Days Transcript Wednesday 6/1/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/1/16


Episode #12857 ~ Despite her declining health, Kayla insists that John take her to find Steve & Joey; Nicole confides in Dario about Deimos; Joey takes responsibility for his actions & faces the consequences; Nicole & Deimos kiss passionately just as Kate arrives.

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[Sultry music]

Steve: This way.

Joey: Hey.

Simone: What is going on here? You're scaring my children.

Hayes: Sorry about that, ma'am. Detective Hayes. My men and I are investigating a string of robberies in this area, but we have reason to believe the perpetrators may be on these premises.

Simone: Well, I have reason to believe that this is police harassment. Innocent children seeking the truth present an easy target to the authoritarian state. I want you to leave.

Hayes: I'll show you the search warrant that authorizes me to conduct a search of this property. You and your children, innocent or not, aren't going anywhere.

Steve: Well, you really stepped in it this time, didn't you?

You're my downtown you're my downtown you're my downtown

Dario: Earth to Nicole?

Nicole: Oh, hey. I'm sorry; I didn't notice you.

Dario: That's flattering.

Downtown connection

Dario: I take it from your less-than-upbeat attitude your plan with Deimos isn't going as well as you hoped it would.

Downtown connection

Nicole: Actually, it's going better than I thought. I have him exactly where I want him.

Dario: Really? Then what's the problem? Actually, don't answer that. I know exactly what's wrong.

[Crickets chirping]

[Calm music]

[Music intensifies]

[Police radio chatter]

Simone: This is a witch hunt. I'm calling my lawyer.

Hayes: Well, ma'am, that's your right, but it won't stop us from searching the premises. Then again, you may need a lawyer handy if we find any evidence of those robberies.

Simone: What are you talking about? What robberies?

Hayes: Well, as I said, there's been a string of them. They all share the same M.O. The suspect wears a ski mask, carries a gun and a shopping bag.

Simone: That could be anyone! You have no right to target us.

Hayes: I wasn't quite finished before you interrupted, ma'am. The suspects all have a particular marking on their hand, a scorpion. And our investigation tied that brand to your sands of Eden...what's the word you use for it, "commune"?

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Ski masks? Distinctive tattoo? Why didn't you just leave your name and address?

Joey: You're the one who called the cops, aren't you?

Steve: No. But if you're a part of this, if you broke the law, you need to tell me right now.

Nicole: There's nothing wrong.

Dario: There's a big complication.

Nicole: I don't know what you're talking about.

Dario: Come on, Nicole. It's obvious that you've fallen for him.

Nicole: What? That's outrageous and slightly insulting, since I-- since I just lost the love of my life. It's not likely that I will fall for any guy in the near future or ever again.

Dario: I think the lady doth protest too much.

Nicole: Because the lady is offended.

Dario: Fine. You haven't fallen for him.

Nicole: No. In fact, I can't stand Deimos Kiriakis. I wish I'd never gotten involved with him in any way, shape, or form.

Dario: Right. Huh. But you must be disappointed. I mean, you tried to work your famous magic on him, and he turned the tables on you.

Nicole: Yeah, he did. Creep. But I have to admit he's... turning out to be a more formidable challenge than I thought.

Dario: Which is code for he's got you hot and bothered.

Nicole: Oh, my--will you stop with that? I just told you I can't stand him. I let him think I was crazy about him. I don't know what part of that doesn't compute with you. It's an act.

Dario: Right, so you're alone in a bar, drinking and scowling because everything is going so well.

Nicole: It is. You know how I know? Deimos is trying, not too subtly, to play Kate and me against each other. So my magic that you say I have is working. In defense, he's maintaining that he's gonna marry Kate.

Dario: Why? What's his plan?

Nicole: I don't know. I mean, I can see his strategy, but I--I don't know what his final goal is.

Dario: Does he know your final goal? To get him back for what he did to Maggie?

Nicole: He thinks it's possible. He asked me if I was on Victor's payroll.

Dario: So he doesn't trust you.

Nicole: No. But it's not a big deal, because he doesn't trust Kate either. He doesn't trust anyone. He hasn't for 30 years.

Dario: So you think this marriage thing with Kate is, what, just meant to freak you out, get you to tip your hand?

Nicole: Maybe. Maybe he just likes playing us. He's not a warm and fuzzy man.

Dario: You don't think it's dangerous that he suspects that you're working for Victor?

Nicole: When he asked me about it, I covered it. I'm not sure he believes me. But I'm not sure he cares.

Dario: Really?

Nicole: I think it ups the ante for him. I mean, I've never met a man with so much self-confidence. He thinks he's invincible.

Dario: Maybe he is... which means you don't stand a chance.


Kate: Did you like my treasure hunt?

Deimos: Yes, I did, very much. I have to admit I was a little surprised that you were the treasure. I thought you were angry with me. At least that's the impression I had when you called off our engagement. You just can't stay mad at me, can't you?

Kate: I am angry at you. I'm furious with you. You're going to have to calm me down.

Deimos: And how do you propose I do that?

Kate: Oh, I don't know. You decide. But for the record, tonight's your last chance.

John: No, nothing yet. Joey's still missing, but we're closing in him.

Paul: Well, I knew you'd be able to help.

John: Ah, just wanted to be here for Steve.

Paul: But you're not pushing yourself too hard, are you? I mean, it hasn't been that long since you were laid up with a virus.

John: [Laughs] Same goes for you, kid. How you feeling?

Paul: Ah. I'm getting better every day.

Kayla: I--I just-- I'm sorry. I just can't. I don't--

Fynn: It's okay. Yeah, I understand. You're very vulnerable right now, and I don't want to take advantage of you.

Joey: Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't do anything.

Steve: Joe, don't lie to me. If I don't know exactly what went down here, I can't help you.

Joey: Maybe I don't want your help.

Steve: No? You want your mom to have to visit you in prison? Because that's a very real possibility if you don't get very smart in the next few seconds. Now, did you have anything to do with those robberies? That's a yes. Look at me. You need to tell me everything right now. You need to tell me exactly what you did.

Joey: [Sighs] I drove the getaway car once. And I didn't even know what was going down when I got behind the wheel. I swear it wasn't until after that I even realized what I did.

Steve: And that's it?

Joey: No. I broke into a store and took something for jade, but that's it.

Steve: [Sighs] All right. You are gonna make a call here, Joe. You're gonna own up to what you did or not. I'm not gonna tell you what to do. This is your choice, just like it was your choice to get involved with these people and to drive their car.

Joey: [Sighs] I came here to try to find myself.

Steve: Joe. You don't find yourself by running away.

Joey: You've been running your whole life.

Steve: Yeah. And I found out that home is right here. It's not out there somewhere. And I paid for all that running. I think I finally learned my lesson. But this right here, this is your lesson.

Nicole: I am way too close to winning to back away now. I think I could get the upper hand with Deimos.

Dario: What, 'cause you look like that dead broad?

Nicole: You're a real poet. You know that?

Dario: I think you're banking a lot on a resemblance.

Nicole: That resemblance is his weakness, his Achilles' heel. His memory of that woman makes him sentimental, romantic. His mind is a steel trap, but his heart? His heart is mush. And his heart is how I'm gonna make him pay for what he did to Maggie.

Dario: I still think you're playing with fire.

Nicole: I've been playing with fire my whole life.

Kate: Well, if you'd rather not, fine.

[Percussive music]

Deimos: Ooh! Mm. And here I thought you preferred it a bit more gentle.

Kate: Not tonight, I don't. I don't know what to do. I'm screwed either way.

Joey: [Sighs] I don't know what to do. I'm screwed either way.

Jade: Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?

Hayes: You need to be careful, miss. You don't want to make things any worse.

Jade: You don't scare me.

Simone: Don't let him antagonize you. These storm troopers aren't going to find anything. Why don't you find someplace quiet and meditate until they're gone, okay?

Hayes: Sorry, miss. Before you go...meditate, I need to see your hand.

Jade: No. I know my rights.

Hayes: So do I, miss. You're going to show me your hand, either here or down at the station.

Joey: Hey! Just leave her alone.

Kayla: That was awkward.

Fynn: It doesn't need to be.

Kayla: Yeah, except I just made a fool of myself.

Fynn: Nah. You were in a really bad place, and you reached out for some comfort. Trust me; I wanted to provide that comfort. You're so beautiful, Kayla.

Kayla: I feel stupid.

Fynn: If there's anything you're not, it's stupid.

Kayla: You're just such a nice guy and been so supportive and caring, and I guess I just kind of got swept up. I didn't think about what you need or, actually, really what you don't need, which is someone who's ambivalent and confused. I wouldn't want to hurt you.

Fynn: Oh, Kayla, don't worry about me. I'm tough.

[Both chuckle]

Kayla: I, um... think I'm gonna go wash my face and try to pull myself together. Try. [Laughs] Ugh, I'm sorry.

[Knock at door]

Paul: Well, it's been a long time, Henry.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, it has. Sorry about that. I, uh--I got caught up in some school stuff, college applications. You know how it is.

Paul: Actually, I got drafted out of high school, so I never did the whole college thing. Sometimes I feel like I missed out.

Henry: Ah. Well, consider yourself lucky. I mean, "what do you hope to get out of your college experience?" "Uh, how about a job?"

[Both chuckle]

Paul: Well, I'm sure that you wrote a great essay and you're gonna kick ass wherever you end up.

Henry: Yeah, well, I owe a lot of those things to you. You know, I finally came out. You know, to my parents.

Paul: That's huge!

Henry: Mm.

Paul: Congratulations. How did it go? I mean, I know that you were worried because your parents are so connected to the church.

Henry: Yeah, they said they've known since I was five. Yeah, apparently, they were just waiting for me to figure it out myself, so...

Paul: So they were okay with it.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. I mean, underneath, they seemed a little disappointed, but they said they support me no matter what.

Paul: Well, I'm happy for you, man. I mean, it took a lot of courage to do what you did.

Henry: Yeah. Uh, this'll take some courage too.

Paul: What? What do you mean? What-- [Chuckles] What'll take courage?

Henry: What I'm about to ask you. Will you go out with me?

[Country music]

Deimos: [Sighs]

Kate: That was nice.

Deimos: [Laughs] Yeah, that's certainly one way to describe it. Mmm.

Kate: So are you ready?

Deimos: You know, I think even I may need a few more minutes.

Kate: That's not what I mean. I mean to get popped and get ready for Vegas.

Deimos: All right, wait a minute. You still want to get married. Tonight. Right now.

Kate: Well, I took the liberty of telling your pilot to gas up the jet and file a flight plan.

Deimos: Wow.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Deimos: You're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?

Kate: Well, if I wasn't a half hour ago, I am now.

Deimos: Mm-hmm. So should I assume that you've made peace with yourself about the prenup, that you're willing to sign it now?

Kate: [Scoffs] No. No, I'm not signing that, definitely not.

Deimos: [Chuckles] All right, I just want to make sure that I understand this. Now, you said you wouldn't sign the prenup, you said that you had a problem with my relationship with Nicole, and then you called off the engagement. But now you want me to jump on a plane to Vegas to marry you.

Kate: Yeah. Every girl dreams about a June wedding.

Deimos: Hmm. So I'm guessing that since you won't sign the prenup, you're still gonna issue an ultimatum.

Kate: You can't ever see Nicole again.

Deimos: Ah, okay.

Kate: And that's not out of jealousy. I'm looking out for you. She has no intention of sleeping with you. She's playing you, Deimos.

Deimos: Hmm. Well, your concern for me is overwhelming. Or--and now this is just off the top of my head-- maybe you're playing me too.

Kate: Really? You really think that I'm interested only in your money?

Deimos: Prove me wrong. Sign the prenup.

Kate: No. No. I'm pretty sure that you know my net worth. I don't need your money, and I don't want your money.

Deimos: Excellent. Then let me get my pen.

Kate: I want--I want you because you move me in a very powerful way, maybe more than any man I've known. Maybe that's because we both share a perspective on life. But I know that when I look into your eyes, I know that we're meant for each other, and I've known that since the first moment I saw you. We both like money, but we crave power. And I do want to share that power with you. But if I sign the prenup, then you think you've won and I have lost. We will be grand together but only as equals. Deep down, you know I'm right.

John: Do I have the wrong room? I thought this was Kayla's.

Fynn: No, it is. We--we just had dinner. She's washing up.

John: Okay if I wait for her?

Fynn: Yeah, sorry, sure.

John: So... read any good books lately?

Hayes: So who are you?

Joey: I didn't think I'd ever see you again.

Jade: I thought you were on your way back to Salem.

Joey: I'm sorry about before. Jade: I'm sorry you didn't fight harder for me. You would have if you really loved me.

Joey: I do love you. But you were right. I can't let go of my parents.

Hayes: Okay, Romeo and Juliet. Hands--like I said, down here or down at the station.

Simone: Don't threaten them. And they don't have to show you their hands. They have rights.

Hayes: Well, ma'am, if you read the search warrant I handed you, you would know that your innocent children's hands are specifically mentioned. Parker?

Jade: No, don't touch me!

Joey: Jade. Don't.

Deimos: You make a very compelling argument. We do everything your way, and it's all for my own good.

Kate: Because I know exactly who you are. And if I let you bully me into signing the agreement, into tolerating Nicole's obvious pursuit of you, then you'll think less of me. If I bow to you, it's over.

Deimos: You really think that?

Kate: No, I know that, because no one understands you the way I do-- your needs, your desires, especially for power. You and I together... no one could stop us, could they?

Deimos: No. No, they couldn't.

Kate: I'm glad that you agree.

Deimos: So... what do you say we get married? Tonight, right now.

Kate: Well, that was much easier than I thought it would be.

Deimos: You having second thoughts?

Kate: Not a one. I'm going to shower first. You're not going to regret this.

Deimos: I better not. I'll let the pilot know that we'll leave in about an hour.

Kate: Let the games begin.

Deimos: Absolutely.

[Phone ringing]

Deimos: Nicole. To what do I owe this pleasure?

Nicole: I need to see you right away.

Deimos: You all right?

Nicole: Park by the river. I'll bring the champagne.

Deimos: Well, I do have someplace I need to be.

Nicole: And after we meet, you can decide if you still want to go... or not.

[Phone beeps]

Henry: [Chuckles] Guess I kind of took you by surprise.

Paul: Yeah, yeah, you could say that. [Chuckles]

Henry: Look, I mean, it doesn't have to be anything big. Yeah, we could just get dinner or--or go to a movie, even have coffee, if that's better for you.

Paul: Henry, I-- I'm flattered that you want to go out with me. I'm just not sure it'd be such a good idea. I mean, I'm too old for you. You should go out with someone your own age.

Henry: Oh. Okay, I get it.

Paul: Wait, wait. No, no, I--I don't think that you do.

Henry: [Scoffs] Hey, I mean, you're-- you're famous, right? I mean, you could have any guy that you want, and I'm just-- I'm just a nobody.

Paul: No, don't say that. Don't ever say that. You're--you're smart. You're sensitive. You're good-looking.

Henry: You think so?

Paul: Who wouldn't? You've got so much to offer someone, Henry. Just not...

Henry: Just not for you.

Paul: Look, it's just that our whole relationship has been more of a-- a mentor-student thing.

Henry: No reason that can't change.

Kayla: John. Did Steve find Joey? Is everything all right?

John: Well, I don't know. I haven't heard from him yet, but really no reason why I should have. I'm sure he's got his hands full trying to find that Simone woman.

Kayla: Well, then why are you here?

John: Just want to make sure that you're all right.

Kayla: Really? Or did Steve send you here to babysit me? Or maybe stop me from looking for Joey myself?

Joey: Leave her alone. She hasn't done anything. If you're looking for a scorpion, then here.

Hayes: One more time, kid. Who are you?

Joey: My name is Joseph Johnson.

Hayes: Well, Mr. Johnson, I have a picture I'd like to show you. It's the car parked in front of the last convenience store that was robbed. Quite a coincidence, don't you think? The driver's wearing a jacket just like the one you're wearing now. You have anything you want to say about that?

Dario: I'm guessing your phone call with Deimos went according to plan.

Nicole: I think it did.

Dario: You think?

Nicole: I told him I needed to see him and where. And then I hung up before he could answer.

Dario: Why?

Nicole: I didn't want to give him a chance to say no, which will give me the upper hand. Deimos doesn't like women who are pushovers.

Dario: You hope.

Nicole: No. I know.

Dario: Well, if he likes strong women, he has options. [Sighs]

Kate: You're in a hurry to go. I haven't even packed yet.

Deimos: Well, that makes two of us. I need to run a quick errand before we take off.

Kate: Really? Mm. You must have minions to do those errands for you.

Deimos: [Chuckles] I'm sure you don't want one of my minions picking out your wedding ring, now, do you?

Kate: I highly doubt that there are jewelry stores open at this hour.

Deimos: Oh, ye of little faith.

Kate: What's really going on? Don't let dust and allergies get between you

Henry: I mean, you hear about stuff like that all the time--you know, students and teachers hooking up. It wouldn't be weird.

Paul: Well, it would for me. I'm sorry. And on top of that, there's still someone out there I think about.

Henry: Anyone I know? I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked that. It's--it's none of my business. Um, well, I got to order some takeout.

Paul: Sure, yeah. It's nice to see you, Henry.

Henry: You too. You know, whoever he is, he's a lucky guy.

John: No, Steve didn't send me here to babysit. In fact, he doesn't even know I'm here.

Kayla: Then why are you here?

John: Well, as I started to say, I was worried about you. I didn't like the way you sounded on the phone this afternoon.

Kayla: I'm fine.

John: Are you sure? Steve said you were suffering a subdermal hematoma.

Fynn: That's why I came along for the ride. She's fine. She's just worried about Joey.

John: Of course she is.

Kayla: So if you just came by here to see how I am and offer your support, help me out...

John: Right.

Kayla: Well, that's good, because I think that you and Steve know exactly where Joey is. And I want you to take me to him right now.

Joey: I gave you my name. That's all I'm gonna say.

Hayes: Well, if you want to talk in private, we can go outside, down to the stationhouse, and--

Joey: I know my rights. I also know that I'm not the only person in southern California who has a jacket like this.

Simone: He's right. The only thing that connects him or any of my kids is the scorpion, and it's a known fact that eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable. Do you have any actual proof that this young man was in that car?

Hayes: I never said the perpetrator acted alone. And we have witnesses who say they saw a young woman in the car.

Joey: She wasn't there. She didn't have anything to do with it.

Hayes: Well, Mr. Johnson, how can you be so sure of that?

Joey: Because I was the one driving the car.

Deimos: I thought you would be pleased that I was buying you a wedding ring.

Kate: Well... there are rings in Vegas. If the wedding chapels are open 24 hours a day, I'm sure the jewelry stores are open 24 hours a day.

Deimos: Kate. You're much too classy for some ring from an all-night gyp joint on the strip. You deserve something not sold in jewelry stores, something reserved for high-priced buyers, something as unique as you are.

Kate: That's so lovely. Go ahead. I'm going to have you all packed when you get back.

Deimos: Excellent. I knew you'd see it my way. I'll be back before you know it.

[Door closes]

Hayes: Son, you just admitted to participating in first-degree robbery. That's three to nine years in prison.

Joey: I admitted to driving a car. I had no idea a robbery was about to take place. I was tricked.

Hayes: Well, what about after the robbery took place? You weren't tricked when you took off in the car with the stolen items. In the eyes of the law, that's participation. I'm sure the DA will cut you a break after you finish telling us who robbed that store.

John: Well, why don't we just slow down and think about this? We can't go busting in on Steve and Joey without knowing what the situation is, so let's just sit tight, wait for Steve to call--

Kayla: No, no, no, no, no! You know what? I don't want to sit tight, and I'm done thinking.

Fynn: Look, I think he's right, Kayla. You know Steve's gonna call if he finds Joey.

John: We don't even know if he's with that girl's aunt. He could be looking someplace totally different.

Kayla: Well, then he should call and tell me that. That is my son that's out there, the one that I raised while he was out there being a secret agent. I want you to take me there, john. Now. Or I'm gonna go by myself.

Joey: I'm not gonna say anything more. I drove the car. That's all you're gonna get from me.

Hayes: Right. Joseph Johnson, you're under arrest for first-degree robbery.

Jade: What?

Hayes: You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

[Dramatic music]

[Water gurgling]

[Crickets chirping]

[Light music]

Deimos: You have my curiosity. What could be so urgent where champagne is involved?

Nicole: I can't stop thinking about the last time we saw each other. I don't think you trust me. And everything you've done so far has been to test me.

Deimos: Really?

Nicole: And quite frankly, I don't blame you for mistrusting me... until tonight. Tonight I realized that I would throw away my entire plan to be with you. I mean, you made me feel something I've never felt before, and I'm scared.

Deimos: So why did you call me?

Nicole: Because I don't like being scared. And I don't like running away from how I feel.

[Music intensifies]

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