Days Transcript Friday 7/1/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/1/16


Episode #12877 ~ Aiden & Hope share a warm moment back at that cabin; Rafe gets the security footage from jail; Nicole is upset when Deimos prioritizes getting revenge on Kate; André receives a text from Aiden, demanding to know the latest on their venture.

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Nicole: No. No, no, no. Getting revenge on Kate because of what she did to you...

Deimos: And you. You said you'd changed. A whole new outlook, remember was beyond cruel.

Nicole: You said you would come back to Salem and make things right, clear me of any suspicion of murder. And what--now that's just off because you'd rather stick it to Kate?

Kate: You saw...

André: Deimos Kiriakis. Talking with Nicole.

Kate: Are you sure? in person, but certainly looked like the man who's been on the news lately.

Kate: Where did you see them?

André: In the private park

[Dramatic music]

[Door slams]

[Tense music]

André: Oh, for God's sake, how many times do we have to go through with this? You kill Hope. You inherit the money to pay your debts, and that's a given.

Aiden: Ahh! [panting]

André: Who thought you'd be too squeamish to finish the job you were hired to do, [frantic music] [Rattling]

Aiden: [Sobbing] No!

[Glass shattering]

Hope: Aiden? Oh, my God, what happened? What's wrong?

Deimos: All right, look. Let's think about this. No one is charging you with murder, right?

Nicole: Not yet.

Deimos: I would never let anything happen to you.

Nicole: That is so easy to say. How long is this little game of yours gonna take, huh? Because you know Kate could cause a lot of damage in a very short amount of time.

Deimos: I'm not worried about Kate.

Nicole: No? Have you done any research on her at all? Any at all? That woman always lands on her feet, believe me.

Deimos: Yeah, well, this time, she's gonna land on her ass.

Nicole: You know what, I get it, I get it. I totally understand. I've been down this road myself plenty of times, but revenge... revenge never turns out to be as fun as you think it is.

Deimos: This isn't about fun. Think of it as payment due.

Nicole: Kate is gonna get plenty of payback when you go to the cops and tell them what happened. The money will revert back to you. And if you have changed like you say you have, you will give it all back to Victor.

Deimos: Nicole, what Kate did was unforgivable. Not only did she try to kill me, she tried to send you away to prison for the rest of your life. Be honest with me. Wouldn't watching Kate get what's due her... wouldn't that in some way be... a turn-on to you?

André: Just confirming that you want your rival, Rafe Hernandez, out of the way.

Aiden: I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to get Hope back for good.

Rafe: Huh. Having second thoughts?

André: Excuse me?

Rafe: Monahan. That's why you're here, isn't it? You don't want to see that poor patsy go down for a crime that you committed.

André: Try to lose that self-righteous tone, can you, Rafe? We both know full well who killed my father.

Rafe: Oh. So that's why you're here.

André: No, not at all.

Rafe: Yeah, you want to let Hope know this is never gonna end.

André: [Chuckles] But we've had this discussion before, remember? Oh, since my incarceration, I've changed.

Rafe: Right.

André: Yeah. No, I don't let all that old grievances pull me down anymore.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

André: I'm a new man, focused on the future. Actually, that's the reason why I came. I just want to tell Hope and explain it all to her. Is she here?

Rafe: Why are you really here?

Aiden: Careful, I... made a real mess here, so just--

Hope: It's okay, it's just--

Aiden: No, look, hey, I don't want you to cut yourself.

Hope: Aiden, what happened?

Aiden: Uh... fell asleep reading, woke up, reached for the glass, and just got clumsy, that's all.

Hope: Please, just tell me what happened.

Aiden: I just did. Look, I told you, I reached for the glass--

Hope: No, Aiden, you woke up and... you yelled out. What happened?

Aiden: Look... [Stammering] Nothing, nothing. It's fine, really. Let's just get this mess cleaned up. I'm fine.

Hope: Yes, this is Hope Brady. Could you please prepare our bill? We'll be checking out. Thank you.

Aiden: Hope, come on. Why would you do that?

Hope: Obviously, something is going on. You don't want to talk about it. Aiden, we have to talk. Otherwise, we might as well just go home.

Aiden: You're making a big deal out of--it was--this, okay? It's just--it was a bad dream, all right? Look, I don't even remember what it was, okay? I'm fine.

Hope: No, you're not. You're not fine. But if you refuse to open up about something that obviously is eating you alive, how are we to move forward? I'll go pack.

Aiden: Wait. I'll tell you everything.

André: I realize that policeman are suspicious by nature, but honestly, I don't have any hidden agenda.

Rafe: You want to take a polygraph on that? Yeah, that's what I thought. Listen, obviously, you came here to test the waters. Maybe you want to know if I'm building a new case against you, or maybe you want to see if your boy Monahan recanted his phony testimony. Which he could do, by the way. I'd believe him. we would rearrest your ass, and this time, you'd never get out.

André: You ever try to jail me again, you'll wish you'd never been born.

Aiden: Thank you for coming so promptly and sorry about the mess. Well... here we are, alone again.

Hope: Aiden...

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You were having another terrible nightmare about being locked in the cage.

Aiden: Look, I think the most disturbing part is how real it all seems. You know, I feel like I'm living it over again-- the helplessness, the gas rushing in, being unconscious...

Hope: You were traumatized. Having nightmares is nothing unusual.

Aiden: I don't know, I guess I... I just didn't want you to see me as weak. Hey. You've been through a terrible ordeal.

Hope: And I have nightmares too. It's normal.

Aiden: Hope, nothing we experienced was normal.

Nicole: Deimos, please, don't--don't. Don't confuse me any more than I already am. You said you would come back and tell the police that you were fine and I would be off the hook. I wasn't expecting any of this, whatever this is-- I don't even know how to react.

Deimos: Honestly.

Nicole: What?

Deimos: React honestly. You want to see Kate suffer as much as I do.

Nicole: No, I don't want to be that person anymore and you lead me to believe that you didn't either.

Deimos: There are parts of my nature I can't just turn off like a switch. When someone hurts me, or someone I care about, I strike back.

Nicole: That's because you probably a survival But now you're freed. So now you can either continue to live like a cornered animal or you could be smart and make decisions that benefit you. And truly have the future that Victor took from you so many years ago.

Deimos: No. No. No, if I give in, Kate wins. that she can't screw with me. To do that, I need your help. I really need it. Nicole... She's gonna grind you into the ground as well if you don't teach her a lesson.

Nicole: I... I need to think about it.

Deimos: I can't stay in hiding forever. Look, I need an answer. I need it now.

Nicole: Well, then, it'll have to be no.

Deimos: I'm sorry to hear that.

Nicole: No sorrier than I am that you haven't really changed at all.

Harold Arlen. Is Kate Roberts in? Oh, all right, when will she be back? No, no need to leave a message. I'll call back later. Thank you very much.

Rafe: Wow. Thought of going to jail really makes you sweat, doesn't it? You do realize you just threatened a police officer? Now you say it a little louder. All I need is one witness And then I would bring in my new lawyer. And he would make your life? Why would I give a damn about your new lawyer? Please tell Hope that I was here looking for her, will you?

Aiden: [Sighs] When a... DiMera walks into your life... [Chuckles] nothing's ever normal again.

Hope: Only if you give them that power.

Aiden: I did. Oh, I gambled. I went into their debt. And I let them destroy my life. I let them destroy us.

Hope: Don't--

Aiden: You know why I hate talking about the nightmares? they took everything away.

Hope: Not everything.

Aiden: Yes.

Hope: No.

Aiden: They did--look. I can make all the promises in the world to you. You fell in love with. But Hope, be honest with me. The reason you are still so cautious is because the trust... it's just not there, and it probably never will be.

Hope: I'm trying.

[Knock on door]

Aiden: Time to go.

Nic Kate Roberts knows nothing. at work any day now, which makes me in charge, so just get me those frickin' files. Looking for someone?

Kate: Yeah, actually, I am. I'm looking for your partner.

Nicole: Dario? The two of you seem the hip late

Kate: Should I be, Nicole It's just us. people that I've been fired?

Kate: But you have been fired. Deimos is dead. I'm sole CEO of Titan. Unless, of course, that might prove that wrong.

Rafe: Hey, Lori. It's Rafe Hernandez. Oh, I'm good. How 'bout you? Oh, good. Listen, you know, I'm just working on this kind of a background thing, and I was just wondering if you could tell me who André DiMera's lawyer was in his latest arrest? Thanks. Fired him on his second day, huh? Okay. So who's the new lawyer? Nobody??

Hope: Nothing. I was just, um...bout what you said.

Aiden: My fault.

Hope: They've always known how to find someone's weak spot.

Aiden: They certainly found mine.

Hope: Listen, hold on The reason I had wanted us to get away and to have this time together alone was to see if we... to see if we really could.

Aiden: But I'm still stuck in the past.

Hope: No, no--

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: No. You're not stuck. You're fighting the nightmares. So am I. It's part of the process.

Aiden: Yeah, well, Hope, you know, I keep trying to protect you from the past, from what happened. Concentrate on the future, you know, so... so you--we--can be happy. But let's face it. That's probably never gonna happen.

Nicole: Here's what I know: if you're going to be a successful CEO, you don't dump a good executive on a whim.

Kate: [Scoffs] Since when is an impending murder charge a whim?

Nicole: Impending only in your mind.

Kate: Yeah... No. I don't think the police would feel that way. on becoming part of Basic Black? I mean, it's not like you're going to be able to go back to the mansion again and throw yourself at Deimos. He's gone--the man is gone.

Nicole: Wow. You seem so sure about that.

Kate: Well, aren't you? Why not, Nicole? What do you know that I don't? [Tense music]

Deimos: Sorry to hear that.

Nicole: No sorrier than I am that you haven't really changed at all. [Key rattling in lock] [Dramatic music] is that I'm not you. I didn't try to kill Deimos.

Kate: Yeah. Right. Because that would clear you of his murder, wouldn't it?

Nicole: [Sighs] Kate, would you stop with the murder thing? We both know that you're the one who pushed Deimos in the river. I get it. You have your reasons for not admitting it. But could you just at least... do the right thing just this one time? Tell the police that I had nothing to do with it. I'm not gonna do that. Because if your wish comes true, that means Deimos is alive, doesn't it?

Nicole: Forget Deimos. This is about the kind of person you are. I have tried to change who I am. And I really, really want to keep trying. Kate, why don't you try and change with me? We could help each other. like you said, I'm not you.

Nicole: Well, we could start by making sure Basic Black is one of Titan's most successful businesses.

Kate: The way you worked with me by going after the man I loved?

Nicole: Kate, it was an act to make Deimos pay for what he did to Maggie.

Kate: You know, Nicole, I saw you. I saw the way you looked at us down by the river. And I heard what you said. I heard you tell him that it was all or nothing, that he had to walk away from me you meant every word you said without ever thinking of how it would affect me, as if my life didn't matter.

Nicole: Okay. I'm trying to make up for that.

Kate: me into giving you your old job back.

Nicole: Kate, please, I'm just trying to make peace.

Kate: Nicole, you don't know how to make peace. Peace, to you, is coming out on top. It's always been that way with you. You don't remember when you-- you took Victor away from me? You know, you can dress up-- You can dress up,ldall becauseof the--of the love of a good man like Daniel. But the truth is, that's an act, because deep down, you are twisted. You are cunning, and you are selfish. DNA doesn't change. So you can just forget about getting to see you rot in hell before I would ever tell the police that you're innocent.

Aiden: Hope, I love you. And I don't want that Don't you sometimes think it would be easier just to run away? I... [Sighs] When I was locked in that cage, you were all I could think about. That is what kept me going. That's what gave me hope. I'd focus on silly stuff, you know, the way you swipe your hair when you laugh, the look in your eye when you're mad... I... used to wonder if I'd ever see that face again... touch your skin again. Even now, when things get bad, I'm afraid that I'm still in that cage and... this is the dream.

Hope: This isn't a dream.

[Romantic music]

Rafe: Hernandez. André DiMera had any visitors when he was in prison? about Detective Brady. Anyone else? Guy Haines? Never heard of him. Couple times, huh? Hey, uh, 6'1". 180. Clean-shaven... No, I'm still here. I was just... just thinking about that description. Hey, do me a favor, will you? Will you check the security tapes, see if you can pull up some photos for me? Thanks. Yeah. I want to know what this guy Haines looks like.

[Instrumental music]

Aiden: [Screaming] No, no! [Shrieks] [Exhales] Sorry. I'm sorry, it's just...

Aiden: No, don't be. Don't--don't be. Look, we're both having nightmares, okay? We're both having nightmares and we can't just wish them away and that what I've been trying to tell you.

Hope: I couldn't help it.

Aiden: No, you know what--

Hope: I couldn't help being afraid, I'm sorry--

Aiden: I brought so much pain in your life and I can't keep doing this-- I can't keep hurting you. You do not deserve that. You know what--[Stammering] You're right-- I should have never come back. It was selfish of me. Okay, ever since I got out of the cage, all--I just wanted to find you and tell you how much I love you and I thought we could just pick up where we left off, but now... I know we can't.

Hope: Aiden... [Sighs] Well?

Kate: Found Nicole. No Deimos, so it is possible that you were mistaken.

André: Oh, it's possible that I was not. So what shall we have for lunch?

Kate: I'm going to be dining alone. And that overnight guest room, that was a one-time thing.

André: I see. So what you're telling me is you still don't trust me.

Kate: Of course I don'

André: Well, it doesn't mean

Kate: I have a feeling that you're getting a little too comfortable here.

André: Fine. I'll tell you what. I'll keep my ear to the ground and see if Deimos is indeed in town and what he's up to. services Okay?

Kate: Okay.

Deimos: Great. There you are. I was starting to wonder if you got my message to meet me back here.

Nicole: Well, I'm sorry. I ran into Kate and I wanted to make sure I wasn't being followed.

Deimos: Yeah, speaking of Kate, um...

Nicole: I'm in.

Deimos: What?

Nicole: Up until a little while ago, I just wanted to do the right thing. But I just got an earful from Kate and now the right thing has turned into something completely different, so whatever plan you want to put in motion, I'm in.

Deimos: [Laughing]

Nicole: What? What's so funny? tell you that I decided against What made you change your mind?

Deimos: W You did. I thought about what you said earlier. And you were right. And honestly, what did it ever get me with Victor? Did it get me back the 30 years that I lost behind bars? No, absolutely not. No, I gotta start living my life again, you know? Not try to take that went wrong.

Nicole: Kate says that... people can't change their DNA. But I think maybe she's wrong. Deimos:

Deimos: Well, Kate's been wrong about a lot of things.

Nicole: She has her suspicions about you being. She asked me a lot of loaded questions.

Deimos: Great.

Nicole: And the Salem PD?

Deimos: That'll be my next order of business-- clearing you of a murder that never happened.

Nicole: You're not gonna change your mind, are you?

Deimos: Why would I do that?

Nicole: [Scoffs] You know, maybe I didn't try to kill you, but I definitely played you.

Deimos: No more retribution. Remember?

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: What the hell? Why the hell would he use a fake name? Guy Haines, my ass.

[Tense music]

Hope: Aiden, don't do this.

Aiden: Oh, Hope, lo

Hope: No, no! You don't get to decide for me. about fear. Look, this is about me, okay, not listening to you.

Aiden: How many times have you said to me, "Look, we need to go slow," and I keep pushing and pushing--

Hope: Hold on a second. I'm the one who suggested we go away.

Aiden: Yes. Yes, and that was the right thing to But it made us realize that we haven't gotten past what happened. All right? It's not time for us to... to move forward. Not yet. I love you. I love you. [Instrumental music]

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