Days Transcript Tuesday 6/7/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/7/16


Episode #12859 ~ Kate spins her tale, pinning a murder on Nicole; Kate makes a secret deal with Aiden; Rafe realizes Adriana has an agenda when she invites an old friend from Mexico to stay for a little while; Ciara takes care of a hungover and heartsick Chad.

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[Gentle music]

Ciara: Chad?

[Baby crying on intercom]

Ciara: You deserve so much better.

[Baby crying on intercom]

[Dramatic music]

Hope: [Sighs] [Sighs deeply]

Rafe: Thanks.

Adriana: Come. It will get cold.

Rafe: I'm sorry. I'm just not hungry.

Adriana: Please tell your brother that I did not raise my sons to be embobados.

Rafe: What?

Dario: Whipped.

Justin: You're changing Chase's plea to not guilty by reason of insanity?

Aiden: My son has been under an enormous amount of stress. He's sick. He needs help.

Justin: Oh, he's sick, all right.

Aiden: He almost died in your jail. What if it was your son, Justin?

Justin: I understand he's stable now?

Aiden: But psychologically, he's got a long road ahead of him. Justin, I know you care about Ciara. So do I. If Chase goes to jail, he's out in five, ten years, a hardened criminal. Any chance of rehabilitation will be gone. What drove him to do this-- the issues will still be there.

Justin: So, you're suggesting that we adjust the sentencing guidelines specifically for your son? I'm in the habit of prosecuting rapists, not making excuses for them.

Aiden: Okay, okay. Look, look, look. Chase--he doesn't even want me to change the plea. But you have to understand his state of mind. Look, if the DiMeras hadn't--

Justin: The DiMeras. The magic word.

Aiden: You know, Hope supports what I'm doing.

Justin: Really?

Aiden: Ask her.

Justin: I'll take what you said under consideration.

Aiden: Thank you. That's all I can ask.

Mr. Kiriakis, this came for you about an hour ago.

Justin: There's no return address.

It was brought by messenger.

Kate: For a man who's supposed to be dead, he looks good. [exhales sharply]

Roman: Well, speaking of dead people, I need you to tell me everything you know about the alleged murder of Deimos Kiriakis.

Victor: So, you failed. I'm shocked.

Nicole: Well, if you hadn't gone behind my back--

Victor: No, you're as transparent as cling wrap. Of course Deimos saw right through you.

Nicole: You can't make me feel any worse than I already do.

Victor: Because you didn't get a penny out of him.

Nicole: No, because Deimos is the reason Maggie is in a wheelchair, and now he's gonna walk away completely unscathed. There's no justice in this world.

Kate: Alleged death? No one could possibly have survived that fall, Roman.

Roman: Look, let's go to the interrogation room. Come on.

Aiden: Excuse me. Roman, do you have a minute?

Roman: No, I don't. Not right now.

Aiden: Okay, then I'll give you a call later.

Roman: Hey. Okay, I'm having search and rescue drag the river. So far, we don't have a body.

Kate: Wait--you think I'm making this up? I saw Nicole push Deimos into the river.

Roman: You sure about that?

Kate: How could I not be sure about it, Roman?

Roman: Well, I know there's a long history of animosity between you and Nicole.

Kate: Nicole has a long history of animosity with everyone, including you. Okay, so you're not gonna take my word for it? That's fine. That's fine. Here. Here's proof.

[Dramatic music]

Justin: "Here's your first test, as promised. The charges against this man must disappear, and all evidence must be destroyed. When I see that he has been released, I'll know I can trust you. Now destroy this letter. Deimos."

Deimos: So, just know that when the time comes-- and it will come, you'll have to recognize it for what it is, and act accordingly. I'm gonna keep my eyes on you, nephew. [whirring]

Victor: Justice is immaterial. I want revenge. And my nephew's gonna handle that for me. I should've known I couldn't count on you.

Nicole: Then why the hell did you come to me in the first place?

Victor: You were my plan B. Now I can gladly wash my hands of you.

Nicole: First of all, I'm no one's plan B, and second of all, you're gonna understand something before I leave. I didn't do this for you.

Victor: Oh, I know you didn't.

Nicole: I did it for Maggie.

Maggie: What were you doing for me? Victor, what's going on here? This is about Deimos, isn't it? [Screaming] Let go of me, you son of a bitch!

Roman: That's it? That's it?

Kate: I dropped the phone, and it stopped recording, but I saw-- I saw Deimos's head hit a tree.

Roman: That's your proof? Sounds to me like an accident.

Kate: No! struggled to get out, but before he could get his bearings, Nicole pushed him, Roman. She pushed him straight into the river. She meant to kill him. I'm telling you, she meant to kill him.

Roman: Why didn't you break up the fight?

Kate: I was going to, but it happened so fast that I was too late. I--[Crying]

Roman: All right, what the hell were you doing out there in the first place? I mean, and how did you just happen to be recording this fight?

Kate: Deimos got a-- got a call from Nicole earlier, and he rushed out to see her. I followed. I followed because I was jealous...because I thought I was going to find my husband in the arms of another woman.

Roman: Wait a minute. Your husband?

Kate: Yes. Some detective you are. You didn't see my ring? Deimos and I were married yesterday.

Ciara: It's okay, buddy. I'm here.

[Baby cries]

Ciara: I know you miss your mom. But your daddy loves you so much. If you grow up to be like him, you will be the luckiest little guy ever.

[Baby murmurs and giggles]

[Phone ringing]

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Hello?

Aiden: I'm sorry...I don't know if this is a good time. I just came from the courthouse. I thought you might want an update.

Hope: Will I like this update?

Aiden: I was hoping we could meet, you know, and talk about it in person.

Hope: Well, actually, you know what? I am out of town for a few days.

Aiden: Oh, I didn't know you were planning to--

Hope: I just needed some time to sort things out.

Aiden: Am I one of those... things?

Adriana: If you're not going to eat the delicious soup that I prepared with all my love, then come upstairs and give me a hand.

Rafe: Why?

Adriana: I need to move some Trastos from the guest room.

Dario: You need my help too?

Adriana: Sure. The more hands, the lighter the work.

Rafe: And why are we moving Trass from the guest room?

Adriana: Because a friend of mine is coming to stay for un poco de tiempo.

Rafe: And when exactly were you planning on telling me that someone else is gonna be sleeping under my roof?

Adriana: I just did.

Rafe: Hm. Last time you said "un poco de tiempo," it was when you were going to Mexico, and you were gone for five years.

Adriana: And you probably can't wait to send me back. Right? Vamos.

Rafe: Ay...

Nicole: Please don't be upset with Victor. I made this decision on my own, and I wanted Deimos to answer for what he did to you.

Maggie: Did you honestly think this would end it, Nicole? Deimos has waited decades to get back at Victor.

Victor: Oh, so, what? We should've just rolled over and let him win?

Maggie: And who wins if someone else gets hurt? You kept this from me because you knew how I would react. Nicole, didn't you know this was the last thing that Daniel would want?

Nicole: Daniel would want me to take care of his mother, and I am not gonna apologize for that. I just wish I had taken that bastard down.

Roman: Damn. I didn't realize that... things were so serious between you and Deimos.

Kate: Well, I guess they weren't as serious as I thought they were, since he was intending on taking Nicole as a mistress on the side.

Roman: Ah, well, you know what that sounds like? That sounds like a motive for you to kill him.

Kate: I loved him. I would never want to see him dead.

Roman: A couple months ago, it was Clyde. Couple months before that-- I don't know. I get confused here.

Kate: Why are you doing this to me? Why are you being so insensitive?

Roman: I'm sorry. It's got to be some small consolation that Nicole didn't make the grade.

Kate: No. No, she didn't make the grade. And that's why she was so humiliated. And that's why she was so desperate. And you and I both know that desperate people...

Roman: Murder people?

Kate: You know her history as well as I do. You know this isn't the first time that she would've tried.

Roman: And you, Kate?

Kate: I think you need to get Nicole in here to see what she has to say for herself.

Roman: Oh, I will get to the bottom of this. I promise you that.

Aiden: I didn't mean to-- you know, I just want you to know that I filed the paperwork with the judge to change Chase's plea.

Hope: Oh?

Aiden: Well, I hope you're still on board with that. Hope, look. I don't want him out in the streets--not for a long time. Just... I want him to get the treatment that he needs so that when he is released, he never hurts anyone again.

Hope: I pray to God that he doesn't. Ever.

Aiden: Okay, look, I don't want to keep you. Then I'll just--I'll fill you in when you get back. Good luck sorting things out. And Hope... I love you.

Hope: Okay... bye.

Adriana: What did I teach you about welcoming others?

Rafe: You taught me that unwanted guests stink after three days, like fish.

Dario: Who are you gonna move in next? Tia's pet goat?

Adriana: [Scoffs] Blanca worked with me at the clinic in Mexico. She dropped everything to come and help me, but fine. I'll tell her my son feels inconvenienced.

Rafe: Okay, okay. Olvídalo.

Dario: Listen. I promise, the minute I get a job, I'm out of here.

Adriana: Aw, no.

Dario: So, things are gonna get better. Unless mami has another friend she wants to move in here. [Dramatic music]

Maggie: [Sighs] No more secrets. How many times have you promised me that?

Victor: I knew if I told you you'd insist we abandon our plan.

Maggie: Then how can you say that you did it for me? Can't you ever admit that you were wrong?

Victor: I was wrong not to tell you. But trying to destroy Deimos was not wrong. He has to be stopped. And Justin's gonna take care of that for me.

Maggie: So, when does-- when does it end, Victor? I can't listen to this anymore. [phone ringing]

Victor: What?

Justin: I heard from Deimos. He wants me to destroy the case I'm making against a repeat offender. It's my loyalty test.

Victor: So, do it.

Justin: [exhales sharply] You haven't seen this guy's rap sheet.

Victor: So?

Justin: Uncle Vic, I took an oath to uphold the law.

Victor: Justin, when you came to me with this plan, you knew something like this I was gonna have this waiting for you when you woke up.

Chad: I just heard Thomas.

Ciara: Yeah, he dropped his bear, but he went back down in like five seconds.

Chad: Thank you for taking care of him.

Ciara: It's my job.

Chad: What's all this? You didn't have to do this.

Ciara: I feel better when I stay busy.

Chad: You... [pills rattling] when you left earlier, you seemed upset.

Ciara: Yeah, well, I wanted to go to the hospital and make sure Chase... didn't go anywhere.

Chad: Well, I'm-- I'm sorry you don't feel safe anymore.

Ciara: I saw him through a window. He was pretty pathetic. This is probably an awful thing to say, but that actually made me feel safer. Man, am I a terrible person for saying that?

Chad: No, Ciara. You-- you're a wonderful person. And you don't ever forget that.

Justin: Lopez. If you're here to see the commissioner, he's inside.

Justin: Roman?

Roman: Hey, Justin. You were my next call. So, somebody told you? Look, we don't have a body yet, but the recovery crew's still working down at the river. If Deimos was murdered, we need something more to go on.

Justin: More to go on than what? Do you have a suspect?

Roman: Right now, just one: Nicole Walker.

[Club music]

Dario: I hope you're not drowning your sorrows.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Dario: I'm telling you, you should be celebrating the fact that you don't have to deal with Deimos Kiriakis anymore.

Nicole: Only because I failed.

Dario: What--said Victor? Hey, come on, Nicole. We talked about this. You said you weren't gonna beat yourself up anymore. Right? Listen. You got out with your life, your dignity, your looks.

Nicole: But I didn't help Maggie.

Dario: Did she want your help?

Nicole: No.

Dario: Deimos was in love with a woman,  years ago, who looked like you. We both know what happened to her. Personally, I'm really happy that the same didn't happen to you.

Nicole: I have to admit, I'm glad I can officially stop worrying about Deimos Kiriakis.

Deimos: Well, then, I guess we really do deserve each other, don't we? So, what do you say? Maybe we should get on that flight to Vegas, after all, huh?, superficial, and at its heart... it's all about money, right? I'm sure you'll be right at home.

Kate: You go to hell! [Splashes]

Aiden: Hi. I'm Chase Jennings's father. How's he doing tonight?

He had a really good session with the PT today. He's sleeping now.

Aiden: He is? Is it okay if I go in and sit with him?


Aiden: Okay, great. Thank you. [phone rings] Hello?

Kate: Hello. Mr. Jennings. It's Kate Roberts. I was hoping that I could meet with you.

Aiden: About what?

Kate: It's a legal matter. I really don't want to discuss the details over the phone. What about tonight?

Aiden: I'm visiting my son at the hospital, so if you'd like to call me in the morning...

Kate: No, I'm afraid that's gonna be too late.

Aiden: Well, then, I think you need to find another lawyer.

Kate: No. I want you. And I promise I'm going to make it worth your while.

Dario: Why? My free advice got you nowhere. But I'll never turn down a drink.

Nicole: [Laughs] Thank you for not saying "I told you so."

Dario: Hard to do when my life has been a big I-told-you-so.

Nicole: You talk a good game. I think you're a pretty nice guy.

Dario: You don't know me that well yet. Give me time.

Nicole: Okay.

Dario: I really hope you're in the clear with Deimos. If he ever comes after you again, you come to me.

Nicole: Thank you. Ugh. I thought I had it all under control, you know? I wonder what would've happened if I had got in any deeper. Glad I don't have to find out.

Justin: Kate just happened to be standing there capturing the whole fight on video, and then she just happened to drop the phone just before Deimos went over the edge?

Roman: Yeah, I know. I know. It sounds a little...

Justin: Convenient?

Roman: Yeah. But the video she had was pretty damning.

Justin: Do you believe her?

Roman: When it comes to Kate Roberts, I am always very skeptical, and she did have it in for Nicole. Plus, there were a lot of people in Salem who wanted Deimos dead.

Justin: Let me know what you come up with from forensics.

Roman: Where are you going?

Justin: I got to get back to the office, check in on a case.

Roman: Okay--before you go, let me ask you, who told you about Deimos? 'Cause I left strict orders with my watch commander to keep this under wraps.

Rafe: Last set of sheets in the house.

Adriana: Thank you. I'll put them on the bed.

Rafe: No, I'll do it. I'm sorry I was... not in the best mood earlier.

Adriana: You mean about Detective What's-her-name? Or Blanca coming to stay?

Rafe: Both. But you do need to understand what happens between me and Hope is my business.

Adriana: Oh, I understand that very well. And you will be happy to know that I'm leaving.

Rafe: Where are you going?

Adriana: I'm going to get some things to prepare a nice dinner for Blanca.

Rafe: When's your friend Blanca gonna be here?

Adriana: In a few hours.

Rafe: You'll be back?

Adriana: No te preocupes.

Rafe: I won't. That's your job, isn't it?

Adriana: But just in case that I don't make it on time, you're not going anywhere, are you?

Rafe: No, no. I mean, I've got nothing better to do than be the welcoming committee to your old friend that I've never met.

Adriana: Oh, such a nice son that I've raised.

Rafe: Mm-hm. [Sentimental music]

Hope: What the hell am I gonna do? [Sighs] What am I doing?

Ciara: Feeling better?

Chad: Much.

Ciara: I still can't believe Abigail didn't want to see you.

Chad: You know, I'm-- I'm used to being able to fix things. Feeling helpless--it's the worst thing in the world, isn't it?

Victor: Justin, what the hell is going on?

Justin: Um...

Victor: That's all right. Maggie knows that you're helping me with Deimos.

Maggie: I don't approve, but that's a story for another day.

Justin: Okay. The test that Deimos gave me-- I went ahead and acted, and did what he asked me to do, and now I wish to hell I hadn't.

Victor: Why?

Justin: Well, because for one thing, apparently it was all for nothing. And for another, now the police are gonna be move Deimos has made since he arrived in Salem.

Victor: And why would they do that?

Justin: Because that is standard operating procedure when they're investigating an alleged murder.

Aiden: [Clears throat]

Kate: Aiden.

Aiden: Yes.

Kate: Thank you for meeting me.

Aiden: Well, I haven't agreed to anything yet. What is it you want me to do?

Kate: It's widely known that you are one of the best lawyers in town.

Aiden: Thank you, but--

Kate: Well, it's also widely known that you've suffered a series of personal setbacks, specifically financial ones.

Aiden: That is none of your business.

Kate: Okay. The reason I bring this up is that I have a verylicate situation that requires your expertise. It's-- how do I put this?

Aiden: Hm.

Kate: A little bit illegal.

Aiden: Is that like "a little bit pregnant"? Okay, I'm not interested in breaking the law.

Kate: Not even for a quarter of a million dollars? [Club music]

Dario: Thank you. Can I give you a ride home? No--I think I'm gonna stick around here for a little longer. I'll walk.

Dario: I guess I'll see you around. Hopefully sooner than later.

Nicole: Good night.

Roman: Nicole, I'm glad I found you here.

Nicole: Well, my reputation as a lush precedes me. [Laughs] What can I do for you? I need you to come to the station with me. Having acne...

Chad: No--she's not seeing anyone. She's not even seeing her mother.

Ciara: But we bonded after what we've both been through. I think it would be easier for her to talk to her cousin.

Chad: Yeah, maybe.

Ciara: I can tell her how much you love her. And not to put any pressure or anything, but at least I can really see how she's doing.

Chad: Yeah, no, that would-- that would be great, if you don't mind.

Ciara: Of course. I'd do anything for you. [knocking at door]

Rafe: Hi. May I help you?

Blanca: Hi. You must be Rafe.

Rafe: Yeah.

Blanca: I'm your mother's friend, Blanca.

Rafe: Hi. [Laughs] [Dramatic music]

Bo: Hey, Fancy Face. Can I help you figure things out?

Justin: It gets better. The police have a suspect. It's Nicole.

Victor: How could that be? She was just here.

Justin: Are you saying she has an alibi?

Victor: No, but she said that Deimos had her dead to rights, and she was gonna walk away. I mean, if she had killed my brother, I think I would've sensed something was amiss.

Justin: All I know is what Roman told me. Kate, apparently, saw the whole thing.

Maggie: You said he was "allegedly" murdered?

Justin: He fell into the river. They're still looking for the body.

Victor: Well, with any luck, he'll be out of our lives for good.

Maggie: So, that's it? We're supposed to be happy that he's dead?

Victor: Yes. Aren't you?

Maggie: He is your brother, Victor. Aren't you conflicted at all?

Victor: Wait till I see the body. Then I'll tell you how I feel. Why do I get the feeling that this is not all as neat and tidy as it sounds?

Kate: You know, I saw you before in the police station, and it occurred to me to do a little research. Coming back from the dead must involve a fair amount of cash flow problems. And then there's that situation with your son. That can't make it any easier--

Aiden: Okay, you can leave my son out of this.

Kate: Okay, fine. But you really did perk up when I mentioned a dollar amount, now didn't you?

Aiden: I'll admit, I'm curious.

Kate: Mm?

Aiden: Mm-hm.

Kate: Well, it's been a very eventful evening for me. Right now, I'm supposed to be on a jet with Deimos Kiriakis.

Aiden: Mm.

Kate: Flying to Vegas to get married.

Aiden: Really? What happened?

Kate: Well, Nicole Walker got to him first, and now he'd dead. And I hate to be blunt, but I don't have a lot of time to fix it.

Aiden: Fix what?

Kate: Do the math. I was this close to marrying a man whose net worth is only surpassed by the Vatican. I almost had it all.

Aiden: So, what is it that you want me to do?

Kate: Well, to get all that I rightfully deserve, all I need is a marriage certificate.

Aiden: [Laughs] I see. And what--you want me to forge one for you?

Kate: Dated yesterday, just to be sure.

Aiden: You are as cold as they come, ain't you?

Kate: Speaking of cold, you don't seem like the type of person who's going to turn down a quarter of a million, cash. Right? So, since time is of the essence, I need your answer now. Are you in or not?

Nicole: You need me to come to the station? Why?

Roman: It's about Deimos Kiriakis. We have an eyewitness that says he was murdered tonight, and that you did it.

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