Days Transcript Thursday 6/23/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 6/23/16


Episode #12871 ~ Rafe & Roman do their best to debunk Monahan's confession; Brady is upset with Victor when he continues his onslaught on Theresa; Paul accepts John's offer to work for him; Rafe tries to reach Hope, but she's already left with Aiden.

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Brady: Ah! shopping for... ladies' wear? Something you wanna tell me?

Victor: It's for Maggie.

Brady: She's that pissed off at you, huh?

Victor: My wife doesn't have to be angry for me to buy her a gift.

Brady: Yeah, but it never hurts, does it?

Victor: Well, maybe that's true of Theresa...a woman who's all about what you can do for her. God knows, you've already given her more than she deserves with little Tate here. Good thing he takes after you.

Brady: I'm surprised you're giving him the time of day... given that he's half Theresa's.

Victor: By nature, yes. But properly nurtured...he'll be all Kiriakis.

Brady: That will never happen.

John: Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for stopping by. And let me tell you something. You look a hell of a lot better now than you did last time I saw ya.

Paul: Yeah, so do you.

John: Well, that's because I'm a happy guy. Why? you might ask. Well, I'll tell ya. I just got Doc to agree to marry me...again!

Paul: All right, man. Congratulations!

John: Thanks. I think I caught her at the right time. All you have to do is you gotta go away, you gotta work on a really tough case, and it just makes her realize...what she has!

Paul: Uh, look, speaking of's Joey doing? Any word from Kayla and Steve?

John: Oh, yeah, yeah, he pulled through the surgery and the prognosis is good.

Paul: Aw, man, I can't imagine how relieved they must be.

John: Yeah, except for the fact that when he gets back home, he is gonna face those charges. I tell you, that...kid is just like his old man. Guess you never really escape who you come from, do you?

Ciara: What are you doing here?

Chase: My dad convinced a judge that I needed treatment and not prison. You didn't know? What are you doing here if not to see me?

Ciara: [Scoffs] Are you kidding me? I'm not here to see you! Go to hell!

Roman: Monahan... what did you just say?

Monahan: I shot and killed Stefano DiMera. And do you want me to write that down for ya?

Rafe: We already have the guilty party in lockup.

Monahan: I know you got someone in lockup, but he's not your guilty party.

Roman: Okay. Because you are.

Monahan: That's right. I shot the old bastard...and let his son take the fall.

Roman: Okay, and now what,'ve decided not to let him take the fall? Did André threaten you?

Monahan: [Chuckles] No.

Rafe: I hope not. 'Cause your little ploy isn't gonna work. He's not gettin' out.

Monahan: I wouldn't be too sure about that.

[Dramatic music]

Roman: Monahan, you have a right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used...

Monahan: I know my rights.

Roman: You have the right to an attorney...

Monahan: I've heard them often enough.

Roman: One will be provided for you.

Rafe: So you just wanna confess? No ulterior motives?

Monahan: My lawyer's on her way. I'm hoping she can make me a deal.

Roman: I'll bet you are.

Rafe: So if André didn't threaten you, did he bribe you?

Monahan: [Laughs] Who, me?

Rafe: Just tell us what happened.

Roman: Yeah, and don't leave anything out.

Monahan: Okay. One of my guys pulled a job a while back at Hope Brady's house.

Rafe: Job?

Monahan: Burglary. Small-time stuff. Don't know what he was thinkin', picking on a cop's house. He also lifted Detective Brady's service revolver.

Rafe: Really?

Monahan: Mm-hmm. When he told me that, I made him bring it to me.

Roman: Hmm. Why is that?

Monahan: Well, word on the street was the DiMeras wanted Hope Brady out of the way. So I took the weapon to Stefano and gave him a brilliant suggestion, if I do say so myself.

Rafe: Oh, I can't wait to hear this.

Monahan: I said they could use her gun, pump a bullet into somebody else they wanted to off--two birds, one stone, see? Brilliant.

Rafe: Hmm.

Roman: Let me guess. Stefano wasn't persuaded.

Monahan: Well, some people are not good at taking help when it's offered.

Rafe: I'm sorry, but... if he wanted Hope out of the way, wouldn't it have made more sense to just kill her?

Monahan: Nobody kills a cop if there's another way. Your man didn't appreciate my creative solution. He insulted my intellect... my daughter... even my car, for God's sakes.

Roman: All right. I do know you two went way back.

Rafe: So what happened next? That famous temper of yours rear its ugly head?

Monahan: DiMera didn't have much use for the gun...which I happened to have on hand. My trigger finger got a little itchy. So I pumped three bullets into the old man's chest. [Tense music] I couldn't believe it: I offed old man DiMera. I bet you wished...that you'd done the honors.

Roman: Go on.

Monahan: Well, I wiped the prints off the gun, tossed it away, and hightailed it outta there.

Roman: Did you?

Monahan: You better believe it. So I was pretty shocked when you arrested André and not the sister-in-law whose gun killed him.

Rafe: What'd you do with the body?

Monahan: I wrapped it in a tarp and dumped it at a demolition site off Route 47. You gonna start takin' some notes now? 'Cause that's where and how he was found, isn't it? That info... sure as hell wasn't on the noon news.

Roman: So in other words... you know this because you were there?

Monahan: Yes.

Rafe: Well, unless, of course, André gave him enough information to make his confession stick. Come on. [Softly] How much is he paying you?

Monahan: Nothing. I'm telling you the truth.

Rafe: Yeah, right. You haven't told the truth since you were a baby on Santa's lap.

Roman: [Chuckles] We just have a few more questions to ask you.

Well, that's too bad. Because my client isn't giving you any more answers. He'll grow up to be whoever he wants to be, not some carbon copy of you.

Victor: So you'd rather he grew up in the shadow of that shrew that you're shacked up with. [Brady sighs] A sloth would be a better mother.

Brady: Really? I've heard this crap before. I'm tired of it.

Victor: Yeah, well, you don't listen. This child represents the future of our family. You realize how far back we go, the people we're descended from?

Brady: The gods of Mount Olympus...or something?

Victor: This is not a joke, Brady. I lost a son last year, and one thing I realized out of that whole thing is that life is precious. Family is precious.

Brady: This coming from the man who disinherited Justin and me...what was it, yesterday?

Victor: No. You know I didn't mean that. The point is this child has to live in a house where he can thrive. And that's not going to happen if you insist on being with Theresa.

Brady: You know, Granddad, if family is that precious to you, you would let me live the way I want to live my life. Otherwise, you're gonna lose both of us.

Paul: I'd like to think that... that I take after you.

John: You do. Except I'm better looking. [Laughs]

Paul: You wish.

John: Yeah. Yeah, I do. No, seriously...I just can't believe how much you and I are alike, even though you never knew me growing up. I mean, our careers were a lot different. I mean, I'm not exactly that "say cheese and smile" kinda guy.

Paul: Well, neither am I.

John: What are you talking about? I thought you liked modeling.

Paul: It was fine for a while, but seriously, does one person really need that many pictures taken of himself? [both chuckle] I wanna do something that actually means something.

John: Yeah, well, outside of a 100-mile-an-hour fast ball and a 12-6 curve, what do you think you're best at?

Paul: Analytics. Problem solving, karate. You know, my mom always said that I could read a person better than anyone she knew.

John: You just described a PI.

Paul: You think I could do that?

John: After I train you. So what do you say, son? Would you like to be my student?

Paul: Show me the way, sensei.

[Light music]

Marlena: Oh. Ci-- What's wrong?

Ciara: Marlena, can I talk to you for a minute?

Marlena: Yeah...sure. Uh...come over here.

Ciara: I know that you went through a lot of trouble to get me this job... but I can't do it.

Marlena: Okay. Tell me what's happened. What's wrong?

Ciara: Chase Jennings. He's here. I just saw him.

Marlena: Oh... I had no idea. I'm so sorry.

Ciara: I know. I thought I was strong, but I...

Marlena: Well, you were clearly blindsided.

Ciara: Yeah. Marlena...I can't be in the same room with him without wanting to just... I can't give in to these feelings. I wanna be a better person than this.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: What do you think André has on Monahan to get him cop to a murder that he didn't commit?

Roman: Why is he coming forward now?

Rafe: I'll tell you one thing--I don't like that he brought Hope's name up.

Roman: Yeah, well, obviously André told him.

Rafe: Okay. So what are we gonna do?

Roman: Well, we can't act too skeptical. It'll look like we're railroading André.

Rafe: Right.

Roman: And, after all, André's an innocent man.

Rafe: He isn't innocent.

Roman: Come on. You know what I mean. He's rotting in a jail cell for something Hope did.

Rafe: And he needs to stay there...forever. Because the minute he gets out, he is gonna make Hope's life a living hell again.

Roman: Okay, Rafe, here's the thing: we take this case to trail, okay? André's defense attorney's gonna put Monahan on the stand. Won't matter if he's lyin'. He confesses. The jury's got reasonable doubt. André will be out of jail and out on the street in no time at all.

Rafe: Okay. So we gotta trip him up... get André to contradict Monahan's story, which is convoluted as hell.

Roman: Yes, it is.

[Rafe murmurs]

Roman: What are you doin'?

Rafe: I'm calling the jail, having them send André over. Wanna tell him the good news in person.

[Tense music]

Rafe: I know you're on vacation, but there's been a new development in the André DiMera case. I need you to call me ASAP.

Roman: Listen... I think we need to cut André loose.

Rafe: What?

Roman: We take this case to trial, it'll shine a light on the fact that Stefano was killed with Bo's service revolver, all right? That's gonna bring a lot of unwanted attention to the department. And Hope's already been under enough pressure.

Rafe: We already let Jimmy Holman go because we lost evidence. Now we're gonna let André go free?

Justin: Rafe, why are you so sure Monahan is lying?

Rafe: Wha-- Okay, well, you obviously haven't heard his story. It gives new definition to the word weak.

Justin: So does your case. You can't keep André DiMera locked up on circumstantial evidence when someone's just confessed to the crime.

Rafe: Okay. Well, why don't you go in there and talk to him and we'll see how you feel after.

Justin: Fine. I will.

[Door opens]

Mr. Monahan... Justin Kiriakis, the District Attorney.

Monahan: Yeah. We've met a few times.

Justin: Have a seat. Commissioner Brady tells me you wanna confess to a murder.

Monahan: Actually, I already did.

Justin: Yeah, I'm just... wondering why you chose to, uh, come forward at this particular moment? Stefano DiMera has been dead for several months.

Monahan: I have children. And I know how the DiMeras can hold a grudge. And I'm scared.

Justin: So are you saying that André threatened you or your family?

Monahan: Look. As far as I know, the brakes on my daughter's brand-new convertible just happened to wear through. Now, I can't point a finger at André DiMera, so I decided not to take any chances any longer.

[Phone rings]

Ciara: Excuse me.

Marlena: Sure. [beep]

Ciara: Hello?

Rafe: Ciara, it's Rafe. Trying to get in touch with your mom.

Ciara: Oh. She's on her trip.

Rafe: Yeah, I know--she's just not answering her cell. She happen to leave a number where she can be reached?

Ciara: Yeah, it's at the house. Do you need it? Is something wrong?

Rafe: No. But if you hear from her...

Ciara: I'll tell her to call you. Are you sure everything's okay?

Rafe: Yeah. It's just work stuff.

Ciara: Okay, good.

Rafe: Ciara, you okay?

Ciara: Yeah, sure.

Rafe: You sure? Hey, listen, if anything's wrong, you won't hesitate to call me, will ya?

Ciara: Thanks. I really appreciate that. Bye. [beep]

Marlena: You know... nobody expects you to do this volunteer job, under the circumstances. I can--I can find you another location.

Ciara: No, thanks.

Marlena: I know how passionate you feel about doing this.

Ciara: Yeah, I am. I just wanted to be here for Abigail. And if I let Chase scare me off again, then he wins. I just wanna help people. That's the only way that I'm going to help myself.

Marlena: I see how determined you are.

Ciara: Yes. I am.

[Somber music]

Hope: Thank you.

Aiden: Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

Aiden: Yeah. Hope. You still okay with this?

[Light orchestral music]

Aiden: Thought you said you weren't much of a dancer.

Hope: I'm not.

Aiden: Well, coulda fooled me. You ready?

Hope: For what?

Aiden: This. h me coming on board?

John: What, have an extra hand around? Why not? I'll ask him when Joey's up and around, but you know, I think the bigger question here is how is Brady and Theresa gonna handle this? They're gonna be losing their main model. [knock on door]

Paul: Trust me--they're gonna be okay with it. There are hundreds of models who could walk into my shoes at a moment's notice.

John: Hey! Perfect timing, man.

Brady: Mmm.

John: Why don't you, um, tell him yourself?

Brady: Tell me what?

Paul: I'm gonna be leaving my gig with DJ Wear. Gonna work with Dad.

Brady: The hell you are.

[Tense music]

Ciara: Look, I'm working here this summer...because I wanna help people. Like Marlena helped me.

Chase: Good for you.

Ciara: And I'm not gonna let you stop me.

Chase: I don't want to stop you. I don't want anything in your life to be harder than it has to be. Maybe I can get my dad to transfer me somewhere else.

Ciara: No. Look, when I started seeing Marlena...I was scared because I didn't want to face what you did to me. But now that I have, I'm a lot stronger. I'm strong enough to be in the same room with you. I'm strong enough to not let you ever take anything away from me ever again.

Chase: That's the last thing I wanna do.

Ciara: I'm gonna get better. And you know what, Chase? I'm gonna pray that you do, too. For everybody's sake, but especially yours.

[Gentle music]

Rafe: Well?

Justin: You're right. Monahan's story is pretty thin.

Rafe: I told you.

Justin: But I couldn't poke any holes in it. And he doesn't seem very likely to recant.

Rafe: [Scoffs] What about the texts?

Justin: What texts?

Roman: The ones that André and Chad said they received from Stefano's phone after his death.

Justin: No. He didn't mention that. But those would only prove that someone wanted Stefano's family to think that he was still alive, right? André could have sent those himself.

Rafe: I'm sure he did.

Justin: But that doesn't make him guilty. And if someone is confessing to the crime, how could we possibly hold him? [Laughs] Rafe... is there something you're not telling me here? Why are you so sure Monahan isn't the one who killed Stefano? [Suspenseful music]

Aiden: I understand you want to take things slowly, but don't worry, because this is a two-bedroom suite.

Hope: Thank you.

Aiden: Hope, I have zero expectations, okay? I'm just thrilled that we are here together. I wanna sit by the pool, walk in the woods, admire the beauty that is all around me. [Hope laughs]

Hope: Always the smooth talker.

Aiden: Smooth talker. And a patient man. You know I, uh...once asked you--maybe it was twice or three times, I lost count-- if you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. You said yes. And I'm hoping that you'll say that again.

Hope: Aiden--

Aiden: No, don't--don't worry, I'm not getting ahead of myself here, okay? I'm not gonna ask you again. Until I know I'll get the answer that I want.

Ciara: Don't.

Chase: I... I don't know how you can take something like what happened and...turn it into something to help people.

Ciara: Well, we'll see if I can actually do that.

Chase: Well, you'll do great. Whatever you decide to do.

Ciara: [Scoffs] Okay, so I'm not quitting. You understand that, right?

Chase: I do.

Ciara: Good.

Hope: So, um... you wanna go for a walk or...

Aiden: Whatever you want to do. [Sighs]

Hope: What?

Aiden: Sometimes I just still can't believe that I'm standing here with you. You take my breath away, Hope. You know, when I was locked away...I can't tell you how many times I would just close my eyes and...wish I could see you again. Wish that I... could kiss you again.

Hope: Close your eyes.

[Suspenseful music]

Roman: Justin, I'm gonna say this again, okay? Monahan is in here every other month in handcuffs.

Rafe: Look, he wants a deal. It's the only reason he's doing this.

Justin: He's not gonna get a very good deal if he pleads to a murder.

Rafe: Okay, well, maybe André's gonna give him some sort of a windfall that's gonna make it all worth it. I mean, come on, Justin. You know as well as I do that a guy like Stefano wouldn't get himself killed by a guy like Monahan.

Roman: With a service revolver that one of his underlings just happened to lift from a cop's house?

Rafe: Yeah. The three of us have more motive to kill the son of a bitch than Monahan did.

Roman: And why would he come forward now?

Rafe: Okay, what about this? What if we can establish that André reached out to him from prison? That there is some sort of connection there that we can find out that André was the one who was pulling the strings? [Tense music]

Justin: Isn't he always?

[André chuckles]

Justin: Right before we have a big launch coming up?

Paul: No, not bail, I just--

Brady: What the hell is wrong with the world when you can't even count on your family anymore?

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, son, come on. Don't blame Paul here. This was all my idea.

Brady: It was your idea? Well, it was a stupid idea, Dad! I might as well take Tate and Theresa and leave you guys behind.

John: Whoa, come on. Hey, hey, aren't you overreacting?

Brady: I don't think I'm overreacting--no, I'm not! Yeah... Yeah, I am. Okay. Paul, I'm sorry. Listen, man, you... you should be doing a job that you love to do. There's no reason we can't replace you. I'm sorry that I just went off like that. [Sighs]

John: Yeah, so... So why did you? What's going on?

Brady: Uh, Dad, it's, uh... it's misdirected anger is what it is. I just ran into my grandfather and he, uh, he reminded me that my son was never gonna have a future as long as Theresa was his mother. And I am...I'm sick and tired of his judgments, and honestly, I-I wanted to talk to you about it.

John: I'm not sure I'm the one you want to confide in. 'Cause I might have to... take Victor's side on this.

[Dramatic music]

Justin: Before you go in there, my assistant just ran these over from my office.

Roman: These are the interviews you and Hope gave before we closed the case on André.

Justin: Don't you remember who owned the demolition site on Route 47?

Rafe: Yeah. Allied Construction.

Justin: Which is run by one Mike Monahan. He's suddenly looking guiltier in the eyes of a jury, isn't he? Nobody could have had easier access to dump a body than he did.

Rafe: Which is why André chose him to take the fall.

Justin: Good luck proving that in a court of law. I am not gonna try a case I can't win! I want you to arrest Monahan for murder and kick DiMera Jr. loose. You got that?

Rafe: Damn it. Why is he in control?

Roman: I wouldn't let him be...if I thought he was wrong.

Rafe: You're both wrong.

André: Hmm. Did you bring my walking papers?

Rafe: I know what you did.

André: And I know what you did... you and that hypocritical Hope. But I'm in a magnanimous mood. [Chuckles] So no hard feelings. I've had nothing but time on my hands these last few months for prayer and reflection. Ahh...and I got to understand that, well, anger and vengeance, it's never gonna bring my dear father back.

Rafe: You don't want him back. No one does.

André: You hurt my feelings, Detective. I'm trying to move forward. Hah. Oh! I understand that's what, uh, Hope is doing as well. With Aiden Jennings. Et tu? That means--

Rafe: I know what it means. I'm keeping my eyes on you, DiMera.

André: Yeah. I lot of people in this town want to do me harm. I appreciate the extra attention for what little comfort it might give me, given your track record. I free to walk?

Rafe: For now.

André: "Shine out, fair sun, till I have bought a glass that I may see my shadow as I pass." Shakespeare. [Laughs] Look it up.

Hope: So that walk...

Aiden: Right, yeah, yeah. Okay, let's, um...

Hope: You know, they have skeet shooting and ziplining and geocaching. We used to love to take a walk up to the ridge and... I'm sorry.

Aiden: "We"? So the last time you were here was with Bo? Look, you do not have to apologize to me, and I do not care what we do... as long as we're here together, okay?

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: Okay, in that case, um, I wanna swim in the lake.

Aiden: You know what? That sounds perfect. Let's do that.

Hope: Great. I'll go change.

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: Uh, excuse me.

Aiden: Right.

Hope: I won't be long.

Aiden: No. I'll get...ready.


[Suspenseful music]

Paul: Oh, you bet.

John: I'll be in touch.

Paul: Okay.

Brady: You see, I thought that you had come around on Theresa. I thought that you saw the difference in her.

John: Well, I, uh, see what looks like a difference.

Brady: What the hell are you saying? What--what do you mean, that she's not...legitimate? What, that she's playing me? She's playing all of us?

John: I'm just...saying be careful. No matter what it looks like on the outside, some...some people are just... incapable of changing. Once trouble, always trouble.

[Suspenseful music]

André: Hmm. It's good to be back.

Roman: Look...there's no reason to sit around here going crazy, all right? Go home, call it a day. Get some rest. We'll get André on something else, all right? It's just a matter of time.

Rafe: I swore to Hope I would protect her, Roman.

Roman: And you did, Rafe, you did. Remember...Hope is just as stubborn as Bo was. And she's pretty damn good at taking care of herself.

Rafe: [Whispers] I know.

[Door closes]

[Door opens]

Aiden: You...look... well... I'm breathless.

Hope: And you look a little overdressed.

Aiden: I-I just, yeah, I couldn't find my suit.

Hope: You'd better look for it.

Aiden: Ah! No worries. It's right here. Underneath my shaving kit. I'll be right back.

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: Oh, shoot!

Aiden: What?

Hope: My phone. have you seen it? I can't find it.

Hope: Yeah, I was listening to my messages as you pulled into the parking lot. Maybe I left it in the car?

Aiden: Uh... Yeah, you know what? We'll swing by, we'll check it out on our way back from the lake. The reception is so bad up here, we could have left our phones at home.

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: I'm sure if someone really, really needs to get in touch with us, they'll just call the hotel directly.

Hope: Right.

Aiden: I don't know about you...but I'm gonna take this opportunity to unplug... and be fully present.

Hope: Deal.

Aiden: Yeah? All right. Come on. All right. Ah...

[Tense music]

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