Days Transcript Wednesday 6/15/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/15/16


Episode #12865 ~ Nicole & Dario sneak into the Kiriakis mansion to find incriminating evidence against Kate; Victor double crosses Nicole; Hope meets Aiden for a romantic dinner; Eduardo is moved when he realizes Adriana still has feelings for him.

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[Soft music]

Blanca: Uh, hope it's all right if I use the kitchen.

Rafe: Yeah, sure.

Blanca: You know what? I think it needs something.

Rafe: Maybe a little lemon?

Blanca: Yes, lemon!

Rafe: Actually, though, it's really good. It's better than my mom's. Don't tell her I said that.

Blanca: Oh, no, I wouldn't dream of it. My invitation to stay might disappear.

Rafe: Not if she needs your help around here. That is why you're here, isn't it?

Blanca: Uh-huh.

Rafe: You know, a big part of my job depends on being able to tell if people are telling me the truth or lying.

[Gentle music]

Aiden: Okay, so, this is important.

I understand.

Aiden: Now, you think you can get everything on the list there?

Don't worry about our end.

Aiden: All right. Great.

Dario: You rang?

Nicole: No sign of Deimos anywhere.

Dario: Well, at least no corpse turned up.

Nicole: Don't say that.

Dario: You want him to be alive.

Nicole: Of course I do. Look, the Salem PD are not fans of mine and my sort-of friends would arrest me for murder.

Dario: Is that the only reason you want him to be alive?

Nicole: Of course, I...

Dario: Unless you have feelings for the guy.

Deimos: When I first met you, I knew that you had been close with Philip. I wanted information on him.

Chloe: So nothing that happened between us was what it seemed.

Deimos: At first, no.

Chloe: Here's the door.

Deimos: Look. I'm telling you the whole truth right now. When we first met, I had a plan. But honestly, you gave me everything I needed to know the first night over drinks. Now, if I had been smart, I would have taken off right then and there and never seen you again, but I didn't. I risked the chance of being caught. I risked the element of surprise losing that. And that was for a reason. And that reason was, I wanted to stay.

Chloe: Until you left.

Blanca: I need more practice.

Rafe: With English?

Blanca: No. Lying.

Rafe: I knew it. I knew it. Mami doesn't need help. That's a cover story, isn't it?

Blanca: Yeah. Hey, that woman could handle this house with twice the people in it.

Rafe: I know.

Blanca: Yeah.

Rafe: So what did she tell you? What's the deal?

Blanca: I think Adriana may be better at bending the truth.

Rafe: Oh, yeah?

Blanca: Yeah. Okay. I was in Mexico, and she said she needed the help, so, of course, I came. she started talking about you, how wonderful you are, how ready you were to settle down, maybe start a family.

Rafe: Oh, a-- [Chuckles] Wow. I'm sorry.

Blanca: No, it's okay.

Rafe: Well, no, no, it's not okay. She brought you here for nothing.

Blanca: I needed the change anyway.

Rafe: Okay. You're taking this better than I would. Than I am.

Blanca: Hey. Your mother loves you. She cares about you. That's normal.

Rafe: No, it is not normal because I've been on my own for a very long time, okay? Alone.

Adriana: I'm sorry. I don't mean to interrupt.

Rafe: You didn't.

Nicole: No. You know what? Don't even go there, all right? Deimos isn't even my type anyway.

Dario: Oh, really? Really? What's your type?

Nicole: Good guys. Decent, solid, honest guys I can trust.

Dario: Since when? Okay, Daniel, maybe, and the priest. But other than that?

Nicole: Okay, fine. I used to go for... dark and handsome and dangerous, but I know better now.

Dario: We always know better. We don't choose who we fall for.

Nicole: Don't worry about me. At least, not about this. Listen. You've been around Rafe lately. Has he mentioned anything about the investigation? He wouldn't tell me.

Dario: Rafe doesn't talk about cases.

Nicole: Well, if Deimos really is dead and the cops are just gonna sit there and swallow whatever Kate shovels them--

Dario: Well, then you need to shovel back. If you think Kate killed Deimos, you need to find the proof. [tense music] you would make that. Let me see... Mmm! Blanca's guacamole's much better than mine! You won't hurt my feelings.

Rafe: Oh, you were eavesdropping.

Adriana: I-I walked by a door.

Rafe: I know what you're up to.

Blanca: I'm just gonna go take a walk.

Adriana: Rafael, you should go with Blanca. Get some fresh air and make sure that she's safe.

Blanca: No, no, no, it's okay. I'm just gonna go to the town square. I'm sure that's fine, right? Bye.

Rafe: Bye. [Door closes] You need to butt out.

Adriana: Of the kitchen?

Rafe: Of my love life.

Adriana: You don't have a love life. There is a skinny detective...

Rafe: Mami--

Adriana: That led you by the nose!

Rafe: Okay, you should not have brought her here under false pretexts.

Adriana: She's here to... help me around the house and keep me company.

Rafe: Really?

Adriana: You like her.

Rafe: I am not looking for anyone, okay?

Adriana: Exactly! You're not looking what is right under your nose! How are you gonna find someone--

Rafe: I'm gonna tell you--

Adriana: I can't stand to see you with your heart broken, mijo.

Rafe: On last time. My personal life is none of your business. Leave it alone.

Roman: Any trace evidence we find could lead us to Deimos. Dead or alive, we need that man found.

Victor: Still haven't found my brother?

Roman: No, not yet.

Victor: How far downstream are you looking? You know, with the weather lately, the currents are probably strong.

Roman: Oh, they are. And we have alerts as far as 100 miles downstream. Look, Victor, I promise you, I will call you if I hear any word, okay?

Victor: In the meantime, are you building the case?

Roman: Case?

Victor: For murder.

Roman: You ran into Kate?

Victor: Why do you think I'm here? The minute she told me about Nicole, everything clicked.

Roman: What clicked? 

Roman: How'd she plan to do that?

Victor: I suppose she was gonna get him to marry her. Then kill him.

Dario: It was still a risk.

Nicole: What? He has a new butler. He has no reason to lie to me. Kate's gone. Servants a

Dario: And you knew about that window how?

Nicole: I used to live here for a really long time, so I knew how to sneak in and out of this house. Just check up here. I'm gonna look in this desk.

Dario: So any evidence that Kate's framing you, right?

Nicole: Or anything incriminating. Might have to blackmail my way out of this. [Sighs] Damn.

Dario: What?

Nicole: They're all locked.

Dario: I see you came prepared.

Nicole: Cam You never heard me say that.

[Tense music]

[Gentle piano music]

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: Yes. Keep looking.

Chloe: So you used me and disappeared.

Deimos: [Sighs] Look, when I looked at you, I saw the chance for another way. For the first time in literally decades, I saw a woman that I could potentially make happy, a woman that made me feel like... I couldn't. I couldn't. I couldn't have that. That's why I ran. That's why I ran and I took my revenge instead.

Chloe: Yeah, well, good. Good for you.

Deimos: Yeah. Yeah, I guess you can say that. Good for me. I have it all. I have his money, his company, his house. Do you want to know something? In the end, it meant absolutely nothing. I mean, look at me. It's not like it gave me any real pleasure. You know what I want more than anything? Despite everything that's going on right now, I want to make things right for you. Will you give me a chance to do that?

Chloe: No way. Not a chance.

Deimos: But why? Wha--what do you have to lose?

Chloe: It's not just about me. I have a son. And there's no way that I would ever risk you hurting him. [Dramatic music] [receiver trills]

Aiden: Hi.

Hope: Yes.

Aiden: Yes?

Hope: Yes, I accept.

Aiden: Perfect. I will be waiting.

Rafe: Well, you look safe enough.

Blanca: See, just like you, I can take care of myself. This is a beautiful plaza.

Rafe: Yeah, guess it is.

Blanca: Yeah, it is. It's so nice to walk around and not kick up the dust. Very different from my home. Yeah. Hey, look at this. Look how many things to do on a Wednesday night.

Rafe: Oh, so you're sticking around?

Blanca: Yeah, why not?

Rafe: 'Cause you were tricked into coming here?

Blanca: Yeah, but that doesn't change this. Look, four art classes, two new documentaries, and five places to go dancing on a Wednesday.

Rafe: Wow, on a Wednesday. You're right, this place is happening, huh?

Blanca: Yeah, it is.

Rafe: Yeah.

Blanca: So, tell me about this Tom and Alice Horton. They are the patron saints of Salem?

Rafe: Yeah, exactly. They are the patron saints. In fact, their family, well, they go way back and--

Eduardo: Oh, hey.

Rafe: Hi. Hey, Eduardo. Hey, have you met Blanca?

Eduardo: No, but I've heard about you, Blanca. You're Adriana's friend, right?

Blanca: Yeah.

Eduardo: Eduardo, mucho gusto.

Blanca: El gusto es mio.

Eduardo: Bueno. That's excellent. Yeah, so, uh, Adriana needed some help with the house.

Rafe: Yeah, that's her story. She's sticking with it.

Eduardo: You have to admire the tenacity.

Blanca: I don't mind.

Rafe: You should. She wasted your time coming down here.

Roman: Nicole said this to you?

Victor: Well, not in so many words. Of course I couldn't get involved with something like that.

Roman: Of course not. So Nicole comes to you with this idea, why?

Victor: She's got a soft spot for Maggie, Daniel's mother. She wanted to help.

Roman: And she needed your help with this plan?

Victor: Well, she would have sooner or later. I'm sure Deimos has moved money around in places where it's hard to trace.

Roman: Okay, so--

Victor: Now we know where to look.

Roman: So Nicole is offering you a percent?

Victor: I assume. We never got into it. I cut her off. Told her to stay away from my brother.

Roman: Wait a minute. I would think those two would be a perfect match in your eye. No love lost all around.

Victor: Well, Deimos and I were starting to reconcile.

Roman: Really?

Victor: I was still very tentative, but I was ready to make peace. I'm getting too old for this operatic war in the family. I'm content to just retire in a peaceful place and take care of my wife.

Roman: Okay, Victor. So you were talking to Deimos before he disappeared. Did he tell you he was marrying Kate?

Victor: He said they were serious.

Roman: Victor, you do realize if this marriage is legit, Kate inherits everything.

Victor: Let her have it.

Roman: Let me get this straight. Okay? Your company, your fortune, your house, your prize rose beds, none of that matters now?

Victor: Compared to my wife? No. All I want is justice for Deimos. If Nicole killed him, I want her to pay. In the meantime, if I can help in any way, just let me know.

Nicole: So you checked everything up there?

Dario: Yeah, I checked everything. There's nothing there.

Nicole: Oh, I hate when that happens. So where would Kate hide something?

Dario: The better question is, what would she be hiding?

Nicole: Well, if this is a scam, and Kate is trying to get her hands on the Kiriakis money, there's got to be some paper trail. I mean, now there's got to be some paper trail. What, this insta-wedding? Where's the paper on that?

Dario: Yeah, but you said she was lying, so there's no marriage document.

Nicole: No, but she convinced Roman and the cops which means she had to make up some kind of marriage certificate, but she's scrambling, 'cause I don't think she actually had any of this planned.

Dario: So they didn't get married?

Nicole: No. No. Not the way Deimos was with me.

Dario: Right, there's no way he would lie to you to get you in the sack.

Nicole: It wasn't like that.

Dario: Okay. Nicole, this guy would say or do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

Eduardo: Hey.

Adriana: What, you don't knock anymore?

Eduardo: I knew you were alone. I just ran into Rafe at the square with Blanca.

Adriana: They were together? That's good.

Eduardo: They are so onto you, woman. You need to, like, slow down a little bit and let Rafael find his own way.

Adriana: Yeah, you don't see him mope around the house. Our son is a good catch. He's a handsome, smart, caring man who deserves someone who loves him and respects him. That Hope woman, she broke his heart, and now she's off with some shady man that should be dead, and he's a good buddy.

Eduardo: Well, whether or not the shady man should be dead, Rafe can handle it.

Adriana: You don't know.

Eduardo: Because I wasn't around, right?

Adriana: Who said that?

Eduardo: That's--every time you say, "I don't know," you mean because I wasn't there.

Adriana: No, no, no. I mean because you're a man. You don't know. Men don't know.

Eduardo: Oh, okay. Yeah, well, thank you.

Adriana: For what? You feel bad enough already. Why make it worse? Oh. What are you staring at?

Eduardo: First woman I ever loved. As beautiful now as you were the first night I laid eyes on you.

Adriana: And you're still too fast with words.

Eduardo: First man you ever loved.

Adriana: Did I tell you that?

Eduardo: Am I the last? All those years?

Adriana: Not the last. Or the first. You're the only man I ever loved. No one could ever take that place. [knocking at door]

Roman: Hey.

Abe: Hey. So, do we have anything from the search?

Roman: Well, they covered the grid. Upstream and downstream. Divers covered all the search area. We got nothing. No body.

Abe: What's your gut?

Roman: Who the hell knows? You know, people think that river is so treacherous, but we've seen survivors come out of there before. More than once. And that's assuming that Deimos even went into the water.

Abe: But you think he didn't.

Roman: At this point, I think it's an even bet that Deimos could just stroll back into town at any minute, get all of those close to that man insist he was murdered.

Abe: Based on what?

Roman: Exactly. Yet they all want to hang this on Nicole Walker. I'm telling you, Abe, I have never seen so many people want a man dead since Stefano was alive. [jazzy piano music]

Aiden: Wow.

Hope: As instructed, my, uh, best dress.

Aiden: Could have worn a T-shirt. You would have been the most beautiful woman here. Our table.

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: Yeah. Here.

Hope: Thank you.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Oh.

Aiden: Uh... Chianti?

Hope: Do we dare even try?

Aiden: I think I'm ready this time. This is a complete first date do-over, okay? Except for the Chicago part, of course.

Hope: And the, uh, good old kitchen fire.

Aiden: Yeah, that part too.

Hope: So what's left?

Aiden: The perfect date. And that... is you.

Adriana: The children could come back any minute.

Eduardo: Our grown-up children, you mean? I think they can take it.

Adriana: Not Dario.

Eduardo: I got to go?

Adriana: Uh, no, you don't have to leave. Just--just stay over there. Over there. And, uh, tell me about the threats.

Eduardo: What?

Adriana: Did you get another message?

Eduardo: No, no. No, I didn't. I don't think it's a real threat.

Adriana: How do you know?

Eduardo: You just get a feel for it. I would like it to be done. I think I know how to make that happen.

Roman: So it seems that Victor and Deimos were in the midst of this very touchy reunion, and Nicole robbed them of that time together.

Abe: Yeah. Yeah, that whole Nicole plot, it's a pretty thin story.

Roman: Mm-hmm.

Abe: So what do you think?

Roman: I don't know yet. But Kate says she saw Nicole push Deimos into that river. And now, Victor's piling on.

Abe: Well, maybe they need to throw suspicion on someone else.

Roman: You know what? That could be.

Abe: Roman, who wins if Deimos is dead?

Roman: Ah, you're gonna love this. Kate produced a marriage certificate.

Abe: Oh, no.

Roman: And I have talked to witnesses who swear they saw Kate and Deimos get married in Vegas on the date in question.

Abe: Oh, and no one has ever forged a marriage certificate or bribed a witness.

Roman: And there is no doubt that Kate is capable of all of that. Problem is proving it. But you know what? We might not have to do that.

Abe: You think the guy's alive.

Roman: My gut, yes. But, course, we're not going to know that until Deimos Kiriakis turns up, one way or the other.

Nicole: Yeah, every time Victor needed some space from someone he lived with he just added on. Lots of hiding spaces.

Dario: Well, we went through them all.

Nicole: Do you think that Kate has the proof o

Dario: No, that'd be too obvious. If she just whipped out her marriage license that would be--

Nicole: Yeah, I guess.

[Lock rattles]

[Dramatic music]

Buon appetito.

Aiden: Thank you for showing up.

Hope: I said--I said I would.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Hey.

Aiden: Hmm?

Hope: Hey.

Rafe: Aiden.

Aiden: Hey.

Rafe: This is Blanca. She's my mom's friend. She's visiting from Mexico. Blanca, this is Hope.

Blanca: Very nice to meet you.

Rafe: Aiden.

Aiden: Um, nice to meet you.

Blanca: Hi, nice to meet you.

Aiden: Yeah.

Rafe: We're just gonna grab some coffees to go.

Aiden: Oh, good.

Hope: Oh, okay.

Aiden: Have a great night.

Rafe: Yeah.

Aiden: Nice meeting you.

Blanca: Nice meeting you.

Hope: Have a nice evening.

Aiden: Sorry, that must have been awkward for you.

Hope: Rafe and I work together. We're going to see each other all the time.

Aiden: You having second thoughts?

Hope: About tonight?

Aiden: About everything.

Hope: We're having a nice evening. I won't ruin it.

Aiden: Me neither. You care to dance?

Hope: Hmm?

Aiden: You want to dance?

Hope: Um....

Aiden: Come on.

Hope: Okay.

Eduardo: Real control...

Blanca: It's all right. I didn't need a drink anyway.

Eduardo: Hi.

Blanca: Hi. Um, well, good night.

Rafe: Night.

Adriana: Good night. What did you do to scare her off?

Rafe: Any guac left?

Eduardo: Yeah, help yourself.

Rafe: So, what are the two of you plotting, hmm? She doesn't need an accomplice.

Adriana: The disrespect.

Eduardo: I was just talking to your mother about this idea I have to stop these messages I've been getting.

Rafe: How's that going?

Eduardo: Well, I'm going to try to find the families of everyone... everyone I killed and see if I can't make some sort of reparations, see that they're compensated.

Rafe: You don't think it's a little too late?

Eduardo: Probably, but on the other hand, to do nothing, how is that better?

Rafe: What do you think?

Adriana: It's the right thing to do. Whether it stops the threats or not.

Rafe: Could just be poking a hornet's nest. How do you know there's not going to be blowback on our family?

Eduardo: I'm going to move heaven and earth to make sure that doesn't happen. The family will be safe.

Deimos: How did I not see him before?

Chloe: Parker was with his father when we were involved.

Deimos: He looks like a good kid. Yes, you can tell. He seems strong. But kind. You must be a great mom.

Chloe: I try.

Deimos: Why didn't you tell me about Parker earlier?

Chloe: Well, Robert, you were new in my life and I wasn't sure if this was serious. You don't just bring anyone home to meet your kid when you're a single mom.

Deimos: Yeah, I guess that makes sense.

Chloe: I'm guessing that you don't have any children?

Deimos: No. You're a lucky woman.

Chloe: I am. Now, listen, Robert-- Deimos, whatever. Look, we had a good time, it's true, but when you disappeared, I thought that that was it. We had a fling. You went on with your life. I went on with mine. Let's just leave it at that. Now, Parker gets home from camp tomorrow. You can spend the night on the couch if you'd like, but in the morning, I want you gone.

Adriana: You have everything you need?

Blanca: Yes, thank you. My room is perfect. And thank you for a lovely evening.

Rafe: Well, don't worry. You'll find more interesting things to do in this town. You already have.

Blanca: Yeah. Good night.

Both: Good night.

Adriana: What was that?

Rafe: What?

Adriana: Nothing in this town is more interesting than you.

Rafe: I already told you, I'm not interested. Give it a rest.

Hope: Well, I had a nice evening. Thank you.

Aiden: Yeah. Yeah, me too. Me too. First of many?

Hope: Let's just say not the last.

Aiden: I can live with that.

Hope: Good night.

Aiden: Good night.

Hope: Good night.

[Phone rings]

Aiden: Aiden Jennings.

André: Have you forgotten that your most important client is still in lockup?

Aiden: I'm working on it, André.

André: Work faster. You get me out of here tomorrow. Otherwise I'll just have to tell Hope Brady the truth. Imagine the disgust that she will feel when she finds out that you went along with our plan right up to that moment you were about to kill her. [Laughs]

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