Cause I can't stop the way I'm feeling, so yeah, Thomas is gonna be affected by that a little bit.

Jennifer: Yes, so I'm asking you to just let me take him. Please!

Chad: No!

Jennifer:  Why not?

Chad: Because he's my son and he's gonna stay here with me. What is it gonna matter if he goes with you, anyways? What, because you protest to have this ability to not let your feelings affect people? You're so stoic and strong? I don't think you are! In fact, I know you're not. I know you're just as hurt bout -- as I am about Abby being gone.

Jennifer: I have been a parent for way longer than you have.

Chad: Oh, give me a break.

Jennifer: Trust me, I have walked my kids through a lot of trauma, Chad.

Chad: Okay, well that's done a lot of good.

Jennifer: What? Are you trying to blame me for Abigail's condition? Is that what you're doing?

Chad: No, I don't know what I'm saying.

Jennifer: No, you don't know what you're saying. And you have no idea what you're doing, which is why I am begging you to let me take Thomas for a couple days until you pull yourself together. Please!

Chad: Absolutely not. No!

Jennifer: Chad, please be reasonable. I am not trying to take Thomas away from you, I am just trying to give you a break.

Chad: Well, I don't need a break from my son. I need to find my wife, Jennifer.

Jennifer: I know that. But every day that goes by that we don't find her, you are unraveling.

Chad: And you're not? Are you not unraveling? What, is this getting easier for you? Every day that she's gone, it gets easier, it gets easier for you to accept that you might never see your daughter again?

Jennifer: That is a horrible thing to say!

Chad: Well, it's a horrible thing to suggest that I need a break from my son when he is the only thing keeping me from losing my mind.

Jennifer: I am just trying to give you the opportunity to completely focus on finding Abigail to use all of your energy to find my baby.

Chad: Okay, so that's the offer now? For me to focus all of my energy into find Abby.

Jennifer: Yes.

Chad: Because the other day, you and JJ told me to let Roman and the police handle things. So now you're telling me that you want me to find Abby my own way. So do you want me to find Abby my own way, or are you just saying that to me so you can take my son away from me?

Jennifer: Do you hear yourself? You're lashing out because you're exhausted and your nerves are raw. Chad, it's okay. You are not Superman, and you are not invincible.

Chad: I know I'm not invincible, but I need my little boy.

Jennifer: That's really selfish.

Chad: How is that selfish?

Jennifer: It's selfish, because you're thinking about yourself and you're not thinking about him. Because he needs someone to be strong for him. Please let me take him to my house. Doug and Julie are living at my house again. He'll get so much love and so much attention. Please. Just stop and take a breath. And you will see that I'm right.

[Dramatic music]

Hope: We need to let things happen organically.

Aiden: And I'm all for that.

Hope; Dinner sounds great.

Aiden: Yeah?

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: All right, well then I'll call you later. Better yet, you call me when you're ready, okay? In the meantime, I will plan something special.

Hope: Let's keep it simple.

Aiden: Simple?

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden:  Okay, how about, beer and pizza? And a real cheesy movie, how about that?

Aiden:  Pizza and a movie, extra cheese. I can arrange that.

Rafe: [Groans]

[Button clicks]

[Machinery beeps]

André: Let's see yourself get out of this one, Detective.

[Light instrumental music]

Jennifer: Abigail's dead. She ran away from you because she was afraid of you, and you killed her! You killed my baby! Her blood is on your hands! You killed the mother of your son!

Chad: No!

Jennifer: You're lashing out because you're exhausted and your nerves are raw. You are barely holding on. Chad, it's okay. You are not Superman. And you are not invincible. You don't know what you're saying! And you have no idea what you're doing, which is why I am begging you to let me take Thomas for a couple days until you pull yourself together. Please!

Chad: Absolutely not! No! Hi. Let's get some fresh air. We got to get out of this house. Yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, I sure could use some of that.

Doug: Any news on Abigail?

Julie: Have you seen Chad?

Jennifer: Yes, I just came from his house. He's a mess.

Julie: How so?

Jennifer: He's just... he is not in his right mind. He is so angry and so anxious.

Julie: Oh, darling, we all are.

Jennifer: No, I know that, but not like him. Julie, he is so unstable, I feel like he's just gonna lose control.

Julie: And do what?

Jennifer: I have no idea. That's why I am so worried about him and it makes me even more worried about Thomas.

Doug: Well, I tell ya, Chad better let you bring the boy here, at least until they find Abigail.

Julie: Oh, honey, that's his son. He wants to keep him close, I'm sure, under circumstances.

Doug: Yes, but Jennifer's just go through saying that he's not really in control of himself.

Jennifer: Yeah, and it  doesn't matter. I asked him if I could take Thomas for a couple of days, and he said no way, because he feels like he can just handle everything. But I'm telling you, he is crashing. And I am so afraid that Thomas is gonna get hurt in the fallout. And I just feel like I... there has to be something more that I can do.

Doug: Well, maybe there is.

[Dramatic music]

[Cell phone ringing]

[Cell phone ringing]

André: It's your co-conspirator.

[Cell phone rings]

André: Ah. She'd find the feel of this place familiar, don't you think? Didn't you? When you walked down the stairs, didn't the rubble remind you of how you buried my father?

[Cell phone rings]

André: And you left him there to rot. You're going to know what that feels like.

[Cell phone beeps]

Hope: Hey, it's me. Call me back.

André: [Chuckles] Isn't that sweet? You two don't need words. "It's me, call me." Oh. She should be here, don't you think, Detective? Your partner in crime. Not to worry. My plan is that she will be here to die. Right beside you.

[Light instrumental music]

[Baby coos]

Chad: Can you say "Dad"? Huh?

Woman: He is adorable.

Chad: Thank you.

Woman: What's his name?

Chad: Thomas.

Woman: You're a good dad. Where is Mom today?

Chad: "My dearest Chad, this is the hardest letter I've ever had to write. Because in it, I must tell you that you and Thomas will never see me again. I got home and I felt like a stranger here. And I realized, that's always what I'd be. But no matter how sane I seemed, there would always be a part of you that wondered, that worried, and I can't blame you for that. I'd feel the same way in your shoes. I can't put you or Thomas through this, so I have to go away to give you and Thomas a chance at a sane life. I will always love you. But this is for the best. Don't try to find me. You never will. Good-bye, my love."

[Dramatic music]

Chad: She's...  

Woman: I'm sorry if I upset you.

Chad: No, it's, um... You know, I'm , uh... I'm running late. I'm sorry. Um... it's nice to meet you.

Doug: This is gonna sound a little harsh, but sometimes you have to be that way. Sometimes you just have to get tough in order to accomplish what's best for everyone.

Julie: What is your point, sweetheart?

Doug: Okay. Jennifer, if you are that concerned about the little tyke's well-being while he's in Chad's custody, and further, you feel sure that Chad will not willingly agree to put the boy here during the ordeal, then... maybe you have to sue for custody.  

Jennifer: What? You want me to sue Chad?

Doug: Yes.

Julie: Isn't that an extreme position to take, don't you think?

Doug: If Chad's in as bad of condition as Jennifer claims, then I imagine the courts would side with her.  

Jennifer: No, and he is. He is in a bad condition. And I know that he's dangerous. He's a DiMera. And I told you, it's something in his demeanor. It is frightening. And Thomas is picking up on it. I mean, I was there the other day, and Thomas was just crying uncontrollably, and Chad just seemed oblivious to all of it.

Julie: Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord. Well, in that case --

Jennifer: I know he wants to do the best for Thomas. I know that. But he has never been a parent.

Julie: Exactly. I'm sure he's going through hell right now, but if he isn't wise enough to know that he does need help with Thomas, Doug may have a point and you may have to force his hand.

Jennifer: But then I think about what you said earlier. Maybe that is too extreme?

Doug: I repeat--sometimes you have to take a tough stand to do what's best.

Jennifer: Doug, I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Julie: You begin with a good lawyer.

Jennifer: Just spring that on him? Do you really think that's fair, after everything that we have all been going through?

Julie: Well, just tell him you're considering it, and maybe that will shake him up enough that he lets you take care of the baby for a while.

Jennifer: Right, or it might make him go crazy, because he is such a live wire right now.

Doug: All the more reason to take action, and I mean soon.

Jennifer: Come on, Chad is a big boy. I'm sure he can handle this. What you have to worry about is Thomas.

Jennifer: Yeah, I do.

Hope: Shawn.

Shawn: Hey, Mom, I'm glad you're back.

Hope: Yeah, me too. Have you heard from Ciara? Her phone seems to be off.

Shawn: No, no, I'm sorry, I haven't. I haven't had a chance to call her yet.

Hope: Why's that?

Shawn: Uh, because Tate Black was kidnapped.

Hope: What? Oh, my God, when? Where?

Shawn: He was snatched from Theresa in the park off the Square.

Hope: Did she see anything? Any ID?

Shawn: No, she was drugged, and that's when they took him.

Hope: Wow, you're talking premeditation, opportunity to drug Theresa.

Shawn: And damn few leads.

Hope: Any ransom demands?

Shawn: No, not yet.

Hope: Who's on it?

Shawn: Everybody who's not looking for Abigail.

Hope: Abigail? What happened?

Shawn: Abigail escaped from Shady Hills.

Hope: What--oh, my God, I need to call Jenn.

Shawn: Have you, uh, talked to Rafe by chance today?

Hope: No, we've been playing phone tag. Hey, Jeff, I need the files on Tate and Abigail.

Shawn: Hey, Mom, listen, can I talk to you for a second? [Both speaking at once]

Hope: Shawn... I need to get up to speed so I can run with one of these cases.

Shawn: What I have to tell you is important, too.

Hope: Okay. What is it?

Shawn: There's something you need to know about Aiden.

Cop: Detective, we have a possible sighting of the baby in the Tate Black kidnapping case.

Hope: Is the witness here?

Shawn: All right, thanks. Listen, I'm right behind you, all right?

Hope: Shawn, I should be out--

Shawn: Mom, I need you to see this.

[Dramatic music]

Shawn: I'll handle it. I'm sorry. [Panting] I'm okay. I'm okay. [Pants] I'm okay. I'm okay.

[Baby fusses]

Jennifer: You have no idea what you're doing, which is why I am begging you to let me take Thomas for a couple days until you pull yourself together.

Chad: I'm okay, buddy.

[Baby cries]

Chad: It's all right, I just lost my breath.

[Baby fusses]

Chad: I got to sit down. I got to sit down, okay? I just got light headed. [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Chad: Yeah? Uh-huh. Then widen the search. I already told you, I don't care how much money it costs. Or how many men you have to add. Yeah. Because the longer it takes you to find my wife, the further away she gets. Uh-huh. Well, no, no, 'cause I'm not prepared to start thinking that, because it isn't true. Look, I am paying you to track down my wife, not to console me! Thank you!

Doug: Jennifer, honey, I can give you a list of excellent attorneys for you to speak with.

Jennifer: I just, I don't need it right now.

Doug: Okay, all I'm suggesting is that you talk with one, maybe a few and give yourself a sense of what your options might be.

Jennifer: I cannot even believe we're having this conversation.

Julie: Well, I can't believe it, either, but here we are. And the thing is, you have to do what's necessary to protect your grandson.

Jennifer: No, you're right, Julie, I just...

Julie: Oh, sweetheart. I hate seeing you go through this. I'm so, so sorry.

Jennifer: I just want my daughter to come home. I just want her to be home where she belongs. With her husband, with her baby, taking care of her baby and happy and healthy.

Doug: That's what we all want. And it will happen, we just have to deal with the meantime.

Julie: And in the meantime, you have to do what's necessary to protect your grandson until Abby gets back.

Jennifer: I know. I just, I need to think.

Julie: Of course, you do.

Doug: It's a huge decision. It's a big step to take.

Jennifer: Yes, and I don't want to alienate Chad. I feel like, right now, we should be pulling together instead of pulling apart.

Julie: Well, of course, that's the best scenario.

Doug: But sometimes, the best scenario is not the real life scenario.

Jennifer: No, I know, I know, I just can't--I can't talk about this right now. I just need to stop and I need to weigh my options and I just... I just need to get some air.

Chad: I'm sorry, buddy. Well, Dad could use some ice cream, I think. How's that sound? Yeah? Okay, we'll out of here. Yeah. I know, I'm tired. So many things to look at, yeah. Oh, look at this belly. What do you see? Huh? That's chess. You want to play some chess? Yeah?

Rafe: Hey, it's Rafe Hernandez. Leave me a message.

Doug: [whistles] Hey, kiddo. Where were you just then?

Julie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I was just thinking.

Doug: Well, a lot to think about.

Julie: Indeed there is. You know, the elephant in the room, we never even discussed with Jennifer. I kept hoping she would bring it up, but she didn't.

Doug: Her addiction.

Julie: Her addiction. Very serious. Very recent. I think, even if she gets a cutthroat lawyer, Chad is surely gonna get someone just as smart. Her addiction, her drug abuse, is gonna come out.

Doug: Yeah, but she's been clean for months.

Julie: Months, darling. Not years, not decades. I've been reading all about this stuff. And months is considered recent with addiction. Even if it had been a century, it's a mark against her. I mean, it's gonna be terrible in the hands of a cutthroat lawyer.

Doug: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get your point. So we take this one step at a time. And Jennifer hasn't really agreed to pursue this yet.

Julie: Oh, she's thinking about it. I know my cousin--she's thinking about it seriously.

Doug: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I had the same feeling, thanks to my great suggestion.

Julie: Don't blame yourself, darling. We're just trying to do what needs to be done to protect little Thomas.

Doug: Yeah, but we got to protect Jennifer, as well. I mean, she's being put through the ringer on this.

Julie: She's had a rough road.

Doug: Yeah. For so many years now. Losing Jack, everything that happened after that. Poor darling. You know...

Doug: "You know" what?

Julie: I could just talk to Chad. Make him see reason, and we avoid a whole ugly legal battle.

Doug: No, no, no, no.

Julie: Why? Why "no, no, no"?

Doug: You would just be adding gas to the flames. That's all, babe doll.

Julie: Did you just call me babe doll?

Doug: As a matter of fact, I did. Why did I do that? Because you are my beautiful, brilliant babe doll.

Julie: And you are the captain of my heart for always. But what're we gonna do about Chad? I mean, poor Chad.

Doug: Yes, and poor Jennifer. And poor JJ. It's just dreadful and sad all around. And the sad thing is, the only thing we can do is just try to be strong for them and give them support.

Julie: And do what needs to be done to protect baby Thomas. Baby Thomas is the vulnerable one in all of this.

Rafe: [Groans] [Grunting]

Jennifer: I've thought things through. And I made a decision.

[Cell phone ringing]

Chad: I think we've, um, said all we have to say to each other for the moment. Thomas stays here.

Jennifer: And there is nothing that I can say to change your mind?

Chad: No. He needs me, I'm his father.

Jennifer: His father, who is going through hell and is stretched beyond his limits.

Chad: Well, that's your opinion. One that doesn't happen to be true.

Jennifer: It is true. And if you can't see that, then you are denying your own condition, and you're leaving me no other option. I am gonna contact my lawyer...

Rafe: [Grunting and groaning]

Rafe: [Panting]

[Intense music]

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