Days Transcript Friday 6/17/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/17/16


Episode #12867 ~ Chad & Marlena discover that Shady Hills had a fire & Abigail was injured in it; with Deimos still missing, Victor keeps his eye on the endgame; Summer tells Maggie about her feelings for Brady; Theresa suggests to Brady they get married quickly.

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Brady: [Clicks tongue] Theresa? I'm going out for a little while. I love you.

Summer: Hi.

Maggie: Hi. Summer, thank you for joining me. I hope it wasn't too early.

Summer: No, no, I am... I am glad you called. I was afraid you were mad at me for moving out of the townhouse.

Maggie: Of course, I'm not mad at you. I'm--I'm just a little sad.

Summer: It's hard living somewhere where you're not really wanted.

Maggie: You know, I loved having you there.

Summer: I wasn't talking about you.

[Upbeat music]

Victor: Oh, hello.

Justin: Why did we have to meet in such a public place?

Victor: What's the matter? You afraid to be seen with me?

Justin: No. But I am afraid I may be going to prison if anyone ever finds out what I did for you.

[Dramatic music]

Chad: Hey, hi. Excuse me, I'm--I'm looking for my wife. She's a-a patient here.

Nurse: I-I'm sorry. Things are pretty chaotic right now; there was a fire.

Chad: Ah, so a-a fire?

Marlena: I'm Dr. Evans. I had a call from Dr. Robinson.

Chad: Yes, but she wouldn't tell her anything, and I'm--I'm just here to make sure my wife is okay.

Nurse: Uh, what's her name?

Chad: Um, Abby. Sor--Abigail D-DiMera. What?

Nurse: I'm sorry. She was injured in the fire.

Justin: If I'd just waited one lousy day before carrying out Deimos' "loyalty test," I wouldn't be in this mess.

Victor: What mess? The police knocking on your door?

Justin: Not yet. But they're bound to find out that you were working with Nicole to bring down Deimos. They're asking all the right questions.

Victor: That would be novel. Wouldn't that be more of a problem for me than for you?

Justin: Except that I was also working with you. And if they find out that I destroyed evidence for Deimos, they'll not only throw me in prison, they'll probably try to connect me to his disappearance.

Victor: Just now you're really reaching. They didn't even know he was missing until Kate told them she saw Nicole push him into the river. Why would they be looking for another suspect?

Justin: Because Nicole's innocent?

Victor: Justin, don't go looking for trouble. roman is gonna make his case in his usual, single-minded, wrongheaded fashion. Once Deimos is gone, we can sit back, rejoice, and go back to living our lives.

[Dramatic music]

Shawn: Hey, I got your message; what's up? What, bad news?

Roman: Yeah.

Shawn: Well, what do you need me to do?

Roman: Uh, I need to take care of this personally. I got a different job for you. Report to Sam Otto at this address. Don't take the expressway. It's backed up for miles.

Shawn: Okay, Otto from the fire department?

Roman: That's the one.

Chad: So, I'm--I'm sorry, I'm sorry, what--what happened?

Nurse: I'm sorry, Mr. DiMera. The doctor is examining her now. We'll let you know more as soon as we can.

Chad: Okay, but I just wanna know if she's--

Marlena: Uh, Jennifer is on her way in, but there was an accident on the interstate.

Chad: Okay, just, can you-- Can you call Dr. Robinson again? I--I don't understand why nobody is telling us anything. It doesn't-- Dr. Robinson, thank God. Okay, I--W-what's going on? I wanna see-- I wanna see my wife. Is she okay? Please.

Dr. Robinson: Mr. DiMera, please calm down. The fire may have been intentionally set.

Chad: I don't--Wha-- What the--What does that--

Dr. Robinson: Excuse me. I--I'll be back as soon as I can.

Chad: Okay, I think they're not telling us anything, so does that mean--I mean-- because it's bad?

Marlena: No, no, no. They're in crisis mode. Don't wanna give out any misinformation.

Chad: Well, I just-- I wanna see my wife. I want--I just wanna see my wife.

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: [Laughing] Come on, Brady, do you wanna marry me in a bathrobe?

Brady: It'd be kind of efficient for our wedding night.

Theresa: You do have a point.

Brady: Easy.

Anne: Oh, it's your maid of honor to the rescue. Don't. Now if he won't leave willingly, I would happily eject him for you.

Theresa: Okay, okay. No. [Sighs] I cannot believe that in two hours I am going to be...Mrs. Brady Black.

Anne: I think this is a mistake, okay? To flout tradition, especially for someone with your luck.

Brady: I think Theresa has terrific luck.

Theresa: Mm, so do I.

Brady: But I will do my part for tradition. [Clearing throat] Boo.

Theresa: Brady.

Brady: This is for you.

Theresa: It's gorgeous.

Brady: It's a blue emerald, and it's rare. It's very valuable. And it is beautiful. Just like you.

Theresa: You know, I... I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.

Anne: Okay.

Brady: It's new, and it's blue. Anne, I trust that you have old and used taken care of?

Anne: It's "borrowed."

Brady: Mm. Hey. I love you.

Theresa: I love you too.

Brady: I love you so much.

Anne: That's it. Come on, go, go. Out, we've got a lot to do.

Brady: I will see you... at the altar.

[Door closing]

Theresa: [Sighs] Anne, can help me put on this necklace?

Anne: Uh, yes, I just can't believe you're not worried about seeing the groom on the wedding day.

Theresa: No, actually after all Brady and I have been through, there's no stopping us now.

Anne: Famous last words. Oh. Oh. Oh, oops.

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Summer: I don't mean that Victor is the reason I moved out.

Maggie: But he didn't know.

Summer: It's a tough time for you, guys. And I think it's better if I'm not in the way.

Maggie: I disagree. But I'm glad you decided to stay in Salem. I mean, you have decided to stay in Salem?

Brady: Good morning.

Maggie: Hi.

Brady: Hi. It's good to see you out, enjoying the day.

Maggie: Thank you. Would you like to join us? [melancholy piano music]

Brady: No, no. I'd--I'd like to, but I, um...

Summer: Uh, you know what? I am going to get some more coffee. I will get a refill for you too.

Maggie: Thank you.

Brady: I'd like to--I'm... on my way to see Victor.

Maggie: Uhm.

Brady: I can't believe that Deimos...

Maggie: Neither can Victor.

Brady: Is he upset at all?

Maggie: Uh, he doesn't appear to be.

Brady: [Sighs] Well, I left Nicole dozens of messages, but you have to know that there's no way that she did what people are saying.

Maggie: Oh, I know that. But Victor has his own opinion.

Brady: He always does.

Justin: You know damned well, Nicole's job was to seduce Deimos, not kill him. And Kate now has all of his money. I fail to see how that is a positive outcome for you or me.

Victor: Deimos is dead.

Justin: There's no proof of that.

Victor: Yet. It's a matter of time before his body turns up. The important thing is the wheels are in motion. And it won't be long until I have Titan back under my control.

Justin: And how exactly does that help me?

Victor: With money comes power. I won't let the police touch you.

Justin: That's easy for you to say.

Victor: You know, if you're so worried about this whole thing, why don't you find some way to put the evidence back and be done with it?

Justin: I would... but I destroyed it.

[Dramatic music]

Victor: Destroyed it?

Justin: To ensure that I wouldn't be caught with it. Yes. What a mess.

Victor: No, that's all right. They're--They're not gonna be able to--to tie you to it. You'll be fine.

I got state police on line three for you.

Roman: Good. I want you to go through the evidence room from top to bottom. Everything we've got on that guy all of a sudden has gone missing.

What if we can't find it?

Roman: Well, we'll have to cut the bastard loose, son. Brady?

Chad: Ma--Marlena, please, there's gotta be someone that you can call, I mean, this--this is the... You're her doctor. There's nobody that you can talk to or s--

Dr. Robinson: I apologize for keeping you waiting.

Chad: That's fine; how's, um, h-how's my wife, how's--?

Dr. Robinson: She's alive. She has first and second degree burns over about 10% of her body.

Chad: Okay, but she's okay, so I'm just gonna... I'll go--I'll go see her now.

Dr. Robinson: She--she's going to recover physically, but...

Chad: But what? I mean, what--what the hell happened? You guys are supposed to be keeping her safe here!

Dr. Robinson: It was a flash fire. No one could get to her on time.

Chad: Well, why the hell not? This is ridic--I mean, I am gonna sue every single person in this--

Marlena: Stop this right now.

Dr. Robinson: Please, Mr. DiMera, come with me. I'll take you to see your wife. that they haven't materialized.

Summer: She's probably added a few hundred more.

Maggie: Do you and Theresa not get along?

Summer: No, we don't. Because every two seconds she is in my face, saying how I have a thing for Brady.

Maggie: But of course, you don't.

Summer: I wish she were wrong. But Brady will never feel for me what I feel for him. I know that now.

Brady: [Sighs] So how's it going?

Victor: Not too well if you listen to Justin. I, on the other hand, beg to differ.

Brady: I'm sure Nicole would beg to differ too. You don't actually believe that she pushed Demos into the Salem River, do you?

Victor: Is that too far-fetched?

Brady: Yeah, it is.

Victor: Do I need to remind you that she tried to kill me?

Brady: Can you really blame her?

Victor: You know, I used to admire your intelligence. Since you've taken up with that tart, I think your brain has turned to oatmeal.

Justin: And we're the family members he likes.

Victor: I've ordered DNA tests. No way I could've spawned cowards and losers. The two of you can consider yourselves released.

Brady: Released from... from what, your debt?

Justin: Our misery.

Victor: Your inheritance.

Brady: What inheritance? There is no inheritance, thanks to Deimos.

Victor: But he's history. I'm going to get Titan back. And I don't need either one of you to help me do it. [Dramatic music]

[Monitor beeping steadily]

[Door opening]

Chad: Why isn't she waking up?

Marlena: She's on some very heavy pain medication.

Chad: So, uh... What did--What did the doctor say, what--what... What happened to her face?

Marlena: Oh, she was exposed to some sort of accelerant. You know. The burns actually are only on her arms and hands.

Chad: Why--why would she get accelerant on her face?

Marlena: I don't know.

Abigail: Ch--Chad.

Chad: Hey, baby. I don't--I don't wanna hurt you, so...

Abigail: Chad, you have to get me out of here.

Chad: I wish--

Abigail: You have to get me out of this place.

Chad: I wish I could.

Abigail: Please, just get me out. Please just tell him to go away.

Chad: Who? It's just-- It's just--It's just Marlena and me, baby.

[Dramatic music]

You're going to the hospital in that?

Theresa: No, I'm going to my wedding.

But your friend is going to the hospital.

Theresa: But she would do the exact same thing. It's okay, she'll understand.

If you say so.

[Sexy saxophone music]

Theresa: Oh, my God.

Victor: Damn it. If it isn't the blushing bride.

Summer: I couldn't deny it any longer, so I told Brady how I felt.

Maggie: And he said?

Summer: That he loved Theresa. I felt like such an idiot.

Maggie: Oh, Summer, I'm so sorry.

Summer: When a guy says that his heart led him halfway across the country to your doorstep... He brings you to his town. He asks you to move in. He finds your long-lost mother, It's hard not to feel something.

Maggie: I understand.

Summer: And Theresa, she's been so mean to me. I have a hard time rooting for her and Brady.

Maggie: I understand.

Summer: You do.

Maggie: Mm. Theresa wasn't my favorite person, to put it mildly. She did some things where... I thought they were just about unforgivable.

Summer: Just about.

Maggie: I realized... so have I. Summer, so have must of us. Theresa's worked hard to earn that second chance. Theresa didn't--She didn't trust anyone, especially herself. Just like you.

Summer: I am nothing like her.

Maggie: Aside from the fact that you both love the same man?

Summer: I don't love him. I know he's marrying someone else. I just...want better for him. And for me.

Maggie: I thought you and Dario were--

Summer: We're friends. Not that I have any friends, but he's the closest I've got. Maybe Brady could've been if I hadn't ruined everything.

Maggie: Summer, don't beat yourself up about that. You were honest. You put yourself out there, and now you can move on.

Summer: But with who?

Maggie: Oh. I don't know, in my experience, the harder you look for love, the least likely you are to find it. Be patient. And, remember, sometimes... sometimes love comes from the most unexpected places.

Justin: why are you so convinced that you're getting Titan back?

Brady: What did you promise Kate?

Victor: The two of you.

Brady: You know, Grandfather, have you ever... considered retiring?

Victor: Why, you think the old man's losing it?

Brady: No, I think you've... earned a break. So does Maggie.

Victor: You've been talking about me behind my back?

Brady: We've just... we don't understand why you have to be so driven all the time.

Victor: Look where it's gotten me.

Justin: Broke? And almost dead?

Brady: Look, you can push us away all you want. The fact is, we're never gonna stop loving you.

Justin: Is it worth it?

Victor: Is what worth it?

Justin: Having to win all the time. Isn't it good enough just to be living and enjoying?

Victor: You know, I don't know how to do anything but win. You might as well tell me to stop breathing.

Abigail: Don't you see him? He's right there.

Chad: See who?

Abigail: Ben. Where did he go? No, he was... Wait, these...

Marlena: No, no, no, no. Abigail, no, no, no.

Abigail: I know he was. I saw him.

Marlena: The mask is helping you heal.

Abigail: He got away. I saw him, he was standing right there, I know it.

Chad: Baby, no one's gonna get anywhere near you, okay? I promise I will keep you safe.

Marlena: Take a deep breath.

Abigail: He was, I know.

Marlena: You inhaled a lot of smoke, sweetie. You need to rest.

Abigail: I'm not seeing things.

Marlena: I didn't say that you were, sweetie.

Abigail: But you're not listening to me! Please, just listen to me. I need to go home. I needed to be with my son, and that's all I need. I need to be with Thomas, please, Marlena. That's all I need, please.

Marlena: She's a six on the SAS.

Dr. Robinson: All right. Let's get some Haloperidol on board. I'm afraid you're gonna have to leave.

Chad: No.

Dr. Robinson: No, we have to monitor your wife very closely.

Marlena: She needs quiet and calm right now. It's still raw.

Abigail: Why isn't anybody listening to me?

Chad: Baby, baby, I'm listening to you.

Abigail: You all think I'm crazy, but he was here. I know he was.

Chad: Okay, okay--

Abigail: No, it's not okay.

Chad: Baby, I'm gonna right outside. Baby, I'm gonna be right outside, okay?

Abigail: I know he was. Yes, standing right there, I know. I know he was. I...

Dr. Robinson: I have a new med order for Ms. DiMera. I wanna start her on it right away.

Nurse: Yes, Doctor.

Dr. Robinson: I also want a plastics consult ASAP.

Chad: D-doctor, I--I'm sorry, but...I mean, she's worse. Okay? She was supposed to be getting better, and now she's in that room, wrapped in bandages.

Dr. Robinson: Mr. DiMera--

Chad: And I wanna know what the hell you guys are doing!

Dr. Robinson: I wish I had more time to talk to you. But I have a number of other patients who were very upset by the fire.

Marlena: Could I help out somehow?

Dr. Robinson: That'd be appreciated.

Marlena: I'll see if I can while this is going on. I'll get back to you.

Shawn: Chad. Hey, Chad. How's Abigail?

Chad: Um... She's, uh... She's--She's burned on... What are you doing? Are you here to investigate the fire?

Shawn: Yeah. Yeah, the fire marshal thinks it's arson.

Chad: Yeah, that's what everybody keeps saying, but nobody would tell me anything.

Shawn: You really wanna know?

Chad: Yeah.

Shawn: Okay, um...

Brady, I need you to come and look at something here.

Shawn: Sorry, man, I'll be right back. [Soft, melancholy music]

Victor: White wedding dress just couldn't take it anymore. Cover up, for God's sakes!

Theresa: Stop staring, you dirty old man. Get out of my house! Don't you mean Brady's house, paid for with my money? I know very well why you wanna marry my grandson. I also know very well why he wants to marry you. The appeal will wear thin fast.

Theresa: I love Brady. And Brady loves me. And if you dare show your face at our wedding--

Victor: I would suggest that you don't show your face at his wedding.

Theresa: What do you mean, "his" wedding?

Summer: Brady's marrying me. You...don't know?

Victor: Summer may be a low-class grifter, but she comes from good stock, as opposed to that whore mother of yours who gave birth to you.

Theresa: What? But you hate Summer!

Summer: I won him over.

Theresa: I don't wanna know how.

Summer: By being myself. Something that you will never understand in a million years.

Victor: Thank God Brady came to his senses. And maybe he'll get me an heir who's not named after a root vegetable.

["The Wedding March" begins]

Victor: Ah. They're playing your song. Here, my grandson awaits.

Theresa: Brady, good. Look, Victor was just here, and he's insane. He--he said that you're gonna marry Summer. Please tell me that he's crazy.

Brady: You're the one who's crazy. Did you--Did you really think that I would show up at the altar for you? Really? You're delusional.

Theresa: Brady! Brady, wait! Please, please! Come on, she doesn't... she... she doesn't love you, and I love you. Brady, Brady!

Victor: Oh, you're done. Good. I'd like to take my wife home, so she can rest.

Maggie: Don't be rude, Victor.

Summer: It's okay. You have given me a lot to think about. I will see you very soon. Okay? Bye.

Maggie: What is the matter with you?

Victor: What do you mean?

Maggie: You know what I mean. I don't treat your children with contempt and disrespect, and I won't have you treating my daughter that way either!

Brady: You really think Granddad is gonna get Titan back?

Justin: God knows what he's planning.

Brady: I can't believe he threw Nicole under the bus like that. All right, I believe it. I just can't believe that she let him. You're not really building a case against Nicole, are you?

Justin: I'm waiting for all the facts.

Brady: Justin, Kate set her up, you know that. Promise me you'll protect her.

Justin: I'll do my best.

Brady: Something else going on with you?

Justin: No. I'm just worried. Worried about Uncle Vic. Just like you are.

Roman: Hey. Glad I tracked you down. Hey, Brady.

Brady: How you doing?

Roman: Uh, you mind if I steal Justin for a minute?

Brady: No, no. Not at all. I should get going anyway. I'll see you around. What's up? Anything new on Deimos?

Roman: Still no body. Without a body, it's pretty damned hard to make a murder case.

Justin: Agreed.

Roman: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something else. I had to kick a perp loose from lockup. Jimmy Holman.

Justin: What? Why?

Roman: Everything we had on the guy just walked out of the evidence room.

Justin: [Sighs] Wait. Do you think he has a friend on the inside?

Roman: Apparently, yeah. They disabled the security cameras, they walked in, they took exactly what they need, nothing else. A very professional job.

Justin: Damn. I hate to see a guy like that get back on the street.

Roman: Yeah. But I will find out what happened in that evidence room, and then I will give you the pleasure of sending away whoever's responsible for a long, long time.

Justin: Well, I hope you get this guy.

Roman: I will. I'll keep you posted.

Summer: Good morning.

Justin: Summer?

Summer: Yeah.

Justin: Have a seat. How's Maggie doing?

Summer: Okay.

Justin: I know she is really happy to have you living with her.

Summer: I guess you didn't hear. I, uh, I moved out.

Justin: Uncle Vic drove you nuts?

Summer: How'd you know?

Justin: He drives everyone nuts. Sorry about that.

Summer: Oh, it's not your fault. I...know you're nothing like him. You know, I was gonna get a coffee, and I can't find my wallet anywhere.

Justin: I'll buy you coffee.

Summer: Gee, thanks.

Brady: Theresa?

Theresa: [Sobbing] Brady.

Brady: Wha--What? Hi.

Shawn: Hey, Chad, listen. Listen, sorry about that.

Chad: No, uh, it's... You were--You were gonna say something, you, uh, you know how the fire started?

Shawn: Yeah. Yeah, we do.

Brady: Whoa, wow, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna go out more often, if that's the kind of greeting I get every time.

Theresa: Hey, wait, Brady. Brady, please. Listen, um, I--I know we've been talking about our wedding date forever, and I was just hoping maybe we can set one. I'm--I'm tired of waiting.

Brady: Yeah, no, I'm-- I am too. W-where's this coming from? What's wrong?

Theresa: I just... You know how I wanna get married before anything goes wrong.

Brady: Okay, what could... What could possibly go wrong? I don't understand.

Theresa: Just please say yes.

Brady: Okay. Sure, yes.

Theresa: Good, yes.

Brady: I'll say yes. Yes. I say yes.

Theresa: Okay.

Summer: Thank you so much. I will pay you back.

Justin: Not necessary. It's a cup of coffee.

Summer: I insist. Yeah, Justin, do you think there's anything I can do to get on Victor's good side?

Justin: You know, I have been working on that very thing since the days of parachute pants with limited success, by the way. What does Maggie say?

Summer: Well, Maggie always wants everybody to be happy. And most days I don't think that's ever gonna happen for me.

Justin: Ah, don't say that. You got a lot going for you.

Summer: You think?

Adrienne: Uh, excuse me. Uh, your office I could find you here.

Justin: Yeah, hi. Um, how was your trip?

Adrienne: Um, good. Uh...Can we talk?

Justin: Of course. Um, do you mind?

Summer:, no. Thank you again for the coffee.

Justin: Sure.

[Melancholy string music]

Justin: [Clears throat] So, uh, what do you wanna talk about?

Officer: Look what forensics just found. It was on the river bank, near where Mr. Kiriakis disappeared. It's muddy, but UV analysis shows traces of blood.

Roman: All right. Have the lab put a rush on that. If that is Deimos' blood, then...maybe we're finally getting somewhere.

Brady: From what Brady says, you're not being any kinder to him than you have been to my daughter. I mean, it's not like it's yours and mine. We're one family. You've been so different since you lost everything to Deimos.

Victor: I haven't lost everything.

Maggie: Do you want to? You're pushing Justin and Brady away and me.

Victor: You?

Maggie: The anger, the secrets. Victor, is there anything else that you haven't told me?

Victor: I was gonna let Kate keep the money that she... married into, as long as she gave me back Titan.

Maggie: That was your plan?

Victor: I'm tired, Maggie. Of all of it. The fighting, the sniping.

Maggie: A few weeks ago, you were thinking about leaving Salem. Putting it all behind you. Are you still thinking that?

Victor: It doesn't sound so bad now.

[Soft string music]

Chad: Okay, so what happened?

Marlena: I've got to talk to you.

Chad: Just a minute. He already says he knows how the fire started, so...

Shawn: We do.

[Dramatic music]

Chad: No. No, no, no, no. Not my--Not my Abby. My Abby-- No, she didn't start the fire.

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