Days Transcript Monday 7/11/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/11/16


Episode #12883 ~ Claire admonishes Ciara for her feelings for Chad; Chad receives news of Abigail's fate; Theo & Claire share a warm moment; André orchestrates a secret plan.

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Claire: Hey, sorry, I just-- I just got your text. What's up?

Ciara: Everything. I don't even know where to begin.

Claire: Good or bad?

Ciara: Intense.

Claire: Okay. Well, um, you've got my attention. What's going on?

Ciara: Abby's gone. And I don't think she's coming back to Chad.

Chad: So either my wife has fallen off the face of the Earth, or you're a moron that doesn't know how to do your job. No, she's out there somewhere and you're telling me you can't find out where? No, you listen to me. You have 24 hours to bring me results, or you're gone. And I hire an investigator that actually knows how to investigate.

[Phone beeps]

Chad: [Sighs]

[Somber music]

Ciara: It kind of seems like she doesn't want to be found. [Sighs] I know that you don't want to hear this, but maybe it wasn't just fear that made her run away.

Chad: Please tell me you brought some news about my wife.

André: You better sit down.

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: Tate. Tate. [Panting, stammering] How could I have-- How could I have fallen asleep?

Brady: I know, we can't worry about it, we have to find our son. Yeah, um, my son's been kidnapped.

[Dramatic music]

Ciara: Okay, you have to swear that you won't tell anyone. 'Cause Chad doesn't want me telling people. But I have to tell someone. Otherwise I'm going to, like, explode.

Claire: Okay, okay, I swear that I won't say anything.

Ciara: Okay, so Abigail wrote this letter to Chad that basically said that she's gonna be leaving town and that she's not coming back, and she told him to not go looking for her.

Claire: Oh, my God. Well, why would she do that?

Ciara: I don't know. She went home after running away from the clinic, and I guess something there made here believe that she couldn't stay. So she wrote that letter that gonna stay, and that we'll never see her again. And then she took off.

Chad: "I can't put you or Thomas through this, so I have to go away to give you and Thomas a chance at a sane life. I will always love you, but this is for the best. Don't try to find me. You never will. Good-bye, my love." I can't believe this.

Ciara: What can't you believe?

Chad: She's gone.

Claire: Jeez, Chad must be freaked out.

Ciara: Yeah, he's a mess.

Claire: [Sighs] I mean, does he believe it?

Ciara: He's confused, but yeah, I think he's starting to believe that she's not coming back. [baby fussing]

Claire: Okay, so what does this have to do with you? Oh, jeez, Ciara. I mean, you're not thinking that--

Ciara: N-no, I'm not-- I'm not thinking anything. It's just--I've never seen a guy so hurt and lonely before.

Claire: Ciara, listen to me, okay, the worst thing you could possibly do right now would be to try and take advantage of that.

Ciara: Who said I was trying to take advantage of anything? What, I can't feel sorry for the guy?

Claire: Uh, a guy you're secretly in love with. And don't try to deny it because you and I both know that you are.

Chad: I don't want something to drink, André. What do you--what do you know about Abby?

André: Well it's all supposition at this point. I don't have hard evidence.

Chad: Okay, would you get to the point, then?

André: Well, a woman matching Abigail's description was seen boarding a charter flight to Miami, two days after she ran away.

Chad: Okay, so she's in Miami then. Well, what was the name of the charter company?

André: Oh, no, no, no. Don't do that, no, no. Put it down, ah--there's more. The plane went down in the Gulf of Mexico. There were no survivors.

Shawn: Okay, so you fell asleep?

Theresa: I don't know how, Shawn. Okay, I've just-- I don't know, I've been really busy with work lately, and my wedding.

Brady: Does it--does it matter?

Shawn: All right, listen, just--just tell me what happened.

Theresa: Okay, okay, um-- Okay, I was sketching, and I was talking to Tate, and--and then I don't know! The next thing I know Brady's waking me up and Tate is gone.

Shawn: Hey, come on, all right, listen, so how long do you estimate that you were asleep?

Theresa: I don't--um-- I don't know, it couldn't have been that long.

Shawn: Brady, is there anybody that you think that might have come here and taken Tate? Anybody, anybody--say the nanny, some--somebody.

Brady: No, no, the nanny-- Emma--Emma's the nanny, she has the day off. I can call her. There--there is, um...

Theresa: [Gasps] What? Who? Who?

Brady: Granddad.

Shawn: Victor?

Brady: The other-- The other day, my grandfather found Theresa asleep while she was watching Tate, and he was pissed off about it.

Shawn: Wait a minute, so you--you're telling me that this isn't the first time that this has happened?

Theresa: What--it was only for a few seconds, Shawn, okay? Look, I fell asleep and Victor chewed me out, and I said that it would never happen again, I-- I don't know--I don't know how it happened again. [Panting]

Shawn: Is that, uh-- is that your drink?

Theresa: Yes, it's--

Shawn: Yeah, what's in it?

Theresa: It's a protein smoothie, I don't--it's got bananas and green stuff, and--

Shawn: Yeah, well, let me have it tested.

Theresa: What?

Shawn: I mean, based on how suddenly this came about, I mean, your pinpoint pupils, the slurring of your speech that I can notice, I-- I want to see if you were drugged.

Theresa: [Scoffs] Why? I mean, come on, who would-- Oh, God. You know, Victor always said that I was an unfit mother, and he threatened to take Tate-- Tate away from me, but--

Brady: No, let--let--let's not--let's not go there right now, okay? I'm--I'm gonna call Victor.


Shawn: Yeah?

Ramirez found this near the perimeter of the park.

Shawn: Do you recognize this?

Theresa: [Gasps]

Brady: That's--that--

Theresa: Yes, I know that--

Brady: No, no, don't touch-- don't touch it.

Shawn: Listen, don't touch it, don't touch it, this might be evidence, don't touch it.

Theresa: [hyperventilating] I don't understand. Why, why is this happening? Why is this happening?

Brady: Shh.

Theresa: [Sobbing]

Brady: We have to find him. Okay?

Shawn: We will.

Theresa: [Crying]

Brady: Shh, it's gonna be okay.

Chad: I don't--I don't believe you.

André: That's because you don't want to believe me. But that's understandable, and I honestly pray that this is all a mistake.

Chad: How would she even be on the--the charter? It has to be a mistake.


Chad: How? With no money or no ID?

André: Oh, come on, Chad. You know how resourceful a woman she can be. Even if she wanted to escape or disappear completely. There are ways to find money and identities.

Chad: Okay, stop--look, I don't--it--the story doesn't make any sense. It's not her, or whoever--whoever the person was that said that they saw her is obviously wrong. Maybe it was somebody who--who looks like Abigail, but it's not her. This--this isn't her.

Ciara: I do, I do care about him a lot. I just hate to see him go through this.

Claire: Right, so you're gonna start spending more time with him, giving him a shoulder to cry on. And, you know, if that happened to lead to something else, like a kiss or more, you'd be completely fine with that, wouldn't you?

Ciara: No, I'm not even thinking like that.

Claire: Ciara, come on, I've known you forever. I can tell. You are whacked out in love with the guy, and now you're seeing an opportunity.

Ciara: Can you stop trying to make this into something sleazy, okay? 'Cause it's not. And I would never take advantage of Chad's pain like that. And I can't believe you think I would.

Claire: I mean, maybe not consciously, but, I mean, the fact that you want to be the one who comforts him in his time of need-- I mean, come on, that is a little bold and obvious, don't you think?

Ciara: Okay, well, then just forget I said anything. Never mind.

Claire: No, no, I mean, you said you wanted to talk about this. Did that mean talk and not listen? Am I not allowed to have an opinion about this?

Ciara: There's nothing to have an opinion about. I just wanted to talk about Chad because I can't believe Abigail would do this to him and Thomas. And you're just trying to make this into something else that it isn't.

Claire: Am I? [Sighs] Ciara, this can't happen. You and Chad. It's not going anywhere because he loves Abigail, and he's never gonna stop looking for her. He'll never give up. And you're gonna end up with a broken heart.

Victor: What are you saying?

Theresa: [Crying]

Brady: I want to know if you had someone take Tate to prove a point.

Victor: Of course not. Anyone with eyes can see that Theresa's an unfit mother. My help is not required. Damn it, Brady, I warned you.

Brady: Not now.

Victor: Look, I'm sorry I don't have more resources at my disposal, I'll, uh-- call in whatever favors I can. And I'll send some of my men down to take care of the search.

Theresa: [Sobs]

Brady: Thank you, Grandfather, I appreciate it.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Phone beeps]

Theresa: [Cries]

Brady: The police put out an Amber Alert.

John: And what do

Brady: Shawn seems to think that Theresa might have been drugged.

John: Drugged? Who would--

Brady: Dad, I have no idea.

John: All right, listen, son. If there is a ransom demand--

John: Dad--

John: I'm just saying that I will give you whatever you need. Now you just sit tight. I'm on my way down.

Brady: Thank you.

Theresa: [Sighs]

[Cell phone beeps]

Marlena: What's happened? What's wrong?

John: Doc, I'm afraid we got some bad news.

Theresa: [Whimpers] [Cries] Brady... Can you ever forgive me? [Sobbing]

Brady: Shh, stop.

Theresa: [Wailing] Abigail would do this. I mean, what mom runs away from her child?

Claire: She's really messed up. My dad said the place they put her in probably just made it worse. Also, you know, you're looking for reasons to hate her so you don't feel as bad about loving Chad.

Ciara: Can you stop saying that I'm in love with him?

Claire: Well, you're the one who has to admit that you are.

Ciara: [Sighs] Okay, fine, yeah. I love him. Happy?

Claire: Yeah, it's a start. Now tell me that you know it can't go anywhere.

Ciara: I don't know that. You don't know that. What if it doesn't happen? What if Abigail doesn't come back? It would kill Chad. He's already falling apart. I can see it. And it'll be worse if he has to go through that alone.

Claire: Ciara, listen to yourself. You are not even in college yet. He's--he's like ten years older than you. He's a man and you're still a kid. He's just never going to look at you that way.

Ciara: Well, how do you know he doesn't already?

Claire: Okay, now you just sound delusional. Ciara, there's no way that he looks at you as anything but a nanny for his son. And you know I'm right, and-- [Sighs] That hurts but you have to face it. Just please stop thinking that anything is gonna happen between you two.

Ciara: Yeah. You're right. I'm an idiot.

Claire: No, you're not. Just lovesick.

Ciara: You can write a song about me. You can call it "Pathetic Teen Loser."

Claire: Yeah. [Laughs] It'd be a hit. You know, millions of girls across America would relate.

Ciara: Oh, God, that sucks. I don't know what to do with all these feelings.

Claire: I mean, you don't have to do anything. You can't. Feelings aren't something that you can control. Just promise me that you won't act on them.

André: I know how devastating this can be. Even the mere possibility of it--

Chad: Look--look, you don't know how I feel. And I'm not the least bit devastated, because it isn't true.

André: Well... I understand how easy it is to hate you're in pain. I also understand how you want to hate the messenger.

Chad: I don't hate you for bringing this to me, André. I just don't believe you.

André: Well why don't we wait a few days and see what the investigation brings up. Maybe they'll find the bodies, make a proper identification.

Chad: Stop. Can we just-- Can we just stop talking about this? and use these so-called, ah, ave and actually find her. Next time bring me something I can believe.

André: I understand.

Chad: And you just say you want some--some kind of reward for finding her, you know, you have to actually have to find her.

André: Well, nothing would give me greater pleasure, and I promise I will stay positive. I'll be in touch.

[Somber music]


John: Yeah, I just texted you the latest photos of Tate. Mm-hmm, you tell Peterson I appreciate the department's help. Yeah.

[Cell phone beeps]

Marlena: Well...Shane has never even seen his grandson.

John: He will. I'm gonna head on down there, see if I can help out.

Marlena: Uh, John, I'd go with you, but I've got an emergency at the hospital. I've got to get right there so please call me if you have any news at all.

John: I will, I will.

Marlena: I love you.

John: Love you too, honey.

Victor: I have three investigators canvassing the area. If you're worried about protocol--

Shawn: Look, I'll take all the extra manpower I can get. Would you excuse me, I, uh-- I need to have a word with Brady.

Theresa: [Crying]

Shawn: Listen, Brady, I-- I hate to have to ask you this, but based on Theresa's history, do you think-- that she might be using again?

Brady: No way.

Shawn: Okay, good, good, because if it turns out that she did take something, then--

Brady: Then it could be considered neglect, right?

Shawn: Yeah, not only would we have to charge her, but... we'd have to notify children protective services.

Brady: All right, all right, listen, listen, if there were-- if there was something in that drink, I promise you, spiking protein drinks was not Theresa's preferred method of getting high, okay? That's ridiculous. The woman's clean.

Theresa: [Crying]

Shawn: She acting like herself?

Brady: No, n-no.

Shawn: Okay, 'cause if it turns out that somebody did put something in her drink, do you have any idea who might have?

Theresa: [Crying]

Victor: You don't get to feel sorry for yourself, you incompetent, pathetic--

Theresa: Victor, please.

Victor: I warned you, and I'll warn you again. When Tate is found--

Theresa: You'll do what? What, Victor, do you think that you can possibly do to me that would make me suffer any more than I am right now?

Victor: Yes, I can.

Brady: I want you to stop, stop. If you want to help us, please, stop pointing fingers at her, and--and let's focus on finding who's responsible for this, please.

Theresa: [Cries]

Brady: Leave her alone.

Shawn: Look, Theresa, I think that you and Brady need to go home. Look, there's nothing more you can do here.

Theresa: No! No, Shawn, I am not leaving here until we find my baby. [Crying]

Claire: You really are good with him.

Ciara: Yeah, but don't get too attached, right? Yeah, I get it. Don't have to keep on me about it.

Claire: I wasn't, I swear. You're being paranoid. It was just a comment.

Ciara: Sorry. So what's going on with you? Is everything okay? Are you working with Philip yet on that record deal?

Claire: Nope. I'm starting to think that he's, like, dragging his heels about the whole thing. Like he's changed his mind. [Sighs] Or my worst fear, now that my mom and dad are back together, that he's just gonna dump me altogether.

Ciara: Well, who's paranoid now?

Claire: I hope that's all it is. You know, I really, really want this to work out. It's all I've been thinking about.

Ciara: Well, when Chad breaks my heart and Philip breaks your heart, at least we'll have each other, right?

Claire: [Laughs] So not funny.

[Baby coos]

Claire: It really sucks not getting what you want, doesn't it?

Ciara: Yeah.

Claire: [Laughs] Do you think it feels worse just because we're, like, still kids?

Ciara: No, I think it's always gonna suck. Even when we get older.

Claire: Well, guess the trick is to always get what we want, then.

Ciara: If only.

Chad: You still think I'm lying to you, that I'm actually hiding her somewhere in the house.

JJ: I'm doing my job, Chad.

Chad: Yeah, okay, well knock yourself out, search the entire place, but I'm telling you, you've wasted your time. Ah--we--you know what? Why don't you go out there and search real places where you might actually find her, instead of sitting in here, wasting my time. Because if something actually happens to her--

JJ: All right, I'll cover downstairs, you take upstairs, okay?

Got it.

Chad: You're wasting your time, man. I told you, you're not gonna find her here.

JJ: We'll see, won't we?

Chad: Mm-hmm. Wasting your time.

JJ: What's this?

Chad: Nothing, it's just a dead end.

JJ: Why would you be interested in an article about a charter plane crash?

Chad: Uh, 'cause, um--'cause I'm losing my mind, JJ. So, yeah, I'm--I'm searching the news, and I've hired private investigators to search every square inch of the state. I've also reached out to my contacts in--in New York, Miami, Los Angeles. We'll do everything we possibly can to find her. 'Cause I am scared to think like this could actually happen to her. 'Cause I'm not the enemy. Time is our enemy, and I'm scared that we have to face the fact that we're too late already.

Jennifer: Don't you say that. Don't ever say that.

Shawn: Yeah, I know it's hard to leave, but Tate's not here.

Theresa: Yeah, I realize that.

Shawn: Look, and if the perpetrator contacts you, if there happens to be a ransom, it's probably best that you're at home.

John: Shawn's right. Why don't you head on home?

Theresa: No, no. Okay, Brady, you go home. Okay, you go home, and I'll stay here because if they find Tate, Then--I mean, you know how he is around strangers. And--God, I bet whoever took him probably wasn't bargaining for that. Oh, God. Oh, God--what if they don't have the patience? What if--what if they already-- What if they--what if they--

Brady: No, no, no, it's okay, it's okay, hey! Theresa! God! Theresa?

Theresa: Can't stay here.

Marlena: You were unconscious. We have to find out why.

Theresa: Because I'm exhausted. My son is missing.

Marlena: And you may have drugs in your system.

Theresa: I know what you think of me, Marlena. And I don't blame you, okay, but I have turned my life around since I've had Tate. I haven't been using since.

Marlena: Shawn thinks somebody may have put something in your protein shake.

Theresa: It makes sense. I mean, who would do that? And why? If you want to go after the richest baby in town, try Thomas DiMera.

Marlena: I don't know. I spoke to Brady. I told him that when you're discharged, I would-- I would take you home and stay there, in case the kidnappers--

Theresa: No.

Marlena: The police are out there, doing everything they And we are going to do what they say.

Theresa: I don't do what people say, Marlena.

Marlena: You know, all the men in your life are out there looking for your son. They're doing everything they can. There's nothing more you can do out there to help.

Theresa: Yeah, but I was there. Okay, so what if--what if I see something? What if I see something and I remember? I can help.

Marlena: Theresa... When Belle was a baby, somebody took her from her cradle. I was-- [Sighs] I was out of my mind. So you can believe me when I tell you... I know how you feel right now.

Theresa: I know what you're thinking.

Marlena: I'm not sure you do.

Theresa: Yeah, well, it's what I'm thinking. I am the worst mother ever. And Brady-- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Marlena: Brady? Look at me. Brady loves you. And he knows that this is not your fault.

Theresa: Like, what does it matter whose fault it is if-- [Panting]

Marlena: If what?

Theresa: What if-- What if they don't find him? What if I never see my little boy again? [Groans]

Brady: Claire, C-Ciara!

Claire: Yeah, yeah, what's wrong?

Brady: Ciara-- [baby coos] Sorry, you have the--you have the same stroller, I thought it was mine, sorry.

Ciara: Why would you think it's your son?

Brady: He's missing.

Claire: Wait, what?

Brady: Theresa had him in the park, off the square, and-- an [baby laughs]

There's no sign of her upstairs, JJ.

JJ: Okay, um, check the guest house and all the other backyard structures. that Abigail got on this plane. None.

Chad: I don't believe it either, but--

Jennifer: But what?

Chad: The PI firm I hired out of Los Angeles said someone reported a woman who matched Abby's description that boarded the plane.

Jennifer: That is--that's crazy. First of all, why would she go to Los Angeles? And then once she got there, why would she charter a plane back to Miami? Abigail doesn't even have that kind of money.

JJ: Yeah, I've checked her bank account and credit cards, and she hasn't pulled any money. She hasn't used any of her cards.

Chad: Well I don't believe she got on that plane. But I'm following every lead, even if it is just to discount it. It's like I've been telling you guys, I don't know where she is.

Jennifer: I believe you. Abigail's not here. Just call off this whole search, please. We need to be working together. reviewing the CCTV footage from every entry point to the park to the square, but honestly, it's gonna take a while with this much footage, it's just--

John: We need more manpower. I'll call my ISA buddies.

Shawn: All right, awesome. Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Shawn: Oh, I gotta take this, all right?

Brady: I'm gonna, uh, call Marlena and check up on Theresa.

[Phone beeps]

John: Yo Ling's dead, so is Kristen. Obvious suspects couldn't have done this.

Victor: Then who would?

John: I don't know. But whoever it is, Vic, I'm gonna make them wish they had never laid a finger on my grandson.

Brady: Marlena, how's Theresa doing?

Marlena: Oh, well, Theresa was given some fluids, so her, um, blood pressure's up. The attending is planning on releasing her.

Brady: And her tox screen?

Marlena: Well, that will be sent directly to the police. Ah, uh, Theresa, uh, would like to go to the park. I tried to convince her it was a bad idea.

Brady: No, no, uh, put-- put her on, put her on.

Marlena: Sure.

Theresa: Brady, I'm ready to yank this IV out myself. They won't let me leave. It's taking forever.

Brady: Theresa, listen to me. I want you to take care of yourself, I want you to go home. Get some rest.

Theresa: No!

Brady: Theresa, there's nothing you can do here. Okay? And if, God--God forbid, there's a ransom demand.

Theresa: I'm pretty sure they'll figure out a way to find us.

Brady: Listen to me, I would still feel better if you were home, okay? Shawn doesn't want to take an officer off the search just to wait there.

Theresa: I understand that, but--

Brady: Theresa, listen, please. Just--just--if you're not gonna do it for yourself, will you do it for our son?

Theresa: Fine.

Brady: Thank you. I love you.

Theresa: I love you, too.

[Cell phone beeps]

Shawn: Brady. How's, uh, how's Theresa doing?

Brady: [Sighs] She's--she's better; I mean, she agreed to go home and get some rest, but-- What's the latest? Tell me.

Shawn: The lab just got the toxicology report back, and, uh, forensics just finished testing her drink.

Brady: And?

Shawn: And they both tested positive.

Theo: Hey.

Claire: Theo, hi.

Theo: Hi.

Claire: Sorry, um-- I just found out that my cousin, Tate, he's missing.

Theo: Are you serious?as kidnapped from the Horton Town Square.

Theo: That's crazy. Especially after Abigail.

Claire: Yeah.

Theo: Well--Clarie, I'm so sorry.

Claire: I know, I know, it's awful.

Theo: I mean, what did the police say?

Claire: Well, they don't have any leads on Abby or Tate. Not so far.

Ciara: Hey, what's going on? I saw cop cars outside. Is there a lead on Abigail?

Chad: Nope, just JJ searching the entire grounds, again.

Ciara: You don't still think he's lying and knows where she is, do you?

JJ: No. I don't.

Chad: Good.

JJ: Not anymore.

Chad: Now we can actually get something done.

JJ: Okay, Abigail hasn't reached out to you, by any chance, has she? Maybe about Thomas?

Ciara: No, I would have told you if she did.

JJ: Okay. I need your Los Angeles contact for the charter flight connection.

Chad: No can do. Yeah, he doesn't talk to the cops. He's kind of funny like that.

Jennifer: What? Why not?

Chad: I don't know. It's just part of the deal. No cops.

JJ: So much for working together.

Jennifer: Chad!

JJ: You know what, the moment I think I can start trusting you, you give me another reason to believe you are hiding something.

Claire: Your uncle Chad must be going crazy. Have you been to visit him lately?

Theo: No. He's been busy. Yeah, and, uh-- Since Ciara's been there, she doesn't want to see me.

Claire: That's too bad. I mean, she shouldn't be pushing her friends away like that. Especially when she needs them. You know, it just doesn't make

Theo: What doesn't? I'm just so afraid that she's gonna get hurt.

Chad: Look, I'm not trying to be difficult. It just--it is what it is. Most of these work under the radar. Or they had a bad experience with a cop, I don't know.

JJ: That's not--that's not my problem, is it?

Chad: Then don't make it mine, either. You want information about the sighting, then go directly to the charter company. I'm not giving you the name of my contact, JJ.

JJ: All right, we're wasting time here, Mom, let's go.

Jennifer: No, I want to stay here. I want to spend some time with my grandson.

Chad: Yes, that'd be great. If you would like to, you can take him to the park. I'm sure he would love to spend some time with you.

Jennifer: I would love that. Thank you.

Ciara: Well I fed him and I changed him, so he'll probably sleep; if he doesn't then that means that--

Jennifer: You know what, that's fine, really, because I think that I have a little bit more experience with these little ones than you. You need to contact me if you hear anything, immediately.

Chad: I will. Thank you for believing me.

Jennifer: Don't prove me wrong.

Ciara: So what did JJ mean about a charter airline company?

Chad: Um, nothing, it's just a dead end. Or at least I pray to God that it is.

André: Yeah, we have to somehow slip her name into the flight manifest. We have to be clever about it. Yeah, she wouldn't fly using her real name. She'd be creative. Oh, but not too creative. She wasn't very bright. Yeah, she was more of a spur of the moment, off the top of the head girl. [Chuckles] Jen. Jenny. Jenny Thomas, that's-- Ha, there we go. That'll do.

[Phone beeps]

Shawn: There was a barbiturate in powder form in her shake. That explains why she got so tired and why she passed out. Didn't she say that she OD'd once--

Brady: No, Shawn, listen, man, she--she's clean.

Shawn: Okay. Well, if she didn't put the drugs in there, then we got to find out who did it. [Somber music]

Theresa: Probably needs some fresh air, and it's warm outside, so-- Hey, buddy, you wanna go to the park? Let's go to the park.

You've been up most of the night; are you sure you're not too tired? I'd be happy to take him.

Theresa: All right, listen, honey, you, nanny, me--roar--Mommy. So you don't get to tell me when I can and cannot spend time with my own son. Okay?

Victor: This your idea of being a devoted mother?

Theresa: I dozed off, for, like, 30 seconds, okay? I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.

Victor: But you thought you'd catch up on it with your defenseless baby lying there in a stroller. [Sighs] I still marvel at the fact that Brady is willing to throw away his life on trash like you.

Theresa: I love your grandson. And I love my child. Okay, I've just been working really hard, and I've been stressed lately, and like any exhausted mother, I just dozed off when--without meaning to, all right, so-- You don't believe me. If anybody had come by and tried to take my kid, I would have been all over them in an instant. And if you tried to take my child away from me in order to teach me some kind of lesson, you'd be face-down on this pavement right now, old man. I'd off you in a second. And by the time I took Tate for his walk this morning, Brady, I was so exhausted. And I--I just collapsed on the bench, and, uh-- [Sighs] Well, I just closed my eyes for a few seconds, and the next think I know Victor was waking me up, and he was all in my face because apparently I fell asleep while I was supposed to be watching Tate.

Brady: How could you let yourself fall asleep like that? I mean, do you understand that he--he could have wandered off, somebody could have taken him, I mean, God forbid--

Theresa: Brady, it was only for a second, Brady.

Summer: Just don't take what you have for granted. Brady is a good guy, and he deserves the best. And so does your precious little boy. Take good care of him.

Theresa: [Gasps] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Marlena: Theresa? Theresa? You were having a nightmare.

Theresa: No, no, I need to call Brady.

Marlena: You're having a--

Theresa: Where is my phone?

[Intense music]

[Cell phone rings]

[Phone beeps]

Brady: Theresa.

Theresa: I know who took our baby.

Brady: Did--did--someone--

Theresa: It was Summer.

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