Days Transcript Thursday 6/30/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/30/16


Episode #12876 ~ Chad is shocked to find a note from Abigail in the living room; Deimos agrees to return to Salem with Nicole; Blanca celebrates with Dario when she learns she got a nursing job at the hospital; Philip has a surprise encounter with Chloe.

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Kate: [Exhales sharply] André? Deimos?


Kate: [Gasps] I can't stay here.

Nicole: You'll come back to Salem with me?

Deimos: Yes. Just do me a favor. Go on ahead of me, all right? I'll be there shortly. I just have some things that I need to take care of here first.

Nicole: I can't believe this. I mean... I'm finally in the clear. I can't wait for Kate to find out that she can't treat me like a piece of--

Deimos: Okay, all right. Please don't say anything. I'd like to handle my... resurrection my own way. All right?

Nicole: Wait. Why? Is this some kind of trick? Deimos, if you're lying to me, I will come af--

Deimos: No, no. Nicole, I will be there. I promise. Salem is--is where I belong.

Blanca: [Speaking Spanish] I mean, yeah, that-- that's wonderful. Certainly yes, I could get there by 3:00. Thank you. Thank you so much. Bye.

Dario: Wow, it's great to hear someone in this town has some good news for a change. What's going on, if you don't mind me asking?

Blanca: That was University Hospital HR. I got the job.

Dario: What?

Blanca: Yay.

Dario: Congratulations.

Dario: Mami's going to be thrilled.

Blanca: Yeah, she was the one who told me they needed more nurses there.

Dario: Yeah, yeah, that too.

Blanca: What do you mean?

Dario: We're talking about my mother's matchmaking superpowers. Now that you're definitely going to be staying in town, she can find more reasons of throwing you and Rafe together.

Blanca: She's wasting her time. Rafe isn't interested.

Dario: My mother can be pretty persistent when she wants to be.

Blanca: Really? Has she played matchmaker with you?

Dario: No. She better not. I don't need my mom telling me who I should or shouldn't be with.

Jennifer: JJ, why would Abigail escape and go home only to run away again?

JJ: Mom, they have a video of her starting that fire. She's guilty. But she's obviously been bl


JJ: And if so, she's realized how much trouble she's in and she must have ran off.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. This is horrible. Because she's out there somewhere and she's alone and she's terrified and we need to find her and tell her that-- that it's gonna be okay and that she's gonna be safe.

JJ: Mom, the problem is Chad. Look, I know what he's going through, but I also know he'll be perfectly happy keeping us in the dark if he finds her first.

Jennifer: That's not true. He would never do that to us. I am Abigail's mother. We are her family.

JJ: I got a feeling that as far as Chad's concerned, he's the only family that she needs. [Suspenseful music]

André: Oh.

Chad: Look, André, whatever it is, I don't have the time, so...

André: Yeah, yeah, you look like you just lost the love of your life.

Chad: What did you just say?

André: Hey, take it easy, I must have struck a nerve. Something wrong? Something happen with Abigail?

Chad: Actually, yeah. She ran off and I'm trying to find her, so like I said, I really don't have the time.

André: Hey, hey, don't dismiss me so quickly. Perhaps I can help.

JJ: I have racked my brain just trying to figure out where she might be hiding. I feel like I'm failing her because I-I can't get inside her head.

Jennifer: You can't think like her because Abigail is not thinking like herself. Her--her behavior and her actions don't make any sense.

JJ: Okay, well, the best thing I can do is--is just stay out there and--and keep searching. I-I feel like there's something I'm missing. You know, something I haven't thought of yet.

Jennifer: Don't beat yourself up about it, all right? We just need to stay focused.

JJ: I'll keep you posted, Mom.

Jennifer: I love you. Chad, it's Jennifer. I just heard, and you need to call me. I need to see you right away.

Chad: How can you help me?

André: I still have my finger on the pulse in this town. Maybe I can inquire into that world. Maybe someone's seen or heard something about Abigail.

Chad: Okay, that's the how. What's the why?

André: You know, you really hurt me. I mean, I've said to you before, I'm trying to bring this family back together. To heal.

Chad: And I'm not buying the togetherness thing, so just tell me the deal. What do you want?

André: All right. If you must have quid pro quo. There's a piece of property with a little house on it just outside of town. Father bought it years ago and used it as a safe house for his drug runners. Maybe you can sell it to me. Or better still, why don't you give it to me? And in exchange, I'll do what I can to find out what's happened to Abigail and bring her home to you and to your son. We went from dating to falling in love to marriage. And now we're back at the beginning.

Belle: Well, you want to take things slow, right? We can't just dive back in to living together.

Shawn: If you say so. All right. I gotta go. I'll text you later, okay?

Belle: Okay.

Shawn: All right.

Philip: ESP, right? You knew it was me.

Belle: What are you doing here?

Philip: [Exhales deeply] I came to see you. Saw Shawn tooling out of here a couple of seconds ago. Is that his? What, he's living here now?

Belle: You've been drinking.

Philip: Why not? My life's gone to hell. Record label's a bust. Can't sign artists with any cache. Biggest thing, though... I'm alone. When I oughta be with you.

Belle: We're not-- we're not gonna do this, so you really need--

Philip: Yes, we are. You can't be getting back together with Shawn. I still love you.

Kate: [Gasps] You scared me to death. Don't do that. Don't do that again.

Lucas: All right, fine. Fine, I won't. Just tell me why. Why you haven't returned any of my phone calls, my emails, or my texts. Oh, wait. Actually, I did have the privilege of reading about you online. I guess you got married. You have a new husband who's, what, missing? And maybe even dead, and you're a part of a murder investigation. Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You took over his billion-dollar company too.

Nicole: Why can't we go back together?

Deimos: I gave you my word. I will be there, all right? Can you trust me on this?

Nicole: Well, I guess I'm sort of going to have to. For now, right? Chloe. I can't believe this, can you? I mean, I drove all the way here to see you, and... my whole life just changed. It totally turned around.

Chloe: Yeah, a real 180.

Nicole: So, um, how did you two meet?

Chloe: Oh, it's a... long story for another time. Hey, let me get Parker. He's saying bye to his friend.

Nicole: Okay.

Chloe: Honey, Nicole's leaving.

Nicole: Ah. [Chuckles] There's my little buddy. Ooh.

Parker: No, don't go. You should stay here. We could play.

Nicole: Oh. I would love to, Parker, but I really-- I have to get back. Maybe next time, okay?

Parker: Maybe I could come visit you.

Nicole: [Gasps] Absolutely. I would love that. Let's hug it out. Squeeze it out. Wiggle. [Grunts] All right. Well, I, uh, I better head back, okay? I'll see you there.

Deimos: Yes, you will.

Nicole: Give me five. Pow. Bye.

Chloe: Bye.

Nicole: We'll talk.

Chloe: Yeah, definitely. Bye.

Deimos: Chloe, um, if we could--

Chloe: Hey, Parker, do you think you want to go put your things away in your room, please? Clean up;

thank you. Look, I know you've gotta get to Salem, so I won't keep you.

Deimos: All right, well, I just want you to know--

Chloe: No, you know what, no. Please, don't. I don't want to hear any more of your lies. All that "we're going away together. Let's take Parker and start a new life." What was that exactly? Just a way for you to stall until you could get back with Nicole?

Dario: Sorry about that.

Blanca: Mm, don't worry. These huevos rancheros are delicioso.

Dario: That's my mother's recipe.

Blanca: I thought so.

Dario: She loves cooking almost as much as she loves taking care of people.

Blanca: Mm, but you feel smothered by her?

Dario: She means well. I just don't need anyone telling me how to live my life.

Blanca: Yeah, I get that feeling about you.

Dario: If it were up to my mom, I'd be a doctor or an EMT, and marry a nice Hispanic woman.

Blanca: What? You don't like Hispanic women?

Dario: I-I didn't say that. It's just that's not where my head is right now.

Blanca: Hmm.

[Phone beeps]

Blanca: Anything wrong?

Dario: Not really sure what to make of it.

Blanca: Can I help?

Dario: I just have to wait for a friend to show up.

Blanca: Oh. Okay, so...[Ahem]. I guess I'll just leave you to it then. I hope everything gets okay.

Dario: Yeah, me too.

Chad: Listen, André, I don't--I don't-- whatever I have to pay, or whatever I have to do, I don't care, okay? The property is yours if you want it, but if you can help me find Abby...

André: Listen, I'll make some inquiries. You know what I'll do? I'll check up on some old acquaintances. Also, I'll have those documents set up for the property transfer, yeah.

Chad: Wait a sec--why--why is this property important, anyway? I don't...

André: Oh, just somebody's interested in acquiring it. And as you know, I need the added income. But I'll call you if I find out something. And don't worry about Abigail. My God, if she was dead, they would have found her body by now.

Belle: [ahem] You know, you're the one who said Shawn and I belong together.

Philip: Yeah, that was just me being noble. There's no way you guys belong together. I know you, Belle. Better than anyone, including Shawn. I mean, yeah, he's kind, nice, safe, good dad, boring. [Snapping] You need excitement, adventure. Someone who loves you even more when you're wild.

Belle: Huh, wow. You got through most of that without slurring your speech, so good for you. But the truth is you have had too much to drink, and you're lonely, and I'm not interested.

Philip: Well, now who's in denial?

Kate: Frankly, I'm glad you're here. I need my family with me at a time like this. Personally and professionally. I want you to help me run Titan.

Lucas: You really don't get it, do you?

Kate: What?

Lucas: You don't need my help running Titan. You need to get out

Lucas: Listen, I want you to It doesn't belong to Deimos. It belongs to Victor, so give it back. Before it's too late. I would hate to think what happens to you if you don't do that. You are gonna be in a--in a-- in a lot of trouble if you don't. You need to get out before it's too late.

Deimos: I wasn't lying, Chloe. Or playing you. I meant every single word.

Chloe: Until Nicole walked in, then every word meant nothing.

Deimos: That is not true.

Chloe: Even what happened here... that meant nothing.

Deimos: Of course it meant something. Aren't you the one that reminded me that I couldn't run from my past if I ever wanted to finally start living in the present? And aren't you the one that insisted Nicole come here? That she needed to hear the truth.

Chloe: Of course she needed to hear the truth! She's accused of your murder, and you're alive. My God, I mean, you said-- oh, who am I kidding? Who cares what you said? If I had any doubt, it went away the moment she came in here. I saw it in your eyes. You're not going back to Salem just to clear her name. You are in love with her.

Dario: There you are, finally. Your text was so weird. What's going on?

Nicole: Okay, I'm not supposed to tell anyone this yet, okay? I mean, I feel like I'm gonna wake up and it's all gonna be a dream anyway, but... Deimos is alive.

Dario: What?

Nicole: Shh, shh, shh. Keep your voice down.

Dario: What do you mean keep my voice down? We should go to the cops with this. We should be shouting this out in the streets.

Nicole: No, we can't do that. I made a promise. Besides, Deimos wants to be the one to tell people.

Dario: Where has he been?

Nicole: At Chloe's.

Dario: What?

Nicole: It's a small world, right? I just left them a little while ago.

Dario: You mean he didn't come back home with you?

Nicole: No, he--he had to wrap things up.

Dario: Nicole, I think you've just been had.

Nicole: What? [Scoffs] Come on, he wouldn't cross me.

Dario: Yeah? You sure about that?

Nicole: Well, let's put it this way--if he doesn't show up, I will track him down and kill him myself. Because if I have to take the fall for something he did, I might as well get satisfaction out of it, right?

Dario: Either way, you're screwed.

Hello, officer.

JJ: I don't supposed there's been any news.

You didn't expect her to come back here, did you?

JJ: Well, I'm hoping for any type of miracle. Even the unlikeliest.

Between you and me, she's better off anywhere but where they will send her if she's caught.

JJ: She escaped on your watch, pal. So why don't you save your opinions, and you go out and help find her. [Suspenseful music] we're not having this conversation.

Philip: Come on, Belle. Tell me you chose passion, excitement, love that's on fire. You can't, can you? Can't say that to the guy that never stopped loving you.

Belle: Damn it, Philip.

Philip: See, I was crazy to walk away from you.

Belle: Could you just stop, okay? Let's just--

Philip: I will if you want me to. But you don't, do you? I know you, Belle.

Belle: Don't do that, okay? You're wrong. Couldn't be more wrong.

Nicole: Dario, you don't understand. Deimos is definitely--

Dario: Listen, Nicole, I'm just warning you because I... because I'm your friend. And I've been with you on this thing with Deimos from the beginning, and I know when you're being honest and when you're spinning. And right now you are spinning like crazy because you are feeling a pull from that guy.

Nicole: [Scoffs] Deimos doesn't have some secret pull over me. I know what he's capable of.

Dario: Deimos doesn't care about anybody but himself.

Nicole: Dario--

Dario: Listen, Nicole, if you open the door to this guy, you are going to get hurt. Bad.

Deimos: I want you to know that what we shared did mean a great deal to me.

Chloe: Sure.

Deimos: You really are a very special person, Chloe. Nothing I said was false. None of it was an act.

Chloe: You are the most manipulative son of a bitch I've ever known. You used me. You used Philip. You used Kate. And now it's N

Deimos: Okay, Chloe, just--

Chloe: Just go, go! Get out! Get out now! Go!

Parker: Mommy? Why did you yell at Deimos?

[Suspenseful music]

Chad: I was just about to call you.

Jennifer: Have you heard anything from Abigail?

Chad: No, I was hoping she'd reached out to you.

Jennifer: I wish I could tell you she had. JJ told me about the security footage, and... I just--I feel so guilty because I urged you to put her in that place, and I did more damage than good.

Chad: No, it's fine. It's in the past. What's important is that we find Abby. Can you think of anywhere else that she could have gone? Somewhere that she--she maybe felt like she could stay hidden?

Jennifer: No, I told Roman every single place. He checked everywhere. There's no trace of her. Except for that burned mask that JJ found in that barn.

Chad: Well then, tell me and I'll search again.

Jennifer: Chad, Roman knows what he's doing, and you don't have to feel like you're alone in this. We all want the same thing. We all want to find Abigail.

Chad: Yeah, except I'm not bound by rules or laws, and I'm willing to break every one of 'em--

Jennifer: But you're not the only one who loves her.

Chad: Yeah, and I'm not trying to take that away from you, Jennifer. What I'm saying is you, JJ, and Roman, y Philip is drunk and wouldn't leave.

Philip: I was reminding your ex who she really belongs with.

Shawn: Oh. And obviously she heard your sloppy little speech. Now it's time for you to go.

Philip: Like hell. Oh. [Grunting]

Shawn: Okay, Philip, you see that woman right there?

Philip: [Grunts]

Shawn: She wants nothing to do with you, so now you're done. You're gone for good, all right? Get out. I thought I had th and I just--

Shawn: You're okay?

Belle: Now that you're here, Sometimes I can't even look at him or any of them without being judged. What I know is this. I can't stay here. But what if I can never go home either? What if it's all changed because of what's happened to me? What if it can never be my home again?"

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh, my poor baby.

Chad: I don't get it. Why--why would she say any of that or think any of that?

JJ: Maybe something you said might have scared her.

Chad: What, like, I'm to blame for this? Really, like I drove her away? No, all I've ever done is try--

Jennifer: Nobody's saying that, Chad. We're just looking for answers.

Chad: All I've ever tried to do is love her and make her feel safe. Let me see this. I'd like to keep this. Maybe there's something else that she wrote that'll just give me a clue, something only I'd understand.

JJ: No, I'm sorry, Chad. I can't let you do that.

Chad: What, you don't trust me?

JJ: About as much as you trust me right now. If you figure something out, and you find her, you'll hide her from us. It's not gonna do anybody any good. Not even Abigail.

André: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I interrupting?

Chloe: Mommy and Deimos just had a little argument. That's all, and he had to go back to Salem. I'm sorry he couldn't say good-bye.

Parker: Are you sad?

Chloe: No, I'm not sad. How could I be? I've got you, the best little man in the world. [Sniffles]

Parker: Mommy? What's wrong?

Chloe: [Sighs] Parker, what do you say we take a trip somewhere?

Parker: Where are we going?

Chloe: Salem.

Nicole: Listen, I know you're saying this because you care. I mean, you're a really... you're a really great friend. But the thing is, I know what Deimos is capable of, but I also know who he used to be.

Dario: A convict.

Nicole: No. Before that. He was a decent guy who loved Helena. Then he got railroaded into a 30-year prison stretch by Victor, where he was left unable to feel anything but jealousy and rage.

[Phone beeps]

Nicole: It's Deimos. He is in Salem and he wants to see me. top playing Dr. Doomsday, all right? I'm not giving Titan back to Victor. Nor am I in any danger. [Sighs] something else?

Lucas: Fine. Since you haven't asked how I'm doing, I'll tell you. Since you don't return any of my calls. I'm actually super happy right now--I just got engaged.

Kate: Adrienne?

Lucas: Adrienne, yeah. That's right.

Kate: Well, that's lovely. Congratulations.

Lucas: One more time with feeling, okay? Sincerity would be nice. Take what I can get from you.

Kate: Okay, well seriously, if you think that's good for you, then go for it. All I want is for my children to be happy, that's it.

Philip: Ah! You don't believe that either, do you, Lucas?

Lucas: Hey, Philip, how you doing?

Kate: You're drunk.

Lucas: It's a little early in the day for that, isn't it?

Philip: Early is a state of mind.

Kate: Oh, God, okay. I'm going to take you home. I'm going to have Cook make you some coffee and get some food in your stomach.

Philip: No thanks. If I'm going to screw up the only thing in my life worth having, I'm going to wallow in it.

Kate: Philip. Philip!

[Soft music]

André: So, is there any news on Abigail?

Chad: No, nothing yet.

JJ: What are you even doing here? Don't tell me you let him move back in.

Chad: No, of course not. He's just--I'm transferring him some property.

Jennifer: I can't even believe they let you out of jail.

André: Well, what can I say? Even a DiMera can be falsely accused. It's a flawed system.

JJ: All right, come on, Mom. Let's get out of here.

Chad: Keep me posted.

JJ: Do the same.

Chad: So, what do you know?

André: Well, I do know something, but before we get to that, can we deal with this property transfer and get that out of the way? And also, if you would note that the new owner is Gateway Enterprises?

Chad: Yeah, I don't care. Whatever you want. Just--what do you know?

André: Oh, I think... this is for you. It's from Abigail.

Dario: Hey.

Blanca: Hey. Uh, you want some iced tea?

Dario: Long Island?

Blanca: Que?

Dario: Is it a Long-- never mind. Yeah, sure, that's-- that's great, thank you.

Blanca: Okay.

Dario: How'd it go at the hospital?

Blanca: Well... all paperwork signed.

Dario: Mm.

Blanca: And tomorrow is my first day.

Dario: Ah, Felicidad. Salud.

Blanca: Thank you. What about you? How'd it go with your friend, or whoever texted you?

Dario: That remains to be seen.

Blanca: What?

Dario: Let's just say I think my friend may be getting in way over her head.

Deimos: If that's for me, you can save it.

Nicole: Oh, thank God. I was worried you weren't gonna show up.

Deimos: I gave you my word.

Nicole: Yeah, but... look, my life is on the line here. Are you ready to tell the police you're alive and well? Deimos, let's go.

Deimos: No. Let's not.

Chad: Where did you get this?

André: I just found it just now in the living room. It had fallen behind the window curtain. I don't know, maybe even the wind blew it, you know... how it gets into this house.

Chad: Did you read this?

André: No, of course I didn't--I draw a fine line when it comes to personal matters. She couldn't have left it before she ran away. She must have left it after. Oh, I do hope you find your answers in her letter.

Chad: I'd like to be left alone now, please.

André: Oh, yes, of course. I understand. And we can deal with this transfer of property another time as long as we do deal with it. I hope your answers are in her missive. I'm sorry with what you're going through, I really am.

Chad: "My dearest Chad, this is the hardest letter I've ever had to write, because in it, I must tell you that you and Thomas will never see me again."

Belle: We're not having this conversation.

Philip: Come on, Belle. Tell me you chose passion, excitement, love that's on fire. You can't, can you? Can't say that to the guy who never stopped loving you.

Belle: Damn it, Philip.

Philip: See, I was crazy to walk away from you.

Belle: Could you just stop, okay? Let's just--

Philip: I will if you want me to. But you don't, do you? I know you, Belle.

Philip: [Exhales sharply] God, did I blow it today.

Chloe: Philip?

Kate: [Exhales sharply]

André: Make that for two. We'll celebrate.

Kate: [Sighs] Where have you been lurking? And what the hell are we celebrating?

André: A deal you'll be happy to make.

Kate: [Exhales sharply]

[Glasses clink]

Kate: Which is?

André: You give me $500,000, and I'll make sure that Deimos disappears.

Kate: Deimos has already disappeared. I just need to keep it that way.

André: Then I would advise you to make the deal. Because I just saw Nicole talking to somebody that looked exactly like Deimos Kiriakis.

[Glass shatters]

[Tense music]

Nicole: What do you mean, "no"? You're here, you're back. You need to tell the police what Kate did to you.

Deimos: Yes, that would achieve a certain result, I'm sure. But for a deep, lasting revenge, there's definitely a better way.

Nicole: This isn't about revenge. Is it?

Deimos: Kate is not just my enemy, Nicole. She's yours too. So help me. Help me get back at her for what she's done to both of us. I'm sure it'll prove to be

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