Days Transcript Wednesday 6/8/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/8/16


Episode #12860 ~ Hope turns to her past to help her through an emotional time.

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Bo: Yeah. The great part about being on this side is, I can come help you out whenever you need it.

Hope: Do you know what's happened?

Bo: Yeah. You've had a rough go of it.

Hope: But I made it so much worse. [exhales] How is that possible? [Sniffles] Losing you was devastating. I lost control. I thought Stefano was responsible for what happened to you. I wanted justice for you. I killed Stefano.

Bo: I know. But he's not the one who put me in prison.

Hope: I know. I was so lost. I let our daughter--

Bo: Hey, hey, you're not responsible for that.

Hope: Yes, I am. I am. I didn't see-- I couldn't see what was really happening with Chase. He raped our daughter. [Sobbing] I didn't even know she'd been violated.

Bo: I know, Fancy Face. I know.

Hope: Seems that everywhere in my life, there's pain. I don't know what to do. [Crying] You were always my compass, you know. Even when there was a huge storm and I couldn't see over the swells, let alone the landmarks-- but you always knew, you knew where we were.

Bo: Yeah. I had a compass.

Hope: [Chuckles] Do you still?

Bo: For you, Fancy Face? Always. Don't you worry. We'll get you back home.

Hope: Where is that?

Bo: It's you, yourself.

Hope: [Sighs] Who is that?

Bo: Oh, come on. My little one's still inside there. The one who would battle her way through anything.

Hope: I'm tired. I'm tired, Bo. And I'm alone. I am.

Bo: Are you? Really, alone?

Hope: Yes, you're not real. I'll wake up or blink and you'll be gone and I'll be alone. So just go, just leave me.

Bo: What? Are you trying to get rid of me?

Hope: You're not helping.

Bo: You gotta let me help--

Hope: It hurts too much. I can't! I can't... Seeing you hurts me. It hurts. Just go. Don't go. Please don't go.

Bo: Come here, go away...

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: No wonder you can't move. Is this how you treat all the guys in your life? Come here--no, no, no. That's too much--go away. One more step--go, go.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Bo: There you are.

Hope: And there you are.

Bo: Mm-hmm. I'm a little uncomfortable with the way you're living your life right now, so... tell you what, why don't we look at this list of yours and put some names at the top?

Hope: No, I'm not doing--

Bo: Aiden, and that cop guy-- what's his name, Rafe?

Hope: I'm not doing this with you.

Bo: I thought things were going well with Rafe.

Hope: They were. It's Rafe. He's great. So solid. He always has my back. He's a great partner.

Bo: I'm not hearing the problem here.

Hope: There isn't. There wasn't one. Aiden came back. I-I know, I know. He met me for all of the wrong reasons, but, Brady, I'm telling you. I know what happened between us. It changed him. We truly loved each other. I never thought that I could love anyone beside you. I never had.

Bo: Until Aiden. Well, that's worth something.

Hope: [Sighs] I don't know how I'm gonna figure this out.

Bo: You can, Fancy Face, and you will, but... that's why I'm here. Come on. How many years have we known each other?

Hope: [Laughs]

Bo: Yeah, right, and how many crazy things have we seen each other through?

Hope: Too many to count.

Bo: Exactly. And no matter what life or Stefano or some drug did to you, you were always there. There was always this strong girl, and this woman standing in front of me is gonna get her life back, okay? Yeah, okay. Let's head back into the world. Go ahead. Let's do it.

Hope: It's not locked. Perfect; it's stuck, like I am.

Bo: So we just have to figure out what's keeping you stuck.

Hope: You mean, if I can open the door, then I'm fine? Larry.

Larry: Hi, gorgeous. Been a while. thheha Wt ll are you doing here?

Larry: How 'bout a drink? Or, uh...ooh! How 'bout some wine? That sounds good. There we go. [Sighs]

Hope: Get out. Get out!

Larry: Sure.

Hope: No, I mean it! Get out!

Larry: If you meant it, I wouldn't be here.

Hope: The hell you wouldn't. You never gave a damn what I thought, what I felt about anything.

Larry: Well, you certainly made me pay for that, didn't you?

Hope: You were a criminal that deserved to be brought down and exposed.

Larry: You were so young, so sweet.

Hope: Maybe I was before I met you. But you took that.

Larry: Really? What'd I leave?

Hope: A girl that was no longer a girl. I was strong. I had no fear.

Larry: Really?

Hope: Really.

Larry: No fear?

Hope: No fear.

Larry: [Laughing] Come on, Hope. Look, where are you? You're hiding in a cabin making lists! So what's next? All of us holding hands and sitting together and singing "Kumbaya"--

Hope: No, I got the best of you back then, and I even got the best of you after you got out of prison and--

Larry: You just didn't grow up; you never grew up.

Hope: I'm past this. I'm over it. I know I am.

Larry: Yeah, you were a spoiled princess then, and you--

Hope: Get out!

Larry: Oh, okay!

Hope: No, you get out.

Larry: You know, the only difference now is, you're more lethal than I ever was. You're worse than me, Hope. You took a gun and you killed a man in cold blood and then had somebody else do the time for you!

Hope: Get out!

Larry: [Laughing]

Hope: Get out! You get the hell--

Larry: What did I say?

Hope: Get the hell out! [panting]

Bo: So, how did that feel?

Hope: I don't know.

Bo: Let me tell you what I saw. The girl I fell in love with. Hope Williams Brady. The woman who wouldn't take crap from anyone. Well, well, well... [Chuckles] You sure you're old enough to man this booth?

Hope: Cut it, Bo. Okay, give me a ticket and let's get this over with.

Bo: Oh, okay. Here you go, little one.

Hope: There must be a dozen tickets here.

Bo: Closer to two dozen. Think you're up to it?

Hope: [Sighs] I guess it's for a good cause.

Bo: [Laughing] "For a good cause."

Hope: That's it? For two dozen tickets, that's it?

Bo: You're right. I'm not paying to kiss you. You're not ready for it.

Hope: I can handle it, Bo.

Bo: And I don't think you can, little one.

Hope: I said I can handle it.

Bo: Oh, you did?

Hope: And I can.

Bo: Sure you c--

Hope: Now... Was that worth two dozen tickets?

Bo: [Clears throat] Here you go.

Hope: What's this?

Bo: A tip. Whoo!

Hope: What are you still doing here?

Bo: Oh, waiting for you. Thought we'd talk about old times.

Hope: Sorry, but I think I had enough of that for today. Thank you.

Bo: Come on. Would you relax, Hope? I was just giving you a hard time.

Hope: Yeah, I noticed.

Bo: Look. I don't have anything to do this afternoon, so let's go for a ride.

Hope: Sorry. But you're still alone, because I'm going to school.

Bo: Whatever.

Hope: Anyway, you know, I didn't care for that remark you said in front of Roman today.

Bo: [Stammering] In front... Everybody's got moles, Hope.

Hope: Not funny.

Bo: You're in a bad mood today.

Hope: Let's just say... I don't go for your type.

Bo: So I noticed.

Hope: Bo, I mean it. I want you to turn this motorcycle around and take me back to Salem right now.

Bo: I told you, I will take you back to Salem after the honeymoon. Now just sit back and enjoy the view.

Hope: What view? What the-- what is that?

Bo: Looks like a hot air balloon to me.

Hope: I know it's a hot air balloon, Bo. I meant, what's it do-- how'd it get here?

Bo: Those are very good questions, Fancy Face. Isn't it amazing?

Hope: Well, yeah-- Bo, what's going on?

Bo: You're about to find out!

Hope: I don't believe this.

Bo: It's all for you.

Hope: Oh, it's so beautiful! I have never seen anything so-- Wait a minute.

Bo: What?

Hope: You think I'm getting in this thing, don't you?

Bo: Oh, no, no, no.

Hope: I'm not getting in-- Bo, you don't know how to fly this thing.

Bo: That's okay. Just take a closer look!

Hope: No, wait, I lost my-- Brady, no, this is not funny!

Bo: I got your shoe.

Hope: Give me my shoe.

Bo: There you go.

Hope: It's not funny.

Bo: [Laughing] Who's laughing?

Hope: Stop it. Don't touch me.

Bo: I just want you to know that I love you. And I think you're awful cute. Look at that face--

Hope: Oh, really?

Bo: [Shrieking] Hope, let go! Ouch! Now, that's a strong woman. Could tell me off and get away with it. Hope--

Hope: Bo, what are you doing in here? This is the-- Get out of here!

Bo: I know this is the ladies' room, and I'll get out of here just as soon as you tell me why you almost ran me over back at Abe's office.

Hope: Because you were in my way, that's why. Now get out of here.

Bo: Don't you think you're getting a little carried away here?

Hope: I don't have to listen to this.

Bo: Well, you're gonna listen to this. Admit it. Police academy is not for you. You're not cut out to be a cop.

Hope: You were right.

Bo: What are you talking about? You're a great cop.

Hope: And Larry was right. That's why he was here. What he said about me and Stefano, it's true.

Bo: No, it is not. You were out of your mind with grief. You thought he was responsible for my death.

Stefano: You are defeated. You are a joke.

[Pistol cocks]

Hope: Am I?

Stefano: [Laughing] You know, I'm sorry for laughing, but you're embarrassing yourself. We both know that you don't have the guts to pull that trigger. Predictable to the very end. You are, at heart, a coward. Just like that banal, dead husband of yours. May he rest in peace.

Hope: [Screaming]

Stefano: [Laughing]

[Dramatic music]

Hope: I killed him, and I put someone else in jail for my crime.

Bo: Whoa, it's not just someone else. It's André.

Hope: No. This isn't about André and Stefano. The point is, is that I did something unforgiveable. I lost my moral compass. I sold my soul that day, Bo. And I compromised Rafe and Roman to do it. That's--that's why I'm paralyzed.

Bo: You really believe that?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Okay, so... what do we do with that?

Stefano: Turn yourself in.

Hope: Stefano...

Stefano: [Chuckling] Did you really think that you could kill me, huh? [Chuckles] And then dump me in a pile of rubble? You will never, never be rid of me. All those years of self-righteous anger. You are no better than me.

Hope: What I did was unforgiveable.

Stefano: But you sleep at night, ah?

Hope: You tried to make Aiden kill me. If you'd had it your way, I'd be dead right now. I came after you the one time in your miserable life that you were actually innocent.

Stefano: Who says God has no sense of humor, huh?

Hope: You were a monster! But I had no right to take your life.

Stefano: That makes it all the better.

Hope: It doesn't. I know it doesn't. I have to turn myself in to the police, Bo.

Bo: Okay. Let's play that out. You go to Roman to turn yourself in. Only thing is, he and Rafe were part of this, so their careers are... basically over. But hey, they're big boys. They knew what they were doing. So them's the breaks. You go to jail. What happens to our little girl?

Hope: That's what I keep telling myself. I can't leave Ciara alone.

Bo: Right. You still can't. You go to jail for this crime, André is back on the street--

Hope: I know, I know. He'd come after Ciara. See, this... this is the train. Brady, every time I think about it, I go round and round. I-I can't get it to stop.

Bo: And you won't get it to stop if you go to jail. You'll always be wondering what's going on with your daughter. Is she safe? Is André going after her?

Hope: So it never stops.

Bo: No. The only thing that can stop it is you.

Hope: I can't. How?

Bo: You accept yourself. You accept that you did the best you could. And you accept that sometimes justice, it... just ain't pretty. And you do not beat yourself up for this. You live your life. And you make sure our daughter lives her life.

Hope: Okay. Stefano.

Stefano: What is it that you want from me?

Hope: You have a son that's very alone right now. I have children, a grandchild. I can't give you back your life, but I can promise you that I will look out after your son, the same way I look out after my own. We can't forgive each other. I know that. But maybe it'll give you peace, knowing that someone is there, looking out after Chad.

Stefano: I will hold you to that promise. Do you understand? Watch out for my son.

Hope: I will.

Bo: Okay?

Hope: As okay as I can be.

Bo: Exactly. Getting a little more breath in there? A little more life?

Hope: Getting there.

Bo: Good. 'Cause there's somebody else who's a little anxious to see you.

Zack: Mom?

Hope: Zack? [Crying] [Crying] [Sniffles] Look at you. Oh, my God. It's really you.

Zack: You recognize me.

Hope: Oh, my sweet boy. I have seen you every day of my life. [Laughing] I have imagined you at every age.

Zack: So I've grow up beside you.

Hope: You have. There's never been a moment, not one moment, that you weren't in my heart. I've missed you. I've missed you so much. You brought so much joy into my life and into your dad's. The day that you died, I thought I'd never get back up again. Oh, Zack. Baby. [Sobbing] You shouldn't be here. Seeing you, it's such a gift. Thank you. Thank you.

Zack: That's not the gift.

Hope: What?

Zack: You. You're a good mother.

Hope: No, it's not true.

Zack: Mom, you are. And you need to know that. Shawn and Ciara are lucky to have you.

Hope: Lucky? No. They needed me. I let them down. I made it harder for them.

Zack: You're wrong. See... It's just like you said to me before. About how there hasn't been one moment where I haven't been in your heart. Well, it's the same with you for Shawn and Ciara. And they know that. They've felt it.

Hope: I let them both down so badly.

Zack: Mom, stop--please. Your kids are fine.

Hope: They're not fine. But they will be.

Zack: What is that?

Hope: Nothing, just... some silly exercise. My kids need me, and that's where I should be.

Zack: Your kids are grown-ups.

Hope: Are you telling me that I-I shouldn't help your brother and sister?

Zack: I'm telling you not to give up the rest of your life for them. They don't need that. What they need is to know that you're okay. What they need is for you to find happiness again, Mom. That's what will help them. Don't you see? That's what will make them stronger. Knowing you found your way again.

Hope: Zack...

Zack: Mom...

Hope: I don't know.

Zack: Mom... You have so much to offer. So much love. Your children are fine. They love you and they want you to be happy. They want that more than anything. So don't cheat them out of that.

Hope: I won't. Thank you for being here... my angel.

Zack: Well, I'm glad I could. Hey. Do you want to go take a walk by the water?

Hope: Yes. The three of us. Yes. No! Brady, there's nothing left.

Hope: What is this?

Zack: I have to go now.

Hope: No. No! I want more time with you.

Zack: We will have all the time in the world someday.

Hope: Someday.

Zack: I love you, Mom.

Hope: I love you, Zack. You will always be in my heart. Know that.

Zack: I've never forgotten.

Hope: So let me guess. My last obstacle is myself.

Hope: Smart cookie.

Bo: I'll take it from here.

Hope: Mm. Good luck.

Bo: You know what this is about?

Hope: It's about you. Right?

Bo: What are you holding on to?

Hope: You know.

Bo: Let go, Fancy Face. You just gotta let go.

Hope: I can't. I can't. I should have known that you would never abandon us. I didn't come look for you--

Bo: Hey, hey, hey. 'Cause they made you believe that I had, and basically, I had.

Hope: Not forever!

Bo: And I--

Hope: No, I--

Bo: I should have told you about that second mission, but "should have"s don't get us anywhere.

Hope: I should have believed in you. I didn't fight for you.

Bo: What are you talking about? You fought for me for  years!

Hope: How can you not be angry? How can you not be angry with me? I caused you-- I used us... maybe your life, Brady.

Bo: Yeah, so now, you're responsible for the tumor that killed me? Fancy Face, you're pretty-- pretty darn great, but you're not all-powerful.

Hope: I could have found you. I could have!

Bo: And you could have gotten killed looking for me. And the brain tumor would have killed me anyway, and our children would be divvying up our estate, fighting over that toaster. The one you have to push twice. Hope, listen to me very carefully. Anything-- anything could have happened. But here we are.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: Here we are.

Hope: No. Here I am.

Bo: Exactly! Finally! Yes, here you are! And you're alive! And I don't want you to waste this life of yours! It's very, very precious!

Hope: Okay, I'll stop. Really, I'm done, I'm done.

Bo: What does that mean?

Bo: I'm done--I-I-- I don't know. I don't know--second guessing?

Bo: Are you asking me?

Hope: I'll make choices, okay? I'll--I'll make mistakes.

Bo: Right! And most important, you'll live! And you'll be amazing.

Hope: I hope I... No. I--I will be amazing.

Bo: Yes, yes. Yes, you will.

[Both laughing]

Bo: Nice! You did it! You did it! Now, what do you say we get out of this cave, huh? Rejoin the world.

Hope: No. No, there's something I need to do first.

Hope: Before you left, it-- it happened too fast. So fast.

Bo: Yeah. Anything short of forever would have been too fast.

Hope: True. At least we got a good-bye.

Bo: And a kiss. That was last thing I felt on this Earth.

Hope: That was some kiss.

Bo: Oh, yeah. It's time.

Hope: No. I want one last dance. Do we get that? Please?

[Gentle romantic music]

Singer: Tonight I celebrate my love for you. It seems the natural thing to do. Tonight no one's gonna find us. We'll leave the world behind us. When I make love to you.  Tonight I celebrate my love for you and hope that deep inside you'll feel it too. Tonight we will both discover how friends turn into lovers. When I make love to you. Tonight I celebrate my love for you and that midnight sun...

Hope: I want to stay here forever.

Bo: Fancy Face, you have to live.

Hope: I know.

Bo: I won't be far away. If you need me, I'll be here.

Singer: Is to get close to you tonight

Hope: I love you.

Bo: I love you, Fancy Face.

Hope: [Giggles]

[Gentle music]

[Inspirational music]

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