Days Transcript Wednesday 6/29/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/29/16


Episode #12875 ~ Nicole arrives at Chloe's to speak with her in person; Deimos agrees to clear Nicole's name on one condition; a stressed-out Theresa takes Tate to the park and falls asleep; Summer finds a satchel filled with money in her hotel room.

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Chad: Hey! So you're trying to tell my that your crackpot security team just let my wife escape?

Mr. Brown: I promise you, Mr. DiMera, your wife will be found.

Chad: Well, that gives me a lot of confidence.

Mr. Brown: She can't have gotten far. As you say, she's been injured.

Chad: Which happened on your watch!

Mr. Brown: Abigail is a seriously ill woman! If we hadn't stopped that fire and contained it as quickly as we did, she could've hurt a lot of people--or killed them!

Chad: You cannot prove she set that fire. Now, you guys were supposed to be helping her, and she's gotten worse! Do you--

Ciara: Chad, Chad, let's sit down.

Chad: I don't want to sit down; I want to find my wife.

Ciara: Hey, they're doing everything they can to find her, okay? And I know that they will.

[Dramatic music]

[Knock at door]

Maggie: Come in. Brady! What are you doing here so early?

Brady: [Sighs] I have, uh-- I have something to tell you, Maggie.

Maggie: I can tell by the look on your face this is, um, not a good thing.

Brady: It's about Summer.

Maggie: Is she all right?

Brady: She, uh--she's been conning both of us.

Maggie: Conning us? Since when?

Brady: The beginning.

Maggie: About what?

Brady: Pretty much everything, Maggie. And because of it, I think that we all may be at risk.

Theresa: Damn it, Anne, I-- you know what? I couldn't care less if you have to pull an all-nighter. You think I'm not doing the exact same thing? You know, I probably slept six hours in the last week you know what? On August 15th, I'm also supposed to be a blushing bride, so I don't know how that's gonna work out. So just--just get it done, okay? God! Hey, Emma, you can just put my coffee on the table.

Emma: I don't have it.

Theresa: Well, why the hell not? Hi! Good morning. You are up early. Yeah, you're up early, honey. You know, Emma show my when she brings you into the room, so that Mommy doesn't act like a total B-word in front of you. Buh-buh. So, uh, please remember that if you want to hold onto your job.

Emma: I'll do my best.

Theresa: You know, I--I could probably use some fresh air, and buddy, you want to go to the park? Let's go to the park!

Emma: You've been up most of the night.

Theresa: All right, listen, honey--you nanny, me-- [Growls] Mommy. So you don't get to tell me when I can and cannot spend time with my own son. Okay? Please move. Oh, yes, baby, you're so smart.

Kate: What's this?

André: Ah, breakfast. I made it myself for both of us. Voilà, a proper English breakfast.

Kate: Um, well, if you're trying to kill me with cholesterol, you might as well forget about it. You just got out of jail. I'm the mistress of this manor. I wouldn't mess with me, if I were you.

André: [Laughing] Oh, believe me, do I know that.

Nicole: Hi!

Chloe: Nicole, hey--you came all the way out here?

Nicole: Yes, after all the calls and messages you left saying you needed to see me? Of course I came.

Chloe: I just--I just didn't expect it.

Nicole: All right, well, listen. Roman Brady can't know that I left Salem city limits, or I am toast. We have to make this fast. Is it Parker?

Chloe: No, he's fine. He's great.

Nicole: Okay, well, whatever it is, it must be important.

Deimos: It is. Very important.

Nicole: Oh, my God. I don't understand. How... I thought you--

Deimos: Well, I'm not. Somehow I managed to pull myself ashore. I was pretty beat up, but thanks to Chloe, I'm doing better.

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: But how did you-- how did you end up here-- with Chloe of all people? I don't understand.

Chloe: There's actually a perfectly good reason for that.

Nicole: Well, you think you want to let me in on it? I mean, it's bad enough that you didn't tell me you were alive, you son of a bitch.

Deimos: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute--hold on.

Nicole: Kate told the cops that I'm the one that pushed you in the river. They're talking murder one.

Deimos: I know.

Nicole: You know?

Deimos: Yes, and I'm sorry for everything you've been through. Clearly, there's a lot of explaining to do. Now that you're here, I can do it.

Chad: I'm going crazy. I got to--I got to out there and find her. I got to do s--I got to do something. [phone ringing] JJ, do you have her?

JJ: Not yet, but the department has teams searching all over town.

Chad: I--I've got people too. Nothing.

JJ: Look, we'll find her. Don't worry, okay? I want that as much as you do.

Chad: Look, I know. I'm here at Shady Hills, and I'm trying to figure out what they know, but nobody's giving me anything. It's like--it's like talking to a wall. Nobody's seen anything or heard anything. If I don't find her alive and well, I am gonna bring this place down, I swear.

Ciara: Where are you going?

Chad: Somebody around here knows something, and they're not telling me, so I'm going to find that somebody. I'm gonna find out. [Tense music]

Maggie: Do you think she's playing me too? I mean, is that why you said that we're both at risk?

Brady: Yeah, I'm convinced of it.

Maggie: Because of this incident with this Bernard person? I mean--I mean, just because he isn't what Summer said he was doesn't really mean that he-- he wasn't really threatening her.

Brady: Maggie.

[Melancholy music]

Maggie: She's had such a hard life. Well, I really believe that she was trying to make a connection with me.

Brady: I used to think that too, Maggie, and now I just think she was using you. As much as I hate to say it, I think Grandfather--he was right all along about her.

Maggie: I find this so hard to believe. She's been so sweet to me since I--I got hurt. She--she helps me with my therapy. She's patient and she's kind, and I can't--I just can't believe that she had an ulterior motive.

Brady: Hey. If you need confirmation, you can ask Summer yourself, 'cause she admitted everything to me last night.

Summer: I came to tell you the same thing, Maggie. But I can see you already know.

Theresa: Okay, good. [Sighs] Now I can get a little work done while you sleep.

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: Okay.

Victor: This your idea of being a devoted mother?

Deimos: A lot has happened since we had that argument on the riverbank. I was really hurt by some of the things you said. It felt like a betrayal.

Nicole: Well, you seem to have handled it well, because you're standing friend of mine.

Deimos: I had to take shelter somewhere.

Nicole: Yeah, of course you did. I'm about to be charged with your murder, and you're telling me your troubles? And you--you seemed pretty surprised when I showed up here instead of calling. Were you ever gonna tell me he's alive?

Chloe: Of course I was.

Parker: Mom, can I go back to Jason's house?

Chloe: Uh, honey, what are you talking about? You just got home.

Parker: But we want to play some more. Please? His mom said it's okay. She's in the--hi, Nicole!

Nicole: Hey, little man. How's it going?

Parker: Why are you here?

Chloe: Uh, well, I will explain that, but let's go talk to Jason's mom.

Parker: Will you be here when I get back?

Nicole: I'll try. I miss you, buddy.

Parker: Bye, Nicole. I miss you.

Nicole: Okay, see you soon.

Chloe: Let's go talk to Jason's mom. What's this business of wanting play some more?

Nicole: Okay, start talking.

[Dramatic music]

Summer: Okay, okay. I lied to you about how I knew Clark, but I was really scared of him.

Brady: Scared of him? Or scared of him blowing your little scam?

Summer: I was finally getting my life together when he showed up. And I knew how Victor already thought of me. I figured he would turn the both of you against me... just when I found family and maybe even... [Crying] love. I am so, so sorry. I really wanted you to think I was a good person.

Brady: What was your cut of the 50 grand that I gave you? What was it?

Summer: Not a cent.

Brady: Clark's sister has reported him missing. Where is he?

Summer: I-I have no idea.

Brady: She's still lying.

Summer: I swear to you--I swear to you that everything I have just said--it's the truth.

Theresa: I dozed off for, like, 30 seconds, okay? I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.

Victor: So you thought you'd catch up on it with your defenseless baby lying there in a stroller. I still marvel at the fact that Brady is willing to throw away his life on trash like you.

Theresa: I love your grandson, and I love my child, okay? I've just been working really hard, and I've been stressed lately, and like any exhausted mother, I just dozed off without meaning to, all right, so-- you don't believe me. If anybody had come by and tried to take my kid, I would've been all over them in an instant. And if you'd tried to take my child away from me in order to teach me some kind of lesson, you would be face down on this pavement right now, old man. I'd off you in a second.

[Tense music]

Chad: JJ, I'm, uh--I'm still here at Shady Hills, and I'm coming up with nothing. Well, I, um--I hope you're having better luck out in the field.

JJ: Chad.

Chad: Hey, I was just leaving you a message. What are you doing here? Why aren't you looking for Abby?

JJ: Come here.

Chad: What?

JJ: Down the road at the farm, in the barn. And she must have left it there

Chad: [Stammering] Why would she go to a farm? Why not come straight home?

JJ: I think she's scared and humiliated,

Chad: No, she just told me Maybe--maybe something scared her, or maybe somebody has her, and she just left that as a clue for us to find.

JJ: Okay, it's--it's possible, but we also have to consider the possibility that she's on her own.

Chad: No.

JJ: She doesn't want to be found.

Chad: I don't believe that, away from us again--not after everything that we've been through. I'm gonna find her.

JJ: Listen, there's something

Chad: What? I have proof. I searched the dumpsters outside, and I found the driveway security footage from the time the fire started. It shows Abigail lighting an aerosol can. There's a court order now, and once we find her, she'll be transferred to a state facility. [ominous music] very long. She's got to get back to Salem.

Parker: Is Deimos gonna stay?

Chloe: I don't know.

Parker: I like him. I think you like him, too.

Chloe: I do, but it doesn't matter how much we like him. I'm not sure if it's possible I'm gonna stick around.

Deimos: Do you remember the last time we saw each other? Even though most of what you said to me up to that point was an absolute lie? I was ready to give you my heart.

Nicole: You might have been ready to give me your heart, but you were gonna marry Kate. And you wanted me to be your bit on the side.

Deimos: No, I wanted a hell of a lot more than that. And if you had given me indication whatsoever, I would've made it happen-- for both of us!

Nicole: What you would've done, Deimos, doesn't help me right now.

Deimos: Nicole? I'm alive and well.

[Tense music]

Nicole: Well, it will be when you tell that to the police. They need to know that it was Kate who pushed you in the river. She heard the things you say to me, and she wanted you dead.

Deimos: It's all true.

Nicole: Great, so what are you gonna do about it?

André: Would you like some more eggs? Sausage?

Kate: No, thank you. I'm good.

André: Hmm., that gaze- into me. What could you possibly be thinking?

Kate: I'm thinking that you're up to something, and you're gonna need cash to pull it off. Do you have any idea of how tired I am of people trying to play me? If you want to get somewhere with me, then you better start by telling the truth.

Victor: You'd off me? Well, reassuring to know that beneath that "devoted mother, adoring helpmate" persona that you've concocted for yourself, there still beats the heart of a hopped-up gun moll. [Mocking shudder]

Theresa: I will stop anyone who tries to keep Brady and Tate and me from being a happy family.

Victor: You may have gotten an engagement ring out of Brady, but you don't know the meaning of the word family.

Theresa: Neither do you. Sure, you go around braying about what family means to you, but that doesn't stop you from putting down Brady every chance you get. You tell him he's naive, incompetent, stupid. You think I'm a calculating woman, but it didn't take much calculating to figure out that Brady needed to be with someone who thinks he hung the moon.

Victor: You think I hate you because you're beneath me, Brady could do better. The real reason that I his because you're filled with poison, and you destroy the life of anyone you touch. I pray for the day when Brady finally sees you for what you are and what you always have been. And mark my words, that day will come.

[Dramatic music]

Brady: You want us to believe one word you say?

Summer: I swear, I--I don't know where Clark is. All I know is, he took your money, and he left town. I'm sorry to be such a disappointment to you-- and to you. If it wasn't for you, [Crying] I love you both, but I know that doesn't matter to you now.

Maggie: [Whimpering]

Brady: Shh. It's for the bon the search. I want every inch of Salem covered, and if you don't find her, you search the entire state, and then the country. report to me. Do you understand? I don't want the police to know anything about this. From now on, I'm the only one that knows anything about this search. Do you understand? Good.

[Dramatic music]

Maggie: She's gone! This can't be happening!

Brady: Maggie, Maggie-- no, no, no!

Maggie: I can't lose her! Get off me!

Brady: Stop, stop, stop! Stop.

Maggie: [Sobbing]

Janet: Hey, I've been looking

Summer: Now is not a good time.

Janet: Yeah, well, too bad. Everything you've told me has been a lie, and I want you to know that you better get used to seeing me around, 'cause I'm not going anywhere until I find out.

Deimos: Despite everything, even in your anger, you are absolutely beautiful.

Nicole: No, don't. Don't do that, Deimos. I am fighting for my life here. And you have troubles too. Kate's claiming that you were married. She even came up with phony paperwork saying she's your wife, and she inherits everything. Do you know she's living in your house, and she's running your company?

Deimos: So I've been told.

Nicole: By Chloe.

Deimos: I haven't been in contact with anyone else.

Nicole: And why is that? Why haven't you gone back to Salem to set things straight?

Deimos: I was recovering, Nicole. I was on the brink of death. I took a pretty bad fall, remember?

Nicole: No, I don't remember, because I walked away. And unfortunately, Kate conveniently dropped her cell phone. She videotaped us, you know that? Yup, she gave just enough for the cops to see the argument between us, ending with me shoving you supposedly to your death.

Deimos: So now you can say I'm alive.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, sure. The only thing that's gonna fix this is you! You have to clear this up! don't see any point in lying to you.

Kate: Well, that's refreshing.

André: You see, I made a deal with someone, and now I have to live up to my end of the bargain.

Kate: So who's the someone, and what do you have to do?

André: That I can't tell you. What I can tell you, though, is that I wanted to do this anyway. It requires cash and the right connections, and I'm short on both, whereas you're not. So if you're so inclined.

[Dramatic music]

Maggie: Oh, Victor, I don't know what to do.

Victor: It's about Summer, isn't it?

Brady: So you know.

Victor: Word on the street is, there's this con man-- former colleague of Summer's-- who disappeared. The sister's in town making a big stink, saying it's all Summer's fault.

Maggie: Well, Summer says that's not true.

Victor: I don't know what I'm going to have to do to convince you sweet, beautiful people that you have to start listening to me.

Brady: That--that's great. You know, she's in real pain, and you're gonna sit here and say, "I told you so."

Victor: She wouldn't be in pain if it weren't for you. You know what a big heart she has, yet you dragged this creature into her life.

Maggie: No, I brought Summer into my life, Victor. I gave birth to her.

Victor: And she would be in the past, where she belongs. Instead, you drag her out of the ocean and bring her home with you.

Brady: Just--I was trying to do what Daniel wanted me to do.

Victor: Daniel is dead, God rest his soul. And we'd all much better off if you just left Summer in the Pacific to drown. And while you're at it, you can throw Theresa in with her.

Maggie: Victor, that is enough!

[Somber music]

Maggie: [Sobbing]

Nicole: So you're gonna come back with me, right?

Deimos: I'm really sorry for everything you've been through. It all could've been so different.

Nicole: If only I had said being your mistress was a dream come true. You're not gonna help me, are you? I wouldn't go to bed with you, so you're just gonna let me swing? Oh, you really are a bastard.

Deimos: You are so wrong about me.

Nicole: About the kind of man you are? No, I think I'm right on the money.

Deimos: No, you're wrong about me not going back to Salem with you! [Dramatic music]

Nicole: You mean you will?

Deimos: On one condition.

Nicole: Well, what's your condition, huh? Just want to do it right here, right now? I'm sure Chloe won't mind.

Deimos: I don't want just sex with you, and you know it! You gave me the impression that you cared about me--that you wanted a life with me. And because of that, I offered you a ring. I offered you my heart. And what did you give me in return?

Nicole: Because I'd rather be able to sit at home waiting for you to call while you play house with Kate in that mansion! I would never have done that to you.

Nicole: Well, you still haven't told me what y

Nicole: I told you the truth. I need you to come back to Salem with me and clear my name.

Deimos: I want you to let your guard down, Nicole. I want you to


Deimos: About me! Look, I understand you're angry to blame for what you've been that's still drawn to me. And I need to know--am I right about that, or am I wrong?

Chad: DiMera. What--no, no, that's not possible. There's no way she was spotted on the property. I searched the entire house myself. All right, well, who claims they saw her? Get him up here now. I want to speak to him.

JJ: What's going on?

Chad: JJ, uh, what's going on--well, a guard says that he saw Abby enter a side door this morning when he was getting off of his shift.

JJ: Why weren't we notified?

Chad: 'Cause he didn't think anything of it.

JJ: So she's either hiding in the house or on the compound.

Chad: Right, yeah, but that's not possible, because I searched the entire house the second I found out she escaped the clinic.

JJ: What about the tunnels?

Chad: Uh, yeah, that's worth a shot.

[Dramatic music]

Victor: I pray for the day when Brady finally sees you for what you are and what you always have been. And mark my words, that day will come.

Theresa: Brady. Hey, I didn't expect you to be home so soon.

Brady: I have to tell you something.

Theresa: I think I know what it is.

Brady: Theresa, you don't look so good. When--when's the last time you slept?

Theresa: I don't know, I think I got maybe a few hours last night, and--look, this morning, I just--Brady--

Brady: What, what, what? What happened?

Theresa: You mean you don't-- you don't know?

Brady: You might as well tell me--or I'll find out on my own.

Nicole: How could I have feelings for you after what you did to Maggie? [Somber music]

Deimos: Maggie's fall was an accident.

Nicole: Not according to Victor.

Deimos: Oh, well, if Victor said it, it must be the gospel truth, right? Victor would say anything to get at me, and you believed him. That's what brought you to my house on that rainy night. You wanted to get back at me. But that same night, your feelings for me started to change. I'm not blind, Nicole. I could see it. And as for me... I never thought in a million years there could be anyone for And then there I was with you. It felt like I could finally have a second chance at life, and I don't want to waste playing any more freaking games. Look, I get it, all right? You don't like some of the things that I've done. But I would think that more than anyone in the world that you would at I've been denied all these years. All I really want is love and someone to come home to and a family.

Nicole: I did a lot of rotten things because I wanted those things.

Deimos: Right, and then you fell in love with Daniel. And you felt like you needed to change. But I know the real you, Nicole. And I like you just the way you are.

Victor: Where're you going?

Maggie: Call my sponsor -- get a ride to a meeting.

Victor: I'll take you.

Maggie: No. Thanks.

Victor: Maggie, I know how angry both you and Brady are with me.

Maggie: [Sniffling] I don't think you do.

Victor: I know that I come on too strong when I'm protecting people that I care about. Sometimes it may seem like I don't like or trust anyone. But that's not true. I trust you with my life. If I seem fiercely overprotective, it's because I don't know what I'd do without you. I love you so much, and I can't stand the thought of someone hurting you.

Maggie: Even if the person that's hurting me is you?

[Dramatic music]

[Tense music]

Summer: The hell?

Theresa: Have you seen Victor today?

Brady: Yeah, I just came from his place.

Theresa: And he didn't tell you?

Brady: Tell me what?

Theresa: I just--[Sighs] Look, I took Tate out this morning, you know, just to get out of the house for a few hours, and... I ran into Victor, and we had a big fight.

[Dramatic music]

Brady: About what?

Theresa: What do you think? About me.

JJ: Listen, I will get a team together to search the rest of the tunnels. I know there are dozens of them under the town.

Chad: Listen, and you focus on the ground search? How about If you don't mind, I'd like to be alone now.

JJ: Chad, listen to me. Don't do anything foolish. If you fin André: Well?

Kate: So you need my help. What's in it for me?

André: My loyalty and support. And my intuition tells me that you're going to need that in the coming days.

Nicole: You're wrong about the person I am now. I like liking myself. And I became attracted to you because I saw a glimpse of the man you used to be, a man who loved a woman named Helena-- a man who wanted to spend the rest of his life loving her. But you're not that man an

Deimos: Yeah, well, believe me--almost drowning has a way of changing a man's priorities. I realized before you even came here, I don't want to keep living my life in reaction to Victor. I want to try to be the man that you saw in me. And since you were honest with me, I'll give you what you want.

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