Days Transcript Monday 6/27/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/27/16


Episode #12873 ~ A twisted friendship begins between André & Kate; Brady chastises Theresa, who admits she's still insecure about Summer; Chloe's horrified to learn that Nicole is being set up for Deimos' murder; Brady & Theresa announce that they're getting married.

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Summer: Okay, all right.

Maggie: [Sighs]

Summer: Okay.

Victor: I'll make you some tea?

Maggie: Maybe later, okay? I'm--I'm not done with my exercises.

Summer: We're taking a little break so Maggie can catch her breath.

Maggie: [Chuckles]

Victor: She shouldn't be out of breath. You know, maybe we ought to find somebody who knows what they're doing to help you with your physical therapy.

Maggie: Victor, Summer is doing me a big favor.

Summer: It's okay, Maggie. I'm actually getting used to him.

Victor: I just don't want to see you push yourself too hard.

Summer: Me neither.

[Knocking at door]

Maggie: [Sighs]

Summer: I'll get it.

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: [Laughing]

Brady: Hi.

Theresa: Oh, you're here.

Maggie: Hello. This is a surprise.

Theresa: Hi.

Victor: Not a very pleasant one.

Maggie: Victor. Don't mind--just come in. Grumpy in the corner over there.

Theresa: [Chuckling]

Victor: So what do you want?

Maggie: Victor.

Brady: No, no, no, it's okay. We do want something. We want you to save a date for us, August 15th, because we are going to get... Married

Maggie: Oh, oh, Theresa.

Theresa: [Laughing]

Maggie: Oh, my goodness. August the 15th.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Maggie: There--that's less than two months away. That doesn't give you and your

Theresa: Oh, well, um... my mom's not gonna be anywhere near the wedding. anything to do with the planning. I want to be completely sane when I walk down the aisle, so...

Maggie: Victor.

Theresa: [Chuckling] Oh, Victor, you are always so droll. You know, I--I can't wait to hear your toast.

Victor: Don't hold your breath. You won't find me anywhere near that wedding.

Nicole: Chloe, I'm so glad you called. I have a lot to tell you.

Chloe: Same here.

[Phone beeps]

Chloe: Uh-huh. Yeah, so just call me if there's a problem. Thanks. Oh, hey, Parker decided to spend another night at his friend's house. I'm just making sure he has everything.

Deimos: You don't have to lie to me, Chloe. You were calling Nicole. It's okay. I understand. You need to know what happened between us, right?

André: Oh, Kate. I'm surprised our paths haven't crossed till now.

Kate: Well, perhaps I've been avoiding you.

André: Hmm. Like everybody else in Salem. Oh, nobody loves you when you're down and out.

Kate: André, no one loved you when you were on the top. You are, in a word, unlovable.

André: Oh, Kate. But we did have some good times together, remember? On the dance floor... [Chuckles] You were like a feather in my arms.

Kate: We did have one good time together, but I thought you were someone else.

André: Well, maybe now I could be that "someone else" that you'd want to know.

Maggie: Victor, that's not funny.

Victor: You're damn right it's not. You know, I would've thought you'd come to your senses by now. You're gonna marry a woman who put your father in a coma and was more than ready to let you take the blame.

Brady: And you've led such a blameless life, Grandfather. Nobody in the world thought Maggie was making a huge mistake marrying you.

Victor: Maggie always had a lot more sense than you did.

Maggie: Victor, stop it right now.

[Cell phone ringing]

Victor: I have to take this.

[Dramatic music]

Maggie: I'm sorry. I understand he's upset, but he shouldn't be so happy.

[Phone beeps]

[Line beeping]

Nicole: [Sighs] She says she has something to tell me, and then she hangs up? [Scoffs] Man.

[Phone beeps]

[Line beeps]

We're sorry. Your call--

Nicole: And now I can't get through. Damn.

[Jazzy music in background]

[Dramatic music]

Deimos: I get it. I told you I had fallen in love with Nicole.

Chloe: I want you to leave now.

Deimos: Not until you and I have an honest conversation about this.

Chloe: Look, I drove into a storm and found you beaten and bruised, and I brought you home here. I nursed you back to health. Then we make love, and only after that do you tell me that you're in love with another woman. That woman being my best friend, so that's all the honesty that I want.

Deimos: Chloe, when I met you in that bar, I thought I had all the answers. I knew down to the decimal point what I wanted and how I was gonna get it. But let me tell you something. It was all a bunch of crap. I think there's a reason why, when my life blew up in my face, I called you, and I think there's a reason why you got in your car, and you came to me. I'd like to know what that reason is. Wouldn't you?

Chloe: Keep talking.

Kate: I can't help but notice you're no longer in prison. Did you have a "get out of jail free" card?

André: Oh, better than that. I was innocent.

Kate: Mm. You haven't been innocent since you slithered away from your mother.

André: Innocent of killing my father. The real killer stepped forward.

Kate: [Gasps] Really. That had to cost you a fortune.

André: Oh, you haven't heard the latest. I've fallen on hard times. I think the term is "stony broke."

Kate: [Chuckling] So that's why you're sniffing around me.

André: Oh, Kate, you're always so skeptical. It was just a chance encounter.

Kate: A chance encounter. A chance encounter of the planned kind. I mean, really, you don't think this is quite a coincidence? Here I am, wealthy, upset, alone, and look who pops up. You, broke and alone. No, this is no chance encounter. This has "DiMera" written all over it.

André: You know, Kate... I don't blame you for being skeptical. The truth of the matter is... I'm glad. I'm sorry about that.

Theresa: No, it's--I mean, come on, Brady. Did you think I expected him to take the news well? It's okay. I've developed a thick skin when it comes to Victor.

Maggie: But you shouldn't have to put up with that, honey. But you know, the way you--you handled Victor confirms that you really are one of the family.

Theresa: Yeah, well, I don't know how much I'd put up with it if you weren't his wife.

Maggie: I'll put Victor back promise you, he won't spoil

Brady: How are you gonna manage that, Maggie?

Maggie: I don't know. Maybe a restraining order?

All: [Laughing]

Brady: Listen, we have to go.

Theresa: Yeah, we're gonna go work on invitations. [New York accent] We're gonna get 'em engraved, you know, real classy-like.

Brady: Classy.

Theresa: Classy.

Maggie: Ya got refinement.

Theresa: Yeah.

Brady: All right.

Theresa: Oh, hey, and wait till you see the outfit that I designed for Tate. He's gonna look so cute.

Maggie: And you... You'll look beautiful.

[Instrumental music]

[Door closes]

Summer: So, ready for your leg exercises?

Maggie: Oh, first, I'd like to ask how you're doing.

Summer: Me? I'm--I'm fine.

Maggie: I know it wasn't easy hearing Brady and Theresa talk about the wedding.

Summer: I'm fine. I've moved on. I am fine.

[Dramatic music]

Deimos: The last thing I want to do is to hurt you.

Chloe: Yeah, well, I don't want to get hurt, but seeing as you're in love with Nicole, I don't see a real rosy future for us.

Deimos: Chloe, this is gonna be so hard to explain. I was obsessed with a woman who looked nearly exactly like a woman I had fallen in love with years ago--in fact, the only woman I had ever loved. Now, obsessing about Nicole and hating Victor, wanting revenge-- all that did was tie me to the past. Personally, I would finally like to start living in the present.

Chloe: Yeah, but do you think that running away is the answer? I mean, come on. Aren't you the one that said that denying your feelings won't make them go away?

Deimos: You're right. I know. It's just... being here with you, meeting Parker--it just made me believe like I could have a real life, you know? A new life that I don't know if I could ever have in Salem. So I don't know. Maybe we could have that new life together.

[Cell phone ringing]

Chloe: It's Nicole.

Deimos: Talk to her.

Kate: You're glad that I'm skeptical?

André: Yes. When I saw you just now, vulnerable... I thought that the Kate that I knew and admired was gone.

Kate: Well, enough with the sweet talk. What do you want, André?

André: Nothing. But I just saw you talking to yourself, just now. Not a good sign. Why don't you talk to me? [Chuckling]

Kate: Hmm?

André: I'm a very good listener.

Kate: So I should open up to you? Share my innermost thoughts with you, so you can use it against me? Blackmailers do make the best listeners.

André: I'm a changed man, Kate.

Kate: Just because a tiger says it no longer eats red meat doesn't mean that that is true.

André: Oh, talking about red meat, I'm famished. Why don't you ask me out for dinner? Or better still, why don't you let me cook for you? I'm an accomplished chef.

Kate: Ooh, so you could poison me?

André: [Chuckling]

Kate: I think not.

André: Oh, you haven't a friend in the world and a phalanx of well-armed enemies. What you need, Kate, is an ally with a very special set of skills. Come on, Kate. You're smart enough to know... we could be very useful to each other. I can really feel your muscles working.

both: [Laughing]

Maggie: Well, that's better than yesterday, isn't it?

Summer: It's two more than yesterday.

Maggie: Really?

Summer: Really.

Maggie: [Exhales] Wow. [Chuckles] Hmm.

Summer: I think you are ready to try and stand.

Maggie: Really? Okay. All right, I'll try.

Summer: Great. Okay. All right.

Maggie: Okay.

Summer: Ready?

Maggie: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Summer: Okay, all right.

Maggie: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Summer: [Laughing]

Maggie: Mm.

Summer: All right?

Maggie: Oh, okay, okay.

Victor: Good God, woman, what are you doing?

Maggie: [Exclaims]

Summer: Okay, careful.

Victor: Just get out of here.

Maggie: Oh, Victor, no.

Victor: Just go and don't come back.

Maggie: [Sighs]

Victor: You okay?

Maggie: Yes.

[Dramatic music]

[Line trills]

[Cell phone rings]

[Cell phone beeps]

Chloe: Hey.

Nicole: Hi, finally. Why'd you hang up on me?

Chloe: Oh, I didn't. We just lost signal, that's all.

Nicole: Oh, okay. Well, I was worried that maybe you couldn't talk anymore for some reason. So, first off, why'd you call, hon? Is everything okay with Parker?

Chloe: Yeah, he's fine. He had a great time at camp. Actually, I was calling 'cause I saw your name in the paper, something about a guy named Deimos, who's Victor's brother, and how he's missing.

Nicole: Well, he's not just missing. The police think he might have been murdered.

Chloe: Murdered? But the paper says he's just missing.

Nicole: Yeah, well, that's 'cause they haven't found the body yet. Kate Roberts told the police that he was shoved, hit his head on a tree, and then fell in the river, and then she went on to say that I'm the one who pushed him.

André: Are you nervous?

Kate: No, why would I be?

André: 'Cause I think you're scared to death that your dear departed husband may be waiting for you in the drawing room.

Kate: That would be an answer to a prayer.

André: No, the answer to your prayer would be discovering of his body.

Kate: You're so insulting.

André: Yes, I know, but you're not telling me to leave, either, and you didn't ask me to chez Kiriakis for a chat. You don't want to go into that house alone.

Kate: Don't be ridiculous.

[Suspenseful music]

André: Deimos. Olly, olly, oxen free.

Kate: Stop it.

André: I could see it when you were communicating with that ring. It's all over you, Kate. You're terrified he'll come back.

Kate: I'm terrified that he won't.

André: Oh, Kate, please. It's me. You can stop with this grieving widow routine. Listen. But I think "widow" is correct, because the odds of your husband falling into that river and surviving are remote, to say the least.

Kate: You don't know Deimos. Victor wrote him off as dead, and he came back with a vengeance.

André: Yes, and what will he do this time? You're afraid he'll come back with a vengeance. What did you do, Kate? You try to kill him?

Kate: No, I didn't.

André: And you're scared to death you bungled the job. Oh, Kate. What Deimos will do to you, compared to what he did to Victor, will seem like a minor fairy tale. Oh, no wonder you're so scared. o, I'm not all right. I don't know when I've ever been so angry. I would like to walk out of this house and slam the door behind me, but I can't.

Victor: Don't say that.

Maggie: You can say any rude thing that comes into your mind. I love Brady. I love Theresa. You treat them like dirt. Summer is my daughter, the daughter I gave away, who owes me nothing, and in spite of that, she shows up to get me through therapy. You treat her like an incompetent. Livid, yes, Victor. I am so livid!

Victor: I'm sorry.

Maggie: You're only sorry because I'm angry. Your brother, he treated us terribly, and I know you're in pain, but you're acting like a spoiled brat. You are lashing out at anyone you like: Brady, Theresa, Summer. I need them, and you push them away, and you're pushing me away too. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Victor: Well, you won't have to. That call was the confirmation of a round-the-world cruise. We leave next week. We can just go and not look back.

Maggie: [Crying] I can't stand to be in the same house with you, and you want us to share a stateroom? Ugh. That just sounds like a vision from hell. I'm so sorry about what happened to you, but I hate the way you're dealing with it. I want you to go. I want to be alone.

Victor: Maggie--

Maggie: Oh, just go, Victor! Please, just go. Just go. [Sobbing]

[Dramatic music]

Maggie: [Sobs] [Weeping]

Theresa: I don't see your problem. I think this is very nice.

Brady: They're--they're very, very nice, but these are invitations to a royal wedding at Westminster Abbey. Theresa, I don't know if that's appropriate. They're kind of over-the-top. This--these are not for a small Salem wedding.

Theresa: Okay, first of all, William and Kate are not any better than us, and second of all, I would not call this a small wedding. I mean...

Brady: [Sighs]

Theresa: I wouldn't call 300 guests "small."

Brady: [Stammering] 300 guests? You--you want to invite the-- we didn't talk about this. That's like a sporting event, Theresa. That's like a stadium of people.

Theresa: "That's like a stadium of people." You are so easy. I'm totally kidding.

Brady: I don't like you right now. Don't do that to me. That's scary.

Theresa: I do want to invite the Obamas, though.

Brady: You want...

Theresa: [Laughing] Oh, it's Little Miss Sunshine.

Brady: Sum--Summer, hey. What's wrong?

Theresa: Yeah, you look like hell.

Summer: I just had a little run-in with Victor, no big deal.

Theresa: Oh, I'm so happy toll you--will you please stop that?

Summer: What?

Theresa: You know, I'm just saying, I thought maybe it freaked you out when you heard that Brady and I had set a wedding date. I mean, you practically bolted out of the room as soon as you heard the news.

Summer: I thought that you wanted to be alone with Victor and Maggie, but you're right. I should have said congratulations. I hope that you are both very, very happy.

Theresa: You know, I bet the light from "happy" would take 8 million years to get to her. [Sighs] Anyway, let's go to the store--

Brady: No, stop, stop, stop. Not before we have a little chat.

Chloe: So Kate told the police that you pushed him, but everybody knows that Kate's a liar.

Nicole: Deimos was alive and well when I left him. Kate said that I pushed him, he hit his head, and fell in the river.

Chloe: Why?

Nicole: "Why"? Because she's more comfortable with me facing a murder rap than her. She shoved him. It's the only explanation, and now she's living large in the house that Deimos took from Victor, spending the money that Deimos took from Victor.

Chloe: Why would she get the house?

Nicole: Oh, there's more. Kate says that Deimos and her were married.

Chloe: Kate and Deimos are married? what are you doing here?

Victor: [Groans] Maggie kicked me out of the house.

Caroline: What took her so long?

Victor: She said I was rude to her bipolar con artist daughter.

Caroline: How rude?

Victor: All I did was kick her out of the house. I don't know. Maybe I overreacted. I'd just gotten some very bad news.

Caroline: Oh, you mean about Deimos going into the river.

Victor: Oh, good God, no. That was the highlight of my week.

Caroline: Oh, were you the one who gave him the friendly shove into the next world?

Victor: No, but I did want to pay him back for what he did to Maggie, but I thought death by drowning was a little too easy for him. You know, Maggie thinks that that's the reason that I'm behaving the way I am, because I lost the house and Titan, but that's not it.

Caroline: But what is it?

Victor: Too soft. I should have dealt with Deimos the minute he showed up on my doorstep. Couldn't have done all the things he did to Maggie if I hadn't hesitated. No, you don't think twice when someone's threatening your family. You kill the snake before it gets a chance to strike. Well, don't worry. I've learned my lesson. I won't let it happen this time.

Caroline: Is there another snake?

Victor: Yes, and she's poised to strike, but I'm not gonna let it happen. It won't be the first time I've done Brady's thinking for him.

Caroline: So the "snake" you're referring to is my granddaughter. You know, I think you better take your drinking somewhere else. [Dramatic music]

Deimos: Kate and I are not married.

Chloe: I guess I just find that hard to believe.

Nicole: Because it's a freakin' lie, and she's waving this fake marriage certificate around.

Chloe: What, so she just says that they're married, and then she takes over the house?

Nicole: Chloe.

Chloe: What?

Nicole: I'm scared. I mean, at first, I was sure that no one would believe her, and she couldn't get away with it, but now, if they find Deimos' body, they're gonna charge me with murder.

André: You haven't touched a bite. You watched me like a hawk while I was cooking, so you know it hasn't been poisoned. [Chuckling]

Kate: Maybe I'm not hungry. And I'm not seduced by the candlelight or the feigned sincerity, André. I know you're trying to play me.

André: I understand, but there's something I need to tell you. I didn't kill my father. I loved him very much.

Kate: I can't chime in. I didn't love the man.

André: You did at one time.

Kate: Yes, I did. But he set me up. He kicked to the curb the most important thing in my life.

André: I had a great deal of time to think while I was in prison. You may not believe this, but... it pains me to think of the damage that Father and I did to the people.

Kate: Now, is this the moment you're going to tell me that you have found God?

André: [Chuckling] I found inner peace.

Kate: Ah. Really? Because what are you going to do now with the inner peace that you have found? André, why don't you really tell me what you want? anything about this.

Chloe: No, he hasn't so far. He's been at camp, but I'll make sure to keep him away from the news. Oh.

Nicole: What?

Chloe: I just realized he's at a sleepover. I should call the parents and make sure that they monitor the boys' Internet use.

Nicole: Chloe, I miss you both so much, and it felt so good to talk to someone who's on my side. You know, none of this would've happened if Daniel was still alive.

Chloe: I know. But you still have me, Nicole, and--I don't know. Just pretend that I'm there with you and order two martinis and drink mine for me.

Nicole: [Laughs] Oh, you always give such practical advice. Thank you.

Chloe: Well, then here's some more. Stop obsessing about Kate. There's no way she's gonna get away with this. Okay, we'll talk soon. Bye.

[Phone beeps]

[Dramatic music]

Chloe: You're not gonna believe this.

[Knocking at door]

Summer: Brady?

Janet: Cindi?

Summer: You have the wrong room.

Janet: No, I don't think so. I'm Janet Bernard, Clark's sister.

Summer: Clark?

Janet: Yeah. He's missing, and I found paperwork in his apartment that had your name and a Salem address on it. So I figured I needed to talk to you, especially being the fact that there was information on flights coming here from LA. I'm pretty sure he flew here to see you.

Summer: Nope.

Janet: Then can you explain to me why he had your name and address, or why he's not answering his cell phone, or why you were scared when I told you who I was?

Summer: I am not scared, but you have made a mistake.

Janet: So you haven't seen Clark? He didn't come here to see you?

Summer: No. [Grunts]

[Suspenseful music]

Clark: [Choking]

Summer: Look, I haven't seen Clark in years, and I don't know why he has my name and address. If he did come to Salem, he didn't come to see me. Now, I think you need to go.

[Dramatic music]

Summer: [Breathing heavily]

Victor: Oh, don't get your knickers all in a bunch. I know she's your grandchild. She's also greedy, ambitious, and manipulative.

Caroline: Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Victor: Well, the kettle got him to propose to her. He'd forgotten about the first time that he married her, and she took a fireplace poker to his father.

Caroline: But--

Victor: And then pointed the finger at him.

Caroline: Stop right there. She's not the same person. She has changed.

Victor: No, the only thing she's changed is her tactics.

Caroline: You know, Victor, you are not worried about Brady, you know. You're just mad 'cause you can't call all the shots, and you can't bully Brady into doing what you want or make Maggie turn away from her own daughter just to please you.

Victor: She's trying to get her to do things she's not ready for. I mean, she tried to get her to walk. She almost fell.

Caroline: Well, good for her that she's trying to get Maggie to walk, and good for Brady and Theresa for working on their problems and--and trying to make a family for--for their son. And good for Maggie for tossing you out, because you've become a cranky, cranky man.

Victor: I am not cranky. I just don't want to see people I love be made fools of and be taken by a couple of Californian cons.

Caroline: The--she is not a con. She's changed.

Victor: People don't change. People are what they are, and that's it.

André: To answer your question, I want what everybody else wants: comfort, purpose... Love.

Kate: Love? Love is for fools.

André: Oh, you don't believe that. What you really mean is you're tired of being fooled by false love.

Kate: Maybe all I've ever encountered is false love. You know, sometimes I get the urge to burn all of Salem to the ground.

André: [Chuckling] I used to be angry like that once.

Kate: Oh, give me a break. I don't believe all of this "changed man" thing you were talking about. I think there's some plan rolling around in that head of yours, and I think whatever it is is going make burning Salem to the ground look like child's play. So why don't you just cut to the chase? Tell me what it is that you really want. using our engagement to needle Summer.

Theresa: The truth? I don't, either.

Brady: Okay, then why do it?

Theresa: I don't know.

Brady: Why do it?

Theresa: I don't know. She just--something about her just brings out the worst in me.

Brady: Listen to me. Listen, you--you--you have a family. You have a son. You have a career. You know what she has? She has nothing, Theresa.

Theresa: Okay, well, maybe it's her little victim-y act that just gets to me.

Brady: Well, could you maybe attempt to curb the impulse a little bit? If not for me, do it for Maggie. Maggie wants Summer in her life, and between my grandfather and you, I don't think Summer's feeling very welcome lately, Theresa.

Theresa: Ouch, ouch. I hate it when you're right.

Brady: I know.

Theresa: I'm sorry. Though--okay, I can I just say one more stupid thing?

Brady: Yes.

Theresa: I mean, it's not just that Summer's such a drip, but it's--it's--

Brady: [Stammering] I thought we were gonna try to curb the impulse with the drip comments--

Theresa: Can you just let me finish? It's just that I'm still nervous about the idea of her and you.

Brady: Baby, we're--we're planning our wedding. What could you possibly be nervous about?

Theresa: I know, I know, I know, I know it's stupid, and it's irrational, but... I don't know. It terrifies me.

Brady: You--you have nothing to be terrified of.

Theresa: Okay.

[Romantic music]

Janet: Thank you so much for seeing me on such short notice.

John: Mm-hmm, no problem. So what can I do for you?

Janet: I need you to find a missing person for me.

John: That's what we do. Who would that be?

Janet: It's my brother, Clark Barnard. He came here to Salem, and I haven't heard from him since. [Dramatic music]

Caroline: You know, Victor, I think this is a good time for you to do something you've never done in your life: grow up and be happy living with Maggie.

Victor: How can I be happy when there are all these threats against my family, my family's name?

Caroline: Theresa is not a threat. If you try to hurt her in any way, I promise you, I will pay you back.

Victor: I'm not going to hurt her. I'm just gonna neutralize her.

Caroline: And how do you propose to do that?

André: I told you, Kate, I just want to help you.

Kate: I don't see how you can.

André: Well, of course you do. You're just not willing to tip your hand. But I have to be honest. I'm intrigued by the possible collaboration. You have a particularly interesting world view, and I have a fairly rarefied skill set that I think could be of great use to you.

Kate: And I'm sure you think that I could be of use to you.

André: [Laughing] I think this is going to work splendidly. Two like-minded people thinking alike in a mutually profitable relationship.

Kate: I'm going to have a room prepared for you.

André: [Chuckles]

Deimos: Kate is telling people that we're married?

Chloe: Oh, that's not the half of it. Kate told the police that Nicole is the one who pushed you.

Deimos: What?

Chloe: Yeah, Nicole's going through some hell. She seems really, really scared. I mean, you have to do something. You have to let her know that you're alive.

Deimos: You're right.

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