Days Transcript Monday 6/6/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/6/16


Episode #12858 ~ Theresa surprises Brady with a romantic evening; Summer opens up to Brady about her feelings for him; Kate confronts Deimos after his electric meeting with Nicole by the river's edge; Nicole confides her failure to a sympathetic Dario.

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Theresa: I know that delays cost money but I'll have the new sketches to you within the hour. Because I didn't think you'd appreciate working from sketches with baby spit up on them. Okay. [Sighing] Well, it's better than "my dog ate my homework."

[Baby crying over monitor]

[Brady over monitor]

Theresa: Shh. Hey, hey, buddy. What's wrong? Come on, it can't be that bad.

He always sings raggy music to the cattle as he swings back and forward in the sad--

Theresa: [Sighs] Nice work, Brady.

Brady: On a horse

that's a syncopated gaiter

there's-a such a funny meter

[Baby crying]

Theresa: Ugh.

Brady: How they run

[Summer chuckling]

Summer: Yes.

Dario: [Laughing] Unh, unh, unh. So what are you still doing here in Salem? I thought you--I thought you were gonna move back to LA.

Summer: I changed my mind. It could still happen.

Dario: Yeah? I mean, it is a lot cheaper living here than it is in la. Of course, it would be more cheaper if you were living rent-free with Maggie.

Summer: I had to move out of that place.

Dario: Ah, you got sick of taking care of her.

Summer: She wasn't the problem--it was him.

Dario: Mm, Victor.

Summer: I might've maybe been able to put up with him if he was still a billionaire.

Dario: Yeah, you've always been really tolerant of the extremely wealthy.

Summer: You know, I felt really bad. When I moved out... Maggie begged me to stay.

Dario: Hmm. So you're staying for her sake?

Summer: She said that she didn't want to lose me after all these years.

Dario: Oh. And as the dutiful daughter, you decided to stay. I'm not buying your bluff.

Summer: What bluff?

Dario: We both know the only thing keeping you here is Brady black.

Deimos: Make love to me, Nicole. Make love to me right now.

[Child shrieking]

Theresa: Oh, Tate.

[Tate screaming]

Brady: Baby, I can't get him to settle down. I don't--I don't know what's going on.

Theresa: Okay, well, it doesn't help that you were bellowing on like that.

Brady: I sang that song well.

Theresa: It was a--it's a hard song--it's totally fine.

Brady: I sang that song perfect.

Theresa: It's a hard--we just--we need a new song. We need a new song.

[Tate screaming, crying]

Theresa: Oh, God. Got any big ideas, cowboy? Tate. You're fine. Hey, hey.

[Tate shrieking]

[Brady sighs]

[Tate crying]

Summer: I don't know what you're talking about. Are you gonna keep that king?

Dario: I'm talking about your obsession with Brady black.

Summer: I'm not obsessed. He's a friend--a friend who has a kid with another woman.

Dario: Oh, come on, summer. We don't keep secrets from each other. We both know where the bodies are buried, literally.

Summer: Why don't you shut up and play?

Dario: I also know that you been over the moon ever since Brady dragged your butt out of the pacific.

[Summer scoffs]

Summer: Even if that were true, it wouldn't matter. He wouldn't ever love me. He is deeply involved with the mother of his son.

Dario: Oh, not so involved that he didn't come play hero with you not so long ago.

Summer: That had nothing to do with me. That was all about his connection to Daniel, and now... [Chuckles] Now I don't even think I'm on his radar anymore.

Dario: Hmm, we'll see.

Summer: No, no, no. We are not going to see.

Dario: Hmm.

Summer: And you're one to talk... [Laughs]

Dario: [Stuttering] What do you mean?

Summer: Oh, come on, Dario. Do you really think I didn't notice? You have fallen, and you have fallen hard for Nicole walker.

Nicole: Deimos, I-- I can't. I can't. I mean... [Sighs] This is so difficult for me. I-- I just-- I'm not the kind of woman who can share you with someone else. So if you're still gonna marry Kate, I won't. I will not be your mistress.

Deimos: I'm giving Kate my name, that's all.

Nicole: Why? You're giving her that ring.

Deimos: The ring is not for Kate. Not this one. This one... this one is way too important.

Nicole: You bought that for Helena.

Deimos: I was gonna give it to her that night, but Victor got to her before I could... and when she died, I put it away. Couldn't even look at it. Not until...

Nicole: And you want me to wear that, is that what you're saying?

Deimos: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: A consolation ring?

Deimos: No, no. Not a consolation. This ring is my commitment to you. Isn't that what you want?

Nicole: No. I want a man who's free. Free from Kate and Helena.

Deimos: Helena is gone, and Kate-- Kate is a simple alliance. She gives me standing, power.

Nicole: And is that all you need?

Deimos: No. What I need is you. What I need are the feelings that I have when I'm with you. I need love, Nicole, and so do you. All you have to do is say yes.

Theresa: Okay, look, I'm gonna put him in the car and I'm gonna take him for a drive--

Brady: No, you're not. No, you're not. You're gonna stay here. You're gonna finish your work. It's a beautiful night. I'm gonna take him out, and we're gonna go for a walk. It's gonna be lovely.

Theresa: Brady, thank you. Okay, I know I haven't been pulling my weight lately.

Brady: Stop. You've had to work your butt off since Nicole bailed from DJ wear, okay?

Theresa: Yeah, well, at least I have you. And you, even if you are a crybaby.

Brady: And we have you. It's the three of us against the world, and who knows, if one of us got some sleep, the world wouldn't stand a chance.

Theresa: Okay.

Summer: So wait a minute. You can lecture me about Brady, but you clam up about Nicole.

Dario: Who is clamming up? I do care about Nicole, sure.

Summer: So aren't you a little bit nervous about helping her get revenge on Deimos? I mean, she's playing a pretty dangerous game with a really dangerous man.

Dario: And I keep telling her that, but there's nothing I can say or do that will change her mind.

Summer: Hmm. You know, that doesn't sound good to me. It sounds like she's really hung up on the guy.

Dario: Aren't you the one who wanted to shut up and play?

Summer: Oh, and summer is right again. [Laughing]

Dario: Maybe you are, which makes her trying to play Deimos even more dangerous, but like I said, she won't listen to me. I--I tell her I have her back and that I will be there for her if she needs me, and I let the chips fall where they will.

Summer: [Chuckles] Oh, my God, look at us. We're just the kind of losers that we used to seek out as a mark.

Dario: Speak for yourself.

Summer: Oh, come on, Dario. You're in the same boat. You are waiting around for someone who is just a friend to become something more.

Dario: You need another drink.

Summer: [Sighs] It's lonely, isn't it? Waiting around for someone? For something that's not gonna happen?

Dario: Yeah, I guess. Hey, come on, come on, come on. Don't. Don't be sad. Maybe we shouldn't... wait around for anyone else when we each have a perfectly good friend right here.

Summer: We would hate ourselves afterwards.

Dario: We hate ourselves now.

[Both laughing] But you're right. We'd just mess it up... again.

Summer: Like la. We agreed it's better to keep it strictly platonic.

Dario: Mm-hmm. It's only sensible. Only--

Summer: We ain't that sensible.

Nicole: I want you as much as you want me, and I am ready to give myself to you, but not here in the dark like some dirty little secret, and I want a real ring. Not someone else's.

Deimos: I will not do this any longer. Do you understand me? No more tests. No more games. If you want me, Nicole, this is your last and only chance. [Moans] What? What? What is it? What are you afraid of?

Nicole: I told you.

Deimos: You don't give a damn about marriage. You wouldn't let some piece of paper stand in the way of what you truly want. That's not you. Oh, my God. [Sighs] Not unless... you can't let it go, can you? This plan to help Victor get revenge.

Nicole: That's not what this is about.

Deimos: Oh, the hell it isn't! [Sighs] Gosh. Are you really gonna hold on to your hatred instead of giving yourself what you really want? Is that it? I will not let him do this to me again. Do you understand me?

Nicole: Deimos, you're hurting me.

Deimos: I will not let him take away another woman I love.

Theresa: Bye, you guys. Have a nice walk.

Brady: We will. Everything will calm down after the launch, I promise you.

Theresa: Yeah? God, I don't know why but I'm even more nervous about this than I was the basic black launch.

Brady: Don't be. Your work that you're doing right now, it's even better than what you were doing for basic black.

Theresa: You think so?

Brady: No, I don't think so. I know so, and the whole world is gonna know it too that you are a one-of-a-kind talent. I know what I'm talking-- we're your two biggest fans, and we're very proud of you.

Theresa: Yeah, even when I'm being a crazy person acting all jealous and saying you-- how you have a hero complex?

Brady: You know how adorable you are when you get jealous?

Theresa: [Laughs] Please.

Brady: No, it's amazing. You have these beautiful eyes that just stare daggers at me, and you're all mad and intense--

Theresa: Oh, yeah? Hmm, does it turn you on?

Brady: There's a lot about you that turns me on, actually.

Theresa: [Chuckles]

Brady: You're stuck with me.

Theresa: Yeah?

Brady: Mm-hmm. You have my heart. You know that, don't you?

Theresa: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Summer: I can't believe we broke our own rule.

Dario: We should do it more often.

Summer: Dario, no.

Dario: What? It's not like we're pulling cons. We're not mixing business and pleasure. What's the big deal if we get together every now and then?

Summer: It's just not a good idea, and for so many reasons, I-- look, this was a one time thing, okay? I think it would be better if I slept alone tonight.

Dario: Okay. Your call. All right if I grab a quick shower?

Summer: Fine.

Dario: You know, summer, I do care about you... and I hate seeing you holed up in some hotel room dreaming of what you yourself say can never be. What's the golden rule if a con starts going south?

Summer: Cut your losses and move on.

Dario: This con's gone south.

[Nicole gasps]

Deimos: So what was your end game, huh, Nicole? Tell me. Was it to, what, convince me to marry you? And then what? What, poison me? Cut my throat in my sleep?

Nicole: Of course not, no.

Deimos: Or maybe you thought you could push me down the same flight of stairs that Maggie fell down, is that it?

Nicole: Deimos, please, you're hurting me.

Deimos: Just as long as it killed me, right, and inherited my money?

[Nicole shrieks] So how much did you promise to give to Victor? Was it half? Was it all? And now what are you gonna do that your plan has gone south? Tell me, Nicole. You might want to watch your back because my brother might just push you off a cliff...

Nicole: Let go of me!

Deimos: Or who knows, maybe throw you in the river!

Nicole: Let go! Ow!

Deimos: Maybe--maybe I should save my brother the trouble. What do you think, huh?

Nicole: [Screams & shrieks] Let go of me, you son of a bitch!

Deimos: Come here.

Nicole: Don't touch me.

Deimos: I would've loved you like you've never been loved before. Passionate. Raw. Honest emotion. Not that simplistic, surface crap you had with Daniel.

Nicole: I loved Daniel.

Deimos: Really, really? And what did you love about him? I'm curious. Was it his good heart? His dedication to his work?

Nicole: Yes.

Deimos: Oh, please. You would've been bored within six months of marrying him. Playing the good wife. Having dinner ready on the table for hubby when he came home from work.


Deimos: The two of you sitting together on the couch watching the latest dance competition on TV.

Nicole: That sounds wonderful, actually.

Deimos: That isn't you, Nicole, and you know it. You've settled. You became the woman everyone thought you should be. You've been living a lie, and you're still living it, and for what? What, for Maggie? For Victor? Would hurting me help her walk again? Help him become a better man? Oh, please. Either way, Nicole... you lose. [Sighs]

Kate: Well, I guess now I know where I stand with you.

Summer: Hey, Brady.

Brady: Hey, hey. I was having trouble getting this little guy down to sleep. Take him for a walk, now he's conked out.

Summer: Yeah. Aww, such a handsome little guy.

Brady: Isn't he? I agree with you. I, um, I better get him back to his crib.

Summer: Brady, wait. Um... there is something I need to say to you. It's time that I--that I told you how I really feel. Ac

Brady: Summer, you don't-- you don't have to say anything.

Summer: Could you just listen? And if you want, after I'm done you can turn and go. You don't have to respond.

Brady: Okay.

Summer: I know it doesn't matter, and I know you will never feel the same way about me, but I just can't hold on to this any longer. Brady, I've fallen for you like I've never fallen for anyone before, and now I am crazy, madly, insanely in love with you. From the moment you saved my life, I realized that I would do anything to be around you, and it just kills me to know that no matter what I do, you'll never feel the same way.

[Lounge music plays]

[Phone ringing]

Dario: Hello?

Nicole: Oh, thank God you picked up.

Dario: What's wrong?

Nicole: I need to see you now. Can you meet me at the little park just off the square?

Dario: Yeah, I'll be right there.

Kate: So, Nicole rejected the ring. Are you going to try to pawn that off on me?

Deimos: You and I were never about love, Kate. As I'm sure you heard me say to Nicole, we were always about power, control.

Kate: For me that was true too, and love.

Deimos: I'm sorry if you misunderstood that.

Kate: I wanted love the same way you wanted Nicole to love you... [Sighs] But love makes fools of us all, and I'll keep looking for my king, and you'll keep looking for Helena, and we're both doomed to fail.

Deimos: Well, then I guess we really do deserve each other, don't we? So what do you say? Maybe we should get on that flight to Vegas after all, huh? I mean, it's flashy. It's sexy. It's superficial... and at its heart, it's all about money, right? I'm sure you'll be right at home.

Kate: You go to hell!

[Deimos, water splashes]

Kate: Deimos! Deimos!

Brady: Well, summer, I don't know what to say, um--

Summer: I--I told you. You don't have to say anything.

Brady: No, I-- I'm really touched by your honesty, I really am... and I feel a connection to you. I do. I'm so grateful to have found you, you know, and especially grateful because I know how much it would've meant to Daniel, and it means so much to Maggie, and-- I mean, uh, maybe in another life, another time, another set of circumstances, summer. I don't know, but--

Summer: I think even if you were single, that you're out of my league.

Brady: Oh.

Summer: I am a bipolar con artist that drinks too much, and I have no idea what I want in life.

Brady: That happens to be exactly the type of woman that I used to be attracted to.

Summer: Used to be, right.

Brady: No, I didn't mean that the way it came out. I just-- summer, I've had my fair share of struggles. My God, I have a list. I have had some big screw-ups.

Summer: But you've gotten yourself together. You have a good life now.

Brady: I do. But here's the thing. I think that you-- I think you'll find that too. I think you'll find exactly what you're looking for one day, summer.

[Tate crying]

Brady: And right on cue, he's up. Buddy, you--this was not the nap we talked about. He's probably hungry, right?

Summer: He's so beautiful.

[Tate screaming, crying]

Summer: Hey, sweetheart, I hope your daddy and I didn't wake you up with all our talking.

Brady: No, no. He just doesn't want to miss out on anything. I mean, why sleep when you can hear people making a big fuss over you?

Summer: [Laughing] Wow, looking into those big, bright eyes and that sweet little face... it makes the world a little less dark.

Brady: Yeah. I know what you mean.

[Tate cooing]

Brady: It was good to see you.

Summer: Yeah, you too.

Dario: Hey, what's wrong?

Nicole: I had my chance. I was this close, and I blew it. It's over with Deimos, and I wouldn't be surprised if that son of a bitch never lets me near him again.

[Suspenseful music]

[Sinister music]

[Phone ringing]

Roman: Brady.

Kate: [Pants] Roman, I've witnessed a crime.

[Sensual music]

Brady: Hi, what is-- [Whispering] What is all this?

Theresa: Well, I, uh, finished all my work, and then I realized I hadn't eaten all day, and, uh, well, since he's sound asleep--

Brady: He is. He is finally, so I'm gonna-- I'm gonna take him back--

Theresa: No, no, no, hey, hey, leave him here. I don't want him to wake up. Come on. Join me for dinner?

Brady: Sure.

Theresa: Yeah?

Brady: Well then, I'm grateful that you prepared all-- all of this, but do you mind if we let the food wait?

[Keys jingle]

Theresa: Why, are you not hungry?

Brady: Oh, I'm hungry. I have an appetite.

Theresa: Oh, yeah?

Brady: Yeah, for this.

Theresa: Mm.

[Melancholy music]

[Ethereal humming]

Ooh ah

Brady: I don't think she's breathing.


Brady: Summer, come on. What are you doing here?

Nicole: Me?

[Summer coughing, gasping]

Brady: Summer? Summer?

Summer: The hell are you--

Brady: It's okay, it's okay. We got to get her inside now.

Nicole: Brady, what are you doing? Brady?

[Ethereal humming]

Dario: I think you're better off now that this con with Deimos is over.

Nicole: Really? So that son of a bitch gets away with what he did to Maggie? How the hell am I better off?

Dario: Nicole, this was turning into a dangerous game. Listen, I get that you're worried about Victor's reaction and what that's--

Nicole: No, no. Things between me and Victor are never gonna change. He will always hate me, and I could care less. You know... I wanted--I really needed to do this for Daniel and Maggie.

Dario: I know.

Nicole: Because of Deimos Kiriakis, Daniel's mother, the sweetest woman on the planet may never walk again. I wanted to cut that bastard off at the knees for what he did to her, and you want to know what's killing me? Before I gave a damn about anyone but myself, I would've made it happen, and now, I don't know, it's like I lost my mojo. I'm not the same person.

Dario: Is that a bad thing?

Nicole: I don't know. Since I lost Daniel, I don't-- I don't know who I--who I am anymore, what I want. It's like my new life's goal is... is make it through the day without falling apart. [Chuckles] Some goal, huh? And try not to cry all night long all by myself. Wake up in the morning with red, puffy eyes, and then everyone will know.

Dario: Know what?

Nicole: That I'm a mess. That I spend most of my waking hours longing for someone who's never gonna come back. Then when I go to sleep at night--if I'm lucky enough to sleep, I dream about him being back, which makes waking up the worst nightmare imaginable.

Dario: Then... why do you care if everyone knew that? That you're a total mess?

Nicole: Because I don't want sympathy. Because I prefer to seem strong and tough.

Dario: You are strong and tough. Crying over someone you love that much, that's-- that's not weakness. That's life.

Nicole: Thank you. Thank you for putting things into perspective. You know, when I was with Daniel, he made me feel like a really worthwhile person, and I actually respected myself for the first time ever. Now...

Dario: What?

Nicole: I was pretending with Deimos... to avenge Maggie, so I did it for Daniel's sake, but still, I--I felt cheap. It was awful, and I know Daniel wouldn't want me to feel like this. He wouldn't want me to hate myself.

Dario: No, he wouldn't, so stop. I mean it. Stop beating yourself up, Nicole. I know you may not be able to see it right now, but when a con goes south, you just got to cut your losses and walk away... and that's what you need to do. You leave this game with Deimos behind, and you move on to the life you want to live.

[Dramatic music]

[Mouthing words]

Roman: Kate! What's going on?

Kate: Ro-- [Crying] I just-- I just saw a murder. Nicole walker and Deimos Kiriakis, they were fighting. They were having a lover's quarrel! She pushed him! She pushed him into the river. [Sobbing] Oh, God.

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